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What?! A restraining order?! that's necessary. Ridge, I don't think Then tell your son he can't do this. I need to hear you say the words. I need you to do this, Brooke. Tell him that you forbid it... and totally forbid it! ..that you absolutely Tell them! Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

And he This program is captioned live.

A shocking day on the state's roads

- a young family it wiped out in a

F3 freeway inferno it wasn't pretty.

A Sydney man jailed over a cocaine

import racket involving baggage

handlers. A young woman returns

home after being kidnapped and kept

as a sex slave for 18 years. They

were kept in isolation in a

compound at the rear of the house.

I'm a Bill Woods. Under Brunei. A

massive jump in profits for oil

giant Caltex. One man's incredible

journey from Mao's last -- last

dancer to father of the year.

We begin with the carnage on NSW

roads. Seven people killed in just

12 hours. This morning for people

died in a three-car collision south

of Narrabri, six others were

injured. Last night a couple and

their five-month-old baby lost

their lives when a truck slammed

into their car on the F3 freeway

and burst into flames. Police are

trying to work out why they had

stopped on the freeway. The young

family was killed in a baffling

accident last night - their car

incinerator. For an unknown reason

they had stopped on the freeway

behind another vehicle. Moments

later, a Senate trial at stand-in

to them. It is a lesson to be

learnt. Drive Safe. We have lost

the lies of three-line -- look

young people. The father and mother

and baby boy were all from the

Central Coast and died at the scene.

Behind the wheel of the red card, a

58-year-old man. He could not be

interviewed today because he's been

treated in intensive care at

Gosford Hospital. Police think the

drivers of the two cars did not

know each other. The driver is

suffering terribly. He is in shock

and receiving counselling. He has

told his manager that the two cars

were parked in the first lane on

the at three itself. His ad had no

way to go. The be double truck

around the bend just after 1030. It

collided with the two cars moments

later. It took 70 metres for the

driver to stop, blocking all three

lanes of the freeway. Police closed

the F3 freeway ought for the

morning. The relatives had been

told of the debts of the family and

police are searching for answers.

People were killed on it the Newell

Highway in Narrabri. A fourth

person died later in hospital. It

would appear the vehicles had

crossed over to the wrong side of

the road, which caused it to

collide with two vehicles. Five of collide with two vehicles. Five of

the six people injured in the crash

are still in hospital. With an

update on both of these accidents,

we are joined by Vic Clarissa. A

lot of the roads had been closed.

What is the situation now? For we

are right over the hot spree river are right over the hot spree river

bridge on the Sydney Central Coast.

We have been it he told that the F3 We have been it he told that the F3

freeway is open and moving well.

This is just out of where the

accident occurred last night. The

traffic is moving OK. Narrabri,

after the serious crash today, the

Newell Highway and remains close

and will do for some time. We will and will do for some time. We will

update on the F3 freeway at later

on. One of Australia's biggest drug

lords has been jailed for 26 years

for importing and conspiring to

import cocaine. Chana had feels

gang made millions from drugs house,

but was brought down when one of

his team rolled over to police.

When Shane Hatfield was arrested in

2005, he was Sydney's because

cocaine dealer. His cell hung

dreads a kilogrammes of high-grade

Double X Brand cocaine. Police

found $1 million in cash buried it

in his father's backyard on

Sydney's Northern Beaches. When a

fellow gang member became an

informer, his days were numbered.

These are the pictures that have

come victim. Police surveillance

track syndicate figures dealing

with a 30 kilo importation. Les

Mara and Michael Hurley had

imported 10 kilograms of cocaine

from South America. Baggage

handlers at remove the drugs from

the aircraft's hold. Surveillance

tracked every meeting and phone

call and conversations inside their

home. Hadfield pleaded guilty to

importing and selling a commercial importing and selling a commercial

quantity of cocaine. He was Senna's

to 26 years' jail and 14 years

nonpareil. His case held up when he nonpareil. His case held up when he

pleaded insanity. The judge found

had feels a bid from but episodes a

paranoid schizophrenia. He had sold

in about six months some 200 kilos

of cocaine for $30 million cash.

When you Cabinet were at that can

distribute that you are a big distribute that you are a big

player. His girl friend cried when

he was sentenced. She will be

waiting 10 years before he is free

on parole. An impressive return for

oil company Caltex with a massive

jump in profits. It has made almost

$300 million so far this year. It

has recommitted itself to gobbling

up one of its competitors. Downtown,

what downturn, it's certainly not

far Camp's helps. Big refinery

margins out helped pump up its

results. Not surprising when Caltex

is a very well-run outfit. This

time last year Caltex made a first-

half profit of $196 million. This

year's - it made an extra 102

million. It gives the company more

than enough cash to continue its

bid to buy 300 Mobil service

stations. This worries independent

senator Nick Xenophon up and will

would like them reined in. How

greedy and big does beguiled need

to get in this country. They should

not be allowed to take over Mobil,

it will make it harder for

independence. Those independents

are worried too. The ACCC and a man

needs to look at the issues and

make sure that the independents are

corrected. A today's private aside,

Caltex expects the second half of

the year to be weaker. Its margins

will be squeezed with a combination

of a higher crawl oil price and a

higher Australian dollar. Petra

prices will not fall any time soon

as confidence returned to the

conference. And petrol prices will

creep up. A family is celebrating a

return of their missing daughter 18

years after she was kidnapped. The

girl, now 29, has revealed the

details of her last years with the

hands of the monster. In 1991 the

abduction of the Jaycee Lee Dugard

from her suburban street sparked a

frenzied search. Your money last

year, hang on. To almost two

decades later, at the news her

tortured family had long wished for.

Total shock after rating wit years.

When my wife called me she asked me

if I was sitting down. She said

that they had found Jaycee. She

said she is alive. Now a 29-year-

old woman and called Allissa, she

was discovered when she accompany

convicted sex offender Phillip

Garrido and his wife Nancy and two

children inside ace police station

for a parole mating. Drop something

about it raised suspicions. She had about it raised suspicions. She had

been kept in a shed behind the go

read does harm and the two children

were hers. Forced to raise -- at 13.

The children had never been to a

doctor or school and kept in

complete isolation. 58-year go Rudo

and his wife, who originally snatch

Jaycee, were arrested. Somebody has

been kidnapped and living here for

how many years? I'd never seen her.

Jaycee stepfather witness to

abduction all those years ago. He

tried to chase the cup but could

not keep up. Hearing what she has

endured is almost too much to bear.

I had to stop. I cannot take it

right now. J C has had a supervised

reunion with her family.

Brad McEwan at joins us now. A big

night for the NRL? 10 nights

Western derby against the eels and

panthers are a sell-out. Also,

Russell Crowe it sums up the rabbit

as inconsistent season. The sisters

really are doing it for themselves.

They had a funky face of ahead of

the US Open. Also ahead - great

waves of SA. Also, a Socceroo is a

player that had been robbed at

narrowed point in England.

A scare for Sydney it ferry passengers.

Classmates mourner a 16-year-old

Sydney schoolgirl killed in a

skiing accident. Disgraced swim or

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This program is captioned live.

Friends of a Sydney girl killed in

a skiing accident have held an

emotional service at her school.

Amelia McGuiness was competing in a

state competition at Perisher.

She's the second teenager to die on

Australian slopes this month.

It would not have been easy but

school competitors returned to the slopes, organisers are determined

the State competition will go on

despite yesterday's sudden death of

Amelia McGuiness. The 16-year-old

was part of the Barker College ski

team, but was enjoying some free

time at Blue Cow when she crashed

into a tree at high speed. The

experienced and talented skier was

wearing a helmet, just like 16-

year-old Hannah Taylor, who was

also killed this month after

hitting a tree at Thredbo. Back at

school Amelia's class-mates

struggled to comprehend their loss

- the 16-year-old from Boorowa, was

a boarder. It's a most difficult

time in any school community. They

are very distressed. Students,

teachers and parents attended an

impromptu chapel service, united in

grief. Chaplains and counsellors

will be available to students and

staff, and we would like to thank

the broader community for their

support at this distressing time.

Amelia's parents and a brother were

at Perisher when she died. Some of

her team-mates are on their way her team-mates are on their way

back to Sydney, but others are

bravely staying behind to finish

the competition. Within hours of

her death, more than 1,000 people

had joined a memorial page on

Facebook. Friends thanked the 16-

year-old for always bringing smiles to their faces.

Hundreds of passengers have been

left stunned, after a near

collision on a Sydney ferry. The

captain of the 'Queenscliff' was

forced to order 250 people into the

brace position after the clutch

failed on its approach to Circular

Quay. The anchors were dropped and

the vessel stopped just metres from

the sea wall. The alarm came on and

they asked us to assume an brace

possession. The ferry will be out

of service while it's checked by

engineers. The last mechanical

mishap to strike Sydney Ferries was

also a clutch failure. The Rees

Government is threatening to

privatise the service if it doesn't lift its game.

Olympic swimmer Scott Miller has

blamed "military-like" training at

the Australian Institute of Sport

for his downward spiral into crime,

drugs and alcohol abuse. He's now

offering to teach young athletes

about the pressures of elite

competition, in a bid to avoid jail.

In his own words, "this is as low

as it gets." Scott Miller arrived

at court to be sentenced for drug

supply. In April 2008, police

arrested Miller after finding cash,

drugs, a pill press, capsicum spray

and a gun in a northern beaches

storage unit and apartment.

storage unit and apartment. Today

in court, Miller admitted he gave a

friend 12 ecstasy tablets as a

birthday present, but added he'd

never used the pill press to make

drugs. He fought back tears,

admitting he has a drug and alcohol admitting he has a drug and alcohol

problem, which he blames on the

pressure of training as a teenager

at the Australian Institute of Sport.

In the months after his arrest

Miller fled to Perth and worked on

a farm looking after horses. He

told the court it was an escape

from media hype and from people who

were pointing and staring. In

return for avoiding jail time,

Miller has offered to coach young

athletes about the perils of drugs

and crime. He will be sentenced next Friday.

Safety concerns haven't stopped a

major insurer from backing the

Government's swine flu vaccination

program. Without the support,

doctors would have refused to administer the injection.

21 million doses of the swine flu

vaccine have been ordered, final

tests are taking place. Similar to

what we'd expect to see in a normal

seasonal flu vaccine that's been

manufactured in the same way for manufactured in the same way for

the last 30 years. But insurers are concerned fast-tracked testing

might not be enough. And if they

withhold indemnity, doctors won't

administer the vaccine. It's not

legal to practice medicine in this legal to practice medicine in this

country unless the treatment you're

offering is indemnified, in case

something goes wrong. There is also something goes wrong. There is also

a worry over the use of multi-dose

vials. Several injections are drawn

from the same bottle - leaving open

the possibility of the transmission

of blood-born diseases. It's also

breached the Health Department's

own Infectious Disease Control own Infectious Disease Control

guidelines. But authorities say the

larger bottle is the fastest way to larger bottle is the fastest way to

get the vaccine out. This is not

going to hold up the program, it's

one of the logistic issues we've one of the logistic issues we've

been dealing with, I think,

successfully. One insurer's already

convinced the risks are minimal -

under some conditions. We have the appropriate education campaign for

the doctors concerned, and more

particularly, that we get written

informed consent from patients.

Doctors want the Government to fill

the breach if others don't follow

before the vaccine's release in

October. 150 Australians have died

with the H1N1 virus. Another 471

are currently hospitalised, with 83

in intensive care. But there's an

indication we could have seen the

worst. There is evidence of the

epidemic which may be peaking and

may be starting to reduce a little.

A milestone in construction of

Sydney's controversial desalination

plant. The last piece of the

pipeline linking the $1.9 billion pipeline linking the $1.9 billion

plant to the water supply has been

connected, and testing has begun.

What we're doing now is moving into

the future of water supply. This is

a water supply that does not depend

on rain. The Kurnell plant will

supply up to 15% of Sydney's water

when it's turned on, but critics

claim it's an unnecessary expense.

You can smell the weekend

approaching. I am going fishing in

the morning, what will the weather

be like? We had gusty north-

westerly winds, an early shower,

and then at a warm and sunny

afternoon - 28 degrees. You can see

the weekend from here. This is

north said. This is where Friday

afternoon turns into Saturday and

Sunday. Cloud is starting to spread

across the Sydney Bason, are a

precursor to tomorrow's showers.

This is the time of the week when

we make people Hepple -- happy. It

is the daily double, and the

Panasonic Linux camera comes

straight out to give. This is a

fantastic shot. If you have a

wonderful photograph like that, or

you have captured a end -- image of

the weather, send it to ask. 10

degrees above average tomorrow and

some blue-sky by lunchtime.

An affordable Aussie wine judged

one of the world's top drops, the surprising result next.

Also - sailing into the record

books - the triumphant teenager

with a flair for success.

And put in your Huckleberry Finn to

get some bangers and mash - the ATM

that speaks cockney slang. It said... COMPUTER: Temperature 22. VOICEOVER: Who's most likely to give you CD changer. COMPUTER: Track number, please. Track... (BARKS) Four! Track four. # That always likes to work (BARKS) Who's most likely? Ford, of course. Introducing the new Ford Mondeo.

And This program is captioned live.

And affordable South Australian

wine has been named the world's

greatest shiraz. Annie's Lane's

Copper Trail Shiraz was awarded the

title after at one of the top this

tasting session in history. 700

raids, some of them at $700 a pop.

The winner was only 50. Considering

some of the great wines it was up

against, it was a fantastic results.

It goes to show you do not need to

pay the highest price to get the

highest wind. Only one of the top

10 was an import.

A to the iron sheet direct Finance

report. There aplenty of the bosses

attracting big bonuses.

Yes, and their timing couldn't be

worse. Air New Zealand chief

executive Rob Fyfe's payment for

the 2009 financial year will be

worth more than his base salary.

The details were revealed just a

day after the airline reported a

massive fall in profits, of 90 per

cent.The boss of Sims Metal

Management also came out on top

with a $2.6 million bonus, on top

of his $1.3 million salary and

share quota. In the past year, the

company has cut 1,200 staff and

posted a net loss of $150 million.

To homewares, and Harvey Norman has

announced a 40% drop in annual

profit, but says its cautiously

optimistic about the future. The

optimistic about the future. The

retailer put the result down to

trading losses in Ireland and New

Zealand. The financials and retail

sector kept the sharemarket in

positive territory. Iron ore

explorer, Aquila Resources, had one

of the day's biggest gains, after a

Chinese steelmaker announced a $286

million injection of funds into the


That is the weed in finance.

Thousands of line the streets of

Boston to fare well Senator Edward

Kennedy. A motorcade left the

family contact -- compound for a 2-

hour journey. At the JFK Library,

mourners paid their respects as

they file past the flag-draped

casket full. For the first time

since his death, his widow spoke to

the media. Teddy love the people of

the state. He loved the city. It

was a very moving. All living

presidents are expected to attend

the kit funeral on Sunday.

Bushfires had broken out in

southern California. Winds are

fuelling the flames which have

burnt through 12 hectors. Mansions

and a cough Co has owned by Donald

Trump are under threat.

A British teenager is enjoying a

well earned rest after setting a

new world record. 17-year-old Mike

Perham was the first ever and

Younger's to sail solo around the

world. He enjoyed storms, equipment

failures, and endless meals of

freeze-dried food to complete the

voyage in just nine months. It

feels absolutely brilliant. He is

looking forward to a decent meal

and a full night's sleep.

Rhyming slang it may be on its last

legs, but some Londoners and tried

to bring it back. Cash machines

have been reprogrammed to give

customers a cockney Choice on the

screen. Next time you hit the

nuclear sub to down a few pig's

ears and a butchers in your sky

rocket reveals're fresh out

of bees. Just round the Little Jack

Horner may be something to solve

your Barney Rubble. If you're a bit

confused and not following - don't

worry. It's old cockney rhyming

slang, and it's enjoying a bit of

resurgence. An ATM company has

introduced it in East London cash

machines. Customers type their

Huckleberry Finn, if the rattle and

tank approves - they walk away with

their bangers and mash. Terrible.

Why. I can't understand any of it

Gordon Smith runs a website

dedicated to keeping cockney alive

in the capital. It's just too much

in the capital. It's just too much

fun to die out. People like having

fun with language and that's why

cockney rhyming slang is still with

us. And tailors Allan and Matthew

are doing their best to carry on

the tradition. What's the name of

your business? The Whistle and

Flute. As in, of course, suit. If I

was wearing a hat, it'd be my tit was wearing a hat, it'd be my tit

fa, my dicky dirt, my whistle and

my ones and twos, my shoes. Trouble

is, there aren't too many true

cockneys left. We're like old cockneys left. We're like old

soldiers. They don't last forever

and neither do cockney expressions.

We're a dying breed, now we've got

this, what do you call it -

mockney? The trendy who try to talk

cockney. Though they don't dare in

Roy's Sherbert. In London, Danielle

Isdale, Speckled Hen, News.

Clopping sonatas by the way.

Extranet jail time for the pack the

late goal liar who posed as a

Qantas Engineer.

The new push to reduce speed limits The new push to reduce speed limits

to 40 across the CBD. One man's

extraordinary journey from 'Mao's

Last Dancer' to father of the year.

I am filled with a humble nurse

First home buyers already get great benefits from the NSW Government and now, other new home buyers do too. As part of the NSW Government's economic stimulus plan, eligible buyers of newly built homes up to $600,000 get 50% off stamp duty. Empty nesters, buying off the plan, property investors can all save more than $11,000. But hurry - it's only until 31 December. Find out more at our website:

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He Manager of opposition business - Christopher Pyne.

A young girl abducted 18 years ago

has been he reunited with her

family. Now 29, Jaycee Lee Dugard

says she was kept as a sex slave in

a shed. She gave birth to two

children. A Sydney man has been

jailed for 26 years for importing

and conspiring to import cocaine.

Shane had fills gang made millions

from drug sales but was brought

down when one up his team rolled

over to police. It has been a

horror day on the state's roads -

seven people killed in just 12

hours. The family was wiped out in

a Inferno on the F3 freeway. Four

people were killed near Narrabri.

Cars could be banned from some

parts of the city and slow to a

crawl in others. It is part of a

plan from town hall to allow

pedestrians to reclaim the streets.

Every workday 850,000 people put

through the heart of Sydney. 85% of

them walk, ride a bike or pop

capped public transport. So these

majority should be given priority.

We think that people who walk

around s City should be given a

better and safer pedestrian

environment. This mean slowing

traffic down to 40 km/h and a lot

more of these - crossings.

Crossings time to fade but foot

traffic. The is not a bad idea. It

would be a great idea if you walk.

Pedestrian should have a safe way

of crossing streets, but do not

overdo it. They have been six fatal

pedestrian accidents in the CBD

since Christmas. Speed reductions

were first promised 11 years ago.

De DK's art too fast in the city.

In North Sydney, at Chatsworth and

Parramatta - there are all 40 km/h.

The State Government will decide if

Sydneysiders will join them.

Britain's -- Brisbane's notorious

bikeway it rapist has been

sentenced to 25 years' jail for

attacking women. He showed no-one

motion when the sentence was handed

down, and was described as a

cowardly, predatory serial rapist.

The father of four pleaded guilty

to five counts of rape and another

six of indecent assault. He will be

eligible for parole in 15 years. A

serial liar jailed for faking his

qualifications as a Qantas engineer

will serve extra time behind bars

because he gave the judge phoney because he gave the judge phoney

references. Timid enough Cormack

provided for fate character

references during his sentences. He

claimed they were provided by

friends and a colleague. His

friends and a colleague. His

sentence was extended by eight

months. Interest rates are on the

rise. Analysts are predicting

interest rates will rise before

year's end. At Bryn Bella Christian

college they are putting up it

Bernie -- Early Learning Centre.

There is a project in a school down

the road and the one around the

corner. It is keeping us all

employed. Otherwise, had heaving

pit things would be? A figure would

have been tougher. If with almost

every primary school in the country

wanting a piece of the action, the

Government has found an extra $1.5

billion to meet demand. That shows

how popular this program is in

Australian primary schools.

Australian primary schools. The

theory is that money coming into

this is of flooding the economy.

This means the interest rates could

rise Morse deeply and sooner than

expected. Predictions that rates

will not rise until next year are

under review now. That now seems

conservative. You may see the first

rate how up before the end of the

year. If average mums and dads with

mortgages may well rue the day when mortgages may well rue the day when

the Government rushed the money out the Government rushed the money out

the door. The Government has

confirmed that millions of dollars

in St science, as saying that its

building program will have to stay

up till 2011. The Oppostion say it up till 2011. The Oppostion say it

is a potential breach of the

Electoral Act. Julia Gillard said

it is not. If it is standard

practice. A best-selling author and

ballet dancer has been named and

your father of the year. Lee Cunxin

over came poverty in communist

China to become one of the world's

best male dancers. He then gave it

all up to be a stockbroker to

support his family. His

autobiography 'Mao's Last Dancer'

has been turned into a film. For me

it has a lot of responsibility, but

I love being a father. Don't forget

Father's Day will be celebrated

next Sunday. Brad is back with

sport. Tonight's Western Dhami is

drawing in the crowds? It is a

sell-out. The Aussie tennis player

who was banned for racial abuse.

They think they can dance, but will

it be a Williams waltz at the US

Open. Plus a great Southern's well,

scarier, but is what is underneath that is


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that cools as you chew. Peppermint New 5 gum.

This program is captioned live.

We've got another NRL blockbuster

to kick off Round 25, with the Eels

hosting the Panthers. Adam Hawse

joins us live from Parramatta

stadium. Adam, there's so much at

stake in tonight's Western Derby?

stake in tonight's Western Derby?

Probably the biggest Western Derby

ever. Parramatta our tasting seven

straight wins. There is a lot at

stake, the fans have responded.

Here is the Parramatta chief

executive. Other any more tickets

left for the match two now, it is

sold out. Can you believe that six

weeks ago this would have been

possible? That has been wonderful,

the boys had been playing terrific

football. You have mentioned to

Jarryd Hayne, most people are here

to see them. How important is it to

sign him long-term? Hopes believe

we can Locum down for a long time.

It us get the season over and done

when tonight. with and hopefully we get a good

He's signed up for one of the NRL's

toughest assignments. Joel Reddy

with the task of stopping Panthers

speedster Michael Jennings -

something that didn't happen back

in Round 17. It's definitely going

to be a big job for our edge.

Jarryd Hayne is our dangerman. It's

a big game and the boys are pumped

up and it's going to be phenomenal up and it's going to be phenomenal

out there. I just can't wait. The

Sydney Roosters embracing Anthony

Minichiello - he's signed for

another season. The veteran to face

the Storm tomorrow night, and

there's plenty of motivation for

the last-placed Chooks. No-one

wants the wooden spoon here. I know

that I have experienced the wooden

spoon in my career, we do not want

to do that. Another deal done today

- Russell Crowe's Rabbitohs signing

V8 Supercars as the club's sleeve

sponsors for the next two years.

But what about missing the finals?

It's not good enough. There is

another person who has focused on

winning, his name is Jason Taylor,

he knows we have a lot of things to

do, step-by-step, we are getting

where we want to be.

where we want to be. A broken jaw.

Theory Fuifui Moimoi will run amok

against the Panthers. The

Apparently we're in for a Tri-

Nations surprise. The winless

Wallabies believe they'll beat the

undefeated Springboks in Perth

tomorrow night.

The Tri-Nations series is on the

line - not since 2005 have the

Wallabies lost their opening three

matches against the Springboks and

All Blacks. The Aussies are

determined to break the drought

tomorrow night. We want to beat

South Africa. We think we can, they

are the best team in the world at

the moment. They won the World Cup,

they are sitting on top of the

rankings. We still think we can

beat them. The Wallabies line-outs

letting them down in the opening

matches of the series. Rocky Elsom

cleared of an ankle problem

suffered against the All-Blacks

last week, a boost at blindside

flanker coming up against one of

the best line-out sides in the game.

A different role for Adam Ashley-

Cooper - starting at number 12 for

the first time since last year's

European tour.

European tour. Our execution this European tour. Our execution this

week has been excellent, it is a

case of applying it on the field.

The injured Berrick Barnes offering

up some pointers for the makeshift

centre. Do not have the mindset and

outside back would have.

outside back would have.

The Swans will be hoping to deny

Brisbane a home final by downing

the Lions at the SCG tomorrow night.

The visitors trained at the SCG

this afternoon where one of their

former team-mates, Craig Bolton,

said the Swans would be equally

motivated to win for their retiring

trio of stars. I can't remember a

bigger build up where finals aren't

an issue. We really want to have a

win to send off the retiring guys

in the right fashion. Bolton today

caught up with Lions star Luke

Power whose wedding he MC'd last year.

And the Sydney versus Brisbane game

can be seen on both TEN and ONE

from 7:30pm tomorrow night. Socceroos midfielder Vince Grella

has reportedly been robbed at

knife-point in his England home.

It's understood masked thugs stole

jewellery and watches before

escaping in his BMW four-wheel-

drive. Police say Grella was unhurt.

And after escaping with a draw

against the Central Coast, Sydney

FC is desperate for a win against

the Wellington Phoenix on Sunday.

The Sky Blues coach say they can't The Sky Blues coach say they can't

afford to waste any chances. It's

easy to say and hard to do. I was a

player once as well. Wellington player once as well. Wellington

hold a 3-win to 2 advantage over Sydney.

One of Australia's rising tennis

stars has faced the music -

speaking for the first time about

his suspension for racial abuse. A

remorseful Brydan Klein is hoping

to return to the court soon. If it

looks like hard labour it is in

more ways than one for Brydan Klein,

who's on the long road back to who's on the long road back to

competition after being banned for

racial slur. It was sort of a heat-

of-the-moment thing. I've been

working a lot on my mental side.

The 2007 Junior Australian Open

winner copped a 6-month suspension

in June in London for racially

abusing his South African opponent.

He's since taken a racial He's since taken a racial sensitivity course - hoping Tennis

Australia will slash two month off

his sentence - so he can be back on his sentence - so he can be back on

the court for the summer. I feel,

personally, that I might be on my

final straw. I have had a lot of

support, so I think I can turn it

around. In New York, players are

gearing up for the start of the US

Open. After being handed a horror

draw, this is the man Lleyton

Hewitt will face if he makes it to

the third round - Roger Federer

labelling this year one of his best.

I could not have dreamed it better,

winning the French Open and then

Wimbledon. It was an amazing summer,

I am still playing very well. The

Williams sisters full of confidence

too - putting on a show for the

cameras, but Serena was quick to

stamp her authority. And I'll be

defending champ at the US Open!

One of Australia's rising tennis

stars has faced the music -

speaking for the first time about

his suspension for racial abuse.

Queensland surfer Blake Ainsworth

has won the Junior Big Wave contest

off the coast of South Australia. off the coast of South Australia. Conditions were perfect at Streaky

Bay as the youngsters chased the

ride of their lives and $20,000 in

prize money. As well as braving the

monster swell, the waters are

renowned for great white sharks

making the event even more

dangerous. The 6m swell made for

plenty of spills. Next up for these

thrill-seekers are the big waves of

Hawaii. Racing is at Rosehill

tomorrow. And Michael Sullivan's tomorrow. And Michael Sullivan's

best bet is race 2 number 8, Tatronyme.

In Sports Tonight, all tonight's

NRL and AFL action, plus Usain Bolt

considers taking up a new sport.

It is not table tennis ball stop.

Vic Lorusso is in the traffic

helicopter. Some problems in Rydal

near? Huge problems after a track

hit a power pole. Wires are down.

Victoria road is blocked into rival

Meyer. The road is blocked all the

way back into ride at. This is

impacting traffic going towards the

football stadium tonight. Tell

anyone using Victoria Road to take

Parramatta Road. Tim Bailey has all

the weather details after the break.

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The pressure is on some baddie to

deliver good weather. We have a

really good scenario for the

weekend. We have a big a blanket of

cloud across SA. It is moving

through NSW. It will bring some

good rainfall to country areas in

the next 24 hours - the 80

millimetres. Showers and Sydney, we

will need those tomorrow. It has

been possibly the driest August on

records. It will be a sunny

afternoon. Around 28 degrees, 10

above average. A week for change

will move through Saturday night.

Sunday, it will be clear, blue and

20 degrees. A blue-sky for three-

quarters of your weekend. I think

that his mission accomplished.

Cloud is spreading east over the

southern and central parts of the

country. Patchy rain and thunder as

well over the centre. Cloud over

the south-west and west is causing

a little bit of precipitation. Bury

1 tomorrow, a warm wind is pushing

across NSW and Queensland. A truck

is surging up from the south east,

it will bring showers to NSW and

Victoria especially along the

Rangers. The rainfall map of - I am

confident this will deliver.

Widespread showers over NSW. The 80

millimetres expected across the

southern and Rangers. A late change

to snow. 28 degrees tomorrow, 10

degrees above average. Thank you to

our cameraman for wonderful camera

work all week long bull stock.

Have a wonderful weekend. That's

Ten News for now.Updates throughout

the evening before the Late News

with Sports Tonight at 10:30.

Red Goodnight. Supertext Captions by