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(generated from captions) You right there, Rod? OK. Be careful. Big Rod looks a bit... Rod's a Collingwood supporter! And he's a Collingwood supporter. why she blew 'Cats' away. Oh, mate, I can understand about the coincidence here. Hey, but just think you were auditioning for cats. 25 years ago Yes. Then you got married. and renew your marriage vows You've had aspirations to go and a question on 'Cats'... 25 years later ..gets you the money to do so. I mean, that's...whoo-hoo-hoo. That is unbelievable. Donna Davies just won $20,000. That's spooky. on the Millionaire Hot Seat. It's all fun here See you next time. Goodnight. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. crash scene in Papua New Guinea. First look at the devastating and at Port Moresby. We have reporters on the track Sydney's ATM blast gang. Police claim to have smashed too long in a McDonald's carpark. How you can be fined for staying arrive at exactly the right time. And the miracle rescue as rowers Good evening. of the 13 people The operation to recover the bodies

in Papua New Guinea killed in a plane crash has begun, although progress is slow. We have full coverage tonight, live on the Kokoda Track with Simon Bouda and Sarah Harris in Port Moresby. are the conditions like there? First to Simon and what

The problem is, Peter, on the Kokoda Track that the weather up here is just so unpredictable. As you can probably see behind me, at a remarkable speed the cloud cover moves so much harder. and that's making this task watch a passing helicopter, Dozens of people in the PNG jungle for recovery crews. after making a clearing a section of the Twin Otter. In the left of shot, we can see after disintegrating on impact. It's broken up, On the right, the man-made clearing, the plane crashed through. on the left, the broken canopy have been undertaking the grim task From first light, Australian crews the 13 people killed in the crash. of trying to recover

and other military helicopters Black Hawk

to the jungle site, making the journey from the Australian Federal Police while the forensic team arrived this morning. We've just hit the ground running. has hampered their efforts. The bad weather Because this is what they're facing. are among the last frontiers - Papua New Guinea's jungles isolated and wild. around the crash site, While there's still a no-fly zone and all around me as you can see below me Ranges is incredibly rugged. the terrain of the Owen Stanley

it's no wonder the area is regarded Mix that with bad weather and in the world for small aircraft. as among the most dangerous to the tiny village of Efogi, We fly down on the Kokoda Track. the halfway point for trekkers clearing-come-runway on a ridge, It's nothing more than a small with a community attached. Our pilot David Inau, that found the wreckage, who was part of the search team

and cloud-covered peaks. flies us over deep valleys came out and defended his pilots, Today, the boss of Airlines PNG especially Captain Jenny Maola. in aerodromes similar to this I would say that she'd have been in over 1,000 times. and in this type of operation, continue, Investigations into the crash weather was a factor. but there's no doubt It still is. including those of 9 Australians, The 13 bodies, one more night on a PNG mountain. will have to spend at least some breaking news Simon, you've just been given that we're trying to confirm? that we're hearing late today Yes, the news in this plane crash is that the death toll 14 or 15. could be now at least 15 - Australians that have died in this, We're being told there are nine but we're now been told have also died, that perhaps two Japanese tourists plus some local people. very worrying news So, that is certainly

that will be confirmed and I guess as the recovery operation continues. that up to 60 Australian trekkers There are concerns in the PNG mountains have been stranded because of the Kokoda tragedy. Sarah, what's the story on this? To Sarah Harris in Port Moresby.

One walker who has been evacuated

told us this afternoon mate number

of groups are stuck there because

of that no-fly restriction at. Just

a few minutes ago, the Kokoda Track

authority told us that they get to

confirm this. There is a lot of

talk about relatives visiting the

region, is that going to happen?

Know, the Australian High

Commission says that there are no

plans for family members to come to

Papua New Guinea just yet. Instead,

they are paying their own personal

tributes to loved ones from home.

The families of the Kokoda nine loved ones today, were remembering their adventurous mourning a vital band of people by their very hunger who'd been taken away for active and challenging lives. her full self, to everything, She gave everything,

people, respected other people. and she always did a lot for other Hannah Kinross, Also lost, Kelly's best mate, committed to helping others. another young Australian celebrated her social work Hannah's grieving family in a statement today: Keith Gracie, pictured here with his wife, Laurie, was another doer, and helper. Sums up my dad I guess. 100% doing it for himself. He was not necessarily to help a friend out. But he was doing it He went along to support his friend, June Canavan, the influential sports doctor on the famous track taking a sponsored walk to raise money for an African school. through her medical work. to Olympic athletes, Her expertise extended who battled asthma, including Sam Riley, in her swimming career. as well as the clock, of a while tribe of athletes I'm just one person who she would have had an impact on.

lost on a mountain. All these achievers, son Thomas, husband Chris, Leanne Harris leaving behind and daughter Maddie. Leanne died with her dad, Max Cranwell, on a much anticipated joint adventure. The family has issued a simple statement: "They were loved, very much." Sarah, this tragedy hasn't stopped people who want to tackle the Kokoda Track? tributes to loved ones from home.

Despite that no-fly restriction,

there are still ways to get to the

track from behind the mountains and

a couple of tour operators are

expected today say that even after

that crash, they have had no

cancellations and are planning to

take a grip out this weekend. Now to other news - it's taken months of pain-staking detective work but police are confident they've nabbed one of Sydney's biggest ATM gangs. They've arrested six men, thought to be a highly professional team who blew up the bank machines and stole millions of dollars. For five months, they blasted their way into notoriety, but today their cover was blown, six of Sydney's ATM bandits rounded up in a series of police raids involving more than 80 officers. This is the single biggest operation of its type involving ATM gas attacks in the nation. From December to April, the gang engaged in a destructive and very dangerous game to steal money. In this attack on an ATM at Lane Cove,

a security camera shows just how close this bandit was from being seriously injured or even killed. The six men have been charged over 13 ATM blasts in Sydney, Wollongong and on the Central Coast. 11 of them were succesful. This is a significant crime that has led to a lot of money being stolen

from banks and credit unions. The gang is believed to have netted more than $1 million and police will allege some of that cash was recovered in this morning's raid, as well as a quantity of drugs, expensive cars, all said to be the proceeds of crime.

Then there is the damage bill - the gas explosions brought down walls and ceilings. The damage is enormous - to the building, to the business interruptions - it's in the many millions of dollars. In total, there have been 62 ATM blasts. and police say this breakthrough should send an ominous warning to others. Today is evidence we've got on top of this particular group and we're coming after every other group that's out there. Damian Ryan, Nine News. Fast food giant McDonald's has begun fining people who stay too long in its carpark at Blacktown. It's taking the radical approach

to stop drivers leaving their cars parked there all day,

while they catch a train to work. Emma Barrion is about to get some bad news. She bought a burger and fries at McDonald's, then got a parking ticket. So I just leave my food and come and get my ticket. But it was too late - a parking cop had already swooped. So, this is your black car here? Yeah. Oh... Looks like you've got one. How much is it? Oh, (bleep)! It's $88! Oh, my God! I cannot afford to pay this. I'm only working three days a week because I'm a single mum. Richard White also fell victim to the new parking system. He and his elderly mother copped an $88 fine yesterday.

My mother was absolutely stunned with it. She didn't get very much sleep at all last night. Ticketed parking started here about a month ago. It's free for the first two hours and $2 after that, with all proceeds going to Ronald McDonald House charity. But if you don't have a paper ticket you will get a fine and that money goes to a private company, Australian National Car Parks. It's a system even the parking cop says is confusing. It says here, two hours free parking. So people think, two hours, I don't need a ticket. If I'm staying over two hours, I put money in and get a ticket. McDonald's says it chose this car park here at Blacktown because of a long-running problem of people leaving their cars here all day while they catch the train in to work. And if the plan is successful we could soon see more ticket machines like this one at a McDonald's near you. Lizzie Pearl, Nine News. Kyle and Jackie O will be back on the 2DayFM airwaves from next Tuesday. Their bosses at Austereo have brought in new procedures, including a delay button, to prevent a repeat of the lie detector stunt, which saw a 14-year-old girl questioned about her sexual history.

They say they stand behind their stars, who regret the segment, and understand the gravity of the matter. A new scheme to top-up the aged pension is being considered to help the many thousands of older Australians who do not have enough superannuation. It would guarantee them a pension bonus for life but they'd have to hand over their super payout to the Government. A seniors computer club at castle hill. No-one is wasting away here. Some retirees as old as 90 are learning about the latest programs. Just put your mouse there. The club is free. The problem for many is - when they get home, the bills quickly eat away the pension. The income that some people are living on is horrendous! Horrendously small! Yes, and they just don't make do. Now, a proposal for those who retire with only a small super payout and struggle on the pension. That's on top of the existing pension. It takes away the volatility that we've seen in the market.

It guarantees you a little bit extra each fortnight. fot the rest of your life Two-thirds of the population The way the super funds are going at the moment, we've all lost money, so if you could buy that and then you'd be guaranteed, you'd know where you stood, I suppose.

is retiring with less than $120,000 in super. A guranteed pension for life in return for their pay-out is sure to get plenty of takers. Mark Burrows, Nine News.

The Rudd Government's emissions trading scheme has been voted down in the Senate. The Coalition, Greens and Independent senators joined forces to block the scheme. They had the support of climate change sceptics, protesting outside Parliament. The legislation will be reintroduced in November

and, if defeated again, the Government will have a trigger for a double dissolution election. Australia's about to get a new spy chief. The current Defence Department Secretary, Nick Warner, has just been appointed the boss of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service. In another shake-up, our ambassador to Washington, Dennis Richardson,

is coming home to become the chief of the Foreign Affairs Department. Maybe it was the luck of the Irish, but a pilot has been rescued from almost death, after ditching his light plane into the Irish Sea. Land was 7km away but, as he stood on his sinking aircraft, a team of long-distance rowers turned up, as if on cue. Talk about the right time and the right place!

I just saw a plane crash. Indeed, he had. Will Homer and three mates just happened to be rowing around the Irish Sea, when pilot John O'Shaughnessy ditched his little plane right in front of them. You alright? I know, I saw you, I saw you! I'm amazed you're still alive! Mr O'Shaughnessy was on his way to a light aircraft show in Ireland.

He no longer has anything to show, but he's not complaining. Can you swim towards us? No, he doesn't need to, surely. Whatever caused the plane to crash, it was too quick for a mayday call. That's another favour he owes the boys in the kayak. They called the Coastguard. Hang on the helicopter, the helicopter's two minutes. The Coastguard successfully plucked Mr O'Shaughnessy

from his increasingly diminishing airplane.

The kayakers, who'd been attempting to break a record for rowing around the UK, stayed until they heard he was safe. That's not a problem. Always here to help. A footnote - the rescue cost the boys their record attempt, so they rowed ashore for a Guinness, or six.

Peter Harvey, Nine News. There's more drama tonight for league star Greg Inglis. Danny Weidler is in Melbourne - he has the story and Danny, it's a case of more off-field trouble? Yes, Peter. I've learnt today that a young woman, model Kelley Cox, is about to come forward and claim that she is, in fact, Greg Inglis's girlfriend, not Sally Robinson, the woman he is alleged to have assaulted. It's my understanding Inglis and Robinson broke up some months ago and Inglis has been seeing Kelley. Kelley has sold her story to 'Woman's Day' magazine. The magazine is refusing to give details, but it's my understanding she's standing by Inglis, although she's heartbroken that he was in Sally's company. Danny, any reaction from the Storm management over this? Peter, the Storm are aware of Inglis's relationship with Kelley

and didn't really want this made public. Late today, I managed to speak to Kelley by phone. She says she's standing by Inglis and can't believe the trouble he's in, Peter. In the news ahead - the treatment bringing hope to victims of an energy-sapping disease. And the typhoon survivors risking their lives to get to safe ground.

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There's new hope for people suffering from a little known but potentially fatal genetic disease. It's a revolutionary treatment that helps patients regain their strength. 6-year-old Tom Martin looks healthy on the outside. But mitochondrial disease has robbed him of his energy and this is what he faces each day. No more, mum. No more. He receives a cocktail of supplements and is fed through a tube because the disease is damaging his organs. His whole gut, all the way down his throat, doesn't work. For most patients, mitochondrial disease is caused by a genetic mistake in the cell's engine room making it hard to burn the fuel that allows the body to function properly. About 1 in 250 Australians are thought to have the genetic mutation. Many patients, like 24-year-old Cameron Moody suffer extreme tiredness. I'm in my chair 98% of the time. Cameron and his younger brother Byron both have the disease, making them too weak to walk. They're trialling a treatment called 'vibration therapy'

to improve their muscle strength.

It's really, really hard and strange. The technique is already used to help treat osteoporosis. So we think it's worth a try. Cameron and Byron only need to spend 9 minutes each day on the platform and they can do it in the comfort of their own home. It just takes a little more practice and while it's not a cure, it might be the key to improving their quality of life.

Gabriella Rogers, Nine News. Five days after Taiwan's devastating typhoon, hundreds of people are still stranded and are risking their lives to cross treacherous floodwaters. The death toll stands at 110, but could climb much higher, amid widespread anger that official rescue efforts are too slow.

Putting on a brave face, actor Liam Neeson has walked the red carpet for the first time since the death of his wife, Natasha Richardson. The event was the premiere of his new movie, 'Five Minutes of Heaven' and although he didn't want to answer personal questions, he was quite clear about his idea of heaven. Being with my boys. That's kind of... I'm kind of living it at the moment. in a skiing accident five months ago. Natasha Richardson died

to a wintry Melbourne today. Miranda Kerr added a touch of summer

The David Jones fashion ambassador Spring-Summer collection. helped launch the retailer's was in the front row, Supermodel Megan Gale

as Kerr warmed up the catwalk tiered ruffle one-piece. with an eye-catching to give her fashion forecast. She was also happy a great pair of shorts, It's all about long maxi-dresses, floral and leopard print. mixed with beautiful floaty pieces, it may have been only a friendly, Steph is next with sport and

against Ireland? but the Socceroos got serious form ahead of next year's World Cup, If only we could bottle Tim Cahill's freakish strike rate continues, because the midfielder's

this time bagging a double. the Tigers are gambling on And the teenager to continue their late finals charge.

to take a big gamble The Tigers are set on their late charge to the finals. will make his debut at half-back Rookie 19-year-old Robert Lui against the Sharks. in Sunday's must-win clash

much rain there be this scene in

their twenties and in her that he

is probably a class above that

level so now it's just a matter of the in on the the Dragons at the NRL judiciary. Meantime, mixed fortunes for dangerous throw charge downgraded, Justin Poore successfully had his this weekend. and is free to play the Raiders Beau Scott will miss that match, of a dangerous throw. after being found guilty Ahead of next year's World Cup, for his country continues, Tim Cahill's amazing strike-rate their first win over Ireland. as the Socceroos scored Despite resting captain Lucas Neil, Australia won 3-0, Cahill netting a double. The Irish looked right at home early, every visitor bar Mark Schwarzer. Robbie Keane rattling past by Mark Schwarzer! COMMENTATOR: Oh! What a great stop But, fittingly in Limerick - who slotted the first one in. it was a young Aussie named Tim,

by the Socceroos! What a super goal just keeps churning them out! And the Australian goal machine

Cahill had a second, Six minutes later, pouncing on a Rhys Williams rebound. and it's Tim Cahill again! But he can't stop the follow-up for Australia - 18 goals in 34 appearances a strike rate Cahill currently boasts better than a goal every two games. my scoring record up there. I'm very proud. I like to keep a good team is fantastic for us. But to win the game against such fired a long-range bullet. During injury time, David Carney What a strike! by David Carney! What an incredible goal

We missed a lot of players as well. came in played really well. So, I think the players that we have in our squad now. It just shows you the depth

is in September against South Korea. The Socceroos' next game Andrew McKinlay, Nine News. from the Ashes decider, Just a week out

have struggled in county cricket. England's front-line batsmen

deliveries for Essex at Lord's. Ravi Bopara made one run from seven Alistair Cook scored just four, In the same match, opener in six deliveries for Warwickshire. while Ian Bell returned only one run Some positive league news - for the NRL Grand Final all tickets have been snapped up in record time. to be released in Grand Final week. The last 14,000 To finance - the market hit a new 10-month high, up 90 points today.

Telstra lost ground after signalling weaker earnings for this financial year. all the weather details. After the break, I'll have

much the same in our western suburbs. On the satellite - to keep most of the State dry. a weak high over NSW continues Around the country tomorrow - clear skies for Brisbane, 25. showers clearing. A top of 18 for Melbourne, Windy in Perth. tomorrow, a top of 21 for the city, Another fine day expected in Sydney 20 degrees for Campbelltown. Looking ahead - a top of 21. clear skies for Saturday, Windy, and a late shower on Sunday. mostly clear skies all week For the west - with a top of 29 on Sunday. That's Nine News for this Thursday. I hope you have a good evening. I'm Peter Overton. by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext captions