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Then This program is captioned live.

Tonight - the Samoan Tsunami -

dozens dead, including an

Australian traveller as the toll

continues to rise.

The house was here and now it's

over here. You can see. The sister of Sydney's Ibrahim brothers

charged over a $3 million-cash

stash. And mass vaccinations with

the swine flu inoculation finally

underway. Good evening, I'm Bill

Woods. And I'm Deborah Knight. Also,

the parking rangers ordered to go

easy on motorists. And the

Melbourne Storm prepare for their

arrival in enemy territory.

But first - there's a new tsunami

alert for Samoa only hours after an

earthquake and tsunami devastated

the region. An Australian is among

the 63 confirmed killed, with six

other Australians missing and fears

the death toll could hit 100. The

disaster was triggered by a

powerful earthquake, which set off

powerful earthquake, which set off

up to five killer tidal waves,

striking Somoa and American Samoa.

striking Somoa and American Samoa. up to five killer tidal waves,

The earthquake measured 8.3 on the

7:00am Richter scale, striking about

Richter scale, striking about

7:00am local time. It caused

widespread damage to both the US

territory of American Samoa and its independent neighbour, Western territory of American Samoa and its

Samoa. But following the earthquake

came the more destructive tsunami

that smashed ashore, demolishing

buildings, hotels and businesses,

causing loss of life and serious

injuries. Very sad because most of

the people who died are children

and elderly, so sad to see such a

thing in Samoa as this.

Witnesses say four to five waves

came in, up to 3-metres high and

travelling very fast. Some families,

they lost their houses, everything

was washed away from the homes, cars all damaged.

The US government has declared a

The US government has declared a

state of emergency in Pango Pango,

the capital of American Samoa where

the capital of American Samoa where

thousands fled to high ground when

the tsunami warning was given. It

came just a few minutes before the

waves hit. In both countries,

rescue efforts are underway to

reach people injured and trapped in

the disaster. Doctors are

struggling to cope with a large

number of patients with broken

bones. 50-year-old Maree Blacker

from Tasmania has been confirmed as

the only Australian killed in the

tsunami. She was on holidays with

her husband John, a prominent horse

trainer. Three members of the Rees

family from Melbourne are in

hospital. Prime Minister Rudd says

another six Australians are missing.

Could I also say to our friends in

Samoa, that we are with you at a

time of great natural disaster and

a time of great personal tragedy.

Australia has offered Samoa any

assistance necessary to recover

from the disaster.

And we'll have more on the Samoan

disaster later in the bulletin,

including one man's personal

account of what it was like when

the quake hit. Another two members

of Sydney's Ibrahim family have

been arrested - one charged with

conspiracy to murder, the other been arrested - one charged with

over almost $3 million hidden in a

over almost $3 million hidden in a

house. Police say they discovered

the cash in the roof space at

Wentworthville in April. Middle

Eastern Crime Squad detectives have

now charged Maha Sayour with

recklessly dealing with the

proceeds of crime. Her brother

Michael, who's in jail for proceeds of crime. Her brother

manslaughter, has been charged with

conspiring to murder the man he

believed had tried to assassinate his brother Fadi.

Australia has become the first

country in the world to rollout the country in the world to rollout the

swine-flu vaccine. From today, all

adults are being encouraged to get

the injection, but many doctors are

still waiting for supplies.

It's a quick jab, which could spare

you a nasty flu. The vaccine for you a nasty flu. The vaccine for

the H1N1 or swine-flu virus is now

available - free- for everyone aged

over 10. First in line today -

frontline medical staff, anyone

with serious medical conditions,

aboriginal Australians, and,

perhaps for publicity, even a

Premier. It doesn't hurt at all!

More than 30,000 Australians have

already contracted swine flu and already contracted swine flu and

about two dozen have died. The

pandemic seems to be evaporating,

but health authorities say it's

better to be vigilant. It's certain

that there'll be an increase in the

northern hemisphere, and with

travel around these days, it's

back into Australia. certain there'll be cases imported

?$$WHITE It's available at your GP,

problems. but there are a few teething

Ah, we haven't had our delivery yet.

We understand it's been dispatched.

The Government's ordered 21 million

doses of the vaccine - more than

enough for every Australian. It's

costing taxpayers over $100 million,

but it appears many Australians

have no intention of taking up the

offer. I wouldn't have any plans to

get the vaccine. I s'pose it's not

much of a threat really.

I'll think about it. I'm 83 and

maybe on the way out.

No plans at this point. maybe on the way out.

Why not?

It's over, isn't it?

I think this is money very well

spent and I urge Australians to

seize the opportunity to protect

themselves and their families.

With Australians the guinea pigs

for a nationwide roll-out, there's

no doubt other countries will be

watching closely.

New figures confirm house prices

are back on the boil.

Brad joins us with a look at Sport,

and the Storm are on their way to

Sydney. They're due to land in

Sydney shortly ahead of their

fourth consecutive NRL Grand Final.

Of this is now Parramatta has

stirred. The whole place has

embraced the ills. They were given

a bit of a stand-off by their loyal

supporters. It was the last time

they saw the Storm on their home

turf. They were talking tough. Let

us hope the Storm perform as well

as they cheer squad.

Thankfully, Storm meant recovered

well. Jarryd Hayne better watch out.

The Storm will a letter to them.

There is plenty of Trade ticks at

there. The Premier it is riding a

wave of popularity as an Eels

supporter. The Eels will head back

to the stadium after the game. They

will arrive at 9:30pm so the fans

can show their appreciation. The

stadium will open at 2pm to

broadcast the show it live. The

tickets have all gone. The writ

true Jersey's have also walked of

the sea shells -- the shelves.

Merchandise sales has been worth

millions. It has been tremendous

the last couple of days. Their

toughest work only begins after the

final siren. This is when they will

print the winner's name on the

shirts. Coming out - is tell us

their days of trekking are over. --

the Eels.

Are you Parramatta's biggest fan?

If you think you are we'd like to

hear from you. Send us your

pictures and videos showing your

support for the Eels. Just go to

the Ten News website and follow the

links. The most impressive will

feature on Ten News this week as

the big day draws closer.

Also ahead - we'll hear from

injured jockey Jim Cassidy. The man

they call pumper is recovering from

finger surgery after a nasty

gardening accident at his home. He

hopes to return to the track, but

concedes his riding future could be over.

Plus - the schoolgirl surfer who's

returned to Sydney hoping to repeat

her surprise victory at last year's

Layne Beachley classic.

Still to come - a new name for a

major Sydney suburb. Plus - the

teacher who molested a 14-year-old

boy spared a jail term. And the

parking officers responding to

community anger. If we can move

them on without giving them a fine we're achieving something.

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This program is captioned live.

New figures go from house prices

are back on the boil. They are on

the blink of overtaking the peak

prices of early last year. prices of early last year.

At 19 at -- and 21, the sisters are

home owners. Payne $440,000 for a

town house in Sydney's West. The

incentive to be in $20,000. It got

us what we needed. 150,000

Australians have taken advantage of Australians have taken advantage of

the grants. Now it will be

difficult for property beginners to

jump on. In the capital cities,

there is a question mark.

Particularly in Melbourne and

Sydney. You may have missed the

boat. If you are raped first home

by no, you may have missed out. The

best real estate advised his ago

Porsche. Already the rest -- by

eight out side of the major cities.

There is a warning of a potential

property box. The risk is we might

move towards undesirable price move towards undesirable price

growth. Spending is again on the

rise. Another indicator that rise. Another indicator that

interest rates will not be held

down a for a bath. down a for a bath.

-- for ever. A war of words has

broken out over claims Sydney

developers are donating money to

the state government for preferable treatment. It follows a parliamentary inquiry that saw

property baron Ron Medich quizzed

over the Michael McGurk murder.

Greens MP Sylvia Hale may have got

the response she was hoping for.

Did you have anything to do with

the murder of Michael McGurk? You

got to be joking, you are a

shocker! But bringing up the

mystery murder of businessman

Michael McGurk during a rezoning

inquiry has upset more than Ron

Medich. It was truly a keystone

cops moment and truly reprehensible

behaviour by Sylvia Hale. Medich's

testimony along with brother Roy

has raised concerns about political

donations. The Medich's gave the

government $200,000 in the past government $200,000 in the past

four years and Ron made it clear

why. I think it's a part of business life because honestly

donations and party functions get

results. Well, we all work together

to get good results you know from

the Government, try and keep the

levies down and things like that to

develop economically. He talked

about the networking opportunities

and actually said, to get a result.

And to people who donate money to

the Labor Party get special

treatment? Absolutely not. There's

a stench of corruption across this

government, there is a decisions-

for-donations culture that Nathan

Rees refuses to do anything about.

Although the Premier has expressed

his personal desire to drastically

restrict donations, it's unlikely

much will change anytime soon. Mr

Rees wants any reforms to be

nationwide. Party fundraisers are

commonplace - the Liberals and

Greens want donations from local

and overseas companies banned with

strict limits on personal donors.

A former Knox Grammar teacher who

pleaded guilty to a child sex

offence has walked free from a

Sydney court. 55-year-old Damian

Vance was extradited from Melbourne

earlier this year and charged with

inciting a 14-year-old boarder to

commit an act of indecency in 1987.

The Magistrate said other than the

offer of a cigarette and

conversation, nothing else happened,

and handed Vance a 2-year good

behaviour bond. Vance is one of

five men charged with sex offences

against former pupils at the school

dating back to the 1970s.

A local council has ordered its

rangers to hand out fewer parking

fines. Parramatta Council is giving

enforcement officers the discretion

to warn drivers rather than give them a ticket.

It's the job most drivers love to

hate and today an insight into the

dangers of life as a Parking Ranger.

Let's go and see what it's all

about. It wasn't long before the

insults started flying. You are a

bunch of losers. Even before a

single driver was booked the abuse

was on. Well, youse are f---- losers!

losers! It's nor very nice when

you're yelled at when you're just

doing your job. It doesn't feel too

good. Sometimes it's impossible and

we require the police to assist.

Last year, nine enforcement

officers were assaulted, one

medically retired. Parramatta City

Council says its time to act. There

have been a lot of complaints from

members of the public, where they

feel they have been hard done by.

From next month, rangers will be

renamed community safety officers.

They'll wear a friendlier white

uniform, minus the military style

patches, and be encouraged to

caution drivers, rather than fine

them. Your ticket's expired. OK. OK.

You're lucky you haven't been

infringed because we allow ten

minutes. If we can move them on

without giving them a fine, we're achieving something. Council hope achieving something. Council hope

drivers will show their officers

and the road rules more respect.

Unfortunately, this person's going

to receive an infringement today. to receive an infringement today.

Those who do cop a ticket can now

plead their case to the State's

first independent fine review panel.

There's always excuses and there's

always reasons why people are doing

the wrong thing. It's not all about

the revenue. An attitude that

should be well received.

A major Sydney suburb has been

given a new name. Homebush will now

be known as Sydney Olympic Park, to

reflect the area's boom since the

Games. The Government has also

unveiled plans to transform the

precinct into a modern town centre

that can accommodate 14,000

residents. Construction has already

begun on homes along Australia


Bondi is still Bondi it and we go

there to talk about the weather.

September has been out dryers in

the six years and our warmers in

150 years. -- almost. It was three

degrees above average. Tomorrow,

more warm and drive. 31 degrees. A

beach day. Later on, there will

eliminate the light said in Tower

to benefit breast cancer research.

This is out photographs for the day.

Look at the cloud formation.

The 31 to 33 degrees tomorrow,

partly cloudy. See you again at 555.

Next, a bold new move to reign in

executive pay.

Also, the resort where you can live

in the lap of luxury while helping

to save the planet. It really is

most unusual, it's a world first in my book.

And the baby helping rescue a

species from the brink of extinction.

This program is captioned live.

Let us take a look at the traffic.

An accident earlier has caused

problems. There has been a terrible

afternoon for traffic along the M4.

The accident has been cleared, but

there is a heavy build up. Peak

hour motorists are barely moving

heading west. A real shocker for West bounders.

The days of company bosses awarding

themselves huge salaries could be

coming to an end. Small

shareholders might be given new

powers to reign in executive pay.

Who can forget the anger back when

Pacific Brands sacked 1,800 low

paid workers while at the same time

boosting the chief executive's pay

to $1.8 million? The Productivity

Commission doesn't. It's found an

explosion in CEO salaries over the

past 13 years. The top 20 CEO's

average $1,000 156 times average weekly earnings.

Telstra's former CEO earned $30

million in his 4-years despite

seeing the company's share price

plummet 30% while he was at the

helm. They way forward, at this

stage, is not direct regulation of

executives salaries. It is unworkable and undesirable.

The Commission is recommending:

The ACTU says the draft report is too soft.

Sharan Burrow is calling for

executive salaries to be capped at executive salaries to be capped at

10 times the average weekly

earnings of a company. The Greens

want a $5 million dollar cap, Bob

Brown blasts the report's weakness.

The most ineffectual, toothless,

hopeless response you could imagine.

The Government says it will work

through the draft report.

For the finance report. A strong

retail sales figure failed to file

a -- fire up the market. The

housing market still has a long

road to recovery. Following two

months of healthy rises, building

slumped in August. Over the month,

prices gained ground, adding to the

case for the RBA to lift interest

rates. Losses were abroad.

US markets look like they're

getting off to a positive start tonight.

Patrick Swayze adapted one famous

line to battle his disease.

A memorial will be held on Monday.

Election roost new green resort has

opened in a World Heritage area,

offering eco-tourism as the premium

price. The developers claim they

are improving the surroundings, but are improving the surroundings,

are improving the surroundings, but

the conservationists are sceptical.

Forget pitching a tent, this is

getting close to nature in luxury.

Conservation, sustainability and

responsibility are three themes

which carry through the modern-day

travel at the moment. This century

is a number of luxury conservation

resorts in Australia. Energy and

water efficiency is obvious. The

recycled designs are more subtle.

An animal water trough is put to

and eliminating use. It is

fantastically unusual this

development. There is no doubt that

client comfort is the focus of each

suite. Developers have made a

commitment to supporting the

surrounding land. They will plant

natives. Barbed-wire fencing has

been removed to encourage nature.

There are concerns about the

corporate tourism push into the

bush. They think it will pave the

way for more commercial adventures

into national parks. It is a one-

off. It cannot be treated as a

precedent. Eker luxury comes at a

cost. Roughly $2,000 per night. One

of the world's rarest creatures has

been born in Melbourne. This monkey

it was given birth on a grand final

night. The mother was pregnant for

the last five or six months. The

keepers have been on baby watch.

The name and sex of the baby has

not been revealed. There is only 10

of these monkeys in Australia and

200 worldwide. Still to come - a

playboy a with royal connections.

Also - we will here first hand from

a Samoan caught up in there tsunami.

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This program is captioned live.

Tonight - been Simone crisis. 60

three-and at Acomb it -- 63 and a

confirmed dead after a tidal wave.

Entire coastal communities have

been flattened. A Tasmanian woman

has been confirmed dead. Three

members of the Premier family are

in hospital. Other Australians are

missing. For more - we are joined

by a cameraman who was on that

America -- Americans have lost. He

shot footage of the disaster. What

did you see?

The village where I was, we saw

people being evacuated up to the

mountain area.

There was obviously a little

warning. There was little warning.

I heard some reports of the

earthquake happening end the sooner

army arrived at the island. Some

houses were completely washed away.

Can you give us a level of damage

you have witnessed. Houses and

buildings have been levelled.

Windows are broken. There is a mess

and Maj. Cars are overturned. Boats

have been lifted on to the land.

What now for the people of the

summer, and the jurors, and there

would be no way to go?

Everything is fine. Now there is

just the clean-up. The airport was

not that affected. It should be

fine for travel zone. On the West

Coast, sustained the most damage.

This man has spent three nights

behind bars and not in his usual

five-star hotel. He is facing fraud,

it drug and driving charges after

he smashed and $80,000 hire car. He he smashed and $80,000 hire car. He

will not be going far. He had to

hand in his passport. He will owe a $40,000.

If you cannot stand the heat, get

out of the kitchen. They think they

can cook. A smorgasbord of

celebrities step up to the hot

plate. Have they bitten off more

than they can chew? I spend a lot

of time sourcing food and going to

markets. Looking back at it, I

could have prepared myself more

technically. You ease them in

gently, then we smack them in with

a pressure test.

We believe you know one of these

celebrities. I felt bad. In the

leader, he was ringing up saying

can I help. I had to say, I am busy can I help. I had to say, I am busy

at the moment. This man is shaking

in front of judges. When it is Fry

pans, famous men sometimes drop

their facade. They are used to

media talking. You never get past

that media front. If you put them

in the kitchen with all the

pressure of producing food, they

start crumbling. Will anyone be

giving up their day job? May be

Anna Bligh and will give up

Parliament and come down here for a

job. The pressure is on. Fiji might

has been taken off the shelves.

These Storm are about to arrive in

enemy territory. They will touch

down at Sydney's soon. It is their

fourth consecutive grand final

appearance. They will take on the appearance. They will take on the

Eels. Plus - Jim Cassidy will

hopefully return to the track after

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This program is captioned live.

The Melbourne Storm are about to

touch down in Sydney where they'll

fine tune their preparations for

Sunday's NRL Grand Final. Adam

Hawse joins us. Adam, apparently

they'll find some laid back Eels

waiting for them?

That is what they are telling us.

In Parramatta that not have the

greatest record but they say they

will not choke on the big day.

It was the match where the many

believe the Eels choked - the 2001

decider lost, they say, because the

players were too tense. One of the

survivors from that game says this

time it's different. Pretty relaxed

at the moment and just going to try

and enjoy the week. That wasn't the

case 8 years ago. Parra players

resembling stunned Eels at the grand final breakfast.

I can't remember too much about

2001. I've got a good knack of

blocking out bad things. This week

we're really concentrating on

keeping it simple and easy.

And don't try telling Burt that the

fairytale Eels should be happy even

if they lose after at one stage

eyeing the wooden spoon. Me

personally? Nah, it's going to be

hard if we don't win on Sunday. It

will be tough. Halfback Jeff Robson

still without a contract for next

season but knows if it wasn't for

Brett Finch leaving for the Storm

mid-season, he might also be

without a game. Probably wouldn't

have got the opportunity also to

play a grand final. Being part of such an inexperienced halves

pairing, you'd think Robson would

be rooming with Daniel Mortimer

heading into the match. No we're

not roomies actually. He tends to

hang out with Timmy Mannah. He

likes the hairy men.

Then the storm haven't just

untouched Tehran will stop I

counted about three fans.

You are looking for all the omens.

96 hours' time is when the storm

than they need to be there. Don't

about Sunday night. worry about today, it will be all

Thousands turned out at Princes

Park. There is a very good feeling

for the storm at the moment. Craig

Bellamy has been whistling as he

works. Cameron Smith has been doing

winger ring arose it. A really good

feeling at Princes Park.

You know the boys well, other a

feeling the pressure?

It has been a big top. A lot of

talk about them losing the last two.

You have to remember, 12 months ago

there was no Cameron Smith, no Ryan

semifinal campaign. Hoffman. Back at a fairly easy

Before you go, Bradd has always

said you need a bit of a maker over,

I reckon. other than that. A big improvement,

There are lot of people lining up

targeted. for Jarryd Hayne. He will be

Very biased reporting, but it is

grand final week and it does not


Kangaroos coach Tim Sheens has

hinted there'll be room in the test

team for both fullbacks taking part

in Sundays Grand Final. There was

still no sign of the injured Brett

Stewart at the train-on squad's

medical this morning. Sheens

refused to split Jarryd Hayne and

Billy Slater for the number one

jersey. Everyone's tried to get me

to buy in on that argument. They're

both good players, I'm sure we'll

find a place for both of them. The

Kangaroos fly out to the UK on

nations test. October 17 for their opening four

Now to news that won't help ticket

sales for Soccer's World Cup in

South Africa. President Jacob Zuma

has given the okay for Police to

shoot to kill. Speaking to Police

officials from across the country,

Zuma called for a crack down on

violent crime. Police sometimes

have no choice but to use lethal

force to defend themselves and

others. Obviously to hear the

president say shoot to kill is a

worry, people take it with a grain

of salt but in the back of your

mind your thinking, what's going on

in this country. South Africa has

one of the highest violent crime

rates in the world.

He's suffered many injuries at the

track, but it's a gardening

accident that could end Jim

Cassidy's glittering riding career.

After briefly considering throwing

in the towel, Cassidy now believes

he will return to the saddle.

Two fingers severed to the bone in

a gardening accident and this

year's Spring Carnival is already

over for Jim Cassidy - his future

beyond that, still uncertain. It

has gone through my mind. I would

be Loring even I said it did not. I

will just be advised by my doctors.

Cassidy's only just back in the

saddle after a nasty fall in June

where he broke his ankle and 4 ribs

but the 46-year old is determined

to ride again. I'd hate to go out

like this. It is a guns wrenching.

I'm going to hang in there and get

it right at have another crack.

Doctors say, he will ride again though

though the pressure on jockeys

fingers during a race could prove a

massive hurdle. Despite this, it is

the thought of giving up his Cox

Plate which hurts the most. Cassidy

rode the star gelding to victory in

the Doncaster Mile earlier this

year and had high hopes for the

spring. My bad luck will be

somebody else's and good luck.

Vision and Power's owner Nick

Moritas devastated - his

partnership with Cassidy has reaped

results, the duo responsible for

Might and Power's success in the

90s but as far as Cassidy's

concerned there's plenty of time

for more moments like these. Click,

I will be back. She announced her

retirement in 2008, yet was always

going to return for the odd

competition. But now after 20 years

on tour, she's ready to hang up the

rash vest for good. Last year, when

I made the decision, it was

overwhelming and very emotional for

me. This year it's more of a

celebration. Today that party was

crashed from the opening heat.

Beachley finished last behind

Rebecca Woods and Sally Fitzgibbons.

Her competitive juices almost dried

up. The conditions dictate my

motivation, Surfing in waves like

this today doesn't really motivate

me but if it's 6 footers it will be

a completely different story.

Fortunately for Layne no one gets

eliminated in round 1. It does give

her a much tougher path to the

final. She'll now contest round 2

but hasn't given up hope of that

fairytale finish. Anything is

possible but I can't finally say

I've got nothing left to prove in

this game. Stephenie Gilmore had

plenty to prove in her round 1 heat.

She served up sweet revenge against

defending champ Tyler Wright, who

aged 14 knocked Gilmore out of last

years event. It's set up a fiery

round 3 rematch between the pair,

but at close range no one was

prepared to throw any barbs. I love

it she's such a good competitor

definitely an inspiration in my

life so no, I can't wait. For 15,

it's just maturity beyond her years.

I'd love to get her back. Basically

they want to smash each other. And

nine of 13, huge AFL news involving nine of 13, huge AFL news involving

Brendan Fevola. Perhaps he will be

heading to the Swans, come the

Blues are going to trade him. I pat

Moss for Liverpool in the Champions

League. Imagine barracking for

Liverpool and the Bulldogs. You

have had a bad week.

Unfortunately for traffic heading

towards Marubeni in, there was a

smash. -- narrowing. The traffic

goes back into cholera.

It could be a date for the beach

tomorrow. Tim Bailey's next with

all the weather Join the parade into Target's Massive Home Sale and stock up on homewares. Get this Ronson banquet slow cooker for only $49 or buy a Carson twin-pack of towels for $19.99 and get a second pack free. Hurry - sale starts tomorrow! So, what's her name? I don't remember. I was kind of distracted when I... Really? It's on that email that he sent with the map. Give me a second to... It kind of sounds like fruit. Like a fruit? What is with this? Come on. Come on. You were distracted, so... (CLEARS THROAT) Barry, hi. How are you, mate? And... Melonie. Melonie! Good to see you. You look beautiful.

How about you have a seat? (WHISPERS) Jeez, that's close. I'll just get my own chair. If your network can't handle large emails fast enough, try the network that works better in more places.

This program is captioned live.

The colour pink is synonymous with

a very good cause, to combat breast

cancer. There is a live Sabre

wearing all pink.

And joining me for this big

promotion of National Breast Cancer

Foundation pink with them -- ribbon

months. At a live goat. Your months. At a live goat. Your

credibility will remain intact for

a number of reasons. You are doing

your bit. Raising money. Tell us

all about it. We have been donated

a board fires, all the Bondi rescue

guys had signed it. All the boys

are stoked. We had rescue people in

the water and we tried to rescue

people outside the water. One in

nine women will experience breast

cancer before the age of 85. The

famous lifeguard tower will be

illuminated drink tonight. It is

part of global elimination pressing

this brilliant course. The men, end

up the carers, the mums, the wives,

the daughters. You know how it goes.

We are out to raise as much money

as possible. Checked their website.

It is a pink ribbon month, starting

tomorrow. You can hardly tell. How

have the boys copped going around

in the pink? All the boys mark

helping the cause. It was a bit

hard at the beginning to get them hard at the beginning to get them

into pink. But we love helping out

with breast cancer. It is a

fantastic course. When we get back,

you will be in a York pink shorts.

It has been hard and dry up. --

September, the guys September in

six years, out almost in 150 years.

An average of 18 degrees, three

above average. We have only had 16

millimetres worth of rain when it

should normally say it 67. Tomorrow

will be a hot one.

Seat temperature, 17 to 18 degrees.

Patchy rain in WA. Also in Tasmania.

Ali low heading is, spreading rain

across SA and parts of Victoria and

NSW. Mosley drive for NSW. Ladies and gentlemen, NSW. Mosley drive for NSW. Ladies

and gentlemen, he will do anything

for Chris Gent up Foundation. Band

at be, you have no shame. Deborah

Knight, you win the bet. Knight, you win the bet. Bill was

pretty keen on seeing it through.

Make pink ribbon month starts

tomorrow. Please help the National

Breast Cancer Foundation in any way

you can. But please, try to keep

your clothes on.

Real men do wear pink. That's Ten

News for now, I'm Deborah Knight, News for now, I'm Deborah Knight,

I'm Bill Woods, thanks for your

company. We'll have updates

throughout the evening before the

Late news with sports tonight at

10:30. Our first bulletin tomorrow

is at 6:00am. Goodnight.

Captions by Red Bee Media Australia. sweeping away an entire hotel. Luckily, Supertext Captions by