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The Eels promise to break their drought next year.

drought next year. As the Storm fly drought next year. As the Storm fly

home with the promise of victory.

Vandals leave the community

grieving. So much destruction. And

Jessica Watson sails into Sydney.

It is amazing so many people came.

Also, a young policewoman fights

car. for her life after being hit by a

And Chris Evert heads for the shops

after her split with Greg Norman.

First, the NRL Premiership trophy

is once again south of the border,

back firmly in the hands of

Melbourne Storm. How far Eels fans

coping? They are still hurting. We

thought this was the year we would

break that Premiership drought. thought this was the year we would

While the fans are a little down,

they are also extremely proud. So

near, yet so far - for Parramatta

fans, there was no fairy-tale

finish. More than 1,000 supporters

turned up at the Eels family fun

day. It wasn't a pain of defeat.

The skipper, though, doing his best

to raise spirits. Thanks for coming

out today. We love your support.

Imagine if they had won - how they

would have painted the town rest. I

had an early night. I had a few

waters to hydrate because I am an

athlete! Froufrou more annoyed put

beside that pain of defeat to do

his best impersonations. We are

still champions. The best

supporters in the league. After two

grand final losses, Nathan

Hindmarsh hopes it will be third

time lucky. We have three chances

to try to win one! The hangover hit

Parramatta hard. That is why I have

got the glasses on. I'm not feeling

too good, but the boys did all they

could. Unfortunately there is only

one winner, and that is Melbourne

Storm! What a difference a day

makes. For the past week,

Parramatta has been humming with an

electric atmosphere. But then a

all that joy. powerful storm hit, and swept away

all that joy. We will get it next

year! That may well be. Still, the

contrasting scenes of agony and

ecstasy will be with them for at

least another 12 months.

The party is still going for the

Storm. Can you wrap up the

celebrations pretty soon please? It

is nice to see you in the purple

outfit as well, getting on the

bandwagon! Of course there are

plenty of people on the Storm

bandwagon. The face for her been

enjoying it. There has been a loyal

band of supporters. The players are

about to be presented on stage. The

pizzas have been ordered, they have

been dosing up on carbohydrates. It

has been a massive 24 hours for

these players and it is going to go

on even more tomorrow at Federation

Square. You can see some of the

celebrations right now. They will

be on stage from 1pm tomorrow and

then they go to a private reception

at a house of one of their main

supporters. Whatever you like, the

winners at the moment - the Storm

faithful are out in huge numbers.

Ahead in sport, Casey Stoner's

comeback and the Swans say goodbye

to another Premiership player.

Vandals have destroyed dozens of

historic headstones, leaving the damage bill of hundreds of

thousands of dollars. Heartbroken

locals say some of the grave sites

will be impossible to repair.

Jim Cooper is used to paying his

respects here, where his

grandparents and great-grandparents

are buried. Today's visit was met

by an act of disrespect. I can't

imagine why anybody would want to

do this. The Cooper family

mausoleum is one of 50 grave sites

desolated at the weekend. It is

very disgusting. So much

disappointment here, so much wanton

destruction. It is beyond belief.

The vandals smashed apart marble

monuments and pushed over granite

crosses and headstones. Some of the

headstones weigh 200 kilos. It

takes more than two men to lift

that. Some of the grave state back

more than 100 years and belong to

the area's pioneering farming

families. There is so much history

here, and some of these... It is

hard to imagine anything could be

done to repair these things. We

can't lock-up the cemetery. All we

can do is ask people to show

respect. Authorities say repairing

the site will take years.

A young policewoman is fighting for

her life after being hit by a car

on Oxford Street overnight. The 27-

year-old constable was crossing the

road to break up a fight outside a

nightclub. She was hit by a car. It

was going off, it was bad. Everyone

was trying to see if she was

alright. The driver stopped to help

until paramedics arrived. The

officer has serious head injuries.

She has been taken to St Vincent's

hospital where she has been placed

in an induced coma.

The scale of the disaster in

Sumatra is becoming clearer. More

than 83,000 homes and 300 schools

have been destroyed. The death toll

is expected to top 2000 and the

outlying villages have been hardest hit.

This village, 20 kilometres from

the capital's heart, is bleeding.

This is where the real suffering

still is. People who don't have

access to what the city has. He

will journey inland to a village

that has become at Troon, where 400

perished and thousands of tons of

mountainside. More landslides are

feared as torrential rains lashed

the region. Locals have braved

these wet conditions to come here

because they knew many of the

people in this village. It is

tragic to think that many of those

bodies are buried below us. Locals

have also told me they believe some

have been washed down the stream

and will be found further down the

river. This man says his relatives

are thought have been buried in the

house. He has been coming here

every day since the quake. Another

family tells how they survived as

the quick tour their house apart.

One was buried waist-deep in rubble.

The others jumped through doors and

windows. A very scary. 80% of the

local homes are damaged or

destroyed. Five families have been

left to shelter in the mosque. Save

the Children has 47 truckloads of

suppliers are rising. So far they

have helped 500 of the estimated 5

million affected. International

health continues to arise. This

Australian plane touched down last

night. The rescue program is

gradually giving way to recovery

missions. Officials say there

appears to be no more signs of life

in the worst locations. At this

hotel, they have given up hope of

finding survivors. About 200 people

were inside when it collapsed.

Dozens of children walk through the

piles of rubbish that once formed

their homes, looking for anything

that can be saved. Elsewhere, life

goes on. A couple went ahead with

their wedding. The stage, left

missing, presumed dead. empty - the singer and musicians

Padang will begin two weeks of

official mourning for the victims

of last week's earthquake. -- Samoa.

Officials believe disease could

affect thousands of homeless people camped on high ground.

It was a disaster that at the lives

of the very young and the very old.

Many of the victims were children, like this 6-year-old, struck a

like this 6-year-old, struck a

Wayne. The mother survived but her

child was taken from her arms. The

grief-stricken family is preparing

a funeral. I just can't believe she

has gone. I can't believe she has

gone. Another young cousin died and

a third child from the family aged

six has not been found. Health

authorities in nearby Western Samoa

and are now concerns the estimated

10,000 people left homeless are

facing possible outbreaks of

disease. Some already have

gastroenteritis but doctors are

worried about typhoid. The death of

another Australian has sparked the

controversy. She was hastily buried

because she has Samoan ancestry.

The family is applying for

permission to bring her home. We

have had discussions about arrangements for a possible

exhumation and return of the

remains. And, as members of an

Australian medical team arrived

back in Brisbane, the Federal

Government announced it had already

spent $2 million on aid for Samoa

and will contribute more funding for rebuilding.

for rebuilding.

Teenage adventurer Jessica Watson

has arrived in Sydney ahead of a

controversial bid to sail solo

around the world. Better late than

never for the 16-year-old. It is

now a month after that now infamous

collision with a tank on her first

departure out of Queensland, but

Jessica Watson's yacht is safely

berthed tonight. The teenager was

suffering from sea legs as she

clambered back on to land and was

very overwhelmed by the massive

amount of media attention her trip

is attracting. But she says, if

anything, those early difficulties

have given her more confidence in

completing her challenge as the

youngest person to sail solo around youngest person to sail solo around

the world. There were a few more

minor issues on her trip from the

Gold Coast but nothing she wasn't

able to handle. This is what she

had to say a short time ago. I'm

only standing here because I feel

confident. I will take one step at

a time. You alluded to the

controversy - not everyone at happy

about this record attempt. That

rocky start she had had many people

worried about her ability to

complete the challenge, and her

preparation for such an arduous

trip, given her age. The National

sailing coach says it is such a

dangerous trip he wouldn't attempt

it himself, despite decades of

experience at sea. He says it might

be a marketable exercise for

someone so young to give it a go

but it could also prove foolhardy.

but it could also prove foolhardy.

I would say this is dangerous and

very close to suicide. If she is

not ready, the ocean will show its

power, and who will pay? She will

pay, her parents will pay the

maximum price. Jessica is expected

to spend the next week also

finalising preparations for her

official departure on that big trip.

No doubt soaking up lots of family

attention and ice cream, as much as

she can fit in, before that departure date.

Still to come - a new health warning card for another Australian

dies on the quota track.

Also, a deadly end the long weekend in NSW.

And a hi-tech police vessel keeps

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This program is captioned live.

People hoping to conquer the Kokoda

Track are being urged to take extra

health checks following two more

serious incidents. One man has died

of a suspected heart attack and a

woman was airlifted to hospital in

the past 24 hours. Father of two

Phillip Brunskill had planned to

come home from Kokoda a hero. Now

he's among four Australian trekkers

who've died on the gruelling 96km

journey this year.

He had been training for about one

ear an he assessed himself as

having excellent health -- one year.

Mr Brunskill began to struggle just

one hour into the journey,

admitting to guides he wasn't fit


enough. Questions are now being

asked about how well Australian

trekkers prepare for Kokoda.

Another woman aged in her 60s from

the same tour has since been

airlifted to hospital. It is very

hot. You are sweating a lot, you

are not replacing fluids as much

and people are exercising all day,

basically. There are now calls for

greater scrutiny of the fitness

levels of trekkers before they take

on Kokoda, the PM among a chorus of

Australians calling for a mandatory

fitness test as well as a doctors certificate. A rescue helicopter

permanently on stand-by is also

being considered. Mark McGregor

shared a tent with North Queensland

father Paul Bradfield who died

raising money for Camp Quality

shortly after these photographs

were taken. He was the first guy to

put his hand up and he was always

the first guy to put his hand up to

help anybody. Though he trained for

months, it's suspected a blocked

artery caused a massive heart

attack. Paul and Derek would have

done more moutain climbs than any

of us. Paul Bradfield's funeral is

on Friday.

A second rebuff for Malcolm

Turnbull over the fate of one of his senior Liberal frontbenchers.

The Liberal National Party in

Queensland is refusing to parachute

Peter Dutton into another seat

after his shock pre-selection

defeat on the weekend.

When you visit Kallangur in

Brisbane, the Labor voting

stronghold that's been added to the

seat of Dickson, you can understand

why the sitting Liberal, Peter

Dutton, is looking for safer

territory. No, I probably wouldn't

vote for him. Probably stick with

Labor in the area. And if Gold

Coast doesn't want him, then that's

his bad luck, not ours. But Peter

Dutton's plans came unstuck when

LNP members in the safe Gold Coast

seat of McPherson, preselected a

local, Karen Andrews, against the

wishes of Malcolm Turnbull. I

expect her to become a very capable

member of the LNP in Canberra. The

LNP state executive is refusing to

overturn the preselection and,

despite furious lobbying from the

Opposition Leader, is refusing to

parachute Mr Dutton into the new

Coalition seat of Wright. We're

used to it in Queensland - people

from down south telling us what to

do - and hopefully they're used to

us ignoring them. The Health

Minister thinks the Gold Coast

locals got it right. Nicola Roxon

says Mr Dutton is a dud. He has

been the Opposition health

spokesperson for 18 months and

there is not a single health policy

that the Liberal Party produced.

The fate of Peter Dutton has become

another leadership test for Malcolm another leadership test for Ma, another leadership test for Malcolm

Turnbull. The Federal Liberals

believe they've been doublecrossed

and privately accuse the Queensland

party executive of not doing enough

to deliver him McPherson as

promised. Barnaby Joyce rejects

that. It has all the credibility of

ambit scratchings on the back of a

public lavatory door. I'm not

interested because I think they're

all hopeless anyway. Four lives

have been lost on NSW roads this

long weekend. A 25-year-old man was

killed and his 16-year-old friend

left fighting for life after being

thrown from a 4-wheel drive near

Tamworth. The vehicle rolled just

after 11:00 last night. The driver

and two other passengers escaped

with only minor injuries. Slow down.

If you're drinking, getting a

designated driver. Police say

they're frustrated so many lives

have been lost three days into

school holidays. Police have staged school holidays. Police have staged

their biggest blitz on our

waterways this long weekend,

pulling out an array of heavy-

hitting arsenal. The force's

flagship vessel 'Nemesis' had its

debut conducting patrols around

metropolitan Sydney and as far

north as Brisbane Waters. Crews

conducted more than 500 random

breath tests while checking for

valid licenses and proper use of

navigation lights. Last night,

unfortunately, we did speak to a

number of people who didn't have

their lights on and they were dealt

with. For the first time PolAir is

working in tandem with water police

to track vessels. If you have not

heard the expression of long as a

wet week you will find out what it

means. I am standing under a UN

umbrella as we will all be doing

for the next five weeks. -- days. That long for the next five weeks. -- days.

That long weekend was the worst

time for that wet weather. Very time for that wet weather. Very

slow moving storm and some mighty

lightning strikes. Heavy cracks of

thunder and some reports of hail. thunder and some reports of hail.

Some vehicle accidents. Slow-moving

storms so they will be on the radar

for at least the next three hours.

Friday to it Sunday was a very good

day for dance. That is more rain

than we have had fall in this city

for the past few months. than we have had fall in this city for the past few months. The for the past few months. The

coldest day for Holdsworth the in

October for a decade. Temperatures

set to hover around 17 degrees for

the next few days. Ahead, a new

program to detect mental illness in

youngsters. Also, the crew of the

'Steve Irwin' arrives in Sydney

ready for battle with Japanese ready for battle with Japanese

whalers. Our goal is to not let

them kill a single whale this

season. And, 80 years on, the first

official sequel to 'Winnie the


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This program is captioned live.

Children as young as one are the

target of a landmark mental health

program. It is hoped the scheme

will prevent anxious and stressed

children from becoming depressed adolescents and adults.

These children are just 11 years

old but, thanks to a ground-

breaking program, are already

equipped with the skills to help

ward off mental illness. The

Hopkins be confident in themselves

and to bounce back from nasty

situations. How to solve problems

so they won't resort to violence. Pre-schoolers and primary school

students are the targets of the

initiative which aims to deal with

issues that could trigger

depression later in life. We are

not try to find out if children are

depressed. We are trying to find

out what causes them to be stressed

and anxious by the time they leave

primary school. The Federal

Government is investing $19 million

over three years. This is a program

being provided to a whole community

to teach children how to be

resilient. Key to the program -

resilient. Key to the program -

teachers and parents. How to

identify kids that are stressed,

anxious, lonely or upset. The

announcement follows a 2-year trial

involving 100 schools across the

country. It is hoped that number

will jump to 400 over the next year.

If we can train children at an

earlier age, it will stay with them

for the rest of their lives.

The ING Direct finance report now.

Economists are divided over

tomorrow's interest rate decision.

Some believe that today in a's surge in job advertisements

believes the labour market is at an

end. As a result the Reserve Bank

will begin lifting interest rates

tomorrow. Wayne Swan concedes, if

it is left unchanged, it won't be

that way for long. Nobody wants to

see rates go up, but I think the

Governor of the Reserve Bank has

made very clear that the official

cash rate is at emergency

cash rate is at emergency levels,

50-year lows, in fact, and of

course he has made the obvious

point that at some stage it will go

up. Local shares see-sawed in and

out of the Red after Friday's weak

finished on Wall Street.

That is the finance news for now.

The RPA hands down its decision on

interest rates at 2:30pm tomorrow.

Anti-whaling protest ship the Steve

Irwin has berthed in Sydney for the

first time, declaring eco- war

against Japanese whalers. The crew

already faces a bureaucratic fight

to have the captain allowed back into the country.

A conservation invasion. The Steve Irwin

Irwin cruised into Sydney to prepare for another dangerous

summer. It is willing to risk its

life for the whales. Been eight

weeks, 40 crew will depart for the

Southern Ocean in pursuit of

Japanese whalers. The

conservationists claim they save

305 whales last year by interfering,

at times aggressively, with the

hunt. Ben Potts who, in 2008, was

held captive after boarding the

ship, is prepared to do it again.

It is worth it when you're saving

life. It is certainly not a holiday.

It is cold, very cramped, and there

is no relief if you suffer from

seasickness. Even before it begins,

C Shephard is fighting bureaucratic

battles. It is claiming its captain

is being refused entry into the

country. But the immigration

department says Mr Watson

incorrectly travelled on a tourist

visa last year and must satisfy

this time around. requirements for a business visa

A bushfire has destroyed three

homes and is threatening dozens

more in California. The blaze has

already burnt 1,500 hectors and is

being fanned by strong winds. 800

families have been evacuated in the

San Bernadino family, some

reluctant to leave. When we get

these horses loaded, you are

leaving. More than 1,000 fire crews

are struggling through the thick

terrain to control these flames.

unknown. The cause of the fire is still

Socialist rule has returned to

Greece after resounding election

victory. Supporters of George

Papandreou could barely contain

their emotions when the result was

announced. He secured more than 43%

thanks largely to the country's

ailing economy. Kostas Karamanlis,

who was pitched halfway through his

second term, immediately resigned

his leadership. It is one of the

Conservatives' worst election results in their history.

The first authorised sequel to the children's classic Winnie-the-Pooh

is about to hit bookstores. The

novel, called 'The Return To The

Hundred-Acre Wood', comes more than

80 years after the original. It is

the work of David Benedictus, who

had previously adapted audio

versions of the tales. One moment,

there was the usual Forest bubble -

the wind in the trees, the croak of

a cock, the cheerful water

industries. Then came the rumour -

Christopher Robin is back! A new

the Otter. character joins the cast - Lottie

Still to come, the community

water. producing more crops with less

Also, Chris Evert heads for the

Norman. shops after her split from Greg

And if all that is every bungee

jumper's worst nightmare.

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This program is captioned live.

The headlines: Teenage daughter

Jessica Watson has sailed into

Sydney ahead if a controversial

attempt to become the first person

to circumnavigate the world. She

claims early problems have better

prepared her for the voyage.

Vandals have struck, desecrating up

to 50 graves in a cemetery, leaving

a damage bill of at least $400,000.

cannot be repaired. Many of the headstones and statues

More than 1,000 fans have turned up

at Parramatta Stadium to offer the

Eels some encouragement following

their Grand Final defeat. They have

vowed to go one better in 2010 and

for 23 years. take the prize that has eluded them

Chris Evert is using retail therapy

to get through her split with Greg

Norman. The tennis great left a

store near her Florida home to a

barrage of questions about the 15

months marriage. Is there any

chance of reconciliation? No

comment. Andy Mills says her failed

relationship has been destructive

for both his family and Norman's.

Tension between Chris Evert and

contributed. Norman's children is said to have

A bungee-jump has almost cost a

tourist his life in Thailand. The

elastic cord slipped from Rishi

Baveja's feet as he leapt from a

Phuket legroom. He escaped serious

head injuries but suffered a

ruptured spleen, torn liver and

collapsed lungs. Despite his ordeal,

he plans to go skydiving when he has fully recovered.

Much of eastern Australia remains

in drought, but one region has

defied the dry conditions to

produce one of its best grain crops

in years. Modern methods have seen

yields. many of these farmers double their

The classic signs of the

devastating drought, but remarkably

this parched earth has produced the

wheat crop any farmer would be

proud of. Walgett suffered for

years from a lack of rain but a

downpour in the summer produced

ideal conditions. It is an exceptional yield anywhere, let

alone this part of the world. It is

the giant cracks that make it

possible. They let rainwater sink

into the clay below where it is

stored like a sponge. The soil is

also naturally fertilised by

rotating grain crops with othe2 rotating grain crops with other

plants. One of the reasons it is

suing such great crops is because

most of the farmers used at

technique which means they don't

turnover the soil. That enhances

its ability to been retain moisture.

It has doubled their yields on the

same amount of rain. We are going

to produce more food for the of

world and we are going to have

greater income security. Michael

O'Brien hopes to pass on his

experiences to the new generation,

including NSW Young Farmers of the

year. As science advances and we

know a lot more, you have to keep

adapting. We need to be able to

work our system so we can produce

more food with less water and

fertilisers and chemicals. These

crops are weeks from harvest. If

their yields continue to grow,

Walgett will be one of Australia's biggest producers.

While many Sydneysiders were

enjoying a lazy public holiday,

some aspiring stage performers were

giving it their all. Ambitions and

auditions - the musical 'Fame'. The

audition prompted a big turnout.

It costs, and right here is where

you start paying, in sweat. As

these dancers show, that line from

the 1980 movie still applies.

Hopefully this is Lyon.

I will do anything! Fein is coming

to the stage near you. -- Spain.

Kelly albinos the thing or two

about the show having started it 10

years ago, but she says the

competition is now tougher than

ever. I have seen roughly 700

dancers in three cities for 10

spots. We are used to it. We did it

on TV, so you watched us get

rejected! Now there is evidence!

Auditions like this only come round

a couple of times a year so these

dancers are laying it all on the

line. You work for a whole year,

going to classes, having lessons, going to classes, having lessons,

and this comes round. You have to

go and give it your all. I nearly

fell on my head, but it paid off!

I'm disappointed that you didn't

really show what you could do. I'm

still recovering from those clips!

I made a few mistakes in the

routine, so I thought, I had better

keep going. The show begins a

national tour in Melbourne next


You couldn't do any of those moves,

could you? It is not all about the

NRL. The Sydney Swans have said

goodbyes. It may open the door for

Brendan Fevola to join the club. We

will have the details next.

Plus Casey Stoner response to his

critics with a podium finish at a

Portuguese MotoGP.

And Storm players catch a little And Storm players catch a little shut-eye as the champions return home with the Premiership.

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This program is captioned live. The

Melbourne Storm flew home today and

are currently well into further

celebrations after wrapping up the

club's second title in three years

last night. 23-16 over Parramatta

and the Storm already claiming there's and the Storm already claiming

there's no reason they can't win there's no reason they can't win

the title again next year.

The team of the decade back home.

AFL heartland flooded by rugby

league revelry. It will be fairly

good at celebrations, I think, and

might last for a few days. It was a

clinical performance - their defence brutal, their attack

striking first. It's always great

to score a try in a grand final.

You always dream of it. A 10-nil

halftime score before Parramatta

regained their spark. Eric Grothe

crossed and it propelled the match crossed and it propelled the match

into the contest everyone had hoped

for. The final stages undeniably

gripping before a mistimed sick-

looking field goal somehow won

Melbourne the premiership - the

club's third title in history. Their changeroom turned into a

function room as the party began in

earnest. You know, they're me mates

for life. We have achieved

something special. There were

cheers, tears and plenty of beers,

which spilled over into the

celebrations that followed. This

was a dress-up party. Mad Monday was a dress-up party. Mad Monday

beginning early, complete with some

off-key singing. (SING) # We are

the champions of the world.... It

was a long night for all to see

today. Parramatta might not have

broken their 23-year premiership broken their 23-year premiership

drought but there was still plenty

to celebrate on Mad Monday. The

team and their heartbroken fans

doing a good job coping with the

loss. The pain of losing their loss. The pain of losing their

second grand final in eight years

eased with a glass-half-full

attitude. What have you been doing

since full-time? I went home and go

it ain't early night. Had a few

waters to hydrate because I'm an athlete.

athlete. After turning up to the

game with two left boots, Jarryd

Hayne might be waiting a while for

call from Kangaroo selectors. I

don't know where my phone is.

Parramatta stadium was where many

Eels fans watched last night's game.

Go, Parra! Go, Parra! Their late

comeback brought euphoria but the emotional roller-coaster ended in

tears and heartbreak. Still the

players returned to a hero's

welcome. Go, Parra! We are winners

anyway. We came from second-last to

the Grand Final. After an the Grand Final. After an incredible 64 tackles, Nathan

Hindmarsh could finally relax. It

leaves your spirits. Even though we

did lose we can come back here.

Fans were quick to blame the 23-16

loss on referee Tony Archer. A controversial penalty against

Fuifui Moimoi ending the Eels late

surge. COMMENTATOR: Oh, it's a

penalty. Wow, big call. I'm still

proud of the boys. I'm disgusted

with the referee. That didn't cost

us the game but it counted against

us. And while the 23-year wait for

a premiership extended for at least

another long season, on Mad Monday

few seemed to care.

A boost for the Wallabies with A boost for the Wallabies with skipper Stirling Mortlock joining

the team in camp ahead of their

upcoming tour of the Northern Hemisphere. Mortlock missed

Australia's woeful Tri Nations

campaign with a knee injury but is

expecting to be fit for the

historic Bledisloe Cup match in

Tokyo later this month. Did a bit

of running last week and probably

doing a lot of volume this week and

hopefully looking at training very

soon. The squad of 43 will be cut soon. The squad of 43 will be cut

to 35 on Friday as the Wallabies

prepare for the upcoming spring

tour. In a busy first day of AFL

trade week Swans premiership player

Amon Buchanan is off to the Brisbane

Brisbane Lions. Buchanan will head

to Brisbane as part of a 3-way deal

which will see Eagles Ruckman Mark which will see Eagles Ruckman Mark

Seaby move to the Swans. He's a

premiership player, a fantastic

player, but he hasn't been at his

best over the last couple of years.

But it means we can get Seaby in.

Seaby could end up taking the place

of ruckman Darren Jolly, who has

asked to be traded to a Melbourne

club for family reasons. That

possibly opens the door for

Carlton's Brendan Fevola to sign

with the Swans. Sydney FC is alone

on top of the A-League ladder after

a win this afternoon against arch

rivals the Central Coast

Mariners,Terry McFlynn marking his

return from injury with the game's only goal.

only goal. COMMENTATOR: Absolutely

wonderful header. He celebrates his

return with a goal. It capped a big

week for McFlynn, who also

celebrated the birth of his first

child five days ago. celebrated the birth of his first

child five days ago. The Mariners

threw everything they could at

Sydney to try to get the equaliser.

Sydney's win, though, dampened by a Sydney's win, though, dampened by a

nasty head clash that saw Stephan

Keller stretchered off the field late in the match.

There was plenty of high-speed

chaos in the Portuguese Motorcycle

Grand Prix last night. Thankfully

Casey Stoner survived in one piece

in his return to the sport. While

Yamaha rider Jorge Lorenzo took the

victory, the Australian was

thrilled with his second-placed finish. thrilled with his second-placed

finish. We are really happy to be

second - to come back and silence

the critics. Lorenzo now trails

Valentino Rossi by just 18 points.

The next race is at Phillip Island

in a fortnight. In Sports Tonight

at 9:30 on ONE we look ahead to the

V8's big weekend at Bathurst. Tim

Bailey's next with all the weather

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This program is captioned live. The

wet weather has grounded Vic

Lorusso and our traffic helicopter

tonight but we can tell you that it

is going to be a very slow trip

home this long weekend Monday.

Traffic is heavy on the Hume

Highway and F3 freeway between

Sydney and the Central Coast.

Lightning has also knocked out

traffic lights right across Sydney

and the Blue Mountains. The message

from the traffic management centre

is take the drive home slowly and

stay alert. The storm that hit

Parramatta yesterday was not the

only storm around. The storm

stretchers from their Illawarra out

through Sydney are to Newcastle.

Big lightning strikes and plenty of

thunder. A lot of blackouts

including traffic lights. We have

had hailstorms in the West. 53

millimetres of rain from Friday

through to the Sunday it on the

long weekend. That is the most rain

we have had in two months. Very

cold on Saturday. While we have

coming is more of the same. Another

it showery day tomorrow. Then it

will get worse. When we showers on

Wednesday and Thursday and

temperatures going down to about 17

degrees. Saturday it will get

better and Sunday should be the

best day of the weekend. Kids

affected by the Victorian bushfires

have a day at the beach -- holiday

at Sydney beaches. We will talk to

them tomorrow. We give away a

camera for your weather photographs also on Friday. camera for your weather photographs also on Friday.

Cloud belts over eastern NSW. They

are dropping a lot of rain.

Tomorrow a trough will trigger a

few Clearing showers over eastern

not -- NSW. Early storms will clear

Norbert NSW with further showers.

not -- NSW. Early storms will clear Norbert NSW with further showers.

It will be one of those wet ones.

This is as good as it gets all week.

It will be one of those wet ones. This is as good as it gets all week.

A possible shower in Lismore. A

late shower at in Coffs Harbour.

A night of caution across Sydney.

That's Ten News for now, I'm

Deborah Knight. I'm Bill Woods.

Thanks for your company. We'll have

updates throughout the evening

before the Late News with Sports

Tonight at 11:10. Our first

bulletin tomorrow is at 6am.

Goodnight. Supertext captions by

Red Bee Media Australia.

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia