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(generated from captions) between ?3,000 and ?4,000. Oh! Did I? Yeah, they would make Is it?

You did very well. don't like to pay too much. "I paid too much!" Dutch people Oh, gosh, oh, you make me go thank you very much. Oh, thank you. You did all right, mining areas in the country come to one of the most famous old It would have been strange if we'd we certainly have - and not unearthed a few treasures - was a true original. complete with skateboard that 19th century Chinese vase come along to brighten our day. special thanks to everyone who's We've had grey skies today so a Until next time, goodbye. Teenagers charged through a Sydney school. after a frightening rampage Just started smashing everything. Machetes and weapons and all that. shark victim tells of his bravery. The family of the Avalon Incredible survivors - most precious premmy babies. a special report on Sydney's Good evening. by a group of teenagers. during a frightening rampage and caused serious damage. they terrorised students and staff Chris, take us through what happened. Chris Urquhart is at the school. an extraordinary attack Peter, this was

that took everybody by surprise. teenagers went on a brutal rampage At around 8:00 this morning, four through the Trinity Catholic College. It's a miracle that no-one was hurt. but it was terrifying, The attack was brief, leaving a path of destruction, the gang of four windows smashed, a car battered. parents working in the canteen. They were screaming and threatening

The boys had come prepared. Machetes and weapons and all that smashing and running everywhere and they just started running into the rooms. and we saw everyone what was in their hands? What were they holding, Machetes, axes, knives. the school locked down Police arrived quickly, aged 15 to 17, arrested. and the group, and one's from the Bankstown area. Three from the Auburn area Parents raced to the scene. Please, we appreciate your patience. have them out as soon as we can. If you'd just like to wait, we'll

Frightened and anxious, desperate for information. they crowded the entrance, to the opposite side of the road, I'm gonna get everyone to go I want this area cleared. I just got a call, of machete or axe attack saying there was some sort and I've got a couple of boys here. with tears and hugs, As some reunited,

for others, the wait continued. Be glad when you see him? Yeah, bit scary. The gang was looking for a schoolboy with a girl they knew. who'd broken off a relationship and we started running I was with him

and then, yeah, that was about it. about it all They were just like laughing breaking everything they could find. and just hitting everything, Amazingly. despite the damage, was injured. not a single student or staff member the young people are safe. The main thing is extensively by police. The four were questioned

They have since been charged Court tomorrow. and will be in Parramatta Childrens' The family of the teenage boy off Avalon Beach yesterday attacked by a shark to protect swimmers and surfers. says the Government needs to do more from Avalon, Allison Langdon joins us now how has the Government responded and Ally, to the call for more aerial patrols? of there being more sharks Peter, it said there's no evidence off our beaches will actually help save lives. and it doesn't believe more patrols victim prepares for more surgery It all comes as the 15-year-old on his severely damaged left leg.

First light at Avalon Beach - when Andrew Lindop was attacked it was this time yesterday as he surfed with his dad. most swimmers out of the water. That thought was enough to keep too much seaweed! Might give it a miss today - these teenagers, It didn't seem to phase the warnings. or surfers who simply ignored if you see something coming. Just put your feet up Charles said In a statement - the victim's father

who took us on a patrol this morning, Surfwatch's Michael Brown, that an attack was imminent. warned the Government just last week we've been seeing this year Some of the sharks are in excess of four metres, large animal. which represents an incredibly Sydney, particularly great whites. He's never seen so many sharks off to get through to the politicians. A message he keeps trying of an increase in sharks, At this stage there is no evidence to help fund the Surfwatch service, The Minister has so far refused would cover daily patrols. even though $100,000 a year or a limb or whatever, You can save someone's life you can't put a price on that. what has happened here. No-one can believe were replaced, Just last week these old nets

swimmers thought it was safe. that have shark nets People are not protected on beaches

only cover about 2% of the beach. and in most cases those shark nets Allison Langdon for Nine News. system for speeding drivers The controversial demerit points is finally changing. has been slashed The penalty for low range offences from three points to one. to take another six months Only problem is, it's going come into effect. before the new rules that's had drivers seeing red. It's the flash And for the last four years, up to 15km over the limit anyone caught speeding has lost three points. licences have been shredded. And on double-demerit weekends, is unfair and I agree with them. motorists are telling me that Under the new system; are automatically suspended. Over that and licences I've got three to go.

with these changes? So you'd be happy Very happy. You're driving an Audi. You'd be in favour of that. What he isn't happy about for the changes to come in. is the 6-month wait who are currently caught There will be drivers out there now accepts is unfair. by a system the Government in a horror smash, Rob Wells lost his son Bryce blamed on excessive speed. He sees it very differently.

speed if you want to. This is saying, we're gonna catch you more times All it means is and make more money for the State Government. The Government was under pressure to act because last year, the RTA was cutting up licences at the rate of 630 a day. A quarter of those were drivers caught speeding at less than 15km/h. Be warned, when the changes come into force,

double-demerit weekends will remain. Denham Hitchcock, Nine News. For the family of Ernest Evans, A couple has faced court in Sutherland charged with bashing a World War II veteran

after he refused to give them 50 cents. The 82-year-old died six weeks later, but the couple claim HE attacked them.

today's hearing was about honouring a man they say everybody adored. He'd do anything for anyone - the kids, all his animals, all his grandkids. He was a great man, a kind man. He never had a mean streak in him. Last October,

Ernie told police he was attacked at a Caringbah bus stop by Kristopher Cowie and his girlfriend, Tracey Prater. He was allegedly punched so hard he was sent crashing into the gutter and, Ernie said at the time, all over a measly 50 cents. I'm pleased they did get caught. For 50 cents, that was a whack and a half. Ernie had just been released from hospital. He died six weeks later. But the couple facing charges tell a very different story. They say not long after approaching Mr Evans for the 50 cents, he punched Mr Cowie, the force of the blow landing him all the way over here. Two witnesses told the court they each saw Cowie punch Mr Evans up to three times. The pair will be sentenced on Friday. Jessica Rich, Nine News.

SMS alerts are going out to millions of people across Victoria - ahead of the worst bushfire conditions since Black Saturday.

Several fires are still burning and strong winds are due in the next few hours, while tomorrow will carry the added danger of high temperatures. Let me assure you that we are not crying wolf. We cannot assume that any part of the State is going to be safe tomorrow. Violent storms are expected later in the day and authorities are worried about lightning strikes and falling trees. More than 500 schools and childcare centres will be closed for the day. Volunteers are desperately trying to save dozens of whales and dolphins stranded in Tasmania. 200 pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins began beaching on King Island last night. Sadly, just 54 of the whales and 6 dolphins are still alive. More than 200 locals armed with sheets and curtains are working with National Parks and Wildlife rangers

to keep them wet, but upright, so they don't drown. A group of Sydney rugby league players is being investigated by Queensland police over gang rape allegations. A young Sunshine Coast woman claims she was attacked by up to six members of the Balmain Tigers club. They were there for a game of football... COMMENTATOR: The Tigers' NSW Cup side! ..and they left with a number of players facing allegations of gang rape. A 23-year-old woman, who cannot be identified, showed off the bruises from the alleged attack while her father recounted her ordeal. Next minute, all she knows

four, five or six blokes were raping her, bashing her. She was screaming her lungs out. The woman, who suffers mild brain damage, and her sister met the the players from Balmain Ryde Eastwood team at a local RSL club on Saturday night and they then returned to the team hotel where the woman claims she was attacked for over an hour. She just can't believe this has happened to her. Why would someone do this to her? You know, I mean, take advantage of her. Police have already interviewed a number of players and the investigation is continuing. All of these men have fully cooperated with the police investigation to date. The team is now back in Sydney, and today, the Balmain Tigers club said it will carry out its own internal inquiry. But for the players, the real test will be the police investigation, which will determine whether any criminal charges should be laid. Damian Ryan, Nine News. It will cost more for private health insurance from the beginning of April. Premiums will rise 6%, which is expected to add about $3/week to those with family cover. And tomorrow we'll find out whether there'll be another drop in official interest rates. Markets are predicting a fall of 0.5%. We'll have live coverage of the Reserve Bank's decision at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon. High on the list of the miracles of modern medicine

are the advances made in treating premature babies. Sydney doctors are keeping alive babies born weeks earlier than before, and with fewer complications. Health Reporter Gabriella Rogers has our special investigation. This little boy came into the world nearly four months too early. He and his unnamed twin, each weighing just under a kilo, are battlers, but with the help of modern medicine babies like them now have a 65% chance of survival.

When the baby is born that early. really every system in the body is not ready for the outside world. But the outside world is much better equipped than two decades ago.

These days, premature babies spend less time on the ventilator because of better treatments to strengthen their fragile lungs. Here, one of the twins is given a shot of caffeine - it's the equivalent of giving an adult 22 cups of coffee in one day. It's used to stimulate the brain and reminds the baby to breathe. I don't know what I'd do without these guys here. They've been fantastic. Tracey White has been waiting anxiously by her son's side after he was born 13 weeks premature. As a police officer, she's seen a lot of things, but nothing prepared her for this.

Every touch you can have is precious. Her baby Finn is enrolled in all of the trials the hospital is carrying out, with the aim of producing more breakthroughs. These days, the focus of research is primarily about reducing the risk

of long-term disability and learning problems which can affect about 10% of babies born 13 weeks early. REPORTER: Today, doctors said they were pleased with the health of the three surviving babies.

23 years ago, Raani Bhatia and her five siblings became Australia's first sextuplets. Sadly, only two of them survived and Raani believes the outcome today would've been very different.

There are so many improvements now than what there was 23 years ago. I'm lucky - I'm lucky to have survived. Miracle babies, by definition, are miracles and the exception, rather than the rule. Gabriella Rogers, Nine News. In the news ahead - the weight-loss tea that's running off the shelves. And the girl who accidentally swallowed an engagement ring. (PIZZICATO FROM 'SYLVIA' BY DELIBES PLAYS) McCain's Season's Choice single-serve packs. Individual portions of delicious fruit. However you see it. Ah, McCain... you've done it again! (UPLIFTING MUSIC) VOICEOVER: For generations, Milo has been made from Giving kids the energy

to go further. Milo - goodness to go. VOICEOVER: The more you look for a home loan,

the more confusing it gets. Mortgage Choice isn't a home loan provider - our job is to sort through the clutter and help find a loan that's right for you. Road closures in Castlereagh Street continue to cause problems after that scaffolding collapse last week. Two city blocks will remain shut at least until Wednesday, but local businesses are fearful it could stay that way until Friday.

At least 60% downturn in turnover, yeah, which is scary, especially in these financial economic times. Some of the businesses are now considering suing the construction company. A herbal tea that claims to help you lose weight is defying the economic downturn to become a major success story. Since we first told you about Dr Red's Spearole Tea last week, it's been flying off the shelves, even as some experts warn it's no easy fix if you're overweight. There is no doubt that the mixture of green tea, olive leaves, grape skins and anti-oxidants is in demand. The reaction's been phenomenal. After Queensland University researchers gave the Spearole Tea an unqualified scientific tick of approval, the orders began pouring in. People sort of look at these things as a gimmick but it's not a gimmick obviously with the research that's been done, it just shows that it is something that does work. The laboratory test rats proved it lowered blood pressure and reduced weight. Tea company founder Greg Jardine says since then, it's been almost to keep up. We're now a seven-day-a-week operation and thank God there's a lot of family involved. But pharmaceutical experts warn against expecting too much. The important thing for us all to realise is

that there's no quick fix when it comes to weight management. And herbalists are also cautious. I think you have to exercise and have a healthy lifestyle and I don't think you can replace those things with a tea. But that's not dampening the run on the product. There is, of course, this other way of lowering your blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and losing weight. but if this isn't your cup of tea - have a cup of tea. Peter Harvey for Nine News. A wedding proposal has gone awry in the United States, when Reed Harris hid an engagement ring in a soft-serve ice cream, and challenged his girlfriend to an eating race.

Kaitlin Whipple is the competitive type, and she bolted the ice cream,

ring and all. The idea was to, to get her to just feel it in her mouth or something very simple, because it wasn't that small a ring. I thought she'd feel it right away, but it went very wrong. Lucky Kaitlin is the forgiving type. She said yes to Reed's proposal and the ring was recovered.

Ken with sport is next and again in a Test it comes down to the final day between Australia and South Africa? We'll have that, plus Sonny Bill is back

also Manly win the fight and the footy. And Geoff Ogilvy is again golf's matchplay champion. Ahem. VOICEOVER: The brand-new Sony Ericsson W705. For $0 upfront and a $49 cap plan over 24 months, and shake-control to switch track - the ultimate way to snack on 'So You Think You Can Dance'. Visit your local Optus store or dealer today. (GENTLE QUIRKY MUSIC) Do you sometimes feel as if your kids are from another planet? They love everything you don't, the meaning of peace and quiet can never quite grasp and seem to have boundless energy. there's something we think Fortunately, you'll both see eye to eye on - McDonald's Happy Meals. Your kids love them. you can too. (MCDONALD'S THEME) can repair itself. Vaseline knows that healthy skin But dry skin struggles to do so. for Dry Skin Vaseline Intensive Care dry skin lotion. is Australia's number-one-selling moisture and locks it in all day. It instantly increases your skin's Vaseline's trusted skincare range. or your money back. We guarantee you'll love it history tonight South Africa can create Test cricket against Australia. on the final day of the first Test After a middle order collapse, Australia scored only 207 in their second innings. And with the South Africans just 2 wickets down,

they're a real chance of chasing down a world record - 454 for victory. with more video dramas. Day four started Phil Hughes gloved Morne Morkel, a video referral, but Graeme Smith failed to seek infuriating coach Mickey Arthur.

posting his maiden half century. The rookie rode his luck, COMMENTATOR: 50 on debut. went into free-fall, More experienced partners What a catch! Incredible cricket. century-maker Marcus North, Only five for first-innings Hughes playing a lone hand. the collapse costing 4/5, He's played it really well. He likes it there. by AB de Villiers. Brilliantly ended on 75 What an unbelievable catch! What a catch! Big hitting by Brad Haddin... And way down the ground. boosted Australia's total to 207. ..and Peter Siddle a world-record 454, South Africa's target - chased with vigour. Neil McKenzie went for 35. claimed for 69, The captain's crucial wicket

almost 180 off the deficit by stumps. the hosts two down but driving

a signing session after play, Relaxed enough to conduct

to create history. the South Africans need 276 runs Australia eight wickets for victory. Test cricket's top ranking. Lose and the tourists also surrender Nine News, Johannesburg. Andrew Mckinlay, that Sonny Bill Williams, will be Confirmation tonight rugby union against the Wallabies. coming home in June to play deliberately timing the announcement The ARU has been accused of win in league's World Club challenge. to overshadow Manly's 28-20 points

20 minutes to get the blood boiling. Nothing like a tight opening they are really swinging! COMMENTATOR: They're into it - both props ended up in the sin bin. Josh Perry won on points, but Manly hit the front early. When it came to playing football, Watmough hits it at pace! the Eagles ended the contest. Just after the break,

exposed Leeds. Three tries in seven minutes Watmough! They're in all sorts of strife. A Steve Matai special successfully defend their NRL title. showing why Manly are tipped to Matai scores for Manly! mixed news for the Sharks - Closer to home, chance of playing in the first round. scans have shown Paul Gallen is a four to six weeks on the sideline. But Reni Maitua's ankle injury means especially doing it in a trial Very disappointing, and your first game at a new club. at the start of the year So it's lucky that I did it and not towards the finals. Sonny Bill Williams Maitua's old Bulldogs team-mate is set to return to Australia. against the Wallabies He'll play for the Barbarians at the Sydney Football Stadium. Rugby boss John O'Neill today denied the announcement was a stunt to hurt league. There's nothing about rubbing rugby league's nose in anything at all. the fact is that there is a bit of a revolving door these days between rugby league and rugby union. Danny Weidler, Nine News. No recession for Geoff Ogilvy - he's won another World Matchplay Championship. In a dominant display that included 10 birdies and an eagle, the 31-year-old Australian defeated England's Paul Casey 4 and 3 in the final, to clinch his sixth American tour title. COMMENTATOR: Geoff Ogilvy wins another WGC. Ogilvy is an excellent provider for his young family the win worth $2.2 million.

It's a very satisfying week to play well. I'm really, really happy with this. Tucson's been good to me this last week in February. It sure has Ogilvy has featured in three finals in the last four years, winning two. To finance now - and fresh 5-year lows on the market $27 billion wiped off the value of shares today. After the break - Jaynie Seal has all the weather details. in WIN News at 6:30. n z Coming up in WIN News at 6:30. n z Coming up

on WIN News... Smoking outdoors on WIN News... Smoking outdoors to

be banned at many A-C-T venues, be banned at many A-C-T venues, And

the Socceroos in town for Thursday

night' s big one. Join me for night' s big one. Join me for all

the details next. n z Weather now - and Jaynie was there much rain over the summer months? Peter, some of the northern suburbs fared the best. The city was slightly below average. And Warragamba well below average with a total of 177mm. Temperatures were slightly above the summer average. And we cannot forget our hottest day in Penrith - 43.3.

Today nothing too extreme, ranging from 25-28 degrees. A trough and front are closing in to produce our best rain events in months. The downside is a very powerful front which is driving in extremely strong winds. Severe weather warnings for southern NSW. And Victoria - gusts could exceed 120km/h,

especially over the alpine regions. Due to hit south-west Victoria late morning.

Melbourne towards the afternoon with storms and raised dust.

Back home a much calmer day of 30 in the west.

Fresh north-west winds along the coast - reaching 27. A southerly change due in around midday Wednesday, with light showers ahead of it. Thursday 23 in the city and night time will be cooler. Western Suburbs, 30 tomorrow, 28 Wednesday ahead of the change. And feeling more like autumn with the drier air. Oakdale Public School have been working very hard as weather cadets, not only learning about the weather but also making these colourful posters. So warm tomorrow in Sydney, and Peter there are real concerns for Victorians tomorrow with severe weather. And that's Nine News for this Monday, March 2. I'm Peter Overton, Goodnight. winds developing overnight. Twenty

Tonight ... Potential public Tonight ... Potential public sector

job losses to be absorbed locally,

Smoking outdoors to be outlawed at

many A-C-T hospitality many A-C-T hospitality venues,And,

Canberra' s bravest to be Canberra' s bravest to be recognised

for their efforts. Good evening,

first tonight, A fifty-eight year

old man' s been found dead old man' s been found dead following

a house fire in Melba late a house fire in Melba late this

afternoon. Five fire crews afternoon. Five fire crews arrived

at the property just before five o'

at the property just before five o'

clock, after a receiving a triple O clock, after a receiving a triple O