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(generated from captions) So it's like winning $200,000. OK? (LAUGHTER)

Hey? Oh, jeez. That is amazing. How good's that? than a briefcase, baby, Hey, that's better don't worry about that! briefcase. Thank you, Millionaire. Absolutely. Better than a Congratulations to Steve Jones. Good on you, boy. Well done. Thank you. Fiona, congratulations. Well done. Hey, Fiona, get out of my shot! Steve and Fiona walk out tonight... They walk out with $100,000 on Millionaire. and I'll see you next time You beauty! Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. of deadly swine flu. Fears of a worldwide outbreak faces court, Former Sharks star Greg Bird

is standing by him. but his girlfriend We're still together. We reveal the streets in Sydney with a parking fine. where you're most likely to be hit that's what it is. It's a revenue raiser - in a horrifying NASCAR crash. And spectators injured Good evening. we should be alert, not alarmed Australian health authorities say which is sweeping the world. about the outbreak of swine flu crisis committee Even so, a Government protection measures in place is rushing to put this afternoon in NSW. with five suspected cases revealed in Mexico, where the outbreak began. Already, 103 people are dead has been declared in the US, A health emergency to seven other countries. while the disease has spread begins our coverage. Medical reporter Gabriella Rogers does not mean it's immune Australia's isolation fear will become a pandemic. from the deadly strain authorities been tested for the virus. Five people in NSW have already taken and collected from those. We're actively getting samples provided with information Those persons will be

to stay at home, to stay isolated. were cleared this morning. Two Queenslanders from Auckland's Rangitoto College In New Zealand, 10 students after returning from Mexico. are in quarantine to recovery. These kids are on the road It seems to be a mild influenza. you're seeing in the United States. That's certainly the pattern that Their samples are being tested centre in Melbourne. at the World Health Organisation At Sydney airport, and the United States passengers who arrived from Auckland were surprised they weren't screened. I was surprised. There's nothing like that. before it started getting worse. We just left in time It's prompted the Federal Government

surveillance measures. to enforce stricter planes that arrive from the Americas From midnight, the captains of all to quarantine officials. will need to report Pilots will have to ascertain has flu-like symptoms. whether anyone on board Infectious disease experts say

and the bird flu. the threat is worse than SARS animals, this is derived from pigs, In this case it's derived from as they're called in America, or hogs, of person-to-person spread. and where there's evidence Australia have kept pharmacists busy. Concerns about the virus reaching from worried customers They've been inundated with requests wanting antiviral medication. of the Tamiflu and Relenza drugs, We have nearly 9 million doses to be effective overseas. which so far have been shown Gabriella Rogers, Nine News. of this flu outbreak, At the Mexican epicentre so much alarm the emergency is causing to reduce the risk of infection. many people have fled indoors is shutting down. Mexico's crowded capital bars and schools are closed. Streets are quiet, restaurants, were cancelled, Even Sunday church services in this Catholic nation. almost unheard of we are worried about This is something and we are treating very seriously. Hayden Henshaw caught the virus American school student in a Texas border town. after attending a Latino festival has been quarantined. His whole family couldn't pick my head up out of bed. My muscles hurt, my skin hurt, I from Mexico receive face masks. In Japan, passengers arriving by heat-sensitive cameras, They're also scanned who's running a fever. which reveal anyone is being used in Chile. Similar thermographic gear will be no restrictions just yet The US Government says there on travel to and from Mexico. the arrival of any passenger But authorities will be monitoring entering the country from there. if they've been feeling unwell They'll be asked and, if so, they'll be isolated. a national health emergency. The US has declared the outbreak of the country's anti-flu drugs - That releases the stockpiles after previous global flu alerts. a facility put in place Nine News, Los Angeles. Peter Stefanovic, Health Reporter Gabriella Rogers. Joining me now is what more do we know about them? Gabby, five suspected cases in NSW - is from the Central Coast. Four are from Sydney and the other

departments this morning. Most of them presented to emergency

All are said to be mild cases to be in isolation. and they were sent home by the end of the week. Their test results are due for anyone who's concerned. And there's a hotline The number is 1802 007. The woman who was allegedly glassed is standing by her man. by former Cronulla star Greg Bird A Sydney court heard today in a relationship with Bird that Kate Milligan is still against him. and has yet to give evidence from playing in France - Back in Australia he glassed his girlfriend. Greg Bird, to face allegations to be back in Australia? Greg, is it good It's not too bad to be back. Bird's lawyer indicated Inside court, not guilty to assault charges. the former Sharks player would plead

hitting girlfriend Katie Milligan The 24-year-old is accused of at his Cronulla apartment in the face with a glass in August last year. Ms Milligan is sticking by her man. But despite it all, it seems We're still together. Despite their continuing relationship, Ms Milligan wasn't in court today to support Bird. The prosecution said she's yet to make a police statement over the incident. It's believed she's now living in Spain after information from Interpol revealed she flew there from the US in March, not far from where Bird now plays with French club Catalans. She's good. She's good. Bird did admit today to a public mischief charge over the glassing incident, but will plead not guilty to making a false accusation to police when the trial resumes tomorrow.

You feeling good? I'm feeling OK at the moment. Jodie Noyce, Nine News. Police at Mascot are investigating More home owners will become eligible for mortgage assistance under changes to federal legislation. People with home loans of up to $500,000

will now be able to apply for help from their lender. The previous limit was just over $300,000. The changes are expected to take effect in November. Despite asking us to tighten our belts, federal MPs are to get a $90-a-week increase

in their allowances. That's three times the $30-a-week increase pensioners are fighting for in the Budget. The Government has defended the 17% rise, saying it's not pay, but an allowance to help them work in their electorates. Police at Mascot are investigating what may be a shocking case of animal cruelty. A German shepherd dog was dragged along the road by a car, his tail caught in the door. His ribs are sticking out from his starving body. Some of his fur is missing, caused by an infection where the fleas have moved in and now he has a suspected broken tail. This dog has been classified by veterinary staff as being quite underweight. Experts say this 3-year-old German shepherd has had a tough life. And yesterday, neighbours called police to McBurney Avenue in Mascot.

The dog had his tail jammed in the door of a van and was allegedly being dragged down the street by his 64-year-old female owner. The dog was yelping and was in a fair degree of pain. Police won't say whether yesterday's incident was an act of animal cruelty or just an accident, but charges are likely to be laid. He's a lovely dog. The satisfying thing is that it's with us now and we will be able to provide for what he needs at this point. The dog will stay at the RSPCA shelter. his fate will be decided by the courts. Lizzie Pearl, Nine News. A teenage driver in Western Australia has been tasered by police while driving his van. The incident in Geraldton, captured on video, shows the vehicle crashing into the wall of a nightclub. No-one was injured, but police say they'll hold an internal inquiry. It's believed the driver is a suspect in a number of crimes.

A driver has escaped unhurt after his car hit another vehicle and rolled on the Gore Hill Expressway this afternoon. The crash caused traffic delays for over an hour until fire crews could clear away the wreckage. More home owners will become eligible for mortgage assistance It's the great parking fine rip-off, thousands of Sydney drivers caught, with the State Government and local councils pocketing the cash. Last year, they raked in a staggering $130 million. Tonight, Nine News reveals the streets where you're most likely to get stung. Like gunslingers, they stalk our streets, armed with cameras. their pockets loaded up with those yellow envelopes every driver dreads.

This is the epicentre for driver anger, the State's most-fined street - Pitt Street, Sydney, where nearly 100 parking infringements are handed out

every working day.

Neighbouring Castlereagh Street is next best - 14,000 fines. Kent Street is a close third. All the time they take my money -

you can't drive in Sydney and not get a ticket, every time. it's a financial bonanza for Sydney City Council, splitting with the State Government: The figure is up nearly $10 million in three years. The council says it's not a cash grab, but a deterrent. I'd like them to get the message to consider other forms of transport or to park legally. Fourth on the parking rangers' hit list is in the Eastern Suburbs - Spring Street, Bondi Junction. The road stretches less than a kilometre. In 2008: When we showed up, the camera-toting rangers were themselves a little camera-shy and they hit the road. It's a revenue maker. That's what it is. Down the street, rich pickings at Bondi Beach.

I think the whole concept of having parking meters has been just out of control. You can see the top 100 fined streets in your suburbs

if you log onto ninemsn. Damian Ryan, Nine News. Australian tourists have told how they fought off Somali pirates who attacked their cruise ship.

Passenger Jenny Murtagh says one woman threw furniture at the men to stop them boarding. She was throwing the plastic deck table at them and then another man, he raced onto the deck to throw plastic chairs at them. 74 Australians are on board the ship, which is now being escorted by the Spanish navy to Jordan.

In the news ahead - the Australian woman paying a fortune to soar into orbit. And Sydney's rag traders cutting their cloth to beat the recession. For quite a while now, the First Home Owners Grant has been helping Australians realise the dream of owning their own home. Well, at Holden, we're helping everyone buy a new car too, with the Holden Owner's Grant. So the Captiva SX all-wheel drive

with 7 seats, 17-inch alloys and stability control And if you're a business, you could also be eligible So make it happen with the Holden Owner's Grant. Go better. (PIZZICATO FROM 'SYLVIA' BY DELIBES PLAYS) However you see it. In 1961, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space. Now it's your turn - if you can cough up $280,000 for the ticket. 11 Australians are among those

who've signed up for the ride of a lifetime. Glenys Ambe is looking at the shape of things to come...she hopes. The first Australian to sign on for her very own space odyssey, a present to herself for her 60th birthday in four years from now. I have always wanted to go up in space. Test flights of Virgin Galactic's spaceship prove it can be done, a 2-hour trip that includes just four minutes in true space, beyond the earth's atmosphere and gravity. I never thought it would happen in my lifetime. It's a dream, and now I've got this dream that's coming true. Glenys and the other 10 Australians who've bought their tickets carried to 50,000 feet by a mother aircraft. Then their ship drops away to hurl itself into space, seeing the curve of the earth, followed by a long glide home. It used to be the sky's the limit. Now it's space that's the limit, right? In charge of selling tickets, Carolyn Wincer said she was given just one instruction. "You need to sell 500 before the first flight," so I've only got 200 to go. I think it'll be fine. There's still a lot of uncertainty about just when the spaceship is going to take off, but as any air traveller will tell you, when it comes to airlines, what else is new? And Glenys Ambe certainly isn't fussed. It's an experience of a lifetime and if you've got the possibility of doing it, do it. Peter Harvey, Nine News. Kylie Minogue has reached the top 50 of the world's wealthiest musicians, with a fortune of about $82 million. In her debut appearance on the 'Sunday Times' rich list, Kylie rates number 46, but, like many other celebrities, she's taken a hit from the recession. Last year she was worth even more, but the cut-off for the list was much higher. Hard times have also hit the rag trade - some of the big names trimming back their turnout at Sydney's Fashion Week. But organisers are putting a good face on it. A seat at the Camilla and Marc show was the hottest ticket in town. (DANCE MUSIC) Much of the collection was in skin tones with splashes of metallics and strong tailoring. There wasn't one item of clothing I didn't desperately want. Even a former prime minister was impressed. Oh, I thought it was full of fantasy and fun. We really wanted to push the fresh, summery vibe. But the economic downturn has taken some of the shine off this year's Australian Fashion Week. The traditional closing party has been cancelled, there are two showrooms instead of three, and a 15% drop in the number of designers on show. Many local designers are feeling the pinch. Charlie Brown has decided against a show, which can cost as much as $200,000. I just think for me Fashion Week is a big spend and I'd just rather be more cautious.

Perth-based designer Ray Costarella would ordinarily show overseas. This year he's staying local to save money. It was really too much of a risk the cost of staging a show at New York Fashion Week. This week's all about saying the industry's positive, we've got an optimistic outlook and, more importantly, we have some brilliant, wonderful clothes. And models doing what they do best.

Lauren Harte, Nine News. Ken with sport is next and Brad Fittler's coaching future at the Roosters the subject of speculation? But the players back him 100%. Also, Paul Gallen can be very grateful for this exclusive vision. And parking the car before sprinting to the finish line. Broncos players Steve Michaels and Nick Kenny have been disciplined by their club after a drunken night out at Byron Bay over the weekend. Meanwhile, the test dream is still alive for Sharks skipper Paul Gallen. He's been suspended for only one week for a high shot on Craig Wing. If it wasn't for this new angle

of Paul Gallen's high shot on Craig Wing, Gallen would be sitting on the sideline for a lot longer than the week he's facing.

It keeps his selection hopes alive for the Australian team on Sunday night. Luke O'Donnell's short fuse means he's no hope of making that team - he's looking at a 2-week suspension. Nathan Hindmarsh is looking at one week for this clumsy effort. Bulldog Michael Ennis said today there was nothing wrong with his 'chicken wing' tackle,

but he's facing a week on the sidelines.

Normal tackle. Trying to get a bloke in the dominant position. You hear all these calls coming from the referees these days - surrenders, dominants - just want to get a dominant tackle. I didn't see a great deal in it.

Ennis also says the NRL's inexperienced referees need help. We've got to be careful. We need an experienced referee with a younger referee in as many games as possible. At the Roosters, suggestions they're going to sack their coach, Brad Fittler, for next year are off the mark. Freddy has the job if he wants it for next season and he told me today he's keen to coach on. Senior players backed Fittler. He's the man for the job. We trust him. It's Brad Fittler, after all. He's a club legend. For sure, the guys are behind him 100%. After leading the Eels for 30 years, Denis Fitzgerald said today he isn't a dead man walking. But if the new board chooses, they can pay him $400,000 and show him the door.

It's been a huge part of my 59 years. So it's be very difficult if that did come about. Sharks boss Tony Zappia has been tipped as a possible new CEO. Danny Weidler, Nine News. A midfielder studying for a law degree could be the answer to Sydney FC's goal-scoring problems. 32-year-old Slovakian import Karol Kisel is determined to take the club back to the top.

I've scored some very nice goals, so I want to score here. It was also new coach Vitezslav Lavicka's first session. England's Jenson Button has made it three wins from four races

to start the Formula 1 season. Button crossed the line seven seconds clear of Sebastian Vettel. Australia's Mark Webber finished 11th. After a disastrous qualifying result, Webber was on a mission.

Starting 18th on the grid he quickly climbed through the field. Team-mate Vettel was challenging for his second straight victory. COMMENTATOR: Vettel, pushing on. for the final time, But when he entered the pits Button was handed the lead.

Jenson Button through now and Jenson Button leading here in Bahrain. Button's victory increasing his championship lead to 12 points over Rubens Barrichello, Vettel one point further back. It can be a fine line between triumph and catastrophe, as NASCAR driver Carl Edwards discovered when leading on the final lap at Talledega. Debris from the impact shot into the stands, injuring eight spectators. Two were airlifted to hospital. Had this race possibly won... Edwards emerged from the burning wreck with his body and his sense of humour intact. "I want to finish the race," And he did, to a standing ovation from the crowd. It had been a race full of carnage. Aussie Marcus Ambrose managed to avoid all the trouble and cross the line in fourth place. Chris Hodgkinson, Nine News. Boxer Danny Green has made an explosive return to the ring after 16 months, knocking out South Africa's Anthony van Niekerk in the second round with punishing rights. Anthony Mundine, you gone to middleweight, you called me out. If you wear one of them, it's lights out. It's lights out! In other words, a 'Green Machine' bedtime story. In business news, charges against billionaire packaging king Richard Pratt have been withdrawn, due to his severe ill health. Pratt was fined a record $36 million in a civil court, but the Director of Public Prosecutions also laid criminal charges. These charges have been withdrawn, given that our third-richest man now has advanced prostate cancer and has been given only days to live. On the markets:

After the break, Jaynie Seal with all the weather details. To the weather now in WIN News at 6:30. n z Coming up in WIN News at 6:30. n z Coming up

on WIN News... A Bonython on WIN News... A Bonython couple

lucky to escape a dangerous rock throwing attack unharmed, Ski throwing attack unharmed, Ski resorts receive their first resorts receive their first dumping

of the year, And, the Brumbies put Saturday' s record loss behind Saturday' s record loss behind them.

Details next. n z We made the creamy honey oats on Tuesday. Yeah. Baked apple on Wednesday. Mmm. Love that one. Yesterday, we made original. Correct? Correct. Correct. And today is... Berry. So if we have four flavours in the variety pack, what's tomorrow? Tomorrow's Saturday! WOMAN: Uncle Tobys oats - delicious flavours the whole family will love. And they were only $35, and guess where I got them from. Huh? Guess. Guess where I got them. Um... Ah. With two rashers of bacon, you can't walk past a delicious Double Bacon McMuffin for just $2.45. McDonald's new Value Picks menu - Macca's makes it easy. To the weather now and Jaynie. a real taste of winter in the air?

Peter, we have at least a week of this, but the winds are easing. Last night winds were peaking at 95km/h over Katoomba, their strongest in four months . Parts of Sydney, including the city,

had our coldest morning since October. Much of NSW also started off chilly. In fact, Thredbo had a top temperature of -3, one of the lowest ever recorded in April. Not much rain in the south today, but over the last four or so days, the south-east of the country received some long-awaited widespread rain. Heaviest was over 100mm falling over the NSW and Victorian alps and the Adelaide Hills. That was all mainly due to the powerful low which is moving further out to sea, so tomorrow those bitterly cold southerly winds will ease and so will the showers. Snow tonight, though, over the alpine areas, Canberra ranges and Hobart mountains, continuing tomorrow. Melbourne could get hail tonight, with isolated showers tomorrow. For Sydney, a top of 19 in the city tomorrow, south-west winds moderate to fresh. Then even cooler nights, down to 9 starting Wednesday, with a light shower Thursday. Western suburbs, 19 also the top for you tomorrow. Down to only 5 degrees from Wednesday. Maybe a light splash on Thursday. Tonight's weather cadets are the APIA Sydney Tigers Under-14 Girls Super Youth Team. Good on you, girls. Glad you had a fun day collecting weather. Enjoy your night. Keep warm. I'm Peter Overton. Stay with Nine for 'A Current Affair'. I'll be back a little later with more news. For now, hope you have a good evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia Tonight ... A couple left shaken Tonight ... A couple left shaken after a rock throwing attack on after a rock throwing attack on the

Gungahlin Drive Extension. An Gungahlin Drive Extension. An

elderly man rushed to hospital elderly man rushed to hospital after

a house fire in Canberra' s south.

And.. A twelve million dollar

makeover to boost business in the

city. Good evening, I' m Good. Good evening, I' m Jessica city. Good evening, I' m Jessica

Good. A south Canberra couple has Good. A south Canberra couple has

had a lucky escape after a rock was had a lucky escape after a rock was

hurled at their car on the hurled at their car on the Gungahlin

Drive Extension, smashing the

windscreen. Police are

windscreen. Police are investigating