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(generated from captions) torn apart by a massive explosion. Tonight, a Bondi Junction penthouse This program is captioned live.

It was very scary, was going to be blown up. I did think the building A mother's distress becomes the victim after a second son of Sydney's bikie war. Shocking pictures we breathe of the cancer-causing fumes while filling up the car. And Rebecca Gibney going for gold scoops the Logies nominations. as Seven's hit show with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. We begin with breaking news, and a major power failure and businesses blacked-out has left thousands of homes in the city and eastern suburbs. Lee Jeloscek is in Martin Place. Lee, what impact is this having? are checking several buildings Ian, fire brigade rescue crews across the city, in lifts. where it's feared people are trapped widespread traffic problems The black-out has also caused for people heading home,

out of action. with dozens of traffic signals has also been closed north-bound, The Harbour Tunnel is running low. as its electricity back-up supply has been blacked out, It's estimated a quarter of the city Rose Bay, Surry Hills as well as homes in Paddington, and Randwick. Energy Australia says

The Opera House has just cancelled

two major sub-stations a fault in four cables which supply tonight's programs.

at around 4:30 this afternoon. triggered the shut down to pinpoint where the problem is Its crews are now trying around the affected area. so they can re-route power that will take. It's not known how long throughout the evening. We'll have further updates Ian. for severe burns tonight Two men are being treated in a high-rise apartment building after an explosion at Bondi Junction. Paul Kadak is there. what caused the blast? And, Paul do authorities know Ian, they're still investigating were installing a hot water system but it's believed two men an apartment wall. when the blast blew out shows the sheer force of the blast The gaping hole in the top floor and shook all of Bondi Junction. which blew out walls and windows (SIRENS WAIL) seconds after the explosion. This was Spring Street there was confusion and running. Among the lunchtime crowds, (SIRENS WAIL)

began pouring into the street Fire trucks many of them elderly, as the first residents, were getting out, and they were clearly shaken. and then there was smoke everywhere There was just this massive bang out of the building. and then we all just tried to run

Wayne Baffsky was on the 25th floor. I felt it, I saw it. the air distorted, The walls distorted,

on TV, like you woudl watch on a movie like a pressure wave. had been filming nearby. 'Sunrise' presenter Simon Reeve the most almighty explosion, There was I have ever heard in my life. the loudest thing all sorts of stuff, So, we saw debris, glass, pouring down onto the street. at the building's pool, Ilse had been now covered in rubble. Things come flying, and glass. bricks and big sheets of metal We were lucky it didn't hit us. Everybody move. for us, please. Back up back behind the police tape Please move down, everyone.

was also emptied, The shopping centre downstairs were evacuated from the building. around 1,000 people to those residents While paramedics give first aid who've been evacuated up in the building right now, room-by-room and floor-by-floor dozes of firefighters are searching making sure everyone has got out.

a gas explosion. There appears to have been a small fire. There's significant damage, were seriously injured in the blast, Two workmen to his face, chest, arms and legs. a 22-year-old man suffering burns

to 20% of his body. A 20-year-old had burns on a hot water system. It's believed they were working

It was very scary, was going to be blown up. I did think the building

S you saw, this blast has caused

some very serious structural damage,

authorities say it could be several

days before all the residents are

allowed back in. Police are hoping a Hell's Angel in Sydney's bikie war badly wounded overnight the gunman will help them track down who sprayed him with bullets. is in Lakemba. Reporter Robert Ovadia co-operate? And, Rob, is he likely to Ian, detectives believe he will. last night The bikie gunned down here in the brawl at Sydney Airport. is the brother of the man who died He's stable after surgery before questioning him. police will give him time to recover his younger brother Anthony die, Eight days after watching Peter Zervas cheated his own death. in Sydney's murderous bikie war, Two brothers targeted a mother's two sons.

Peter, Peter, Peter! Where's my baby? (WAILS) on Friday. She had only just buried Anthony Peter, a Hell's Angel, just after 11:30, was ambushed on his driveway up to eight gun shots. Bang, bang, bang, bang. in the right shoulder, abdomen 32-year-old Zervas was hit and ankle.

escorted him to hospital. The riot squad mid-morning. His mother joined him there The mother suffer this time, what we're gunna do. and I don't know after the wild airport brawl Peter Zervas was arrested that killed his brother.

Comancheros, that day. It was Hell's Angels versus a star witness Zervas is potentially who could identify the Comancheros thought to be involved. a lot of earlier tension While the Comancheros will cop for this from Hell's Angels and police, an open mind. investigators are keeping aware in this climate especially They are more than bikie gang altogether this could be the work of another seeking to divide and conquer. Zervas will live, but will he live to tell the tale? Even when shot, bikies don't say much. Do you expect a lot of co-operation from him? Yes. Investigators also want to talk to the driver of a white car who nearly ran the gunman over as he fled. Police will have to use the powers they've got for now - the tough new anti-bikie laws announced by the Government might not be ready until June. Ah, potentially, but I want them in place as quickly as possible not withstanding

Those new laws can not come quick

enough, Hell's Angels will be fuming

after consecutive attacks on the

brothers, they will be looking to respond, Ian. Police have been given until Wednesday to produce more evidence against one of five Comanchero bikies in custody over the Sydney Airport brawl. Prosecutors have promised statements from 50 witnesses but lawyers for Christian Menzies say the case is dragging on too long. This bail application still lacks one basic requirement - nobody says that he did anything. Prosecutors say they have video of the men getting off their flight from Melbourne. Today, Qantas also said the brawl was caught on camera. I am telling you that the fight and the aftermath were recorded by cameras. The airline won't say how clear the images are or whether they identify the perpetrators. Striking Qantas ground staff are back at work tonight after causing extensive disruptions at airports around the country. In Sydney, flights were cancelled and passengers left without luggage. Workers are angry over plans to outsource security jobs. Yeah! They blocked traffic and left planes stranded on the tarmac. Qantas workers condemning plans to outsource their jobs, confronted by other workers trying to do theirs. We're just conveying passengers to and from the airport, and you're blocking us.

Well, we don't want to inconvenience you, mate but we're the ones working on the security threat. Protestors claim airline security will be put at risk by Qantas hiring contractors without adequate ASIO checks. Staff that are being treated like canaries down a mine shaft, being told to go out and check for bombs, bio or chemical bombs as a baggage handler. Safety concerns highlighted by the recent bikie brawl at Sydney Airport. Its not just about security, it's job security too, with unions claiming Qantas plans to cut pay rate by up to $300 a week. Inside the terminal baggage piled-up in front of check-in. Qantas managers were behind trolleys. And big delays. Planes are going two hours late, at least. Arriving passengers got fed-up waiting. There's no time frame specified, so we've just left our bags and going home. Some domestic flights left without baggage, others were cancelled.

In Perth, passengers were locked out of the terminal. There were long waits in terminals across the country. Supposed to be somewhere a couple of hours ago, yeah, still waiting. Qantas has denied a security risk and threatened to sue. We make no apologies whatsoever for taking a hard line on unauthorised industrial action.

A Rebels bikie gang member shot dead last Tuesday has been farewelled at a packed funeral in Canberra.

The coffin of Richard Roberts, known as 'Rebel Rick', was escorted through the streets of the nation's capital by around 300 bikie mates before being cremated. Up to 1,000 mourners from around Australia attended, and police say today's send-off was trouble free. Sydney drivers are being warned they risk contracting leukaemia with petrol. every time they fill up their cars The State Government is aware of the dangers of poisonous benzene fumes,

but safety regulations are years away from being enforced. Petrol fumes are something you smell but can barely see. Now these pictures reveal exactly how refuelling can harm your health as much as your hip-pocket. We're using a special camera to spot the toxic gas benzene which causes leukaemia. NSW Government documents state: Since benzene is known to cause cancer the public health principle of stopping exposure to it applies. Which is why in 2007 then-science minister Verity Firth announced petrol stations would have to install equipment which draws the fumes back into the nozzle. They've used them in parts of the US since 1972. But here regulations are yet to be set and would only take full-effect by the year 2017.

REPORTER: Are people safe when they're standing at the bowser fuelling their cars? Well, of course people shouldn't be breathing in petrol fumes. The trouble for the State Government is that making petrol stations safe will cost operators money. That could lead to a rise in the price of petrol, which would then be blamed on the Government. there's no safe level of exposure. This Government said it would act to protect motorists, this Government has failed. Generally speaking,

standing a safe distance from a petrol outlet is a desirable practice. Channel Seven drama 'Packed to the Rafters' is just that when it comes to nominations for this year's Logie Awards. The show has 11, out-gunning its fierce rival, 'Underbelly'

and putting Rebecca Gibney in the running for the gold. They're now officially TV's first family.

After only one season, has scored Logie nominations 'Packed to the Rafters' has scored Logie nominations in all the top categories, including Rebecca Gibney, up for the Gold Logie. It's a lovely thing to be nominated for gold,

but I really do share it with everyone here. But she won't actually let us borrow it, I'm sure. It'll go in the green room if it happens. Alright, I'll hold you to that. Erik Thompson has been nominated for Most Popular Actor. And they're used to sibling rivalry on the show,

but Jessica Marias and Hugh Sheridan are now competing against each other for Most Outstanding New Talent. As you can imagine, it's completely flipped on its head. Rebecca Gibney says the writers and creators who brought the Rafter family together here deserve the credit for the show's 11 nominations. Well...most of it, anyway. I think the kudos goes to them.

And a little bit to us. (BOTH LAUGH) Former 'Home & Away' actress Kate Ritchie is going for the hat trick in the gold category. Comedians Andrew Denton, Adam Hills and Rove are also nominated, as is 'Neighbours' stalwart Ian Smith. Seven News has been nominated for coverage of the Brisbane storms and a special investigation into sweat shops operated by Nike contractors. 'Underbelly' received nine nominations, but it's 'Packed to the Rafters' that will be gunning for the most gongs. Still to come, how much the Government is going to spend to fix our public hospitals. Also, the little girl Madonna is back in Africa trying to adopt. And Aussie actor Hugh Jackman gets himself into a big mess. (SCREAMS)

WOMAN: (ON TELEPHONE) Welcome to AAMI. MAN: Oh, hello, AAMI. Oh, hi! AAMI. I've had an accident. I'm on the freeway. Big black birds. They just sort of LANDED on me. They've damaged my van. Beady, beady eyes. (HONKS) I think they love my car. VOICEOVER: Some things are hard to explain. Global warming. Exactly. Yeah. At AAMI, you'll always speak to a real person. Am I covered for something like that? SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. # WOMAN: (ON PHONE) Shoo! Shoo!

Almost all recommendations will be implemented following an inquiry into the State's hospitals. The Government has set aside $485 million over four years to do it. A third will be spent on new clinical support officers, who'll take over paperwork. We're getting senior nurses and midwives out of offices and away from paperwork back to the frontline where their skills and experience can make the most difference. Emergency departments will get extra nurses. There'll be additional specialists in outer metropolitan hospitals, and more patients will be treated at home.

Kevin Rudd has told a British television audience it's inevitable that Australia will cut ties with the monarchy and become a republic. The Prime Minister hopes to gain popular support for that view as his personal popularity hits record highs. This curious box among Kevin Rudd's London luggage is a defibrillator used on heart attack victims. No need for it today, though, despite a heart-stopping poll showing Mr Rudd's popularity leaping to 74%. Just 1-point short of Bob Hawke's 1984 record as our most popular prime minister ever. While Malcolm Turnbull's unpopularity is now higher than his popularity. My focus is on the government, on holding this Government to account. And with his Government under fire at home Kevin Rudd seemed to catch the China Syndrome today, appearing most uncomfortable to be seated alongside China's UK ambassador during a group interview at the BBC. Mr Rudd's staff asked that he be moved next to his friend and British Foreign Secretary, David Miliband,

But the BBC said no. As Mr Rudd played down expectations of a big breakthrough at this week's G20 conference. You're never going to get a perfect outcome in these circumstances, it's a political process. It's something of a tradition for visiting Australian prime ministers here to be asked about the republic, and Kevin Rudd's answer today left the British in no doubt. Her Majesty is well loved in Australia, and Australia will become a republic. Just not right away. in the African country, Malawi Pop star Madonna has arrived where she's expected to sign papers named Mercy. to adopt a four-year old girl her 12-year-old daughter, Lourdes. She's there with reservations about it, seriously? Can you expect people's of their business. No, it's none child from Malawi. Mercy would be Madonna's second She adopted David Banda last year. They should've seen it coming, and Sandra Bullock but actors Hugh Jackman did a good job of looking surprised

at the Nickelodeon TV awards. when they were slimed at the children's network. Getting slimed is an honour had the last laugh But the Australian star on the studio audience. when the sludge machine was turned Time for sport with Alex Cullen in strife for bad behaviour. and there are more NRL players are in trouble, Ian, Bulldogs and Roosters players including Willie Mason.

The details next.

Plus all clear for Trent Barrett team-mate. and relief for his young Sharks last night so... Yeah, I couldn't really sleep And look who's back - for the US Masters. and Tiger's just in time Done at Bay Hill!

Nate Myles are the latest players Roosters stars Willie Mason and rugby league's crackdown on alcohol. to be caught out in for Friday's game against the Eels Both have been dropped

they hit the drink yesterday. after admitting a no-no for the Roosters, Drinking the day before training's even if you are at home, owned up, so when Willie Mason and Nate Myles they paid the price. so they let down their mates. Yeah, well, they let down the code, Exactly. they'll be shown the door. But the club denies suggestions Mate, I don't hold grudges, they will bounce back and the players will come back, if they want to be here - which I know they both do, and we will get on with it. young guns Ben Barba and Jamal Idris The Bulldogs are also investigating at Wentworthville Leagues club after a fight between the pair on Saturday night left Barba with a bloodied nose.

They play the Sharks this week Reni Maitua and Corey Hughes. where they'll face former team-mates to Sunday, you know. And I'm really looking forward about it. I've already spoken to Reni

the most liked person in Sydney Yeah, I probably won't be at Homebush on Sunday. Trent Barrett, They'll have to do it without rookie team-mate Blake Ferguson. who injured his neck when he struck Yeah, I couldn't sleep last night. of serious injury. Tests cleared him a bit sick and sorry. He's feeling pretty good - it was one of those nuroplaxis Looks as though where he just squashed the nerve. in the next few weeks. We're hoping he'll be back this week Halfback Brett Seymour is due back from a 2-game ban for drunkenness. remains in an induced coma ACT Brumbies forward Shawn Mackay in South Africa, being hi by a car with injuries suffered after on Sunday morning. outside a Durban nightclub with team-mates The Clovelly junior was after making his Super 14 debut. He was hit just after 4am. a broken neck and badly broken leg. Mackay has facial fractures, in a critical but stable condition. The former Australian 7s captain is to be with him in Durban. Mackay's parents have flown Twenty20 series in South Africa 2-0. Australia has lost its by 17 runs at Centurion, The Proteas won the second game Roelof van der Merwe. led by first-gamer South Africa made a flying start - out of the ground. Herschelle Gibbs hit Nathan Bracken belief. Van der Merwe's hitting defied it's gone over point. COMMENTATOR: He's hit it so well This is quite remarkable. Australia's batsmen struggled, Needing 157 to win, with Ricky Ponting out for 1. defeat on the tour. It's the Aussies third straight on Friday. They begin a 5-match 1-day series questioned the safety Race winner Jenson Button has Melbourne Grand Prix. of the new twilight Rubens Barrichello went 1-2 Button and Braun-Mercedes' team-mate for the new team. blew second and third places, Sebastien Vettel and Robert Kubica with three laps to go. taking each other out and the setting sun Button claimed shadows to see where he was going. made it almost impossible so easy to put a wheel wrong It was so, so difficult, on the most difficult corners. and the problem was it was almost Mark Webber finished 13th. just in time for the US Masters Tiger Woods is back in the groove comeback with a spectacular 5-shot

in Florida. at the Arnold Palmer Invitational Tiger needed this putt to win at 18.

on the 72nd hole. Done at Bay Hill recovering from knee surgery. It's Woods' first win since Tiger is back!

Thank you, Alex Checking finance now its biggest fall in four weeks and the share market has suffered 68 points, or almost 2%. with the ASX200 closing down Sara's next with the weather. from those clouds moving in, Sara? And can we expect much rain has fallen so far, Ian, only a few millimetres a wet week. but Sydney's still in for All the details after the break.



of the sunshine this morning, I hope you made the most over Sydney. because cloudy skies have settled from the coast Those showers started to drift in after 4:00 this afternoon, so far bringing falls of 1mm to 2mm. and along the southern beaches. Tops reached 25 at Parramatta 27 at Penrith and Liverpool. over the northeast corner, Right now we've got heavy rain

with falls approaching 100mm. for flash flooding. The Bureau has issued warnings there is going to deepen and move south, The low driving the rain

north of the Hunter. bringing moderate to heavy falls we can expect the southern edge In Sydney, to bring increasing showers. of that system On the waters:

will bring a warm evening, Cloud and high humidity towards the end of the day. with a few showers becoming heavier a few degrees below average, Top temperatures will be 23 or 24 in most areas. 17 in the mountains. The wet weather is here to stay,

with rain periods expected on Wednesday, 23. Showers on Thursday and Friday, easing to a mostly fine weekend. Now updating the power blackout in the city and eastern suburbs,

Energy Australia says it could be several hours before electricity is fully restored. It's believed people remain trapped in lifts, with parademics standing by to treat them. The Harbour Tunnel and Eastern Distributor are closed, and traffic lights are out. The outage is affecting suburbs from Rose Bay to Randwick, and a quarter of the CBD.

And that's Seven News to now, but we keep you updated on the blackout throughout the evening. I'm Ian Ross, thanks for your company. Goodnight. This man is a mathematical genius and claims he's turned $500 into $1 million by playing the poker machines and he's set up a pokies school to show players why they're doing it all wrong. Today Tonight's Logie nominee James Thomas with all the shock announcements for what was TVs biggest night, but is it still? One dress, 15 styles - the world's best dress now in Australia.

First to the Supermum. She's 36 years old, she's spent half her life pregnant and has 15 children - all with her high school sweetheart. But now, some of their children have been taken away because there's no house big enough to keep them together. Lynda Kinkade has the story. Hi. I'm Kelly and I'm 8.

I'm Jzaine. My name is Kincaid and I am 11.

Hey, I'm Kyle. My name is Mackenzie. I'm Tyson, I'm 19 years old. One couple, 15 kids. The Cochranes could be Australia's biggest family. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. From bedtime to bath time, to lunches to washing... When they were all home the washing machine will be going 24/7. ..and shopping. Every task is a production line. (ALL CHEER) How do you manage from day to day? That's it - day to day. We have to have a routine, otherwise, everything goes pear-shaped.