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(generated from captions) I must say this. You got to keep getting up. I've lived by his motto. My dad used to be a prize fighter. they knock you down the count, It's not how many times you get back up. it's how many times has been so eventful. And that's why my life in the fight, Not the size of the dog in the dog. it's the size of the fight It hasn't always been easy, what I've always done. but that's exactly You got back up off the canvas. Get back up. in your sky rocket. You've got $20,000 That's right. Away you go again, Christine. of your life. Good luck in the next chapter so far. Well done. It's been a wonderful journey Stay there. Stay there. I'm gonna shake your hand. Christine, You've been a fantastic contestant.

in the Millionaire hot seat! $20,000! See you next time Goodnight! Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. about to disappear. The cash boost for first home buyers very serious ramiifcations. A poor decision that will have a new weight debate. A Sydney teenager sparks to live in the Lucky Country. The asylum seekers given permission

preparing for Anzac Day at Gallipoli. And the haunting voices

and let it begin with me... # # Let there be peace on Earth Good evening.

a real estate stampede, Sydney is in for

as first home buyers try to cash in increased grants before they run out. on the Federal Government's But the Prime Minister is warning may not be extended beyond June 30 that bonus payments fearful about its longer term future. has left our housing industry

Allan Ang is one of the lucky ones from the first home buyers' boost. already benefiting in Parramatta. I bought a one-bedroom

quite happy to get the $21,000. It's a brand-new place, so I was of $21,000 for new homes But the cash grants and $14,000 for existing ones, at the end of June. could each revert to just $7,000 all good things do come to an end. As I said before, Jasmine Doyle, the clock is ticking. For would-be buyers like I suppose, yeah, A bit of a rush all round, but fingers crossed. The real estate industry says and unfair for young buyers. cutting the boost would be premature is a poor decision To take that away from them very serious ramifications. that will have about the impact on jobs. In bleak times, builders are worried and disappointed We're both surprised by the PM's announcement.

incredibly popular, The grant has been taking up the Government's offer. with 42,000 people already A third of those have been in NSW, right here in Sydney. with most of them that's not necessarily good news. But according to some lenders, inexperienced first home owners My concern is young, for their properties have been paying too much for the fear of losing $14,000. The average loan has increased in the last year alone. by more than $50,000 Chris Urquhart, Nine News. issued its gloomiest forecast yet The International Monetary Fund has

for the world economy he can't guarantee and Treasurer Wayne Swan admits will not hit double figures. unemployment in Australia

to rule out tax increases The Government has also refused

in next month's Budget, toughest to frame in living memory. which the PM describes as the

the latest ugly economic news, As Australians absorbed Kevin Rudd was inspecting the site infrastructure projects of one of the job-creating

the Australian economy he'd hoped would cushion from what's happening overseas. residential housing here? Is this all

out of Washington But the bleak overnight forecasts the recession brigade. showed starkly that we've joined economy to decline by 1.3% in 2009. Overall, we expect the global to do slightly worse than that, The Australian economy is tipped

shrinking by 1.4% this year. have far worse recessions projected. Some of our key trading partners

That's true. to contract by 2.8%, The US economy is predicted Britain's by 4.1%, and Japan's by 6.2%. Germany's by 5.6% are disastrous enough, But the Australian numbers just 2.5 weeks away. with the Federal Budget in our lifetime to frame. This is the toughest Budget to talk to the IMF Before flying off to Washington

a finance minister's conference, and attend

out the possibility of tax increases. Treasurer Wayne Swan would not rule what we're doing in the Budget. I don't speculate about if unemployment in Australia, He was asked

might reach 10% or more. forecast by the IMF to reach 7.8%, There's no guarantees of the most savage global recession when you are in the middle since the Great Depression.

The IMF economists did say from the recession that Australia should emerge than other advanced economies in better shape in the good times. because of policies followed here According to Mr Swan, the Hawke and Keating governments. some of the credit goes to But he also made this concession. I'll give credit to Mr Costello. I'll give credit to Mr Howard. Laurie Oakes, Nine News. speculation he will give up swimming, Nick D'Arcy has put an end to to the pool in August confirming he will return in Tasmania. at a world short course event have given D'Arcy the go-ahead, Swimming officials and say his suspension will expire in Rome. after the world championships a chunk of concrete The driver hit by in Darlinghurst yesterday in a freak accident has died in hospital. named only as Bernie, The 53-year-old Perth man, suffered serious head injuries truck smashed through his windscreen. when the concrete from a passing bones, which could be fixed, What I thought was just broken turned into a tragic event - at the wrong time. he was just in the wrong place to find the truck driver. Police are still trying There were more apologies today at the inquest into the death of a teenage bushwalker. The supervisor of the 000 operators who took David Iredale's calls

has admitted their minds weren't on the job and revealed some major flaws in the emergency system. Trevor Hinton - supervisor to the three operators who took David Iredale's 000 calls. In evidence that's sounding all to familiar

he too admits that on the day the teenage bushwalker died his mind was elsewhere.

Breaking down in court, he apologised to David's parents and said, he, like his employees, failed to log the job, take any notes or notify his supervisor. He rang the police to kickstart a search but relied on his memory to relay second hand information. He told police David had no idea where he was - Counsel Assisting, Jeremy Gormly, said - Mr Hinton was then asked whether call centre staff were overworked. In a startling revelation he said operators work 12-hour shifts with one mandatory 20-minute break. Survival medicine expert Dr Paul Luckin, testified -

David probably died within an hour of his last call. He says 000 operators should be medically trained so they can provide help callers over the phone.

Jessica Rich, Nine News. James Hardie Industries says the global financial crisis means it's running out of money and won't be able to contribute to its asbestos diseases fund next financial year. Meanwhile, a NSW court has ruled that former board members made misleading statements about the company's ability to pay compensation. They could now be fined or disqualified from ever managing a company.

A young beauty contestant is at the centre of a heated debate over her skinny appearance. Nutrition experts say Sydney teenager Stephanie Naumoska is so thin, she is officially malnourished. These are the images that have sparked yet another round of debate about skinny models. And this is the girl at the centre of the controversy. Hi, my name is Stephanie. Stephanie Naumoska was a finalist in last night's Miss Universe Australia pageant She is 180cm tall and admits she weighs 52kg, but denies she is malnourished. I think that it's horrible, they don't know me they don't know what I eat every morning for lunch and for dinner, and they probably think I don't eat anything, but I do. The 19-year-old says she has been devastated by the personal attacks. I am very hurt and upset by what they've been saying and I think that it's very unfair. I also think that it's very unfair to to all the other girls out there that have the same body as myself. But some experts say

Stephanie does fall into the unhealthy category. The concern is that there are good examples of malnutrition, there is some muscle wastage - in the upper body in particular. She is a gorgeous girl, but yeah, just a little bit more meat looks a little bit better. I don't like ribs sticking out. Late today, the chief judge admitted Stephanie's appearance should have prevented her reaching the finals. If she was my daughter, I would have wanted to go and feed her straight away. Away from the controversy, Rachal Finch from Townsville won the title to represent Australia at the Miss Universe contest. Lauren Harte, Nine News. And the full interview with Stephanie on 'A Current Affair'. Two Indonesian men were arrested by Australian Federal Police over their alleged involvement with several boatloads of asylum seekers earlier this month. The development comes as 32 Sri Lankans detained yesterday begin their journey to Christmas Island. After almost 5,000km and one month at sea,

the tiny fishing boat from Sri Lanka was stopped just 30km from its destination. This time there'll be no repeat of the tragic explosion last Thursday. All 32 men are safely on board HMAS 'Wollongong', bound for Christmas Island. This is a global spike in people smuggling, reinforced by global factors.

The refugees will hope to walk in the footsteps of these men. They are some of the lucky few, granted permanent residency in Australia. They queued at the tiny airport, clutching plastic bags and immigration cards, still in fear of the Taliban. They don't think of us as human beings - they treat us like animals. There was just enough time to call family members... Hello from Christmas Island. ..and check in. After three months in a detention centre, they are finally making it to the mainland.

Half will settle in WA, the others in Tasmania. Taxpayers will foot the bill - the refugees will all receive government housing and benefits. There's no doubt it's gratefuly accepted.

to serve this country. This is my wish, to live a peaceful life. Denham Hitchcock on Christmas Island, Nine News. This weekend, on Anzac Day, we will commemorate our war dead, the men and women who died, most of them a long way from home. Our reporters are tonight at two of those battlefields. Mark Burrows is in France, Simon Bouda - Gallipoli. Mark, plans were revealed today for a new cemetery for the men known as the lost diggers of Fromelles? Yes, Peter, the battle at Fromelles was the most costly action fought by Australians. In all, 2,000 men lost their lives. The slaughter so terrible, their enemy, the Germans, could only bury them in a mass grave which for decades lay undetected. 93 years after they were killed, some dignity, finally, for the lost diggers of Fromelles, with a new cemetery. We'll have the headstones in parallel rows here, and there will be a sort of central axis that you'll be able to walk up towards the cross.

Work has already started and has revealed the rusted remains of the battle of Fromelles. You see the shell casing. You see that there?

You can see the markings there. The cemetery will lay in a field close to where the diggers were buried in a mass grave by the Germans. Victims of our worst military disaster - 5,500 casualties in 24 hours. Australians will come here as part of almost a pilgrimage, if you like. They are already here, students from Grafton College seeing the mass burial site before the remains are exhumed next month and readied for a proper burial next year.

If you died together, then you're buried together. A lot of these guys were mates, they served together, they came over from Australia. For us to see this happening it's very proud. By June, this area will transform into a laboratory as scientists attempt to extract DNA from the remains and match them with samples taken from relatives of the 190 Australians buried here. Mark Burrows, Nine News, Fromelles. The birth place of the Anzac legend was, of course, Gallipoli. Simon Bouda is at Anzac Cove. And Simon, today you ran into a group of Australians who never imagined the emotional impact of visiting that rough and rocky coastline? Peter, an Australian choir wandering the battlefield ahead of singing at Saturday's dawn service.

Many had grandfathers who had fought here, and suddenly it was overpowering as those family connections came rushing down through the years. Across the battlefield, their voices linger, hauntingly drifting across a rain and wind swept Anzac Cove. (Sing) # Let there be peace on earth # And let it begin with me... # They're from Sing Australia, a group of regular Aussies who share a passion for song. We sort of have a sense of representing all Australians. They'll perform in Saturday's commemoration services. For Judith Clelland, it will be a privilege. Her grandfather served here. It's very emotive. Mmm. Touching the water, the grass...

It's just perhaps a little connection.

Like most visitors here, they're drawn by a spiritual magnet, a sense of history, a pilgrimage in search of the Anzac Legend. Don Skinner and his daughter will sing here on Saturday. His grandfather fought and died here. He died on day one of his arrival on the Lone Pine offensive. Rehearsals today also for perhaps the most moving moment in any Anzac service. (Plays the 'Last Post')

The emotion of it - you feel so very humble. Simon Bouda, Nine News, Gallipoli. In the news ahead, the young orphans saved from a kangaroo cull. And left with no options - a pilot lands on a suburban street.

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than regular Panadol tablets. Because I'd rather spend time with friends than with a headache. Panadol - it's my choice.

A NSW couple is campaigning

to change laws relating to the culling of kangaroos. They say the way orphaned joeys are brutually killed needs urgent review. Meet Sam, Miley and Obama - three joeys who would be dead if they hadn't been rescued by Sandra and John Lyle. The Oberon couple has now saved more than 200 joeys. many would have faced a cruel death after their mothers became victims of kangaroo culling. The shooter will take it out of its dead mother's pouch. It's not an instant death and this is a tiny, helpless baby.

The Government allows joeys to be killed, saying it's better than leaving them to die of thirst or be killed by predators. If there's a joey left behind, it is simply inhumane not to address that,

because the joey won't survive. There's always been plenty of argument surrounding kangaroo culling and much of it's legitimate. But when you look at Mikey here, it's hard to imagine that there isn't a better way to deal with orphaned joeys. We'd use this as a call for detailed research into the subject to determine the most humane way that these animals might be managed. Jo Townsend, Nine News. Early counting has the ANC heading for an easy win in South Africa's elections. Former president Nelson Mandela, frail but with that wonderful smile, turned out to support party leader Jacob Zuma, who is expected to get 60% of the vote.

Another old campaigner at the ballot box, Bishop Desmond Tutu, still jaunty after all these years. Keeping a cool head, the American pilot of a plane whose engine stopped not once, but twice. Back to basics, he glided over a town, heading down to a mostly empty road.

The action caught on two cameras a passenger was using to record the flight. A feather-soft landing before turning into the car park of a furniture store. The slumbering Cumbre volcano in the Galapagos Islands has roared back to life. Spectacular, but worrying for scientists. They fear the lava flows and ash clouds could take a devastating toll on the famed wildlife in the eastern-Pacific island group.

Charles Darwin reached his theories on evolution Ken is next with sport - and we have league's worst defender? With the coach worried for his safety. Also - oops, how did that happen? Australia put in a stinker. And a penalty goal attempt that is up there with the best... .. as the worst.

For quite a while now, the First Home Owners Grant the dream of owning their own home. with the Holden Owner's Grant. So the Commodore International, and a five-star safety rating is now $33,990 driveaway, thanks to the grant. And if you're a business, you could also be eligible for the Government's proposed 30% Investment Allowance. So make it happen with the Holden Owner's Grant. Go better.

(READS) "In 1998, the Academy Award..." 'Titanic'. Most families will really enjoy KFC's new Family Fun Bucket, now with trivia and a 1-in-2 chance to win instant KFC prizes. SONG: # Can't beat that taste. #

Souths Chris Sandow is working hard to lose his title as the NRL's worst defender. The halfback says his tackling techniques are improving, but his coach has warned him to cut out the shoulder charges for his own safety. He's half the size of Sonny Bill Williams, but that doesn't stop Chris Sandow from wanting to throw his weight around. I just want to have a go, spark my team-mates up.

But his coach fears Sandow will injure himself if he continues the practise against bigger players. There's only gonna be one winner and it's not usually gonna be Chris so I don't want him to do that too often. If you expect Sandow to be confronted by the stats, think again. He won't be letting his tackling issue destroy his confidence. I put my body on the line as much as I can.

I don't really care if I miss my tackles. We're just working hard on his technique. His technique is the key - he only misses them when he only goes in half-hearted or he tries to shoulder charge.

In further news from the Rabbits, they're poised to withdraw their massive offer for Broncos enforcer Dave Taylor, unless they hear back from him by Monday. Danny Weidler, Nine News. Australian opener Shaun Marsh is awaiting the results of scans on the hamstring he injured in the one-day loss to Pakistan overnight. The under-strength Australians made just 168, Pakistan won with four wickets in hand. For the few Aussie fans in the stadium, this game started badly and only got worse. Marsh's hamstring the first problem. COMMENTATOR: He really knew it straight away. He batted on with the assistance of runner Nathan Hauritz, who proved no help at all. He is gone, surely - he is gone! Watson tried to give Afridi some stick... There he goes! That's in the air and it's over the top for 6. ..but the Pakistani tweaker soon had the Aussies in a spin - Haddin, Symonds and Watson his first three victims.

Hauritz took his bat to the crease, but didn't bother to use it, Bowled him! Well you can't do that. Before Afridi resumed his demolition. Only some late order slogging from Hopes lifted the total past 150. An early blow from Hilfenhaus gave Australia a sniff, but 168 was never enough to defend,

despite Haddin's effort behind the stumps. Afridi also showed his value with the bat... Bouncer, pulls it away - fetch it!

..Pakistan home with six overs to spare. And that will be it - a big win there to the Pakistanis. If only Adam Gilchrist was still available. Now just a part-timer, he hammered 71 from just 45 balls in the IPL. Gilchrist goes huge! The innings included 5 sixes. Chris Hodgkinson, Nine News. Now for a couple of soccer moments where the skill levels couldn't be further apart.

The Newcastle Jets Sasho Petroviski's penalty attempt

was about the worst of the season. COMMENTATOR: No power, no direction. As a result, Japanese side Nagoya Grampus went on to win 1-0. Now to another level - Manchester United's 2-0 win over Portsmouth featured a sublime goal - set up by Anderson and Ryan Giggs for Wayne Rooney. That piece - a fabulous finesse - helped United regain top spot on the league ladder. To finance:

After the break - Jaynie Seal with all the weather details. z Coming up on WIN News...

z Coming up on WIN News... Three

arrested and illegal drugs and arrested and illegal drugs and weapons weapons seized in weapons weapons seized in raids

across Canberra. The best cattle

sales in 30 years, And Terry sales in 30 years, And Terry Campese

okay to go against the Bulldogs.

Details next. n z

Now to the weather. Jaynie, tell us we got some rain over the catchments? We did, Peter, not a huge amount this week, 9mm over Warragamba

and more than 20mm for the other cathments. However, total levels stayed the same. This morning, a blanket of thick fog across the State, inlcuding here over Sydney Harbour. It's likely again tomorrow morning. 21-23 were our top temperatures across Sydney today and apart from coastal showers, the rest of NSW stayed dry. But there is a big rain event moving across SA right now Some places getting up to 20mm already today, their best rain of the year. It's going to move across the south-east of the country over the next few days. For NSW, rain and storms moving into western areas tomorrow. The heaviest rain will be over the southern border, with raised dust in the west. Rain and storm action hitting Melbourne tomorrow morning. Late rain for Canberra and Hobart.

Sydney, tomorrow 14. 23 in the city. A few showers overnight and into Saturday morning, so maybe some for the Dawn Service. Sunday, 21, windy and mostly dry. Cooler next week. For our western suburbs, 10-24 tomorrow. Expect showers overnight Friday and into Saturday morning. Not too much shower activity over the weekend, winds will really pick up on Sunday. So, some severe weather across the south-east of the country. Sydney will get the wild winds, Peter. Not much rain, though.

I'm Peter Overton. Stay with Nine for 'A Current Affair'. I'll be back a little later with more news. For now - hope you have a good evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. and twenty. Tonight ... and twenty. Tonight ... Three Rebels

motorcycle gang associates motorcycle gang associates arrested

in Canberra raids, Queanbeyan City

Council announces its Council announces its multi-million

dollar plans for the future, dollar plans for the future, And,

Goulburn' s biggest cattle sale Goulburn' s biggest cattle sale in

three decades. Good evening, I' m

Jessica Good. Three men linked

Jessica Good. Three men linked to the Rebels motorcycle gang

the Rebels motorcycle gang have been

arrested in pre-dawn raids across

the capital. Illegal drugs and

weapons were among the cache weapons were among the cache of