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(generated from captions) Right on, Joel. $50,000. on a well-deserved holiday. You can take the family You need to take Lewis and Bianca, to turn that DVD off again, OK? and don't ever tell them - It's got you over the line. - Never. Never, ever. Just elbow me when I fall asleep. and 'The Sound of Music'. 'Lord of the Rings' Mate, you've won $50,000 to the Aboriginal Literacy Centre. and also money

Well done, mate. Fantastic effort tonight. Joel Becker just won $50,000 cash. in the millionaire hot seat. I'll see you next time Goodnight.

I thought it was she was sick. I knew there was something wrong - by the tragedy. At the time, he seemed bewildered Small, she didn't like it here. Autistic, bone delay. ambulance crews arrived, But the trial heard that when in a mummified state. the little girl appeared to be there was nothing in her stomach An autopsy found had wasted away. and her small muscles She weighed only 9kg. Dennis Stewart, The 35-year-old mother's barrister,

to a cocktail of sedatives. told the jury the woman was addicted want to say anything. At this point of time I wouldn't

to my client. I just want to have a chat Barnett told the jury: In summing up, Crown Prosecutor Peter

When the woman was told she was

guilty of murdering her little girl

by stabbing her to death, she

showed no emotion. She blinked a

few times and maintained her focus

on the charge. Department of Community Services The little girl was known to the a major review of the department. but its failure to help her caused I think we can be pretty confident, That review, will not ever be made public.

has taken another twist, Canberra's utegate Affair he's been in contact with Malcolm Turnbull revealing of the forged email scandal. with the public servant at the centre

a concerted attack, as the Government launched He made the admission

resignation. demanding the Opposition Leader's Malcolm Turnbull was the target In Parliament, and minister after minister took aim. stand, apologise and resign. Do the decent thing -

should resign. The Leader of the Opposition as soon as possible. Get rid of him be out, but he's certainly down, The Opposition Leader might not after yesterday's police raid Godwin Grech on the home of Treasury officer used by Mr Turnbull and confirmation that the email

was a forgery. to brand the Prime Minister a liar the house about the communication Look, the case that Mr Rudd misled

there is no doubt about that. is not sustained - was accompanied by another - That humiliating admission in the last two months that Mr Turnbull

with the official has been in contact the email on a Treasury computer. suspected by police of fabricating I mean, Mr Grech is very well-known spoken to Mr Grech. and I have certainly would presumably have found that out Police investigating the forgery

by accessing phone records. Opposition has had He must outline all the dealings the

with this particular public servant. and one other Liberal front-bencher Becaue Mr Turnbull with Mr Grech for some time, have apparently been communicating some in the Coalition are concerned investigation that the continuing police might lead to more embarrassment. angrily when a minister appeared In Parliament, Mr Turnbull reacted of involvement in faking the email. to accuse the Opposition Withdraw that. They have accused us... Meanwhile, Mr Grech's Canberra house

overnight was attacked by egg-throwers as this deliveryman discovered. and appeared to be empty today, Laurie Oakes, Nine News.

Sydney's trains will know Anyone who travels regularly on many services. you can be jammed in like sardines on figures show chronic overcrowding But Nine News can reveal the latest in the past two years, has almost doubled our rail system dangerous. with claims it's making

Just another busy day on our trains. Seats disappear quickly - even if you're eight months pregnant. I think it's just this time of day, it's really busy. CityRail's own survey of 250 citybound trains in the morning peak

Trains that are carrying more than 160%

of what is acceptable levels of patronage is actually dangerous. The most overcrowded trains are on the western line through Penrith, Blacktown and Parramatta, the south-west, including Liverpool and Campbelltown, and through West Ryde, Epping and Hornsby on the northern line. Literally, there's no room to move on those carriages. They are beyond what is an acceptable level of overcrowding.

I've been working in the city since 1980, so it's been absolutely terrible since then. Passengers on this service from Emu Plains this morning know all about overcrowded trains. The problem is, the solution, if it ever happens, is years away.

That's how long any new carriages are added to the network. There will be more capacity in October with the new timetable and there are new carriages on order.

Kevin Wilde, Nine News. The American capital has been shaken by an awful rail crash, with 6 people killed and 76 injured in a 2-train pile-up on Washington's Metro system. A loaded subway train speared into the back of another at such a speed two carriages lifted from the tracks and landed on top of the other train. The scene is as horrific as you can imagine.

Literally a one car completely squeezed, completely together. Among the dead, the woman driver of one of the trains. More than 70 passengers were taken to hospital. Some had to be cut from the wreckage and carried away on stretchers. I leaned out the door, because one of the doors were open, and I saw the front of our train up over the other car. There's a lot of hurt people.

The collision happened during afternoon peak hour. One train stopped, waiting to enter a station, but somehow, the second train missed warning lights and came speeding round a corner, causing the worst train crash in the history of Washington, DC. Peter Stefanovic, Nine News. Two very expensive toys have gone up in smoke - boats burnt to the waterline at Port Stephens.

One man suffered minor burns as he jumped for his life. With the marina under threat, this was a race against time. OK, that's the fuel tank gone.

A luxury cruiser ablaze - theer was an explosion, then a man jumped overboard. He called for help. He was actually in the water when we turned up and two of my crew actually pulled him out of the water. He seemed to have a knock on the head and was in shock. The flames engulfed a 2-storey houseboat.

Acting quickly and at great risk to themselves, police towed the infernos away from the marina but efforts to extinguish them were futile. In the end, there was little left to burn. As police today tried to piece together what happened, locals said it was the stench of burning fibreglass that woke them. Every time we thought it was out, it relit again.

The smell was terrible. Flames were shooting up pretty high at the time. As long as it wasn't every boat had caught fire, that's the main thing. Jon Kamenos feared it was his cafe that was ablaze. I thought maybe I'd left a gas pilot on or something. When you take a look around here, you realise just how bad this could've been. The damage bill is already in excess of $1 million -

just imagine if all of this had gone up. Allison Langdon, Nine News. An anti-domestic violence campaign has been launched by the NRL, a day after former Cronulla Sharks player Greg Bird was given at least eight months jail for glassing his girlfriend. The 25-year-old is out on bail and is expected to return to France, where he plays for the Catalan Dragons. He was club captain here and did a tremendous job,

both on and off the field. His appeal will begin in August. The former ABC reporter Peter Lloyd has been released from a Singapore jail, after serving six months for drug possession. The journalist was freed four months early because of good behaviour. He's thought to be heading home to Australia to see his two children and his estranged wife. It's a sign of how families are changing

and how all our lives are becoming busier. The latest research shows growing numbers of grandparents are now less willing to give up their golden years as unpaid babysitters. Some grandparents of courseare more than willing - Vince Healy takes grandson Christian to and from school each day. In their 70s, Vince and Bella have actually rebuilt their house. Christian and his mum live downstairs.

We look after him in the daytime and the parents take over at night. Sometimes it's just not possible to do as much as you'd like. I'm too busy trying to support myself at the moment. And there are some other no-nos. Housework, shopping, those kinds of activities.

But there's a lot they'll happily do. For a start, give advice on just about everything. Money, friends, work, even romantic matters.

And practically, grandparents will lend or give their adult children money, pay their rent, buy them a flat, even a house, care for them when they're sick. But caring for the grandchildren,

well, you've got to draw the line somewhere. I don't like to give up my whole life to babysit. On the other hand... Oh, yes, I couldn't bear my grandchildren to go anywhere else.

But you know what they say about swings and roundabouts. For every grandparent who doesn't want to help,

there are tens of thousand of young adults

who want their parents to help and advise them and to listen to them. Peter Harvey, Nine News. Records are set to tumble at next month's world swimming championships in Rome, after controversial new race suits were given the all-clear.

Swimming's governing body FINA overturned a recommendation by technical experts to ban nearly 200 designs, after two French swimmers smashed Eammon Sullivan's world records in April. Head coach Allan Thompson believes the world championships will become a free-for-all. I think there will be a run on world records and the validity of those world records will be in question forever.

There's still time - but not much - to buy your ticket in one of the richest lotto draws in Australia's history. Chris Urquhart is at Sydney's luckiest newsagents at Cabramatta and Chris, there's been a big rush for tonight's OzLotto? Peter, they've sold more first division prizes here than anywhere else and tonight the queues are enormous, snaking around the block,

so many people desperate to get their hands on a winning ticket.

And why wouldn't they - tonight's draw, well, it's massive. We were told the prize would be $50 million. A short time ago it was revealed that because of massive sales, first prize should be above $55 million. What are your chances of winning? is it that it no that's yet that he

let it get any clearer to switch will mean Plenty of people like that night. I

have got my ticket and effort

In the news ahead - the woman left devastated after being wrongly accused of faking a disability. And Ryan O'Neal's real-life love story - he tells of his devotion to Farrah Fawcett.

(Beeps horn) Five minutes! VOICEOVER: Say hello to mornings with a quick drive-thru breakfast from McDonald's. WOMAN: Have a great day.

Sorry. SONG: # If I could have one moment just for you... # There's absolutely nothing like the smell of toast in the morning. That's why I make sure I get to Woolies and get a fresh loaf first thing.

Nice creamy butter and some honey. The honey... I steal that. (LAUGHS) They're none too pleased this morning. (CHUCKLES)

As much as I love what I do... ..I never want to lose sight of what's really important. So when there's a chance for all of us to catch up, I don't need a headache bringing me down. That's why I keep Panadol Rapid handy. It's absorbed 2 times faster than regular Panadol tablets. Because I'd rather spend time with friends than with a headache.

Panadol - it's my choice. 2GB has continued its dominance in the latest radio ratings. It's 3% clear of its nearest rival, 2DAY, with the ABC in third spot. Alan Jones remains king of breakfast,

In mornings, Ray Hadley's number one, It's truly the lowest of the low. A woman battling brain cancer has been accused of faking her illness to use disabled car parking at a Sydney Hospital. The single mum's car was vandalised

and an abusive note was left on her windscreen

while she was undergoing treatment. Susie Perry left her Central Coast home yesterday for her latest cancer treatment and parked in this disabled car park at Westmead Hospital Cancer Care Centre. After her appointment, she found a note on her car that she describes as vile and vicious.

(Reads) "These parking spaces are for disabled people. "You are obviously not disabled "other than being selfish and mean-spirited.

Enjoy the decoration on your door. And this was the decoration... And that one is right down to the metal. Two large scratches that'll require the entire door to be repainted. And it's not the first time it's been targeted. They don't have X-ray vision. They can't see inside me. Kane Beckett has mild cerebral palsy. His car has also copped extensive damage

from people too quick to judge. I no longer used the disabled parking spaces in the city. I use a commercial car space that I have had to buy. And after yesterday's ordeal, Susie's car now displays a very clear message to anyone who might misjudge her in the future. Lauren Harte, Nine News. The dying days of actress Farrah Fawcett

will be marked by a bittersweet event. She's finally agreed to marry long-time boyfriend Ryan O'Neal. I've asked her to marry me again and she's agreed. Really? Swear to God. 62-year-old Farrah is now in the final stages of her battle with cancer. O'Neal says he always wanted to marry his girl and he won't know this world without her.

The America R'n'B singer Chris Brown will be heading off to fix roads and clean up grafitti, as part of the penalty for bashing up his pop star girlfriend, Rihanna. Brown finally admitted his crime today, in a deal which saves him from jail, but assigns him to six months labour with a council road gang.

Chris Brown finally faced the music in a Los Angeles court. After four months silence, he admitted to bashing his former girlfriend.

How do you plead? Guilty. Rihanna was left bruised and battered and she was ready to give evidence today. But Brown's guilty plea ended it and he was ordered to do 180 days of community service, There is huge interest in this case here but it appears that Chris Brown

has already been judged in the court of public opinion. Now he's employed a new Hollywood publicist, ironically the same one employed by Mel Gibson to resurrect his damaged reputation.

But no PR agent could ever repair his relationship with Rihanna. He was ordered to stay 50 metres away from the star, although this being Hollywood, the judge made an exception. They can still, for instance, appear on the same stage together. Even then, though, he must stay at a distance of 10 metres. Tom Steinfort, Nine News, Los Angeles. Ken from Wimbledon is next with sport

and the Blues are on the paddock for the final time before the Origin. Their preparation has been far from perfect, but let's hope it's smooth sailing from here. While the Wolfman has turned Blackbeard for Game II. And Lucas Glover makes a name for himself at the US Open.

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The blows are having their final

training run on a ANZ Stadium as we

speak, a head of tomorrow night's

Origin Game II. Danny Weidler joins

us live from Homebush with the

latest. Craig Bellamy will be

desperately hoping that his players

desperately hoping that his players

get through this final session.

Paul Gallen, Robbie Farah at and

Trent Barratt, they will be keeping

a close eye on all these guys who

have injuries. There are other

concerns. Peter Wallace feels lucky

that teem down badly in Game One

and he is desperate it to succeed tomorrow night. Normally the most laid-back of characters, Peter Wallace knows just how much pressure he's under tomorrow night. He knows it's perform or be punted.

It's in the back of my mind last game, you know. Always going to be there. He's heard what his critics have said, but his only concern is his team-mates. I was below par last game so I definitely want to make amends this time around. Coach Craig Bellamy says Wallace has his full support. He won't be hooking him halfway through the game if things go wrong.

I've had a couple of chats with Peter - obviously we've been in the training sessions in the hook part and I'm not quite sure where they come from.

Wallace has a new halves partner to help him out and Trent Barrett won't be sitting back and watching Wallace do his stuff. He's aiming to lead the team. In the position I play you certainly can't afford to be quiet and the team needs leaders and I am happy to fill that role. And Barrett has revealed the team's motivation. No-one has ever won four series a row.

We certainly don't want to be the players

to help Queesnland do it. The Wolfman is hoping that black is the new Blues' lucky colour after finally losing his pink beard. Last night Sharks winger Blake Ferguson scored a remarkable try against the Broncos - it set the Sharks up for a 46-12 win and it was one of three he scored on the night. Danny Weidler, Nine News.

The Sydney Swans will lose a little bit of magic at the end of this year, with forward Michael O'Loughlin announcing his retirement

after 15 seasons at the club. A member of the 2005 premiership team, he needs just seven more appearances to become the first Swan to play 300 AFL games. I always thought of myself as playing forever and that's just a kid,

a kid when I was a fanatic, wanting to play footy forever. Australians Lleyton Hewitt, Samantha Stosur and Jelena Dokic all begin their campaigns here at Wimbledon tonight. Jamila Groth was the only Aussie in action on day 1

and she's through to the second round. So is men's top seed Roger Federer, whose tennis wasn't the only thing to catch the eye. Grass court or catwalk, nobody quite knew

as Roger Federer strutted his stuff. (APPLAUSE) But not everyone on centre court was egging him on, especially not Yen-Hsun Lu, who was out to rain on Federer's parade. Down an early break, the 5-time Wimbledon champ quickly found his feet. It wasn't flashy, but Federer managed to keep Lu at bay

and close out the first set.

From there, the tricks followed as the showman stepped up.

COMMENTATOR: Oh, no, no, that's it folks. Love it. Federer through in straight sets, his new look all the talk. Kind of a bit more of a modern look this year with a military jacket, In the women's draw, Maria Sharapova faced off against Ukraine's Viktoriya Kutuzova. Well played. Barely six weeks into her comeback from long-term injury, Sharapova looked rusty. But after 1 hour 45 minutes, she'd done enough to see off the qualifier.

Too tough off the ground today. And quietly going about her business on an outside court was Australian Jarmila Groth, the 22-year-old into the second round with a 3-set win over Lucie Safarova. Lucas Glover has kept final round nerves and a charging Phil Mickelson at bay to win the US Open in New York. Overnight leader Ricky Barnes wilted under pressure,

throwing away his chances with a 6-over-par round. Mickelson birdied the 13th hole to grab a share of the lead, but in the end had settle for his fifth runner-up finish at the Open. That left the unheralded Glover to lift his first major trophy. To finance now. Jaynie's next, with the weather and Jaynie another mild day in Sydney.

Yes, Peter, and the chance of showers. We'll have a look at that in a moment.

Coming up on WIN News... The Prime Coming up on WIN News... The Prime

Minister tries to shift Minister tries to shift attention

from Ute-Gate, A Big Gig for three

thousand students of the Territory' thousand students of the Territory'

s students, And the Brumbies

s students, And the Brumbies prepare to head for France. All the to head for France. All the details next. n z

Whether you have strong back pain, period pain or migraine, leave strong pain behind

We hit a high of 20 for most suburbs. Fog in the west this morning and again for tomorrow.

The rain along the NSW coast has now moved out to sea. In the south-west corner, light rain and storms are popping up and will head east.

A few showers for southern capitals tomorrow. Sunshine in the north.

Sydney - fine for most of the day with an afternoon shower. And a possible storm. Swell dropping but a few clean waves with offshore winds. The city hitting a top of 20.

Thursday - sunshine 19. Then from Friday cloud will move in. The chance of a few showers on the weekend. Western suburbs, cold tonight, but up to 20 tomorrow. With late showers and the odd storm. Back to blue on Thursday.

With cloudy conditions and a splash or two for the weekend.

So in a nutshell, a mostly fine week with some cloud and showers in the mix Peter. The chance of a few showers next week. Stay with Nine for A Current Affair. I'm Peter Overton. Hope you have a good evening.

thunderstorms. Thirteen degrees.

Tonight ... The lender for the

A-C-T' s controversial land A-C-T' s controversial land rent

scheme finally revealed. Oppositiinally revealed. The scheme finally revealed. The

Opposition vows to fight the Opposition vows to fight the A-C-T

Budget in the Assembly. And, the Budget in the Assembly. And, the

Prime Minister tries to shift the Prime Minister tries to shift the foc

focus away from Ute-Gate. focus away from Ute-Gate. Good evening, I' m Jessica Good. evening, I' m Jessica Good. The

A-C-T Government has revealed its

mystery lender for its mystery lender for its controversial

Land Rent Scheme.Community C-P-S

Australia will provide financial