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(generated from captions) Peter, the answer is Broome. Ah, it's alright. Sorry, buddy. The good news is you got $1,000. for Eileen on the way through. Take it home and shout something Maybe get one of those pearls. For sure. Absolutely. No problem. Great to be here. Sorry about the disappointment.

but disappointing too. Great to be here Bit of moisture on your eyes there. for you. I'm sure it's disappointing

part of the show. Good on you, mate. Thanks for being (AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS) Ah! So close. Peter wins $1,000. Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. We'll see you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. Going, going, gone - in Bellevue Hill. the day the earth opened up That red car is about to go. the dangers for teachers The secret documents that reveal

in their own classrooms. the Curry-Kennys Australia's golden couple

call it quits on their marriage. And badly shaken - hurt in a Hollywood car crash. Aussie actress Sophie Monk

Good evening. a landslide and a road collapse - A burst water main, a gas leak, at the centre Bellevue Hill was last night of an extraordinary chain of events and left a gaping 25-metre crater. that destroyed two cars Damian Ryan is there.

this could take months to fix? Damian, they're saying particularly tonight for drivers, Yes, Peter, it's certainly a mess,

caving in. with a chunk of Victoria Road a long trip home It's clearly going to be Junction, Bellevue Hill and Rose Bay. for people heading towards Bondi

The only good thing - which was captured on home video. no-one was injured in the drama, literally gave way... This was the moment when the ground

MAN: That red car is about to go. There it goes.

..closely followed by a power pole. An extraordinary drama, by the view from the air. matched only this morning and all its destruction - The aftermath of the landslide of road and footpath all gone a massive crater, a section under the tonnes of sand and barely visible which had been swallowed up. two parked cars,

videoed one of them disappearing Paul Stradbrook and feared much more could be lost. seeing the cars go down. It was actually really scary to lose the whole road I thought we were going because you just don't know and maybe even the school, is going to collapse. how much ground And, this morning, as a precaution, located across the road, Bellevue Public, was closed for the day.

ageing water pipes The landslide exposed a burst main was to blame. and the authorities are convinced about leaking pipes two days ago But residents warned City Water an hour before the landslide. and made contact again last night, Look at it - it's all gone. you know? Thank goodness I'm not gone too, I was literally right on top of it. they're one and the same event, It's natural to assume

but we don't know that for a fact.

today, Among those assessing the damage Leader, Malcolm Turnbull. the local MP and Federal Opposition and it just goes to show It's a very big hole

to maintain water infrastructure. how important it is now have to establish Geotechnical experts of further landslips whether there is a threat the job of shoring up the roadway. and only then will they begin

it could be months Peter, we're being told before Victoria Road is reopened, of the historic Cooper Park while the clean-up

is expected to take just as long. next month, charged A second teenager will face court schoolgirls on the northern beaches. over two vicious fights between was charged overnight The 15-year-old from Newport behaving in an offensive manner. with assault, affray and

in the Bidura Children's Court. A 14-year-old has already appeared was issued with a police warning. The third girl involved increasingly dangerous Sydney classrooms are becoming for the teachers who work there. obtained by Nine News Secret documents, under Freedom of Information Laws show that last year, at least two attacks every week. they were the victims of

has suffered every day Sladjana Srecovik by a student three years ago. since she was violently attacked exist and to keep my sanity intact. It's been a constant battle to she wanted to be a teacher, All her life a classroom but hasn't stepped inside after a boy with a violent history darkroom at Randwick Boys High. strangled her in a photographic

up against the wall He had me pinned of my throat. and he just wouldn't let go to the point He had crushed my larynx where I lost all bodily function. destroyed the 26-year-old's life. It lasted just 10 minutes, but has after attempting suicide. She's on antidepressants this isn't an isolated incident. What's concerning is that

secret documents Nine News has obtained

were attacked last year. that show just how many teachers in NSW public schools. They show there were 123 attacks 53 were physical assaults. scissors, broken bottles Weapons used include knives, and even planks of wood. punched the teacher in the mouth. In one documented incident a student

A second teacher intervened in the mouth and stomach. and was also punched is not passing on information There's concern the Department about a student's violent past. wants more support for teachers The Teachers Federation when dealing with these students. to lose our young teachers. We can't afford

the power of principals We've strengthened to mandatoraly suspend students or carry a weapon. that threaten violence as she tries to rebuild her life. Little comfort for Sladjana, Jodie Noyce, Nine News. at a community cabinet meeting Premier Nathan Rees was ambushed in Newcastle last night of jailed MP Milton Orkopolous. by a former staffer

key evidence in the paedophile case, Gillian Sneddon provided but claims senior Labor figures knew about the scandal

and did noting. Of course you didn't know anything did you, Nathan? Because you ran.

You scurried like a rat to the Premier Iemma's office.

Premier Rees was chief of staff for Orkopolous

before the MP was arrested,

but denies being aware of the allegations at the time.

A frightened train passenger suffered cuts to her head when a rock came smashing through her carriage window in Sydney's west. I was trembling. The attack happened between St Mary's and Mount Druitt on the western line.

Police arrested three youngsters on nearby wasteland. A young woman had a lucky escape when her car was literally cut in half in an awful crash on the F3.

The P-plater was trying to do a U-turn on the freeway near Newcastle when a trailer smashed into her. Authorities are amazed she only suffered a few grazes. Baffling, complicated and not very profitable - a 26-year-old man is being accused of a highly unusual crime. Police say they caught him trying to exchange $18,000 worth of damaged coins for new ones from a vending machine.

Surely there's an easier way to make money. Tarnished and mutilated, these $2 coins should have been destroyed by the Mint.

Instead, they somehow ended up being sold cheaply on the streets of China. He told us he paid 80% of each value of the coin. The alleged plan was simple - turn the stash into real currency using vending machines.

Dodgy coin in, refund, shiny new coin out. I think it's just stupid. He should make his own money, instead of trying to steal it. A security camera pointed directly at it, and in the middle of a busy supermarket - it exactly a bright move to target this vending machine and it didn't take long for guards to nab him. To some people, maybe, just a quirky offence,

for another term, but there are victims of this crime. You got a lot of little blokes out there, with 10, 20, 50 vending machines - he can't afford to lose any money. And they're now asking how the Mint could be so careless about discarding old coins and whether this is the work of one man or a money-laundering racket. Allison Langdon, Nine News.

It's no fun having swine flu. Now, there's a row over who's responsible for looking after the people who've been infected. Hotels say they're being treated like hospitals and it's hurting business. Eight of those quarantined moved out of the Meriton Apartments at Parramatta this morning. NSW Health tried to extend their stay, but the hotel was full. At Darling Harbour,

a bus escorted two quarantined passengers from the Holiday Inn. Since their arrival, they've remained at the hotel. We don't think it's appropriate for us to be a quarantine facility. We're not expected to house people who have subsequently shown they've got the disease, and they're not expected to be hospitals. The Hotels Association says the Government has breached its responsibilities under the pandemic plan.

But the Chief Health Officer doesn't agree. That hotels are happy to have worked with us in cleaning those hotel rooms. So will the Government disclose where infected people go if they're turned away from hotels? No, I'm not able to. There was a happy outcome last night for the Wagstaff family from Campbelltown. They're the only passengers let off the 'Pacific Dawn' after their daughter broke her arm, but it wasn't easy.

Kid's broken its arm, you want to get off, but they tell you you might not be able to get off. Meanwhile, on the ship, passengers received this letter from the company, offering a 75% reimbursement. I think most people on board are very happy with the compensation package that P&O has offered us. Disgraced Olympic silver medallist Nathan Baggaley will spend at least the next 3.5 years behind bars

for manufacturing and supplying ecstasy. He was sentenced in Lismore today along with his brother Dru, who fared worse, receiving a 12-year jail term. A former world champion, Baggaley won two silver medals for kayaking at Athens in 2004. They looked as though they had it all but Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny have called it a day on their marriage.

The former Olympians are pleading for privacy

after more than two decades in the spotlight. Golden couple, golden marriage. For 23 years, that's how it seemed. Three children, enormously successful business careers. The family last in public together a year ago, the 3-time Olympian and multi-gold medallist talking emotionally about her heart problems, a newly implanted pacemaker.

It's just something that I never thought would happen to me. Their sporting success - he was an Olympic canoeist and Australian champion ironman - catapulted them into commercial sponsorships, Grant Kenny - the face of Nutrigrain. Terrific!

Lisa worked for Uncle Toby's. Lots of wholesome ingedients like rolled oats, wheat, rice and fruit. Their fame grew as rapidly as their businesses, Curry-Kenny Enterprises owning air charter companies,

swimwear, property, books and magazines, even pregnancy advice videos. Prophetically, Grant Kenny once told '60 Minutes' that nothing lasted forever. The day will come when - Grant Kenny and Lisa Curry are - you know, who's that? But not yet. Advertising experts say the couple are so liked and the separation seemingly so amicable,

that there'll be minimal effect on their marketability. I think this is one of those exceptions where their brands and sponsors will probably continue to support them. Peter Harvey, Nine News. Australian actress Sophie Monk ended up in hospital this afternoon after a car crash in Hollywood. She wasn't seriously hurt but looked to be in shock as she was helped from the car under the watchful eye of the paparazzi.

Sophie Monk looked shaken behind the wheel of her black Prius, its front bonnet smashed in after it collided with this 4-wheel drive on one of Hollywood's busiest roads. MAN: I'm your witness. I saw... It was the guy's fault. I saw everything. Yeah, me too. The cameraman who filmed all this had been following the Australian actress. Are you hurt?

A little bit, but I'll be OK.

You're gonna be OK, baby.

Yes. The woman driving the other car didn't know who was at fault or who was driving behind her. She just hit me. She's a top model in Australia. I was following. I saw everything. She hit me. You just cut her. You just cut her. I was making a left hand turn. Yeah, but she was going straight on La Brea, here. I was turning in front of that car. Sophie Monk had chest pains,

so she was taken to hospital as a precaution. Both cars were towed away. It's not yet clear who is paying the damage bill. Peter Stefanovic, Nine News, Los Angeles.

In the news ahead - did the Defence Department spy on its own minister? The results of an inquiry.

And under pressure - the little kids, spelling some big words.

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So good it's scary. SPOOKY VOICE: Yes, we hear you.

This program is captioned live. The Defence Department has cleared itself over allegations it spied

on its own Minister, Joel Fitzgibbon. But the findings of the in-house investigation are unlikely to ease the strained relationship between Mr Fitzgibbon and the department he runs. Did Defence spy on its own Minister? I don't think it gets much more serious than that.

So when newspapers claimed intelligence officers had hacked into Joel Fitzgibbon's computer,

helping build a dirt file, Secretary Nick Warner ordered an inquiry. Two months on, the findings. The allegations are pure fiction.

The extraordinary internal inquiry involved more than 1,300 Defence personnel signing statutory declarations to say they knew nothing. More than 600 interviewed. Databases and phone records scanned. They found:

A classic example of navel-gazing and a 'going through the motions' exercise by the Department. Senator Johnston calls the inquiry a meaningless cover-up and defends the fuss as important in exposing two undeclared trips Minister Fitzgibbon took to China courtesy of friend Helen Liu. The inquiry found Ms Liu wasn't even mentioned in Defence files until the story broke. I'd like to know whether they interviewed the journalists.

I bet they didn't. Nor did they speak with the Minister. He's currently travelling, though a spokesman for Mr Fitzgibbon says he accepts the findings. A broader intelligence investigation into the affair is due to hand down its report next month. Tim Lester, Nine News. The notorious tennis dad Damir Dokic begins his trial tonight charged over threats to kill the Australian Ambassador to Serbia.

Dokic was arrested three weeks ago, police seizing weapons and grenades at his home. A conviction could put Dokic in jail for eight years. Now it's time to meet some very bright youngsters, going into battle at one of the world's richest spelling competitions. The winner was Kavya Shivashankar, and with a big name like that, she was born to spell. It's become the showplace for America's child geniuses.

I-S-T. Deipnosophist. It had all the look of big-time athletic competition. There were the tough judges... Any other meaning? We aren't answering that question. The tension brought out the sighs... Some couldn't stand to look.

Finally, the 293 entrants there were the final two. JUDGE: Maecenas. What does it mean? 12-year-old Tim versus 13-year-old Kavya.

M.Y.C.E.N.U.S. Tim was out. get this right and Kavya,

who'd tried and lost four times here before, eventually wins.

L-A-O-D-I-C-E-A-N. We have a champion. Incidentally, it means you're lukewarm about politics. Robert Penfold, Nine News, L.A. Steph is next with sport, and league teams are about to learn

what life's like without their Origin stars? Peter, the Dragons and Panthers are first up. We'll get the latest from Peter Sterling in a moment. Also, a boost for the Blues as Paul Gallen and Ben Creagh become kings of the kids. And is this the end of the road for Robbie McEwen?

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Round 12 of the NRL kicks off tonight

with the Dragons hosting the Panthers. Peter Sterling is in Wollongong.

Sterlo, with seven stars on Origin duty, tonight will be a true test of depth for both teams?

No doubt about that. Not just Origin

Origin players missing tonight -

Matt Cooper and Trent Waterhouse

late withdrawals also. That doesn't

make nattily's job any easier. Had

you cover the loss of your origin

players and Trent Waterhouse? It

players and Trent Waterhouse? It

depends on the young players coming

through and I am excited about the

young guys tonight and they're

excited about the opportunity.

Great win over the Roosters last

week. What it was more pleasing -

scoring 48 points or keeping them

scoreless in the second half? Both

things - in this competition you

have to build your foundation around defence.

around defence. And where the

threats from the Dragons? The

Dragons have done very well since

Wayne Bennett arrived. Even though

they have a great defensive record,

it is the use of the ball that has

helped them with that defensive

record, so I'm looking forward to

hopefully matching them. You sound

very confident. Things are joining

us. Just the one game

us. Just the one game tonight and a

tough period coming up for all

teams with Origin and both the

Panthers and the Dragons hoping

tonight to consolidate their spot

on the Premiership ladder. A boost for the Blues today, with Ben Creagh and Paul Gallen training for the first time since going into camp. Creagh has been sidelined by a damaged ankle,

while Gallen has had the weight of the world on his injured shoulder.

The Blues didn't want any cameras at training today. Instead we caught up with Gallen and Creagh

at a coaching clinic for kids from Victoria's bushfire regions. And it was a little embarrassing - NSW arrived late and as a result, they crossed paths with the Queenslanders. Yeah, I think they showed up two hours late so hopefully it's like that on Wednesday.

MAB: They might not show up at all! Gallen was still keeping his thoughts to himself,

while Creagh was upbeat at how he's progressed. I think so. I've given it enough day's rest and if I was still at the Dragons I would have played tonight and I would have been fine. All week, Andrew Johns has been schooling Peter Wallace and Terry Campese. It's a new halves combination that will absorb any help it can get. Made a few things we'd like to do in the game

and just from different field positions. Nothing too top secret. While the Blues have had a week of uncertainty, the Maroons say theirs has been trouble-free

and they're starting to turn up the heat, questioning that inexperience of Wallace and Campese. If we can put them under pressure and see if they can aim up for it. Clinton Fletcher, Nine News. Australia's Samantha Stosur and Jarmila Groth are through to the third round of the French Open, but Jelena Dokic's campaign has ended in tears,

forced to retire with a back injury while leading fourth seed Elena Dementieva 6-2, 3-4.

I felt like I probably played the best tennis that I've played this year, so it's very disappointing, but... Robbie McEwen's cycling career could be over after he crashed and suffered serious leg injuries. It happened on the Tour of Belgium when the Australian hit a tub of flowers. The 36-year-old has a broken left leg plus a badly damaged left knee.

The injuries are bound to rule him out of July's Tour de France. Australia's cricketers have arrived in England, Australia's Ian Baker-Finch has made a surprise comeback, shooting a 2-under 68 in the opening round of the U.S. tour event in Texas. In his first appearance in eight years, the 48-year-old showed no signs of the yips, which halted his career. I kept trying to keep the bad thoughts on the other side. The six inches between here and here -

that's the problem with me. Peter, we'll have all the league action tonight from 7:30. Thanks, Stephanie. In finance news, the market finished higher today. Jaynie with the weather now. Jaynie, showers this weekend in Sydney? Peter, that's right. Cool and windy as well!

A complete wrap-up of the weather coming right away. in WIN News at 6:30. n z Coming up in WIN News at 6:30. n z Coming up

on WIN News... Canberra' s proposed Immigration Bridge goes back to the Immigration Bridge goes back to the

drawing board, A-C-T Budget

estimates hearings labelled '

estimates hearings labelled '

disappointing' . And the Swans and

the Bulldogs set to do battle at the Bulldogs set to do battle at

Manuka.Details next. n z WOMAN: We're slashing prices right now

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Without them, a lot of people like Jase here mightn't be around.

At your Capital Chemist we know what matters. Looks like there won't be too many outdoor activities this weekend. Outside right now showers are moving in with southelry winds. Not looking just coastal, inland suburbs are in for a wet night too. Temperatures have been way down today

although it is the very end of Autumn, so to be expected! 17 for the city. It's now only 14 for most of Sydney. As the high moves further east, southerly winds along the NSW coast will get stronger. Showers are going to increase

along with a few storms over the Northern Tablelands.

The NSW radar, showing showers along the coast and Ranges. Since 9:00am - a couple of places getting 10mm over the northern rivers and mid north coast. Here in Sydney, southerly winds bringing showers.

Heaviest for coastal suburbs. In the last 24 hours -

top falls were over the central coast. Big dumps of rain along with storms. For the next 4 days, an amazing amount of rain forecast for western NSW. Widespread rain of 20mm - 30mm not out of the question starting Sunday. Tomorrow - sunshine in Darwin, Perth and Melbourne, looking like it will be their fourth-driest May.

Tomorrow - showers and strong southerly winds for city suburbs. Only 16 degrees. Western suburbs staying a little soggy. 16 degrees the top tomorrow, 17 on Sunday. In fact Peter, showers have been forecast in Sydney for the next seven days! Stay with Nine for A Current Affair. Our next major bulletin is Nine's Late Night News. I'm Peter Overton. Hope you have a good evening and weekend.

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