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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - with a record fall in house prices. Sydney's real estate shock A big reward offered for a man's killers. in the desperate search

to fix a deadly Sydney road How works only made the carnage worse. And TV's new golden girl that's now packed full of Logies. from the hit show This is so bloody marvellous! with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. thought the worst was over, Just when property experts have plummeted a record amount - Sydney's house prices more than 7% in the year to March. is boosting sales While the first homebuyers scheme in the western suburbs, has taken a big dive. the high end of the market It's another 'R' word could do without. the Sydney housing market A record drop in property values - of an economy in recession. further evidence across the country We haven't seen a fall since the '70s. anything like this amount

by the Bureau of Statistics show Figures released

dropped 2.9% Sydney's property values in the three months to March. prices dropped 7.3%. In the past 12 months, one the worst quarterly numbers I think this is probably we're likely to see. I'd be surprised if quarterly falls in Sydney this quarter. get much bigger than they did

for prestige homes A massive fall in the market is being blamed. Agents in Sydney's west and the first homebuyers grant They say low rates are generating great demand. Very strong results at auction. Certainly in that lower price range. at the moment. We just can't get enough stock The buyers are running us over.

were also disappointing. Interstate results Melbourne and Brisbane suffered similar falls while Perth's double-digit hit was the highest. Sydney will recover first - slowly. Analysts expect Suburbs tipped to enjoy the most growth are: Castle Hill, Blacktown, Kellyville, Greystanes and Glenmore Park.

than most other capitals Sydney is better positioned

in terms of residential housing. to lead the country out Based on these numbers, than we thought. it may take a few more quarters not to expect any relief And homeowners have been warned interest rate announcement. from tomorrow's Reserve Bank rates are likely to remain steady. Most economists say a year-long murder mystery Sydney police trying to solve handing out leaflets to commuters. have taken the rare step of

is at Central Station. Robert Ovadia what are they hoping to achieve? Rob, are looking for three people - Chris, investigators two men and a woman - someone recognises their faces. and they're simply hoping that They know they use the rail network. Security vision shows them here was punched in the head. the night Brian Gilsenan to find his killers. There's a $100,000 reward Two cowards - as he lies motionless one feigns a kick at Brian Gilsenan that would eventually kill him. with brain injuries A king hit is all it took, hit the ground. the Scottish IT specialist's head They didn't rob him there was no provocation. and it seems Brian was really a good man. He was a kind-hearted man really. and I'd call him soft-hearted,

he was 54. Mr Gilsenan had two daughters, suburban train stations Today, police targeted and Central and Town Hall... around the station at all? Have you seen these people if they recognise the three people ..asking commuters detectives are hunting. so any information would be great. We need to know who they are, that know these individuals Footage is good enough for people to recognise them, to recognise themselves. or the individuals themselves Security cameras show and a well-dressed young woman the young men at Central before and after the attack and walking around the city. is offering a $100,000 reward The New South Wales Government the arrest and conviction for information leading to of those responsible. with this man. Police also want to speak somebody knows something - Investigators are confident the three people involved. at the very least, And if nobody else comes forward, police hope one of those three to turn on the others. might have 100,000 reasons Police have broadened their search for four teenage inmates climbed a wall at Parramatta Jail The 18- and 19-year-olds yesterday afternoon to be in the city. and are now believed on assault and robbery charges. The four are due to be sentenced not to approach them. People are being warned

has revealed A Seven News investigation became even more dangerous one of Sydney's deadliest roads following major upgrades. making the road better Angry locals say but not necessarily safer was an accident waiting to happen. the Silverdale Speedway - It's been dubbed in Sydney's south-west a winding road of many young drivers. that has claimed the lives mourned four friends, 18-year-old Danny Vanderkolk

killed in a single car crash. on the same road. Two years later, he died who lives near Silverdale Road Anyone who lives... knows that road is dangerous - all the locals do. federal black spot funding. Wollondilly Council was granted It used the money to widen the road on the most dangerous bends. But here's the catch - and improving conditions widening roads to drive even faster encourages some people and take more risks. before the 1998 roadworks, In the five years a year on Silverdale Road. there were an average eight crashes to more than 16 a year. Afterwards, the average doubled the increase in speed The report found on black spot upgrades show A confidential government report

lethal roads Silverdale is one of four made more dangerous by federally funded work. Quite often what we've found in recent years is that we don't look at the total system. Just fixing one thing might lead to other problems. Other black spots where improvements produced more accidents include Lawrence Hargrave Drive at Thirroul, Mandurah Terrace in Perth and Queen's Road in Melbourne. This report has identified that there are some areas where issues have been raised. What's important is that there was a response and remedial action taken. Wollondilly Council says work over the past 12 months has reversed many of the road's problems -

too late for some. Why was it our sons had to be killed first to realise the road was dangerous? The swine flu crisis appears to be easing with Mexico confirming just 22 deaths and still no cases in Australia. But strict precautions remain in place, including quarantine for three Australians who do have swine flu in the UK. 29-year-old Kate Corbett, quarantined, homesick and far from happy with the British response to swine flu. No, not at all. I'm actually - I sort of wish I was in Australia for this. She says local health authorities have been pathetic. It was me who had to be proactive, I had to call them in the first place - no-one called me. Complaints, too, in Australia. At Perth Airport overnight, passengers were furious, held on a plane for two hours after reports of flu onboard. Nothing, no announcement from any of the cabin crew or the pilot. Just coming through Customs, then you're treated like someone - a leper. It's pathetic. Australia still has no confirmed cases, but today, news that an 8-month-old baby is being tested in Tasmania. The baby and its parents had been in Canada and the child may have infected others at its childcare centre. We cannot lower our guard. There is the high possibility that this virus will come back. Also, the Government's concerned over a rush on anti-flu drugs, like Tamiflu. We urge people not to panic, not to hoard these medications if they are not ill. The next problem for authorities is that as winter and the traditional flu season approaches many people will be confused or anxious that they have swine flu, and may swamp health services. We're obviously taking steps to ensure that our laboratory capacity has surge plans in place. Saving the planet will have to wait with the Rudd Government announcing its emissions trading scheme is being delayed 12 months until after the next election.

It could be even longer - the Opposition, Greens and one Independent all saying they'll vote against it. It's Kevin Rudd's climate-change change. What you have, effectively, is a slower start to the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. Effectively, a 1-year delay to his emissions trading scheme just five months after he said this... FILE FOOTAGE: To delay any longer would be reckless and irresponsible for our economy and for our environment. A massive backdown, a humiliating backdown. What's changed? The worst recession in three-quarters of a century - that's what's happened. Big polluters will get more compensation and a rock-bottom carbon price of $10 a tonne for the first year. I think it was sensible, I think it was pragmatic. I think it clearly means he's wanting to get the scheme up. For the Green lobby, there's a new promise for a 25% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020, but only if there's world agreement on that at December's Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. puts Australia in the position to help build an international agreement that counts. But Green senators and Independant Nick Xenophon

oppose the changes,

putting the climate change heat on Malcolm Turnbull's Opposition. On the basis of what we've seen today, no, we wouldn't support it. But that could set the climate for a double dissolution election and polling tells us the big losers there would be the Liberals. Australian television's new golden girl Rebecca Gibney is still glowing tonight after winning two Logies, including the gold.

'Packed to the Rafters' won six awards, including Most Popular Drama, outgunning its fierce rival 'Underbelly'.

After 25 years in the industry, it was Rebecca Gibney's night to shine. This is so bloody marvellous and I'm -

I'm really, really thrilled. Even more so, admitting she's battled depression and family violence. Last night, I kind of, I did - I think I did a bit of this and a bit of that and I was really beside myself.

The 'Packed to the Rafters' family shared the winning feeling, the popular drama taking home six Logies - the most of any show. Gibney's onscreen daughter Jessica Marais took out two. I hoped, but didn't know, that it would be so successful. Hugh Sheridan, who plays her son, also a winner. I never, ever, ever thought that this would happen. 'Home and Away's Todd Lasance beat 'Neighbours' veteran Ian Smith to win Most Popular Male Actor. He says two years ago, he was still watching the Logies at home. Going to the Logies, wouldn't that be incredible? And then to - what? - 18 months later, to be standing there with one of these - it's pretty incredible.

The red carpet saw a return of vintage glamour. Danni Minogue's new look showed how far she's come since the '80s, Rachel Griffiths added some Hollywood glamour, midnight blue, the new black. I had no idea it's such a hot colour. Look, Kate Ritchie's in it, too. There's me in blue, all about blue. Gretel Killeen's radical new hairstyle was finally unveiled.

Welcome to the 51st 'TV Week' Logie Awards. While Annie Lennox showed she's still got it. # No-one on earth could feel like this. # And so has Seven's factual and sports coverage -

Rose picked up to look under the

leak scored three. For those who

missed out altogether, there was the after party. Still to come - support for a retired cop's plan to reclaim Sydney's streets. Also, Alan Jones back at work but why the overcoat and scarf? And the competition's over to name 10 police recruits -

they all start with 'D'. We'll tell you what they are, next.

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A Sydney couple has gone on trial

over the death of their 9-month-old baby from severe malnourishment. Homeopath Thomas Sam and his wife Manju Samuel are accused of ignoring their doctors advice in treating their daughters eczema in 2002. Instead, they used homeopathic remedies,

and baby Gloria later died after contracting a bacterial infection. The couple is being tried for manslaughter. A retired Sydney cop is calling for tougher police action

against drunken yobs trashing his neighbourhood. Ron McDonald's been compared to a Clint Eastwood-style vigilante but he has plenty of support for zero tolerance.

He was a policeman for more than 30 years. Now, Ron McDonald is back on the beat, speaking up for older residents who no longer feel safe in the dark. Anything could happen - you could be assaulted,

you could be further abused with obscene language. The 70-year-old's been compared to Clint Eastwood's character in 'Gran Torino' who confronts gangsters taking over his neighbourhood. 'GRAN TORINO': Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn't have mess with? That's me. The police minister says its officers already have enough powers to stop anti-social behaviour. But Ron wants shorter trading hours

and laws allowing police to arrest people for being drunk in public. You'd never have enough room for everyone intoxicated on the street. The police union does support earlier closing. The Hotels Association doesn't but says drunks outside pubs are fair game. The minute you leave a licensed venue or choose to congregate in the park or on the beach, no-one's responsible, not even yourself. This senior citizen revolt isn't confined to Coogee. Ron is calling on communities around the State to take a stand against unruly, drunken behaviour. Get together and bring this home to the politicians that they want a stop put to this nonsense. 'GRAN TORINO': Get off my lawn. Sydney's king of breakfast radio Alan Jones has returned to his microphone after five weeks off with a throat infection. The 66-year-old who's survived two cancer scares has vowed to cut back his busy schedule but he's not retiring. He's back on the airwaves. It's 8:40. 131 873 is my open line number. And firing on all cylinders.

There's a higher issue here than just prosecuting people in gangs -

the higher issue is the death of justice. A rugged up Alan Jones is still battling the virus that kept him off air for a month. The virus decided it was facing a weak opponent and decided to prove it could win and it did. The talkback king is not used to losing. He's won rugby world cups, his horse has won the Golden Slipper and he's on top of the radio ratings. But in the past 10 months, he's fought prostate and skin cancer and a benign brain tumour. I admire you and I admire what you've been through and how you've come though. Thank you. Liza. Liza Minelli. Well wishes from his famous friends and much-loved listeners. Hi, Alan. Welcome back. Even Mr Rudd rang and wished me well which I thought was rather nice. Although Alan Jones is adamant he's back in this studio for good, after three major operations, questions remain about his health and his long-term future at 2GB. People have been doing this both here and in America into their 80s and who is to say that won't happen.

His obvious successor is colleague Ray Hadley. I plan on doing this for a few years yet to coincide with Alan. You're still here. And so is he. Kylie Minogue has left 18,000 skiers feeling on top of the world. She was the headline act to close Austria's ski season at one of the world's highest concert venues. (SINGS)

Hello, Ischgl! (CROWD CHEERS) Australians are popular in Austria. Melbourne singer Gabriella Cilmi opened the ski season. The Police Dog Unit has named its latest recruits after tallying votes from visitors to this year's Easter Show. The 10 German Shepherd pups are the first bred and raised at their Menai base.

What we are looking for in the future is to being able to do a number of things genetically with dogs and breeding better quality stock. The new police pups have been named Darcy, Dax, Demon, Dexter, Diego, Digger, Dingo, Dozer, Dragon and Delta. Time for sport with Alex Cullen and injuries are causing headaches for city selectors? Chris, there's been a few surprise selections -

we'll tell you who they are next. Also tonight, Benji Marshall in doubt for Friday's Test against the Kangaroos. And a sudden-death shoot-out the only way to settle a game of rugby. An elephant has been sighted removing the hands a clock. VOICEOVER: Optus 'yes' Timeless mobile plans. Now it's possible to talk for as long as you like as often as you like within Australia. Get unlimited standard calls and texts for $99 a month when you take a mobile internet pack for $14.99. (DRAMATIC MUSIC) You'll never have to worry about time again.

for bagging referees after the win against Cronulla. Fittler criticised some obstruction rulings and claimed his side was being "scrutinised to death". All eyes will be on Kiwi captain Benji Marshall in Brisbane with the Kangaroos doubting he'll be fit for Friday night's Test. Issac Luke trained with the Kiwis but the Souths hooker could miss the Test after he was charged with striking. The Aussies believe Benji Marshall's also doubtful with a corked calf.

I'm improving. I should be running tomorrow. It was a massive cork. stupid enough to play him if he can't stretch out. trained despite a thigh injury. Australian winger Darius Boyd No, no doubt. I was gonna play -

an extra couple of days and rest it. I said you might as well give it If Boyd's right, an all-Queensland backline. the Kangaroos will field It's ridiculous, isn't it? jobs cut out for 'em this year, 1 to 10 - New South Wales got their haven't they? 3-0 down so get in here, with the Queenslanders make nice friends and try and belt them. before I go out there For now, is this lots priority. revenge for the World Cup loss to, I guess, try and make amends. We've been given another opportunity At 32, Souths veteran Luke Stuart's with City. been given his first rep opportunity if I was good enough Never really knew I guess I'll find out. so on Friday night

and Chris Lawrence will play City centres Michael Jennings of ankle problems. after they were cleared so be sweet for this week. No sorta break just bruising

Originally reluctant - country centre Jamie Lyon says if selected. he'll be sweet for Origin 2 If I'm picked, I'll definitely play and give 100%. Junior Afualo Warriors Toyota Cup prop for five weeks may not play any footy for this horror throw after he was charged against the Dragons.

have praised the efforts Sydney Swans players of Canadian rugby convert Mike Pyke against Richmond. in his first game for the club Taking it easy in the pool today, with this grab in defence Pyke impressed in Sydney's 19-point win. Yeah, he's a bit different. He's doin' really well he can continue to learn and hopefully

which was fantastic. and give us that effort yesterday The Swans next travel to Geelong expected to miss that game with Gary Ablett with a groin strain. with a 7-wicket victory Pakistan have stunned Australia one-day international in their fifth and final in Abu Dhabi. Chasing Australia's 250, Kamran Akmal and Misbah Ul Haq with three overs to spare. sealed the win off to a good start, Shane Watson got the visitors cracking 2 sixes and 6 fours one-day century for Australia. on the way to his second out of the game for a while, COMMENTATOR: Having been a very satisfying feeling for him. this will be in his first three overs Nathan Hauritz took two wickets put on 198 off 186 balls before Akmal and Ul Haq for the win. 3-2. Australia won the series, though, History has been made in Cardiff

in rugby. with the first-ever shoot-out The Heineken Cup semifinal and Cardiff Blues between the Leicester Tigers was locked at 26-26 at full-time. after 20 minutes of extra play They couldn't be seperated was the only way to settle it. so a shoot-out it came down to the forwards. After going kick for kick, The Cardiff flanker hooked his kick Jordan Crane while Leicester number 8 got his team through to the final.

Even I could have kicked that. Checking finance now at a record high for the year. and the share market has closed

carbon emissions trading scheme The delay in the Government's boosted investor confidence. The ASX 200 soared 113 points. Sara's next with the weather

but will it last, Sara? and the week's off to a warm start

Chris, temperatures jumped 3 degrees above the average but a cool southerly change is moving through. I'll have the details, next.

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combined with northerly winds Bright, sunny skies in Sydney - to make it a perfect autumn day pity it had to fall on a Monday. Today, the city reached 23 degrees - our warmest day in more than a week. and 17 at Parramatta. It's now 20 in town Weak sea breezes kept tops down to 22 on the coast Liverpool, Parramatta, but Gosford, all made it to 24 and Penrith which is 4 up on normal. On the charts - we've got a few showers and storms the New South Wales North Coast right now over while on the South Coast, is being driven by a front. a weak southerly change the New South Wales coast That change will push up

this evening, overnight. with southerly winds freshening

Quite the opposite in WA feeding warm, northerly winds with a high in the Bight across the State. of 28 degrees to Perth. That'll bring a very warm top There's the chance of a shower in Brisbane but fine elsewhere. along the coast this evening A shower or two is expected southerly change moves through. as that moderate-to-fresh about tomorrow morning, Then there could be the odd shower

20 in town. partly cloudy and cooler, 15 in the mountains. Cronulla, 19 at Terrey Hills, Liverpool, Parramatta, Up to 21 at and Campbelltown. Penrith, After tomorrow, a high in the Bight will take over, bringing mostly fine weather for the remainder of the week. Temperatures are about where they should be for this time of the year, with tops of 20 to 22.

Lots of sunshine, a pretty good we

cared. - a week ahead.

And that's Seven news to now during the evening. but we'll have updates is with the Gold Logie winner Our crew her night of nights. before, during and after see what the stars get up to And then, the cameras were switched off. when they thought caring for his very sick dad The 10-year-old 24 hours a day. like to complain, If any of your children get them to watch the life of Jack. for the world's best job - 16 nationalities in the race we take you to Hamilton Island.

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Matt White. VOICEOVER: Now, Today Tonight with First tonight, backstage at TV's biggest night. You're about to see all the red carpet and after-party antics

you normally don't see from the Logies. Today Tonight spent the day and night with gold Logie winner Rebecca Gibney and the winning cast of 'Packed to the Rafters'. Here's Lynda Kinkade. Everyone looks gorgeous.

This is as close as I can get to the Kruger with this dress. We're about to visit Australia's favourite TV mum, the hot nomination for gold tonight. Hello. Linda Kinkade, Rebecca! Look, we're twins. Matching hairdo, hang on - mine is on this side, yours is on... These are the winning colours for tonight. They are, absolutely. How are you feeling?