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This program is captioned live. the toddler snatched from her arms. Reunited - a Sydney mother and A big police operation south of Sydney. after the discovery of human bones are put in danger or humiliated. The childcare centres where children could get you fined or worse. Why using your iPod heading for a thrilling decider. And the Ashes series

Good evening. from outside his Sydney home A toddler abducted mother a short time ago. was reunited with his distraught to police by his estranged father, The little boy was handed over who's now been arrested.

back in the arms of his mother Maria, Safe and sound, 2-year-old Alex

of tears and torment. who had endured a day I'm happy to have Alex back. I'm very, very happy that it's over. to everyone I just want to say thank you who was helping to go through

for their cooperation and especially police and the way they do their job. I just want to say we're so tired

and have a rest. and we need to get back home

Alex was a bit shocked.. nearly 24 hours wondering She had spent see her son again, whether she would ever out of her grasp and driven away. after he had allegedly been wrenched like any other for Maria and Alex. The day had started a play in the park. A visit to the beach, Then, a terrifying ordeal. heart away, it take your heart away. It's the worst thing -it takes your the front yard of the Kingsford unit, Maria and Alex were playing in from a car and grabbed him. when a man allegedly stepped trying to retrieve him. She fought back, diving into the car He was screaming "Mummy, Mummy". and bleeding. He was punched and kicked

And try to pull him off me.

police are searching bushland In a breaking crime story, south-west of Sydney, near Pheasant's Nest, filed the latest from the scene Crime reporter Simon Bouda a short time ago. very sketchy at the moment. Well, Peter details are still

This drama began to unfold about

two o'clock yesterday afternoon. A two o'clock yesterday afternoon. A

local man contacted police and said

that his dog had arrived at the

doorstep carrying a human bone. It

is understood the bone is of a lake.

Police have sealed off the area and

are now mounting a large-scale

search. This has involved with the

helicopter, dogs and the riot squad

and state emergency services. The

road behind me, they have sealed road behind me, they have sealed

off three what appears to be crime

scenes. They say they have found

more human tissue. The homicide

squad has now been called into the

investigation, and the police will

be checking missing persons records,

to see whether these remains have

been -- belong to someone who has

been registered as missing. The

investigation has only just begun

and details are sketchy.

of the Sydney spearfisherman Searchers have found the body off Long Reef yesterday. who went missing

spotted his body A friend of Brian Lam gathered at the beach. as his distressed family the 31-year-old got into trouble. Police still can't say how have been reasonably calm I can say that the seas very little current. and that there was He suffered no obvious injury, he may have been taken by a shark. ruling out the theory that

between Nathan Rees There's an uneasy truce tonight dumped as Premier. and those who want to see him State political reporter Kevin Wilde

from the start has been on top of this story but everyone's holding their line? and Kevin, the knives are out, at each other's throats Yes, Peter, those knives are pointed

for someone to blink. and both sides are waiting like Bob Carr and Bob Hawke The Premier has Labor heavyweights but that may not be enough. in his camp, Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell with the trouble Nathan Rees is in. can't hide his delight and incompetent premier Look, he's an impotent what head office - who has to wait to see Mr Tripodi and Mr Obeid - say the union movement and before he can take a step. To highlight the hold has on the leadership crisis - Labor's 'head office' of a reshuffle by the Premier, despite reported threats Matt Thistlethwaite ruled it out, Labor Party general secretary

it wasn't happening. personally telling ministers a reshuffle would be provocative. One member of cabinet said Another minister says for the Premier, it would have been electoral suicide tried the same thing and failed. pointing out Morris Iemma to punish anyone. I won't be reshuffling They'll continue to do so. All ministers have my support. there is no spill, As far as I'm concerned, there is no speculation. there is no plot,

"plots galore". But in the words of one minister, so far is MPs are in two camps. The reason there's been no challenge They either back Nathan Rees

Frank Sartor or John Della Bosca. or are split on whether they support over and over again I have made it clear the Premier enjoys my support. I think that's probably it, folks. At least for now, is opinion polling but the next obvious trigger due in three weeks time. and turns left There are plenty more twists before the issue is resolved, Peter. A self-help course is being linked of a young Sydney woman. to the dramatic death left her in a highly disturbed state, An inquest has heard how the course from an office window. before she leapt to her death was known by everyone Rebekah Lawrence as a shy, modest. and stable young woman So when she stripped naked and jumped to her death from a city building nearly four years ago, her husband was left crying out for answers. It's hard reliving everything but this is all about closure - finding out what really happened to Rebekah.

Today a coroner's inquest heard that two days before her death the 34-year-old had completed a high intensity self-help course,

which was promoted as journey to the core of the human spirit. David Booth told the court it left his wife Then two hours before she jumped - she slipped into a psychotic state. Counsel assisting Robert Bromwich said

For years, Rebekah Lawrence had wanted to attend the program to resolve issues in her life, but the inquest heard that she been warned by a friend that the four-day course was likely to leave her feeling upset and unbalanced. On the day of her death, Rebekah tried to contact the Cremorne-based self-help group but couldn't get through. Damian Ryan, Nine News.

When you drop your toddler off at a childcare centre how sure are you that they're being well looked after? There are calls tonight for tougher penalties against childcare centres that fail to meet proper standards, with news that of the 10 centres prosecuted this year - seven remain open. It's called Honey Pot Haven, but its reputation is anything but sweet. Children were humiliated, there were instances where they were shouted at, one incident where the physical handling of the child was not appropriate.

The licensee was convicted and fined $8,500. I had no idea at all. It's not something that I was aware of. So far this year, 10 childcare centres have been prosecuted and fined about $124,000. Seven of the centres are still operating,

most of them in the Illawarra region. When kids are hurt in any kind of way, when their dignity is not upheld, I think that the penalties need to be a lot stiffer. Two of the centres didn't have staff qualified to care for kids under two. This is a snapshot of other offences, including dirty floors and furniture, children exposed to broken power switches and dangerous chemicals.

The gap under this fence makes a dangerous escape route. The breaches are posted on the department's website. But the centres are only exposed when court action is completed. Then, to download the information, parents have to go through several steps. Hiding it behind a website that's really difficult to navigate isn't a good way of getting that information across. If people have suggestions for how we can improve the website, we'd love to hear them. Gabriella Rogers, Nine News. A trial of a swine flu vaccine for children began today at the Children's Hospital at Westmead. 400 children aged between six months and eight years will be recruited from around the country to test the dosage and safety of the vaccine. The results of the trial should be known by September, with plans for the vaccine to be available by October. A trial on adults is already under way. Malcolm Turnbull has moved to restore his leadership authority by unveiling a new emissions trading proposal. But even though it's greener and cheaper than the Government's plan - Mr Turnbull admits it's still not Liberal Party policy. Some feathered inhabitants of Parliament House

insisted on sharing lunch with National Party Senate leader Barnaby Joyce.

(Squawks) As someone said, that may be why they're called 'mag-pies'. Boom! Boom! But Senator Joyce, the Coalition's leading climate change sceptic,

sees nothing amusing in an emissions trading scheme. Even the new, streamlined super-duper version unveiled by Malcolm Turnbull this morning. The National Party position remains the same. We will not be voting for an ETS. Which is why Mr Turnbull had hardly explained the details before he made a frank admission. No, it is not Coalition policy. Mr Turnbull and independent senator Nick Xenophon commissioned a private consultancy firm to develop the plan. They claim it would cut carbon emissions by twice as much as the Government scheme by 2020

at two-thirds the cost. They say household electricity bills would rise by only 5% in the short term, compared with a 25% hike if Kevin Rudd's legislation is passed. On top of that... It will ensure that there are be more jobs - more Australians in work. Climate Change Minister Penny Wong says it all has the distinct taste of magic pudding. It is not a credible alternative. It's a smokescreen. But it gives Mr Turnbull a credible reason to argue that rather than rushing flawed legislation through parliament, the Government should negotiate with the Opposition for an improved scheme. And it will provide justification when Coalition senators reject the Government's bill on Thursday.

Laurie Oakes, Nine News. The controversial radio stunt, that saw the Kyle and Jackie O Show taken off the air, hasn't stopped them from being nominated for three top radio awards

including best on air team. The Commercial Radio Association says

finalists were chosen weeks before the lie detector stunt and winners have not been decided yet. Meanwhile, ratings figures show that

many viewers have abandoned Australian Idol, possibly because Kyle Sandilands remains as a judge on the early episodes. All is set for a thrilling finale to the Ashes series at The Oval next week after Australia completed a crushing victory in the fourth Test. The series is now locked at 1-1, after the Aussies won by an innings and 80 runs in Leeds. Mitchell Johnson took 5/69 in the second innings, Marcus North named man of the match. Australia's Ashes campaign - back on track, COMMENTATOR - Bowled him. There it is - Australia have their win - they're back in the series. The crushing win over the old enemy complete in just 2.5 days. Rich reward for the tourists and captain Ricky Ponting. I've said from the start how much it would mean to me to win here. It took three balls for the first wicket to fall. Edged and caught.

And when Prior knicked one to Haddin, an embarrassing drubbing looked certain. But Stuart Broad and Graeme Swann

were keen on restoring at least some national pride. That is really thumped away. It was only a matter of time before England's tail completely crumbled, Mitchell Johnson picking up five wickets. Ponting admits his biggest challenge will be keeping a lid on excitement levels. There's 10 days between now and the fifth and deciding Test at The Oval, an eternity in Test cricket.

Andrew Strauss isn't panicking, opting instead for calm reflection.

As a team we've always come back well after performing badly. Not since 1966 has a fifth Test decided an Ashes series. Clint Stanaway, Nine News, Headingley. In the news ahead - the crackdown on pedestrians distracted by their iPods. And some of the world's greatest masterpieces heading to Australia.

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Crossing the road while listening to your iPod could land you with a fine or even in jail under a tough new crackdown by police. They claim there's been an alarming rise in the number of accidents caused by distracted pedestrians wandering into danger. Tuning out the traffic...'s a dangerous distraction.

Can you hear the traffic alright when you've got your iPod on? No. Not at all?

36 decibels of isolation. There's been a surge in pedestrian deaths this year, with 36 killed on our roads. Police are cracking down on people wandering into traffic, distracted by music or mobile phones. A pedestrian listening to an iPod was hit by a car, walked in the path of a car. Wasn't killed, fortunately, but received injuries and a fine.

Last year police issued 460 fines to pedestrians not paying attention to road safety. And if you think a $100 fine sounds a bit steep, there is a far tougher penalty with police warning distracted pedestrians who cause traffic accidents could end up in jail. Walk in front of the car, make the car swerve to miss them and the car hits a tree and kills or injures the driver or passenger,

in that car, they could be liable for very serious offences. Traffic safety groups say manufacturers are partly responsible. These companies have been ignoring their responsibilities for far too long - these devices are lethal. Police hope the tough penalties will encourage common sense. If you're going to run around with these on,

I think you've got to be mindful of what you're doing at the same time. Amelia Adams, Nine News. Asia's most ruthless terrorist has dodged police yet again, with Indonesian authorities revealing that a man killed in a weekend raid was not the fanatic, Noordin Top, as they first believed. Fingerprints of the victim don't match, but police say the terrorist leader was at the house shortly before they arrived. Dozens of people are missing as a typhoon causes havoc in China. Typhoon Morakot is a monster, 1,600km wide. It caused havoc in Taiwan over the weekend and now the mainland is reeling, with floods forcing the evacuation of at least one million people. It's being billed as a once in a lifetime opportunity,

a chance to see some of the world's greatest art here in Australia. The Musee d'Orsay in Paris is sending more than 100 of its post-Impressionist masterpieces to Canberra's National Gallery. They include works by van Gogh, Cezanne and Monet. The exhibition opens in early December

and runs until April next year.

Steph is next with sport

and things just get better and better for Parramatta? Peter, they're surging towards the finals on the back of four straight wins. And now another star is ready to return from a long-term injury.

And one of our winter Olympic medal hopefuls comes a cropper at Thredbo.

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Former Origin prop Ben Ross has signed with Souths for next season, but he needs to pass a medical on Wednesday on his injured neck to complete a miracle comeback.

Meanwhile, Parramatta's finals charge received another huge boost today with their forgotten star Feleti Mateo saying he's ready to play after three months on the sidelines with a bicep injury. New heroes have emerged in Feleti Mateo's absence, including Fuifui Moimoi, who even avoided a tackle from the Eels media manager so he wouldn't have to front the cameras today. Despite his position as chief play-maker, Mateo knows he can't stroll into the reborn Eels side.

It's a credit to the team and shows how good the team's going. It was unfortunate to get injured, but it's just part of the game. Mateo has been frustrated not being part of the Eels' charge,

but is fuming at suggestions he's at war with the coach. You and the coach, you alright? Yeah, sweet, mate. I love this place, I love this club. I've said it lots of times -

he's a hard man, like I said, a lot of times, but he's fair. The Eels want to be sure there are no issues with Mateo

and club chief executive Paul Osborne will sit down with him this week to tell him he wants him to be an Eel for the long run. On the sidelines for the long haul, Souths skipper Roy Asotasi. He needs a knee reconstruction, but says his team won't miss his leadership. We've got some leaders there - Michael Crocker, Luke Stuart and Craig Wing who definitely can guide that team to a finals berth. Problems for the table-topping Dragons - Matt Cooper's heel injury has reduced him to being a spectator at training early in the week. It's just annoying at the moment. It's just pretty sore every time I run, so I just gotta take it easy. Justin Poore may be sidelined for three games for this tackle

and Matt Prior and Beau Scott face a week for their dangerous throw. Danny Weidler, Nine News. As we reported earlier, Australia is celebrating a crushing fourth Test win against England and there should be plenty of fireworks in the decider at The Oval. In the lead-up to the Aussies' win, former Test opener Justin Langer provided the team with a dossier on the weaknesses of the English players, saying they lacked self-belief.

He must have helped Australia went on to win by an innings and 80 runs and after a woeful tour, Johnson picked up 5/69 in the second innings. Australia needs only a draw in the fifth Test to retain the Ashes. A scare for Australia's winter Olympic medal hopeful Jenny Owens. who had a nasty tumble during a giant slalom run at the Australian Alpine Championships in Thredbo.

Owens was dazed but thankfully, not seriously hurt and as the fall happened at the final gate, she still finished in the race. Tiger Woods just keeps winning, but this time he had some help from Ireland's Padraig Harrington. Woods won the Bridgestone Invitational by four shots, Harrington was leading until a triple-bogey at the 16th. Robert Allenby was Australia's best, tying for second. While the 16th was Harrington's downfall, Woods homed in on the flag to set up another birdie opportunity. COMMENTATOR: That is unbelievable! Harrington could feel his chances sinking after he chipped out of the rough and into the water. Woods stayed calm, following up last week's win at the Buick with another PGA title.

Now to finance - Jaynie's next with the weather and showers with possible storms in Sydney tomorrow? Yes, Peter, then it's back to blue skies for the rest of the week. All those details for you shortly. details next. n z

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A cool bite for Sydney this morning, 2-4 below the average for most suburbs. A lot of high cloud, so we only hit a top of 16 in the city and Cronulla. We have a low in the south-east, which is responsible for patchy rain and storms. In terms of NSW, the southern inland will pick up the heaviest. And if you're under a storm, potentially 5mm-10mm of rain. Capitals, Melbourne and Hobart expecting rain. Possible storms in Canberra. Sydney, a few showers in the afternoon and a couple of storms, especially on or just off the coast.

So the city tomorrow, 18. Then you are going to love the next few days, if you're a fan of warmer weather. Low 20s right through to Monday. Westerly winds, cool nights. Western Suburbs, your nights will be colder. During the day, low 20s, apart from tomorrow - pack a brollie.

Then a gorgeous week, but not so good for the catchments, Peter. That's Nine News for this Monday. I'm Peter Overton.

Melbourne Storm player Greg Inglis

has been charged with assault.

storms for Canberra. Tonight ... storms for Canberra. Tonight ... The

Federal Opposition unveils its own

carbon emissions scheme.

carbon emissions scheme. Some of carbon emissions scheme. Some of the

world' s most famous artworks world' s most famous artworks bound

for the National Gallery, And, a for the National Gallery, And, a

man fronts court as police crack man fronts court as police crack

down on bogus triple zero calls.

Good evening, I' m Jessica Good, Good evening, I' m Jessica Good, An

unlikely agreement in the Senate is unlikely agreement in the Senate is

set to jeopardise the Rudd

Government' s plan to introduce

Government' s plan to introduce a

carbon trading scheme in Australia. Both the Coalition and Both the Coalition and the