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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - its second massive power blackout anger as Sydney suffers in six days.

Can you believe this? Again! Second time in a week! No power, nothing. A Hell's Angel bikie charged with a loaded gun down his pants. after being caught on his Harley shot dead in a US massacre. 14 people, including the gunman,

at the Golden Slipper. And grey skies but plenty of colour with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening.

For the second time in six days, a massive power failure. Sydney has been hit by were blacked out, 50,000 homes and businesses

demanding answers. leaving a furious Premier has apologised The electricity company what went wrong. while it investigates

most famous tourist spot Mid-morning at Sydney's and you couldn't even get a coffee.

had to turn away customers. Cafes at Circular Quay Can you believe this? Again! Second time in a week! No power, nothing! What does it do to your business? Oh, it kills it. Kills it. For more than an hour, in the city and eastern suburbs 50,000 homes and businesses lost power. It was a surprise for us in the middle of service. Staff just had to sit it out. Saturday usually really busy for us. We got ice-cream, all the fridges are out, cannot use the cards... no EFTPOS machine,'s very bad. 50 traffic lights were off was briefly closed again. and the Harbour tunnel Luckily, it's the weekend. On Monday, the city was paralysed was damaged, when one of four power cables

in the dark. leaving 70,000 customers

I was told the other day verbally, was one in a million. the chances of it happening again,

So I'm seriously unhappy about it. Energy Australia says caused by human error. this blackout was probably on a substation in the city A maintenance crew was working when the fault occurred. a thorough investigation We'll be having and what caused the outage. into what they were doing

is the protection system, The bigger concern at the source. which is supposed to cut power nearby substations as well, But it's been shutting down at Rosebay and Surry Hills, too. blacking out transformers it's not good enough, I want to get to the bottom of this, to Energy Australia. and I'll be making that plain has been charged A Hell's Angel member while riding his Harley Davidson with carrying a loaded gun in Sydney. in the bikie war The latest crackdown

included raids on two homes seized weapons and drugs. where detectives a normal Sydney apartment block Detectives enter what looks like this 3-bedder is far from average. but inside, At the Alexandria address, we believe may be a prohibited drug a large quantity of a liquid was seized and a bullet-proof helmet A shotgun, bullets, ready for use were also allegedly found in a cupboard near the front door. of bikie Christian Manu Birch The raid followed the arrest from Strike Force Raptor. by officers Police will allege wearing full Hell's Angel's colours, when Birch was arrested he was had a loaded pistol down his pants Harley Davidson motorbike - and was riding a powerful for his learner's driver's license. too powerful at Parramatta court, Birch was refused bail

charged with offences including possessing a prohibited weapon and driving while disqualified. It serves as a warning members out there to other outlaw motorcycle gang are targeting them that Strike Force Raptor and we will be around. was also refused bail. Another alleged bikie Hugo Jacobs

He's charged with murdering the Notorious gang, Todd O'Connor, the co-founder of

at Tempe last year. arrested over Sydney's bikie war. So far, nine people have been Premier Nathan Rees says in a Sydney hospital toilet the death of a newborn baby boy is tragic. had been sent for X-rays The 21-year-old mother at Bankstown on Thursday. before giving birth in the toilet of doctors and nurses, Despite the efforts

the baby died minutes later. to the families Tragic, and our hearts go out and the mum in particular. circumstances of the baby's death. The coroner is investigating the A gunman has shot dead 13 people, inside an American community centre after opening fire that helped immigrants. Staff hid for hours and started shooting, when the man barricaded the exit

on himself. before turning the weapon on a rainy Friday morning, At 10:30 burst in on immigrants Jiverly Voong

studying to become US citizens. a high-powered rifle, we're told, REPORTER: A man with at least four people has shot and killed more than a dozen others. He shot two receptionists - killing one, injuring the second. after he shot her. She pretended she was dead She went down on the ground. off that reception area He went into a room and shot several people. with his car, Voong had barricaded the back door trapping all inside. Possibly up to 40 hostages, we are being told.

Zhanar Tokhtavayeva, Among them, but heard everything. who didn't see the gunman no commands - No screaming, yelling, silence, shooting, silence. just shooting, silence, shooting,

before police moved in - Several hostages were released five hours after the siege began. I thought that my life was finished. of the suspected gunman, Inside, they found the body who'd taken his own life. Voong was a 41-year-old US citizen three decades ago. who migrated from Vietnam just been laid off by IBM. He had reportedly and senseless crime We probably have the worst tragedy

in the history of this city. Kevin Rudd has been told he needs to find a way of dealing with stress as he fights a growing reputation for getting cranky. He's lost a staff member a month since the election and has had to apologise for making a flight attendant cry. Peter Wilson has an Order of Australia

for workplace relations and he's worried about our Prime Minister's relations in the workplace. I'm actually concerned about his own balance, that his own expectations for himself and how he relaxes. Mr Wilson says 'Kevin 24/7' needs an outlet to help prevent his outbursts. Paul Keating had his French clocks, Barack Obama, President of the US, plays basketball. Mr Rudd left an air-force hostess in tears but his Minister for the Status of Women says there's no need for anger-management school. Um, Kevin...the Prime Minister has said that he apologises if anyone was offended by his behaviour. The Prime Minister's office has confirmed Mr Rudd has no plans to seek help in managing his anger. If he was a boss in the private sector, he'd have little choice. It's a problem that requires fairly immediate attention because it can seriously disrupt how other people are able to do their work. Mr Rudd's butler, John Fisher, will be the next departure from the PM'S personal staff - he's lost one a month since the election. REPORTER: Is he an angry boss? Certainly not. Thank you. I find him a terrific boss...OK?

Madonna will appeal an African court's decision banning her adoption of a second child from Malawi. The pop star had travelled to the country expecting to collect 3-year-old Mercy

but now she's been told the deal's off. Madonna is used to getting her own way, but not this time. Hi, hello. How are you?

Keep up the good work. The court's decision shocked the 50-year-old, who was touring a rural village when the verdict was handed down. Put simply, courts do not make law by the process of precedents and Miss Madonna may not be the only international person interested in adopting the so-called poor children of Malawi. When Madonna adopted David Banda, a judge bent the law so she didn't have to live in Malawi for up to two years. Mercy's mother died not long after she was born. An uncle gave permission for the adoption

but now says he was pressured to do so. Malawi's Human Rights Consultative Committee called her a "child kidnapper" and "bully". Others say she's helping Africa. The basic message that Madonna has bought into is that with some very simple investments in rural areas,

like Goomaleera, we can transform people's lives. REPORTER: Madonna, are you at peace today with the court ruling? The singer isn't taking no for an answer and will appeal. Racing fans were denied a free beer today after John Singleton's horse failed to win the Golden Slipper. His promise to shout the bar attracted big crowds as Sydney's glamour set mixed with the punters at Rosehill racecourse. (TRUMPER PLAYS) It was grey overhead but not trackside. A brave man to wear a pink suit! Can't hurt! eBay - you gotta love it! The gents had their jackets and vests. You look warmer than anyone else here today! I do I feel quite good, actually. But the girls weren't so prepared - most ignored the rules of autumn race wear. Felt and wool-based hats, definitely.

Well, that's awkward because I've got no felt on my head! We can pretend! There's a little bit of felt there. The professionals got it right - towering heels teetering down the Fashion on the Field catwalk. A 50s, vintage number won. The men weren't looking too shabby either.

Over in the marquees, Jennifer Hawkins mixed it up. I'm doing half-half - bit of summer, bit of winter. And sportsmen mingled with ex-soapie stars.

The chilly autumn weather didn't phase the fillies off the track and the ones on the track took it in their stride too.

John Singleton-owned More Joyous was the favourite but the wet track changed that. RACECALLER: Phelan Ready won it - photo second and third! Manhattan Rain or Headway!

Disappointing for Singo and for the punters, who missed out on a free drink.

(CHEERS) Not that they seem too worried.

ALL: Cheers! And we'll have more race highlights later in sport. Still to come - the new plan to create Sydney construction jobs and reduce rents. Also, a win for fire-ravaged Kinglake, after the Victorian bushfires. And revenge of the sheep, New Zealanders running scared. That's next.

(WOMAN LAUGHS) (MAN CHUCKLES) Nice. (PEOPLE LAUGH) With more and more McDonald's now open 24 hours, you can get food you want when you want it. Macca's makes it easy.

Hundreds of shoppers have been evacuated from a Sydney Westfield centre when a fire broke out in the roof. The blaze at Mount Druitt was extinguished in 30 minutes but 50 firefighters spent most of the afternoon

cleaning up extensive water damage inside the centre. No-one was injured. Authorities are still trying to work out how the fire started. Builders have begun work on 850 new low-cost homes in Sydney's west. $225 million from the Federal Government's stimulus package will fund the project, to help families struggling to afford the rent. Across the country, we intend to build about 2,500 units and here in New South Wales, you see us starting work on the first of almost 900 new homes. The project will also create 2,000 construction jobs. The fire-ravaged Victorian community of Kinglake had a win today as residents united behind their team for the first Aussie Rules match of the season. Environment Minister Peter Garrett returned to the stage for the second time in a month, singing the national anthem with a Black Saturday survivor. For emotional Kinglake locals, this team symbolises their determination to survive. It's the whole world, it's the centre of the universe in Kinglake and all these people have come to see the people that live in the centre of the universe play with heart and soul.

The Lakers - wearing their commemorative jumper a new focus for the devastated community. Their first goal against Emerald, finally, a chance to smile here. it's just great. We're already winners. A pre-game parade of emergency service workers and Environment Minister Peter Garrett singing the national anthem with Ross Buchanan. (SING 'ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR') Two of Ross's kids died in the blaze. It's not just me, it's everyone, you know. It's hard.

Eventually we'll get on with it. I just don't know how long it's going to take. Some playing today lost their homes, many lost friends but all realise their role in rebuilding their community.

You might think Kiwis know how to handle their sheep but one country fair sent that theory flying. An unruly mob broke free and the rest followed triggering the running of the woolly bulls. Jumping metal barriers, across train tracks and through traffic, the sheep headed for the hills. They got a mind of their own, especially when one goes. One woman was taken to hospital after being bowled over in the stampede.

They were eventually rounded up

but not before giving their minders a good workout. Time for sport with Jo Griggs and a big night of celebrations ahead for the connections of Phelan Ready. Unfortunately I didn't back the Golden Slipper winner but I could watch his win again and again. All the highlights from Rosehill next. Also tonight - the Wendell and Wayne show destroys the Broncos.

And the two rally car drivers lucky to be alive.

Wayne Bennett insists it was just another win but the Dragons gave their new coach a spectacular return to Brisbane last night. The Roosters ended another week of turmoil by thrashing Parramatta and Bennett won his first game coaching against the Broncos. More than 40,000

joined Wayne Bennett's return to Suncorp Stadium.

It was a party for Israel Folau too - Justin Hodges gave him his present. Here comes Israel on his birthday! After Ben Hornby helped Ben Creagh isolate Darren Lockyer for the reply, Folau should have had his second, but was denied - without the video ref's help. What is wrong with that?! Tension was rising for Bennett by half-time -

his rev-up worked. Jamie Soward scored off his own bomb, assisted by Wendell Sailor's pressure. COMMENTATOR: On the ground, Soward scores! Then Sailor had both his old and new fans on their feet with his first try of the season. And it is Wendell Sailor scoring at Suncorp Stadium! He made sure everyone knew he was back. Well, nice to see him score a try. It's unusual to see him to do that. We come up here to do a job.

People said we couldn't score tries, think we showed we can score tries and we can defend. Well, he plays the opposite side but I could still hear him. 3 from 4 for the Dragons and a win over his club of 21 years but Bennett was adamant this was nothing special. It was important this week to make sure I had my mind set on the Dragons, that was my priority. At least one rival was in awe. What did the Dragons score end up? 25-12. He's a genius, isn't he? The Roosters held out Parramatta early then Sia Soliola said "see ya later" to Weller Hauraki.

A great shot on Weller Hauraki! That is a beauty! Without stood-down stars Mason and Myles, the Roosters dominated, winning 24-6.

Chasing through, Kenny-Dowall has dived! To get a win stops the rumours. We won't have any of those weird rumours going on this week - that's a positive.

Mason and Myles completed their punishment for drinking, playing for Newtown this afternoon. But Fittler wouldn't guarantee immediate returns to first grade. The Panthers are trying to back up their win over Manly against the Wests Tigers and lead 22-12 at half time. The Tigers made a terrible start, losing fullback Tim Moltzen with an arm injury. Luke Lewis beat some soft defence to score Penrith's first try. He then set one up with a kick for Jarrod Sammutt.

COMMENTATOR: Coming through flying through the air! Wests Tigers hit back with tries to Keith Galloway and Rhys Hanbury.

Waratahs fly-half Daniel Halangahu is aiming to back-up last week's brilliant performance against the Stormers at the Sydney Football Stadium tonight. In Perth, the Western Force beat the Reds with James O'Connor and Drew Mitchell both scoring in the 5-try romp. COMMENTATOR: Looks up Drew Mitchell, nobody in front of him - there's another try for the Western Force! It's now 3 years and 19 games since Queensland's last away win. To AFL, and last night St Kilda enjoyed just their fifth win at AAMI Stadium in 18 years - 32-point winners over the Crows. Geelong survived a 3rd-quarter scare from Richmond and Collingwood were convincing winners against Melbourne. He's been kept in cotton wool all tour but Nathan Hauritz didn't waste his first opportunity to punish South Africa. Australia reched 7 for 286 with Mike Hussey finding form with 83 not out. Man of the match Hauritz took 4 wickets to halt the Proteas chase. The Aussies won by 141 runs. Michael Clarke's inning lasted just one over COMMENTATOR: Edged, gone! Thankfully, Brad Haddin had more patience, making 53. Ricky Ponting had precision. Oh, this is majestic! The fans fetched the hard hats for Haddin's free hit. There it is - first six for the day! Ponting was stopped by some brotherly love from Morne and Albie Morkel. David Hussey was run out after a mix-up with Haddin. Then Mike Hussey ran-out Haddin. Brad Haddin's furious! Hussey, shake your head! James Hopes played a solid support role to Hussey with 38 off 35 balls, allowing Mr Cricket to bat his way back into form - he finished 83, not out. That is a full toss and that has gone all the way! The slump may be over. I guess it happens to every player going around the world but yeah, I hope it doesn't last too much longer in the Test arena. South African Captain Graeme Smith returned to belt Mitch Johnson,

the man who broke his finger. Herschelle Gibbs was looking dangerous until Michael Clarke grabbed a classic catch. AB de Villiers went LBW to Johnson. Smith hit 52 before becoming Nathan Hauritz's first victim. Mark Boucher was another of the spinner's four scalps. Hopes chipped in with two wickets as the Proteas collapsed to be all out for 145.

19 years after finishing second, veteran trainer Bruce McLachlan has finally won his golden slipper, with Queensland outsider Phelan Ready at Rosehill. Jockey Brad Rawiller's perfect ride helped Phelan Ready become the second horse to complete the Magic Millions/Slipper double. The punters packed Rosehill for Sydney's biggest race day. A heavy track caused plenty of concern

and as trainer Les Bridge found out in the second Group 1, it wasn't a day for premature celebrations. His favourite, Hot Danish, was run down by Darren Beadman and Neroli in the Queen of the Turf. COMMENTATOR: No, not yet! Please! Gai Waterhouse, going for a record-equalling fourth Golden Slipper, had three starters, including hot favourite More Joyous. RACECALLER: Gates burst back and they're off and racing!

Beadman took the star filly to the lead but there'd be no more joy for Gai. Perfectly placed, Brad Rawiller was feeling ready. Phelan Ready has gone through, now some sweepers are coming wide, Headway, Manhattan Rain but Phelan Ready, Phelan Ready has the Slipper at his mercy and Phelan Ready won it! And paid $23.90. It's the first win in the world's richest 2-year-old race for Rawiller and veteran Queensland trainer, Bruce McLachlan. All of Queensland has stuck by him, New South Wales people didn't think he could win but the horse didn't know that. What he done that last 200 was incredible, great feeling, and thanks to everyone out there. Jockey Jim Cassidy collected his 100th Group 1 win on Vision and Power. Fiumicino upset Melbourne Cup winner Viewed in the BMW, stunning owner Nick Moraitis. He's been going so bad, we just...I don't know.

Lewis Hamilton claims

his disqualification from the Australian Grand Prix is the worst thing he's experienced in his life. Hamilton lied about allowing Jarno Trulli to pass him

during a safety car lap which saw the Italian stripped of third place. I was instructed and misled by my team manager to withhold information. Meanwhile, too much speed saw Ford rally driver Jarri-Mattee Latvala lose control in Portugal. Latvala and his navigator escaped serious injury after the 150m roll.

Philip Hughes won at the Steve Waugh

medal last night. He was the

youngest player to do so. There wasn't much sun for the last day of daylight saving,

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The windswept look was popular at the Golden Slipper and everywhere else today thanks to a southerly that kept temperatures down.

The city struggled to a top of 21 degrees - that's four below average. There were a few showers this morning, but mostly light drizzle through the day.

Another cold front will send Melbourne and Hobart shivering tomorrow. Rain also in Brisbane and a shower or two in Adelaide. Partly cloudy in Canberra,

fine and quite warm in Perth and Darwin. Morning drizzle should clear tomorrow

to a fine and mostly sunny afternoon.

Enjoy the brief rays of sunshine, the rain will return on Monday and Tuesday before becoming fine again mid-week, temperatures staying in the low 20s. Before we go, don't forget daylight saving ends tonight. Wind your clocks back an hour before you go to bed and enjoy the sleep in! And that's Seven News to now. I'm Chris Bath. I hope you can join me tomorrow for 'Sunday Night' after the news. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia One of the most powerful warships in the world. A seagoing air base packing more power than the militaries of many countries. IKE is steaming into danger. Seven days of relentless trials... ..pushing the reborn super carrier to the limit. Can the battle-tested vet rely on his rookie wingman on a crucial bombing mission? Here, any misstep can kill. And landings can go terribly wrong in seconds.

And what happens when a rookie pilot faces an emergency on a night flight? 403. Emergency aircraft. He's not talking to anybody. If the IKE's crew succeeds,