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This program is captioned live. Tonight, rounded up - the drug trafficking syndicate from his prison cell near Sydney. run by a kingpin organise crime from inside jail. They're highly dangerous if they can sentenced to 17 years jail Gordon Wood for the murder of his girlfriend. And a school arsonist of youngsters in ruins. leaves the Christmas plans Good evening. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. caves in to pressure on e-tag fees. Also, the State Government give consumers cause for concern. And the crash test results that But heading the News at 5:00, a notorious Sydney killer an interstate drug empire from jail has been accused of running

by using a cunning phone trick. in Sydney and Melbourne, Suspects have now been arrested uncovering a drug lab with police raids and a fortune in cash and pills. of dental floss and a weight - It was as simple as a piece from cell to cell. passing a smuggled mobile phone at Lithgow But as maximum security inmates worth of drugs every week used it to traffic $250,000 between Sydney and Melbourne, authorities were watching. They are highly dangerous people, inside the system - they are a danger out in the community They are a danger and they are highly dangerous from inside jail. if they can organise crime Strike Force Skelton pounced Early this morning, arresting seven men on 12 premises during simultaneous raids across Western Sydney and Melbourne. As they were taken into custody, was already there. their alleged ringleader for fatally gunning down a teenager Bassam Hamzy is serving 21 years jail Mr Goodbar nightclub. outside Sydney's

even in maximum security, But detectives say he was building a drug empire. of corrective services With the full cooperation at the highest level, the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad intercepted and monitored the mobile phone. they logged more than 19,000 calls. In just over a month, every day. That's an incredible 460 calls 1,000 pills, Police have already seized more than $100,000 cash and a gun. a clandestine drug lab in Merrylands. They've also uncovered These raids will continue over the next two days,

at least a dozen people the strike force is targeting to this emerging crime gang, connected

including the Mr Big's father. along with three other young men - The 56-year-old has faced court, was there too, what's left of their family in a show of defiant support. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. is finally over The long fight for justice Sydney model Caroline Byrne. for the family of murdered will spend up to 17 years in jail Her ex-boyfriend Gordon Wood

for throwing her off the Gap, are vowing to clear his name. but his supporters that Gordon Wood is guilty, Still refusing to accept we all believe in his innocence We did that because out of respect for him. and we did that through this ordeal - He has been incredibly strong for 13 years he's basically been persecuted

for a crime he didn't commit. They are furious at today's sentence. the next 13 years behind bars Wood will spend at least of his girlfriend Caroline Byrne. for the 1995 murder some comfort for her family. Today's outcome The world now knows the truth, to a rightful conclusion. and now the story can come Life for us can now move on. It's been 13 years and five months that everyone an just relax. and I think now Tony feels at the bottom of the Gap, Caroline Byrne's body was found in June 1995. a notorious Sydney suicide spot Wood was charged with her murder. 11 years later, He always maintained his innocence against him was mounting, and, even when the evidence Wood came to court looking confident. a 17-year sentence. He certainly never expected enormous amount of public interest. This trial really has sparked an witnesses drew large crowds The long list of high-profile was taken. every seat in the courtroom by the time he is released. Wood will be almost 60 He is planning to appeal. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. over savage rent increases A bitter row has erupted at Bankstown Airport. who've refused to pay up Angry tenants are being locked out. was privatised in 2003, Before Bankstown Airport had a 20-year lease on the land Aminta Hennessy's flying school paying rent of $3,000 a month. she's facing a massive increase. But now that lease has expired, 2.5 times initially They want to increase the rent and over a five year period, something like five times the rent.

forcing the flying school to close. That will mean $15,000 a month rent, to resolve the row - The airport moved today a security guard on the premises changing locks, placing of the business. and taking possession This is unjust, totally unjust, where's the fair go? it's un-Australian, is also being forced out. Charter operator Airtex The airport wants its hanger for industrial development. of selling your business, you've got no way of expanding your business - they've basically cut your throat. One runway has already been torn up for a new 15-hectare industrial site. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association blames airport privatisation for the problem, which they fear will lead to job losses and a contraction of the industry. The Howard government brought this in and they didn't think it through and it's now coming back to bite us all. Bankstown's Airport Limited says it hopes to resolve the row, but is only moving to increase rents to market rates. John Hill, Ten News. A victory tonight for motorists furious about the up-front cost of e-tags. The State Government has finally caved in to public pressure, offering a new e-tag with no deposit. The $40 up-front cost of an e-tag and its hefty minimum balance was labelled a rip-off by the NRMA on Monday. Now there's another option. My philosophy has always been that we should provide as much choice for people. The Easy Toll account will cost you a $3.30 set-up fee, a $1.25 monthly fee and have a $10 minimum top-up for e-tag balances. cost less for pensioners and be available this month, just before the Harbour Bridge goes cashless on January 11. They already have a minimum balance, they already have lots of our money, they didn't need any more. The NRMA's much less impressed about increased tolls on the Harbour Bridge which the Government will introduce on January 27. It will write to its members this week, outlining plans to protest time-of-day tolling. It's a strait revenue-raising measure - it won't solve any of the problems they claim exist. But the Roads and Traffic Authority says it's done the projections -

it believes the increased tolls will reduce peak-hour congestion by up to 3%. I'm assuming that we'll get school holiday-type outcomes at least. The long-suffering commuters of Sydney's north-west

are being told about outcomes too. The Government has confirmed a timetable for the delivery of extra buses. 113 will roll into the Hills District from June next year to compensate for the axing of the North-West Metro. We've been up-front with the community and we're putting an alternative in place. Josh Murphy, Ten News. An arsonist who set fire to a Sydney primary school celebrations of hundreds of students. has destroyed the Christmas They've had to cancel tonight's end-of-year concert - a year's worth of work has also gone up in smoke.

It's been standing for 90 years, for this heritage-listed building to be destroyed. The administration block at Campbelltown's St John the Evangelist Primary School ablaze in a suspected arson attack. It took 50 firefighters to bring the flames under control. The fire was burning very fiercely upon arrival. The administration building was fully involved. This morning classes were cancelled as parents and students surveyed the damage. It's pretty gut-wrenching to think that it's our school. Really sad, actually.

My son's in kindergarten. It's his first year. Yeah... You're gonna make me cry. Inside, computers have been melted, staff offices and historic school records destroyed. Amazingly, fire crews managed to save every classroom. Had it not been for them, we would have lost probably the entire school. Teachers here had just finished writing their annual student report cards. They've been destroyed, along with the computer backups. And school photos were delivered this week - they're gone too. A little bit of upset amongst the staff, you know. A lot of the work they'd done has literally gone up in smoke.

The school has had to postpone tonight's Christmas concert - students had been practising for weeks.

I know a lot of the kids have put in a lot of effort and they perform Christmas carols and that sort of thing. How do you feel about that? Sad. But not too sad to show off their act. The concert will be rescheduled Classes will be back on tomorrow. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. with a look at sport, Brad McEwan joins us tonight. and the Sharks set to sack Greg Bird Yes, Bird, who's before the courts on charges of reckless wounding and lying to police, now fronts the club board - we'll cross live for the latest. Plus, what an end to the Wallabies tour at Wembley Stadium - Australia scoring spectacular tries in the 18-11 win against the Barbarians - both sides ripping in more like a Test than an exhibition match.

And John Daly in the red, rather than seeing red, as his putter starts working for a sub-par round at the Australian PGA Championship. Also, an emotional Sydney send-off for V8 great Mark Skaife as he prepares for his final round and Mark Webber out of hospital.

John Singleton Plus, millionaire ad man donates a breathtaking amount to people facing tough times. And a violent storm sends a tree crashing into a house.

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This program is captioned live. in a Central Coast pool have been remembered as little characters who loved to get into mischief. 21-month-old Ethan and Matthew Hill were farewelled by 100 mourners today, a week after the tragedy. Family and friends are still coming to terms with their loss. They were always on the go, running around outside, kicking a soccer ball around with their pop. Doves and balloons were released in the boys' memory. No-one can say how they let themselves out of the family home and into the pool.

Three men have been charged over an attack on media covering last month's Tathra drowning tragedy. The TV news crews were preparing to leave a South Coast hotel

when the confrontation occurred. One journalist was taken to hospital with facial injuries. The accused men belonged to the same rugby league team as Shane O'Neill, who had drowned with his two sons, off the town's wharf, the day before.

Police charged the 21-, 23- and 24-year olds with assault after viewing security footage of the fight. They'll face court in January. The Federal MP who tried to sell pictures of an attempted immolation to the media The Federal MP an attempted immolation to the media has become the loneliest person in Parliament. He's been condemned by all sides of politics, with pressure now mounting for his expulsion from the Labor Party. MP turned paparazzo James Bidgood has gone from Labor hero to Labor embarrassment. My actions were highly insensitive and inappropriate and I am tonight writing a letter of apology to the family involved. The apology came after the Prime Minister's office carpeted him for selling to a newspaper pictures he took of a protester who'd doused himself in petrol. Profiting from someone else's misfortune is not a good instinct. Nor, it would seems, Nor, it would seem, his own stated standards. That faith is love in action, and we have to say, "What would Jesus do in a situation like this?" Joe Hockey says the Labor Party should bid farewell to Mr Bidgood. Kevin Rudd should personally be speaking to this man and saying,

"I will not accept that behaviour and you must go." Mr Bidgood's cause not helped by remarks he made at a Christian seminar that the economic crisis is God's judgment. You will see clearly what's being spelt out, and we are in the end times. The embarrassment wasn't all on the Labor side - the Coalition, in the face of fierce pressure from independent and Catholic schools, backed down in the Senate and allowed $28 billion worth of funding to flow from January. It's one of the most humiliating backflips in Australian politics. This is a great victory for common sense. I'm glad that finally the Minister put her ego to one side. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

Ad man John Singleton has urged Australians not to use the financial downturn as an excuse to stop giving to charity. And leading by example,

he's given $1 million to help disadvantaged young people. Despite being an advertising guru, John Singleton normally keeps quiet about his donations. And until now, the Reverend Bill Crews has been reluctant to ask for money for his Exodus Foundation charity.

Tough times have forced both to change their methods. Just when the need has doubled, the giving's stopped.

You see, we can't stop people coming here. More and more people will come here. We just can't close these doors because there's people trying to knock it down. Bill Crews wants to double his budget to $5 million. Some will go to new premises for this school which educates kids who are homeless, or have fallen through the cracks of the education system. The rest will help feed those who need it. Singo's donated $1 million, despite a tough year.

I think people are using it as an excuse - not everyone, but most people, as an excuse and they're not cutting back on their own personal lifestyle. A lot of the business people say "I can't give money because of the economic downturn," but they'll be living alright. But these people won't, these people will starve even more. The Exodus Foundation is not alone in needing more money - virtually all charities say they are struggling to meet the growing demands for their services

as more and more people find themselves in financial crisis. Even the Salvation Army has been forced to sack 170 of the 1,200 staff at its Employment Plus service. Knowing that we have a reduced number of job seekers coming to see us and seeing that, in fact, employers are not employing, there was no other way. Its chief executive admits sacking people before Christmas is not something any company wants to do - let alone one like his. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Brisbane is recovering from yet another ferocious storm. Thousands of lightning strikes were recorded overnight across the city. One hit this hoop pine,

sending a huge chunk of the tree spearing into a house and narrowly missing a young family. The storm also struck the Andre Rieu concert, delaying the start for an hour as fans headed for cover. But the musical maestro showed he had a sense of humour. (PLAYS 'SINGING IN THE RAIN') Similar storms are predicted for the next three nights.

Goodness for the southerly that he

does last night to get rid of the

hate. 23 degrees

hate. 23 degrees today is three

degrees below yesterday 33 was degrees below yesterday 33 was

eight above. The temperatures came

down 10 degrees in 20 minutes and

left us with the grey skies. It

will be up to 30 degrees tomorrow

with perhaps an early with perhaps an early shower but

plenty of timidity and hate.

plenty of timidity and hate. I will

show you the most unique Christmas

tree in Sydney and a great way to

raise money for charity. The ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock is next. Also, the victim of a callous theft has his military medal replaced. And he's outstayed his welcome - Knut the star polar bear in need of a new home. At Franklins, we love to save you money. FAIRY: With very big Christmas specials, like... MALE VOICEOVER: 175g or 185g Smith's Chips varieties:

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So time to check the traffic. All

that late-night Christmas shopping

at Parramatta. It looks like

everyone racing to the shops are

long Church Street. There are no breakdowns breakdowns or accidents just very

slow traffic. AQ about 30 or 40

minutes along Church Street and no minutes along Church Street and no

major problems without motorways. A medal presented to an Australian sailor by King George 70 years ago has been replaced by Buckingham Palace nearly two decades after it was stolen. Captain Graham Wright was awarded the Kings Medal in 1938. Today the 88-year-old was presented with a newly minted solid-gold replacement medallion approved by the Queen. Almost as though I've gone back to the roots.

I was always on the emergency list. Captain Wright will give his new medal to his wife for safekeeping. A proposal to give politicians pay rises of $100,000 a year has been knocked on the head. Federal ministers currently earn much less than public service chiefs. Their antics sometimes infuriate and sometimes amuse. The Member for Sturt will resume his seat. But the tribunal which works out how much our politicians get paid thinks they don't earn enough for all the extra responsibilities they've taken on over the years, recommending a pay rise of more than $100,000 a year for Cabinet ministers. The public servant in charge of the Prime Minister's Department earns $410,000 a year, but his boss, Kevin Rudd, earns just $330,000 a year - or $80,000 less. Well, there are a lot of people getting a lot more than that for the whole country, hasn't he? and he's got the responsibility If you can get it, good luck to you. Parliament's Remuneration Tribunal thinks the best and brightest won't be attracted to politics

unless their pay is increased.

politicians themselves were likely to back away from pay rises, concerned over backlash from voters. We work hard in our jobs and we do it because it's our responsibility and that's what the people elected us for. I'm very satisfied with my remuneration. I've been doing this for 15 years. If I wasn't, I would have got out a long time ago. Just this year, the Rudd Government rejected a 4.5% increase for MPs. While the tribunal says politicians' pay needs to keep up with the market, the former governor of the Reserve Bank has hit out at high executive salaries and bonuses, saying they're at the root of the global economic crisis. Ian Macfarlane says he's heard of bonuses in the hundreds of millions of dollars, which companies couldn't maintain when the economy turned bad. Brad Hodson, Ten News. Now to the ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock.

Jacqui, just a glimmer of hope tonight - that low Aussie dollar has helped return our biggest-ever trade surplus? It has, Ron, on the back of the biggest jump in exports we've ever seen. Total exports have risen by two-thirds in the past year.

The October result shows demand for Australian commodities remains high. Let's hope that holds up. But it's more bad news on the housing front -

another sharp slowdown in building activity in October. New residential and commercial building approvals dropped by 40% in value, marking the biggest annual slowdown in 18 years. Modest gains gave way by the closing bell. Shares in Babcock & Brown resumed trading with a bang, soaring 120% at the open on news the flailing finance house has secured $150 million in emergency loans. The All Ords finished flat. Macquarie shares ended firmer

following reports the investment bank let go up to 100 staff from its Sydney office.

And that's the day in finance. It's almost two years since the world fell in love with Knut,

the polar bear cub abandoned by his mother. Crowds flocked to see the cute cub being raised by hand at Berlin Zoo. He became a global Internet sensation and even inspired a hit song in Germany. SONG: # Knut, Knut, kleine Eisbar aus dem zoo. #

But now the zoo says it can't afford to build Knut a larger enclosure, and have put him up for sale. But it's not all bad news - when he gets a new home, he'll get a girlfriend as well.

Anger over plans to set up fishing no-go zones along the NSW coast.

Also, the car-crash test results that left the experts worried.

And the Internet brings Christmas joy to seniors separated from loved ones. (UPBEAT JAZZ PLAYS) VOICEOVER: Until Wednesday at Target, if you buy one kids' top or shorts See in store for details. Your garden hose can chew through 20 litres of water per minute. So think twice, even if it's your turn to water. Try to keep it to once a week, and if it rains, don't water at all. Thinking gardeners: (MEN SPEAK ON TWO-WAY RADIO) (THUD!) (MAN SPEAKS ON TWO-WAY RADIO) New look Toyota Yaris. All of Toyota's big ideas in one small car. ('WHAT A FEELING' THEME) This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - a win for motorists angry about the up-front cost of e-tags. The State Government has bowed to public pressure,

offering a new e-tag with no deposit. However, the account does attract a set-up fee of $3.30, plus a monthly charge of $1.25. Gordon Wood has been sentenced to 17 years jail for the murder of his girlfriend Caroline Byrne. The earliest he'll be eligible for release on parole is October 2021. And one of the State's most notorious killers accused of running a lucrative drug racket from prison. Bassam Hamzy is serving 21 years jail for gunning down a teenager at a nightclub. Police believe he's been using a mobile phone to run a drug syndicate generating $250,000 a week. The Australian soldier killed in Afghanistan last week has been honoured at a memorial service at Sydney's Holsworthy Barracks. Family, friends and commando colleagues joined the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader in paying tribute to Lieutenant Michael Fussell. The 25-year-old was killed by a bomb blast while on patrol. Three other soldiers wounded in the explosion have now all returned to active duty. metropolitan marine park The world's biggest is being planned off Sydney.

But anglers are worried about severe restrictions on fishing. These are the creatures conservationists hope to protect by turning a huge stretch of Sydney coastline into a marine sanctuary. If we don't act, we're going to lose a wilderness area that we we'll never get back. The National Parks Association has proposed the entire coastline from Gosford, and further south, including Sydney Harbour be declared an urban marine park - the world's largest. The State's diverse but declining sea species will be the main beneficiaries.

For example, the grey nurse shark is on the verge of extinction, with just less than 500 grey nurse sharks along the whole east coast of Australia.

The sea is not full of fish. To my eyes, it is now barren. But commercial and recreational fishers fear it will wipe out their industry. If we do close any more of our waters, it will send a lot of fisherman out of business, and that can only result in one thing - that the Australian people are going to miss out on eating fresh seafood. They say the focus should be on combating marine pollution and introduced species. a line around an area in an ocean If people believe that by putting it's going to stop that, then it's not. The National Parks Association insists

the industry will not be destroyed, because fishing zones will be set up throughout the sanctuary. However, where those zones will be, and how large, is yet to be determined. The Government says it has already established six marine parks in the State,

but will consider the plan. Emily Rice, Ten News.

Call up a chair and tell us about

this new Christmas tree. It's the

most unique country in Sydney. It's

made of chairs are. Will have some

unique Christmas carols at true.

The top temperatures around

Car manufacturers are still not making basic safety features standard

- some are Christmas carols and

you've never same implied and at three

three you've never seen before.

Car manufacturers are still not making basic safety features standard in new vehicles. Several failed the latest crash test - one so badly, it managed just one star out of five. Have a crash at just 64 kilometres an hour and this is how your car might end up. It's enough to cause a passenger serious injury. Although more cars than ever have received a 5-star occupant safety rating, not one of these made this year's list.

Every star is probably about a 10% difference in saving your life or preventing serious injury, so there's a huge value in having a 5-star car over a 3-star car. For the first time, the Holden Commodore has reached 5-star status, but only for the Omega model. It joins the Falcon XT. Those with four stars include the Falcon Ute and the pint-sized Honda Jazz. But too many cars continue to score just three stars. We don't believe 3 stars is satisfactory the program has been running, and, with the length of time we think manufacturers should be getting at least 4 stars, if not 5 stars. The least-safe include the Nissan Navara and Isuzu Utes. But the worst of all is the Mitsubishi Express Van -

But getting people to buy a newer, safer car is not proving so easy. New car sales are down 22% on the same time last year and in just the past month they've dropped by 10%. There's an slowdown occuring and it's a reflection of the global economic crisis. The crisis has already seen some dealers close their doors. For buyers, the slowdown has meant bargains are plentiful, but not for long. A weakening Aussie dollar means prices for imported cars will start to rise next year.

James Boyce, Ten News. Technology has come to aged care with some of our oldest citizens using the Internet to catch up with their families. GIRL: Mummy, I want to give her a kiss. Oh, that's beautiful, darling. A 6-hour round trip prevents Kylie Jeffares and her three girls

from visiting their great-grandmother Sylvia as often as they'd like. So once a fortnight they videoconference between the 94-year-old's aged care facility and their home. GIRLS: Hello, Grandma! It's hoped the program can help cure feelings of isolation many people feel when finances or distance make it hard to see loved ones. GREAT-GRANDMOTHER: She's got a big voice, hasn't she! She HAS got a big voice. It's made me feel a lot better about maintaining a relationship, and it sounds a bit selfish but I don't feel the guilt. ambassador for ageing Noeline Brown Australia's first hopes the pilot program will spread across the nation. Why is it so important that people can remain connected in this way? Sometimes when your hearing isn't as good as it could be being able to lip read and see that face helps your hearing - so that's been terrific today, I think. All you need is an Internet connection. Families are asked to buy one of these webcams and log on to Skype, which is free. For these girls it's not quite as good as a hug, but it will do until they next see Gran.

MOTHER: Say 'bye-bye' to Grandma. Big wave, big wave.

Martine Griffiths, Ten News. Sport now with Brad, and all eyes will be on the Cronulla Sharks tonight. Yes, Greg Bird's NRL future at the Sharks board meeting. We'll cross live.

Plus, a spectacular and at times brutal showdown between the Wallabies and Barbarians. And a US Open champ shows his touch at the Australian PGA. How about that?!

Can we stop and ask someone? No, we don't need to stop and ask someone. Just keep going straight. We should have gone back there. You even got the map up on there? I'm trying. To my right or...? Left, left. I'm telling where to go. I'll tell you where to go. Is your phone working? Yeah. It's working?

No, it's not working. Use my phone. GPS: You're going in the wrong direction. Please turn around. Oh, it WAS back there. How come your phone does that? VOICEOVER: If your network's letting you down, try the network that works better in more places - Telstra Next G. (EXCITEDLY) Chicken! Introducing new seared chicken from McDonald's. 100% chicken breast fillet marinated with spices and cooked to perfection on a hotplate.

Choose from three irresistible burgers, two premium salads and a tasty wrap. It's the new way to love chicken at McDonald's. This program is captioned live. Cronulla's Greg Bird will front the Sharks board tonight after an alleged attack on his girlfriend. Reporter Glen Lauder is at Sharks Leagues. Glen, what are we expecting tonight?

Be carnations assiduous his career

could be over after the a board

meeting. They believe he should be

sacked after the alleged assaults

on his girlfriend in August. There

is still a court date for 27th

April where he will be answering

charges of reckless wounding and

assault and lying to police but he

will be here tonight along with

legal team and his manager to

present their case to the board. He

has had plenty of support but other

fans are still behind him? You're

right, there was plenty of support

throughout the week and their fans

to put their voices to the club but

today the two main supporters'

groups that are attached to the

club have come out and said they

will back whatever the club decides

and there are no indications of

planned protests at where suggested

earlier in the wake. It's an interesting development that the supporters are back in the club. It was an impressive yet costly end to the Wallabies spring tour of Europe. They defeated an all-star Barbarians side by seven points, but lost both starting props to long-term injuries. It started with a handshake from Princess Anne and quickly transformed COMMENTATOR: All the way through to Jerry Collins and that is superb. Lote Tuqiri diffused the first raid and he was duly awarded at the other end thanks to the power and pace of Ryan Cross. What started as defence, can it turn into attack? Ball inside - Lote Tuqiri, oh, what a try this is. The strong fend followed up with some Quade Cooper fire. Quade Cooper says, "I don't care if you're a front-row forward." And the friendly turned fierce. I didn't hear the cannon go off, but he came flying out of it. But the Barbas dealt a double blow - Matt Dunning snapped his Achilles in a straight-forward scrum. He left needing a wheelchair, while Sekope Kepu tore his pec. Referee was right in line. 13-11 and a familiar face turned foe. George Gregan muscled into his old team-mates. But he was only a spectator as the Wallabies fired home. This 75-metre effort with three minutes to play sealing the tour in style. It goes from Mitchell to Turner - it is a brilliant try, oh, yes. The Wallabies earning gold medals

to commemorate their London Olympics win 100 years ago although this tour was all about the future. We're bringing through some very good young players, they'll get better and better with that experience - It was a young group out there, but they really hung tough - it wasn't exactly a festival match. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News.

Queensland's wild weather has seen play suspended on day one of the Australian PGA Championship at Coolum. Before the storm clouds rolled in, Aussie Peter Wilson managed to match Kiwi Tim Wilkinson's round

dof 6 under. John Daly finished under par, he's five shots off the pace. The morning served up near-perfect conditions and Kiwi Tim Wilkinson made the most of it. COMMENATOR: Oh, looks good, doesn't it? Wilkinson didn't wilt - seven birdies in all for a 6-under-par 66 and the clubhouse lead at lunch. Just one shot behind him - Aussie Geoff Ogilvy... Oh, how about that! ..a bogey-free round of 67 for the 2006 US Open champion leaving him in great position. Defending champ Peter Lonard fired a 70

as he eyes off win number four at Coolum. He leads a large group of players at 2 under, from a troubled back nine while American John Daly recovered to finish in the red at 1 under. Wow! That's a beautiful shot. Bad weather suspended the afternoon pairings.

Before the call Peter Wilson was the standout.

Wonderful shot. Seven birdies through the front nine handed him the outright lead, until a double bogey on the 13th brought him back level with Wilkinson at 6 under. Whoops! Peter Senior also impressive. He's at 5 under after 10 holes... That's three holes in a row he's hit it right close the hole. ..while Mathew Goggin is one further back after nine. Had a lot of green to work with. Beautifully holed out that chip shot. Victoria Murphy, Ten News.

And you can catch all the second-round action from Coolum here on Ten HD from 1:30 tomorrow. Then on both Ten and Ten HD for the final two rounds at the weekend. Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting has rubbished claims his wrist injury is career-threatening. Ponting today received a positive prognosis from his surgeon,

and the 33-year-old says he has plenty of good years left at the top level. I certainly don't feel that I am anywhere near the end of my career I don't feel like I am near the end of my captaincy of the side either. South Australian paceman Shaun Tait is confident of playing for the Redbacks next Wednesday, despite leaving the field with a hamstring problem during last night's 1-dayer against Queensland. And Tasmania has scored a thrilling Sheffield shield win over NSW at Bellerive Oval this afternoon. Wicketkeeper Tim Paine guided the Tigers to outright victory, despite his team losing on the first innings. Bauer has officially been classified as the Melbourne Cup runner-up. Racing Victoria officials have blamed their own veterinarian for administering shock-wave therapy to the horse 5 days before the Cup, even though it was illegal. Chief Steward Terry Bailey said English trainer Luca Cumani was entitled to assume the vet knew the local rules.

Really we have a situation when the

vet was assigned to look after the

quarantine by Racing Victoria and

the owner was entitled to assume he

was aware of the rules. Connections keeping the $835,000 prize money. Mark Skaife is debt-free after handing ownership of the Holden Racing Team

back to Tom Walkinshaw. He now hopes to finish his V8 Supercar career in style at this weekend's season finale at Oran park.

A standing ovation for retiring champ Mark Skaife.

the tributes and toasts coming from friends and rivals. The 41-year-old has won the V8 Championship and Bathurst five times and chalked up a record 40 wins. It's the only time in my career

that Ford people have been coming up and saying, "Well done!" Fittingly Skaife will return to Oran Park, and claimed six victories. where he earned his racing licence The weekend will be the last race for the venue and the driver.

As a young bloke I used to go and watch the superstars of the day and sit on my dad's shoulders at the dogleg at BP Corner and at the dogleg watch motor racing. In recent days, though, Skaife's farewell to the sport has been clouded by reports of a personal financial crisis. Today he declared himself debt-free after relinquishing ownership of the Holden Racing Team With the arrangements with Tom, he's effectively converted debt into equity and there's no outstanding debt in any way. In Melbourne, Mark Webber left hospital for the first time since breaking confident of a return to driving in February and taking his place on the grid at the Australian Grand Prix in March.

Be running the distances I was

running in the morning but I will

be up and about and working on my

other conditioning and making sure

I'm as fit as I can bay. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Ahead in Sports Tonight, the very latest from the Sharks where Greg Bird is meeting with the Cronulla board.

Of late night shopping is causing

problems in Parramatta but also on

Parramatta Road. Three cars in the

crash are here. There are

crash are here. There are delays are towards the home bush.

We've had a gorgeous start to summer, but will it last? Tim Bailey's weather wrap is next.

McDonald's Happy Meals now include healthier choices - fresh milk and tasty pasta filled with cheese and veggies. Now you and your little alien can see eye to eye. (MCDONALD'S THEME)

Team has finally reached the

pinnacle of his career and become

the chairman. There is a chair in

there and a chair as well. It

Sydney's most unique Christmas tree

and made of all wooden chairs are.

It is down at Rau rocks. It is

until the big fella in the until the big fella in the red suits snakes down your chimney.

They have donated old wooden chairs They have donated old wooden chairs

and it is being made into a tree

and money donated to the Starlight

and money donated to the Starlight

Foundation. It will be lit up

tomorrow night. He has some unique

versions of Christmas carols -

Caribbean and gypsy music and

didgeridoos and some men in a very

bad shirts are. This is Hawaiian instrumental.

Isn't it refreshing to see people

on television the wear shirts that

are Roma would never have worn in

his whole career. It is well a

music and they'll be down here

tomorrow night. Today was 23

degrees and three below.

Yesterday's 33 was laid above. It's

hard to work out. It will be great

tomorrow and humid and hot.

Cloud over the centre of the Continent is causing widespread

showers and thunder in SA. Cloud over north-east showers and thunder in SA. Cloud

over north-east NSW. A trough in

the east would generate warm all

the lease and isolated showers in

Tasmania, Victoria NSW and

Queensland. Or storms over north- east east Queensland and Victoria Queensland. Or storms over north- east Queensland and Victoria and

Tasmania. Come and see this every

weekend until Christmas Day at the

rocks are. Finally, Turkey's next entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest may have been found, in a zoo. Sara the walrus is a talented saxophonist and has rocketed to fame as the Kenny G. of the animal kingdom. Sara is also pretty light on her flippers and loves to tango. All the fame and attention hasn't really gone to her head but her manners... (BURPS) need some work. That brings you up to date on the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company. Stay with us, we'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 11:00. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.