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(generated from captions) Steffy is the woman Now, look, do I know that the rest of my life with? that I'm gonna spend but I'm sure as hell gonna find out. No, I don't know that,

No. So, will you support me on this? I will not support you on this. No. No! a lot from you, Rick, We have had to put up with to do this to Ridge. and you are not going if he were to find out. He would go absolutely berserk He's not going to find out. But you know what? completely, 100% forbid you Because I absolutely, from seeing Steffy Forrester! I friggin' forbid it! Do you understand me? Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

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greenhouse back-flip. Tonight - the Government's because of the recession. Emission targets on hold to help solve a bashing death. Police issue a desperate plea in serious matters like these. We're not in the habit of giving up

to swine flu. And a third Australian falls victim or relieved. I didn't know whether to be stunned so I know what to do. I was just happy to have the result Good evening. I'm Bill Woods. And I'm Sandra Sully. still on the run in Sydney. Also tonight - four escaped prisoners And the knives are out - at her Logies critics. Gretel hits back Why would I bother with that? I don't even listen to it. But we begin tonight in the Federal Government's scheme with the major setback to combat global warming. economic times for a 1-year delay PM Kevin Rudd is blaming the tough

emissions trading scheme will work. and significant changes to how the joins us from Canberra. Our political editor Paul Bongiorno Paul, this is some form of reversal.

It Cicely areas. The timetable for

dealing with global warming

pollution was a key point of

difference in the last election. It

painted the Liberals a has been

reluctant to deal with climate

change political end economic

ground hairs moved dramatically. as he could muster, With as much finesse Kevin Rudd today ditched election commitment. a key climate change responding to realistic challenges I'm in the practical business of

with which we are now confronted. the carbon pollution reduction scheme So the start-up for

will be put back one year, to 2011,

and after the next election. after the Copenhagen world conference this was the Prime Minister. Five months ago reckless and irresponsible. To delay any longer would be a massive backdown, Today's announcement represents

a humiliating backdown. in a three-quarters of a century - The worst recession that's what happened.

will be offered to big polluters Even more compensation at $10 a tonne for the first year. and carbon will be priced low, a softer start will help business. There's no doubt a delayed start and That's got the Greens seeing red. on climate change today. Kevin Rudd has abdicated leadership But the miners are still unhappy.

will get absolutely no shielding 90% of Australia's mineral exports carbon costs in the world. from the full impact of the highest Kevin Rudd says going forward. business needs certainty in the Senate In trying to win Coalition support to the Opposition Leader he's capitulated

and a bigger target. on a later start-up date by 2020 A low target of 5% pollution cuts if the world comes onside. will be raised to 25%,

will ripple right around the world. Putting forward a 25% target by 2020

there are no jobs on a dead planet. That's where we've got to be - Kevin Rudd won't be finessing - There's one promise the Prime Minister says the legislated tax cuts. he's committed to delivering Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Evidence is mounting could be wasting $5 billion the State Government underground rail line. on Sydney's new joins us. State political reporter Josh Murphy

the Government's under fire Josh, this time will use the CBD metro. over how many passengers

This is right. The governments

figures say five-and-a-half 1,000

people will be using do CBD

lecturing an hour. It is used lecturing an hour. It is used to

cope with 30,000 people. His tears ballooned to $5.3 billion. The

opposition has called on the

Government to scrap it. It is going

to endow up costing $1 million per

passenger. The governments did passenger. The governments did

today it is pushing ahead with the

project ended no weight to expect

to head a new rail s can best The

on day one. This is bare headlines

for the government end of full be interesting to see what happens

down the track. Truck drivers at

Aintree. The Attie at planing took

roll out new speed cameras to

target the truck drivers. They say

it is discriminatory. like this are getting more common. Scenes of fatal truck accidents in fatal accidents on our roads. Heavy vehicles are over represented

for new technology That's the justification by the Roads and Traffic Authority. to be rolled out speed cameras They're called point-to-point to record registration plates. designed specifically

of the notorious Pacific Highway For instance, on this stretch would be recorded a truck driver's registration up to 80km away at the next camera the truck's average speed. and the system calculates

If it's more than the limit - comes in the mail. the fine and demerit point loss will be installed State-wide 20 of the new cameras heavy vehicle crash histories. on the highways with the worst There are a small number of cowboys other road users and speed. who continue to terrorise the highways won't be included. It's just that drivers who terrorise the transport industry. Only truck drivers and it's angered the speed limit If a truck driver's 5km/h over he gets done for speeding. the car gets off scot-free. If a car is 60km/h over the limit - As of today, for other than heavy vehicles. I have no plans to introduce this it's should make the roads safer The union concedes to prosecuting retailers but wants all the revenue made to go who force unrealistic timetables. Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. There are fears might carry out home invasions four on-the-run prisoners as they become more desperate

a day after escaping Parramatta Jail. The State Government is also under attack over the mass break-out. Police last night began searching for the four men who escaped hours earlier from the medium security Parramatta jail.

They're aged just 18 and 19, all on remand, waiting to go to court on a range of charges including assault, stealing, burglary, car theft and drug offences. The mass break out

bringing to five the number of escapes from NSW jails in the past week. They haven't got enough officers to keep their eye on the prisoners

and these prisoners seem to get out of that jail pretty easily. They apparently found a plank of wood to help them scale a fence and went over the top. Police and prison officials refused to speak about the escape today

or the internal inquiry under way into how the four prisoners managed to get out. The Government denies there's a shortage of prison officers after 55 new recruits finished their training a week ago.

The Police Minister forced to defend poor prison security as he made this appeal to the escapees. All of those people who have escaped over the last decade have eventually been caught so it would be better for you to give yourselves up rather than wait until the police catch you. The Opposition is calling for a full review of jail security claiming the Government is more concerned with privatising jails than protecting the public. These guys will be desperate. They'll want food, they'll want money, they'll want shelter and they'll just invade people's homes if necessary.

Police are warning anyone who sees the escaped prisoners not to approach them. John Hill, Ten News. Frustrated police are offering a big reward to catch two killers who bashed a man to death, for no apparent reason, in the heart of Sydney. 15 months after the attack investigators say they've run out of leads. CCTV footage shows the three people police believe hold the key to solving Brian Gilsenan's senseless murder. But more than a year after his death, police haven't been able to identify them. We have these three individuals at the crime scene. We would like to know what roles they played.

Today they stepped up the investigation handing out flyers at railway stations and announcing a $100,000 reward. $100,000 reward. It may allow the people that are in the photos some time to think about what's happened and to come forward. Brian Gilsenan was assaulted in the CBD last February. The 54-year-old father of two had been on his way home from a work function. It's alleged Mr Gilsenan was punched in the face and fell backwards, hitting his head. He died from his injuries three months later. Mr Gilsenan's distraught family say the wait for answers has been extremely difficult. I'd ask them please to come forward because the family in Scotland are worrying about it too and we're all just waiting for closure. Police are looking for these two people and this young man - seen walking away from the victim's lifeless body.

We're not in the habit of giving up when there's serious matters like these. Anyone with information should contact Crimestoppers. Amelia Adams, Ten News. The spread of deadly swine flu now appears to be slowing. And while there are no confirmed cases here, a third Australian has tested positive in London. UK health authorities told Australian Kate Corbett she was free to leave her London flat when the flu-like symptoms she had on returning from Mexico subsided. Now she's been quarantined again after testing positive for swine flu. I really didn't know whether to be stunned or relieved. I was just happy to finally have the result so I knew what to do. Kate was only screened for the H1N1 virus after she pushed for a blood test when one of her travelling companions came down with swine flu. I went into Piccadilly Circus the other day, one of the busiest areas in London, and now I know that I have, or have had, the flu, I'm just a little bit concerned for all the people I was around. Not so busy, the streets of Mexico, where a 5-day shutdown remains in force. Mexican officials insist the spread of the disease is slowing. The World Health Organization says

there's no need to raise the threat level. We have not seen any confirmed instances of sustained human transmission in communities outside of the Americas. Here in the US, hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren are being forced to stay home until the middle of this month after the closure of 470 schools either because of confirmed or suspected cases of the virus. Officials say they're encouraged the illness has not claimed more lives, but they warn winter in the Northern Hemisphere could see a new outbreak. It could come back in a more virulent form. At least, however, it hasn't got in the way of true love in Mexico City. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News.

Rebecca Gibney has been savouring her triumph at the Logies

dedicating her gold statue to her mother. But it hasn't been such a good day for Gretel Killeen. The first-time Logies host savaged by the critics. It's the toughest job on TV, and with a much-talked-about new hairdo, Gretel Killeen took the reins of the 51st Logies.

From our side, from the production, we had a great time and all the feedback that we've had since is absolutely terrific. But the knives were out - colleagues in the room using new technology like Twitter to give their verdict. I don't listen even to them - why would I bother with that? The real fight on the night was between 'Underbelly's sexy sinners and the family-friendly 'Packed to the Rafters'.

The score - 'Underbelly' three, 'Rafters' six. This one's for Australian stuff - let's make more of it. Channel Ten won five trophies, including gongs for 'Bondi Rescue' and 'So You Think You Can Dance'. This trophy's for all the dancers put there dreaming the dream - this could be you. Hall of Fame inductee Bill Collins revealed the movies he hates. 'White Christmas', 'Can Can', 'Paint Your Wagon', 'Grease'.

And then the Gold - after 20 Logie nominations and only one win, the little statue belonged to Rebecca Gibney. Backstage, the 44-year-old dedicated the award to her mum. I had a very difficult upbringing - my mum was the victim of domestic violence and raised six kids pretty much single-handedly and instilled in us the love of the human race. to win Gold had been Ian Smith, Of course the sentimental favourite the star of 'Neighbours'.

He confessed he was a little down. Look, I'm disappointed - isn't it funny?

I didn't think I would be, but hey, I guess I'm human. Rove won two others before missing out on gold. Very happy for Rebecca - she's such a delight and for someone who's from New Zealand and lived in Tasmania,

she has suffered enough. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Headlines in sport with Brad McEwan. Brad, the Kangaroos get together in Brisbane. Yes, but you could be forgiven for thinking it's the Maroons playing the Kiwis on Friday night. More on that shortly. But will Souths' Isaac Luke be lining up for NZ? He's been cited on a striking charge in the last minute of the match against the Gold Coast. And back with the bat at least. It's the Shane Watson ton that still wasn't enough for Australia to beat Pakistan. Plus the AFL sends in one of their greats to sell the Western Sydney team. And the coldwater surfing series that definitely lives up to its name. A couple faces manslaughter charges after using alternative treatments on their baby. That story next. Also tonight, opinions divided over the sex book aimed at children. I personally don't know any 2-year-olds that can read. And fighting fit - Alan Jones returns to the airwaves after another bout of ill health. CALLER: How are you, baby? I'm fine, I'm fine. It's just lovely to be talking.

A lot of people wonder about the chicken used at KFC. Well, I can tell you, it's delivered fresh, not frozen. How would I know?

# Can't beat that taste. #

This program is captioned live. A teenage boy is in police custody after a man was stabbed to death and a woman seriously wounded.

Police were called to the house in the State's south-west where they found the man's body as well as a woman suffering serious stab wounds. She was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery and is now in a stable condition. A 16-year-old boy has been arrested and has undergone a psychiatric assessment. It's believed he's a friend of the victims' daughter.

One person is dead and another two are injured after a multiple car crash on Sydney's Northern Beaches

this morning. A sedan heading east on Wakehurst Parkway veered onto the wrong side of the road colliding with a car travelling in the opposite direction. There were long delays after the thoroughfare was closed in both directions until midday. A couple is on trial accused of the manslaughter of their baby daughter after treating her with homeopathic remedies. Ten reporter Gabrielle Boyle is at Sydney's Supreme Court. Even for seasoned court reporters, listening to the Crown outline the facts in this trial was nothing short of shocking. The parents stand accused of gross neglect, amounting to the manslaughter of their baby girl. Gloria was just nine months old when she died of malnutrition and infection. Her parents, who are both university-trained in homoepathic medicine in India and Australia, are accused of repeatedly ignoring the advice of conventional doctors, instead treating their little girl's eczema with alternative remedies.

She died of malnutrition after months of battling infection.

This case is suitably in all for

one. Inside the courtroom we hit one. Inside the courtroom we hit

some graphic details of the

injuries sustained by this little

girl was stop the trial is expected

to last up to four weeks. A Sydney author is defending her controversial sex book for children,

denying it's aimed at toddlers. Narelle Wickham says her work, which deals with gay parents, is designed to let IVF children know about where they come from. Its title appears harmless enough but this children's book has generated its fair share of controversy.

though, the main concept of the book It does include a small reference to alternative family structure, though, the main concept of the book is the 80,000 IVF babies born in Australia. Author Narelle Wickham says the book is designed for parents to read to their children when they're old enough to ask questions

and denies reports it's aimed at toddlers. It's a way of normalising the fact that children come to families in many different ways.

'Where Did I Really Come From'

explores sexual intercourse and pregnancy and focuses on assisted conception, including IVF, donor insemination and surrogacy. Family and Christian groups are more concerned about its portrayal of same-sex parents. It's a book with many controversial things

as well as some many good things. We must respect the parents' responsibility to raise their childrens' values, so the book shouldn't be forced on anyone. The Opposition says the book has value but shouldn't be distributed as an exercise in social reprogramming. It shouldn't be widely available especially not in pre-schools and childcare centres. The Attorney-General's Department has rejected newspaper reports that it has somehow promoted or endorsed this book and the Education Department says it hasn't reviewed or recommended it. It's up to individual schools to decide to put it in their libraries. Narelle Wickham makes no excuses for referring to alternative family structures. The research does show that connectedness and warmth is what matters to young people.

Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Alan Jones has returned to the airwaves after being struck down by a mystery virus. The 2GB host was rugged up for his return to breakfast radio. Last month, he admitted he'd returned to work too quickly after cancer treatment and had damaged his immune system. And I was OK until this damn virus came,

and boom, I had nothing to fight it with. The virus decided that it was facing a weak opponent,

decided to prove it could win, and it did. During his 5-week absence, Jones was forced to dispel reports he was dying of cancer.

Time to check on the winner.

Add minister since Monday.

It is a beautiful son sits. It was a beautiful day.

The City was up four degrees.

The storms across the East Coast -

soon antiserum it millimetres of soon antiserum it millimetres of

rain in reigned work.

Tomorrow - alike -- a light shower.

Fine end sunny weekend. It is Fine end sunny weekend. It is good news. The womanising prime minister now facing another divorce. We'll have the details next. Also, who'll land the best job in the world?

The final test for those hoping to live an island dream. And the young adventurers who battled the odds to pay tribute to our diggers. MAN: Everyone who died here died for the future of all Australians,

(HEART BEATS STEADILY) 17-inch alloys, a sports shift auto, dynamic stability control. The first Australian-built vehicle to be awarded the five-star ANCAP safety rating. And all for just: The Falcon XR6.

It'll be gone in a heart beat.

( giggles ) ( gasps ) ( yelling ) You there, CROWD: Homer! Homer! Homer!

A quick check on the traffic. Ahead

the man to the airport.

End earlier break down rights near

the airport tunnel. The traffic is

Beoley moving all the way to the

airport tunnel. If you're going to

be appalled give yourself a little

bit of travel time. Best is holding

up motorists. N Perez a row traffic as he The as well. The 16 final candidates for the best job in the world have spent the day snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef.

For many of the hopefuls who've come to Queensland from across the globe, it was the first time they'd seen so many fish and such colourful coral. Brilliant! The fish are so in your face and the water's perfect. It's all part of the selection process

to see who'll win the job of caretaker at Hamilton island with a $150,000 pay-packet. The winner will announced on Wednesday. ING Direct's finance report with Jacqueline Maddock. Jacqui, house prices continue to tumble? They do. In fact, across the country house prices are down an average of 7% percent compared with last year. The Bureau of Statistics says the average house price dropped another 2% in capital cities over the March quarter. In Sydney, though, prices dropped almost 3% but that's not as bad as Perth where homeowners had another 4% wiped off their home value.

It's been a great start to the trading week the 3800 level with the All Ords climbing above the 3,800 level for the first time since November. In fact, our market is one of half a dozen around the world now in positive territory for the year. And that's the day in finance. The wife of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi

has filed for divorce. The former actress and Berlusconi's second wife, Veronica Lario, is accusing the PM of flirting with younger women. She's confirmed she's hired a lawyer to launch divorce proceedings against the billionaire. The couple were married for 19 years and had three children. Six days ago, a group of Australians from quite different backgrounds set out on a walk in the name of mateship along the Kokoda Track. Now, after 125km of hard slog they've made it to the finish. And a triumphant Ten reporter Brett Mason is with them. A 6-day journey that's been called a life-changing event ended early this morning when the group walked down the Owen Stanley Ranges here into the village of Kokoda. Lots of tears as locals came out to welcome them. They'd even prepared a feast for the hikers, which the enjoyed until the early hours of this morning. Now, it's the first time in 60 years

a group of Australians has followed in the exact footsteps of Australian soldiers who served here in Papua New Guinea. It's also the first time a hijab-wearing Muslim has walked the track. The group held an emotional service at the memorial at Isurava,

laying a special wreath for one of Australia's most recent casualties, Sergeant Brett Till, who was killed in Afghanistan. MAN: Everyone who died here died for the future of all Australians, and that's all of us. The sad truth is Australians are still dying in uniform. But perhaps the most emotional day was when we met an old fuzzy wuzzy angel. He never received a medal from the Australian Government, and the medals you see him wearing here are hand-me-downs, medals from hikers who've made their way through his village and have felt sorry for him. But on the day we were actually in this village

the Rudd Government announced that the fuzzy wuzzy angels would finally be recognised with a medal.

And that was truly an emotional scene as people who have waited all these years for recognition were finally able to receive that. Tomorrow there will be a reception for these hikers at the Australian High Commission, and clean sheets in Port Moresby. but tonight it's hot showers Back to you. left reeling after another fire. A Victorian bushfire community

That's next. Also, the secret to staying sharp. your mind a longer life. The card games that could give

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the First Home Owners Grant For quite a while now, Australians realise has been helping the dream of owning their own home. everyone buy a new car too, Well, at Holden, we're helping with the Holden Owner's Grant. manual LX 4x4 crew cab So the 2008 Colorado is now $32,490 plus on-roads, thanks to the grant. for the Government's proposed 30% Investment Allowance. Go better. This program is captioned live. The top stories this news hour - police are appealing for information of a man more than a year ago. to help solve the bashing death A $100,000 reward is being offered who bashed the 54-year-old victim. to help catch the men Four prisoners are still on the run Parramatta Jail in a mass breakout. a day after escaping from might carry out home invasions There are now fears the men as they become more desperate. the tough economic times And the Federal Government is blaming on emissions targets. for its backflip to combat global warming The trading scheme will now be put on hold until 2011. for firefighters A golf club that served as a base the devastating Victorian bushfires during has been destroyed by fire. Flames engulfed the building members closed the bar. just an hour after and silverware There's a lot of interclub trophies apart from the honour board, some serious, serious memories. so we've lost Investigators believe a faulty cooler may have caused the blaze. Use it or lose it - that's the message from researchers about keeping an active mind.

New research shows

card games like bridge can help keep your brain in top shape. At 99 years of age, oldest and wisest bridge player. Marion Rice may be Australia's and they get very bad-tempered. Some people can't contain themselves shouldn't play together. Husbands and wives

She's a 40-year veteran of bridge of slowing down. and is showing no signs And I like the challenge too. Thousands of players in a nationwide tournament are this week taking part to raise money for dementia research. has been playing bridge 81-year-old Len Allen with the disease in his late 60s. since being diagnosed anyway, it's improved. Suddenly, in the last 10 or 12 years Researchers don't yet know can be reversed. whether brain deterioration But a new study has found the white brain matter, the ageing process affects which connects information, where information is stored. more rapidly than the grey area, Therefore, taking new activities these connections. will help you maintain It's further evidence

exercising the brain as we get older. of the importance of

As I'm discovering, and coded game of strategy. bridge is an endlessly complicated

And it's little wonder why doctors believe it does so much to keep players so mentally fit. Is that right, Marion? That's correct. Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. for another year, Well, the Logies are over big names dress to impress. the night where television's But when it comes to style, make the grade. not all of our favourite stars a touch of fashion stammer. A night of glamour mixed with their skin stands up the right way. All the youngies, to make you stand out a tad. You've gotta have something

On the red carpet unless you're a name wearing a name. it seems you're nobody frock? ANGELA BISHOP: Who has made your Nicola Finetti - how voila! Fantastic frock. Who is that by? Thank you. Alex Perry of course. over the Logie lot, Carson Kressley. Casting a 'queer eye' really accentuates my bust line. I like something that there's still room for glamour The fashion guru glad despite the global gloom. There's a recession on. a little bit I think people are toning it down on TV. but it's still the biggest night are watching want to see fantasy. and I think the people at home who Hopefully we'll get the thumbs up. It sounds good. We feel gorgeous even if he doesn't think so. A bit of make-up never hurt anyone. Exactly.

is no longer necessarily in, While big bling the bedazzler was working over time. for some, Killer shoes not just for the girls.

I know. They're very pointy. this year! I'm not sure if points are in Among the 'top gear' old world Hollywood glamour. off-the-shoulder numbers reflecting not dress down Everyone likes to dress up, so it's kind of fun. Showing fashion cares - breast cancer awareness. a pink suit raising even made an appearance. Swine flu chic it was serious business. But for those in the know, a Logie for the 'best jacket'. I thought I'd come and try and win The jury's out Carson! Allan Raskall, Ten News. Brad is back with the day in sport. Brad, the Roosters fined by the NRL. Yes, the League's incensed over claims the referees are biased. It has Brad Fittler in trouble.

Queensland style And is it Border Patrol appear to be coming from up north. as all League's Test big guns Plus, note the gloves and rubber hat. cold surfing spot The clue to this cold, is it's out of kilter with the rest of the world tour.

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Online, over the phone and overseas, more people go with Visa Debit. This program is captioned live. The NRL has hit the Sydney Roosters with a $10,000 breach notice after allegations of bias by coach Brad Fittler. Fittler suggested referees have an agenda against block plays from his team, after this try was disallowed last weekend. Really, really bad decision to Jordan Tansey. I just can't believe that.

I think our team is the only team in the comp where they look at them ultra-closely. Every time we get a block play they just scrutinise it to death. It's just crap. The Roosters actually won the game. They have five days to appeal the breach notice. New Zealand could lose hooker Issac Luke for Friday's Trans-Tasman Test after he was charged by the NRL match review committee. Meanwhile, Kangaroos coach Tim Sheens has urged his players not to use revenge as motivation despite the painful memories of last year's World Cup final. Kangaroos training highlighted

that Queenslanders have officially taken guard of the Test squad.

They've flushed the Blues out, so much so that for the first time in 25 years Queenslanders take up 10 of the 13 starting spots. It's ridiculous, isn't it? I didn't see the side until this morning and it's Queensland 1-10. NSW have got their jobs cut out for them this year, haven't they? Not as hard to find as NSW players was wounded pride, after last November's shock World Cup defeat. It really hurts, so we're back in the jersey now and I'm sure we'll be keen to turn the tables. It does hurt a little bit - they're World Cup champions, they're number one. We will have something there in the back of our minds from what happened six months ago. But the coach believes his team will lose focus if it adopts a "get square" mentality. Whatever button it is that they need to turn on, I'm OK if they use that button, but I won't be pushing the revenge button because that's a World Cup that's gone. But the world champs aren't without problems. Hooker Issac Luke is facing a one-match suspension for a striking charge. And the extent of captain Benji Marshall's corked leg was laid bare as Sheens cast aside club allegiances. It was a massive cork and it will be interesting to see how he comes through, because he couldn't have played yesterday and he's only got five days. Playing second fiddle to the Test will be City-Country in Orange. The game's low profile suits rep rookie Luke Stuart, the Souths veteran who's not sure if he'll get another contract for 2010. I really don't know. I say, "One more year, one more year." Adam Hawse, Ten News. The AFL today stepped up its campaign to win over Sydney's greater west by rolling out one of the game's greats. And Kevin Sheedy says

there's no risk in basing an AFL team in rugby league heartland. Smack-bang in rugby league territory, the AFL's multimillion-dollar Western Sydney headquarters is almost finished, and one of the game's greats likes what he sees. I would think that we're not making a courageous decision. It's a commonsense decision and it's got to be done with passion and a lot of spirit

and a hell of a lot of soul.

The former super-coach turning super-salesman, the goal to get the Western Sydney AFL team up and running by 2012. We have a different game. We'd love to share it with you and come and see what we can do. We're not here for five minutes, we're here forever.

No-one from Melbourne will say it,

but there's a feeling within the AFL that this is unprotected territory, that rugby league has taken its heartland for granted and that parents are open-minded about their kids playing a different code of footy. We don't want to get into headbutts with rugby league and soccer, but the real gist of it in the end is give your kids a chance. A lucky break for the Sydney Swans after yesterday's stuttering win over Richmond - they take on unbeaten Geelong next weekend, but the Cats' Brownlow Medal favourite Gary Ablett won't be playing. He's out for 2-3 weeks with a groin injury. Geelong are a tough side any day of the week but if you've got a guy like Gary out of the side it makes it a little bit easier. Leanne West, Ten News. Pakistan has stunned Australia with a 7-wicket victory in their final one-day international in Abu Dhabi.

The Aussie total of 250 was easily chased down with three overs to spare. Australia entered the final game of the series with an unbeatable 3-1 lead and they looked set to continue their dominance. COMMENTATOR: That's very well played. That's a magnificent shot. All-rounder Shane Watson led the Aussie attack, powering to an unbeaten 116, his second century in a one-day international. Having been out of the game for a while this will be a very satisfying feeling for him. Saeed Ajmal's bowling wasn't the only thing taking a hit - Watson taunting the spinner after he was reported for an illegal bowling action. Only one more week for you. Callum Ferguson added 41 to help the Aussies post their highest score of the series, 4/250. In reply, Pakistan made a disastrous start.

Opening batsman Salman Butt was heading back to the pavilion without even facing a ball. Oh, this could a run-out. Oh, yes! Some good fielding by Ben Laughlin started an early collapse for Pakistan - 3/56, and Australia could sense victory. That's out, that's gone. Yes, indeedo! That was until Kamran Akmal and Misbah-ul-Haq joined forces at the crease, the pair putting on a partnership of 198.

There it goes. He's smashed that away. A century to Akmal set up a Pakistan victory. Goes big, gets it over mid-on. Game over - Pakistan win. It's been a fantastic series, as you've said.

Matt Suleau, Ten News.

Brad Hodge's brilliant batting has once again been in vain

as the Kings XI beat the Kolkata Knight Riders in a dramatic Indian Premier League match. Hodge hit an unbeaten 70, which included 10 fours and a six, but it wasn't enough, with the Kings getting home on the very last ball. COMMENTATOR: It's full! It's away from the leg side and it's a win for the Kings XI Punjab. In the other match this morning, the Royal Challengers cruised to a 9-wicket victory against the Mumbai Indians.

And you can catch an Indian Premier League match early tomorrow morning on ONE HD when the Chennai Super Kings take on the Deccan Chargers. When you think of surfing hot-spots, Scotland doesn't really come to mind but the sport's elite have braved its chilly waters. Unlike the local seals, they had to don extra thick wetsuits plus rubber gloves and head gear.

They did it to contest the O'Neill Coldwater Classic. No shortage of Aussies either. I was warm, for sure, but I was getting a few ice headaches. Yeah, you were pretty warm, 'cause you were constantly moving, constantly paddling. The defending champion is Victoria's Adam Robertson

who recently finished second to Joel Parkinson at Bells beach. Later in Sports Tonight at 7 o'clock on ONE HD - Valentino Rossi's MotoGP win in Spain and we'll tell you which Socceroo has signed for the Perth Glory. Tim Bailey's next with all the weather details.

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We were four degrees above average We were four degrees above average today. Tomorrow

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Showers for the northern NSW and Queensland coast.

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around are Australia. See you again

to my mind. Kylie Minogue has given a peak performance in Austria. The pop princess travelled to the top of one of the country's most popular ski resorts for an end-of-season concert.

The icy temperatures weren't a concern as she showed off a raunchy black costume. I want to kind of live a bit more. I am still managing to do the work that I am passionate about but in my free time I'm actually doing other things.

Around 18,000 fans turned out for the show. That's Ten News for now. I'm Bill Woods. Good night. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia