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Tonight, A Sydney man arrested over

a shocking acid attack on two


That male person has since been

charged with attempted murder and

using a corrosive substance to maim another person.

Spared jail - the man who lied

about Dianne Brimble's death cuts a


And 53 million reasons to smile -

how our lotto winners plan to spend

their newfound fortunes. Good evening, I'm Deborah Knight.

And I'm Bill Woods. Also tonight -

more controversy for the Cronulla

Sharks with a key player sacked.

And a humpback holiday for Migaloo

friend. - frolicking with his newfound

But first - attempted murder

charges have been laid over Sydney's acid attack home invasion.

The raid has been linked to the end

of Sri Lanka's civil war, with

police still hunting more suspects.

The 25-year-old Girraween man is

accused of splashing acid on the

face of two men before bashing them

and trying to kill them. He was

arrested this morning and charged with attempted murder.

Police will allege he is one of the

principal offenders in the home


Detectives are still looking for

others. They believe up to 6 men

broke into the house - just hours

after the end of the civil war in

Sri Lanka. The attackers, thought

to be Tamil supporters ransacked

the house. One of the victims was

married only a few weeks earlier.

The 27-year-old student was stabbed

in the stomach, his ankle broken,

and acid was splashed in his face.

A second student, aged 22 was left

the acid. in a coma after swallowing some of

The Australian Government is

concerned at a recent spate of

attacks on international students

tomorrow. and will discuss the situation

We don't want the only view of

Australia to be some terrible and

condemned. tragic incidents, which we have

Both victims are still suffering

extensive injuries. Their faces

have been burned by the acid with

deep scarring and discolouration.

There will be many more operations

and eventually they'll need

cosmetic surgery. The

rehabilitation has been a slow and

been difficult. lengthy process for them, it has

Both men have left the house where

the attack happened. One moved to

Brisbane, the other is in a safe

house in Blacktown. The accused is

tonight behind bars, but is

expected to apply for bail next

month. Leo Silvestri, the man who

called Dianne Brimble an "ugly dog"

and claimed she ruined his holiday

for dying in his cabin, has escaped

jail after lying to police about her death.

Slipping out a fire exit, Leo

Silvestri scurries into a waiting

taxi, keen to conceal his face

after receiving a 15 month

suspended sentence for his role in

the infamous 2002 cruise ship death

of Dianne Brimble. Ms Brimble was

holidaying on the P&O cruise ship,

Pacific Sky, when she died from a

lethal mix of drugs and alcohol in

a cabin belonging to Silvestri and a cabin belonging to Silvestri and

two other men. Silvestri pleaded

guilty to lying to police, claiming

he didn't know the 42-year-old

woman had been given the drug

fantasy- also known as GHB. He

described the mother of three as an

"ugly dog", saying he "didn't talk

to anything over 60 kilos." this

family has only ever wanted one thing, and

thing, and there was the trip. Are

we would like to see the truth

presented to a jury. The judge

suspended Silvestri's sentence on

the condition that he gives

evidence when his friend Mark

Wilhelm, goes on trial for Ms

Brimble's manslaughter in September.

Ryan Kuchel, who also pleaded

guilty to lying to police, was last

week sentenced to an 18-month good

behaviour bond. He is also expected

to give evidence at the trial.

A Gold Coast couple who shared

Australia's biggest lottery jac Australia's biggest lottery jackpot

went back to work today.. 53

million dollars richer. The other

winner is a battler from Adelaide,

who's giving some of his fortune to charity. charity.

Joy, oh joy, oh joy! (LAUGHTER).

Happy Mal didn't win, but he sold Happy Mal didn't win, but he sold

did. the winning Queensland ticket that

The phone hasn't stopped the

phone's ringing right between my

legs here.

This is the call Mal and the rest

of us didn't get!!

And you have won 53 million, 274 And you have won 53 million, 274

thousand, 992 dollars and 38 cents.

A 'gold rush' on the Gold Coast!

Maybe the Lucky Mermaid Newsagency

spread around. had some more good fortune to

Yeah, 13 20, I made a dollar.

Oh they sold me the dud.

Queensland's new multi's have got

53 million reasons to fly below the

radar today, but they're already

changing lives, and not just their

own. My partner said it was a

couple that won it and she wanted

to become a couple.

Would you believe the Queensland

winners have actually gone to work

today - and another thing it's the

first time they've played Oz Lotto

-- lucky, lucky devils. The lucky

lotto balls also bounced all the

way to Adelaide's Queen Elizabeth way to Adelaide's Queen Elizabeth

Hospital sub newsagency where the

other 53 million was won.

I know all my customers so if

there's one missing I'll soon find

out who it is.

But once again it was no luck for

the masses Dammit I wanted to go

home today.

And all sorts of things going on to

improve those ridiculous odds.

lucky already. Just rub there - good luck - I'm

Sydney households will have to dig

deeper to pay for their power and

water bills from today. Welfare

agencies warn the extra strain is

too much for thousands of families, too much for thousands of families,

already at breaking point.

It's the price of NOT privatising

the electricity grid - electricity

charges up by 20% from today,

costing the average family $200 costing the average family $200

extra a year. The increase designed

to fund new generators. Water bills

up as well, by around $60 per year,

to pay for Sydney's desalination plant.

People that can least afford it are

being hit in these new charges. We

need to be able to fund these

services, we put together a very

careful budget which sought to

minimise the impact on the people

of NSW in these tough economic

times. But the steep increases have

welfare groups worried. Utility

bills are already one of the great

trigger points for stress in many

people's lives, so when you get

that kind of figure thrown at you,

look, I don't know how people are

going to cope. M2 tolls are also up

55 cents to $4.95. Taxi fares

rising with the flag fall now $3.10.

City parking levies rising to $2000

a year, fees up an average $4 a day.

And ambulance emergency call outs

up $11 to $301. The government says

halving stamp duty on new property purchases will stimulate the halving stamp duty on new property

purchases will stimulate the

economy. So that will keep more

people in jobs, more projects going

and it will be a fantastic kicker

for the economy. Also from today,

changes to traffic regulations mean

speeding motorists will lose only

one point for travelling less than

10 kilometres an hour over the

limit. And motorists caught smoking

with children in the car face fines

of $250.

A new claim has emerged about

Michael Jackson's children, as fans

prepared to Farewell the King of prepared to Farewell the King of

Pop ad's Neverland Ranch. The

public memorial is expected to attract a hundreds of thousands.

Neverland is where his fans will

gather to say a final goodbye at a

public memorial on Saturday.

When I suggested to somebody in the

family that they might be 100,000

people, the answer was, what are

you talking about? We a hearing

that they might be as many as one million people. million people. Internet reports suggest that not

only is the seen and not the

biological father of two of his

children, that did the row is --

did there is and the natural

The will which emits Jackson's

father, Joe, as a beneficiary, is

expected to be filed.

Joseph was quite a Borley when

Michael was very young.

At the Apollo Theatre, thousands of

fans had gathered for a memorial.

Five days since Jackson's death,

and two autopsies later, there is

still no word about the cause of death.

I didn't know about the

prescription drugs. But I did note

that he had certain physical things

that he was dealing with.

Promoters of Jackson's planned 50

concert run in London have revealed

they had a video of the start

rehearsing and may release it to

prove he was in good health before

his death. Tonight on 10 it - Michael

And tonight on Ten, "Michael

Jackson - Picking up the pieces",

an investigation into the King of

Pop's legacy, and the mysterious

circumstances surrounding his death.

That's tonight at 8 o'clock.

Brett Seymour has had his contract

torn up after another drunken

incident. He later apologised to

fans, but the Sharks say that his

latest breach left them no choice.

Their opponents tried to put them

at full stretch, but the Williams

sisters powered on into the semifinal.

The State Government under fire

over Sydney's missing road link,

that's next. Also tonight, from one

battle to another - Malcolm

Turnbull escapes Utegate, with a

visit to Afghanistan. And

frolicking with a friend - Migaloo

hooks up with a mate on his way to Queensland. Here's another real Scratchies winner story. Brought my mum five $1 Scratchies for Mother's Day, put them in a card. Week later I got a phone call, yeah, she won $20,000. She gave half of it to me. # Scratch me happy! #

This program is captioned live.

A suspected car rebirthing racket

has been smashed, and 14 people

arrested. The ring allegedly rebirthed 48 four-wheel drives.

Police allege the cars were bought

as wrecks from interstate auction

houses, and rebirthed using stolen

luxury parts. The vehicles were

then sold as more expensive models.

Years of red tape has strangled a

road project that could generate

thousands of jobs in Sydney's west.

But State Government departments

have been unable to fix the problem.

Erskine Park in Sydney's Penrith

Valley is home to some of Australia's corporate heavyweights.

All came here in good faith,

expecting their large-scale

warehouses would be connected to

the national highway. Five years

later, not a sod turned. And it's

lead to a surprise attack from this

man, a senior executive for CSR

Limited. We're asking for a simple

road to be constructed, and it's

not that hard. The State Government

commitment was for a 3.5km link

road. Half of the $50 million price

tag has already been paid for by

developer levies. And as yet, there

is not an adequate plan to deliver

this road. We have businesses

already here who want to expand.

They are unable to do that. It's

also turning potential developers

off. Erskine Park's only 40% built

out, but major investors have

brushed the site. They don't want

their brands tarnished by truck

movements that are forced onto

inadequate local roads. The few

that would like to make a decision

will continue to discount Erskine

Park because the road is not there.

The message - it's costing jobs.

This is 15km from the Premier's own

electorate, but it's 1,000km out of

sight. Approval for the link road

is currently trapped between

government departments. The Roads

and Traffic Authority has completed

a concept plan, which is being

assessed by the Planning Department.

No word yet though on when building

will start. A statement from the

Planning Minister's office

acknowledged the road was a

complicated issue. Again we're tied

up with government red tape.

New workplace laws that come into

effect today are being hailed as a

return of the fair go for all

workers. But bosses fear it will

trigger union demands for pay rises.

The Federal Treasurer celebrated

another year. SINGS: 'Happy

birthday, dear Wayne'. As the

financial calendar kicked over to a

new page. And with it, a new

chapter in Australian Industrial

Relations - WorkChoices is now

officially dead. Today is an

historic day. There is stability,

there is decency and there's

fairness. FairWork Australia sat

for the first time, Ms Gillard

hailing the new industrial umpire

as a defender of the fair go. That

will mean for Australian workers is

that there will be a safety net

that they can rely on that no-one

can strip away. The new laws tip

the balance back to workers in wage

claims, give unions greater rights

to enter work sites and make more

businesses subject to unfair

dismissal laws. Some companies fear

it will herald a union push for

widespread pay increases. We

certainly hope that doesn't occur

and we'll certainly be putting the

case that business is finding it

difficult at the moment. The

manufacturing union has 1,300

agreements up for renewal. If there

are companies that are doing well

and can afford to pay more, then of

course we should be doing more for

our members. The Prime Minister

urging calm. It's important for

unions and for business at this

stage to exercise restraint. The

new workplace laws are not the only

changes to take effect as we enter

the new financial year. Modest

income tax cuts also kick in - the

average worker set to pocket about

an extra $5 a week. Handy, but

hardly enough for a sandwich and a milkshake.

Malcolm Turnbull has escaped the

fallout from the Utegate scandal by flying to Afghanistan. The Opposition Leader met with

Australian troops in Kandahar and

Tarin Kowt, a world away from bad

opinion polls and fake emails. Notwithstanding all the

disagreements in Canberra, the one

thing we all agree on is you

deserve Parliament's support. Mr

Turnbull shared a meal with our

special forces troops, was shuttled

around in a Bushmaster, and was

shown how the army retrieves its

remote control spy planes.

Australia's most famous whale -

Migaloo the white humpback - might

be getting ready to become a father.

He's been spotted in a rare display

of affection with a mystery partner.

He's as rare as he is white, and

with a new travelling partner in

tow, without fail, Migaloo the

white whale wowed watchers who set

sail from the Gold Coast. The bloke

said we may not see him today and,

yeah, bang out of the water he

jumped - beautiful! To see that

iridescent white - I don't think

you'd believe it until you see it.

For the few who did, a life-

changing experience. Better than

winning Lotto? Yes, it was lovely.

A whale of a time, maybe not, but

Migaloo was enjoying himself with a

humpback playmate for company. The

pair enjoying a roll or two in the

deep blue. It was quite interesting

because there were all the black

ones and then this white one. Yeah,

it was really good. Now in his mid-

20s, Migaloo is in his prime, and

it is breeding season. Humpbacks

are heading north to the warmer

waters, Migaloo expected to reach

Cape Moreton by tomorrow. But whale

watchers must keep their distance,

by law, 500m. An up-close encounter

draws a $16,000 fine. And if his

mystery friend is female, who knows,

Migaloo junior might be among the

pod on the next migration.

The weather with Angela Bishop. A

fairly warm day. What more can you

tell us? I would say today it was

hot. It got to 21 degrees which was

far above average. It was out of

warmest day in a month. It was hot

a bit like this cafe - nightclub.

It will be the location for the

launch of a hot new Channel 10

series later tonight. Speaking of

hot, last night was hot. It stayed

at 16 degrees at last night thanks

to some warm north-westerly wind

mac. It was our hottest evening in

19 years at this time. It will get

caller as we go to the end of the

week. They us go to Bondi Beach

with our photo.

I will be back at 5:55pm about how

cold it will get as we head towards the weekend.

New evidence we're being ripped off

over petrol pricing, calls for an inquiry next.

Also, a young girl's amazing story

of survival from the airbus crash off Madagascar.

And the cancer-fighting robot

that's replacing doctors in the

operating theatre. Imagine if technology hadn't evolved. How would you watch TV on the move? Or work outside the office? How would you keep in touch with friends? How would you find your way around overseas? And buy a pint in London? Now you can go where EFTPOS can't, with Visa Debit. It's your money. Online, over the phone and overseas, more people go with Visa Debit. (LIGHT MUSIC) (CAR HORN HONKS) not only saves you 4c a litre on fuel, it now also gives you Qantas Frequent Flyer points when you spend over $30 at Woolworths supermarkets. Fuel and flights, and you can join Qantas Frequent Flyer for free when you register through Everyday Rewards. Woolworths Everyday Rewards card - now with even more rewards.

This program is captioned live. Vic

Lorusso in the Traffic Helicopter.

A grass fire near eastern Crete?

Quite bizarre, for traffic trying

to head out of the western suburbs.

We would just zoom to where the

fire occurred, fire crews are

working. That is in between the

Eastern Creek and Sinclair. In Los

container from where we are, but

this is the M4. They change in the

last 20 minutes, it was blowing

onto the M4 area. Visibility is

reduced, but with the wind changing,

it looks like that smoke blowing

onto some homes in towards St Marys.

Sydney service stations are once

again being accused of ripping off

motorists at the pump. The NRMA

says the oil companies are back to

their old trick of deliberately

inflating prices, despite recent

benchmark. falls in the international

On Friday last week we saw prices

that we're in our view 3 or 4 cents

higher than we believe in our view

the average price in the Sydney

metropolitan area should have been.

The NRMA is waiting for an

Commissioner. explanation from the Federal Petrol

Further evidence those cash

handouts are helping our retailers?

Retail sales are up by a stronger Retail sales are up by a stronger

than expected 1% in May, but it is

a different story on the property

front. Despite the government's Housing Grant extension and low

interest rates, Master builders

Australia says that a housing

recovery remains on hold while

investors remain on the sidelines.

Building approvals dropped by a Building approvals dropped by a

massive 12% in May, with new

apartments fearing the worst.

That is finance news for now, US

futures are pointing to a better

night on Wall Street tonight. A 14

year old girl is the sole survivor

of yesterday's plane crash in the

Indian Ocean. Incredibly, she was

discovered by rescuers, swimming

amid bodies and plane wreckage.

Relatives arrived at Paris' Charles

de Gaulle airport - their grief

clearly evident. One hundred and

forty two passengers and 11 crew

were killed when the Yemenia

airlines airbus A-310 crashed. The

only survivor - a 14-year-old girl

- was found by ships scouring the

crash zone. She was freezing, but

relatively well - her mother though,

died. The distress of other family

members quickly turned to anger.

The jet that crashed was banned

from French airspace because of its

safety record. Passengers boarded a

certified jet in Paris, then

transferred in Yemen for the onward

flight to the Comoros Islands. The

airline blamed the weather - but

was dogged by questions over safety.

The flight was overloaded. There

were more passengers than there

should be.

No way, it never happened that more

passengers. It cannot be.

This man lost several family

members. He told reporters he'd

flown on Yemenia aircraft where the

seats didn't have seatbelts and, in

some cases, weren't even fixed to

the floor. Others claimed they were

forced to stand on flights.

A real-life hero has saved a woman A real-life hero has saved a woman

from drowning. The construction

worker was dangled from a crane-

line to pluck the woman from raging

waters just below a dam wall.

waters just below a dam wall.

Tracked a crane up there closest we

could get to the dam. Hang on tight,

I won't let go. She was tired, I

think she was in shock, she

couldn't even feel her hands. I

just told her, hang on tight, And

he didn't - until a nearby rescue

boat could pull her to safety. A

deadly bomb attack has marred Iraq

first's day in control of its own

cities. The huge car bomb went off

in a crowded vegetable market,

killing at least 33 people. 90 others were injured. President

Barack Obama has hailed the

withdrawal of US troops from Iraqi

towns and cities as an "important

milestone," but warned of difficult

days ahead. An upsurge in violence

has killed more than 250 people in

the past ten days. A robot has

helped perform ground breaking

surgery - leaving the patient in

less pain, and recovering faster

than normal. And we warn the

following report contains graphic

pictures of the operation.

The patient lies on the operating

table, almost hidden from view by

the latest surgical robot, shrouded

in plastic. He is having a cancer

in his prostate removed. The only

person not here, is the surgeon.

This is quite extraordinary. The

patient undergoing the operation is

in the darkened room you can see

behind me. But the surgeon doing

the operation is in this room,

sitting in a console which gives

him a stunning 3D view of what he's

doing as he manipulates the robotic

instruments in this very delicate procedure.

It is key hole surgery and the tube

that carries the surgical

instruments also carries two cameras.

cameras. That gives the surgeon and

a gory but incredible view. 3D,

high-definition, and magnified 10 times.

The 3D is fantastic. It is like you

are inside the patient. It is like

you are inside, seeing everything,

you can move much more intuitively,

you can move just like you would

with normal surgery.

The next day, the patient is up and

about, if they have little sore,

packing to leave hospital for a

stop I have had surgery before and

risky surgery. I think probably less complex, less

I can't believe I'm feeling so good.

Well enough to be discharged and

the 24 hours after the operation. the 24 hours after the operation. Thank you very much.

Another high profile arrest over

that's next. the Sydney airport bashing death,

Also, laid to rest - a private

farewell for Charlie's Angels star

Farrah Fawcett. And a special

delivery helps these cool customers delivery helps these cool customers

feel right at home.

The top stories this newshour: Two

lucky lotto winners each have 53

million reasons to smile, after

sharing Australia's largest jackpot.

One went to work as normal -the

other is planning to donate some of

his winnings to charity. A man

convicted of lying about the cruise

ship death of Dianne Brimble has

been spared jail. Leo Silvestri was

today given a 15 month suspended

sentence. The Brimble family

labelled it a slap on the wrist.

And police have charged a Sydney

man with attempted murder, over a

shocking acid attack on two

students. It's alleged the attack

Lanka's civil war. was linked to the end of Sri

There's been another arrest over

the fatal bikie brawl at Sydney

Airport - this time it's the

brother of the murder victim. 32

year-old Hells Angel Peter Zervas

was taken into custody this

afternoon and is expected to be

charged with affray. Zervas was

gunned down - but survived - just

days after his brother Anthony was

killed in the Qantas terminal.

Yesterday police charged Comanchero

boss Mick Hawi with his murder.

Farrah Fawcett has been laid to

rest at a private, music filled

funeral in Los Angeles. Former 70s

mourners. tv stars were among the hundreds of


Her long-time boyfriend, Ryan

O'Neal, stood by fatefully, as her

casket arrived at the cathedral in

downtown Los Angeles. He then

served as a pallbearer, as the

coffin was brought inside the

private Catholic service. Also in

attendance - and number of famous

faces, many from her TV heyday in

the 70s. Her only child, was

released from jail temporarily to

be at his mother's funeral. The 24-

year-old was jailed in April on

drugs charges and was not with his

mum when she died. There was huge

media interest here for her funeral,

dozens of reporters and camera

crews were kept across the street

from the church by church officials

and the police. Dozens of fans and the police. Dozens of fans and

well-wishers also gathered to watch

the spectacle and to remember the glamourous staff.

I cut my head just like hers, I

wanted to bat like her.

Is passed week has been said for everybody.

She was raised in Texas, but made

her mark in Hollywood. She will be

remembered for Charlie's Angels,

that iconic swimsuit, and the

very end. dignified way she battled until the

The British charity worker who

scored the Queensland's Great

Barrier Reef position, has moved

into his home on Hamilton Island.

Welcome home. Winner of the best

job in the world will spend the

next six months living in his

Island. luxury villa on stunning Hamilton

The house is just the same, if not

bigger and better, and I have my

girl with me.

The 34-year-old has The 34-year-old has brought his

Canadian girlfriend with him.

Possibly, making him the best

boyfriend in the world as well.

I get a lot of my girlfriends

calling me up, I am officially the

most jealous person in the world.

This will actually be the first

time that they have lived together.

Not bad for a couple just starting out.

But the pair won't have much time

to spend in this bar, there are

plenty of violence in their wit

Sunday's Ben is expected to explore.

-- Islands. He has been doing back-

to-back interviews across the globe promoting Queensland.

He has to now a convert it into

sales and help us get as many visitors as possible.

For the snorkelling and sailing,

Bree promises to own her keep.

I will help him out in anything he needs.

But it does seem as though she has

scored the best job overall.

Melbourne Zoo keepers worked

overnight shovelling 10 tons of

snow. They were preparing a frosty

surprise for these snow leopard surprise for these snow leopard

cubs. Is the first time they've had

a taste of the natural -- their

natural habitat. The zoo's brown

bears were also treated to the

winter landscape, but they seemed

more interested in the attention

from outside their enclosure.

We will keep the winter theme going,

although it is not as cute a

subject. Barry Hall is on thin ice at this once.

That ice is cracking. Barry Hall

still has a contract though, unlike

that of Brett Seymour.

The while many believe Jonathan

Thurston can kick goals blindfolded,

that keep is about to be tested.

Can anyone beat the Williams

sisters at Wimbledon, or will it be another

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This program is captioned live.

More drama at Cronulla, with the

Sharks today running out of

patience with their troubled

halfback Brett Seymour. He's been

sacked after a third alcohol- sacked after a third alcohol-

related incident this season.

Not so long ago Brett Seymour said

a very public sorry when a drunken

night out was captured on video.

There's been two alcohol related

incidents since then - one on

Sunday becoming the last straw for

frustrated Sharks officials. I frustrated Sharks officials. I

would like to apologise to all the

sponsors, family and fans. They say

Seymour failed to embrace a program

of counseling. The NRL has endorsed

the Sharks decision and says

Seymour won't be allowed to move on

to another club for some time. His

sacking coming as a poll of NRL

players found that 60% of them are

embarrassed by the off-field dramas

engulfing the game. It is engulfing the game. It is

embarrassing. Obviously being a

senior player in the game I'm very

passionate about rugby league and

it is very disappointing to see

things like that happen. The

Panthers trying to send the right

message, today handing over the

money they raised for the National

Breast Cancer Foundation. I feel we

are role models, and for young kids

that love our game and support our

game, we've got a responsibility.

And Sydney's tough alcohol policy

is behind reports of a player

revolt - banned from drinking at

away games and breath-tested at

training. We are a tight-knit club,

we all know what's happening at the

Rabbitohs, we know where we are at,

if there is a problem the boys will

will come and talk to me. The

Rabbitohs with just two wins from

their past 10 matches. No drama's

here, we've had a here, we've had a couple of losses.

You expect the stories to come out.

Only way to turn that around - and

that's to have a win.

It's been said Johnathan Thurston

could kick goals with his eyes shut,

today he tried to prove it.

Thurston became the masked cowboy Thurston became the masked cowboy

in a kicking test for charity. But

not everything came off. Still, he

raised the flags more than he

missed. How do you think you do it

blindfolded? Charity is OK. No

doubt there are many NSW fans

hoping he'll put the blindfold back

on for game three in Origin.

Further signs Barry Hall's career

at the Sydney Swans appears to be

over. Co-captain Brett Kirk says

Hall's actions are unacceptable and

he needs to take responsibility for his behaviour.

Two days ago Paul Roos said Barry

Hall looked like he didn't want to

play AFL football and retirement

was an option after yet another

suspension for striking Today Club

Captain Brett had his say on his

future. It's tough love - I guess I

really care about the guy. It's a

tough decision. The 2-week

suspension for striking Adelaide's

Brett Rutten is the latest in a

long line of bans and disciplinary

problems. In Round 11, Hall gave

away three 50m penalties which

turned the match against the Swans.

Last year he was famously banned

for seven weeks after knocking out

the Eagle's Brent Staker. And when

he copped a week for missing Shane

Wakelin later in the season, the

Swans added a ban of their own. I'd Swans added a ban of their own. I'd

trust him with my kids, but I don't trust him with my kids, but I don't

know if he was put in the same know if he was put in the same

situation again he wouldn't do it

again. Hall's fall from grace has

been staggering to watch, since

arriving at the club in 2002 he's

been the club's leading goal kicker been the club's leading goal kicker

every single year and in 2005

helped break a 72-year premiership

drought. Ironically, Paul Roos was

in Melbourne today looking for new

talent. Last night he and Hall met

and the big forward told him he

wanted to play on. He desperately

wants to play footy, we talked

about him taking some

responsibility and some of him

wanting to take responsibility - he

has to because of the situation.

Brett Lee must play in game one of

the Ashes. That's the opinion of

former Australian wicket keeper

Steve Rixon. Lee and Stuart Clark

have both been included in the side

to face the England Lions in

Worcester in a 4-day match starting

tonight. But it's expected only one

will make the starting 11. There is

no question about him being up for

this series. Right now, to be on trial is

trial is not right. It's not that

big of a risk and what ever the

risk, it's worth taking. The Ashes

kicks of in Cardiff next week.

Lleyton Hewitt takes on American

Andy Roddick tonight for a place in

Wimbledon's semi-finals. The

Williams sisters have already

qualified, remaining on course to

meet again in a fourth ladies final.

Serena and Venus both through in straight sets.

After taking the opening After taking the opening set in

just 27 minutes, Venus slipped down

2 games to love at the start of the

second but was quick to make amends. 2 games to love at the start of the second but was quick to make amends. 2 games to love at the start of the second but was quick to make amends. 2 games to love at the start of the second but was quick to make amends. 2 games to love at the start of the second but was quick to make amends.

The 5-time Wimbledon winner reeled

off the next six games to win

through to the semi-finals of the championship for the eighth

occasion and I would love it to be

a Williams final and so would she -

that would be great. Venus next

meets Dinara Safina, who

encountered plenty of resistance in

her match with teenager Sabine

Lisicki. The 19-year-old claimed

the opening set after one of

Safina's 15 double faults. But the

Russian put her frustration behind

her to win through to her first

Wimbledon semi. In time to see

sibling Serena show off her

athleticism, the 2-time Wimbledon

champion dismantling Victoria

Azerenka in just over an hour. I

felt like I really wanted to show

up today. Serena will play Elena

Dementieva for a spot in the final

after the Russian eased through after the Russian eased through her

match. And the boisterous fanatics

have revealed their game plan to

boost Lleyton Hewitt's chances

against Andy Roddick tonight. We'e

going to be very fair on Roddick.

We'll take it very easy on him, we

won't make any noise. After being

asked to quieten down during

Hewitt's win yesterday, that

remains to be seen.

When you think martial arts experts,

you normally picture a grand old

master. But don't mess with this

Sydney lad - tomorrow night on

Ten's News the kung fu kid teaching

adults an ancient art. At first you

look at him and you go, "Oh, yeah?"

Sometimes it's annoying. But

sometimes people just steer clear

of me. You'll be surprised how

young he is. That's tomorrow on Ten's News.

And I'll be back at 9:30 on One

with Sports Tonight.

Vic Lorusso in the traffic

helicopter. Still over the grass

fire at Eastern Creek. It is out

now. We have now spotted another

break down - a truck has broken

down on the M4. The traffic is all

the way back to Parramatta.

Angela Bishop's next with all the weather details. (ALL CHATTER) (GASPING) (ALL SCREAM IN FEAR) (PANTS) Aargh! Aaargh!


Angela is in a hot nightclub

talking about a hot new Australian

drama. It was 21 degrees today, by

degrees above average. I am joined

by a very hot actress, Joan Dean

Anderson. You are the new girl on

the block at? Welcome. Tell us

about your character? His name is

chairman. She is racy, classy, eg

and sexy. It is a very fast moving

show. People run around a lot. Yes

I have. This it exhausting, you get

to fire guns? It is very exhausting,

but it is fun. You were on another

network before, when you did a bit

of singing, this is more action-

packed? Be is good to spread your

wings. Let us take a look at the temperatures.

Cloud is crossing southern

Australia, very strong when it is

generating dusty showers. The

weakening truck is bringing a few

showers. A new trough will bring

very cold wind mac and Alpine snow

to the south east. It will also

bring a cold change to western NSW

and Queensland. Rain will develop

over the Pilbara. Some showers

across southern inland NSW. Snow

for the Alps. Good news for skiers

of this weekend. Some showers

across Victoria, Tasmania SA and

some patchy rain in north-western

Australia. What is the hot gossip?

Romance for your character? I

cannot really say who I have my eye

on. There are three good-looking

men on that show it. It's is a very

good looking showed. There is a

reason the show is so fast paced?

It has many shots per episode. The

s, I just found that out. It does

take a look at the weather interstate.

It will get colder towards the

weekend. A hot night here tonight,

you have a good one as well.

Irish super group U2 has pulled a

massive crowd kicking off their

latest world tour. 90,000 fans

poured into a Barcelona stadium for

the first show in their 360 Degrees

Tour. The concert even included a

live linkup with the International

Space Station to celebrate the 40th

anniversary of the moon landing.

SINGS: # 'You look so beautiful

tonight'. Lead singer Bono

dedicated their song 'Angel of Harlem' to Michael Jackson.

That's Ten News for now, I'm

Deborah Knight, I'm Bill Woods,

thanks for your company. Goodnight.

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