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BUT SHE DIDN'T WANT IT. WHICH I DID TRY TO REPLACE, RESOLVED THIS ISSUE. I AM HAPPY THAT WE HAVE LIKE I TOLD HER I WOULD. I HELPED HER OUT JUST I GOT TO SPEAK MY MIND. I PAID MY WAY. AND LET IT BE KNOWN THAT I'M SERIOUS. I GUESS I WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH FOR HER. I WAS STUPID. SOMEBODY A LOT YOUNGER THAN YOU. DON'T GET INVOLVED WITH QUICKLY WITH SOMEBODY. NOT TO GET INVOLVED SO AND WE CAN BOTH MOVE ON. I'M JUST GLAD IT'S OVER WITH This program is captioned live. Tonight - a life cut short - on a Sydney train. the Sydney teenager stabbed to death everywhere not to carry knives. I'd like to appeal to kids to solve their problems. They need to find other ways shoppers out in force Cashing in on Christmas - despite confirmation of tougher times ahead.

to catch greedy cab drivers And the undercover sting ripping off passengers. That's not on. That's illegal.

Good evening. I'm Bill Woods. And I'm Deborah Knight. with black box data recorders. Also, Sydney ferries finally fitted And back on dry land - thanks his Australian rescuers. an injured French sailor and Deborah Knight. Ten News at 5:00 with Bill Woods But heading the news at 5:00 - of a teenager the grief-stricken parents stabbed to death on a Sydney train to stop carrying knives. have urged all young people 17-year-old Andrew Motuliki with a kitchen knife. died after he was attacked with his murder. A 16-year-old has been charged 17-year-old Andrew Motuliki. in his heart with an 8-inched knife. He died after he was stabbed we are going to miss Andrew so much. It's four days to Christmas and two groups of youths An argument between on a train allegedly got out of control last night around 5:30. as it approached Campsie Station Andrew's injuries were so severe, could do to save him. there was nothing ambulance crews everywhere not to carry knives, I'd like to appeal to kids to solve their problems. they need to find a better way at the scene Police arrested a 16-year-old charging him with murder. He applied for bail, at Parramatta Children's court today. but it was refused wasn't the aggressor in this. My client's group were charged with affray. Another five aged between 15 and 17 Yes, but I'm not saying anything. Are you sorry?

provoked the brawl or the stabbing. Investigators say it's not clear what If you have a verbal argument, one further step, you don't take that

you don't stab someone. which clearly shows the attack, from onboard the train to speak with more witnesses. they're still hoping Already 70 have come forward. their son's funeral. The Motuliki's are now preparing Five people have escaped injury in Sydney. after another drive-by attack the Green Valley house The family was inside just after 11:00 last night. when it was shot up and found several spent cartridges. They ran outside forensic officers secured the scene. The Police Rescue Squad and this latest attack is bikie-related. Police do not believe

be cutting staff within months 4 out of 10 businesses think they'll with most believing are about to get a lot worse. economic conditions on superannuation. The fears are backed by new figures and there's little or no cheer Just days out from Christmas saving for retirement. for Australians of the average superannuation fund The latest figures show the value dropped in November by another 3%. we're seeing at the moment, The super funds returns

seen before either. they've never been -20% over a 12-month period - who would have thought that? in the industry's history. It's the worst annual result in the economy next year And hopes of a turnaround

of a new small business survey. have been dashed with the release the economy is going to contract 78% of respondents actually believe in the next 6 to 12 months. might not be enough Existing economic stimulus measures to fend off a recession. the Federal Government must do more. Australia's peak accounting body says for bringing forward some tax cuts They should look at the potential to stimulate the economy. believes a further $1.7 trillion The International Monetary Fund into the global economy. needs to be injected has been "spend, spend, spend," While the Federal Government's mantra is jobs, jobs, jobs. the underlying critical issue preparing for redundancies. Australian businesses are already Unfortunately, of our respondents, be reducing their staff numbers 40% actually believe they'll in the next six months, be increasing their staff numbers. with only 12% indicating they'll thing business generally wants to do Shedding staff is about the last the last several years - especially over it's been difficult to recruit staff there'e been skills shortages, staff under those circumstances. so businesses are reluctant to shed Murray McCloskey, Ten News. across Sydney Cash registers are ringing loudly

of struggling shop owners. much to the delight is at Westfield Miranda, Ten reporter Eddy Meyer is well and truly under way. and Eddy, the Christmas rush

Absolutely. It has been such a

tough year for retailers and they

are definitely hoping and expecting

things to approve -- improve. The

shoppers are out in force for stop

this centre has been very busy.

People hope that they will be

spending their money. This send-up

and many others will be open quite

late to take advantage of that. 73

% of those surveyed were hoping to take

take advantage of extended hours.

Others are opened until midnight.

Tomorrow more centres will be opened until midnight. Retailers

across the board will be staying

open late to take advantage of be

shoppers. More men than women will

be shopping late.I have not bought

a thing. I'm struggling, it is

really hard.A bit of Christmas tree is

is always good at this time of year

for stock but retailers are

promising big things for the Boxing

Day it was like sales. They think

they are there will be savings of

up to 70 %. Retailers have had a

very tough year, so this will be

make or break time. Myer will be

opened at 5am, David Jones will be

opened at 6am. They are hoping opened at 6am. They are hoping that

$40 billion will be spent in the

next few days. Hoping, that some of

that will become through the hatch

- coming through are due to be government of snipe handout. Four years after they were first recommended,

black box data recorders are finally operating on Sydney ferries. Authorities say they should make passengers feel safer,

even though there's been a rise in the number of accidents. There's been no hiding the troubled waters Sydney Ferries has found itself in over the past two years. The first high-profile collision ended in the death of a 72-year-old fisherman. The second claimed four lives when the 'Pam Burridge' hit a wooden vessel almost at the same spot. It's been a litany of errors - but from today, there's a promise of a new era of accountability. Black box recorders are now installed and operational on the entire fleet. It should make people feel safer and, in fact, people should feel safe because we're totally committed to improving our safety record. Transport Minister David Campbell this morning to see how the system works.

Sensors around the vessels constantly record engine speed, If there's a glitch with one of the vessels, or, touch wood, there's an accident, then that information will be readily available. Despite the full roll-out of black boxes, safety on the harbour remains an issue. Sydney Ferries' own annual report shows a huge jump in incidents. Last financial year there were 68 reportable incidents. This year it's risen to 109. That's despite the corporation conducting more than 9,000 safety drills. The Government's defended the rise, claiming ferrymasters are being told to report everything, even if it's minor.

There's more preparedness for people to report near-misses and that sort of thing. Josh Murphy, Ten News. Undercover officers will blitz rogue taxi drivers ahead of what's expected to be a bumper New Years' Eve. Passengers are being warned not to fall for scams.

With 4,800 cabs and more than 20,000 drivers, finding a ride home shouldn't be a problem.

We've been trying to get a taxi for an hour. It's ridiculous. Try to get home and they won't take you. They drive off in a second if it's under $20. Other rouge drivers are simply switching off their meters, instead auctioning their cabs to the highest bidder. That's taxi touting.

It is illegal and it attracts a fine of up to $5,000. Touting is at its frustrating worst during the festive season as cabbies struggle to meet demand. It's understood authorities are also investigating claims of illegal syndicates, where drivers work together to cut out their employers and pocket fares themselves. Don't ring a number that some taxi driver gave you on a card, saying, "If I can't pick you up, my mate will pick you up."

It is something we want to stamp out of the industry completely. Those drivers make it hard for all the good, honest drivers who are doing the right thing. And revellers are being reminded about the most common scam of all - a so-called New Year's Eve tax or surcharge. Of course, there's no such thing but if you're not prepared to pay it anyway, it could be a long wait for a lift home. This State Government claims we have tough laws to prevent this occurring, yet every Christmas it happens. Compliance officers are preparing for a Christmas blitz. And they've promised on-the-spot fines for drivers caught taking passengers for a ride. Brett Mason, Ten News. Ahead in Sport with Adam Hawse - Brett Lee survives the axe, for now. Yes, Lee's hanging in there after he was today named in a 13-man squad for the second Test against South Africa, starting Boxing Day. But spinner Jason Krejza has been axed from the team, replaced by New South Welshman Nathan Hauritz. And John Aloisi's Sydney FC team-mates stand by the out-of-form striker, after he was booed by his own fans in yesterday's loss to Perth. And coming up in sport - the Bulldogs get an early Christmas present. to replace the sacked Reni Maitua. They've signed an Origin star The consumer group that'll be checking for supermarket rip-offs, that's next. Also tonight, the pilot at the centre of last week's deadly air crash back training students. And at breaking point - surfers rally to save a famous location from wipeout.

The waves we'd get here were probably the best waves in the world. Now it's not a wave. (Beeps horn) Five minutes!

VOICEOVER: Say hello to mornings with a quick drive-thru breakfast from McDonald's. WOMAN: Have a great day. Sorry. SONG: # If I could have one moment just for you... # We have some breaking news now - and police are investigating the death of a toddler on a property in the State's north. Ambulance crews were called to the home at Tambar Springs near Gunnedah this afternoon, in cardiac arrest. He was taken to hospital but died. His twin brother and siblings aged three and five were also hospitalised, but are in a stable condition. They're being airlifted to Sydney with their mother and father.

The two pilots involved in Sydney's fatal midair collision have been interviewed by investigators. Officers from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau spent nearly two hours questioning 89-year-old instructor Ken Andrews and his 25-year-old student pilot. Mr Andrews, who insists his age had nothing to do with the crash, was back in the sky testing students late today. The possibility of aircraft coming into collision is highly remote

and quite extraordinary that it could happen, so there's no trepidation. 20-year-old instructor Joanne Ethell and her trainee pilot, 18-year-old Chandrika Gaur from India, died in last week's crash. Former Crime Commission officer Mark Standen is at risk of a psychiatric illness, because of his solitary confinement over drugs charges. That's what a court was told today, but it's failed to win Standen bail for Christmas. Mark Standen's psychiatrist said in an affidavit the former Crime Commission director of operations was despondent and frustrated following his arrest last June on serious drug charges. His condition had deteriorated and he was at risk of developing a psychiatric illness because of his isolation in jail. Standen's barrister Greg Farmer complained that his client's maximum security conditions at Long Bay restricted visits by his lawyers.

Federal Police agent Paul Watt was questioned in the witness box over what evidence existed that Standen was conspiring to import up to 600kg of precursor chemicals used to manufacture drugs. implicating Standen of the alleged conspiracy. would be presented from the Dutch end The lawyer argued police had charged Standen with conspiracy to import an illegal substance without detailing the specific drug in the allegations. He said the DPP had so far failed to reveal any details of a charge of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. But the magistrate refused bail, saying that in his opinion the Crown's case was substantial

and if convicted, Mark Standen could expect a lengthy jail term. John Hill, Ten News. Consumer group Choice is promising shoppers a much better deal when it takes control

of the Federal Government's GROCERYchoice website. Choice will be paid $4 million a year to run the website, which had been criticised for not giving shoppers specific information about stores and prices.

We will actually name the items and show the cost of them, as well as naming the supermarkets where you can buy them in your area. At the moment, everything's been bundled into baskets. Choice denies its decision to take over the website will undermine its independence. Surfing champion Joel Parkinson has joined the fight to save one of the country's most famous beaches. Kirra on the Gold Coast

was once considered the best surfing break in Australia, but sand-pumping has left it looking like a desert. The long barrels at Kirra Point is where Joel Parkinson cut his teeth.

But what was once one of the world's top surfing breaks

is now virtually flat and deserted.

When I was a kid the waves we'd get here were probably the best waves in the world - definitely, without a doubt, the best waves in Australia. Now it's not a wave. Those famous 20-second barrels haven't broken like this since 2001. Over the past eight years, 100 million cubic metres of sand has been pumped into Coolangatta as part of the Tweed River Entrance Sand Bypass Project. It was supposed to keep the Tweed River bar clear for boats by pumping sand north to the Gold Coast's southern beaches, but it's killed Kirra. When the surf was good here it used to have such a good energy and everyone would pack to ride here but nowadays no-one really comes here. To give you an idea of how much sand has been dumped on Kirra Point behind me here used to be a rock wall known as Little Groin. Now it looks more like a desert. Surfers are now forced to fight for a position at Snapper and Greenmount points.

There's going to be people dropping in to each other - I can see surf rage on the increase. Surfers from around the country are coming together on Australia Day for a paddle out. Hundreds are expected,

hoping sheer numbers will convince authorities to save Kirra. Normally a ceremony like this is for someone that's passed away or some tragedy, and Kirra Point in itself is a tragedy. The event kicks off at the Kirra Surf Club from 10:00. On the Gold Coast, Tracy Moran, Ten News.

After last night, at this is

December - Christmas is only a few

days away. It was the third night

in a road that temperatures didn't

raise a bar of 17 degrees. It is

one of the coldest December night

that we have had in many years.

During the day it was absolutely

beautiful. It got up to 30 degrees

in Penrith. It is 23 degrees now. I

will have all the details around 6 o'clock. Taxpayers to prop up Australia's ailing car industry - the details next. Also, passengers tell of their miracle escape from a burning plane. I could see the engine. I noticed it was on fire and I could feel the heat coming from the window. And the clever Aussie invention helping Americans save water. (BREATHES SHALLOWLY) MAN: I promised Liz I'd quit on my 30th. (MOWER HUMS)

Made six weeks when we had Jase. But I got stressed. I quit every New Year. I was sure I was gonna stop before it did me any serious damage. I was so sure. VOICEOVER: Face it - there's never going to be a perfect time to quit. You have to beat your habit once and for all - now.

He This program is captioned live.

It has been really busy just of the It has been really busy just of the

E Ryde Bridge - you will see a two-

car accident. There will be a 25

minute delay. We will look good the

M2 and the M3 and did you alive a date. Holden has unveiled plans for a new small car, potentially unlocking $180 million in government funding. It's an early Christmas present for thousands of Holden workers forced to take early leave. The new 4-cylinder car

is the first positive development for Australia's car industry in years. (ALL CHEER AND APPLAUSE) The vehicle will be based on GM's global Delta platform, used in the Chevrolet Cruze, unveiled earlier this year at the Paris Motor Show. It will be built in Adelaide alongside the Commodore. The as yet unnamed Holden

will initially be available in petrol or diesel but also, possibly, hybrid, ethanol or LPG. It also means we become a country that can take the lead on alternative fuel and fuel-saving technologies. That qualifies the small Holden for green-car subsidies - $180 million from Federal and State governments. It helps you drive your dollar further in terms of fuel costs, it takes carbon emissions out of the atmosphere

and it helps underpin jobs for the future. 3,000 Holden workers sent on enforced early leave because of stalling Commodore sales

were called back for the announcement. I'm proud to be a Holden worker - nearly been here nearly 10 years - and it's good for our future. It's fantastic. I've been here 20 years and I'm hoping for another 20 more. It's great that the Government's willing to get on board and back us all the way. But the Federal Government wants results before it hands over any money. It will not be provided up front. It will be provided on staged levels over the next three years. Holden says the new car will support 600 jobs when it begins production in late 2010, although it was a little coy about how many of those would be extra positions. Many components, including engines, will come from overseas. But it also hopes to export some of the new cars. Alan Murrell, Ten News. Now to the ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock, and Jacqui, motorists are enjoying the cheapest fuel in four years? They are, Bill. is saving around $85 a month on fuel, In fact, the average household down from the July price spike. Petrol has now fallen for 11 straight weeks, and is sitting at a national average of $1.03 a litre. But these really are Christmas holiday prices - Singapore Tapis is on the rise and OPEC's production cuts will again drive up the price of petrol next year. to further reduce its fuel surcharge The falling oil price has led Qantas on passenger tickets today.

A number of investors may have already taken advantage.

Trading volumes were extremely light as the All Ords traded in the red. The All Ords shed more than 50 points,

Fortescue metals tumbled 20% on funding concerns, but shares in Babcock & Brown power-soared. And that's the day in finance. Investigators are trying to work out what caused an American passenger jet to crash during take-off. Almost 60 people were injured ran off the runway when the Continental Airlines 737 and burst into flames. From my side of the plane I could see the engine. I noticed it was on fire and I could feel the heat coming from the window. 115 passengers and crew escaped from the burning plane using emergency chutes. The black box recorders have been recovered, but officials say it'll be some time before the cause of the accident is known. And today marks the 20th anniversary of one of the world's worst air disasters. 270 people died when a passenger jet exploded over the Scottish town of Lockerbie. Relatives of the victims gathering to remember the day the terrorists struck. For the 20th anniversary of the disaster, people here have decided on a low-key tribute. This previously unremarkable town has become the site of pilgrimage, ever since fate literally brought Pan Am 103 and the attention of the world down on it.

In addition to those killed on the plane, 11 Lockerbie residents died that night too and many had narrow escapes. Everything started to shake in the house - the pictures were moving. Maxwell Carr's house was just yards from where a major section of the plane's fuselage landed. Some of the houses in the neighbourhood have been repaired, but nothing has been rebuilt where others were destroyed and families perished. Where the flattened cockpit of the plane had landed, in what became the iconic image of the disaster, animals now graze. But this is not a disaster buried under a memorial and well-tended gardens, there are still issues, of course, with the families of the victims

and there is still the untidy matter as to whether the right person was punished. Some have accepted the conviction of the Libyan Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi for planting the bomb that blew up the plane and have taken his jailing-for-life as closure. Others like Jim Swire, whose daughter Flora was among the dead, have not. I feel that I can't countenance my daughter's memory being associated with the complete fabrication, which unfortunately I think that the conviction for this matter was. Megrahi is now dying of cancer in prison to live long enough and is not expected for his next appeal to be heard. For the governments of Britain, US and Libya, the matter is closed. But for many others, it will never be over. The two luxury hotels targeted by terrorists in last month's attack on Mumbai have re-opened.

Hundreds gathered at the historic Taj Mahal and Oberoi Trident hotels for memorial services for the victims. The hotels were stormed by 10 gunmen in a terrifying siege lasting three days. More than 170 people were killed - many of them foreigners staying at the hotels. Australia's experience battling drought could prove to be a valuable export.

A local company is hoping to turn American water-wasters into conservationists - and make a profit at the same time. The grass is supposed to be greener on the other side and in the suburbs of Los Angeles, that is certainly the case.

The trouble is, homeowners use precious drinking water to achieve lush lawns in a state that has been in drought for three years. running down the gutters of streets, A lot of drinking water been wasted, off the lawns that are being watered sometimes up to twice a day, seven days a week. Gerry Gross is the US chief of Storm Sustainability - an Australian company that in September decided to take the plunge in America. Australia, unfortunately or fortunately, is kind of the canary in the coalmine as it relates to climate change. The company's products capture and store rainwater in large tanks for use on gardens and toilets, rather than drinking water. It is not rocket science, per se. California gets its water from several sources, including the Colorado River and snowmelt from the Sierra. But many areas have low average rainfall - LA only about 38cm a year. The key to the down-under company's system is ensuring as much of that rainfall as possible flows into storage tanks. Mr Gross admits it is not the best time to start a new company, in the middle of a recession, but he is confident eventually there will be incentives for Americans to invest in alternative water suppliers, including mandatory water restrictions,

higher water prices and strict environmental codes for new houses. For the first time, they're going to be faced with not just expensive water, but no access. And that prospect may just force them to turn the taps off. In California, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Up next - the dog wash accused of sending puppies blind. Also, back on dry land - the injured French sailor indebted to Australia. And why going green this Christmas is a piece of cake. You should feel good and know that you can have your pudding and eat it too. This program is captioned live. Top stories this newshour - is well and truly under way the Christmas rush with shoppers sending cash registers ringing across Sydney. isn't tipped to last. But the economic goodwill 4 out of 10 businesses think they'll be cutting staff within months, as conditions slow. Undercover officers are cracking down on rogue taxi drivers across Sydney. In the lead-up to New Year's Eve,

they're investigating claims of illegal syndicates, which see drivers pocket fares, non-metered rides and drive-offs. Passengers are being warned to be wary. And police are trawling through surveillance footage which shows the moment a teenager was stabbed to death on a Sydney train. A 16-year-old boy has been charged with Andrew Motuliki's murder. His grief-stricken parents are urging all young people to stop carrying knives. And a man has been charged over the stabbing murder of a patron at the Beirut By Night restaurant at Homebush last week.

24-year-old Mohammed Omar was stabbed to death while protecting his girlfriend during a brawl on the dance floor.

Police say a 28-year-old man from Sadlier has been charged with murder and malicious wounding. He's due to appear in Liverpool court tomorrow. The French sailor rescued in the Southern Ocean is back on dry land tonight. The French President has written to Kevin Rudd thanking Australia for the million-dollar mercy dash. Mission complete - HMAS 'Arunta' powered into Fremantle after her 3,000-kilometre rescue run. Immobilised with a broken thigh bone, solo sailor Yann Elies still managed a few words of thanks. Relief too for the navy crew and Flying Doctor specialist David McIlroy. He said, I think it was, "All I want to be is on your boat." They stabilised Yann Saturday night after boarding his yacht, 'Generali'.

He'd been adrift and in agony after a giant wave hit, with virtually nothing to drink for three days. Without assistance he would have died at sea. He was immobilised, he was dehydrated, of supporting himself. he had no means He also had lung and pelvic injuries. The rescuers slipped him off the yacht in a 3-second gap between giant swells. These boys weren't gonna let him go. They would go in with him. They wouldn't have let him go. Had him in my lap and he sort of gave me a big grab on the arm and a big smile - he was pretty happy, I think. While treating the injured Vendee Globe sailor aboard, another distress call came through yesterday.

The race leader had lost his mast and was struggling to make land. They gave him diesel and food. The 'Arunta's million-dollar, 96-hour sprint used 350,000 litres of fuel, but the navy and Elies's team have shrugged off cost concerns. What can I say? The French navy would do the same, and not only French. The French President has written to Kevin Rudd, praising Australia's efforts. Nick Way, Ten News.

Going green this Christmas is a piece of cake. A couple of fine food producers are taking the guilt out of lunch with an environmentally friendly pudding that's already taking out top food awards.

In a hot kitchen in the coal-mining heartland, a busy business is cooking up a sustainable Christmas treat. From the mixing dish to the dessert bowl, every step in making these puddings is environmentally sound. You should feel good and know that you can have your pudding and eat it too and feel environmentally conscious. The team at Pudding Lane in Newcastle

use all-Australian and all-natural ingredients

They follow a centuries-old method with the help of just one machine - a gas-fired boiler. Everything is recycled, from labels to packaging and the boiling cloths are used over and over, even if damaged. We then cut the cloth down - like that... ..and that becomes a cloth for a smaller-sized pudding. This is the only disposable part of the whole process - a small piece of twine used to wrap around the natural cloth during the cooking stage. I produce less than I think a normal household would. We'll have two otto bins a week and they are never filled. The eco-treats are endorsed by famous foodies like Nigella Lawson and Donn Hay and have won a major award in the UK over traditional European brands. Sustainability is a big selling point. A clean, green image with food has been very important in Europe and in Asia. While the desserts leave no carbon footprint, there are no guarantees they're fat-free. Emily Rice, Ten News. Sport with Adam Hawse is next, and some new faces in the Australian cricket squad for the second Test? Yes, Deb, selectors had to do something

and Ben Hilfenhaus and Nathan Hauritz have been brought in Spinner Jason Krejza is the only omission. More shortly. Also, world surfing champion Stephanie Gilmore welcomed home. And who came out on top when Sally McLellan took on the Broncos in a sprint race. Now, Pup, you're in charge of doing the team order. Mate, I assume everyone's got their favourite, is that right? Yeah, well, Roy really loves his Original Recipe and I like Crispy Strips. But poor old Jacquesy he can never decide what his favourite is. (GROANS) I want Original Recipe. Yep, Original Recipe. No, you always get to choose. I want Crispy Strips. No, it's my choice. I want Popcorn Chicken this time. Who said that? What? Nah, let's get them all. KFC's Backyard Bucket - a huge variety of our famous chicken and sides to keep the whole team happy. KFC's Backyard Bucket.

# Can't beat that taste. # This program is captioned live. Spinner Jason Krejza has become the fall guy for Australia's first Test loss to South Africa. He's been axed, with Nathan Hauritz and Ben Hilfenhaus added

to a 13-man squad for the Boxing Day Test. Brett Lee was retained despite his poor form. While the pressure was building on some more experienced Test performers it was the Aussie new boy who copped the chop,

Jason Krejza falling out of favour

after struggling to contain the powerful Proteas batting line-up. COMMENTATOR: Oh, that's a short delivery and that's four. We really felt we needed to maintain more pressure and he leaked a few runs in Perth, which made it hard to maintain pressure. Krejza's demise almost as rapid as his rise to stardom - 12 wickets on debut in India, now axed, replaced by Blues' Nathan Hauritz who gets another chance on the Boxing Day stage. It's going to be a bit different, bowling in front of all those people compared to the hundred people here yesterday for the Sheffield Shield. I can't wait. The pressure is now on Peter Siddle and Brett Lee to keep their spots, both with just a one wicket each at the WACA.

Tassie quick Ben Hilfenhaus, another addition to the Aussie squad, waiting in the wings. It's every kid's dream, innit, to play in the Boxing Day Test that'd be an awesome feeling and definitely a memorable moment, if it's to come to that. The South Africans leaving Perth in good spirits, their record-breaking run chase launching them into outright favouritism to win the 3-Test series. The Proteas' only concern -

skipper and second-innings century-maker Graeme Smith, who is already in Melbourne for treatment on his troublesome elbow. Yeah, he need the doctor later, but hopefully everything will be alright. Will he be out of the Test? Doubt it, guys, doubt it. And the WACA today forced to defend the pitch used in Perth following more stinging criticism from the Aussie skipper. I've just got a bit of a feeling at the moment that this place as far as its uniqueness. When you're 7/162 in the second innings, I don't know that you can point fingers at the wicket. One side got 20 wickets, one side didn't. Claire Thomas, Ten News. Sydney FC is standing behind John Aloisi amid calls for his sacking following his shocker against Perth yesterday. Aloisi was booed off the pitch after failing to convert two simple chances in their 4-1 loss. He's hardly made a splash since his move from the Mariners and, after a substandard match, the heat is back on John Aloisi. His team-mates, though, are sticking by the Socceroos veteran.

You can't just blame Johnny. It's a whole team effort. We believe in him and, like I said before, he will score goals. Something he found difficult to do yesterday, not once... John Aloisi, an open goal. ..but twice, in the opening half. John Aloisi - how did he not score? I see it but I don't believe it! That's how it goes sometimes. When things aren't falling for you, they're not falling for you and you have to look at what you can do to change it. Kosmina substituted his million-dollar striker in the 55th minute - but not before Sydney's fans aired their frustrations. (CROWD BOOS) Oh dear. It's not a nice feeling, to be booed off the park but, then again, we lost 4-1, as players, and for the crowd. which is disappointing for us, Sydney now sits sixth on a congested competition ladder and the coach is refusing to guarantee his marquee player a start next round. Just because he missed two doesn't mean he won't start next week. Doesn't mean he will either. Sydney meet Melbourne in Melbourne on Saturday. Andrew Brown, Ten News. A cracking start is expected for the Sydney-Hobart yacht race with strong northerlies forecast for the first two days. But hopes of a race record rest on the arrival of a predicted westerly change in Bass Strait. There's no forecast of severe weather. There might be a few broken spinnakers and a few broken egos out there but I think everything else will be fine. The current race record of 1 day, 18 hours and 40 minutes was set by 'Wild Oats XI' in 2005. Surfing world champion Steph Gilmore has warned rivals - her best is yet to come. at Coolangatta this morning. Gilmore says she's reached all the goals she set herself after securing back-to-back world titles as well as the coveted Triple Crown. At the same time, I just know that there's so much more to prove and so much more to accomplish out there and there's so much room So, yeah, it's only just begun. Gilmore will now be chasing fellow Aussie Layne Beachley's record seven world titles. Former Socceroos captain Mark Viduka has returned to form, playing a starring role in Newcastle's 2-1 Premier League win over Tottenham.

In his best performance since returning from injury, Viduka came off the bench to set up the winner in the final minute. COMMENTATOR: It's Duff. 2-1 to Newcastle United. 20 seconds of normal time remaining. And Manchester United has won the Club World Cup in Japan. Wayne Rooney's strike proving the difference in the 1-0 win over Liga de Quito.

Brisbane Broncos utility David Stagg has quit the club to join the Bulldogs next season. The Queensland Origin rep confirmed at Brisbane training this morning in his contract. Also at training was Beijing silver medallist Sally McLellan, taking on some of the Broncos' quickest. She held her own over 40 metres, to blood new talent. If we can get a female 4x100m relay team for the world championships next year, that would be excellent and it would really prove the selectors wrong, that we white girls can sprint. Obviously I can - I'm still a sprinter. McLellan plans to compete through to the 2016 Olympics. And in Sports Tonight - Mark Philippoussis prepares for another comeback at the Australian Open. Plus, NBA and NFL action.

White girls canned sprint - she is

very fast.It has Bain's Low for the traffic havoc -- heading to

Toongabbie. Here is the Toongabbie. Here is the traffic

going to Parramatta. It is going to Parramatta. It is starting

to get buried beak towards the end to her. A beatiful day to start the Christmas week - the full weather wrap is next. As much as I love what I do... ..I never want to lose sight of what's really important. MOBILE PHONE BEEPS So when there's a chance for all of us to catch up, I don't need a headache bringing me down. That's why I keep Panadol Rapid handy. It's absorbed twice as fast as regular Panadol tablets. Because I'd rather spend time with friends than with a headache. Panadol - it's my choice. If you're caught speeding or not wearing your seatbelt these Christmas-New Year holidays, you'll lose at least half your licence. And if just one of your passengers isn't wearing theirs,

that's your licence gone. Remember, double demerits for seatbelt and speeding offences. This program is This program is captioned live. It

has been a bit cold. It is never

too early to have a sneak peek at Christmas

Christmas days. Then maybe a few

showers lurking around. Let me give

you some more details shortly. The

temperatures right now.

The cloud over the tropics and a

lower over the goal is generating

storms. Cloud across Victoria and

Tasmania is bringing hot dry winds.

Tomorrow a trough would trek

through NSW bringing showers and

storms. There will be heavy falls

in WA. Monsoon trough for being in WA. Monsoon trough for being

rain in the tropics. Rain falls and

showers in a eastern NSW.Heavy

boundary falls in Southern WA. This

is a fauteuil from one of our

viewers at his Christmas party last

week. It was very early on, when

people were still taking clear

shots at a Christmas party.

At this stage, it is looking alright.

That's Ten News for now. I'm Bill Woods. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. I'll have updates throughout the evening and be back with the Late News with Sports Tonight at 11:00.

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