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Bridget. What did you find? Was I right? Did Owen poison Eric? Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. Tonight, a community's heartache - Tathra mourns the victims of the wharf tragedy.

when the community dig deep It's times like this and help each other out. Sydney's dumbest conman - fake character references he presented to the court about to sentence him. And Queensland's weather crisis - hit by powerful floods. storm-ravaged neighbourhoods And I'm Sandra Sully. Good evening. I'm Ron Wilson.

against NRL star Greg Bird dropped. Also tonight - a serious charge born with more than one face. And the kitten But heading the news at 5:00, the South Coast town of Tathra grief overwhelms to terms with the drowning deaths as its residents struggle to come and his two young boys. of popular father Shane O'Reilly the State for the young woman Donations are flooding in from around now facing a future without her sons she was preparing to marry. and the man a heartbreaking journey - Tathra wharf, the exact spot where their son died, the parents of Shane O'Reilly visit his two children from drowning. trying in vain to save and paused in quiet reflection. They laid flowers were there too. to the wharf. They pinned hand-drawn tributes One read: we hope you are together and safe. "To Uncle Shane and Riley and Travis, "I love you. From Hank." There were flowers too from complete strangers

the local butcher and his two boys, shaken by the death of just four and 15 months. Locals threw flowers into the water, expressing their sorrow at the loss of three young lives.

for the stroller Travis was in Police divers spent the day searching tumbled into the water. when the two boys

We would like to examine the pram We would like to examine the pram

and that will form part of our investigation. where Shane worked for 10 years, At the butcher's shop and a collection bucket. there were more sad reminders customers donated over $250. In just one hour, A special appeal has also been set up

and to pay for the family's funerals. to help Shane's fiancee, Stacey,

has already been handed over. More than $14,000 And something now under the spotlight. Safety on the 150-year-old wharf The fence line is incomplete

life rings there for six years. and there haven't been

inside the wharf's restaurant, Just one remains

which is locked up at night-time. an attack on media crews And police are investigating by grieving friends of the victims. by a group of up to 20 men around 11:00 last night. at the Commercial Hotel in Bega

went to hospital Several of the media with cuts and bruising. Police are reviewing security vision.

has stunned a Sydney court. An incredible case of fake identity forging qualifications A man who admitted to do aircraft safety checks references for his court appearance. has now been busted faking character to be sentenced Timothy McCormack came to court

he faked engineering qualifications after admitting unqualified safety audits that allowed him to conduct

on Qantas jets. flew on the planes he checked. 12,000 passengers left everyone in shock. But what happened next after it was revealed His sentence was delayed

fake character references. the 27-year-old had given the court were you scared when you were busted? Timothy,

false references forward, Timothy? MAN: Do you regret putting those There were several glaring mistakes. from a so-called school counsellor spelt the word 'counsellor' wrong, and used only one 'L'. with a 'C' instead of an 'S' But it was more than just typos. been written on the same typewriter, Two of the references appear to have a Senior Sergeant Steward Woodward, while another one was from

of a local football team, who was the coach to track him down except when the court tried existed. neither the coach nor the club The judge said it was: over the latest deception He hasn't been charged he could face up to 14 years jail. but, if he is, have been ordered Fresh psychiatric reports in two weeks. before he fronts court again Ali Donaldson, Ten News. has turned deadly. Brisbane's wild weather to her death after a fierce downpour An elderly woman has been swept which has left emergency crews stretched to the limit.

turning roads to raging torrents, and inundating homes. washing cars away under the house Thought I'd better go and check 'cause the yard was fully full, half me carport's flooded. and found out In just over two hours in some parts of Brisbane, almost 250mm pelted down causing widespread damage. for these residents, It delivered more heartache from Sunday's vicious storm. still struggling of my house. Flooded the entire bottom level more than 1,200 calls for assistance. Emergency crews received a roof sitting in our backyard. We raced downstairs and we found

We've saved Teddy! with 11 million litres of water Brisbane's main arterial was flooded after pumps failed. from the top of his car. This man had to be rowed to safety on the water level Just concentrating

and just watching it go up and down the pole

to jump. to see when the right time was But tragedy for an elderly woman, by the raging waters. swept away to her death before their car was submerged. Her husband was dragged to safety

into the creek. The prospect of landslides is providing a new threat.

The storm was probably the initial cause

emptied but there was also some water being from a pool at the top of the hill. from her flooded home Jessica Barr was rescued by boat after a waterway broke its banks. up to calf muscles, up to the knees, Started at feet then progressing so just got worse and worse, The wild weather caused a 30-minute delay to the start of the cricket at the Gabba. The pitch had to be dried out after the covers were blown off overnight. Residents are now faced with the daunting task of salvaging what they can from what's been officially declared a state emergency. Martine Griffiths, Ten News. And 21 people have been injured in a balcony collapse in Brisbane. One woman is critical, two more are in serious conditions

and 14 were taken to hospital for treatment. The women were part of a group of 80 having a mothers' lunch on the balcony when it plunged to the ground. Emergency services freed several people who were trapped in the fall while others were treated It's believed heavy rain might have weakened balcony supports. The NRL footballer accused of glassing his girlfriend

has had one of the charges against him dropped. Cronulla Sharks player Greg Bird was back in a Sydney court this morning over the alleged attack on Katie Milligan in August, and a fractured eye socket. A charge of maliciously inflicting grevious bodily harm was dropped but the 24-year-old still faces four other charges including assault and lying to police. He'll be back in court in April.

Sport now with Brad McEwan. Brad, a new Test series but another dismal day for the Australians. It's been extremely hard work on day one in Brisbane, with New Zealand making the most of a Gabba greentop. Skipper Ricky Ponting fell cheaply, and he wasn't on his own. for the Kiwis The man doing the damage is a teenager with just a few Tests to his name. Also, the Socceroos' great World Cup escape in Bahrain

with just seconds left on the clock. But the performance left the coach unimpressed - you'll hear why shortly. Aussie cycling great Cadel Evans tells us Ben Cousins should go cry elsewhere if he doesn't like the drug-testing schedule. the colourful NSw wicketkeeper And we catch up with the colourful NSW wicketkeeper who definitely won't make the men of cricket calendar.

Still to come, the Federal Government given another reason to spend up big.

Plus, the quit-smoking drug linked to serious health problems.

And grey power - to boost the pension.

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This program is captioned live.

A married Sydney man has been arrested after trying to lure a 14-year-old girl over the Internet for sex. The 40-year-old was caught by officers waiting in a Parramatta park where he'd allegedly agreed to meet the girl this afternoon. What the man didn't realise was the girl was actually an undercover policewoman. He made a number of sexual advances to this person and we will allege

that this afternoon he went to that meeting for the sole purpose of engaging in further sexual activity. It's alleged the Newtown man had been contacting the girl for three months offering cash for sex acts. The nation's top banker has given the Government the green light to go into budget deficit to fight off a threatening recession. Predictions Australia's economy will hit the skids next year have markets factoring in more big rate cuts in coming months. Credit card debt is growing at the slowest pace in more than a decade

as shoppers spooked by the economic outlook cut back on their borrowing. But the Reserve Bank chief appears to be suggesting the Government go the other way - into budget deficit to save the economy. Continue supporting worthwhile - and I emphasise worthwhile - public investment, even if that involves some prudent borrowing.

Borrowing would put the budget into the red for the first time in a decade but the Opposition believes there's enough left on top to avoid deficit entirely. This country should be able to be managed by a competent government, to maintain employment at high levels without going into deficit. Economists agree our situation is not quite that desperate, yet. To get into a deficit scenario from this point, you'd need to see things move pretty rapidly in a negative way. Despite increasing talk of a recession next year, Wayne Swan is standing by Treasury's forecasts of 2% growth. in the current circumstances, We don't believe it is necessary, to borrow. The government is banking on its a $10 billion stimulus package, hoping pensioners, families and low-income earners will use next month's handouts to go on a pre-Christmas spending spree.

And the Reserve Bank will continue to play its part, with financial markets already factoring in more big rate cuts. You could expect rates to be cut by 75 basis points in December and even another 50 basis points early next year. That would see rates at their lowest level on record. Brad Hodson, Ten News. Pensioners are threatening a national day of shame on Australia Day if they don't get a better deal. They say the only way to stop more slipping into poverty is for them to be paid an extra $100 a week. The message is simple. When you have done a lifetime of productive work,

I think you're entitled to some economic security. Grey power is gathering momentum. Sydney hosted the first Fair Go for Pensioners rally. The next is in Melbourne on Monday,

We may have retired out of work but we haven't retired out of life. They're angry the Government found $6 billion almost overnight for a car industry driven by overseas interests but needs almost four months to decide if the nation's pensioners are worth less than half that. above the pension,

not out of savings - I haven't got any - but I have a reverse mortgage. There are up to 3 million seniors in Australia. The problem is the actual average pension is only $240 a week.

That's set to rise by about $30 a week in February but for most that's nowhere near enough. They've come up with a 4-point plan. Immediately up the pension by $100 a week, introduce a GST-free swipe card for groceries, before Christmas pay another $1,000 bonus and annual increases, not against CPI, but under a special pension price index. It doesn't matter what the plasma TV costs, but it does matter what groceries and fuel and those sort of things cost. If they don't get their way, they're prepared to protest outside all parliament houses on our national day. February is when the pension review is coming down

and we want to keep pressure on and, if people are keen for an Australia Day rally, I think that is a great idea. Frank Coletta, Ten News. An anti-smoking treatment once dubbed a wonder drug is now under fire as a deadly threat to mental health. The drug industry may have gone crazy for Champix but health experts remain concerned about its impact on patients. Some smokers trying to quit will develop depression, perhaps some behavioural changes and even thoughts of self-harm or suicide. The treatment was up for the industry's equivalent of the Nobel Prize this week because it stops cigarette cravings. But 254 adverse reactions have been

I started getting heart palpitations and very light-headed

and the feeling of vertigo. The 24-year-old was so concerned she stopped taking it. I'm strong enough to be able to do this without having to deal with all this extra stuff on top of trying to quit smoking. The drug comes with a warning for those with a mental illness but the TGA's found suicide's also been reported in patients with no pre-existing condition -

a big concern, given people with mental illnesses are twice as likely to be smokers. The latest survey shows almost 1.5 million Australians have a form of mental illness and also smoke. While Quit and similar campaigns have had a massive impact reducing smoking in the general population, few target those most likely to light up. Professor Carroll believes nicotine replacement therapy is still the best place to start.

Naomi thinks the answer's even simpler. The best way to do it is willpower, and lollipops. Amber Muir, Ten News. A cat has delivered a 2-faced kitten in a bizarre overnight birth. The vet did a double take arrived on the operating table. when this miracle moggy one mouth but is meowing from both. The kitten is only eating with The condition is the result which most kittens don't survive.

You do see extra legs and extra toes, two tails and things, quite commonly. You seet them mostly born dead. You see them mostly born dead. It happens so rarely there are no statistics. The kitten is doing well and his owners are thinking of naming him Quasimodo.

A Sydney got real drinking last

night. That was boom and crash

opera Sydney style last night. 20

mm to 40 mm in most districts and

at one time there were 11 mm in at one time there were 11 mm in

just 10 minutes. But that the dam

area got 15 mm so was worse off area got 15 mm so was worse off

than most and the dam level is

around 64.5 per cent. It's down

three per cent from last week but

plenty more running off into it.

Tomorrow will be blue and sunny at your The ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock is next. Also, breaking his silence - David Hicks issues a plea on video. And a roo takes police on a wild-goose chase.

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What we were talking about the

deluge last night and that still

causing trouble for motorists.

There was bad road damage in the

south-west. As a localised flooding

along New Bridge Road and lanes are

blocked. This is where the road

damage occurred in Chipping damage occurred in Chipping Norton.

The three-lane some barely moving

west. I have opened Three Lions but

it is not moving very much.

it is not moving very much. Better

to go along the Hume Highway David Hicks has broken his silence. Convicted terrorism supporter Hicks says he fears strict court orders restricting his life will be extended. I don't know what the future holds for me.

The only thing I do know is that until the control order is lifted I will not be able to get on with my life. Hicks was captured by American forces in Afghanistan and spent six years in America's Guantanamo Bay before serving out his time at Adelaide's Yatala Jail. Now to the ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock. Jacqui, after a dismal day on Wall Street it was a shocking session on the local market. It sure was, Ron. I wish I had some good news for you, but investors are hard-pressed to find even one piece of good news at the moment. Today, our material sector was again hardest hit. Our steel-makers have had their earnings forecasts slashed by a local broker - by as much as 70% - on fears the number of countries going into recession will cause a vicious slowdown in overseas demand.

The local market was in freefall today and has now fallen into the second-deepest bear market in Australian history. Rio Tinto shed 13%, but Suncorp added 3% amid rumours it may be in takeover talks with ANZ and QBE. And that's the day in finance. for America's big three car-makers Bankruptcy fears have sent the US stock market plummeting. But the gloomy outlook hasn't stopped the industry putting on a brave face at the L.A. Auto Show. It could be the last hurrah before the US car industry hits the skids.

Ford, America's second-largest manufacturer, put on a brave face at the Los Angeles Auto Show despite the gloomy predictions. New products are our future. It's these kind of events that really get the message out on new products. are facing collapse. GM has warned without an immediate taxpayer handout it could be forced into bankruptcy by Christmas - a prospect that sent the Dow Jones on a downward spiral overnight to below 8,000 points, its lowest level since 2003. If you see one declare bankruptcy you're very likely to see the other two declare bankruptcy. Shows such as this but, in a sign of the times, General Motors has no product launches this year and cancelled the traditional media conference with company executives. Instead, the GM area featured models already on the market, including the Australian-made Pontiac series. The big names out of Asia put on a better show but many have plants in the US and could also suffer if the big three fail. The Japanese manufacturers are scared to death that the domestics are going to declare bankruptcy. If they do, and the suppliers shut down, the same suppliers are supplying the Japanese plants. Despite the tough times, the L.A. Auto Show will go on. After all, a fast Ferrari is always worth a look. In Los Angeles, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Osama bin Laden's deputy has mocked Barack Obama as a "house negro". Ayman al-Zawahiri's Internet message also warned the President-elect against sending American troops from Iraq to Afghanistan.

What we have here is more despicable and pathetic comments by al-Qaeda terrorists. The 11-minute recording included old film of Malcolm X talking about "house negroes" who looked out for their masters. Obama, Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell were accused of being "the direct opposite of honourable black Americans" like the militant civil rights leader.

A kangaroo on the run has sparked a police chase in Germany. Police and firefighters were called in to pursue the 6-month-old roo after it escaped from a car. The driver transporting it from the Netherlands to a zoo in the Czech Republic had stopped to feed it in a car park.

They finally had to subdue it with a tranquilliser dart. The roo is now recovering in an animal hospital.

We'll check in with Tim Bailey next for an update on Sydney's weather. Also, a live update on southern Queensland's weather crisis. And James Bond's Roger Moore catches up with Sydney fans and spills the beans about his co-stars. Miss Piggy was the best but, you know, she is so unkind, Miss Piggy.

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So simple, it's perfect. This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - for the parents of Shane O'Neill, who died along with his sons in the Tathra wharf tragedy. They've visited the site where the three victims drowned. The community has already started raising funds Thousands of dollars have been donated. Sydney's dumbest con man makes a breathtaking error - Timothy McCormack was to be sentenced today for posing as a Qantas engineer. However, the hearing was delayed because he presented the court with fake character references. McCormack could now face 14 years jail. And Brisbane's weather crisis worsens, with widespread flooding in suburbs already hit hard by storms. The emergency turned deadly today when floodwaters swept a woman from her vehicle. Ten's Bill McDonald joins us now from one of the worst-hit areas of Brisbane. Bill, just how bad was it?

The M5 you know Brisbane pretty

well. We had beautiful clear skies

for the first day of the cricket

but on the ground was chaotic as we

had rescue crews trying to fix the

damage from the storms. We had a

torrential rain last night, about

seven hours. There were strong

damaging winds at the here in

Paddington in the city where I am

at the moment. It was the rain that

did the damage last night. did the damage last night. There

was a to made a storm surge through

many of the creeks and waterways

here. It inundated here. It inundated homes,

businesses and cars. It raced

through the place and created a

heck of a mess. Emergency

heck of a mess. Emergency crews are

already stretched. How I residents

coping? It's pretty tight at the

moment because everyone is on alert

after the disaster and that same as

probably the worst since a 1974.

The Premier acknowledged that today.

She declared it a disaster zone.

His preferred serious weather

pattern in five days. Emergency

services crews are fantastic. You

have to feel for people who didn't

get a tarpaulin on it from Sunday

another have been deluged again for a second time. An electrical storm also rolled through Sydney overnight, flooding a major road and leaving motorists stranded. Around 30mm of torrential rain flooded Parramatta Road at Ashfield.

Some tried to plough through the water, with mixed results. Others took less of a risk and played follow the leader along the footpath. But, despite a four-wheel drive serving as a warning beacon, a number of cars still tried to tackle the crossing and before long there was a row of flashing hazard lights.

We've had a wet week but

We've had a wet week but Friday's

sounds like it might be OK. It

might be but our thoughts are

across the border with everyone in

Brisbane. We had those storms last

night with 20 mm to 40 mm. There

was 11 mm in 10 minutes in some

places are so there was a taste of it here. Friday could

it here. Friday could be sunny. It

looks like temperatures in the mid-

twenties but then up the the winds

and a shower or to look across

Saturday and Sunday. It will be 20

to 22 degrees. It was once said nobody does it better and Sir Roger Moore is the first to agree -

the 81-year-old former James Bond proving old spies age well. We've already had one James Bond in town this week. But there's always room for one more - Roger Moore. SONG: # Nobody does it better. # Sir Roger is in Australia

to launch his autobiography, 'My Word is My Bond', and proved he can still pull a crowd. You drop a few names in this book,

and the range of names is astounding - everyone from Elvis to Frank Sinatra to Miss Piggy. Miss Piggy was the best. Was she? (LAUGHS)

But, you know, she is so unkind, Miss Piggy, because we did have a thing going and I stopped eating bacon, but she doesn't write. There was the notorious battle of the Bonds in the '80s. While you were making 'Octopussy' Sean Connery came back and did 'Never Say Never Again'. While the press was making you out to be enemies, you were actually quite good buddies, weren't you? Of course we were. We a couple of times had dinner and discussed how they'd been trying to kill us during the day. And still more little-known facts about the star - he was once going to play Tarzan. Yes, I was offered the television series of Tarzan. I thought the idea of trying to hold my stomach in

for a year or a year and a half, it's just out of the window. He's also a knight of the realm, the amazing amount of work honoured for

he and his wife, Kristina, do for UNICEF. You were knighted recently. i understand you were a little bit afraid of kneeling in front of Her Majesty. Well, I thought I would never get up again. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

'Australia' star Hugh Jackman has been honoured for his body of work. America's 'People' magazine says he's the sexiest man alive but he doesn't think the new title will impress his mates. You know, in Australia, you're going to be made fun of for the next 20 years, as well as the fact - let's face it - for the next 20 years everything's downhill. I think the thing that is so appealing about him

If a man really loves their wife and you can tell, that's incredibly appealing. The 40-year-old says his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, is the sexiest woman alive. Sport now with Brad McEwan, and a leading Aussie sportsman has no sympathy for Ben Cousins. Cycling star Cadel Evans hits back over Cousins's claims his drug testing regime is too severe. And, like the grandstand roofing at the Gabba, Australia's batting line-up was left ripped and in tatters.

COMMENTATOR: Oh! Got it! Yes! Plus, the Socceroos' great escape in the World Cup qualifier in Bahrain. Would you believe it?

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This program is captioned live. Australia New Zealand has ripped through Kiwi teenager Tim Southee sent the top order tumbling with a wonderful opening spell. Michael Clarke played a lone hand. A short time ago the Aussies were 9/195. With the roof ripped to shreds and a sodden pitch, the ground staff went to work, leaf-blowers on full bore to dry out the damage. And after a 30-minute delay, New Zealand inflicted some of their own. Hayden scalped by 19-year-old Tim Southee for 8. And it was almost a carbon copy for Simon Katich. Yes he has - that's two down. Australia struggling at 2/22, a predicament that quickly turned dire.

That's out! Well taken at second slip! That's bounced more than Ponting thought. ended his day for a measly 4 runs. The skipper's awkward edge Southee with scorching figures of 3/12 while Iain O'Brien delivered his own brand of pain. Yeah, that hurts. Hussey finally broke the shackles. Oh, he's had a pull at that one and he's got it away beautifully.

His resistance calculated yet savage, but again short-lived. Oh! Left that one. The umpire confirmed his fate, Hussey gone for 35 and that brought Andrew Symonds to the crease. Oh! That is fantastic. His comeback punctuated by three consecutive boundaries and a life on 18, but just like the stadium,

Australia's attack was again in tatters.

Oh, got it! Yes! What a comeback! A fighting 50 from Michael Clarke a rare Aussie highlight as his partners continued to fall by the wayside. What about that?! That's out - yes it is out! Watson out for 1, Hadden 6, to some Brenden McCullum magic. Got him! What a catch! The gloveman's fourth catch delivered Southee's fourth wicket, the host's hopes fading with the light. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News.

Socceroos coach Pim Verbeek says performances like today's 1-0 victory over Bahrain won't be enough to qualify for the World Cup. In what Verbeek has labelled the worst performance since he's been in charge, Australia escaped with a 93rd-minute winner.

Another three points in the bag... Gotta take 'em. ..but they had to do it the hard way. From the first moment on we were not good enough.

That can happen in football. Luke Wilkshire the only surviving member

from a 3-1 win two years ago. the Aussies off guard. COMMENTATOR: And Schwarzer beats that shot away from Abdulla Fatai. Schwarzer was called upon again soon after as Bahrain pressed for an opener. And Jaycee John forces another fine stop out of Mark Schwarzer. Harry Kewell had Australia's best chance of the opening half, but it was the hosts who could go into the break the more confident, and they were just as buoyant to start the second. Wide of the target, but yet another warning shot for Australia. The Aussies were getting frustrated and Bahrain remained the more likely to open the scoring... It's a good centre, and the header flashes just wide. should have had that honour. Side netting. At the other end, the Socceroos continued to play their get-out-of-jail-free cards. Jaycee John had a golden opportunity. Jaycee John has missed a sitter. Try as they might, Bahrain just couldn't find what would have been a deserved winner. Unbelievably, though, Mark Bresciano somehow did. Would you believe it! A goal against all the odds. The Socceroos making it three from three, after surviving 93 minutes of Bahrainian domination.

Bahrain was an outstanding team tonight. They outplayed us, they outran us. for the three points to South Africa? Are you one foot on the plane No, if we keep on playing like this, not, so we definitely have to improve. Two sides have opened a gap at the top of the group. Australia leads with nine points, while Japan has seven, after it secured a 3-0 win over Qatar. Glen Lauder, Ten News. for Ben Cousins's concerns about his stringent drug-testing regime set down by the AFL. Evans says under cycling rules he's tested more than Cousins ever will be. Back home in Australia for a short break, Cadel Evans hasn't wasted time catching up with local news. He's amazed at Ben Cousins's complaints over strict drug testing.

For someone who gets tested as many as seven or eight times a week in the Tour de France - hair, urine and blood - go and cry to someone else. Cycling's drug record is poor but testing is comprehensive. Cadel's chances in next year's Tour were dealt a blow recently when new Silence-Lotto team-mate Bernard Kohl was suspended for drug-taking. Kohl finished third in last year's Tour, winning the polka-dot jersey for king of the mountains and was set to provide vital assistance for Evans in the Alps. His chances of improving on back-to-back runners-up titles also suffering with the news cycling legend Lance Armstrong is on the comeback trail. Do you think you can beat him? I'm interested to find out. It's years out of the sport, it's really something unusual,

and normally we would never expect someone to come out of retirement. Evans is not sure what Armstrong is playing at when he expressed fears about riding in France again.

He said his reason to come back into the sport is for cancer awareness - that's one of the reasons he's given back - but the initial reason, he said he was going to come back and win the Tour de France. Sorry, I become a little bit sceptical

when now he doesn't even know if he's going to start or not. But if he does? If anyone can do it, Lance is the man who can do it. Neil Cordy, Ten News. He's a throwback to the days when not all cricketers had the perfect body. He is NSW's 100-kilo keeper, Daniel Smith, who admits he was probably built for rugby league. under Daniel Smith's shirt You won't find a sixpack and you won't find him posing in a calendar.

But you will find this former pizza delivery boy,

nicknamed 'Barney Rubble', doing a top job behind the stumps for the Blues. COMMENTATOR: There's a nick behind. I train as much as the other guys, I guess, but I've got a physique that's not really built to cricket - I'm probably more built to rugby league. But I try and make the most of what I've got, I guess. Smith is a player the man in the street can relate to and is proof you don't have to be an adonis to play elite sport - kind of like Merv Hughes. David Boon too. Gives anyone hope, I guess, that it doesn't matter what you look like, you can probably play any decent level of sport. But when NSW cricketers stripped for a calendar, Fiancee Tania reckons he would have turned heads. But I am happy that he chose to be modest and not go in the calendar. I don't think I really had a choice, actually.

It's a big year for Smith.

Regular keeper Brad Haddin has moved to international level, so the 26-year-old can make the Blues spot his own. But that doesn't mean he's about to change. Continue doing my best and keeping as fit as I can,

but I wouldn't ever say I'll have a chiselled physique and I definitely wouldn't say I'm about to get my shirt off and get into a calendar. take on Queensland Smith and the Blues in the Sheffield Shield tomorrow. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Ahead in Sports Tonight, the dressing room news from the first Test, and Maradona off to a winning start as coach of Argentina. Tim Bailey's back with more on Sydney's weather next.

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A You would think of all people

weather man would know it would

rain and find a better place to park for the night. It's incredible

out here at the moment it - based

sunburst and then a cloudburst.

Plenty of thunder across Sydney at

the moment. I'm not quite sure

what's going to happen next. Just a

lazy 1 million of you - but

tomorrow I have under control. It

may be the finance sunny. Around

25-28 degrees. A happy birthday to

Damien foward. The weather tonight at this will be stormy. There will

be cloudburst and 20 mm and 40 mm

today it. There was 50 ml majors in

the catchment and will be more

tonight. On the weekend he will be

windy and wet and 20 or 22 degrees.

Cloud redeveloping over eastern

Queensland and NSW and a deep

trough is generating thunderstorms.

Tomorrow a trough in the east will

weaken and trigger isolated showers weaken and trigger isolated showers

and storms in eastern Queensland

and Central and North NSW. Isolated

and Central and North NSW. Isolated afternoon thunderstorms in north- east afternoon thunderstorms in north-

east NSW and eastern and northern

Queensland. The sun is about to

come out again after a 5 mm of rain

in five minutes. There is thunder

and it's an uneasy and night.

Tomorrow will be the best day for a

while with 25-28 degrees. 20 and 22

degrees on the weekend. Nicole Kidman has set the record straight, insisting she's not about to quit acting. She has, though, bought a property in rural Australia so her daughter Sunday Rose can grow up with a feel for outback life. If you think Nicole Kidman is passionate about her new movie, wait until you hear her talk about Sunday Rose. Don't you get me all... I'm still... Do you still tear up as soon as you think about bub? Something happened to me from the birth onward. I'm so raw still. I'm the same. I don't know why. I guess it's one of those new mother things, like when you get a new pair of shoes for your baby girl. (SHRIEKS) How cute! Oh, these are good, 'cause they'll stay on. Yes, that's the trick I learnt,

and they do, 'cause none of the others do. No, you put them on and then they're off. She kicks them off. Perfect! is, "Oh, when are you going to go again?" Are people doing that to you too? Um, yeah. Well, I think I'm doing it to my husband. And, contrary to reports earlier in the week, 'Australia' won't be her last film.

The 41-year-old is still very much a working mum, possibly even gearing up to play the world's first post-operative transsexual, with Charlize Theron as her wife. That was something that I've been talking about, but there's nothing solid on that. It's probably years away. And the thing I'm doing right now is two weeks work in this musical called 'Nine', which has been really lovely, actually. But it's sort of gonna be

the last time we see you here for a while, isn't it, 'cause home is Nashville. We have a property. We just bought another, inspired by this film. I'm in love with the horses and the land, so we bought a rural property as well. So we'll be spending quite a lot of time here. I want Sunday Rose to really be on the land and see a part of Australia that's very different to the cities. That brings you up to date on the news at 5:00 I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Sandra Sully. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

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