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(generated from captions) Thank you. It's perfect. It's beautiful. she's in this whole room She's in our hearts, we have for each other. with all the love This program is captioned live. Tonight - justice served - over his speeding fine lies. former judge Marcus Einfeld jailed of a small monetary penalty, For the sake people's lives can be ruined. while on duty in Afghanistan. A 10th Australian soldier killed

the environment safe And he lost his life trying to make for his mates and local Afghans. that's buying into education. And the row over a fast food giant Good evening. I'm Bill Woods. And I'm Sandra Sully. Also, a parliamentary showdown to get its new work laws passed. as the Government tries to get more tourists visiting NSW. And the canine campaign But heading the 5:00 news - Marcus Einfeld has been jailed former Federal Court judge for up to three years over a $77 speeding fine. for repeatedly lying when the sentence was read out, There was a gasp the first Australian judge as Einfeld became to be sent to prison. His web of lies was well-planned of the justice system. and struck at the heart was not so well planned, but Marcus Einfeld's arrival at court cornered as he reached a locked door. before you go into court? words REPORTER: Do you have any final

are you expecting this morning? What sort of sentence and knowingly giving false evidence, For perverting the course of justice behind bars in protective custody. Einfeld will spend up to three years This is like a scrum. This is like a scrum. Justice James found: doing 60km/h in a 50km/h zone Einfeld was caught in January 2006. and lose the points, Rather than pay up $77 on another driver. he tried to blame it When his story started to unravel, sparking a lengthy investigation. Einfeld dug himself in deeper, still can't work out Fraud detectives in the first place. why he didn't just pay the fine what was acting in his mind. I don't know knows the answer to that. I think only one person there's no winners here. today All I know is,

during sentencing, After standing unsteadily on his feet Mr Einfeld's last taste of freedom handed to him by a supporter. was a packet of jelly beans He then hugged his family

to his son. before handing his personal effects led him away, and as Corrective Services "The bag is packed." he simply remarked,

of jelly beans, Still holding that empty packet as the family left the court. his son had nothing else to add have refused to confirm Einfeld's lawyers if they'll lodge an appeal. will be eligible for parole in 2011. The former judge

Evan Batten, Ten News. from grace has divided the community, Marcus Einfeld's spectacular fall his 2-year minimum jail term but leading legal figures say in the justice system. will renew public faith to jailbird - From former federal judge is home for Marcus Einfeld. tonight Sydney's Long Bay jail judicial figure to be jailed. He is Australia's most senior have gone before him - Only two others NSW chief magistrate Murray Farquahar Di Fingleton. and his Queensland counterpart

Any person who commits perjury of the justice system. undermines the very foundation It takes on an added gravity is a former judicial officer. when the person I think it was way too harsh the community for so long. for such a good man who served gets a custodial sentence The fact that a distinguished person confident in our legal system. would the public feel quite into the case, After a 2.5 year investigation

the sentence was fair. the fraud squad boss said in this type of activity, Anyone thinking about engaging of a small monetary penalty, certainly not worth it for the sake

can be absolutely ruined. people's lives The judge added, Einfeld's former legal family The key body representing Marcus said it could not comment today. has proceedings against him as well The NSW Bar Association actually as a legal practitioner. to get him struck off his other achievements stand, For now, and being named a National Treasure. including an Order of Australia Ali Donaldson, Ten News. for the war in Afghanistan It's feared there'll be less support of another Australian soldier. after the death The un-named digger was killed to save his mates. trying to defuse a bomb of another Australian The combat death to a standstill. brought Federal Parliament his family and comrades-in-arms. And for the fallen soldier,

Our leaders paid tribute to have been killed in Afghanistan, to the 10th digger the second this week. proud and respected soldiers The loss of two is felt by all Australians. The soldier died defusing set by the Taliban. an improvised explosive device As he was carrying out this task, and he was killed. there was an explosion and his name withheld. The man's family has been informed protecting his mates Their loved one died in order to safeguard others. and was willing to sacrifice himself let's reflect on that. In order to protect his mates - disposal technicians Explosive ordnance are among the bravest of the brave. just days after The death of the soldier followed Corporal Matthew Hopkins, the loss of 21-year-old with insurgents. killed in a gun battle especially difficult Clearly, this week has been another soldier has been killed. and we are devastated that The Rudd Government says hasn't been shaken. its resolve to stay in Afghanistan

We must never forget over 100 Australians, those terrorists who have killed in major attacks since 2000, who found sanctuary in Afghanistan. is high. The price of victory, though, the longer we are in Afghanistan It is true that the more difficult it will be of the Australian people. to maintain the support Murray McCloskey, Ten News. on the Government's Fair Work bill, There's been a breakthrough finally spelling the end of WorkChoices. A deal with Family First Senator Steve Fielding has ended a deadlock over whether a small business has 15 or 20 employees.

Killing off WorkChoices has become a game of parliamentary ping-pong. The Deputy Prime Minister is so colossally stubborn, so vain, so determined to wring the last bit of political value out of this! I can't wait to see the bumper stickers for the Liberal Party at the next election - "Don't vote Labor - "they are too stubborn in delivering what they promised." At 2:30 this morning, the Senate passed the bill with some big changes, including to unfair dismissal laws. Independent Nick Xenophon won enough support to exempt businesses with 20 full-time workers, rather than 15.

The Government marked it 'Return to Sender'. If we were to accept the amendments that were put through the Senate last night, it would leave another 500,000 Australians out there without effective protection from unfair dismissal. They've already agreed to 225 amendments. Oh, and they've thanked the Independents and the Greens - "Oh, thank you, Senator Xenophon." There was plenty of argument over just what is the magic number. You just said it was a trivial issue, Joe. You said it was a trivial issue. But just days after he sank the alcopops tax, Family First Senator Steve Fielding threw the Government a lifeline - offering a compromise which will phase in the 15-worker threshold the Government wanted. Passage of the bill spells the end of the WorkChoices debate, delivering on the Government's key election promise, as Parliament breaks for seven weeks, ahead of the May Budget. Daniela Ritorto, Ten News. The brother of a crime boss gunned down in front of his family last weekend has allegedly been planning a revenge attack. 40-year-old Michael Darwiche has been refused bail in court after police found a loaded gun in his car overnight. Younger brother Abdul Darwiche was murdered at a Bass Hill service station last Saturday. Certainly call for calm,

for anybody that may be associated with this incident that may be considering doing something unlawful. Detectives believe the the man who killed the crime boss is a member of a rival family. And another rugby league bad boy has faced court accused of bashing his girlfriend. Roosters forward Anthony Cherrington has pleaded guilty for repeatedly striking Monique Mears across the face and body before threatening her with a knife. The assault occurred when Mears decided to end their relationship. The footballer has been undertaking anger management classes. He'll be sentenced in May. At this stage the Roosters club has not taken any action. Headlines in sport with Brad McEwan at Sydney Olympic Park. Brad - two of our best female swimmers make their mark at the national titles. Yes, Libby Trickett went close to her 100m freestyle world record in winning that final. As for Leisel Jones, she's had a rethink about pulling out of the world championships in Rome. It was this swim that's changed her mind - her reaction shortly. And is it a case of the dead rubber deja vu? Aussie wickets tumble as South Africa grabs the advantage in the third Test. All the highlights are coming up. Plus, the AFL's flashy new commercial. And why South Sydney coach Jason Taylor is worried about one of his smallest bunnies.

The Sydney Airport cash-grab that will cost passengers more - that story next. Also tonight, McMaths on the menu for students - why not everyone's lovin' it. And swiping-in to save - How Sydneysiders are driving towards a better deal. WOMAN: Drive through to the next window, please. VOICEOVER: Drive through for your chance to win one of six Honda CR-Vs. You could also win one of 24 $100 petrol cards every day. Keep your receipt and go online or text for your chance to win these great prizes at the Drive Thru. This program is captioned live.

A security guard has been shot at an RSL in Sydney's north. Two armed men confronted staff at the Forrestville club at about 2:00 this morning and wounded the guard in the leg as they fled with a large amount of cash. The 41-year-old has undergone surgery at Royal North Shore Hospital. McDonald's is under fire for sponsoring an educational website to help children with maths. Critics claim it's inappropriate

for a fast food company to be associated with school education. The row has broken out over McDonald's sponsoring free access to the coaching website Maths Online for all Australian high school students. Until now, parents were paying $300 per child for online maths coaching. Now McDonalds will foot the bill. The food chain says it first began buying access to the site for school-aged staff, after finding some had numeracy problems. We really believe we have an obligation to give back, we think this is a great initiative because of all the young people, that we understand the challenges they face. Critics are concerned

about allowing McDonald's to brand an educational resource. The subliminal message of the golden arches sign every time a kid opens a maths tutorial, I think is a real message the wrong way. The front page just says that we provide it,

it's as simple as that. Once you're into the program there's no advertising about McDonald's.

The P&C says the parents should be cautious about allowing children to sign up. What we've got to be very careful here is the association between education, educational outcomes, big conglomerates, corporations and food suppliers. After much internal debate, the McDonald's program has been endorsed by the Australian Council of Secondary Principals. And at least one Year 10 maths whiz said it was already helping him to keep in front of others in his class. I think it's great that McDonald's has finally done somehing to help academic students and not just regarding sport. Access to the site is available from today. John Hill, Ten News. The big stores have lost a bid to open on Easter Sunday. Retailers like David Jones, Woolworths and Bunnings claimed they should be allowed to open because of the economic climate and the reduced role of religion. But the Office of Industrial Relations has rejected the call

with the exception of some smaller stores. Taxi passengers are to be slugged more for airport trips. The fee will rise from $2.50 to $3.00 from next Saturday.

It will be passed on to passengers who are picked up from terminals. It's the second fee increase in less than two years. Sydney Airport says the extra money will be spent to taxi holding areas. on improvements Sydney is seeing a boom in car-sharing. One firm has reported a 10% jump in membership each month since September with users saying the system saves more than just money. When Adam Dennis needs to go somewhere these days he doesn't head to his garage. He walks a few streets away to a car-share spot. There are at least four just 10 minutes from home, offering car hire by the hour. One of our cars died - we had two cars -

so instead of buying a new one, we thought we'd GoGet instead. Customers sign up online and make a booking. Then they simply swipe their membership card to access the vehicle. And with the financial squeeze on, the all-inclusive rental cost of less than $5 an hour has never been more popular. Because there's three kids and the two adults, it's probably about half the cost of renting a station wagon. We have had a large increase in membership and use over the last three to four months. Businesses have caught on to the benefits too.

I feel like I've got access to transport but I don't have the commitment to insurance

and paying for the upkeep of a car all the time, and registration, so I like that part of it. Saskia says it's also a big time-saver because the cars are available all around the city. You literally just swipe the car and you're in and you're off. That's in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. But other schemes designed to tackle traffic woes have had less success. On any given day, there's car after car on our roads

with just one person in each vehicle. It made one entrepreneur think a car-pooling scheme would be a sure hit. but interestingly, while people love the concept, they're less keen to share their ride. Some people just like their own car, their own space, and they're quite happy with the traffic jam. It seems we're prepared to share a vehicle but not our company. Amber Muir, Ten News. After the break,

It was very humid last night?

Indeed, relative humidity got up to

90% last night. We have had a bit

of everything this autumn, there

was some fog this morning death

reduced visibility to treat hundred

metres. There is a storm that will

clip the catchment area, not a

great deal of rainfall in that.

What have we got for you to Mira?

26 degrees to 29 degrees. Should After the break, the special joke that landed US President Barack Obama in trouble on national television. Also, nature's fury. MAN: Turn us around! Turn us around! An under-sea eruption caught on camera. And meet RoboCroc - the 3m killer given a new lease on life. "Hey, nice puppet." "It's not a puppet. It's an oven mitt. "And you can get two of these free "with Green's cake mixes and pancake shakes."

"Whatever you say, Daffy."

"Actually, I've changed my name." "(SCOFFS) Really?" "I'm now Brad. Brad Mitt." "Yeah, right, and I'm Handgelina." "(GROANS)" Buy two packs of Green's cake mixes or pancake shakes and send in for two free chalet oven mitts. 5,000 pairs to give away. For details visit or see this month's 'Australian Women's Weekly'.

Time to check the traffic. It looks

like a lot of people are staking

out of Sydney? That is exactly what

is happening. We're on the

northbound highway, the F3. If

you're at home thinking that you're

going to head away for the weekend,

I would suggest you wait till after

six o'clock. There is moving at

about five km/h up the hill. A very

busy run away from Sydney for the

F3. They are also problems on the M5. This program is captioned live. Labor is in trouble a day out from the Queensland election. On the final day of campaigning, Premier Anna Bligh and Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg are neck and neck in the polls.

Labor's had enough time. Labor's had 11 years and they've blown it. The choice is clear - a choice between jobs and cuts. The LNP needs close to an 8% swing to claim victory. Now for the ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock. Jacqui, the Aussie dollar making a bit of a comeback? Yeah, it's good to see, isn't it, Bill? The Aussie dollar surged in overseas trade to a 2-month high -

hitting just shy of 70 US cents. The surge is due to the faltering US dollar, with investors abandoning the greenback in droves after the US Fed Reserve's decision to start buying up US treasuries. Analysts believe we're likely to push through the 70 US cent barrier over the next few days. It was a fairly flat end to the trading week. Stronger commodity prices underpinned gains among the miners - but the banks and insurers traded weaker. A 40% dividend cut sent Mirvac shares tumbling, and Macquarie Airports lost ground on news passenger numbers have plummeted at Sydney Airport. In the local session, the AUD is off slightly from those overnight highs - it's at 68.7 US cents. And that's finance for this week.

US President Barack Obama has landed himself in trouble on a late-night comedy show. A joke about the Special Olympics backfired, forcing his staff to apologise. The late-night variety show circuit has been snubbed by previous sitting Presidents - shows such as 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' considered too lightweight for America's most powerful man - but Mr Obama has long promised change. When is the dog coming? I keep hearing about the dog. It seems to me... When was the dog supposed to be there by? Wasn't it - I thought it was, like, as soon as they moved in. Listen, this is Washington. (LAUGHTER)

That was a campaign promise. (LAUGHTER) Ooh wow! Wow! Man! I'm teasing. The dog will be there shortly. Although not everyone may have appreciated this lighter side. I imagine the bowling alley has been just burned and closed down. No, no. I have been practising bowling.

Really? Really? I bowled a 129. (LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE) No, that's very good. Yeah. No, that's very good, Mr. President.

It's like, this is like Special Olympics, or something. (LAUGHTER) Inevitably, the chat turned to more serious issues -

the anger over insurance giant AIG. The immediate bonuses that went to AIG are a problem, but the larger problem is we've got to get back to an attitude where people know enough is enough. The executives may not be able to keep their millions after the House of Representatives passed a 90% tax on the bonus cheques. In Los Angeles, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Josef Fritzl is on suicide watch after being sentenced to life in a psychiatric jail for raping his sex-slave daughter and fathering her seven children. He could be eligible for parole in 15 years. With his sickening crimes, he sought ultimate control, but today Josef Fritzl was powerless in punishment. The 73-year-old was convicted as a killer and rapist, guilty of incest, enslavement and murder by negligence.

He'd changed his plea to guilty

after watching his daughter's recorded testimony. She explained how he'd kept her in a dungeon under his house

for 24 years, as a sex slave,

and left her to deliver seven of his children alone in the dark - one of them dying soon after birth. Fritzl is now on suicide watch. It is a danger, yes, because in these few days his soul was really turned. His soul was turned?

He has a deep sense of regret? Yes. The panel of judges

ordered him to serve a life sentence in a psychiatric facility.

In theory, he could be released in 15 years,

if he's found to be cured, and transferred to a normal prison. My client wants to make peace with the victims. But Elisabeth's former friend says there's no chance of that. TRANSLATION: He stole everything - not just her youth, but her whole life. For me, like for Elisabeth, there is no forgiveness. Just a hope she can rebuild her life, knowing her father is locked up. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A powerful earthquake has shaken Tonga and sparked tsunami warnings across the South Pacific. It follows the eruption of an undersea volcano off Tonga but scientists doubt the events are linked. After the quake, tsunami warnings were issued for Tonga, New Zealand, Samoa and Fiji but they were lifted two hours later. There are no reports of damage. The volcano is still spewing ash and steam kilometres into the air. The recession has claimed another high-profile victim - the British International Motor Show. The event started 103 years ago and it's only been suspended twice because of world wars. With the 2010 show now cancelled,

some car industry insiders fear it won't ever return. There's also speculation manufacturers are trying to pressure the British Government for a taxpayer bailout. Miami has a new celebrity - Robo-croc. Vets had to rebuild the reptile's head with metal rods and 41 screws after a car ran over the 3m predator and crushed its skull. Now that's something that - don't get real close to him - that's something he never was able to do before - never able to do before. Zookeepers are now waiting to see if Robo-croc gets his appetite back. He hasn't eaten for three months. Still ahead -

the royal commission into Victoria's bushfires hears from survivors. Also tonight - recession-busting restaurants - the extraordinary deals to get you in the door. And why NSW is going to the dogs in a bid to boost tourism.

You know, you don't have half as much fun without me. Discover a new recipe for delicious skin. The calming sensation of cherry blossom in a rich, creamy formula. Serve it generously. New Palmolive Naturals Cherry Blossom Shower Milk - the recipe for delicious skin. The top stories this newshour -

there's been a breakthrough for the Government as it tries to get its new work laws passed. A deal with Family First Senator Steve Fielding has ended a deadlock which could have forced an early election. The Prime Minister says Australia must stay the course in Afghanistan. It follows the death of a second Australian soldier this week. The unnamed digger was trying to detonate an explosive device. And former federal court judge Marcus Einfeld has been jailed for repeatedly lying over a $77 speeding fine. He'll spend up to three years behind bars in protective custody. Einfeld's lawyers have refused to confirm if they'll lodge an appeal. There's been an emotional return for residents of Marysville, a town ravaged by Victoria's bushfires. Police are finally allowing townsfolk access to the once scenic tourist hamlet almost seven weeks after Black Saturday. Until now Marysville had been a crime scene as investigators sifted through the ruins. To drive on your own streets and see the yellow ribbons around the trees

that people had put up to welcome us home, it's, umm... Meanwhile, people from another hard-hit area have had a chance to voice their concerns. Bushfire royal commissioners have been told of fears over combustible materials being used in the rebuilding of Flowerdale. A Sydney restaurant has come up with a new way to charge for meals. In an attempt to drum up business, it's decided diners can pay whatever they like. There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but a gratis dinner there may be. The battle for restaurants to get customers through the door has led to plenty of ideas but none quite as radical as what's on the plate at Sobo Bondi. Next week, owner Adam Gerondis will launch his Pay What You Want Menu. This is to get people back

because they only have to spend what they want to spend. It's a set menu which includes lamb fillet and Atlantic salmon - with no catches, we're told, but quite a deal of risk. We figure there'll be some people that will come in and pay a dollar, hopefully some people pay more. Now it's not just a case of eating for next to nothing

at some of our top-notch nosheries -

Other leading restaurants have come up with other gimmicks to try and get the customers in. At Mezzaluna you get to cook alongside the chef preparing your dinner. And how do you know if it's cooked? Here they teach you how to make the meal, so you can go home and make the same thing. So you either be proactive instead of sitting on the fence - that doesn't work any more, you really need to be up there and grasp as much business as you can. I think we'll just get more creative, more value adding to the dining experience, all of those things which get you closer to the business, closer to the chef, closer to the raw ingredients. Among the novel ideas: The Sobo promotion runs until Easter and, if successful, could even go further. Frank Coletta, Ten News. It's hoped a sad, talking dog will help pump tens of millions of dollars into New South Wales tourism.

The national ad campaign plays on the emotions of pet-loving holiday-makers.

A tanned, bikini-clad Lara Bingle controversially lured tourists to our shores. Now it's hoped 4-legged Sawyer can do the same for NSW. I need to get in touch with my inner woof. I need trees - lots and lots of trees. The young border collie is the face of a new campaign, promoting pet-friendly getaways to interstate visitors. Tough times mean more people are holidaying at or close to home and operators are catering for all visitors. Guinea pigs, fish, birds - even some of the top 5-star hotels in Sydney accept birds. Animal daycare centres are popping up all over the place - though this one is a far cry from your average kennel. It offers spas, massages and other treatments for the truly pampered pooch.

But what to do when it's time to eat?

Holidaying with the family pet needn't cramp your dining style, with many restaurants now offering special pet menus. And you can rest assured, you'll be doing your bit for the State's economy. If just 1 in 10 of those households took their pets on holiday for an additional two nights, it generates around $93 million for the economy. And you can see why.

Of course, there are plenty of free pet-friendly venues, such as parks and beaches. So next time you go on holiday, take me -

I mean, I am supposed to be your best friend. Amelia Adams, Ten News. Brad is back with Sport. Brad, a busy night out at Sydney Olymic park. Yes, it's Bunnies versus the Eels at ANZ Stadium and Souths fear one of their smallest players might be too aggressive - that's next. Plus - the swim that's given Leisel Jones second thoughts - why she might now swim at the World Championships. COMMENTATOR: She is good! And Australia's batsmen fail to fire

on day one of the final Test in Cape Town. (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) Be on the lookout for the new $3 I Spy Bingo Instant Scratchie and you could win $75,000! Scratch me happy! This program is captioned live. Welcome to Ten sport from Sydney Olympic Park where Leisel Jones has been very impressive. In fact, she's now even rethinking her plans to sit out the World Championships.

She joked around and laughed with her rivals, then smoked them in the pool. COMMENTATOR: (LAUGHS) She is good. Ring-ding-ding - Leisel's still the king! Yeah, I think I surprised myself this morning. It may just be the swim that convinces Leisel Jones to change her mind and compete at the world championships after all. I guess I have always just said that I would never go to Rome, but you know, back in the pool, it kind of feels nice. It just depends if I can weigh up my pros and cons, but we'd love to be there. So it's still a chance? Oh, let's see. In her absence,

a dancing Sally Foster battled illness to win the 200m. Got in the pool and decided, "Oh, I feel a bit sick now," threw up and everyone's going, "Oh, are you OK?" And I was like, "I'll be fine - just leave me alone." She'd just been beaten in the 100m freestyle

by something special. Libby Trickett's going to go mighty close - not quite. Still - the second fastest time in history - Just shy of her own world mark. Yeah, it felt good. Ashley Delaney won the 200m backstroke with the seventh fastest swim of all time. Andrew Lauterstein won the 50m fly, ending the Geoff Huegill dream. And the rivalry continued between Brenton Rickard and Christian Sprenger. It's a dead heat! That's the first time the nationals title's ever been shared in the 100m breaststroke, so we did our best to find a winner. Can we just settle this now with a bit of rock, paper, scissors? Yep! Here we go. Scissors, paper, rock! Still a dead heat.

We might leave it at that. I can't script it better than that! Paul Cochrane, Ten News. And next door here at Olympic Park tonight,

it's Souths versus Parramatta. League reporter Adam Hawse joins us. Adam, are the Rabbitohs ready to back up from their opening round form?

That is the big question. Can

Souths possibly play as well as

they did last week? It will be hard

to match that effort here tonight

against the heels. One man I will

have a big say is there number

seven. Brett Sandell was busy

providing samples. Recently he has

been providing headaches to us. The

little half-back is forging a name

for big hits but after a pass to

shoulder reconstruction, his coach

is not exactly courage in him to

keep coming. I don't have a problem

with him doing that provided he

does it with the proper technique.

Having him do that and then be out

for a couple of weeks, I would

rather he not do that. Penrith will

take on the Bulldogs tomorrow. They take on the Bulldogs tomorrow. They

are firm wooden-spoon favourites. A

lot of people are writing us off

and we are loving that. A lot of

people take that personally. West

Queensland -- West Tigers arrived

in Queensland today. I had a lot to

work on from last week's game. I

suppose is the start of the season,

my first game at half-back and

hopefully I can only go up from

here. After re- signing John

Monahan, the raiders had a dig at

Sydney Roosters. BCB Roosters have

been chequebooks and they pinched

our local junior so we were very

lucky to get him back. One other

game tonight, Brisbane hosting

Melbourne. There is the chance that

Justin Hodges it will be a late

inclusion for the Brisbane team.

The last three games that

Parramatta have played against the

rabbit does have all been lost, but

I think it will change today. The war The Waratahs will play at ANZ Stadium tomorrow night. The team's Super 14 campaign hinges on the Grand Final rematch against the Crusaders. The Tahs are desperate to bounce back from last week's loss to the Brumbies, while the 11th-placed Crusaders are fighting to keep their season alive. Usually when you look back on any season you'll see a defining game, and it's not always the last game or second-last game. I think in this case, this game has the opportunity to be a defining game for both teams. The Tahs didn't help their cause today with a nasty touch dropping Chris Thomson to his knees. Two weeks after the NRL's new ad, it's the AFL's turn. Here's a sneak peek. Titled a 'League of their own', it showcases the stars of the game playing on the world's biggest stages. For a team supposedly in disarray, South Africa has rocked Australia in the third Test. The Aussies dismissed for just 209. In reply the Proteas will resume at 0/57. Marcus North went to hospital with severe gastro. It meant Bryce McGain finally got his baggy green. But it also left Australia a batsman short on a day when they couldn't afford it. The key was we just didn't string any partnerships together throughout the day, and that's what we probably have been able to do in the first couple of Tests, but today that didn't happen, so credit to them. Katich was the only batsman to pass 50

but his innings was blessed. An lbw shout which wasn't referred was revealed to be out and twice he was dropped. COMMENTATOR: Oh, he's dropped it. No, you can't be serious! Philip Hughes innings was a game of Russian roulette. But his luck ran out on 27. Captain... That's a beauty! ..and vice-captain.. Oh, he's bowled. Clarke got a beauty. ...both failed to trouble the scorers. Brad Haddin again showed his worth. He and Katich put on a vital 71. Mitchell Johnson's 35 pushed the total past 200

before the lower order collapsed. Australia all out for a meagre 209. It is below what we would have expected but all series we have kept chipping away and the bowlers have done a great job so hopefully if we can win the first session tomorrow we can get back on track. South Africa faced 14 overs last night and did so with consummate ease. Just a little punch down the ground. This is a brilliant start by the South Africans. Johnson's third over was belted for 20 while McGain entered Test cricket in forgettable fashion. Oh, well, Ashwel, take a piece of that. The Proteas' new opening pair of Ashwel Prince and Iran Kahn putting the hosts in complete control. Been picked at the right time, these two players, and they both form batsman. Roger Oldridge, Ten News.

Jamie Whincup has snared poll position for tomorrow's opening race of the V8 Supercar series at the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide. Turn eight again taking the shine off the racing with Dale Wood crashing at the notorious corner in practice. He walked away from the crash but his team couldn't repair the car in time for qualifying. It's reinforced drivers' concerns about the corner, despite officials realigning it after last year's tragic accident which killed Ashley Cooper. Craig Lowndes will start alongside Whincup in second place on the grid, with Garth Tander third. To the tips and Michael Sullivan's selections for a big day at Rosehill tomorrow:

And if you've ever wanted to watch elite swimming, a reminder that the Australian championships continue on both Ten HD and Ten tonight and over the weekend.

Time to check the traffic. Everyone

seems to be stepping out of Sydney

for the weekend. Wearin bed all

exits out of Sydney are having

delays. The Hume Highway is also

slowed for those heading out to the southern Highlands. Tim Bailey's next with all the weather details. WOMAN ON TV: Number 7, number 22, number 5 and the final winning Lotto number is 1. So congratulations to all... MAN: It can't be! (MAN 2 LAUGHS) Oh, look at that fish. Look at that fish. Yeah.

The weather has been absolutely

brilliant but the question is, can

we have more of it? For you?

Absolutely anything you wish! Of

course you can have more of it. The

weatherman is hardly going to dish

up anything other then fine and

sunny, a roundabout 27 to 29

degrees. Was a weak! The Sunday is

going to be mainly sunny as well,

the late 20s it to maybe even lower

30s. A glorious summer weekend in

the autumn. Ecus storms are a club

in the catchment area, less than 10

millimetres but we will take

anything. In terms of rainfall, we

have had 43% of our average

rainfall. We have got 11 days to go

it and it looks like it will be

another dry month for Sydney. Down

a Cronulla at the moment, there are

a few excited little sausages. They

are about to get married. Amy

McCartney and Nick are going to get

married down there - all the best from asked.

Taking a look at the satellite -

club matches over in the

Taking a look at the satellite - club matches over in the NSW is

causing the odd storm. Cloud over

parts of the NSW coast and the

Queensland coast. The map tomorrow

we is busy easily explained.

There'll be a storm on the Rangers.

Rainfall - where is our rain coming

from? Showers for north-east NSW

with a chance for the storm.

Isolated showers and storms spread

through southern Australia into

Tasmania. Rainfall, through southern Australia into Tasmania. Rainfall, just the north-

east corner of NSW getting a little

bit today. The rest of the state is

dry and sunny under the influence of these big high.

That's it from me, I have a

wonderful weekend. I will see you Monday. Finally tonight, into the wild two penguins have waddled back after treatment at Taronga Zoo. Called North and South, they were found looking unwell at opposite ends of the coastline a few months ago. South's now recuperated, and didn't waste any time getting wet, but North was a little reluctant to take the plunge.

That's Ten News for now. I'm Sandra Sully. I'm Bill Woods and I'll be back with updates throughout the evening. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia. ( BELL RINGING )