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Tonight - at the new self- Wells

budget, a one. Preet billion

dollars deficit but relief for

homebuyers. This is a beacon of

hope for NSW. Judy Moran, one of

three people arrested over the

murder of her brother-in-law. A

Railcorp manager Railcorp manager caught in the act,

taking a bag full of cash from a contractor.

Good evening, I am Bill Woods.

I'm Sandra Sully. A stunning twist

affair. in the Cronulla Sharks donation

And a puppy somehow survives been

flushed down the loo.

Daniel told me he had put the puppy

in the toilet to clean him.

First, the extraordinary

development tonight in the saga

surrounding Tony Zappia and

donations to the Cronulla Sharks.

The man who donated money to the

club through the former club boss

has been arrested on suspicion of

fraud. What have police told you?

the saviour This is the man who could have been

the saviour of the sharks. He told

everyone he was terminally ill and

wanted to donate his life insurance wanted to donate his life insurance

pay up to help his beloved Sharks.

But he is in police custody as

police investigate whether or not

that pay-out may have been the that pay-out may have been the

result of a scam. He was taken into

custody at a Cronulla hotel. As he

left this afternoon, while he was

meeting with the board of directors

to Cronulla, he wanted to Cronulla, he wanted to chat to

him about the payment he made to

Tony Zappia's bank account. That

money was apparently going to the

Cronulla Sharks. But police say

that they have spoken to this man's

doctors in his hometown and they

have spoken to the doctors and they

believe they have not treated this

man for any life-threatening

condition and the pay-out may have

been a result of an insurance been a result of an insurance scam.

Police have raided his home. They

have seized documents, but also

taken away a whole lot of Cronulla

Sharks momentos and souvenirs as

part of their investigation. This

is a big twist in the case. What

happens now to the $30,000 he has

donated to this foundation remains

to be seen. The board is due

The board is due to meet with Tony

Zappia to discuss the situation Zappia to discuss the situation

tonight. Is it still going ahead?

Tony Zappia arrived here at the

club a short time ago. The board of

directors is keen to meet him

tonight. A club spokesman said,

what happened today will not change what happened today will not change

their investigation into Tony

Zappia. They still want to know why this $30,000 was this $30,000 was donated to Tony

Zappia and the club members and

board members were not told.

Thank you four. Record debt, record Thank you four. Record debt, record

spending and no new taxes. Today's

State Budget has been labelled a

beacon of hope by the treasurer but

has also brought grim news on

soaring unemployment with revenue

plunging by $10 billion.

A but there is hope for the A but there is hope for the ailing

housing industry. Stamp duty for

new homes will be cut by half for

six months. This is really the last

piece in the Budget puzzle.

That is right. Much of it had been

leaked in today's revelation about

the stamp duty cut. That was the

last piece of the puzzle. The

budget has been budget has been delivered by

Treasurer Eric Roozendaal, his Treasurer Eric Roozendaal, his

first Budget, and it will send the

state into the largest debt since

1992. The Opposition finds it hard

to believe the government can bring the state back.

This was Treasurer Eric

rowdy full house. Roozendaal's first four budget to a

The aim was to get the economy in The aim was to get the economy in

50% cut to order and to do so, he announced a

50% cut to stamp duty for newly

built homes. Everyone except first

home buyers will be eligible

including investors, to kick-start

construction. A building blitz of

that takes our investment in jobs

to new record levels. The stamp

duty stimulus will last six months

but new home buyers purchasing a

$400,000 home also $6,500 with a limit of

limit of $11,000 for new homes up

to $600,000. It is good news. It

not only for those people looking

to get into the market but also for to get into the market but also for

job creation. Even with the job creation. Even with the

discounts, stamp duty in Queensland

is less. It is the first time we

have offered an incentive to none

first time buyers. There will be

other measures including $200

million on interest free million on interest free Rome's two

councils to build facilities and

$35 million for community building

projects in the 93 electrodes in

the state. This is a beacon of hope.

There is almost a doubling of debt

it to go along. The deficit is $1.3

billion this year and billions more

debt on top to fund big spending

promises. Unemployment is forecast

promises. Unemployment is forecast

to hit 8.5% and $10 billion in

revenue lost. The NSW government

was going to faced a difficult

budget. Not wanting to cut back

such budget Russian's the economic

recovery. They have delivered well.

The Treasurer believes he can bring

the state back to surplus. We are

running deficits but we are back in

black within two years. They are black within two years. They are

based on fantasy figures which

offer an -- offer neither families

or businesses the certainty and

hope they need. I commend this bill

to the House. A whether Labor can

test. make it a reality will be the true

The Treasurer Eric Roozendaal joins

us from State Parliament. This

Budget is rather grim. Rising

unemployment and lots of debt. There

There is no doubt NSW will feel the

impact of the financial crisis

which is why we have $62.9 billion invested to job-creating

infrastructure, supporting 160,000

jobs each year. The forecast is for jobs each year. The forecast is for

$2 million, two years before you

will be out of debt for the

government but the state forecast

initiative is grim. You are not taking another

initiative perhaps? We have new

initiatives to encourage investment

and to help councils to liver

infrastructure quicker and new

community partnership to deliver

social infrastructure at -- deliver. social infrastructure at -- deliver.

Transport is it big platform and

new initiatives there? well before the next election. No

new initiatives there? We have a

$530 million for the Sydney Metro

which will form the backbone of a

new metro network for rapid

underground transit around Sydney.

Thank you.

DOCS admits it should have done

more to help stop a 12-year-old

girl from falling pregnant to her

live-in boyfriend. But Department

officials admit they cannot officials admit they cannot

guarantee it will not happen again.

A 12-year-old girl has been badly

let down by the Department of

community services and will give

birth to her first child in a few

months. When she was 11, her father

became concerned when he learnt his

ex-wife was allowing his daughter's

boyfriend to move into the family

home and share his daughter's bed.

He immediately made He immediately made contact with

DOCS but his pleas for help fell on

deaf ears. In hindsight, further

investigation should have been done

and more should have been done for

his family. He called police for

help but was told because of both

children were under the age of

consent, they could not investigate

unless his daughter made an

allegation of sexual assault. He

pleaded with DOCS to intervene but

it was too late. By the time he it was too late. By the time he

took custody of his daughter in

March, she had fallen pregnant. The

NSW State Government set aside a

further $290 million for DOCS but

the state opposition believes no

amount of money can fix the

cultural problems within the

department. Where was DOCS a sense

about community values about a part

of that age sleeping and living,

sexually, with another

sexually, with another child of the

same age? DOCS. In and help the

girl as she prepares to give birth.

A stunning development in

Melbourne's latest murder with the

rest of the victim's sister-in-law.

Judy Moran, less than 24 hours

after Desmond Moran was ambushed,

the woman who lost two husbands and two

two sons in the bloody gang and

battle was taken into custody. --

gangland. She was one of three

people arrested. What is taking place now?

As far as we know, all three

suspects remain at the St Kilda

Road complex behind us. Judy Moran,

a 64-year-old woman, was one of

those taken into custody. There was a

a 43-year-old man police suspect of

being one of the gunmen in the

murder of Des Moran. There is a 45-

year-old woman who is suspected of

being an accessory to murder. They

have not been officially charged

but police have told us that they

are expected to be charged before the night is out.

Are they expected to face a court hearing tonight? Initially police Initially police thought they would

be transferred to court this

afternoon but the process of

questioning has taken longer than

they thought. At this late hour, we

do not believe they will go to

court. There may be a special out

of sessions hearing at the St Kilda

Road complex, but police are yet to confirm that.

Sport headlines now. Is a new blues of sorts of sorts for the next origin.

It is But there's a Maroons issue

that has our coach hot under the

collar. Ahead - the squad that's

something old, something new, but

not quite blue. But winger David

Williams says his whiskers whisper

to him. We will find out what they are whispering shortly.

Plus of this former

Plus of this former Aussie golf pro

once beat Tiger Woods. Now he is

one of the favourites of

'Masterchef' Australia. But he is

finding that is the real pressure environment.

Changes to the Wallabies team and another AFL coach quits.

Still to come - the Commonwealth

Bank denies throwing lavish parties

while borrowers struggle.

while borrowers struggle.

Also - caught in the act - bribe

cash handed to a corrupt Railcorp manager.

And inspiring young Sydneysiders

break down language barriers to make themselves heard. Multiculturalism is in


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Secret cameras have caught a

RailCorp Scannell red-handed. The tapes have been

tapes have been released at the

latest corruption enquiry as more

can Fairseat guilt. You're watching

corruption on camera and is about

to catch a RailCorp steamer. Hidden

cameras in a car boot of record

$15,000 cash they handed over to

win a lucrative government contract.

I have to pay I have to pay $20,000 bond so at

the moment all could get was

$15,000. The RailCorp employee or

Wasim Khan sent his brother Tabriz

Khank to collect the money. And

though collecting a vital evidence.

His cousin told him today he

convinced him he was convinced him he was saving a roll-

call of money so he was pocketing a

secret commission. He did agree it

was not a normal way of doing business.

This was a family affair. Wasim

Khan's uncle Muhammad Ali agreed he

helped organise the bribes. helped organise the bribes. He

finished the evidence with the an

impromptu apology saying his

indiscretion was unforgivable and

he would try not to do anything

like this again. Tomorrow RailCorp

of Bob sq Aiden Hughes takes the

stand. More of the big banks have

moved to raise mortgage rates. The Commonwealth Bank Commonwealth Bank has been accused

of planning a lavish party while

borrowers battle to repay their

home loans. Families are weighed

down by mortgage repayments can

take heart from the Reserve Bank

board. It does suggest things are

improving. We are pencilling in the

possibility of a further rate cut

further down the track. While further down the track. While the

official interest rate might come

down it is unlikely the bigger

banks will follow. The Commonwealth

Bank lifted its variable mortgage

rate last week. This not a signal

that interest rates are about to go

up and consumers need not panic

about that. The banks are fully to

-- collectively thumbing -- collectively thumbing their

noses of the Government. Some

people are describing the banks as

selfish but then saying they're not

going to do anything about it is

not good enough. They should stop

saying please to the banks. Their

allegations are Commonwealth Bank

was going to hold a $500,000 party

for staff at this party. -- Total. for staff at this party. -- Total.

People are sick of this taxpayer

guarantee while they're at lording

over Moving On Up. The everyone who

goes to the banks for their loans

would like some explanation. The

bank says that there is a party for

the staff at the cost of $100 per

person instead of staff payment

increases. Angry scenes outside increases. Angry scenes outside a

Liverpool council last night after

approval was given to build a new

Islamic school. Hundreds spilled

outside the chambers. We do not

need more schools here. It has got

nothing to do with what sort of

school it is. Everyone is against

it and they have put it in any way.

Faced with the backlash, three

councillors are still blocked final approval

approval until the end of the month.

Some young students in the western

suburbs have shown skill and

courage are would put plenty of

adults to shame and they have

helped break down the language

barrier in the process. But it is a

fact that many people fear public-

speaking more than death, but not

these kids. Have you ever wondered

what are things people call shooting stars?

shooting stars? Peace and tolerance

must be restored so that refugees

can return home. These primary-

school the students give up one

lunchtime per week to learn public

speaking and they are currently

practising to compete in one of the

state's toughest contests. This

girl grew up in the country, too

nervous to ever get up and speak in

front of papal until she was

encouraged to us take part in an

Eisteddfod. Most of her school is

non-English-speaking backgrounds so

for a lot of them this is really

important. Now after months of

preparation, D-Day is finally here

as a public speakers get ready to

take part in the prestigious Sydney

Eisteddfod. Are

Eisteddfod. Are you nervous? We are.

It is about engaging the audience

and being flawed. In my school

community each person is made to

feel valued, appreciated and

special. Eventually humans started

to think and introduced an

education system. One ball in the

air plus one more ball in the air equals

equals how many balls in the air?

When you're Drachen grows too big

for the bar after be one after

leave it out and the rain. Some

tense moments while judging takes

place. I felt really happy and my

mum will feel really happy. A very

hard act to follow up but here is

to him. A bid arraign about?

to him. A bid arraign about? Grey

and order Mary-Ann very blowing.

Let's get to the wind first. There

were aghast at 75 km/h at Botany

Bay. South-western areas of the

State had 6-month highs - anywhere

from 16 millimetres to 22

millimetres. 11 millimetres in the

city of Sydney. A grey old day and

more showers on the way with these

south-easterly winds. The only son

where saying is in this beautiful

photograph the have sent us. This

is a Ripper. This is on the far

north coast of the State. That is

just magic staff and you're in the

running to win

running to win a camera. If you

would like to be involved in this

competition, but email us. We have

the eastern Sydney Bulldogs - a

good story. Stay with us. Just ahead,

ahead, a new investigation into

Queensland's notorious death in

custody. Also election chaos - custody. Also election chaos -

riots in Tehran turned deadly. And

a puppy somehow survives being

flushed down the loo. Daniel told

me he put the party in the toilet to clean him.

See ya. MAN: Need a cab, sir? No, I'm right, thanks. Cheers.

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This program is captioned live. This program is captioned live.

Welcome back. Now for the latest on

tonight's traffic with Vic Lorusso.

Some major delays for those

travelling on the M4 tonight.

We feel for motorists heading home

into Penrith. But there has been a

major accident near Sinclair on the

M4. The investigations and clean-

ups are happening. Lane three is

closed. It was blocked off for a

good hour. -- St Clair. This is a

long line of traffic heading from

the Western suburbs all the way

towards Penrith. Delays start back

past Holmbush bay. It goes all the

way back to home Bush. You can see

how bad it is. If you are waiting

for family and friends, they will

be the late -- delayed. It has been

a significant crash. More

a significant crash. More details later.

A new inquest will be held into the

death in custody of Mulrunji

Domadgee on Palm Island in 2004.

The court ruled it should be

reopened but the judges agreed to

set aside the earlier coroners

finding that Senior Sergeant Chris

Hurley was responsible for the

death of Mulrunji Domadgee. A new

coroner we examine how he died in coroner we examine how he died in custody while on Palm

custody while on Palm Island. The

arrogance of the judicial system to

want to reopen it, but those

families through pain and suffering

and get the same outcome, I have no

idea what they are thinking.

Officer Hurley was also acquitted

of manslaughter at trial.

Dr ING Direct Finance report now.

Dr ING Direct Finance report now.

Another sea of red. What happened?

The miners played heavily on the

market with bhp and Rio Tinto

sharply lower. Wall Street did not

have any positive leads to offer.

Trade was dampened by the G8

finance minister's comments that

significant risks remain to

economic stability. Executives mega

salaries have been put under a

microscope in a series of

microscope in a series of public

hearings. The global financial

crisis highlighting concern that

remuneration levels have outstripped company performance.

Shareholder as themselves have

achieved the same value from their

shares. Their share prices have

dropped. In those circumstances,

they do not understand why

executive's remuneration as she

continued to go up. The shareholders' association wants

shareholders' association wants

boards to be made more accountable

but does not believe additional but does not believe additional

regulation is the answer. Big

losses across the board today.

That is the day in finance.

Tomorrow, a look at where we are

going with figures set to paint a

picture of economic activity in the months ahead.

Another day of violent clashes in

Iran. Seven people were killed and Iran. Seven people were killed and

many injured when a pro-government

gunmen opened fire on a rally of

opposition party supporters.

In a defiantly it dangerous stand, In a defiantly it dangerous stand,

hundreds of thousands of protesters

hundreds of thousands of protesters surged into the centre of Tehran.

They claim that the election was

rigged and ignored a government

banned to support the man who they

think one. A reformist leader. It think one. A reformist leader. It

is not election. It was a fraught

election. Amid the chaos, shots

from a rooftop rang out. The first

casualty of this disputed election

was carried away, dead. More were was carried away, dead. More were

injured in some of the worst street

violence in decades. As they march,

Iran's supreme leader organised --

ordered an investigation as to

whether the election was fixed.

Burning bicycles and buildings lit

up the streets. The election has

attracted concern from world

leaders. It would be wrong for me

to be silent about what we have

seen on the television. We know the

true nature of the regime. Now the

whole world knows that. President

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not backing

down from claiming victory. He has

escaped to Russia for a series of

international meetings.

An Australian sporting team is

still in quarantine in South Korea

because of swine flu fears. The

Under 21 lacrosse squad has been

held up in a hotel near Seoul since held up in a hotel near Seoul since

Sunday. A 19-year-old player is in Sunday. A 19-year-old player is in

hospital, testing positive to swine

flu. Despite showing no symptoms,

17 other players and six staff

members have been confined to their

hotel for seven days as a

precaution. They are expected to

miss the Asia-Pacific cross left -- miss the Asia-Pacific cross left -- lacrosse tournament.

Cats might have nine lives but a

tiny newborn puppy in Britain has

shown that dogs are pretty tough.

The Cocker spaniel survived a flush

down the toilet by his 4-year-old

owner who just wanted to give him a bath.

It is not easy to look cute covered

in sewage, but the story of one week old Cocker spaniel

week old Cocker spaniel puppy who

survive for hours stuck in a waste

water pipe has melted hearts over

Britain. He was scared. His ordeal

began above ground with 4-year-old

Daniel and a not so bright idea. I

noticed that one of the puppies was

missing from the cage and I heard

the toilet flush. Then you'll told

me he had put the puppy in the

toilet to clean him. Forced down

the drain, he travelled down the

pipes, ending up underground. A

plumber managed to pinpoint his

vocation. My boss told me that

there was a docker stuck down the

train. I did not believe him. --

train. With the help of a camera,

he was pushed to freedom. It -- he

he was pushed to freedom. It -- he

was distressed. Fortunately, his

next adventure was more cleaner and

more comfortable with an overnight

stay at the local veterinary clinic. stay at the local veterinary clinic.

He was released with a clean bill

of health. Despite the crash course

in toilet training, he seemed happy

to see Daniel again.

That family will be dining out on

that story for some time. Still to

come - a revolutionary new

treatment for prostate cancer.

Also, Peter Costello begins mapping

out his future after Parliament.

And the Oz Lotto jackpot -

Sydneysiders have a flutter on BAM.

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This program is captioned live.

Eric Roozendaal delivers his first

State Budget. He has forecast a

deficit of $1.3 billion per stamp

duty for people who buy new homes

hard. for the next six months has been

A police plan to charge a man who

says he gave $30,000 to the former

crush Sharks chief with fraud. He

was taken in for questioning over

allegations involving life

insurance claims.

Melbourne underworld matriarch Judy

Moran was among three people

arrested over the execution style

killing over her brother-in-law.

The Desmond Moran was shot dead

yesterday in a cafe. A man and

woman I'm custody this evening. Her

a fourth person has just been


The Prime Minister has wasted no

time offering Peter Costello a

government job. Mr Rudd admits he

was surprised by the former

treasurer's decision to quit and

expected him to be his opponent at the next federal election.

No-one was more shocked by Peter

Costello's decision to quit than Kevin Rudd. He

Kevin Rudd. He lost a bet. I was

surprised. It shows she is smarter

than me. The former treasurer says

he made the decision before the

last election. I would like to do

more but you have to know when to

hold them and fold them. Kevin Rudd

believes his talents should not go

to waste. Her I would not rule out

the possibility of appointing him

to a position in the future.

Rudd sounded out the former to a position in the future. Mr

treasurer yesterday after his work

in the financial crisis and G20. He

was very supportive about some

things I might be able to do to

help the country. If I can, I would

like to. Two other senior Liberals

seemed to jump in the bridge. Down

the track, Joe Hockey and Tony

Abbott kept their options open in

separate interviews. The latest

news poll suggests Mr Turnbull is

consolidating his hold. Since the

Budget, his approval rating has

risen steadily and now outstrips

his disapproval rating by seven

points. Labor's primary voters have

fallen five points was support for

the Coalition has risen, narrowing

the gap to a single point. What

Peter did yesterday was sacrifice

his final chance to be Prime

Minister, to improve Malcolm

Turnbull's prospects. That amused

Mr Costello. He died so that

Malcolm Turnbull might live. -- you.

Prostate cancer is being treated in

an extraordinary way. The technique

an extraordinary way. The technique

eliminates surgery and its serious

side effects. British doctors are

testing a new treatment that uses

the power of sound to kill prostate

cancer. They are finding high-

intensity focused ultrasound

destroys cancer cells without

serious side-effects. That is

important to Graham. It is a very

sensitive part of the anatomy. It

will deal with what needs to be

done and only what needs to be done.

Traditional treatments like surgery

and radiation can damage healthy

cells around the prostate leading

to impotence and incontinence. The

radical treatments we have come

with a significant amount of

collateral damage. It uses a probe

too focused ultrasound at the

prostate. High-frequency sound

waves reaching 212 degrees burn

cancer cells stop the urinary tube

that runs through the prostate and

nearby nerves needed for sexual

function are not damaged. British

doctors have tested this treatment

on 18 men. It has been much more

effective than traditional methods.

It is the future. Researchers say

Agassi is the type of the funds

they need in treating prostate

cancer. The goal would be to find

and destroy it only the cancer or a

serving the none cancerous ones.

The procedure took two hours and he

could go home the next day. His

gone. doctors are satisfied his cancer is

One of the biggest lottery jackpots

in NSW history goes off in three

hours. The Oz Lotto top prize is

now worth $40 million. The game is

also a win for government coffers

with $50 million worth of tickets

sold nationally. But it will not be

of -- numbers. winning -- easy to pick the winning

origin. A bit of aggro ahead of state of

Craig Bellamy had a crack at a

Queensland superstar. We will tell you which one next.

And he is really a Bluebeard but

will this Origin rookie hate

Maroons. The pro golfer who hated

slices now gives everyone a slice

of what they like as a 'Masterchef'

contender. I'd give it and eight.

The fuse has been lit for explosive

State of Origin match. There has

been an accusation of diving for

penalties. David Williams will make

his Origin debut. The new blues

were tickled pink together call up

but the coach was red with rage. He

claims Queensland's West and has

become a diver and worse referees

are falling for it. Here was a win

for the high ball but if anyone

gets in his road competing for the

war he gets a little bump and hits

the floor straight away so it makes

me think it is a con. Bellamy me think it is a con. Bellamy

believed officials were influenced

by pre-match comments. What do I

say? Exactly. He is trying to con

you so leave me out of their

argument. Selectors have revived

the orange and career of Trent

Barrett but despite the headlines Barrett but despite the headlines

is not the saviour. They have to

write something sensational for the

papers but a war takes 17 of us to

play really well. The Queensland

side he's really good. The Walkman

is pretty in pink and blue but

Kenny hate Moran? I wouldn't say -

hate is a heart harsh word, say.

Dying for charity, Williams will

remain bearded for his debut. It

will tell me what it wants to do.

He should die blue-white think.

a team Michael Jennings is sitting out of

a team photo - in doubt with a calf

injury. Other players give until

Friday to prove their fitness. The

Blues finished day one with a

double booking with for Roosters.

George Smith will captain the

Wallabies for just the third time

after coach Robbie Deans and Name

good experimental line-up for their

game in Melbourne. There are eight

new faces. Matt Ditto is on the

bench and sterling more clock will

be rested. Pec Cowan makes his Test

debut. He has got a willingness

around the physical exchanges. Arab

for new faces. The Socceroos a hot

favourites to beat Japan in favourites to beat Japan in

Melbourne. With the low cards

hanging over the heads of nine

players, the coach will not be

taking risks that could result in a

player missing the first game in

South Africa next year. I will not

take any risk with the

take any risk with the player with

the yellow card. Hit the moment

they go on the field they forget

and they do what they always do.

Despite the selection dramas and

Harry Kewell sitting out the game,

a crowd of 80,000 is expected. The

Sydney Swans have announced plans

with two former players who were

certain to be inducted in the hall

of fame. That is the difficulty.

When you are selecting a side or a

hall of fame, had you put good

players from different eras against

other blokes? The game has sir

changer hate even since I was

playing. In recognition of the

South Melbourne history of the

dinner will be in Melbourne on the

18th. Master chef for Australia is

entering the final weeks and one of

the leading chances to win his

Lucas Parsons. He has moved on from

a high profile professional golfing

career to chase a career in the

food industry. It was not that long

ago that Lucas Parsons was one of ago that Lucas Parsons was one ago that Lucas Parsons was one of the countries best young golfers.

He spent more than a decade on the

European tour and one a Greg Norman

International and even built --

beaten up and coming Tiger Woods.

But these days the clubs collect

more dust than divots. He has

opened a restaurant next to his mother's bookstore. He is a mother's bookstore. He is a nurturer and likes to feed people nurturer and likes to feed people

and look after them. But five weeks

after the birth of the business

there was a new twist. It is good

to be here. With one spicy serving

of chilli crab. For me, it is yes. of chilli crab. For me, it is yes.

Lucas Parsons was in the running to

become the countries first master

chef. It is huge. When icy someone

and only has a little bit of talent

with food and that will grow that

he has served natural generosity of

spirit and you would want to go to

his that restaurant. Professional

golfer and master chef seems poles

apart but that is how the chain

began - travelling the world and

absorbing the cuisine. He went head

to head it with an internationally

renowned chef. I gave your dish and

8th. Hey one, catapulting him into

the final. I was never really one-

dimensional. I intend to create dimensional. I intend to create

shots. I saw shots and took them on

and try to be creative in a way and

cooking is like that. The challenge

now is to convert golf-course flare

into dining perfection. This is a

massive learning curve but I think

he can. What a great story. You can

see more on our Lucas Parsons on

sports tonight. And we will hear

from Dino lately on why he has quit

as coach of the North Melbourne

Football Club. It is more solid in

the traffic department. You're

above grey stains with a huge

problem. A lot of family members

going to Penrith will be home late

40. After the bad smash - take a

look at that. The traffic

unfortunately, no relief until you

get past the accident scene at St

Clare. The rain looks like has said

in an will have the latest after the


A blast from the past is helping a

lot of people with their future.

This is really Grant the community

and is about putting the spotlight

on people who are doing enormous

jobs at local sports clubs. Joining

me is the sports manager of the

News Of lies University, Craig News Of lies University, Craig

Davies. We are from the flatlands

of Tasmania and that is why he of Tasmania and that is why he

calls me cousin. You played for

North Melbourne and Collingwood and

this once. This club the Bulldogs -

they have an unbelievable person

involved in the football club. He

is a quiet achiever at an is the

first here and to us to go home and

is everything from bottle washer to

logistics. When we start of this

segment were looking for people who

were around a club and it in fact

they would not be a club without

them. Congratulations, Stephen. You

are the first year and last to go

over is not as though you have

nothing else to go. You are

logistics manager for the Cancer

Council. I haven't day-job at the

Cancer Council and nights and

weekends here with the football.

Where does the passion for the

Bulldogs come from? I like to think

the inner suburbs have a heart and

this club has a heart and total

after me and I look after them.

Congratulations will find what you

have done and they tell me they

would not be half the club they are

without you. We like to put the

spotlight on unsung heroes.

Volunteers makes sport go Round And

anyone who play sport this tearing

down Giles not building them. You

will be have to tell me what the

weather is like up there. It has

been grey and Ordinaries. We had 90

km/h winds at Botany Bay. South-

south-east onshore winds. South-

western areas of the State and 6-

month highs of 16 millimetres and

25 millimetres. A shower or two for

the next four days in the city with

temperatures moving between 16 and sevens game.

Cloud on the News Of Wild Coast

near an offshore Lyle is causing

frequent showers in central parks

and there are a few in the south to.

Cloud over Tasmania and we front

bringing showers. A cold morning to

the south-east inland with frost

and fog patches and then mainly

sunny. Showers along most of the

NSW coast. Heaviest between news

for Castle and Ball mock horror. A

lot of showery activity across

estate in the next 45 days. It will

peak and then taper off.

The eastern Sydney Bulldogs, thank

you, gentlemen, for making me look

like a ruckman on the TV. That is

the news for now. Thanks for your

company. There will be updates

before the Late News with sports tonight. ( BELL RINGING ) ( WHISTLE BLOWS ) ( PLAYING THE BLUES )