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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - worker fury - while jobs are slashed. anger grows as bosses get richer Arson fears -

as more blazes break out in Victoria. firebugs suspected Supermarket rage - the wrong queue-jumper killed. the woman who got and this is Ten's Late News. Good evening. I'm Kathryn Robinson Kylie's the new queen of Bollywood. Also tonight -

over executive payouts. But first - the growing fury today - they're taking no action, While politicians are talking tough bigger pay-packets, allowing bosses to score and plunging profits. despite mass sackings for sacked workers - It's the final straw as their numbers increase

on the end of executive salaries. so too do the zeroes They're not thinking about us. about themselves. They're just thinking because of it. There's a lot of anger that's formed We've just had another bombshell that's going on. on top of everything else it shares their anger. The Government says are doing so well And to see that a privileged few

are being retrenched at a time when thousands of workers is, frankly, sickening. Sue Morphett, They include Pacific Brands CEO who axed 1,850 staff this week. In her last year, tripled to $1.8 million. her salary of around $600,000 Telstra's outgoing CEO Sol Trujillo is 10 times that again -

at $20 million. a call centre in Bendigo The Telco's just shut down and along with it, 133 jobs. its moral compass. Corporate Australia has lost how out of touch they are It really demonstrates

of the Australian people with the attitudes to these sorts of pay-outs. is reluctant to intervene. Even so, the Government The Opposition says the power to curb excess. shareholders should be given themselves for a long time. Executives have been over-paying

Association agrees. The Australian Shareholders and their incentives Executives both in their base pay have been getting too much. for average performance. They've been paid

to give her bonus back The union's called on Ms Morphett recent job cuts, in light of the company's but that's unlikely. she's being paid it Her supporters say

Bonds employees that remain. to look after the 7,000 Amber Muir, Ten News. on the job front today. It wasn't all bad news is going on a recruitment drive, Supermarket giant Woolworths hiring thousands over the next year.

The sound of success for Woolies -

today bucking the global doom, the retail giant in full-year profit. unveiling a 10% rise they're looking for staff. Even better news - in the first half, in the second half. and we should be able to do 7,000 Despite the share price falling 6.5%,

is a welcome change - the idea of companies hiring 45,000 retail sector jobs axed. the past six months has seen Unlike Woolies,

a 56% slide in first-half profit, Harvey Norman today turned in the jobs of workers that are set to close. at a dozen retail stores Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. on the reporting front. Well, it was a big week For all the details, by CommSec's Steve Daghlian. I'm joined the different sectors performed? And Steve, how have on the reporting front. Well, it certainly was a big week this week alone. More than 60 companies reported have actually said 34% of companies that have reported their dividend payment. they'll be reducing were probably the best this week, The miners and the energy stocks though we had Bluescope Steel, in the country, the largest steel producer their first-half profit, coming out saying they'd doubled but it was less than expected, actually dropping around 29%. that's why we saw the stock Looking at the financials, from them, really it was a pretty dismal showing a little. and the retailers also struggled and Flight Centre reporting. We had Harvey Norman fell around 57%. Both of their first-half profits trading at such low levels Harvey Norman shares haven't been since around 1998 29% this week alone, and Flight Centre shares have fallen to the weekend. so I'm sure they're looking forward Thanks, Steven. Indeed, as we all are. To the market in detail, and the All Ordinaries finished flat. The global miners were stronger, of the big banks, the NAB was the best

was Gloucester Coal, up 26%. and the star performer

in Victoria today A bushfire that threatened homes might have been started by arsonists. the blaze has now been contained. Thanks to quick action, for tonight at least. it appears the danger has passed, fire attracts an urgent response. Victoria is on high alert and every

Restricted to bushland, on the Mornington Peninsula this grass blaze burned through five hectares, to contain it - 10 crews working quickly authorities taking no chances. The dilemma you have here is when you've got fires happening,

those fires, you can't just worry about new starts. you've got to worry about a small fire. Every large fire was once were closed Hundreds of schools and kindergartens as the State braced for the worst fire conditions

since Black Saturday. We are well prepared, over the weekend we will continue to be prepared and into next week, it takes - and that will be however long at the right level. we will keep the preparation up residents who lost their homes In Bendigo, the Premier met with

three weeks ago. in those devastating bushfires We will help families to rebuild, is to help them with what is a huge cleanup task.

that fireplace. We're going to try and keep

to run the project at cost, Construction company Grocon where possible. using local contractors The family's been touched, we've had holiday homes in the Kinglake area, or Kinglake West area for a long time, and the devastation there is horrific. All properties are expected to be cleared within six months. Angelina Actiomatis, Ten News.

A man who suffered horrific burns in the Black Saturday fires has spoken of his ordeal from his hospital bed. The Gippsland grandfather says it's a miracle he escaped with his life from what he described as an incinerator. William Hill stayed at his Labertouche property on Black Saturday, prepared for a fight. We're sitting up on top of the hill. Bit like fighting Gallipoli - the troops are underneath us

and we're on the hill waiting to shoot them down. Indeed, it was a one-sided battle. What faced me was the biggest fire-ball I've ever seen in my life. The father of five escaped with his life, but suffered severe radiant heat burns. That good bloke upstairs, I think he saved me. His intellectually disabled son rushed him to a nearby relief centre for help. Through falling trees that were alight, logs on the road, veer around them, Thomas, in his condition, was the hero of the day -

there's no question about that.

After three weeks of treatment in the Alfred, Bill goes home on Sunday. so that's been a nice journey - to see them through from the start right through to the end. being treated here at the Alfred. Two of them remain in a critical condition, staff saying it could be several months before all of them are well enough to go home. This robust butcher wants to go home now, to help his family who are again under fire threat. They're staying to defend, but his advice to others is quite different. Grab the few valuables, grab your personal possessions out of the place and leave. like it did the other day, If the fire-ball comes around it's undefendable. Kellie Morgan, Ten News. The world financial crisis is still hurting the global car industry. General Motors America has reported a multibillion-dollar loss, while here in Australia, one city is losing Pretty girls and flash cars - welcome to the Melbourne Motor Show. But behind all the glitz,

the number crunchers have been hard at work as the world economic crisis bites. I don't think the car industry has been through a tougher time ever. Holden today unveiled its new small car offering, against a worrying backdrop General Motors, for its American parent company, announcing a US$9.6 billion fourth quarter loss, sparking protests at its European plants, where workers are worried about their jobs. Well, there's clearly a risk of whether the company can be saved in the long run.

Saving the whole industry now seems the name of the game, with major manufacturers pushing their greener alternatives. It's absolutely critical that if we want to maintain a manufacturing base and car industry we need to move to new technology like a hybrid family car. Even the big motor shows need saving.

They'll now be alternated yearly between Sydney and Melbourne. To do it annually in both cities in the current climate is certainly a challenge. The economic crisis and environmental issues aside, the Melbourne Motor Show is all about dreaming. Imagine snuggling behind the wheel of this $470,000 Bentley Continental. Now, that is dreaming. Drop-tops, concept cars, everything's on offer, from the ultra-luxurious to the budget-conscious. Crash test dummies reminding us not to forget the most important thing - safety. Allan Raskall, Ten News. Still to come - fatal mistake - the innocent shopper killed for being a queue jumper. And - Kylie in Bollywood - what's she's doing for a reported $2 million.

This program is captioned live. Two men have been charged over a sickening attack where a man was savagely attacked on camera. The men have been identified disturbing security vision after police released of the unprovoked assault in an underpass at a Melbourne railway station.

The 23-year-old victim was kicked unconscious then mugged, his attackers stealing his backpack before fleeing. When he tried to get up, he stumbled to the ground. The suspects, aged 21, have been remanded in custody.

A woman has been found guilty of murder over a case of supermarket rage. She encouraged her boyfriend to attack a man she'd accused of jumping the queue. He punched the wrong man, killing him with a single blow. A supermarket security camera filmed the moment Kevin Tripp was killed last June, a single blow to his face knocking him to the floor, his legs just visible at the bottom of the screen. The 57-year-old died at the feet of his attacker, who'd mistaken him for somebody else,

an innocent bystander who left behind a 5-year-old daughter and a devastated partner. This is the right verdict. We've been waiting for this since last year, and now it's come. It's the right one. Antonette Richardson 37-year-old grandmother was found guilty of manslaughter. She'd had an argument with a fellow shopper while queuing for cigarettes, then called her boyfriend to sort it out.

When Tony Virasami arrived, he was confused about who she was pointing out and punched the wrong man. He admitted to manslaughter last year. Today a jury decided that Antonette Richardson was guilty of the same crime. Key to the prosecution case, the testimony of a number of witnesses who claimed after the attack they'd heard her say,

"Let's go and find the other guy,"

continuing to egg her boyfriend on.

I'm just waiting for them to be put away as long as possible. But I know they probably won't get what they deserve. Because in Britain, the sentence for one-punch manslaughter

could be as little as 12 months. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. More bad news for Labor as it strives to hang onto power in Queensland. The so-called Smart State looks likely to have its economic credentials downgraded as the financial crisis continues to bite. While Anna Bligh was busy promising more money for the SES, it was her Treasurer who broke the news that ratings agency Moody's

was putting Queensland's economy under the microscope.

Clearly, in these circumstances they're undertaking a review because of the pressure that our revenues are under. Perfect timing for the LNP, now level-pegging with Labor in the approval polls. As we've got this mountain of debt with no plan to repay it, the Government has mortgaged our future. Anna Bligh was in Rockhampton today and fielding some tough questions... CALLER: Why is the Health Department in such disarray? ..while her opponent was chasing the surfing vote, with Lawrence Springborg promising to fix a ruined Kirra Beach. It's about restoring this beach to its former glory and also making sure that it stays there. Anna Bligh says she will, too. We're just really pleased to see that there's been affirmative action from both parties. The unions have also entered the fray, launching a series of pro-Labor ads, but not using real workers. Because of the turnaround they're actors.

We had to get this out very quickly and I'll have to ask whether they're Queenslanders. I suggest they probably are. Well, the attack ads tell me Labor has nothing to contribute and are going to turn this into an absolute gutter, personal campaign against me. But at least one candidate is taking recycling to a new level, dusting off old campaign signs from the Peter Beattie era for another showing. Tim Collits, Ten News.

Stevie Wonder has been given a special gift by one of his biggest fans. At a concert at the White House, the motown legend was personally thanked by Barack Obama for his music, his lyrics and helping the President fall in love.

Barack, I'm gonna do this for your wife and your children. Here we go. (SINGS) # Isn't she lovely? # Isn't she wonderful? #

As it happens, the Obamas feel the same way about him. Stevie Wonder had been told he was to receive the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize even before Barack Obama won the election. But, by happy coincidence, Stevie means rather a lot to America's first family. (SINGS) # Isn't she lovely? # Made from love #. Just like Michelle, it was Stevie's albums that I found and his songs became the soundtrack of my youth. I think it's fair to say that had I not been a Stevie Wonder fan, Michelle might not have dated me, we might not have married. So the fact that we agreed on Stevie was part of the essence of our courtship. And not just the courtship. # Here I am, signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours. # 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered' was a theme song during Obama's campaign. The American public voted Obama in, but Stevie has claimed credit for helping to create the family in the first place. I'm so excited to know that I was a part of... I needn't say no more. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Nina Nannar, Ten News. Kylie Minogue has become the new Queen of Bollywood. She's arrived in Mumbai to record a song and dance routine for a new movie with one of India's most popular action stars.

The film called 'Blue' is billed as an underwater epic. She'll reportedly pocket more than $2 million in the deal.

Kylie has already recorded a song by the man who penned the music for 'Slumdog Millionaire'. Next, slip, slop, slurp - how coffee can kill skin cancer. And - rent-a-chicken - the new way to beat the credit crunch.

This program is captioned live. On 'Meet the Press', tomorrow morning at 8:00, as job losses mount, Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard: This kind of distressing news, there will be other days on which we hear news like this. And Steve Fielding - the senator who can make the alcopops tax a fizzer. 'Meet the Press' - Sunday at 8:00. a product that fights skin cancer and is bound

It's caffeine - it helps eliminate problem cells by causing them to self-destruct. It's music to the ears of coffee and tea drinkers. Numerous studies have shown those who indulge in caffeine drinks have fewer non-melanoma skin cancers. And now, American scientists have figured out why - it kills the cancer cells in their tracks.

of UVB-light induced injury, If cells die as a result they can't persist , be mutated and go on to develop tumours. So far, scientists have only looked at the impact of caffeine

on cancer cells in the lab. But it's hoped their findings may one day lead to better human protection by adding caffeine to sunscreens. Generally non-lethal forms of skin cancer are so common that the cancer registry doesn't record them,

the most common cancer treatment in Australia. Professor Stewart has written books about cancer prevention and welcomes the latest addition to the list.

Coffee, for example, was once implicated as possibly contributing to cancer risk,

is now being labelled as a preventative agent, so that's pretty good news for once. Coffee lovers have long believed caffeine can cure a hangover but it remains to be seen whether it can also cure cancer. At the very least, it seems a good excuse to have another cup. Thank you. Health experts are keen to stress

But perhaps when you slip, slop and slap. you can now also add a slurp. Amber Muir, Ten News.

One of Britain's most popular TV actresses has died. Wendy Richard, who found fame in 'Are You Being Served' and 'EastEnders', has lost her third battle with cancer at the age of 65. She put everything she had into Pauline Fowler, and for over 20 years this was who she was. Stay away from me, Arthur! Tough but tender-hearted, a woman who'd taken everything life could throw at her, those who knew Wendy Richard say it wasn't far from the truth. Twice before she'd been diagnosed with cancer and twice she'd got the better of it. The third time, it was a battle she couldn't win. But she'd always urged other women to be brave and stand up to the illness. The viewing public has always loved her, and few performers can claim such a long and successful career in times when British entertainment has changed so much. Miss Brahms, you are supposed to be buying, not selling. Some might say no comedy could really be called a classic

unless she'd been in it. Have you an occupation, Miss Parish? Yes, I'm an usherette. That's right, down at the Tivoli Cinema. You know, they're the ones with the torches. Oh. Then you must see a lot of pictures. Oh, yes. I see a lot of other things and all. But, ultimately, she was Pauline Fowler, by royal appointment even. When the Queen came to the 'EastEnders' set it wasn't the first time they'd met - an MBE for her services to television was a recognition for a lifetime on screen, a lifetime now, sadly, at an end. Damon Green, Ten News.

Renting chickens and buying shares in a cow herd are some of the new ways cityslickers are beating It also helps keep the planet healthy.

For those concerned about their budget and the environment, renting chickens is a way to kill two birds with one stone. It's cheaper to feed the chickens than it is to buy the eggs, so it actually works out a pet that's financially positive

rather than a drain on the household. Rentachook is a try-before-you-buy chicken business originally aimed at eco-conscious consumers. For $100 and a deposit, city residents can hire a henhouse for six weeks,

enjoying their own organic egg supply without the long-term commitment. The chicken business has only increased with the credit crunch.

Dave thinks it's because people are trying to find simple ways of saving money and want to stay closer to home. Damien Small bought his coop outright, and gets a dozen eggs every two days. You spend only one hour every two weeks tidying them up, and the mess goes into the compost bin. But you don't need a backyard to have your own farm animal. Herdshare enables consumers to buy a cow online

and get their quota of milk without the middle-man costs. Sharing has also helped David Broadfoot furnish his home for free. He's logged on to the Freecycle Network, where people give away goods they don't want or receive items they need for nothing. I've got quite a few really nice things. I've got a framed print up here, a really nice sofa bed. One of my favourite things I received is three cute budgie birds and a cage. 6 million Freecyclers are now online, so there's plenty more up for grabs. Emily Rice, Ten News. Sports Tonight is next with Neil Cordy.

Neil, the Aussies have continued their fightback

in the first Test in South Africa ?

Yes, Kath. It's debutante Marcus North who's leading the way in an amazing first-up performance under a huge amount of pressure.

That next. Plus the Bombers and Lions go at it in the NAB Cup. And the Waratahs chase the perfect start to the Super 14 season. And Tiger Woods trips up at Tucson.

This program is captioned live. The weather. Patchy cloud over southern WA, South Australia and Victoria near a cool change is triggering isolated showers. and Queensland Clear over most of New South Wales with a ridge of high pressure, just isolated cloud along the east coast. near a tropical low Cloud over northern WA is bringing widespread showers. Milder southwesterly winds over Tasmania and Victoria, reaching central New South Wales. Chance of isolated storms for central New South Wales with a trough. There is a high chance of a cyclone developing off the Pilbara Coast, bringing strong winds and thundery rain. Hot over the south-west with isolated storms. Mostly sunny in Cairns, Sydney, Hobart, Perth, Darwin and Alice Springs. in Brisbane and Adelaide. A possible shower A frosty start to a sunny day in Canberra. And that's the latest from Ten News. Sports Tonight with Neil Cordy is next.

I'm Kathryn Robinson, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.