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a go, if it's any consolation, I tell you what - if I as having hippopotamus and sloth. I would've tossed up between to be honest. Probably would've gone for sloth, No. But not that that matters. just cost you $249,000. The bad news is that question everyone else here tonight, The good news is, unlike you win $1,000. Good on you, Catherine. Thank you very much. Thank you. Catherine wins $1,000. Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. I'll see you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

Good evening. He claims he's no hero, hostages in yesterday's hotel siege but the policeman shot rescuing says he would do it all again. has told reporter Denham Hitchcock Sergeant Stephen de Lorenzo that kept him alive. it was good training Denham, an understated response an extraordinary amount of courage? from a man with

Have the you do not have to spend

too much time with him to realise

he is exactly the kind of bloke you

want in a uniform. He said the

credit goes to the police force but

different story. the hostages would tell you are a

taken to hospital on a stretcher For a man who was shot and de Lorenzo is in remarkable shape. only yesterday, Sergeant Stephen arteries and tendons. Somehow the bullet missed bone,

In the front, then right through? Straight through. was one of four policeman Sergeant de Lorenzo who entered the Lakes Hotel, firing a large-calibre handgun only to be confronted by a man and holding hostages. Our weapons training, yeah - I'll say it again - I've said it before, on two separate occasions. have assisted me in staying alive

dragged a hostage to safety. Despite his injury, the 52-year-old Mr Scipione called me a hero. I'm just an ordinary bloke. I'm no hero,

to step into the corridor We're capable and we have when situations like this arise. that's what we're paid to do. You know, protect life and property,

In the exchange of fire, including once in the face. the gunman was hit three times, What followed was a 4-hour standoff into the arms of police which ended when he was delivered he was holding hostage. by the very men best and I hope he pulls through I wish him and his family all the no animosity towards that person. and I hope he's well and I meant We just simply do our job. It's the second time involved in a shooting incident. Sergeant de Lorenzo has been the risk and couldn't be more proud. His wife of 25 years accepts of him for being shot Certainly am, but I'm not proud I'm proud of him for who he is. are two months off work, Doctors orders but that doesn't apply at home. She'll put me to work all the domestic stuff. and I'll be happy to do OK, witnesses? I need a copy of that housework. Denham, are police close against the alleged gunman? to laying any charges

A year I can tell you that in the

last few minutes, a magistrate has

had a bedside hearing at some

Vincent's hospital. At 39-year-old

has been charged with numerous

offences including armed robbery,

wind with intent to murder and

detained with advantage. He will

appear in court next month. of a woman shortly after childbirth, Two years after the tragic death the Health Department has apologised. died after doctors and nurses An inquiry heard Rebecca Murray her serious condition. were too slow in treating Damian Ryan reports. will in the next few weeks turn two. Little Grace Murray marks the second anniversary Tragically, her birthday of the death of her mother. She's a lot like her mum. of course She'll never know her mum, but we'll keep talking about her. who already had two children, Rebecca Murray,

was born by caesarian section bled to death a day after Grace at Bathurst Hospital of an inquest into the tragedy, and today, at the start finally offered an apology. health officials two years ago. Yeah, that could have come

As long as what they say they mean. should still be alive today. The inquest was told the 29-year-old

severe haemorrhaging The mother suffered soon after giving birth. for more than an hour Her condition went unnoticed blood at the hospital and then there was insufficient for a transfusion. and whatever the outcome, The inquest is set down for six days has already prompted changes Rebecca Murray's death to help hospital staff similar emergencies in the future. to better identify and treat Don't want another family, who there mother is kids waking up not knowing and stuff like that again. this might change things. So hopefully, Damian Ryan, Nine News. More than 2,000 passengers

to leave their P&O cruise ship have finally been allowed following the swine flu scare. a little bit of a whinge, A few people were having but I thought it was great. Swine flu is an over-reaction. growing pigs heads. We're alright - I don't see anybody

were cleared of the virus All on board to compensate for the disrupted trip. and given a 75% discount today became the first player Sharks skipper Paul Gallen to publicly back Matthew Johns, the Sharks sex scandal as a disgrace. describing his treatment over as he apologised Gallen's comments came Dragons player Mickey Paea. for a racial slur against Paul Gallen a $10,000 fine. This is the moment which cost to apologise for his outburst, Today, he fronted the NRL he was tempted to fight the charge but he told Nine News to be labelled a racist. because he didn't want I also wanted to fight it. It was probably the reason I was thinking about fighting it is, I think, disgusting because being labelled a racist that I'm definitely not and it's something I wanted to clear the air about. and that's the one thing after the Eels game, On Saturday night with coach Ricky Stuart Gallen had a emotional chat and decided it was time to act. Me and Ricky, probably just felt between us. there was a bit of tension

bad publicity to the club. I didn't want to bring any more

It's Gallen's emotions which have landed him in plenty of trouble, but his passion is his strength. His team-mates and coach don't want him to be sacked as captain. I think whether I have the 'C' next to my name or not, I am the Sharks captain, I am the leader of this club. You only have to ask the players that.

Gallen also became the first player to speak out in support of Matthew Johns over the Christchurch sex scandal. I don't want to go into detail about that incident, but I think the way that incident was portrayed was totally biased and one-sided and I think the treatment of Matthew Johns was, quite frankly, disgraceful. Gallen was in the room after the incident. He says the program only presented one side of the story. The program that was run was totally biased and a pretty poor piece of journalism, I thought, because the lady in question wasn't even cross-examined and it's basically destroyed a good man's life. So Danny, you've got the good oil. will we ever see Paul Gallen back as the Sharks captain?

I have some breaking news. I have

information that Paul Gallen e-

mailed Cronulla chuck Sharks to

resign as captain. Trent Barrett is a possible replacement. And Ken Sutcliffe will have all the sport later, including the State of Origin rivals facing off in Melbourne. A teenager is in a critical condition

after being stabbed in the stomach with a machete in Merrylands last night. The 17-year-old was taken to Westmead hospital for surgery. Police arrested two men a short time later, but released them, pending further investigations. It's almost that time of the week when many of us fill up with petrol and there are some bargains to be had.

Several service stations in the inner west are selling unleaded for just under 96 cents a litre. That's believed to be the lowest price in the city since Christmas. The primary school, shut down by the Bellevue Hill landslide, New home sales have jumped to their highest level in 14 months. Almost 8,200 new dwellings were approved in April, the biggest increase coming in Sydney's greater west. Natalie Croft has just bought her first home in Sydney's number one first home buyer hot-spot - Blacktown. There is quite a few schools around the area. The public transport is very efficient, and walking distance to the station too. The Blacktown area accounted for almost 6% of all NSW sales,

according to property analysts RP Data, Penrith second with 3.4%. Overall, one in three sales from first home buyers. We're starting to see that properties in those areas are actually starting to move upwards slightly. But so much for using your first home owner's boost to finally get your foot on the property ladder. All of the big five banks we spoke to today said you'd need around 5% deposit in so-called 'genuine' savings. That doesn't include the $14,000 first home owner's boost

or gifts from your family. It is really important to make sure that people can show that they can save

and have the ability to pay off the home loan. Should they potentially lose their job or if interest rates go up again. But Natalie and thousands of others like her are just happy for the cash. Joanna Townsend, Nine News. And home buyers will find out tomorrow whether our record low interest rates will continue - the Reserve Bank's decision live on Nine from 2:30. The Susan Boyle story has taken an alarming turn, with the 48-year-old admitted to a psychiatric clinic, after suffering an emotional breakdown. # But there are dreams which cannot be... # Boyle came second in 'Britain's Got Talent', but hotel staff say she was acting strangely after yesterday's defeat. 97 years ago, fate spared a baby girl from the 'Titanic' disaster. Today fate caught up with the last survivor, Millvina Dean, but only after she'd enjoyed a long and very interesting life. As the last living link with the 'Titanic' Millvina Dean relished her celebrity status as the doomed ship's youngest passenger.

Oh, no. I don't get tired of it. She was just two months old when the ship sank on 15 April, 1912, after striking an iceberg. Her father stayed behind with most of the men to die

after helping Millvina, her brother and their mother into a lifeboat. I think sometimes they look on me as if I AM the 'Titanic'. Recently, some large medical bills had forced her to sell off some of her mementos from the 'Titanic'. A stopwatch with water damage, a passenger list, a canvas sack used in her rescue. I was so small they couldn't get me in a lifebelt. So I was put in a sack and put overboard. The stars of 'Titanic' the movie, Kate Winslett and Leonardo Di Caprio, heard of Millvina's financial problems and recently donated money to help care for her to the very end. She was 98 and died in her sleep. Robert Penfold, Nine News. In the news ahead, opening night for James Packer's newest casino. And comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's MTV stunt. James Packer has rolled the dice on one of the great ventures of his business career. To Mark Burrows in Macau. Mark, it's opening night for Mr Packer's new Chinese casino,

the City of Dreams?

Thousands of people from a cow, the

small hour -- Island one hour ferry

ride from Hong Kong, will descend

on James Packer's city of dreams is

the evening for a show-stopping

light show. Watching from the sides,

will be the man himself. It is the biggest punt of James Packer's life and a brave one. ANNOUNCER: Congratulations, the grand opening of City of Dreams. If he looked nervous with wife, Erica, there is a good reason He's opening a $3 billion casino in the middle of a global recession. It is called the City of dreams. Really a block of high-rise hotels. It dominates Macau - the former Portuguese colony, now a Chinese territory - that wants to be Las Vegas. Mr Packer helped open one of the hotels, the Hard Rock, by smashing a guitar. He has invested $500 million in the project,

what is really at stake is his reputation as a casino mogul. He was not talking today but seems happy enough with his investment. You must be excited today, Mr Packer. It is great. He is truly amazed, really excited He is very confident, as we all are, in the strategic plan of the property.

And the Chinese Government hasn't helped James Packer by cutting back on the number of visas it is willing to issue high-rollers who want to come to Macau. James Packer is banking on Asian punters flocking to his 1,800 poker machines and gaming tables and cutting edge shows. His worth has dropped to $3 billion, well down on the $7 billion he inherited from his father. Right now he must be praying that the City of Dreams doesn't turn into the stuff of nightmares.

In Macau, Mark Burrows, Nine News. The car maker General Motors

is about to become the biggest bankrupt in American history, signing the legal papers tonight which will set the groundwork for a new company - still called GM, but majority-owned by the US Government. Australia's GM-H has been working on business plans to minimise the impact of its ailing parent company.

Prince Harry has finished a visit to America with a round of polo and revealed the biggest new challenge in his life - the classroom side of his training to fly Army helicopters. It surprised me and there's times when I thought I'm really not cut out for this mentally. Harry's currently sharing a house with William. Big brother does all the cooking, but Harry reveals there's a price to pay.

Do you do the washing up, though? I do the washing up. How do you know that. You been spying on us?

House is bugged. Typical. Now for the real bikini bandits - two young women who check parking areas for unlocked cars and grab wallets, GPS systems, even sunglasses. They're on the prowl in Lafayette, Lousiana, a steamy southern town where bikinis are apparently all the disguise you need. Now, for a classic example of a fallen angel. It's Sacha Baron Cohen's latest character, Bruno, in a very cheeky moment at today's MTV movie awards. In a pretend stunt gone wrong, Bruno landed on top of rapper, Eminem. Eminem, nice to meet you. Are you serious? Eminem has a history of grumpiness at awards events, but this was all apparently in good sport, despite the rapper's rather convincing storm out. Ken with sport is next and the State of Origin teams go face to face? Yes, it was like a meet-and-greet session for players and fans. Also, it's a boilover - Rafael Nadal knocked out of the French Open. And another day at the office for Australia's Robbie Maddison. At Holden, we're helping everyone realise the dream of buying a new car with the Holden Owner's Grant. So the Colorado LTR 4x4 manual crew cab with 3-tonne towing capacity, 16-inch alloys and ABS is now just $43,890 driveaway thanks to the grant.

And if you're a small business, now's the perfect time to buy a new vehicle because the Government's 50% investment allowance could save you even more. If you've dreamed of owning the keys to a new Holden, Owner's Grant - go better. make it happen with the Holden Over 50 and not working full-time? Apia can give you better value home insurance. And if you get a quote before June 30, you could win $25,000 to spend on...anything you like. So call 13 50 50 today. SONG: # Wise move, Apia. # The Roosters have gone back to the future in an effort to find. a winning formula Arthur Beetson will assist head coach Brad Fittler for the remainder of the year. In State of Origin, Manly's Anthony Watmough is the Blues' new 18th man, while coach Craig Bellamy wants Melbourne to become a series fixture. The two teams were out early today helping to sell rugby league to a city obsessed with AFL. Bellamy says playing one match in Melbourne every year would see the game grow at a rapid rate. I'm sure in a couple of years if they did that we'd be playing at the cricket ground and perhaps getting 80,000-90,000 in. But the Queenslanders aren't ready to commit just yet.

You know, I'm not looking to say it should be down here every year, but I think we should come down here on a regular basis anyway, and give the Melbourne fans what they deserve. The Blues have spent the past week forming friendships that are already well established in the Maroons' camp. With seven Origin rookies, it hasn't been easy. Day one everyone was quiet as a mouse,

it was pretty awkward actually but every day we've gotten better and better. The three players who have spent the most time together are Peter Wallace, Terry Campese and Robbie Farah. The Blues halves and hooker have to be completely in tune if NSW is to have any chance. A lot of feelings to fine tune the next couple of days and I think we're definitely ready for Wednesday night. While the Queenslanders had most of the day off, NSW was back on the paddock. They're the underdogs, trying to avoid a record fourth series loss in a row. Clinton Fletcher, Nine News. Sonny Bill Williams has put away the boxing gloves

and turned his attention back to rugby. He says he's out to earn respect when he plays for the Barbarians against the Wallabies at the SFS on Saturday night. I really want to show I'm not just a rugby league player playing rugby, I'm a rugby player, you know? The almost unthinkable happened today - Rafael Nadal was beaten

for the first time in 31 matches at the French Open.

In another upset, women's defending champion Ana Ivanovic was eliminated, while Nadal was knocked out by Sweden's Robin Soderling in four sets. Pre-game, Nadal had plenty of bounce and an icy relationship with moody Soderling. That remained, but the Spaniard's bounce fell flat under some withering Swedish power. The 4-time champion was out of sorts, but the Spaniard's grit got him the second set. Soderling's reputation of folding under pressure was now being examined. COMMENTATOR: And he does it. Instead, it was Nadal who was falling, as Soderling peppered him with 9 aces and 66 clean winners. In the fourth Nadal broke for a 2-0 lead, but stringbean Soderling had a sniff of a major upset. Oh, yes. On his favourite surface, Nadal was about to be dethroned. And he has done it, the volley goes wide! This is a moment I will remember for the rest of my life, this is the biggest match of my career. Soderling signed off on a great day, while Nadal's was forgettable. Give me three more days to think about my preparation for Wimbeldon. Not much has gone right since Ana Ivanovic won the title last year. Today, she fell to Victoria Azarenka from Belarus in straight sets. Ken Sutcliffe, Nine News. Casey Stoner has ended Valentino Rossi's 7-year reign at the Italian Moto GP. The thrilling race featured many lead changes, Stoner battling his way back to the front several times after being overtaken. And Casey Stoner wins here at Mugello. Stoner leads Jorge Lorenzo and Rossi in the riders' championship. If you think that's impressive riding, have a look at the moves Robbie Maddison pulled off in an extreme event in Canada.

The Aussie daredevil didn't even need his hands at times, claiming victory in round two of the Red Bull X-fighters world tour. The 28 year old quite accurately described his win as insane.

In finance: One of our most famous expatriates is celebrating his 25th birthday. It's Mzuri the gorilla - who's become quite a star at Jersey Zoo in Britain's Channel Islands. The silverback was born in Melbourne in 1984

and despite being showered with gifts today, wasn't enjoying all the attention.

When you get a big crowd, he gets a bit intimidating and likes to throw things at people, and as you've seen, he's got a very good aim. And true to form, Mzuri wasn't hanging around for an interview. Jaynie's next, with the weather, and Jaynie a wet week in Sydney? That's right, Peter, especially for the first half of the week. All our weather details here in a moment.

6:30. n z Coming up on WIN News...

Actew' s new water restrictions Actew' s new water restrictions kick

in, Concerns about changes to the

ACT' s legal system, And a late

change for the Green Machine as

change for the Green Machine as they

get set for Monday night football.

Details next. n z (CHEERFUL MUSIC) (MUTTERS IN GREEK) Stavros! Stavros! (YELLS IN GREEK) (SPEAKS IN GREEK) (BIRDS SQUAWK) (CANS CLANG) (CONTINUES YELLING) (SPEAKS IN GREEK) (BOTH MUTTER) To help save lives this June long weekend, double demerit points are being enforced across New South Wales. So if you're caught speeding, you could be well on your way to losing your licence. Or if you and just one of your passengers are caught not wearing a seatbelt, your licence will be gone. So remember - double demerit points this June long weekend. A wet start to winter for Sydney by the looks of it!

And for May - a fantastic result for Warragamba with almost 80mm, which is 30mms more than the average. The city last month scored 126mm, just above the average. And western suburbs did well too, Parramatta with 96mm. Top temperatures were on or slightly above average. And tonight - showers are over Sydney, mainly along coastal suburbs with light easterly winds. And remaining wet for the next few days. For those wanting rain in NSW, plenty of happy people this week! We have a slow-moving trough, which will keep this rain hanging around until at least Thursday. Some places in western NSW have already had their best 24-hour rain in 3-6months. Generally widesptead falls of 10-15mms. And tonight - the central north could even get storms. Wet for all capitals apart from Darwin. Possible storms also for Perth. And our weather cadets for tonight are from the Sydeny Children's Hospital in celebration of Gold Week. The hospital hopes to raise $500,000 - vital funds for thousands of seriously ill children. Sydney - light rain, set to increase during tomorrow. Even the chance of storms for the afternoon. The city a top of 17 again. With more rain on Wedensday. Easing to showers for the rest of the week. Western suburbs much the same. With two days of rain,

the heaviest will be overnight Tuesday and early Wednesday. And it's coming from the west and east - so good falls all round, Peter. Stay with Nine for 'A Current Affair'.

Our next major bulletin is Nine's Late Night News. I'm Peter Overton. Hope you have a good evening.

thirteen the range. Tonight ... Opposition to the Rudd Opposition to the Rudd Government' s climate change plan boils over, Winter' s tighter water Winter' s tighter water restrictions

for Canberra and Queanbeyan,

for Canberra and Queanbeyan, And,

predictions female part-time

employment will suffer amid the

downturn. Good evening, I' m downturn. Good evening, I' m Jessica

Good. The Federal Government is

refusing to abandon its proposed

emissions trading scheme despite a growing chorus of opposition. growing chorus of opposition. The

Coalition says a recession is no