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Me too. SONG: # Hold on tight # It's alright... # Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. flies out for crisis talks Tonight, Prime Minister Rudd

as our share market plummets. The deal is sealed - St George and Westpac gets the nod. emotions boil over as the merger of job losses and less service. And it's time to party - finish their HSC exams. thousands of students I can't believe it's over.

Good evening. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. as retailers feel the pinch. Also, bargains for consumers

as melanoma rates soar. And a new cancer warning for men But heading the news at 5:00, billions more dollars have been wiped

Australian share market. from the struggling It's plunged to a 4-year low on Wall Street. following a sharp dive

is at the stock exchange. Ten reporter Frank Coletta in the end? Frank, how did the market fare

It was a slippery the slide at the

start and we end half an hour 150.,

which equates to more than 4%. They predicted

predicted a bloodbath and it is a

sea of red an hour after closing.

211 points down at which is more

than a 5% of as we reacted to the

global slide. It has been a

turbulent few months but what

sparked the new dive? Hayfork year

while but what sparked it was fears of a recession in Europe

of a recession in Europe but

investors have been spooked by the

the bail out packages in the USA and

the trillion dollars it will be

spent. There is confusion as to

where the money will go. Originally

it was for the nine biggest banks

and today the announcement was

the there will be others, none banks in

the financial services can put

their hand up for that money and

investors are not happy that 2000

companies could be getting their

hands on that money. An interesting

sidelight to the gloomy news is

good news for the petrol price.

While we same commodity soft in

prices recently the Australian

63 dollar as a result trimmed down to

63 US cents and the world price is

now at a 20-month low and it means

they could be an improvement. Crude

oil is off 40% of what it was a few

months ago and we could see the

price dropped to about $1 a litre.

We finish with some positive news

the full and don't forget later on we have

report. the full details in the Finance

is on his way And Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of world leaders in Washington, to attend an emergency summit crisis is deepening. amid signs the global financial A reality check for world leaders of the economic crisis. flying into the heart Job hunters queue in New York - 45,000 finance market workers have been shed

in the past two months.

in business administrations I'm looking for something there's nothing around where I'm at. 'cause right now, Retailers are seeing trade plummet their wallets slammed shut. as customers stay home, over the next couple of weeks The worry is because going forward reporting we will have additional retailers that the implication is that maybe things are worse than anticipated.

Kevin Rudd takes heart from the fact summit in Washington realise the 20 nations attending the weekend

has arrived. the time for urgent global action Because we're all in this together in the world and I think all the governments have finally woken up to that fact. The PM says a consensus is emerging, their economies that governments must stimulate for the way business is done. and implement new rules And he's not sounding very confident a budget deficit. Australia can avoid tougher and tougher and tougher But it's going to be

get worse and worse and worse. as global conditions he is leaving behind him The Prime Minister is confident phone conversation with George Bush. the controversy over his leaked The Opposition insists with the US President. he's damaged Australia's reputation

to the US President Will he apologise during his G20 visit to Washington? No, he won't, with US relations claiming it hasn't interfered

Condoleezza Rice phoning him today. or stopping Secretary of State A perfectly normal conversation that we're attending to. about other matters international government, goes on. The business of government,

into the phone leak failed A move for a Senate inquiry refused to to back it. when Senator Xenophon and the Greens what G20 was? On what? Whether George Bush knew Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

will go ahead in two weeks. The merger of Westpac and St George

overwhelmingly for the move, St George shareholders have voted was not without some fireworks. although their meeting

specifically to vote This was a meeting called on the $16 billion merger. In the end, it was just a formality - most St George shareholders - financial meltdown - spooked by the recent global

sought security.

will be the strength The only thing that will save us I say there's no choice whatsoever. many who were not happy dragons, Inside the meeting though,

to the belly of the board, but those wanting to apply a flame would lose its identity and culture. fearing their beloved small bank They sold us down the drain. they're dictators. They're not directors, between a bride and groom in heaven. This is not going to be a marriage Far from it. and investors We smaller St George shareholders

and shackled are going to be chained ugly, unpleasant gorilla, to the big 1,000-pound, known as Westpac. many staff are concerned about jobs. Among the 900 here, Even the chairman conceded there would be losses -

the union fears it will be 5,000. a marriage of convenience - It's not a merger, it's not even it is a takeover. not move to the new merged bank - One person who's indicated he'll

CEO Paul Fegan, that it was inevitable Shareholders were told would one day be taken over that St George by one of the larger banks. Also weighing on their minds, advice that the share price would fall substantially if the merger didn't go though. Most heeded the advice - just 5% of shareholders voted against the deal. 94% was a very strong endorsement of the board's proposal.

For another big bank, talk of tough times - the Commonwealth trying to ease the fears of share holders.

The bin comparison with some of our

competitors were not doing too badly. Embattled Premier Nathan Rees is facing yet another crisis. The minister he's just dumped - Tony Stewart - refuses to go quietly,

making some stunning allegations of his own. He was sacked as a minister after claims he verbally abused one of his female staff but Tony Stewart has taken to the airwaves

with his very own accusation. I have my suspicions about a political conspiracy that is now emerging. He denies the conversation with his former staffer Tina Sanger was inappropriate, and that he didn't touch her leg. Instead, he's dumped a bucket load on his boss Premier Nathan Rees,

ago, not as an admission of guilt, saying he offered to resign two weeks but to prevent more damage to his already tarnished party. I think he made the wrong decision, I'm terribly disappointed in the decision that he made and the way he did it. At best, it demonstrates he's got no standards, at worst, it highlights his genuine incompetence.

ony Stewart spent today consulting lawyers to seek a judicial review. I intend to take action in a number of areas to protect not only my name, but my father's name. But it's his political family that's sustained the most damage. While some of Tony Stewart's colleagues have jumped to his defence there's a growing list of other MPs who believe he should have never been made a minister in the first place. It's another wound for an already divided Labor Party where the whispers about the scandal are almost louder than the unflattering post-budget headlines. The jury in one of Sydney's most high-profile murder cases has retired to consider its verdict. After more than nine weeks of evidence, and over 100 witnesses, the 12 jurors must now determine if Gordon Wood murdered his then girlfriend Caroline Byrne. 24-year-old Caroline Byrne's body was found at the bottom of the Gap in 1995. but Wood wasn't charged with her murder until 2006. It's alleged he murdered her because she knew too much and wanted to break up with him. has officially wrapped up, This year's HSC as 13 years of schooling comes to an end for thousands of students. The partying has only just begun, as teenagers wait an agonising month for their results. For so many students, the last day of HSC exams couldn't come soon enough.

Students at Mosman High

were among hundreds who walked free from their last exam,

bringing their education to an end, for now.

How do you feel? Relief, freedom. was being able to stay determined and say, "I'm going to study, I'm not going out, "I'm not going to enjoy myself." for the last time today, While an unlucky few put pen to paper

their colleagues were thinking of them, even if it was only a little. I feel sorry for them 'cause it's stressful and it takes a lot out of you. As they dive into the next phase of their lives - university, jobs or travel - to reconsider their plans. I guess it's something to worry about, but, I mean, for the time being it should be right. at the moment, I've currently got a job so it's not too bad for me at the moment.

For me it's the opposite - I'm still trying to look for part-time work. In any sort of difficult economic circumstances, of course getting as much education and training as you can is always good. Those who've already forgotten about their exams last week had this advice for those who just finished. Go out and have fun, relax don't worry about anything. Don't think about anything - just go out there and party. That is until they get their results on December 17. Evan Batten, Ten News. In sport with Brad McEwan, a Socceroo is remaining positive despite serious health concerns. Veteran defender Craig Moore hopes to be back on the field just a fortnight after undergoing surgery for testicular cancer. Moore continued playing only days after he was diagnosed. Roar players were still in shock this morning, after learning of their skipper's illness. He's in pretty good spirits, to be honest. He's a very inpatient person and he's a bit bored at the moment. Moore was diagnosed with cancer last Thursday, but remarkably chose to join his team-mates against Melbourne, just three days later. Before the game, you wouldn't have noticed or thought anything was wrong. He was the same personality in the room, and I thought he had a wonderful game again. He underwent surgery on Tuesday, and will meet again with doctors tomorrow. The good news - testicular cancer has the highest 5-year survival rate of any cancer. Men should be looking for anything that's unusual to them. So being very aware of what's normal for them in terms of their body and change, we'd encourage people to see their doctor. Moore wants to return to the playing field in just two weeks. He only has to look to Lance Armstrong for inspiration. from testicular cancer The American recovered to win seven consecutive Tour de France titles. The Roar now plan to raise public awareness. Across codes, Lions duo Jamie Charman and Daniel Merrett were right behind Moore. They're growing their mo for Movember.

It's something silly, but it creates awareness. To create awareness is always a good thing for men's health, Jonathan Williams, Ten News.

And it may not look much at the moment, but these paddocks are in fact a field of dreams for one NSW sporting body with $40 million to spend. Also ahead, the Australian cricket squad for the first Test against new Zealand has been announced, and there's a notable inclusion. Tunnelling for the desalination plant becomes a nightmare for the inner west - details next. Plus, bandits use explosive tactics to snatch an ATM.

And are they tempting fate? Men urged to keep their clothes on to save lives.

This program is captioned live. A nightmare for residents and businesses in Alexandria, as a pipeline for the desalination plant is pushed through their neighborhood. They claim noise and road closures are making life a misery. Maddox Street was closed to traffic on Monday. Locals are now faced with up to a year of construction noise, dust and disruption.

My biggest concern is they want to work 24 hours a day with a very big hole out here in the road, heavily floodlit, which is going to interfere with people trying to sleep at night. The Water Board in the middle of Maddox Street, and two machines will begin boring tunnels to carry water from the desalination plant at Kurnell. Stephen Jones is already considering applying for compensation despite Sydney's shortage of rental properties,

2 of his 15 units can't be leased because of concerns about noise.

We thought it had been leased a couple of times and then they found out what was going on and they walk away.

The Water Board says it will consider any claims for compensation and will limit night work as far as possible. The tunnel boring machine will be roughly 10 metres below the surface, Therefore, we don't believe the vibrations

some people may notice it, the majority will not.

But auto electrician John Rossi is noticing business has fallen off since the road closed because potential customers are no longer driving past.

If it keeps going like this, I've got four people - there's four of us here working - I mean, you know, I'll have to make somebody redundant or something. But there will be plenty of trucks here,

removing soil and rock excavated from the tunnels. A Sydney credit union has been blown apart in an explosive ATM robbery. The pre-dawn blast demolished a brick wall

and left the front of a small North Ryde shopping centre covered in debris. It's believed thieves escaped with thousands of dollars in the raid. Police think gas cylinders might have been used in the blast, the latest in a series of such ATM attacks across Sydney this year.

If you witness a breaking story and would like to see your pictures on Ten News, email them to: We're interested in both photos and video. A tough new campaign has been launched to save the lives of young men. It's urging them to keep their clothes on. It's one of the most dangerous things young men do - take their shirt off in the midday sun and apply no protection.

We know melanoma accounts for a third of all cancers in young people. We know it is a statistic we can change by changing behaviour. There's been a 19% increase in melanoma cases in men in the past 10 years. Authorities say too few are heeding the sun-safe message. It's just that it's hot - it's not that I like it or not, but I do put sunscreen on. A shock ad campaign begins airing this Sunday encouraging men to cover up. Last year similar ads targeting young women saw pro-tan attitudes drop by 6%. But there's still a long way to go.

New figures from the NSW Cancer Institute show 1 in 14 men and 1 in 23 women will develop the potential killer by the time they're 85. We are way ahead, unfortunately, the rest of the world in this race and we don't want to be. Something like four times incidents of North American and Europe - it's the Australian disease. Even those promoting slip, slop, slap today admitted the message was hard to drive home. There's a touch of irony about this story at the moment -

my back is very red. I had a poor incident at the weekend, I've learnt hard way I have to cover up this time of the year. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. The

The sunglasses Arona and short

sleeves. A glorious afternoon with

the north-east at breeze piping

down. I have found this little

corner here. Tomorrow it will be 28

degrees in the city and 34 at

Richmond and then a late storm. It

will be unsettled and then a big cuckoo on the

cuckoo on the weekend with the

Suffolk be a southerly change and a

glorious one coming tomorrow. The ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock is next.

Also, tough times force retailers to temporarily slash their prices. And they fooled almost everyone! Pranksters publish more than 1 million fake newspapers.

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But I interject the trafficker and

delight of course interchange.

There is a multi- car There is a multi- car accident.

Traffic going west on the M4. It

slowly starting to go back further to to Greystones and the

to Greystones and the prospect.

Those are usually take the M4 this

is what they'll be going through as

far back as Parramatta. This saved

for car smash in the M2 tunnel. There are some words of comfort tonight from Holden bosses. They've promised to be around forever, even as their parent company, GMH, faces collapse in the United States.

Speculation of a Chinese takeover has also been dismissed. With Holden's parent company losing a billion dollars a month, the new boss at the Elizabeth plant is surprisingly upbeat.

We're planning to be here forever. General Motors has revealed cash reserves could run dry by next year, fuelling fears of a collapse. I feel very confident that our company is taking the right steps in Detroit,

from a financial perspective,

to make sure we have a sustainable company globally

and certainly a sustainable company here in Australia. All three major US car companies are burdened by crippling debt and plummeting sales putting at risk potentially millions of jobs. I would find it extraordinary that under those circumstances that the US Government would allow General Motors to fall over. Speculation Holden could end up in the hands of General Motor's Chinese partner, the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, was roundly rejected

by senior management at Elizabeth and the federal minister. I have not heard of any - any - proposals anywhere, and we had quite lengthy conversations with the company about any attempt to actually change the ownership structure of the company here. Crucial to the future, the development of so-called eco-friendly cars $1.3 billion incentive scheme, using the Federal Government's Holden already well advanced. I think we're years away... or we're very close. Now to the ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock. Jacqui, the Federal Government has stepped up its fight

to stamp out short shelling on the share market? It has, Ron, by today introducing an act to ban naked short selling permanently to protect our financial markets. Here's the Minister for Superannuation, Nick Sherry.

The Short Selling Bill which is being finalised will be introduced into the House of Representatives today. As I've indicated, in the current global financial crisis, there has been a need to take decisive action, particularly where we've seen some trading practices

that involve manipulation or abuses. And for the first time credit agencies have been ordered to disclose their ratings processes annually to the Government. on the local market. As we've heard, it was a dismal day At the closing bell the All Ords was down almost 5%. St George Bank had a spectacular tumble, down more than 9%.

The CommBank wasn't far behind, down almost 6%. And another gloomy day on the markets

spells more bad news for our retailers. They're already doing it tough in the lead-up to Christmas. rang through retailers' tills $2.5 billion in the Christmas-shopping crush last year. 12 months on and the consumer spending slowdown has forced them to slash their prices to get stock moving. We'll be having everything at half price, everything at half price - we can't afford to do much else. There's a lot of things that are 50% off, which is an excellent bargain for people.

It's toughest on small business as bigger margins mean the major department stores are better positioned to discount heavily. But we warned - these prices can't last. Retailers will be forced to hike up prices in the new year as a depreciating Australian dollar makes importing goods all the more expensive. Importers of fashion apparel will be hardest hit. So you're looking at the next season everything to be pretty much 20%-30% more expensive than previous seasons. For shoppers, it's another blow for the family budget. Your average family spends about $1,800 a year on the clothing and footwear. If things got the way they look like they will with the Australian dollar, that could mean hundreds of dollars extra.

The experts believe there's an emotional element to Christmas shopping and consumers may yet throw financial caution to the wind. It's going to be the January and February sales that are going to give us a real message about how consumers are feeling about the stimulus package and those interest rate cuts. This season, the Christmas message for shoppers is clear. Shop now before things get more expensive, absolutely. Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. An obsessed fan has been found dead outside Paula Abdul's home in Los Angeles. Rejected 'American Idol' contestant Paula Goodspeed died in her car of a suspected drug overdose. She was mocked by Paula Abdul and the other 'Idol' judges when she tried out for the reality show in 2006. I'm, like, a really big fan and I make life-size drawings of Paula. I've been drawing her ever since I was a little kid.

Police found pictures of Paula Abdul in the stalker's car. The singer wasn't at home. She released a statement saying she's deeply shocked and saddened. A grandmother has given birth to her daughter's triplets. The 56-year-old offered to be a surrogate for her daughter and son-in-law while they were waiting to adopt. Doctors used IVF to implant the couple's embryos and the grandmother gave birth to her granddaughters by caesarean

last month. The babies were two months premature. I saw how badly they wanted children of their own together. She's my mother! I mean, I love her more than anything, and then she's giving birth to our children and we waited so long for this. And just for it to come full circle was incredible. but couldn't carry another child because she'd had a hysterectomy. An American newspaper has declared the Iraq war is over. Unfortunately, it's just a hoax. Political activists in New York handed out more than a million fake copies of the 'New York Times' with a front-page headline saying "Iraq war ends". The special edition is dated July 4, 2009. The pranksters behind the elaborate stunt

have been a identified as a liberal group called the Yes Men. They also produced a fake online version of the paper. Still to come, simple treatment that clears clogged arteries. Also, look who's turning 60 - his mum is as proud as punch. And flaunting it - one of the world's most outrageous beauty contests.

Thanks, Australia. If I had $2 million, I would spend it on ice-cream. Ice-cream. Millions of heaps of ice-cream. KYLE: Help McDonald's raise $2 million to help out seriously ill children and the families who support them. This Saturday is McHappy Day, when $1 from every Big Mac sold will go directly to Ronald McDonald House Charities and help spread some happiness to kids and families facing difficult times.

Help us

by dropping in to McDonald's on McHappy Day. At ActewAGL, we proudly employ more than 80 graduates, trainees and apprentices. Because tomorrow it will be their big ideas

that will help us all power ahead.

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This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories - the partying is only just beginning for thousands of HSC students. They've completed their final exams, expressing relief that the stressful experience is over. The merger of Westpac and St George will go ahead in two weeks. St George shareholders have voted overwhelmingly in favour of the move in spite of some very vigorous argument from dissenters.

And Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is on his way to Washington, DC, for a meeting of world leaders. They'll spend this weekend trying to find solutions to the global financial crisis. Our share market dropped today to its lowest level in four years. An Australian medical breakthrough is turning around the lives of heart attack victims. The technique involves injections of so-called good cholesterol. Louis Gaist's active lifestyle came to an abrupt halt more than a decade ago. when he suffered a heart attack And all of a sudden it was like a Kenworth with 50 tonne on its back hit me in the chest. The 77-year-old was one of the first cardiac patients to sign up to the Alfred Hospital's trial program. So-called good cholesterol is administered intravenously in one 4-hour session. That's how strong I felt, which I never felt for years.

This is an angiogram image of a heart attack, the dark X-ray fluid unable to travel through the artery because of a blockage. Combined with other dietary measures to reduce bad cholesterol, the good cholesterol doesn't narrow the plaque, but changes its make-up. We reduce the amount of fat, of inflammation and oxidation, making the plaque what we call more stable, or less likely to lead to heart attacks and strokes. Blood then flows through arteries freely, the chance of obstruction greatly reduced. Doctors say the treatment will help those who've suffered a heart attack avoid subsequent episodes. Those at high risk of cardiac disease

may avoid having a heart attack together. The world-first trial also alleviating other ailments.

These were patients who had problems with their legs - pain due to blockages. Obviously by unblocking the leg arteries, their pain in their leg has improved. Ben Lewis, Ten News.

The Queen has given rare public praise to Prince Charles ahead of his 60th birthday. She's made the speech during a visit to the Prince's Trust charity

with the Duke of Edinburgh. As the Prince of Wales, our son, approaches his own 60th birthday, may I say that we are both enormously proud. For Prince Philip and me there can be no greater pleasure or comfort than to know that into his care are safely entrusted

the guiding principles of public service and duty to others. Prince Charles turns 60 on Friday and the Queen is hosting a dinner for him at Buckingham Palace. But he started the party early with comedian Robin Williams at a fund-raising gala.

The to check the weather again and

I'm very jealous of you tonight. On

within touching distance of

beautiful sand and clear up harbour

water and urine touching distance

of Ronald Wilson. Tomorrow there is

a late the storm coming her. This is

This is the irony of television. Mr

Wilson with a story about the best

bums in the world. Not funny. The world's best bottoms have been revealed. The cheeky competition in Paris was organised by an underwear company. There were two entrants from down-under but Gold Coast beauty Amanda Ainsley couldn't match the backside of the 20-year-old Brazilian who won the most beautiful female bottom. The judges decided the most beautiful male bum belonged to a 27-year-old French man. The winners strut away with a modelling contract, $30,000 and insurance for their most valuable assets.

Brad's back with sport, and it's Andrew Symonds to the rescue. He's been rushed straight back into the Test squad to play New Zealand

but does he have the form? And NSW's youngest-ever fast bowler knocks over a couple of Kiwis. Also, the Fijians praying for victory against the World Cup favourites. And the 15-year-old golfer teeing off against the pros.

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This program is captioned live.

All-rounder Andrew Symonds has taken his first step towards Australian redemption after being named in a 13-man squad for the upcoming Test series against New Zealand. Cameron White was the only omission from the failed series in India, a tour which has left two big names in serious doubt with illness.

A new series and another chance for Andrew Symonds, back in Aussie contention the all-rounder after addressing his well-documented commitment issues. I'm very happy. It's a great feeling to be re-selected, back in this side so I'm looking forward to it. His form, though, is scratchy at best. Symonds has scored

just 80 first-class runs for the Bulls this summer

at an alarming average of 13.3. Just selecting a great player -

we don't think he had anything to prove. He would have liked to have got more runs, I would have liked him to get more runs, but he doesn't need to prove it. and if he does, He's gotta get back in I'm sure he'll seize it. with an Indian illness And he may just get that chance still lingering with Michael Clarke. He's been ruled out of tomorrow's All star Twenty20 match

and remains in doubt for the Test series. While question marks hang over Brett Lee who's been to hospital for blood tests. Brett seemed to be fine, with him today spent a couple of hours but there doesn't seem to be any issues. No illness for Ricky Ponting. He's just sick of the criticism for the way he handled the 4th Test. His family produced a rare smile at the launch of his latest Captain's Dairy. A season of Tests, turmoil and Twenty20

that now warrants a hasty post script. I'm actually thinking of keeping the title for next year as well. And a solid debut for 17-year-old NSW rookie Josh Hazelwood in New Zealand's warm up match. in New Zealand's warm-up match. He's taken two wickets, but a century from Kiwi Opener Jamie How helped the tourists recover. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. Hazelwood finished with 2/52, the Black Caps all out for 255.

Wallabies centre Berrick Barnes has returned to Australia for scans on his injured knee. Medical staff expect the league convert to be out of action for up to three months. He's bitterly disappointed to miss Sunday's test at Twickenham, as the Wallabies strive for World Cup revenge against England. Yeah, look, really disappointed to be coming home early,

especially from a selfish point of view. I would have loved to have been involved in this week's game but that's the way things go and I'm sure the boys will be pretty much ready for this one. There's been a lot of blokes waiting to get back at the Poms, that's for sure. Barnes lasted just 13 minutes in last week's Test against Italy. A special forum has recommended all NRL premiership matches be controlled by two on-field referees from next season. Meanwhile, World Cup longshots Fiji have showed why they have faith they can knock over the Kangaroos in this weekend's semifinal. Fiji have shown at this World Cup they can pass and that they can tackle, but the most captivating skill of all comes from within. (ALL SING IN FIJIAN) Burly men strong enough to break bones, turning to prayer twice a day, with voices of a choir. (ALL SING IN FIJIAN) While NRL players guzzle Gatorade at the end of training, these guys sing hymns and have a pastor lead them in prayer. (SPEAKS FIJIAN) be calling on a miracle But outsiders reckon Fiji should against the all-conquering Kangaroos. What was being said just then? Just thanking God for the day and for his presence and that hopefully we can receive his blessing on the weekend. Even a former Kangaroo is embracing the Fijian way, slowly. Do you know what's going on? Oh, look, after a while you do get to know the songs and stuff, but if you ask me to sing it on my own I'd have no idea, but I chime in when I can. The Pacific Islanders have surprised plenty, and the world champions are wary. We know we're coming here on Sunday, we're playing a team that's got nothing to lose. They're going to throw everything at us. Every time you take the field, it doesn't matter who you're playing and who you are - you've got to believe you can win, and they've got belief they can do that. Maybe with some help from above. Adam Hawse, Ten News. While most of the world is in economic meltdown, it appears soccer is heading in the other direction. Football New South Wales revealing plans

for a new $40 million facility at Riverstone in Sydney's West. At the moment NSW Football's new home looks like a nice place for a farm - well and truly out number people. rolling hills where the cows well and truly outnumber people. Adopting the philosophy applied by the Kevin Costner Baseball movie 'Field of Dreams' - build it and they will come - the men of football NSW are doing just that. We had to look around for a bigger space which will take us to the next 20 or 30 odd years. Right now, this place is a long way from being a world class from being a world-class sporting facility but that's all about to change by the year 2011. The new facility will house the offices of Football NSW and include a minimum of nine football pitches, an indoor swimming pool and gymnasium, a licensed club and function centre and a private Football College

for primary school school students through to year 12, the first of its kind in Australia. And we're creating enough commercial opportunity and revenue areas within this project, or this development, that's going to be able to give us some money to spend more money in the development of the game for the future. But the growth of the game has given the sport's governing body the confidence to make a massive financial commitment

when the rest of the world are tightening their belts. You see, we've been growing at about 5% per annum for more than two decades now. The AFL is staking its claim in the battle for Sydney's West with a multimillion-dollar facility at Blacktown, but it will be hard to top Football's response at Riverstone. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Japan's Gamba Osaka is the new Asian club soccer champion after a dominant 2-0 win

in the Champions League final. Adelaide's hopes were all but shattered barely four minutes into the match. COMMENTATOR: Gamba Osaka have scored! Is that the nail in Adelaide United's coffin? The visitors winning the final 5-0 on aggregate over the two legs of the final. A 15-year-old Newcastle teenager is already living his golfing dream.

He's playing in today's NSW Open against the pros. Baby-faced Jake Higginbottom, who only turned 15 three weeks ago, is believed to be the youngest ever player to contest the prestigious State title. It's a great honour to try and qualify, I'm pretty pround, I'm excited to play. And on the tough Vintage course, he was 6 over after 12 holes.

Later in Sports Tonight - Aussie Andrew Bogut's stunning return to form for the Milwaulkee Bucks.

This lucky to make it around.

Bigger problems on the M2. If you

waiting for family and friends and

who take the M two they will we home

home late. There was a smash in the tunnel. We've had such a fantastic week weather wise, but will it last over the weekend? Stay with us. Tim Bailey's forecast is next.

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As you're about to drop into the

lotus position and start humming.

I'm not coming to you from

Queensland or Fiji this is the splendour of springtime in Sydney.

His and a glorious out here at the

moment? Tomorrow will be warmer and

then get some settled. It will be

28-34 degrees it in the West and

then thunderstorm activity will

move across. On the weekend

temperatures will be in the mid-

twenties and it was some showers on

Sunday. Fire up the barbecue

because it is Thursday evening and its very best.

Loud and a trough triggering storms

than a court rain reaching the

surface to two or dry nor the lease. Very

Very warm all police before a

trough brings a cool change to a

NSW Victoria and Tasmania. trough brings a cool change to a NSW Victoria and Tasmania.

Predicted rainfall - showers and

storms for Easter NSW, showers for

Tasmania and it this oven at

Victoria. Showers across Tasmania and it this oven at

Victoria. Showers across a much of

the interior. Here are some

postcard shots of Sydney at its

best in springtime and tomorrow

will be just like this for the

majority of the date as

temperatures soar up to 28 and 34

at Richmond. We will be waiting for

the southerly change and thunderstorms tomorrow thunderstorms tomorrow night.

Temperatures will drop for Saturday

and Sunday with a shower or two on both days.

a few drinks at a new Sydney bar could totally change your view of the world.

Suspended 50 metres above the ground, the Air Bar is supported by a crane,

and it spins - allowing complete views of the Harbour. Today, a few adventurous drinkers

were the first to strap in for a sky-high tipple. The bar holds 22 people at a time and it's just opened on Cockatoo Island

in time for New Year's Eve. But don't drink too much - toilet breaks are difficult. The bar will be doing the rounds of the country.

That brings you up to date on the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Stay with us here on Ten. I'll bring you news updates throughout the evening and be back with the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. ( WHISTLE BLOWING ) ( PLAYING THE BLUES ) D'OH! ( SCREAMS )