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Tonight, Casula's midair tragedy - chasing her dream. how a young pilot lost her life In her Year 6 school book

that she wanted to be a pilot. she wrote down

brutally bashed in a Sydney cab. Legendary iron man Craig Riddington

They were just going for it to stop. and I was just pleading with them of their heartbreaking loss And grieving grandparents tell in a fatal house fire. and knocked me out The door just bashed me and I just lost her. Good evening. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. in serious trouble. Also, another childcare chain settling in to inner Sydney. And the precious creatures But heading the news at 5:00 -

of the young flight instructor family and friends after yesterday's midair collision who died say she had a passion for adventure forever skyward. and walked with her eyes

Joanne Ethell died chasing her dream for the Royal Flying Doctors. of flying

before she could even drive, She learnt to fly was cut dramatically short, but at just 20, Joanne Ethell's life into a Sydney home. when her plane plunged that in her Year 6 schoolbook Her mother actually told me that she wanted to be a pilot. she wrote down Heartbroken relatives say fulfilling a dream. the young adventurer died

a mad flyer too. Her grandfather was all his lives up, So he had used nearly but you don't expect this to happen. A flight instructor for six months, with the Royal Flying Doctors. Joanne had hoped to be a pilot and instructing is hard work. She was happy to do the hard work, It's repetitious, like all teaching. It requires a fair bit and it says a fair bit who's prepared to stick at it. of the character of the person to the Basair flight academy - The Cessna 152 belonged Chandrika Gaur, from India, she was training 18-year-old who also died. 89-year-old Ken Andrews, Today, the pilot of the other plane, to offer his condolences. visited the training school at Bankstown Airport He managed to land safely after clipping the Cessna midair. with the RAAF in World War II. Mr Andrews was a squadron leader Colleagues say he was still on the ball

every six months. and passed strict exams He's an extremely experienced pilot. I mean, to do with this accident. I doubt whether age had anything also escaped injury. His Indian-born student has been hit hard The tight-knit aviation college by this tragedy. were given the day off today, Staff and students but of those who were here, of free counselling. many took advantage and much-loved instructor - A fellow student never to fly again. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. of having blood on their hands Government regulators are accused

Aviation experts say over the Casula plane crash.

at Bankstown Airport are stupid, landing procedures

there's been a midair collision. and they're not surprised At first light, began. the clean-up of the mangled mess Beneath the tarpaulins,

through the patio roof. the plane's tail stood vertical a single seat flung even further. The fuselage lay crumpled nearby,

and photographed each piece. Investigators methodically examined the last major pieces wrenched free. The crushed cockpit among from behind the police tape, The home's owners looked on

then packed up for their relocation. the college that owned the Cessna, The boss of Basair Aviation, of the air safety investigation. also came by in time for the start at Bankstown Airport Officials will scrutinise procedures as well the pilots' actions. as well as the pilots' actions. Normally in midair collisions,

both aircraft are uncontrollable. the damage is such that In this case, back to the ground one aircraft has made it at the damage on that and we need to have a look why they were still able to fly. to understand

was unsurprised The former boss of CASA

en route to Bankstown. the plane crash happened to one dot on a map, If you direct everyone

you must end up with an accident. it's so stupid, without one. I'm surprised we've gone so long and entrance policies are outdated. He says the airport exit

are also concerned Aviation commentators in the uncontrolled airspace. about safety

took place under the eyes of a radar It would appear that accident and no action was taken. will be removed by midday tomorrow, The last of the wreckage before we find out why it crashed. but it could be a lot longer Air safety officials say up to a year to complete. the final report could take will play a vital role. Evidence from the surviving pilots They're two of very few from a midair disaster. who've ever walked away Amber Muir, Ten News. most successful iron men One of Australia's

from a Christmas party. has been bashed on his way home Craig Riddington says it's enough to stop him going out in Manly at night. He's the champion Australian iron man renowned for his endurance, but no amount of training could prepare Craig Riddington for what he went through in the early hours of Thursday morning, when, he claims, two strangers he was sharing a taxi home with turned on him. Mate, I don't know, maybe I asked too many questions, because within a couple of hundred metres I was getting my head punched in. The guy in the back went for me and my first reaction was just to cover myself. Riddington says he was repeatedly bashed around the head by both men. They were sort of on top of me, as far as I can remember.

They were just going for it. I was pleading with them to stop, trying to cover myself. when the cab driver radioed police and the two men ran off. Fortunately for investigators, it's claimed one of the men left his mobile phone in the car. A 24-year-old man has been granted bail to appear before the court here in Manly on January 15, but Riddington says he won't be rushing back for a night out. Recovering at home with his children, the former Australian champion iron man believes he's still suffering concussion and shock. I was scared of ending up in a situation where I couldn't support or look after my family.

I saw him, and I have a strong

stomach and those things don't

usually affect me. I had to go and play down. They're just happy to have him home, battered, but in one piece. A family torn apart by the death of a 2-year-old in a house fire has broken their silence, telling of their horrific ordeal. Neil Tarrant and Julie Gibson have been overwhelmed by a groundswell of support. When fire tore through their Nelson Bay home in August, Julie Gibson was dozing in the lounge She burnt her hands trying to get everyone out. Julie lost her grip on her 2.5-year-old granddaughter, Taya,

just as they were almost out. The door just bashed me and knocked me out and I just lost her. So I had her, and I tried getting back in, but it just went from there to there. No-one could get back in to find Taya. She died trapped behind the front door.

It was her father's birthday. went back in and dragged her out. She went back in,

She had burns in her face. I nearly had burnt my ears off. Taya's parents were at Westmead Children's Hospital with their youngest, Emerson, who needed a liver transplant. Three months on and the 14-month-old is doing well. Julie's partner, Tubby Tarrant, only hours earlier had come out of hospital after radiation treatment for throat cancer. Trapped in the bedroom, he smashed his way through a window, injuring his shoulder, suffering smoke inhalation. Tubby is in now remission. Taya's parents, Jason and Lana, still haven't been back here, to the place where their daughter died.

The pain is just still too great. The family hopes to demolish this house and then rebuild. They have a seemingly endless list of people who've helped. This family that lost so much to the flames now has been given a rental home full of furniture and clothing donated by others. An appeal raised more than $75,000. They hope an insurance payout will help them rebuild their home. I can't bless people, but I... I don't know how we could have got back on our feet as quick as we have. Without people. Evan Batten, Ten News. More childcare centres across the State are set to close, leaving parents and workers in the lurch. 14 Neighbourhood Early Learning Centres will close

across the east coast on New Year's Eve,

four of them in New South Wales. Around 1,000 families and 200 staff are affected. Parents and workers in this country and certainly not being told a week before Christmas that they've got no care in the new year. The Neighbourhood closures are another casualty of ABC Learning, which held the leases on the properties. The parents of a Sydney man killed fighting for the British Army in Afghanistan

say their son died doing what he wanted. 21-year-old Stuart Nash joined the British Army in search of action. He'd only been in the army for nine months. The rifleman died on Wednesday

with the British Army or the Australian Army, it's a tragedy. Stuart Nash is the sixth British soldier killed in Afghanistan this week, and the 134th in seven years of fighting. It's hard to believe, but we're heading into the last weekend before Christmas, so that means time is fast running out to get to the shops. Ten reporter Amelia Adams is in Pitt Street Mall. Amelia, the extended opening hours are already in place.

Yes, with just five days until

Christmas they shopping madness has

begun. Shops are open until 10pm

across most of Sydney, and those later hours will continue this

weekend. As you can see it is quite

busy. Shop owners are saying it is

a great relief, given the recent talk about retell gross and concerns about the effects of

people cutting back on Christmas

shopping. Looking around tonight,

you could almost forget that we are

in the middle of a financial crisis. There

There are so many people out

shopping, and the national

retailers Association says retailers Association says that

will give the industry a good boost

heading into next year. We have

seen an increase in willingness to

spending Christmas presents in the

last week, but still a very high

emphasis on saving. People are

still concerned about the prospect

of unemployment next year. Another

Christmas shopping hot spot is the

Sydney Fish Markets. They had their

first taste of the rush today. The

markets were packed today. They are

offering record low prices on

seafood. They will be opening for

today's straight next week, from

early Tuesday morning until

Wednesday evening. Major retailers have some very busy days have some very busy days ahead,

with my hat and David Jones stores

across Sydney opening until

midnight on Monday and Tuesday. If

you have not done a shopping yet,

don't despair - many places will be open open for lust-minute shopping. Ahead in sport with Rob Canning, what a performance by Mitchell Johnson in the cricket. Yes, Deb, a bowling performance that enters the history books - Johnson finishing with the amazing figures of 8/61. That's the best by any left-arm fast bowler from any nation. We'll have the highlights shortly. charges to another title in Hawaii, And Aussie surfer Stephanie Gilmore as the sport's super champ, Layne Beachley, officially retires. Also later in sport - the Australian soccer stars embroiled in a betting scandal. Still to come, the killer who claims he deserves a tougher sentence. Plus, the notorious "catch me if you can" con woman to spend longer in jail. And a startling discovery - an octopus carrying false teeth near a Sydney beach.

This program is captioned live. A man jailed for 23 years for murdering his mother says his sentence isn't long enough. Adam Patrick Owens wanted to be locked up for life for murdering his mum, and says, given his time over, he'd do it again. Caleb Owens lost his mother two years ago. Today his older brother was jailed for her murder. I've lost my entire family in one go. 69-year-old Doris Owens

was a community and human rights campaigner who'd made as many enemies as friends, but it was her 32-year-old son Adam Owens who stabbed her to death at her Swanhaven holiday home, something Adam claims he'd dreamed of since he was 12. There's something very wrong with my brother. He's clever, he's highly intelligent, he's just, in many ways, completely deluded. Even Doris feared her son wanted her dead.

My mother had expressed her concerns to me that she was in danger, and that she even feared being killed by him. But the sad thing is, we couldn't have prevented this. Adam confessed the murder to Caleb during a meeting in Hyde Park, unaware his brother was wearing a listening device. Minutes later, police arrested Owens at the entrance to St James station. Adam Owens's confession to his brother here, around this chess set, was his first move in an attempt to be jailed for life. Owens had demanded that he be given the maximum term, but today as he was jailed for a minimum 17 years, he shook his head and berated the judge, declaring his sentence was "manifestly inadequate". But today was not a good day for him, because he lost his control. He would have much preferred to go back to his cell-mates and say "They've given me life and aren't I so notorious, "and you guys better watch out." Adam Owens can apply for parole in 2024.

James Boyce, Ten News. An infamous "catch me if you can" con woman

has been given an extra 21 months in jail. Jody Harris stole the identities of more than 48 women in a 9-month crime spree, draining their bank accounts of $200,000. For her 15 Victorian victims, the 30-year-old has received a lighter sentence, because she's shared her secrets in a police training video. former drug trafficker turned lawyer Debbie Kilroy. Any parent is devastated, especially a mother, when their child is in prison. Harris will be eligable for parole in two years. Two more ATMs have been blown up in Sydney. Thieves first targeted a teller machine at West Pennant Hills around 2:00 this morning, escaping with cash. A short time later, another ATM was destroyed at nearby Telopea, to have fled empty-handed. though the robbers are thought Six machines have been blown up across Sydney in the past four days. After 17 years in exile, Pixie Skase is coming home. She fled to Spain with her husband Christopher, who was wanted over a disastrous corporate collapse. The leafy streets of Toorak could soon be home again for Pixie Skase - the 67-year-old turning her back on a luxurious life in Spain to return to her family and a few close friends. She has outlived Majorca, and everybody. She's an Australian and wants to come back.

It's 17 years since she fled with her fugitive husband Christopher, with debts of nearly $2 billion and no plan to return. There's going to have to be a very fulsome apology before I would consider going back there. But after his death in 2001, and winning back her Australian passport three years later, Mrs Skase is now searching for a new home while in town for Christmas. South Yarra, Toorak, Malvern - these are the places she's used to. I don't think she'll live in Collingwood.

In the Toorak heartland where Pixie plans to call home,

locals are divided on whether she'll receive a warm welcome. have suffered. I think too many people Why should she be accepted back by all? Too many people have been hurt.

I think that's forgotten. It's too old now. She's revealed she would have returned earlier, but chose to stay in Spain with the couple's six dogs. Five have since died, and she'll bring the last surviving husky with her. and I always will, I mean, I miss Melbourne because Melbourne's my town. I think Melbourne's ready for her. Cameron Smith, Ten News. Now to the mystery of Manly's missing molars. Dave Baxter wrestled a set of dentures from a smiling octopus during a dive off Manly. It's thought a swimmer dropped the false teeth, which were sucked up from the ocean floor and have been worn by the octopus ever since. And it was a bit of a tug of war for me to get the teeth back. It wasn't going to relinquish the teeth to me gently, so I had a bit of a tug of war. Apart from a little algae, the falsies are fine, and Dave hopes his next catch will be their owner. Hence the Cinderella story - basically try and find the person they fit and they can chomp into a bit of Christmas turkey.

Any toothless takers are yet to come forward.

Time now for a check of the weather.

Tomorrow, go shopping. Southerly

winds and 21 degrees. The odd

shower, particularly on the shower, particularly on the coast.

Some blue sky on Sunday. Fine and

sunny. Next Thursday is Christmas

Day - I will tell you later. Air fares between Australia and the United States to be slashed - details after the break. Also, he's in deep trouble - the Australian caught red-handed smuggling heroin in Thailand. And pioneering treatment saves a young stroke patient.

I want Original Recipe. Yep, Original Recipe. No, you always get to choose. I want Crispy Strips. No, it's my choice. I want Popcorn Chicken this time.

Who said that? What? Nah, let's get them all. KFC's Backyard Bucket - a huge variety of our famous chicken and sides. KFC's Backyard Bucket. # Can't beat that taste. #

This program is captioned live.

Time now for a check of the traffic

with Vic Lorusso. An accident on

the M4? A car has rolled going city bound.

bound. Take a look at the traffic

delays behind the accident. You can

see a blue car off towards the

grass. They have reopened some part

of the road, but unfortunately it

makes no difference. Everyone is

slowing down to take a look. The

delays go all the way to Parramatta. More than $30 billion in Sydney transport projects have made a federal shortlist for funding. It brings the west and CBD metros a step closer to reality, from the M4 to the city, as well as the missing links and the M2 motorway to the Newcastle Freeway. The first and most important thing we will be doing is to work out what the realities of these projects are -

what are the costs, what are the benefits? More than 1,000 submissions were made to the government panel. Only 94 proposals have made it to the next level. Now to the ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock. Jacqui, tough times in Australian skies, muscling in? with the world's biggest airline Yes, Ron, Delta Air Lines is launching a daily Sydney to L.A. service next year. It's sure to rattle Virgin Blue and Qantas, which generates 20% of its profits from the trans-Pacific route. It follows Qantas yesterday changing course on merger plans with British Airways, with the two carriers unable to reach agreement. Qantas is expected to look for an alliance with an Asian airline.

And the Commonwealth Bank's bungled capital raising will be formally investigated by ASIC. The bank insists it didn't breach any disclosure regulations by withholding higher bad debt figures from the market. The plummeting oil price pressured oil producers today, although the banks made some gains. The All Ords ended in front to be up 1% on this time last week. Paperlinx was among the biggest fallers, shedding 32% on a profit downgrade. And that's finance for this week. An Australian busted in Bangkok with $500,000 in heroin has faced court. Andrew Hoods was charged with drug smuggling after he was arrested at Bangkok airport with 12 packets of heroin strapped to his body. was about to board a flight home to Sydney. Money - I needed money, mate. Police say another Australian, believed to be Hoods's friend, managed to escape from the airport. He's still on the run. A distraught English father is pleading with Australians to help find his son, illegally brought here after the breakdown of their unusual family. The British High Court has granted special permission to identify the young boy. Michael Turberville leads a lonely life. Four years ago, his then 3-year-old son was the centre of his world. Ashley Skinner had no shortage of affection, raised by father Michael and his gay partner and mother Jo and her girlfriend. But the unconventional family fell apart when Jo Skinner took her son away. And she was like, "Oh, I need some time, "just to sort my life out, get myself back together," because it's been very hard on her.

"Can we not see each other or you not visit for a little while "until I get everything sorted?" But a while turned into much longer. When it progressed to six months, I was getting frustrated that it was taking so long for her to get her life back together. Then she said, "I don't want any contact whatsoever."

Michael took Ashley's mother all the way to the High Court, but, despite its ruling she must give access or face jail, she fled the country to live somewhere in Australia. I would like someone who has seen her whilst they're on holiday, someone who works with her, who is her neighbour, who shops at the same shop as her, who has seen her out and about on daily routines

of whatever she does, someone whose child goes to school with Ashley. The court allowing Michael to publicise his search provides a huge boost to his chances of finding the little boy. But still, the next few weeks will be tough. When you've had Christmases with your child, when you don't have your child it just feels... Well, it just reminds you and you don't want that. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

A Victorian family will celebrate a special Christmas, following groundbreaking surgery that saved the life of a 38-year old father of two. The stroke victim had been given only a 20% chance of survival. For Phil Gallagher and his family, this Christmas is more than ever a time for giving thanks. The 38-year-old husband and father

It was very frightening, yes, very scary, because I didn't know what was going on. Phil's eldest son, 7-year-old James, raised the alarm when his dad couldn't get out of bed on the first day of their yearly holiday. A clot in his brain forcing surgeons at Royal Melbourne Hospital to, for the first time, use all three of their new stroke treatments to save him. We would have thought conservatively

there would have been about an 80% chance of probably not surviving. The businessman was given clot thinners Blood comes up here and you can see it's blocked at that level. Thankful, yeah, we just - it saved his life, so it's just amazing. Thank goodness we live this year - it happened this year and not a few years ago. Remarkably he's almost fully recovered,

despite having to again learn how to walk and talk. My motivation for my rehabilitation when I was in the rehab centre was to get home so I could look after my boys and play with my boys, so they didn't grow up without a dad. For the Gallaghers, Phil's recovery has been better than they could have ever hoped and they'll now enjoy the holiday they missed out on. And what kind of Christmas are you going to have? A good one. James Wakelin, Ten News. Heath Ledger is firming as a hot favourite for this year's Academy Awards. The late actor has been nominated

for a posthumous Screen Actors Guild Award for his performance as the Joker in 'The Dark Knight'. The recognition follows Ledger's nomination for a Golden Globe last week. Cate Blanchett and fellow Aussies Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman were overlooked by their fellow actors, who choose the nominees for the SAG Awards. Still to come - former teachers face court over the Bathurst school sex scandal. Also, the innovative program helping Sydney battlers into their own homes. And the precious creatures settling in to inner Sydney.

This program is captioned live.

Top stories this news hour - a shock for many parents just ahead of the festive season. 14 Neighbourhood Early Learning centres will close on New Year's Eve. Four of them are in NSW. The decision will affect around 1,000 families.

Legendary iron man Craig Riddington has been brutally attacked after a night out in Manly. with bashed him without warning. Two men he shared a cab with bashed him without warning. A 24-year-old man has been charged and granted bail. And friends and relatives have paid tribute to the young flying instructor who died during the midair crash at Casula. They say 20-year-old Joanne Ethell was chasing her dream of becoming a pilot for the Royal Flying Doctor service. The pilot of the other plane - 89-year-old Ken Andrews - visited the training school today to offer his condolences. Five men have appeared in court accused of sexually assaulting schoolboys at Bathurst's St Stanislaus College. 47-year-old Richard McThillamy of Bathurst, a former dorm master at the school, faced court for the first time after being arrested on child sex charges earlier this week. Former priest Brian Spillane had 20 charges withdrawn, but another 44 child sex charges were laid against him.

Bail was continued. The men will return to court in February.

Builders and tradesmen affected by the economic slowdown are in for a renovation rescue from the State Government. The Premier has unveiled plans to speed up spending on new and existing public housing blocks. An extra $220 million will be injected into the building sector earlier than expected. There's no question the property market in NSW and, indeed, across Australia has been slow in recent years, and we need to get it going again. It's set to create work for 2,500 tradesmen from January. It's the second stimulus package announced by the Premier in as many days.

A dream has come true for a battling Sydney family. They're finally moving into their own home, after years as public housing tenants. But under the deal, they have to pay back their loan with more than just money. After months of anticipation, Gary and Terese and their four children are finally moving in to their new home at Bidwill. They're the lucky recipients of a helping hand courtesy of the State Government called Habitat for Humanity. and a non-profit housing provider We've got a nice, comfy house. They've done a fantastic job building it,

and every day is a bonus now -

every single day we wake up and it's ours. Their home was built in 12 days, thanks to volunteers who worked under direction of tradesmen, along with corporate sponsorship and a concessional deal from Landcom. A bank would never have even considered us for a mortgage. This house and Habitat for Humanity is the only way in the near future that that would have ever happened. As workmen hooked up the water and sewer, where things would go in their new bedrooms. I don't know - excited, kind of sad, because I miss my friends over there. The scheme is open to struggling families who can contribute labour towards building their own house

and assist others to build theirs. The other element to this is the repayment, which repays a no-interest mortgage over 20 years. so that Habitat for Humanity can get the land they need in order to build homes for people that really need them. For this family, a new home is the best Christmas present they've ever had. John Hill, Ten News.

Time now for a check of the weather.

What are we in for this weekend?

Let's go to the beach report.

Remember to swim between the flags. Remember to swim between the flags.

Remember to swim between the flags.

What is the weather on Christmas

Day? I will tell you later. Sydney Aquarium has made a legendary addition Two dugongs have joined the tropical water habitat.

The marine mammals are responsible for a maritime myth. Dugongs are the original mermaids. Sailors and pirates used to look down from their ships and see a dugong swimming past and believe they'd actually discovered mermaids. Pig and Wuru may not be as pretty as their fictional counterparts,

but they're still set to wow crowds as two of only five dugongs held in captivity. Sport now with Rob, and more pressure on Matthew Hayden.

Yes, another failure today against South Africa could see his Test career over. But mighty Mitchell Johnson makes a major contribution. COMMENTATOR: He's got 8 with a bouncer! And farewell to Layne Beachley - she retires,

as the new queen of world surfing wins again.

This program is captioned live. Welcome to sport. A record haul from paceman Mitchell Johnson of the opening Test against South Africa in Perth. are the best ever by an Australian left-arm quick. But another Matthew Hayden failure on the Aussie batting line-up. has put the pressure Mitchell Johnson left the South Africans in a state of shock -

a devastating spell of speed late yesterday reaping a stunning 5/2 in less than four overs.

It is pretty exciting. I mean a bit

of shock. I'm very happy with the result it. Another wicket today and Johnson's 8/61 -

by an Aussie against the Proteas. Peter Siddle wrapped up the innings

with his first Test scalp on home soil. COMMENTATOR: Straight to backward point. The Aussies with a handy lead of 94 - Matthew Hayden clearly rattled. Big shout - big shout for lb. The opener living dangerously, surviving a close call, not once, but twice.

luck was Dale Steyn's side. The third time, luck was on Dale Steyn's side. Catch that. Steyn has his man. and the pressure continues to mount but back-to-back failures on the big Queenslander. No such problems for the in-form Simon Katich... Brilliant batting. ..but a change in the bowling attack - Kallis reaped instant rewards. Oh yes - caught. Oh, yes - caught. Katich gone for 37. Ricky Ponting appeared to have more problems with himself than the visitors' attack. nothing wrong with that one. The birthday boy looked to be settling in for the afternoon before he offered up a chance off Harris. Hussey followed soon after - the Aussies with a handy lead,

but the grip on a victory slipping away midway through day three. Tim Hipsley, Ten News. NSW has set South Australia an imposing total

on day 2 of their Sheffield Shield clash. The Blues declared at 6/483 with South Australia 1/85 a short time ago. Blues Keeper Daniel Smith combined with skipper Dominic Thornely for a 150-run stand, but Smith lost his wicket 4 runs short of a century.

Thornely put the team first

and declared, despite being unbeaten on 87. Some of the biggest names in Australian soccer have been fined and suspended for betting on A-League matches. Craig Moore and Kevin Muscat were fined $5,000 Grant Brebner and Muscat's Melbourne team-mate has been fined and suspended for four matches.

Acting on information supplied by betting agency Betfair the FFA has been quick to investigate and punish. that I and everyone at the FFA are extremely disappointed in the outcome and also in the players' actions. The bets placed by Moore and Muscat did not involve the teams they play for.

Moore won $72 and Muscat lost $100. But Victory defender Grant Drebner

made two larger bets, one on a match involving his team but not one he played in. These fines and suspension should serve notice that betting by players on any football matches has no place in the game and will not be tolerated. All three of the players involved have accepted the punishments

and apologised for their actions. In addition to the $5,000 penalty both Moore and Muscat have an additional $2,000 suspended fine. It is believed There is absolutely nothing to suggest within the information we've received and the action we've taken that there is any systemic betting. Kevin Muscat is expected to play in tonight's match against Newcastle at Energy Australia Stadium. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Sydney Swans miracle man Nick Malceski says any athlete who needs a knee reconstruction should use the revolutionary surgery he had. Malceski suffered what looked like a season-ending injury, when he tore his anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee in a preseason match. But after undergoing a radical operation, he was back in 12 weeks. I mean, I'd advise anyone to do it. for 3 months, than 9 or 12 months? The 24-year-old didn't speak about the operation during the season, because he feared he would jinx his recovery. Australia's world surfing champion Stephanie Gilmore has capped a dominant 2008 with victory at the Billabong Pro Maui. The 20-year-old won five from eight events this year

and also secured her first ever Triple Crown title. It was an emotional farewell for 7-time world champ Layne Beachley. She fell victim to Gilmore in her retirement event. I never expected to have the impact or leave such a legacy. I'm really proud of that, that's why I can walk away. These are tears of happiness and joy, gratitude, not of sadness.

I'm really proud. So, now there's more time to enjoy the ocean's other pleasures - like swimming with dolphins. To Michael Sullivan's tips for Randwick tomorrow: OK, that's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight we've got a backflip from Australian swimming, who are now looking to ban those controversial swimsuits. Time now for a check of the traffic

with Vic Lorusso. An update on the

M4 accident. A very serious

accident. Unfortunately traffic

trying to

trying to go to the west is delayed.

There is the accident. That There is the accident. That is affecting motorists going towards the the city. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's weekend forecast is next.

This program is captioned live. It

is starting to feel like Christmas.

We have a baby on the way. We have a baby on the way.

Congratulations! Tim Bailey, sort

out the weather. Merry Christmas,

everybody. This is my last one for

this year. I have sought to duet

for this weekend. Go shopping

tomorrow. Southerly winds and a

shower, particularly on the coast.

About 22 degrees. Sunday is a different

different story. Go out and enjoy

the sunshine. 22 degrees. And nice

Sunday afternoon. It will start to

feel like Christmas. What about

Christmas Day? What will the Christmas Day? What will the

weather do? A clearing shower, 24

degrees. Perfect blue degrees. Perfect blue sky in the

afternoon. It is my own Christmas

present to you.

On the satellite, cloud over the

Kimberley it is forming around a tropical cyclone, causing heavy monsoon or rain.

monsoon or rain. Cloud in

Queensland is generating showers

and storms. Cloud in Victoria is

producing light showers. Moist

easterly winds will combine with

call air to bring showers to south-

east Queensland and North East NSW.

Possible showers and storms in WA.

Possible showers and storms in WA.

Showers in of these NSW. Showers

and storms in eastern Queensland. Thunderstorms in the tropics, especially Thunderstorms in the tropics,

especially for more than WA. If

you're going to the beach, here is the report.

A shower or two tomorrow, southerly

winds and 22 degrees. Sunday will

be fine and sunny with 24 degrees.

Merry Christmas! See you next year. Finally, the Christmas shopping list just got longer for an American woman who has given birth to her 18th child. 42-year-old Michelle Duggar delivered baby Jordyn by caesarean. Her husband, Jim Bob, says she's the "ultimate Christmas gift from God".

The real estate agents married when they were teenagers and have 10 sons and 8 daughters, including two sets of twins. All the children have names starting with J. An American cable network broadcasts a reality show about the family called 'Seventeen Kids and Counting'. Jim Bob says number 18 may not be their last. That brings you up to date on the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you Monday. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.