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(generated from captions) (AUDIENCE CHEERS) Great stuff. Alright. but was he right to do so? Withstood the temptation, could you show me what's in it? Celeste, number 1, Oh, there it was, the Double! And there was the Nothing in 2. (LAUGHS) $18,250. Let's see the money. Great win. Great win all round. from the brink there. You really fought back Hey, good to see you. with the baby and all that. Hey, best of luck when he or she comes along. Make sure you send us a photo My pleasure. My pleasure. Thank you. Great dealing with you. everyone. Hey? Thanks a lot for being with us, Really fought back that time. I love it. I love it. Good outcome. See you next time. This program is captioned live. mystery death - Tonight, a twin toddler's police say it wasn't poison. church movies, singing of heaven. A Sydney murder victim's Sydney's emergency siren test... (SIRENS BLARE) ..and where it fell on deaf ears. closes early And outrage as an ABC centre and its equipment is dumped. with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. as the cause of a toddler's death Police have all but ruled out poison on a farm in the State's north-west. to a Sydney hospital for tests The boy's brothers were transferred whether they fell ill but authorities are now checking tragic death. as a reaction to their brother's Instead of preparing for Christmas, now has the heartbreaking task Susie Higgins

of planning her son's funeral. with her three other sons She was flown to Sydney yesterday and their father. the 23-month-old's death. Doctors are still unsure what caused yesterday afternoon A crime scene was established was conducted and a forensic investigation have been seized and I understand a number of items for further testing. of her twin boys convulsing Police say Susie found one during a nap at their home. he was dead. In a little over an hour signs of illness. The other boys were also showing are not considered suspicious. It's understood the circumstances I can't speculate at this stage. to remain objective. Obviously we have has undergone further tests Doctors say the surviving twin and remains in a stable condition. were discharged this morning. His two older brothers of Tambar Springs is stunned. The small community ON PHONE: They're shocked by it, VOICE OF DEBBIE MARTIN because at this time of the year to happen, you don't expect something like this at any time of the year. but then it's bad enough

people are upset by it. It is just a shame,

Seven News understands have ruled out poisoning initial investigations as a cause of death. and Susie Higgins Police will speak to Andrew as part of their investigation. Toxicology results could take weeks. at this stage. No, I can't comment on it All I can say the results of is that police will be awaiting the post mortem on the child. tougher penalties The State Government is considering for people caught carrying knives. 17-year old Andrew Motuliki, It comes as friends mourn on a train at Campsie. who was fatally stabbed at Campsie Uniting Church. Angela Cox is being remembered there? Angela, how is Andrew

candles, flowers and photos Chris, about 70 friends have brought and are praying for their friend. with his family, Andrew came to church every weekend the day he died. and was on his way here is considering tougher penalties The State Government in front of his congregation. Andrew Motuliki often performed In his last show,

about going to heaven. the 17 year old starred in a play had to identify her son's body, When Ane Motuliki he's now on his way there. she told herself his spirit is smiling at me. I could feel

"Andrew, Andrew, Mummy's here." keep their sons out of trouble. Andrew's parents hoped church would It didn't. to arrive at an evening service, On Sunday, waiting for Andrew a short distance away. Ane didn't realise she saw him dying watching what they did to my son, I was sitting there the whole time but I didn't know Andrew's died. I didn't know. This afternoon, flowers at Campsie train station. his brothers and friends laid Andrew's death has renewed calls to increase the $550 dollar fine caught carrying knives. for first time offenders and the penalty is in the thousands Go to Victoria and you risk a year in jail. to the Attorney-General I'll be talking to be stepped up. to see if they need an amnesty on illegal firearms. The Police Minister has announced

doing the same for knives He'll now consider like Britain did. something has to be done. These grieving parents say

that's why they still carry them. The laws are not tough enough Andrew's family, Anyone wanting to help Campsie's Uniting Church. can contact on Monday, Chris. His funeral will take place

has been refused bail A 28-year-old man at a Homebush restaurant. over a stabbing murder appeared in Liverpool Court Rami El Masri Mohammad Omar two Saturdays ago. charged with killing 24-year-old of wounding two other men, El Masri is also accused including his own brother. He'll be back in court in March.

Emergency Warning System The first major test of Sydney's with some speakers has exposed problems

throughout the city. but not in busy Pitt Street Mall They worked in most places, with Christmas shoppers. which was packed (SIREN WAILS) in Martin Place. It was loud and clear the emergency warning signal. The next sound you hear will be At Circular Quay, too. of the CBD warning system. Repeat, this is a test who live and work in the city It's meant to alert 500,000 people if there's a disaster. in the city, If there is a catastrophe

whether it be a terrorist attack, a gas leak or a fire, that we'll be able to give messages to members of the general public on what they should be doing. Today was a test run. It came through loud and clear on the speakers. Copy that, thanks very much. So, it's going to be loud and it's definitely going to get people's attention. Not everyone's attention, though. Near busy Pitt Street Mall these speakers remained quiet. (SILENCE) I missed it completely. I've walked all the length of George Street, haven't heard a thing. There are 98 speakers across the CBD. In total, nine didn't work. We have a whole range of other methods because, sometimes, some of the systems won't work. Police plan on testing the warning system on the last Friday of every month.

But they insist they don't want to alarm the public. I think it'll make more people panic. We didn't really hear it. It was really quiet so I don't know how much it will do. Well,I don't know if it's a good idea but it will get their attention. Police are investigating claims there could be more victims

of gang rapists Bilal and Mohammed Skaf. Seven News revealed last night at least another eight women allege they were pack-raped by the convicted brothers, but are too frightened of the court process. Police are encouraging any victims to come forward.

We obviously take the information confidentially we take it very seriously. The brothers' jail sentences were reduced for a second time last week on legal technicalities.

Three months after an outbreak of ATM bombings across Sydney, police have finally joined forces with banks and credit unions to track down the bandits. Detectives admit they're no closer to finding the gangs who've escaped with millions of dollars. It's the ATM crime netting bandits a fortune, and leading police on a merry jig. In some ways it's like a dance. They come up with a solution, we come up with a counter-solution,and so on. It truth there have been no solutions. 26 ATM blasts in the State since September. Seven in the last seven days.

This was the last one, in Umina. They took the money but left behind a wealth of clues and witnesses. We heard a large bang and our shop literally shook.

Today police admitted the criminals' total haul was in the millions of dollars. Now detectives have joined forces with the banking industry

to find a solution. Not only is our property being damaged, our property being stolen, but most importantly there are real threats to the community. I think there are a number of groups that we are monitoring and taking a look at. I wouldn't limit ourselves to two distinctly separate groups. The crime was pioneered in Europe, where most ATMs now have gas-detection technology. When the machine detects an attack it floods the cashbox with a glue that ruins the banknotes. We have thrown almost every possible resource at the effort that's in place at the moment, and if you do attempt these sort of offences you will almost certainly be caught. Women at high risk of developing breast cancer will now have better access to regular screening. The Rudd Government has announced it will start paying Medicare rebates for women who need regular MRIs. It's estimated the change will benefit around 5,000 women and save them hundreds of dollars a year. And hopefully, they'll be able to find a breast cancer, if it is going to occur, in the very early stages to give them the best possible outcome of a good recovery. The rebate starts in February. ABC Learning has started clearing out childcare centres, more than a week before they're due to shut down. Cots and toys were taken from children at one centre in Sydney's south-west and dumped in a bin. Stuffed toys, play mats, dumped not in a charity bin just, in a bin. The company's receivers removed them from the closing Harrington Park centre this morning. They said that the toys can't be moved on to other centres and they can't be bothered taking them to Vinnies. Forget the ABCs of Christmas spirit,

charities would gladly have taken the toys any time of year.

They come to us all the time, asking

for things for kids' playgrounds so it's for things for kids' playgrounds so

it's just ridiculous and such a

waste of money.

Parents assumed they'd be getting what they paid for until New Year's Eve when the centre closes. They arrived this morning to find most cots had also been taken. She said, "My child is ready to go to sleep, "where am I going to put him? "I can't exactly put him on the floor." So far, Sydney centres have escaped most of ABC's financial turmoil, only three here are closing. Rhodes, Kellyville, and of course, Harrington Park. Across the country 55 are closing next week and parents everywhere are being offered similar treatment. They've put a skip here and we've put our children in and they're in half a room at the moment.

The Federal Government has promised to bail out another 241 centres until March. Save our centre! Save our centre! That's 20,000 children and their families, treading water. New South Wales has a new leader, for the next two weeks, anyway. And for the first time, it's a woman. Deputy Premier Carmel Tebbutt is now Acting Premier while Nathan Rees takes a break. I hope it does send a message to women across New South Wales, particularly young women, that they can aspire to the highest leadership positions in the State. Premier Rees is flying off to the US in a bid to keep his wedding to long-term partner Stacey Haines private. If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping, or haven't even started - don't fret. Major stores are open for another six hours tonight. Despite a slow start to the Christmas retail period

shopping centres were packed as shoppers picked up some last-minute gifts. Others headed straight for the fish market to get an early start on Christmas lunch. And a reminder, when shops doors close at midnight, double demerits points kick in. They'll be in force until January 4. Still to come - the Haneef report, major bungles but no-one to blame. Also, a high-rise emergency causes a real 'pane' for Sydney city workers. And splashing out on harbourside holiday fun. (Screams)

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Part of the city centre was off limits today

because of fears a window was about to fall from a luxury hotel. A pane of glass shattered inside a room on the 34th floor of the Hilton Hotel. Police closed Pitt Street between Park and Market Streets as a precaution. It took structural engineers almost seven hours to push the damaged window back inside the room.

Deported Indian doctor Mohamed Haneef wants compensation and a Government apology over his bungled arrest on terrorism charges. A report into the case recommends sweeping changes to Australia's anti-terror laws but found no evidence of a political conspiracy. Fittingly, Mohamed Haneef reacted to news of his vindication by telephone. HANEEF ON PHONE: Definitely, it's a Christmas present, I would say. After all, his mobile phone SIM card started this saga. He'd given it to his cousin, who died while carrying out a terror attack at Glasgow Airport. A lengthy inquiry's finally cleared the Indian doctor of any involvement

and found he should never have been arrested, charged and deported. This report will go some way to restoring the reputation of me and my family. But not the reputations of those investigating the case. This was a total organisational disaster. It's had the effect of an innocent man being charged and detained

and his reputation being destroyed. Mistakes were made from officer level to the highest levels.

Everyone must accept responsibility to that.

Former immigration minister Kevin Andrews, the Federal Police and our intelligence agencies received scathing criticism. But they escaped accusations of a political conspiracy. I had nothing to hide. I believe I acted appropriately as the Australian people wanted and that, indeed, is what he has found.

The report also found the need for sweeping changes to anti-terror laws and for more cooperation between security agencies to prevent similar bungles happening again.

Dr Haneef's lawyers will now seek substantial compensation and an apology from the Government. A spokesman for Michael Jackson has denied reports he's dying or needs a lung transplant. An author working on a new Jackson book claims the pop star has a rare blood disease that causes emphysema and liver damage. He says Jackson, who is 50, can barely speak and is almost blind in one eye.

But Jackson's publicist says the singer is in fine health and planning a world tour. A former Royal butler and palace footman has been jailed

for child sex offences. 55-year-old Paul Kidd used his job to impress children, even taking one to tea with the Queen Mother.

Victims say his flat was filled with Royal memorabilia. You know, he was a really nice person, or he came across as a really nice person.

Police found more than 18,000 items of child porn on Kidd's computer. He'll serve at least six years behind bars. A children's entertainer has been strip-searched after trying to board a British airliner dressed as a clown.

David Vaughan, alias 'Constable Konk', was hired to amuse disadvantaged kids on a charity flight. But real cops took charge when his costume set off a metal detector. And they came across my plastic handcuffs, which I'd got from Early Learning Centre. PC Konk was eventually allowed to board the flight without the handcuffs.

Sydney's Luna Park has unveiled a new summer ride guaranteed to cool you off. It's called the Big Splash - a cross between a roller-coaster and a water slide. (Screams) Yes, riders do get very wet from 140,000 litres of filtered, chlorinated water. the Big Splash opens Boxing Day and it's only there for the school holidays. Sport with Ben Damon and the Proteas are accusing the Aussies of panicking. They're beating us at our own game. The Aussies are a team under pressure ahead of the Boxing Day Test. Coming up - the embattled Australian captain. nowhere to hide for laugh off their chances And the foreign invaders of winning the Sydney-Hobart. by the Proteas They've been accused of panicking playing without a specialist spinner and now Australia is considering in the crucial Boxing Day Test. South Africa's victory into defensive mode - has forced the Australian camp of skipper Ricky Ponting, now they're calling criticism 'disrespectful'. Having fun at Federation Square, but Ricky Ponting couldn't hide - not even behind his vice captain. and his body language in Perth, Under fire after the loss has come to his defence. everyone from the boss down I do not think that that is fair. I just can't understand that,

Everybody has moments and think, where they would look back

done that better." "Maybe I could have The looks could be deceiving very positive out there, because he was actually

he was really geeing the boys up. out-of-sorts opener Matthew Hayden - Also forced to defend six tons in seven MCG Tests, but runs have dried up this summer.

around in your team You certainly want those players whenever you can have them. They do not grow on trees. really, I think he is an absolute champion, start doubting a champion and whenever people generally comes to the fore. the champion Under attack too, and rotations. Australia's spin bowling stocks Nathan Hauritz the next in line, on a non-spin friendly MCG pitch. but he's no surety Sitting back and smiling at it all - happy to rub it in a bit. South African coach Mickey Arthur, there often is a lot of panic. When you lose

I wouldn't say we panicked. for the Australians, it seems, The only good news early Christmas present is Tim Neilsen's

of a contract extension. in the form it's a day off. For the South Africans they went Christmas shopping - If they haven't had a hit of golf after that cracker at the WACA. deserved reward and rest out of us - Mentally, Perth took a lot to get to the ground today I didn't want us and train half-hearted. will play Showing some heart, Graeme Smith injections in his elbow. despite having pain-killing is trying to prove selectors wrong Blues paceman Doug Bollinger after missing out on the Test team. in the one-dayer at the SCG. Western Australia made 8-for-177 a lively first spell Bollinger bowled with the new ball. but didn't take a wicket the first three Warriors wickets. All-rounder Moses Henriques took COMMENTATOR: Chopped on Simmons - his second wicket. and Henriques gets from his 10 overs. Henriques finished with 3-for-29 installed a 5-to-1 on favourite Giant maxi 'Wild Oats XI' has been fourth-straight line honours to claim a record win in this year's Sydney-Hobart. won't come from overseas Any threat to her crown simply here with the international competitors to conquer sailing's Everest. for a start in the Sydney-Hobart. Dutchman Atse Blei can't wait

they don't read about him But you'll understand why he hopes back in Holland. It's got a famous name. if lives get lost. Famous story, obviously, Actually sailing in Holland - sailing needs to have lives lost comes into the media. before it actually

Jean-Luc Esplaas can relate to that. He's back for another crack in the deadly 1998 race after coming third on handicap when six sailors were lost at sea.

very hard It was a very hard race - and beautiful at the same time. to everybody that it's not a game. It was an eye opener, I think, It's a very serious event. But even with a broken toe, to come from Scotland Ian Darby was game enough to give it a go with 'Jus' do it 3' in the world, probably. Is the premier yachting event you want to climb Everest. I suppose if you're a mountaineer, If you're a sailor, the Rolex Sydney-Hobart race. you want to do was back in the water While maxi 'Ichi Ban' after undergoing repairs, 'Wild Oats' is the boat to beat. the foreign invaders all agree at 'Wild Oats' - We had a peak yesterday Beautiful looking boat, incredible. It's a fantastic boat, isn't it? It's a beautiful boat. I think. It should break the record, has been given the all-clear Craig Moore after battling testicular cancer. for the Socceroos. Now, he wants an immediate return

was cleared by doctors yesterday The relieved Queensland Roar skipper no signs of cancer. after blood tests showed and supporters Moore thanked team-mates for helping him through the battle - one of those was Socceroos coach Pim Verbeek. to hear the good news, as well. Ah, he's very pleased So hopefully, with the national team, as well. there'll be more to come

is an Asian Cup qualifier The Socceroos' next game against Indonesia, next month.

Chris, hopefully Craig was there,

that he will be OK. Thank you, Ben Checking finance now - slightly down the share market closed about commodity prices. on continued concern but AMP and IAG slightly up. BHP was down again, The ASX 200 was off 26 points. Sydney's weather is next.

behaving like...animals Plus, animals over their Chrissy presents. is approaching from the west. A severe thunderstorm Most of Sydney should be spared heavy rain and damaging winds. but Katoomba might be hit by hail, after a warm night. It was a sticky day in the city 27 was the top. Right now it's 24. across the suburbs - It was mostly fine

just a few light showers. Gosford reached 30 degrees. 29 at Penrith. Parramatta 28. A little cooler in the mountains. under monsoonal showers and storms The Top End remains buried hovering just off Broome. with Tropical Cyclone Billy

of New South Wales Severe storms hit parts in the southern highlands. with a twister reported into the State's north tomorrow - A trough will move bringing more showers and storms. winds will trigger isolated showers. On our waters - winds will be fresh at 15 to 20 knots and easing off by the afternoon. More showers and storms tonight - easing to a morning shower or two tomorrow with a top of 22 in the city. After a warm and humid night, an early morning southerly change will keep temperatures down across Sydney. It'll reach 24 at Penrith but stay in the low 20s for most other suburbs. Just 19 for Katoomba. Looking ahead - a morning shower or two for Christmas Day, as Santa heads home. but some more showers will develop early next week. Before we go, Christmas came early at Taronga Zoo today with animals given seasonal treats of gift-wrapped food. The meerkats wents wild, like any kids, attacking the wrapping with gusto. One really got stuck in and had to be rescued by a keeper. The lionesses had a bit more dignity and no-one dared to help them. with the wrapping. As for Mary the gibbon, she was very picky about her present. Probably not what she wanted at all.

And that's Seven News to now

but we'll have updates during the evening. I'm Chris Bath. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Hello. I'm Samantha Armytage. A little later, overcharged -

how they overcharge you on your gas, electricity and water bills. But first, a story where words almost fail me. You are about to see a man who has killed three people in three separate accidents.

And in each tragedy, he was drunk behind the wheel. To add insult, he's still free to drive. Now that you've been found guilty, have you got anything to say to your victim's family? I just think that three people, he's ruined three families. Mr Barron, have you got anything to say now to Mr Donnelly's family? Every time we come up here,

it's a reminder of what happened that night. He doesn't look remorseful and he doesn't seem to have learnt his lesson. Kevin David Barron is Australia's deadliest drink driver. He's killed not one, not two, but three innocent people in three separate accidents - each and every time, drunk behind the wheel.

What about your other victims, Mr Barron, three people you've killed on the roads now. Got any message for any of their families? Three times. You'd think you'd learn after one,

you'd never drink-drive again, you'd think you'd change, after that but to do it multiple times is just a total lack of remorse. and to take lives again torn apart The Donnellys are the latest family by Kevin Barron's deadly rampage. We came to the scene, being up here.

hours prior We realised our dad had died only

hours prior to us being a 60-year-old father-of-three, John Donnelly, from a party, was run down while walking home last year. four days before Christmas staggering Kevin Barron, Mowing him down was a slurring, who blew 0.187, more than three times the legal limit. I feel the law should be changed hours prior to us being here.

I am still trying to come to

I am still trying to come to grips with the person that he still can

get behind the wheel of his car get behind the wheel of his car and drive. get behind the wheel of his car and drive.. Kevin Barron has been found guilty of dangerous driving causing death - unbelievably, for the third time. His horrific driving record dates back 30 years - drink-driving convictions in 1979, 1980 and '81, a blood-alcohol level above 0.08. caught three times with a fourth drink-driving conviction, In 2001, and a 6-month driving ban. an $800 fine but just the beginning. Shocking in itself,