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(generated from captions) Thank you. Whoo-hoo. Well done. How are the old stress levels? some smelling salts, wouldn't it? A bath would be nice now, with you same time tomorrow, Harvey. We'll leave you to relax. We'll see We wouldn't miss it for quids. That goes double for you. I'm looking forward to it. He's a great player. for Wednesday. 'Bye now. We'll tempt you again 'Bye. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live.

Medical emergency -

to save three brothers the desperate mission from suspected poisoning. after one died A major crackdown ordered and knives on Sydney's streets. to cut the numbers of guns

People need to understand is just not the right thing to do. that carrying a knife latest property purchase Nicole and Keith's of a bitter development battle. lands them in the middle And at Taronga Zoo - getting stuck into Christmas. the party animals go wild Good evening. The mysterious death of a toddler in the State's north-west, near Gunnedah, and left the small community baffled. has devastated the family is suspected of drinking a poison. The 23-month-old twin to Westmead Hospital late yesterday. His three brothers were rushed

Allison Langdon is there now. all the boys drank poison? Allison, there had been fears the terrible situation Yes, Michael, just imagine Andrew and Susan Higgins. facing parents but there was no time to grieve They had just lost one little boy were also fell ill, because their three other boys requiring medical attention and fast. This wasn't a time to take chances. and his brothers were feeling sick. A 23-month-old was dead the youngest, Airlifted to Sydney, twins share had been broken, unaware that the special bond held tightly by his mother. is wheeled in, arrives carrying the two older boys. Seconds later, a second helicopter was the 5-year-old, The first to be lifted out complaining of dizziness. and then his 3-year-old brother, Just hours earlier,

to resuscitate their brother. ambulance crews had tried and suffered a heart attack It is thought he drank a chemical at the family's remote farm. while playing a bit shocked by it Local people are sort of you just don't know what to think. because when it's close to home discharged from hospital. The two eldest boys have been in their systems. Surprisingly, no poison was found remains a mystery. What made them sick is still being monitored by doctors. Their little brother, though, He is in a stable condition. Just two days out from Christmas, cancelled all party celebrations the people of Gunnedah have and loved Higgins family. out of respect for the well-known and also the community, It's a huge tragedy for the family is feeling it. and everyone in the community like this should happen. It's terrible that something exactly what caused the death. Michael, we're no closer to knowing that's being carried out today It's hoped the post-mortem

on this very sad mystery. will shed some light

for the first time Police have confirmed have stolen millions of dollars that Sydney's ATM bomb bandits over the last few weeks. in their rampage on the haul They won't put a precise figure but their revelation came today to plan new tactics. during a summit with the banks around Sydney and the Central Coast ATM Bandits have blasted their way destruction has brought rich rewards. and confirmation today their could it be in the millions? Without putting a figure on it, certainly in the millions. Certainly in the millions, with gas and blown up. Since July 36 ATMs have been pumped And still no arrests. not just the police. The gangs are frustrating, and money being stolen Not only is property being damaged threats to the community. but more importantly there are real officials joined forces Today police and senior banking to catch the bandits.

upgrading the security of ATMs - The banks also revealed they're and dye bombs. fitting them with gas detectors We want to get ahead of the game the next potential attack - to anticipate

wherever that might be. has come from the Premier down. Pressure on the police a $100,000 dollar reward. Last week the Government posted some information received There has been

that's as far as I can take it. and we are certainly acting on it - they will eventually catch up Police have repeatedly stated for the attacks. with those responsible they may have the harder job, As for the banks, a way to make ATMs blast-proof. deterring others as they search for Damian Ryan for Nine News. Fairly or unfairly, called into question for some time Volvo drivers have had their skills in Bankstown had everyone baffled. but what one driver did today He lost control of this Volvo of five cars. and somehow skated over the bonnets it didn't clean up a pedestrian. Couldn't believe for a short time The driver was trapped but is said to be OK. and taken to hospital, No-one else was hurt. In the past few weeks, the pain of tragedy - too many Sydney families have felt children killed by illegal guns that seem to infest the city. and knives is planning an amnesty, Now the State Government

off the streets. hoping to get the weapons Bullet holes from drive-bys, a service station shooting, a teenager dead at a mate's house - all within weeks - is back on the agenda. it's no surprise gun control on outlawed weapons. And from March, a 3-month amnesty unregistered guns in their home That will allow people who have

to the police station to be able to take them in the process and police will be able to put them and then destroy them. But will it really reduce gun crime? not going to be obeyed An amnesty is are shooting up across Sydney. by the sort of bikies and crims who no effect at all on law and order. Having an amnesty or not will have Over the past nine years, theft has led to criminals getting their hands on nearly 6,000 legally-registered firearms. Many of those were stolen because they weren't properly secured by their owners. They've got to be in what is called a gun safe and we'll have an advertising program to remind people of that. It's not just guns, Sunday's stabbing death of Andrew Motuliki has led to calls for tougher penalties for knife possession. In Victoria there are jail terms, in New South Wales - just fines. It's unacceptable. The way to deal with it is to toughen the penalties and provide a much stronger deterrent. People need to understand that carrying a knife is just not the right thing to do. Chris Urquhart, Nine News. The receivers of childcare provider ABC Learning have been labelled heartless, after taking away supplies and toys from centres while they're still operating. Parents dropping off their children at the Harrington Park centre were shocked that cots were being taken away. Toys in perfectly good condition were thrown in the bin. We've got kids up until next Wednesday, they're not going to have any toys to play with. There are hardly any supplies.

Four centres across the State will shut their doors next Wednesday. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban may not get the privacy they expected when they paid $6.5 million for a mansion in the Southern Highlands. The local council is set to approve a motel and conference centre, right next door to their Sutton Forest estate. Nestled in the quiet Southern Highlands village of Sutton Forest Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's recently-purchased country retreat. The $6 million mansion is supposed to provide one of the world's most famous couples with privacy but it may not be as secluded as they hoped.

A 100-room motel is being proposed for the back of this pub next to their property.

There's a need for accommodation down there We find that the area is lacking in accommodation facilities. The hotel will have a conference centre and indoor pool, the development angering some residents.

They hope their celebrity neighbours might help with their fight. It's an open country area dotted around with beautiful heritage buildings and all of a sudden we're going to have this massively dense development. When Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban bought this Southern Highlands mansion

they had only seen photos of it. Despite this, their spokesman today said, they were well aware of the proposed development and it hasn't changed their love of the property.

While Nicole and Keith are spending Christmas in Nashville, workman are busy preparing the home for their eventual arrival. The local council will make a final decision on the project

in February. That's really irrelevant to the council officers who the neighbours are if they've got legitimate concerns we assess them. Jodie Noyce, Nine News There was a terror alert in Sydney today - but hardly anyone blinked. A practice drill of sirens rang out in the CBD to show how we would be warned if there's an emergency. John Kerrison was there for the test run, but John, everyone was too busy to bother? That's true, Michael, crowds just listened for a moment then got on with their business. But there's no denying it was a serious trial of a warning system the Government wanted up and running before the big events that are on in Sydney over the holiday season. The lunchtime broadcast was a test of the city's complex network of emergency speakers. 98 in all, from Circular Quay to Central.

So it's going to be loud and it's definitely going to get people's attention. But it was short. ANNOUNCEMENT: The next sound you hear will be the standard emergency warning signal. (SIREN SOUNDS) Following the signal, police will provide information in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency. Police wanted city residents to be 'alert but not alarmed'.

The problem was, many were completely unaware. I didn't hear anything, so I guess my comment is, it needs more work. I was sitting having coffee and I was like, "That was it? Oh, OK." These buskers in Martin Place barely skipped a beat. It sounded a bit like 'Doctor Who'. Police hope the speakers will avoid a repeat of the panic when terrorists attacked London in 2005. The speakers are supported by 13 signs that can display different messages. This sort of system would have been invaluable at giving people instructions on where to go or where to stay. If there were a real disaster, the speakers could direct crowds to safe zones such as the Botanic Gardens, Hyde, Cook and Phillip Parks or Darling Harbour. And Michael - late this afternoon police said they were happy with the exercise, even though a handful of speakers in Pitt Street Mall didn't actually work. The system will now be tested on the last Friday of every month. An unpaid debt weighed heavily on the conscience of an Australian traveller for almost 40 years. He had borrowed ?5 for a ferry trip from Belgium to Dover and now he's repaid it - plus interest.

It was 1969... ..The Beatles were on top of the world... ..Neil Armstrong was stepping onto the moon... ..and in Europe Gary Fenton, a broke 22-year-old Aussie backpacker, needed a ferry fare to cross the English Channel. First of all he said, "Could you lend me five pounds?" and I looked at him and he looked reliable anyway and I loaned him five pounds. Gary went on to be Nine's Olympics boss - the debt unpaid for 39 years. But recently he discovered Jim Webb's address in some old papers. I just said, "I can't just send an envelope or a letter." I thought, "I'd have to visit, I have to knock on his door." Jim wasn't home when Gary visited and so he slipped a card under the door with the money he owed, plus interest. The five pounds I loaned him, he multiplied by 40, which is 40 years since I gave him the loan to next April, 40 x 5 which is 200 pounds - lovely. Jim was so moved by Gary's gesture, he went public with the story. Now the two men have promised to catch up with one another, face-to-face, next time Gary's in the UK. I just wanted to let him know I'd never forgotten his kindness - that's what I say, it wasn't about the money. I think for that to happen at such a special time of the year I think it's lovely, and people think how nice. Mark Burrows for Nine News. Think your Christmas party was wild? It's not a patch on these guys.

It was season's greetings today at Taronga Zoo and just like us, the residents there can't wait to unwrap their presents. No socks and undies gifts here - instead these African lions tore through their presents to find some tasty meat morsels inside. On the other hand, one of the zoo's senior citizens, Mary the Gibbon, preferred to hang around rather than take her gifts of nuts and popcorn. The Zoo says the presents are a healthy way of encouraging the animals' curiosity, as demonstrated by the meerkats who just fell over themselves for boxes of insects and fruit boxes. In the news ahead -

Michael Jackson denies bizarre claims that he is close to death. And the amateur scientist with a shocking but spectacular hobby. (UPBEAT JAZZ PLAYS) VOICEOVER: Until Wednesday at Target, get 20% to 30% off That's right, 20% to 30% off a great range of toys. Target - wishing you a 100% happy Christmas. If you're caught speeding or not wearing your seatbelt these Christmas-New Year holidays, you'll lose at least half your licence. And if just one of your passengers isn't wearing theirs, that's your licence gone. Remember, double demerits for seatbelt and speeding offences. VOICEOVER: To defeat the enemy, Raid has developed a revolutionary weapon of insect destruction. The power of nature is allied to the intelligence of an electronic timer that automatically releases advanced MicroMist technology. The multi-bug secret weapon exclusive to Raid Automatic. Only Raid Automatic's micro-particles give the flying enemy no way out and target the crawling foe in every corner. Former terror suspect Mohamed Haneef is demanding an apology from Australia after a report found he should never have been arrested and charged. An 8-month inquiry into the failed prosecution of the Indian-born doctor blamed the bungle on Federal Police, ASIO and the Immigration Department. It's a damning assessment. Errors were made from ground level to the highest level. The report concludes Mohammed Haneef was wrongly arrested and charged. Now in the United Arab Emirates, Dr Haneef says he wants an apology and compensation. He'd given his mobile SIM card

to a cousin involved in the failed Glasgow Airport bombing, but ASIO found Dr Haneef had no knowledge of the attack. The report says Federal Police lost objectivity, providing: Commissioner Mick Keelty maintains his officers acted

in the best interests of public safety given the circumstances. It's a complete disaster from the Australian Federal Police's point of view. Former immigration minister Kevin Andrews was criticised for not considering carefully enough on his department's advice and for acting so quickly in cancelling Dr Haneef's visa. I did not act for any improper motive. Despite the findings, no heads will roll.

However, the Government has promised to implement the recommended changes to the way Federal Police, ASIO and Government departments work together. Daniel Street for Nine News. The global car giant Toyota has forecast its first loss in 71 years because of a plunge in vehicle sales. The company says it will be in the red worldwide by $2.4 billion. The situation is made worse by a rise in currency value, further discouraging foreign sales. Pop star Michael Jackson

has been forced to deny rumours sweeping the world that he is close to death and in need of a lung transplant. The source of the story claims the 50-year-old may already be too weak to survive such an operation and is also blind in one eye. A spokesman for Jackson says it is all a total fabrication to promote an unauthorised biography. For anyone who thinks their house is busy at Christmas, meet the Duggar family. Jim and Michelle have just welcomed their 18th child, a healthy girl named Jordyn-Grace. Michelle rejects any criticism of such a large brood. I would say that saying there is too many children would be like saying there is too many flowers - you just can't have too many. Each new Duggar child gets a name starting with J, so little Jordyn is getting acquainted with: Joshua, John, Jana, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jeremiah, Jedidiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johanna and Jennifer. It's not your average hobby, but West Australian man Peter Terren has built a giant lightning machine.

Peter is a doctor by day and amateur scientist by night. His machine super sizes a normal household charge of 240 volts of electricity to a very powerful 500,000 volts - creating huge sparks that spray out like lightning. It's loud and impressive, and that's the sort of thing I like doing. He says he has taken precautions to ensure his safety but warns, "Don't do this at home" - and we agree. Andrew is next with sport - and South Africa keeps the pressure on Australia's cricketers? The Proteas coach senses panic in the Aussie camp after their first Test defeat.

For Ponting's men it was straight back to work in the build up Boxing Day. And 'Ichi Ban's Sydney to Hobart no longer up in the air. (SWEEPING MUSIC PLAYS) (PIANO PLAYS) ANNOUNCER: Tomorrow, your energy will be kinder to the environment. will be more efficient. Tomorrow, your energy and your water supply will be even more secure. And that's just tomorrow. The day after that will be even better, because every day at ActewAGL, we're working hard to make your world a better place to live in. ActewAGL: The coach of South Africa's cricket team has suggested there may be panic in the Australian camp heading into the crucial Boxing Day Test. The Australians can't afford another defeat with the series on the line in Melbourne. The South Africans enjoyed the day off but it was straight back to work for the Australians, who are now in danger of losing a series at home for the first time in 16 years. It is not nice to be one down, for sure, but I think that galvanises you a little bit more, really. Hussey leaping to the defence of his skipper, whose attitude and body language have been questioned as the first Test slipped from Australia's grasp. Looks could be deceiving, because he was actually very positive out there, he was really geeing the boys up.

After putting their foot on Australia's throat in Perth, the South Africans saw no reason to release the pressure today.

When you lose, there often is a lot of panic. Arthur says it is Australia's lack of depth, not Brett Lee's lack of form, which contributed to the mammoth run chase in Perth. Brett is always going to be at you, but then there was a lot of inexperience after that, and that was something we were able to capitalise on. Clearly, Australia's coach hasn't been blamed for the defeat, Tim Nielsen today earning a 2-year contract extension. In my role, there are other things that keep you going, and every now and then a week like last week just makes you work harder and want to get back on top. Chris Hodgkinson, Nine News. Even before the start of the Sydney to Hobart, 'Ichi Ban's crew is in need of some rest. They have carried out a frantic repair job that has the perennial contender primed for the race.

It's a delicate operation, placing a 70-foot yacht into the Harbour. Three days ago, 'Ichi Ban' was taking on water and looked out of the race. We've had two shifts around the clock, basically. Essentially, we've managed to do a month's work in a couple of days. It has taken a physical toll, but the crew is ready for the rough ride south. We'll be there to pick up the pieces should the other guys falter, that's for sure. There are 11 foreign boats preparing for the challenge of a lifetime. It cost Dutch entry 'Pinta-M' $160,000 just to get here, and it will be a Christmas like no other.

It was freezing, 5 degrees or something when we left, so it was a bit of a hit when we got off the plane. We already feel like a lobster. There are other concerns aboard 'Getaway Sailing 2'. They have five Russian sailors - and three of them are called Dimitry. If I say 'Dimitry', who answers? Him. What about you guys? Phil and Bill. An Aussie solution to an international problem. Bence Hamerli, Nine News. To finance - and the share market has closed weaker for the second day in a row. After the break - Mike Bailey with all the weather details. Tonight's viewer photo is from Alan Zurvas of Surry Hills. The last minute Christmas rush, Locals Christmas displays targeted for the wrong reasons, And a milestone for the now defunct Canberra Cannons. Join me for all the details Ever since uni, I've had this dream of leaving work and hang-gliding around the world.

Whoo-hoo! Yeah! Oh. Honey... VOICEOVER: Hey, we don't choose the dreams, but with Lotto's massive $30 million New Year Superdraw, we can make plenty come true. That's right - $30 million. So get your entry in by Saturday, January 3, and you could: Now here's Mike with the weather -

and what's the latest on the Christmas Day outlook? Michael, there is still the chance of showers into early Christmas Day.

But, as with today's rain, those falls should be light in Sydney. Temperatures warmed up despite increasing cloud. The city went from 19 to 27, topping the average by just 1 degree. A trough moving east brought a weak southerly change to Sydney about three hours ago. That system will weaken over the north-east of the State, where showers and thunderstorms could be more severe. Rain today was heaviest in the south-east. Cooma was the top score with 15mm. Falls continue to be much heavier about the top end of the Northern Territory. A tropical low is delivering the moisture up there, and Tropical Cyclone Billy is tracking south-west along the coast of WA. There will be further rain there tomorrow with widespread showers and storms about the western half of the continent. Showers and storms also for eastern NSW and Queensland. Afternoon showers and possible storms for Brisbane and afternoon showers in Darwin. Storms are possible around Sydney overnight, then cloudy periods for Christmas Eve with a shower or two, mostly in the morning. Winds will be moderate to fresh.

Temperatures will reflect those freshening winds. They'll be back to the lower 20s with the city going from 19 to 22. Christmas Day will open with the chance of a shower, but clearing ahead of a top of 25 on the coast and 27 in the west. Boxing Day should be fine and warmer and fine with 32 degrees for the cricket in Melbourne on Friday. Now it's time once again to bring you some more fantastic pictures of Christmas light displays around Sydney. These are from Edward Street in Botany. I'm Michael Usher. Thanks for your company, see you tomorrow. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

Details in the WIN Tonight ... The ACT heading towards a massive budget black hole. Last minute Christmas spending takes off, And, a mixed outlook for farmers' amid the tougher times. Good evening, The A-C-T Government says it can't rule out tax increases and other revenue raising measures, as it attempts to steer the budget away from a deficit. This year's operating