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(generated from captions) and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello. I'm Kathryn Robinson A shark attack tonight family beaches. at one of Australia's most popular by a shark - pretty gruesome. A man had his arm bitten off toll might climb even higher Why investigators fear the bush fire in the coming days. heartbreaking job of searching ruins. The army deployed in the in their fiendish quest for cash. And scammers turn to the Internet in Sports Tonight - Hi. I'm Rob Canning. Michael Clarke in doubt

series decider! for the Chappel-Hadlee for the Black Caps too. But it was a black day World Cup berth! One more win for a Socceroos with more than boxing on his mind. And Anthony Mundine I can have some more babies. I was thinking man I just hope I hope he didn't do too much damage! First tonight, a second shark attack in two days.

This time at Bondi Beach, has had his arm partially severed where a surfer is lucky to be alive And Jacqui, the Bondi surfer

of fellow surfers? thanks to the quick thinking

I can tell you the victim witnesses

say he was able to paddle to shore

after he was attacked. It caused a

commotion around the surface he was

with. Dozens have come to the shore

as he was collapsed. They have

hoisted him to eight surfboard and

into an ambulance. Luckily an off-

duty doctor was at the scene to administer medical assistance.

Doctors at the hospital say he is

in a very serious condition. When

he arrived at emergency, his left

hand was only partially attached.

We have spoken to a French tourist

- the hero in this story, he has

explained how he was able to tie at

the leash of his bookie board to

the left arm of the victim to try

and stem the blood. He has saved

this man's wife. I was on my weight

paddling out, and people shouted

get out there is a shark. One of

the guys was a doctor. He bound up

his arm and a bunch of us, about

ten, put him on a soft board and

carried him up the beach. I saw his

hand, and the Irish took my leash

and I'd put it around his arm so I

could cut the blood. It is extraordinary

extraordinary this attack followed

one in Sydney Harbour yesterday.

Can you tell us about the status of

that victim? It is not good news.

That victim has lost his hand and

surgeons are battling to save his

leg. His family St is that

miraculously he is in very high

spirits given his serious injuries.

for questioning a sketch of a man wanted Victorian Police have released

Melbourne's east this evening. over a grass fire that threatened the fire was deliberately lit Police believe has a dark complexion, and believe the man and is 180cm tall. is aged in his mid 20s to save several properties 50 firefighters managed

in the Yarra Flats east of Ivanhoe. from the fire that began in scrubland reporter Max Futcher in Whittlesea Let's cross now to Ten Late News on the bushfire disaster. for the latest in the death toll. Max, has there been any change spirits given his serious injuries.

The toll remains the same as it has

been for 24 hours - 181. When you

see the devastation around here and

considered the fact that more than

1,000 buildings are gone you can understand

understand that the police

for that told to rise. commissioner is preparing everyone

we're working our way through, others, We know that that location,

more victims. that we will find, sadly, And so it's a matter for us to, we'll come back when we're sure and sadly have to tell you we have found, that there are more people for that told to rise. Yesterday we

heard about fake charity collectors

going door to door - now people are

cashing in on the Internet? That is

right. We have heard about a bogus

Red Cross website which is fleecing Red Cross website which is fleecing

people for donations. Be vigilant

when you are donating money because

there are people out there who are

taking advantage of a nation that

is grieving. Today we rued the

Prime Minister announce plans for a

national day of mourning. Our

police any closer to tracking down

the arsonist YouTube there is a lot

of emotion in these towns and any of emotion in these towns and any

time there is news of someone being questioned by police everybody

wants to know. Today to make men

were questioned by police after reports they were acting

suspiciously by the byeline. Those

men were released without charges

being laid. The hunt for a number of firebugs goes on. It's the fatal Churchill fire was deliberately lit. which police and locals believe You can't say how you feel about it. about what I'd like to do, I've told a few people on the telly. but you can't really say it There is a seething anger out there in our midst - that there is a traitor that someone would dare light a fire apocalyptic conditions. on a day when it was purely in a generation. It was the hottest day we'd seen A known firebug is a prime suspect.

is the Churchill firebug. The problem He's been around for some years

a fair effort to catch him. and police have always put in to releasing a photofit image. Police say they are close It's too early to say who's responsible for that fire whether it's that person

we'll follow through. but obviously that's something which started on Saturday,

about lighting fires. a convicted arsonist has spoken As the hunt continues,

I just loved fighting fires. In my case, it was just adrenaline - The former CFA volunteer for starting two grass fires. spent two years in jail

The time I spent in jail "Why, why, why did I do it?" I kept thinking, At Kinglake, the army has rolled in, properties and houses. helping police search of devastation Look, seeing this amount is a little bit traumatic. I think's been very lucky, Our platoon, we've gone through, that all the areas from locals we've been able to find out that everyone is accounted for. for locals. The troops a welcomed sight Universally pleased to see us. for the troops, And that's an enormous morale boost to feel wanted like that important that's helping people. and feel they're doing something 2,000 bushfire victims The Prime Minister has confirmed will be housed at army bases can be found. until better accommodation From across Australia, the message to Victorians is clear. We just want everyone down there to know we are behind you. We love you. Container loads of goods are headed for fire victims who face even darker days ahead. Companies are donating profits, communities rallying together. You got to help out your brothers and sisters. New South Wales businesses are doing just that. $100,000 worth of chemist vouchers, more than 1,700 pairs of new shoes, 500 tents, psychology services, building services, construction materials. Things that are desperately needed as those affected by the disaster of starting over. The Federal Government announced more than $5 million for agriculture recovery. Crops, timber mills, dairy and cattle farms have been wiped out. And still the grim task of recovering and identifying bodies continues. Today a group of specially trained crime scene officers left Sydney,

prepared for the worst. Very apprehensive about what we're going to see, but we're there to provide support for the Victorian police, whatever we can do to help them. While volunteers returned from a mission they'll never forget. They've witnessed tragedy but are focused on the stories of survival. his water lines - We saved his house, his feed sheds, I think he lost 12 bales of hay in the middle of the paddocks. There's a common theme among those who witnessed the horror of the fires and that is resilience. No matter how bad it got, they all pulled together, firefighters and locals, to the do the very best they could to save properties and lives. Now the country and global community is doing the same. Papua New Guinea has donated $2 million, Indonesia $1.5 million. But amid so much goodwill, the disturbing story of a Brisbane man who faced court today, accused of pretending to raise money for the bushfire appeal. Inconceivable to so many giving every cent they can spare. Just keep supporting, keep giving the money because in the next few months when money can start to flow and they can renew their lives, that's the most important thing. Amelia Adams, Ten News. Red tape and State bickering are being blamed

people from Whittlesea and all

around the district came. They were

entertained by the Kernoghan who

sang to them about the spirit of

the Bausch. Some locals I spoke to

said it was an opportunity to come

together is one and say hello to a

mate, had a drink and for many of them

them it was a chance to pick up

their heels and forget their

troubles at least for a short while. Red tape and State bickering are being blamed for the failure to implement a national telephone emergency warning system. It's now expected to be fast tracked in time for next year's bushfire season. They're called electronic doorknocks - an alert system which uses the phone network to people in threatened areas. to send text or voice messages In terms of such a system you can get messages out very quickly and you can get them out in a very targeted way. It's designed to warn of impending natural disasters like bushfires, as well as terrorist threats, but successive federal governments have failed to implement the scheme. I am frustrated. I think it's taken too long, and I think we need to work as a country, not a separate set of States and Territories and it's time we did that Obviously what's happened in Victoria has given it a real sense of urgency and I think we now are pretty confident that State and Federal governments will finally resolve this matter. Differences between the States have apparently been resolved, as well as concerns about privacy and worries that the system would crash phone networks and 000. We have to be very careful to make sure we were actually contributing to safety rather than taking away from it. It's understood the Victorian Premier wrote to the Prime Minister months ago, expressing his frustration about the lack of action. The Rudd Government says while the failure to implement the scheme is regrettable, draft legislation is now ready to go. We believe that there was no possibility at all

of having this scheme in operation by this fire season. Our target will be to have it up and running by the next fire season. It's vitally important that every Australian gets the same message in the same way. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. Land clearing laws are under scrutiny in the wake of the bushfire disaster. There are claims many residents could have saved their properties

if they'd been allowed to cut down more trees. Liam Sheahan may have lost a costly legal battle but he's won a potentially deadly firefight. His Reedy Creek home is the only one standing for kilometres around, thanks, he says, to an illegal fire break five years ago. for which he was fined $50,000 of our decision to clear. It's a complete vindication We only cleared to protect our place from fire. His family stayed to defend the home on Saturday night as the fire raced towards them. Horrific. But we had made the decision to stay so that bit was done. Now they want compensation from the Mitchell Shire Council after being prosecuted for cutting down almost 250 trees. Financially, we are stuffed. It's an apology that won't be forthcoming. The man was taken to court after many efforts to negotiate and eventually the magistrate found him guilty of contravening the environmental law of Victoria. The Sheahans say they only cleared the trees from their property after a Mitchell Shire officer told them it was permitted within 100 metres of the house, but this was denied by the council in court. It's a State Government control on this vegetation removal. We are bound by that. But with the Auditor-General warning six years ago that not enough was being done to restrict housing developments in bushfire-prone areas, it's another case that's sure to attract the attention of the royal commission. Gareth Boreham, Ten News. After the break, not a dry eye after the disappearance of a city's river. It's a very, very embarrassing thing, and we certainly wish it hadn't happened. This program is captioned live. The Government has tried to revive its economic stimulus plan after the Senate today killed off the $42 billion package. Pressure is mounting on Independent Nick Xenophon and the Opposition to back the strategy as unemployment hit its highest level in 2.5 years. After days of debate and negotiation the final blow to the Government's stimulus package was swift. The Government has said, 'no' so I must say 'no' to the stimulus plan. And without the support of Independent Senator Nick Xenophon there was no chance the $42 billion strategy would pass against a hostile opposition. We are still opposed to the totality of the figure of this package because of the huge debt burden. payments and school and housing plan Dead in the water - the $950 cash out of recession. designed to keep Australia at 2.5 year lows, But amid the urgency of unemployment the legislation to the Lower House. the Government moved to re-introduce has been partly insulated Up until now, Australia of the global recession from the impact more difficult. but things are about to get Some concessions were made. have been reduced to $900 Cash payments to pay for a suite of measures the Greens' support. introduced to secure for the Opposition. But no amendment is enough It will not create jobs, it is not an effective use of taxpayer's money. holds the key, Once again Senator Xenophon for the ailing Murray-Darling River system. The offer of $400 million not enough to sway his vote. I want to sit down with the good faith, with good will, with the Government to negotiate. The Government contacted the South Australian Senator tonight to trigger last-minute talks between the two parties. The Senate will sit tomorrow in a final bid to have the stimulus passed. Family First's Steve Fielding

will save some jobs. has accepted the package to sit down and start again. on its call for the Government He's insulted us, and we should get out of the road. he's said we're irrelevant We've stood up for what we believe. Brad Hodson, Ten News. were better than expected, Today's employment figures on the market? what impact did that have Tom Piotrowski at Commsec. For the details,

Today's employment numbers were

part of the good news story that

helped the local market rise. Many

markets throughout the region fell.

The employment figures head the

market looking for 20,000 fewer

jobs in the month of January. 1,200

were added. The trend for

employment growth is very weak employment growth is very weak at

the moment. 18,000 jobs need to be

created to absorb new entries to

the market. The trend over the last

six months has been over 3,000. The

reserve bank will cut rates in the

near future. There was a bit of

concern about James Hardy's numbers because of its exposure to the

American housing market. The shares

rose by 11%. Leighton Holdings

finished up by 6%. The price of

gold rose by 3.5% to its highest

level in 6.5 months. Gold stocks

were popular at today. The big

talking point of the day was Rio

Tinto - the Chinese aluminium

Corporation to Naoko has spent $30

billion on buying a stake in the

company. The stock was and eight company. The stock was and

trading halt today but the stock is

Thanks, Tom. tonight, Some breaking news from Canberra and Brad it's battlestations tonight in one Government department at a bad time. over a problem that's struck trading marginally lower. Steam to

link has been forced to apologise

after it realised its computer

system has been sending

automatically generated letters out

to victims of the Victorian fire

crisis requesting that they show identification for the emergency payments they have been receiving.

The agency did catch the problem

and time to stop 300 letters but we

have been told that 1,400 letters

have gone out to affected centre

link customers. The agency is

trying to contact those customers

to apologise and the government is apologising to the victims because apologising to the victims because

they have promised for those who have lost have lost everything,

identification will not be an issue

A city's most recognisable backdrop has been ruined, ahead of its busiest tourist season. A malfunctioning weir gate caused levels in the Torrens Lake in Adelaide to drop 2m, revealing a muddy bank full of rubbish. It couldn't have come at a worse time -

and Fringe Festival. the city soon hosts the Clipsal 500

Festival of the Arts year, Fortunately, this isn't an Adelaide embarrassing thing and we certainly wish it hadn't happened.

high and dry, Boat operators have been left it's their busiest time of year. with Rob Canning and Rob - Sports Tonight is next in tomorrow's series-deciding match? will Michael Clarke be OK to play should be ok. He's suffering from his back but he silenced by injury. Also tonight - Queensland's Roar Libby Trickett welcomes the enemy. PLAYS DREAMY, SEDUCTIVE LOUNGE MUSIC McCafe's stronger, smoother coffee

Alliance certified beans. is now made from Rainforest McCafe Rainforest Alliance coffee - a great deal for workers and a great tasting coffee for you. and welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight. Good evening Australia's already inexperienced side could lose its second most capped player ahead of tomorrow's series decider against New Zealand. Vice Captain Michael Clarke

is battling to be fit for the Gabba clash. The Australians' final training session - with one notable absentee - Michael Clarke still battling a back injury and in doubt for tomorrow's decider. He is a bit sore still today. until tomorrow morning We're going to have to wait a final decision on him. before we make

at the top of the order, Averaging more number four position, than he does in his customary

should Clarke miss, on who will join Ponting was keeping mum Brad Haddin in the opening slot. that we're considering, We've got a few options and tossing around at the moment, if he doesn't play. as to who will open right at the moment. So we won't give that away Injury concerns for the Kiwis also. They spent their final session Brendan McCullum's shoulder seeing him relegated to referee, while Ross Taylor was a casualty of what was supposed to be a timid training session. The last time the sides were in Brisbane for a decider of the Chappell-Hadlee series, the match was washed out and the trophy shared. Second-time around, and both skippers are desperate for some silverware of their own. It's a final type game, as we know. 2-2 going into this one, and that's a big game for both sides, what we've done in the last couple of games has pleased me a lot, improvement again tomorrow. hopefully, there is some steady would have put us I don't think many people in this situation, from being 2-0 up, but from where we come, then I'd be disappointed. if we went on to lose be pretty disappointed.

pass Allan Border Ponting will tomorrow one-day skipper. as Australia's longest-serving He has the best winning percentage to make sure that continues. are on the verge of qualifying The Socceroos for next year's World Cup finals, following their 0-0 draw

against Japan. A win in Sydney next up, against Uzbekistan, will clinch a spot in the big one. As the Socceroos returned to their hotel by bus, it was clear to see they'd moved a step closer to World Cup qualification. South Africa is now just a few stops away. It's a great result for us, one point away from home against a good Japanese side. Now we go to our next game, against Uzbekistan. If we can win that, then we're well on our way to the World Cup. Last night's match started with a minute's silence for the bushfire victims and in the stands. and plenty of passion on the field an early taste of things to come. Australia's defenders got In towards the near post, COMMENTATOR: and it hits the side netting. in dangerous places, The hosts earned plenty of free kicks but were unable to convert. Not one of his best. had Australia's best chance. He'll go for goal, Cahill. It's Tim Cahill. continued after the break. But the Japanese raids This is a chance! stood up to the pressure. Mark Schwarzer Endo in space! and behind for a corner. And Schwarzer tips it over The home side huffed and puffed... ..but couldn't blow the house down. to the match against Uzbekistan Thoughts are now turning in Sydney in April. a really good game we're technically there. and one we know if we win, Neil Cordy, Ten News. may have a 2-goal lead Queensland Roar against the Central Coast, in their A-League semifinal but they have growing problems, namely suspension and a growing injury list. They've already lost Josh McCloughan, Danny Tiatto and have question marks over Craig Moore.

Now striker Tahj Minniecon has succumbed to a hip flexor injury.

and too bad for us, Too bad for him and we have to handle it but it's the reality that we can. and I'm confident

in Minniecon's absence, Isaka Cernak gets a chance

hopes his captain while Coach Frank Farina rearing to play. will arrive back from Socceroos duty where's he at and how he's feeling, He'll give us an indication of that we've seen all season. I'm expecting the same Craig Moore come out of a $2,000 fine he copped Danny Tiatto hopes some good will in the first leg. for abusing the referee that fine to the Bushfire Appeal. Danny's wanting to donate

I'm sure the FFA will accommodate him in that. The Mariners have promised to get physical as they search for the goals they need, Farina insists his men will be ready for the battle. If a team says that they're going to come up and kick the proverbial out of us, we don't mind. We'll just play our normal game and I'm sure the referee will handle it accordingly as well. A simple equation for the Central Coast. 2 goals for extra time, 3 for victory in 90 minutes,

or their season is over. It's going to be a tough ask. at home, I think they've won six in a row it's going to be easy. so we're under no illusions Glen Lauder for Sports Tonight. will wait until game day Melbourne Victory Carlos Hernandez before deciding how to use against Adelaide United. in Saturday night's semifinal Costa Rica for a World Cup qualifier, The midfielder is in his native on the morning of the match. and arrives back in Melbourne of the game, If he only plays a small part and he manages to get a good flight back, we've got other options. But yes, we're prepared to start him. Adelaide needs to win by at least three goals to deny Victory direct passage He's not shy of speaking his mind, today was no exception. After beating Shannon Taylor last night, Anthony Mundine let rip - talking world titles, Danny Green and his baby-making potential! Never short of a word, Anothony Mundine emerged from his debut middleweight victory talking up his chances of snaring the world title. for the best in the world 'cos I believe I am the best. I don't feel they're champions, I feel they're just belt-holders. I'm the champion. Shannon Taylor his first casualty, though there wasn't much boxing going on. Well look at that, that was blatant. Mundine on the mat after several lows blows. Now the cut the silly rot out, there's no need for it. Man, I dunno what the deal was, he should have got disqualified, definitely after the third or fourth time he did it. Oh, Anthony's taking the deep breaths. I was thinking man I just hope I can have some more babies. I hope he didn't do too much damage! Damaged or not, he's eyeing off Felix Storm's middle weight world championship belt and that means heading back to Germany where things in the past haven't gone so well. Anthony Mundine is cold, he's knocked out. I think it's destiny for me to go back. Plenty of offers at home too - Danny Green coming out of retirement for another crack at The Man. I dunno if he's got money problems or whatever but if he wants that whipping, don't worry, I'll tax that ass. Last time they met was in 2006, Mundine won on points. Victoria Murphy for Sports Tonight. Karrie Webb's bid for a fifth Australian Open title is off to a dream start. The former world number one tamed some testing greens, to take a 3-shot lead after today's opening round. Her rivals thankful not everything went her way. COMMENTATOR: Get in, get in. COMMENTATOR 2: That would have been ridiculous - that would have rude for the rest of the field.

Webb's wonderful day out included eight birdies and just the one bogey.

That probably rates up there with one of the best. It was an almost flawless round, to get in with such a good score. so I feel pretty proud of myself In contrast, last week's Ladies Masters winner Katherine Hull has plenty of work to do tomorrow. The Queenslander 10 shots off the pace after finishing 3 over. To the leaderboard - amateur Rebecca Flood is the next best Aussie at 2 under par.

The high flying LA Lakers were given a rude shock today with Utah pulling off a fine victory at home. The Lakers were chasing their 9th straight win but the Jazz were up for a fight. They sealed it in the final minute. Elsewhere, Australian Nathan Jawai's Toronto Raptors caused a huge upset, beating San Antonio 91-89. Jawai didn't get on the court. And a win for New Zealand in the NBL tonight. Kirk Penney top scoring for the 3rd placed Breakers with 19 in their 34 point-win over Cairns. Police have announced they won't be taking any action

against Knights winger Wes Naiquama. The club will now conduct its own investigation over an alleged incident at a Newcastle hotel. Meantime, Kangaroos legend Arthur Beetson has again criticised those running the game. Beetson boycotted a centenary dinner last year in a protest against officials and they're in his sights again. I think they've stuffed it up. I think we lack a bit of leadership. Beetson has recently taken up a role as a recruitment officer at the Wests Tigers. has made a triumphant return New Zealand great Stacey Jones to Waikato Stadium

to help the Warriors beat Melbourne in a pre-season trial tonight. Jones had a hand in the first try of the evening, helping fullback Wade McKinnon to score. I think I was pretty excited when I got into the changing room, The home side led all the way - the final score 24-12. One of the greats of world swimming will compete at the NSW championships starting tomorrow. But she's not an Aussie. Swedish superfish Therese Alshammar won't be feeling out of her comfort zone Australian swimming's super squad has a ring in, all the way from Sweden. We just thought that this is probably the best group in the world, so we tried to join in and so far I'm really grateful that I can be a part of it for a while. 50m butterfly world record holder

We had to do something new to get really motivated so we looked around the world for different places. That brought them to Sydney, joining the NSW Institute of Sport squad. She really is the professional swimmer,

she's someone that everyone has always looked up to. She's got a lot to teach us and we're learning from her and Johan. None more so than Libby Trickett. I have been getting a lot of good tips from her, particularly on how to do a fast 50m 'fly. Now the lone female in the squad has a training buddy.

The catch is, she'll be one of Libby's main rivals at the World Championships later this year. Obviously a little bit guarded at first becaus she is a direct competitor of me. I hope to be able to push her as much as I think she will push me. All things going to plan, this arrangement will help Therese swim at the London Games in 2012 which, incredibly, would be her fifth Olympics. Her fourth was forgettable. She's interesting, isn't she? Silver in Sydney, 4th in Athens... Nothing in Beijing. There were issues before the semifinal of the 50m freestyle. Therese's zip popped just as we were about to walk out. She missed the final and left with new goals. At 31, the wheels are now in motion. If I think it is as fun and inspiring as it is today, yeah, I will swim in London. But one day at a time. This stint Down Under may just rejuvinate one of swimming's finest careers. Happy swimmers swim fast. Paul Cochrin for Sports Tonight. CARNIVAL MUSIC Now if you bundle three or more services from ActewAGL and TransACT, you'll get some great rewards. There are eight services to choose from and the bigger your bundle, the higher the savings - up to a fantastic 25% off your total ActewAGL electricity or TransACT account, plus a Privileges Card when you bundle five or more services. Call us today on 13 12 93 and save a bundle. It's back. It's back?! It's back! KFC's Tower Burger is back. 100% breast fillet chicken, all your favourite ingredients, with our tangy tomato sauce and a delicious hash brown. KFC Tower Burger - now part of our burger range. (INSECTS BUZZ) (INSECTS BUZZ AGAIN) He he. We're wearing her down, boys. Let's come back tomorrow and finish the job. Take the hassle out of controlling insects with new Mortein NaturGard Automatic Insect Control System. Just set and forget. It releases a fine mist at intervals, continuously protecting your home in a more natural way. Let's go, boys. (SCREAMS) Mortein NaturGard Automatic! PHONE RINGS WOMAN: National Security Hotline. MAN: Hi, I'm calling about something I saw the other day that seemed a bit strange. WOMAN: I overheard them planning something. I felt like I had to let you know... MAN 2: ..downloaded documents from suspicious websites. Your detailed information could help keep Australia safe, so if you see or hear something that just doesn't feel right, call the National Security Hotline on: You can remain anonymous. PHONE RINGS WOMAN: National Security Hotline. Play of the Day and this is quite simply a stunning catch. COMMENTATOR: An incredible piece of catching by Van Jarrsveld. It came in South Africa's domestic one-day final courtesy of Martin van Jaarsveld. The catch helped the Titans lift the one day trophy, it also gets van Jaarsveld our Play of the Day. her long row of her all over her

own the in regards to the bushfire

appeal, Melbourne played New Zealand's and Melbourne played that

game, several $1,000 were raised

once again. Everyone is pulling

together. I think it is imported

that that money keeps going. He

gave me half a chicken The weather. Cloud over eastern Victoria and NSW in cool south-east winds is causing showers and the odd inland storm. in moist, unstable air is generating rain and storms. A cloudband crossing south-west WA with a cooler change is bringing thundery showers. causing cool winds to ease and showers to clear in Tasmania and Victoria and warm up SA. Fresh onshore winds will send showers over eastern NSW and south-east Queensland. A trough will bring rain to western NSW and Queensland. The monsoon trough will cause storms in the tropics. Mostly sunny in Cairns, Sydney, Hobart, Perth, Darwin and Alice Springs.

in Brisbane and Adelaide. A possible shower A frosty start to a sunny day in Canberra. A clearing shower in Melbourne. Michelle Obama has been installed as the first lady of fashion. She's on the front cover of Vogue magazine. The Annie Leibovitz photo shoot appearing in the March issue. The photos were taken in the Washington hotel where the Obamas stayed before the presidential inauguration. The 45-year-old mother of two is the second First Lady to be a Vogue cover girl. Hillary Clinton also posed for the magazine in 1998. And that's the latest from Ten News. The Early News tomorrow is at 6:00am I'm Kathryn Robinson. From the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.