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(generated from captions) on your wedding invitations. What have you got in 21? I've got, um, $10. Alright. Well, I think Yep. $10.

Right. For $500, show me $10.

Come on. Oh! $3,000 there. a $10 briefcase for 20 grand. But listen, you managed to sell Thank you. That's awesome. That's some salesmanship, my friend. Let's see the money. Now, I've only got eyes for Kristy. even acknowledge Kristy. But you won't in, your gorgeous wife-to-be. It's Chrissie that you're interested Well done, kids. $20,000. to set yourselves up. Beautiful way...beautiful way Thanks for being with us, mate. Congratulations. (LAUGHS) Oh! Ride him home. I'm gonna jump on you. goes off into the sunset... As the Assyrian charioteer 'Bye now. (LAUGHS) Thanks for being with us. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - vehicles and property destroyed in Sydney's north-west. but firefighters save homes at Mount Ku-ring-gai A bushfire emergency with businesses in the line of fire. Exclusive pictures - how powerlines can spark a blaze. to keep cool And Sydney does its best as temperatures climb into the 40s. with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening.

before the rain, On this day of 43-degree heat, of the summer has been declared. Sydney's first bushfire emergency Our reporters have live coverage of the firefronts at Londonerry tonight threatening properties burning at Mount Ku-ring-gai. and the major blaze that's been at Londonderry. First, to Angela Cox Angela, this is a big outbreak. How bad is it at the moment? whipped up by strong winds. Chris, the firefront is being vehicles The flames have already engulfed direct threat and houses have come under to prepare for the worst. with residents warned whipped up by strong winds, The Londonderry fire has been Sydney's summer bushfire threat this afternoon. became a dangerous reality and a greyhound training area - Flames burning close to homes with nowhere to run. panicked dogs at three o'clock, This fire roared to life which picked up suddenly. fanned by strong winds and low humidity Along with temperatures in the 40s it made for perfect fire conditions. Too intense - like the blink of an eye. it happened within seconds, Abandoned cars, trucks, by the unstoppable flames. old buildings left to be destroyed stood no chance. This car and nearby tyres A shed was destroyed.

irreplaceable photos and antiques. Family heirlooms were stored inside, Sentimental things in the shed or in the lounge room. that we couldn't fit inside My school photos, his school photos. all my brother's stuff, All my baby stuff, Nan's, aunty's furniture of moving. because they're in the process over 15 hectares in minutes. The scrub fire spread to fight the flames. Crews and air cranes were sent Using the road as a fire break, to keep the blaze at bay. they worked desperately Somehow it worked - of this home, flames came within metres but it was saved. five acres. They protected the entire perimeter,

Other home owners and the Northern Road between White Gates Road who hadn't already left, were told stay inside. if their property came under threat, at this stage. No, we couldn't call it contained

We still have running fire, working We still have a number of aircraft firefighters. to assist the ground-based those homes are now under threat. Chris, I've just heard Residents must not leave their homes.

the fire further north. The southerly has also pushed Chris. It's just jumped the northern road,

Thanks, Angela. Angela Cox at Londonderry. at Mount Ku-ring-gai Now to Robert Ovadia with good news on a fire factory complex since lunchtime. that's been threatening a Rob, what's happened there? Chris, it's just been raining here have declared this fire is 97% out. and Rural Fire Service chiefs for exhausted crews, It's a major relief trying to stay ahead of this fire who've spent the past five hours in hot and erratic conditions. bushland at Mt Ku-ring-gai. Flames race through is under threat. An industrial complex and strong winds In today's scorching heat any chances. fire crews aren't taking and 4 water-bombing aircraft 150 of them, 20 tankers just after 1pm. rushing to the estate It's still off Dunbah. We might be too far back. those erratic winds They're worried about and unpredictable, which are making conditions tough pushing the flames into new areas. at the moment is this driveway. What is helping firefighters containment line. It's forming a natural against them are the winds. However, what is working this afternoon They are tending to pick up that drift from the bush, and that could create spot fires and light the building up. right over their heads Off in the distance - a rainstorm. but it passed to the north. So close,

And worse luck, not bring rain here not only did the storm and fears of more outbreaks. but there were lightning strikes a lot of RFS personnel We're currently moving into the rear of this fire to start attacking the edges. is only about a third full. The warehouse, which is new, Workers were urged to leave. were put on alert. Other buildings nearby They've asked the staff to leave, to go yet. they haven't asked all of us

Are you nervous? No, not at all. until about 40 minutes ago, Firefighters were, when rain finally brought with it relief. The work here isn't over yet.

Many crews have been on

Many crews have been on stand by

north of us. They will stay there

during the duration of tonight and

tomorrow, Chris. Thanks, Rob. Robert Ovadia at Ku-ring-gai. Further north, another blaze broke out near Kariong in the Gosford region. Seven News has shot amazing pictures there of powerlines appearing to set nearby trees alight. The Rural Fire Service has launched an investigation. This is how homes and lives are lost. In this dense bushland north of Sydney, trees have been allowed to grow too close to powerlines. These pictures show just how bushfires can start with just a touch. Our helicopter captured pictures of the electricity arcing through the air at temperatures capable of vaporising most materials, more than enough to set these trees alight. Powerlines arcing, that may well start fires, so, obviously any fire is a concern and that, and along with other fires, will be investigated. This fire was enough of a risk to nearby homes to suck in more resources from the busy fire service. There is so many fires that pop up on a day like today. There are literally hundreds of fires and powerlines is but one cause of them.

Trans grid says it owns the pour lines. Guidelines state trees should be trimmed to give a 2.5m clearance to prevent bushfires. The RFS says the blaze is now under control and crews will mop it up throughout the evening. Joining us now from RFS Headquarters is Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons, first to the fire front at Londonderry. How's it looking right now?

It's looking better than it did an

hour or so ago, Chris. The fire is

certainly in and around the houses

in Londonerry. We have

in Londonerry. We have lost shedding

and vehicles. I have no reports of

and vehicles. I have no reports of any homes being destroyed and the

co-operation between residents,

working with firefighters has been

outstanding in that area: What about the powerlines on fire? Will the power company responsible be prosecuted?

I saw some of that footage earlier.

Whether that was an ignition source

or associated with the fire burning

below it is something we will have

to investigate. There are certainly

guidelines about fuel management in

and around powerlines. I know it's

been a busy couple of days

been a busy couple of days and probably a couple still ahead.

Thanks for your time this evening. Summer packed a real punch in Sydney's west today,

especially in Penrith where the temperature peaked at 43 degrees. Those lucky enough headed to the beach to cool down but for passengers on older trains, there was no escaping the heatwave. At midday,

Rooty Hill railway station sweltered at 39 degrees. But inside CityRail carriages, it was 41 and rising. you might as well be outside. It makes you feel uncomfortable - I'm losing weight as I sit here. don't have air conditioning. A third of the city's trains Tourists can't believe it. We were going to get a rental car, were much better. but we thought trains and buses Making it even worse because of the heat. trains were forced to go slow CityRail handed out water. it's so hot here. It's excellent, It's like, 42 in the west. Actually, Penrith hit 43.3,

and many headed for the beach. Couldn't breathe. Air conditioning - even air con, that it was working. you couldn't really tell I was going to kill myself. It was so hot to be inside cooking chooks, Not a nice day or outside pouring concrete. straight afterwards. I'm hoping to go down to the beach had no effect on swimmers. Recent shark sightings to the beach no matter what. People are going to come they're always out there. The sharks are out there, was dehydration and heatstroke. The biggest danger 25 patients to hospital. Since 1 January, we've transported The same time last year

we attended to 20 patients in the whole month. Not surprisingly, was the coolest address in Sydney the ice rink at Penrith brought welcome rain until a late change and a sudden drop in temperature. To other news now accused of scheming and senior Labor MPs to replace Nathan Rees as premier have denied there's any plot. They've rubbished a newspaper report could be the next leader. which suggested Frank Sartor Nathan Rees came to the job It only seems like yesterday promising a red-hot go. Five months later, a leadership plot. the ALP's already denying

there was no plot. I wasn't a plotter, It is fallacious, there was no plot there.

Police Minister Tony Kelly was reported to be one of those plotters. He confirms senior Labor members did meet last month but only to discuss Cabinet jobs, not the Premier's. Look, I'm telling you the truth and so are the people that are there. Like Health Minister John Della Bosca -

he was at the meeting too. I certainly haven't been speculating about it, nobody I know has been speculating about the Party's leadership. Also staying out of sight was former minister Frank Sartor, said to be the plotters' choice for Premier. That was denied too. Frank is a friend of mine all those years but he's suffered from he was the prince of darkness. barely out of holiday mode, For a government not a great start to the year. a leadership change. We would be stupid to think about We need it like a hole in the head. At the time of the meetings, as preferred Premier Mr Rees was ahead in the polls was at rock bottom but support for the Government you never say never. and in politics, it seems, to the next election? Will he lead the ALP Well, probably. I hope that he would be. I can't see why he wouldn't be, Aussie tourists often cop criticism for bad behaviour on overseas holidays.

are also under fire. Now, our business people far from being loveable larrikins, An international survey's found that offensive louts, Australians are seen as especially in America and the UK. Sean Ashby learned the hard way just don't get Australians. that some people overseas I think it's the lingo. has a lot to do with it. I think the lingo on American TV... That lingo caused a stir We hear that you're a bitch. ..and shocked the host Modelling Agency' TV show. of the 'Janice Dickinson She demanded he withdraw the word, refused to back down. but the aussieBum underwear founder many Australians? Have you dealt with A bitch is a compliment! According to a survey around the world, of more than 700 business people the relaxed approach of Australians Janice isn't the only one to find

out of line. expect us to know The Americans and the Brits what the rules are of business. 25% of Australians surveyed said to swear in the workplace, they thought it was OK addressed their boss by first name. while nearly 100% from other countries Many of the respondents find both traits offensive. taking stationary The Chinese hate Australians

so make sure you ask. or taking staplers, Australians are misunderstood, Sean believes not rude. is in a dry sense of humour Most of the way we talk than find it offensive. and so people actually enjoy it more While his exports are increasing any more business with Janice. it's unlikely he'll be doing JANICE: I should have kicked him in the balls. Still to come -

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delays on the M5 this morning Sydney drivers suffered long following a 2-car collision. just after 5am, The accident happened at Moorebank causing big disruptions for citybound peak-hour traffic. near the toll booths. One of the vehicles rolled to Liverpool Hospital. One driver was taken for housing investors There are calls to ease Sydney's rental crisis. to be given more incentives The latest figures show will only worsen this year the lack of rental properties snap up Government grants. while first homebuyers to his first home today. Devrim Huseyin received the keys

pretty nerve-wracking, Pretty daunting, The 28-year-old teacher says was too good to refuse. the first homebuyers grant It's a combination of things - it was the first homebuyers grant. it was the lower interest rates, is up 26%. The number of first homebuyers buying conditions for buyers, Whilst they're perfect to have somewhat security I think it is important for people as far as their jobs are concerned. have lost full-time jobs. An extra 44,000 Australians the jobless rate is up 0.1%. New figures show showing in our economy. This is the global financial crisis hardest hit by rising unemployment. Economists say renters will be

That's going to make life particularly hard for people who are renting, who are facing rent increases but are maybe also going to lose an income. Rents are expected to soar 10% - that's if you can secure a place. Yesterday there was a property - a 2-bedroom brick home in Fairfield - Amazingly, over 120 people were at that property. While first homebuyers have returned to the market, investors haven't and until they start building again, the cost of renting will continue to rise. There's been a 25% increase in the number of people in rental stress, much more needs to be done to help renters and that needs more investors into the marketplace. The Australian share market has dived more than 4%, dropping to its lowest level in two months. The ASX 200 closed down 157 points but it was lower during the day. It's the biggest fall since mid November.

Hardest hit were mining stocks with BHP down 6% and Rio Tinto losing 8%. Ricardo Montalban, the star of the hit TV series 'Fantasy Island', has died from an undisclosed illness, aged 88. He was a trail-blazer for Latino actors, leaving his native Mexico to become a leading man in Hollywood. The name might not be familiar but Ricardo Montalban's turn as the benevolent and wise Mr Roarke on 'Fantasy Island' is remembered by generations. 'FANTASY ISLAND': The one fantasy all his money can't buy in his world. Montalban was grateful the role won him so much recognition but he got sick of fans shouting out the catch-cry of his co-star. Da plane, da plane! Born in 1920, he first became a star in Mexico before turning himself into one of Hollywood's earliest Latin lovers, playing opposite Lana Turner and Esther Williams. What could one expect in a border-town? In 'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan', he was Captain Kirk's arch-nemesis.

'STAR TREK II': Have you ever read Milton, Captain? In the US, he became instantly recognisable as the face and voice of Chrysler. If you use the phrase "Corinthian leather" to anybody about age 40 and up in this country, there's a very good chance they will know you are quoting Ricardo Montalban. He chose wide and varied roles in his long movie and TV career. 'PLANET OF THE APES': Lousy human bastard! Ricardo Montalban died at home with his family.

He was 88. Win her with your most important asset - yourself. Sport with Ben Damon and Lleyton Hewitt's on court at Homebush. He's taking on his arch-rival David Nalbandian. I'll have that next. Also tonight - the verdict on Michael Clarke's thumb injury. Will he play the one-dayers? And Wayne Bennett ready to build a dynasty for the Dragons at Kogarah.

Lleyton Hewitt is locked in a tense battle with Argentina's David Nalbandian, playing for a place in the Sydney International semifinals. In the women's semis top seed Serena Williams was thrashed by Elena Dementieva, who'll play Dinara Safina in the final. Rain delayed Hewitt's match - they're into a tie-break in the first set. It was a highly anticipated grudge match between Lleyton Hewitt and David Nalbandian. But rain forced the arch-rivals off court after 2 points. They returned after almost an hour and traded service breaks. UMPIRE: Game, Hewitt. The Argentinian served for the set, but Hewitt kept fighting back. Game, Hewitt. (CROWD CHEERS) Serena Williams overcame ankle pain and match points to win her quarterfinal last night. She had to back up in 40-degree heat and struggled against Elena Dementieva, who thrashed Serena in two sets. Game, set and match, Dementieva. The world number 4 plays Dinara Safina in the final. In Melbourne, Roger Federer wasn't quite perfect against Fernando Verdasco. Federer won the first set,

but dropped serve from 40-love up on the way to losing the second. COMMENTATOR: Good point, Verdasco, and he breaks. But the maestro was back in the third-set tie-break

and through to the final. And that one's perfect.

Mark Phillipoussis played his first game in two years at Adelaide's World Challenge last night.

He was thrashed by Taylor Dent, then apologised for his performance. The Scud's teaming with Pat Cash, who lost to Jim Courier, but proved he's still a winner with the ladies.

Vice-captain Michael Clarke's been given the thumbs-up to start the one-day series against South Africa, putting David Warner's international career on hold. Clarke passed a fitness test on his injured thumb in time for tomorrow's clash with the Proteas at the MCG. It was D-day for Clarke

and after receiving some major attention, the vice-captain tested his thumb indoors and then outdoors before being given the all-clear. He's still got a bit of discomfort in his thumb but he's had that from the start of the Perth Test match and still got through really well so good signs for us that he's fit for selection. After an inconsistent summer, the skipper's still looking for the right recipe. But for now that won't include David Warner - news that clearly pleased the South Africans. (LAUGHS) Well, he's obviously a dangerous player.

We saw that at the MCG last week. Botha has plenty of reasons to smile with Jacques Kallis and AB de Villiers expected to return from injury. Yes, I do. I think he should be 100% by tomorrow. And in a pre-match barb, Ponting believes the Proteas are lacking leadership without Graham Smith. Yeah, I think we did notice that. Even probably more so at the end of the game the other night when there seemed to be three or four skippers out on the ground up in Brisbane the other night trying to run and control things. But that's for them to worry about. Sydney FC are searching for two fans who attacked star midfielder Robbie Middleby after Sunday's A-League match. Middleby didn't play in the win over Wellington, but was targeted in the Sydney Football Stadium car park for signing with another club. Approached me and started throwing punches,

saying that "I'm disappointed" that I'm leaving to go to North Queensland. Middleby was with his wife at the time. Sydney FC have threatened life bans for his attackers. Wayne Bennett's new-look Dragons are heading home to Kogarah. Today the coach toured the old ground's new grandstand. Bennett's applauded the renovations which will allow the Dragons to play six home games there this season. I think the fans are disenfranchised at times when we continually move our stadiums and don't cater for them as well as we should and I think St George-Illawarra's doing that. Confusingly, the Dragons will now share their home matches between WIN Oval at Kogarah and WIN Stadium in Wollongong.

You can watch the tennis in its than

tire ty, 10.

You can watch the tennis in its than tire ty, 10.30 on Seven. Sydney's weather forecast is after the break and thankfully, it's going to be much cooler. Right now, hurry into Target's Bumper Babython and get Huggies jumbo nappies for $34.99 Exclusions apply. See in store for details.

What a difference that cool change made when it came through, dropping temperatures around 10 degrees. The city wasn't as ridiculously hot as the suburbs but it was still hot and humid with 33 degrees. A few showers are still hanging around, and it's 22. How about Penrith - 43 scorching degrees there this afternoon.

42 at Parramatta.

41 at Campbelltown and Liverpool. 39 at Terrey Hills. Cronulla and Manly both reached 33. From the satellite you can see the cool change moving through New South Wales, bringing us showers and storms, mainly near the coast. Cooler winds will blow through most of the State tomorrow apart from the far north-east where there'll be a few storms. Around Australia tomorrow - fine in Brisbane and Canberra. A few showers for Melbourne. Fine in Adelaide.

And a 40-degree scorcher for Perth. On Sydney's waterways - A shower or storm is still possible in the city tonight. Tomorrow will be mostly sunny before a late shower. A top of 27 degrees. 32 the top for Campbelltown, Liverpool and Parramatta. Still hot at Penrith with 35. a much cooler 26 at Cronulla, and 27 at Manly. A slight dip in our dam levels after rainfall of just 9mm. Looking further ahead - the chance of a brief shower tomorrow night, but becoming hot again next week. Now to the latest on Sydney's bushfire crisis. The major fire front at Londonderry in the city's north-west is threatening homes this evening. The southerly change has moved through making the bushfire more erratic. 100 firefighters are on the ground with 50 more on their way. So far two sheds and several vehicles have been destroyed. Better news at the Mount Ku-ring-gai fire where rain has put out most of the blaze. Fire crews are confident it will be contained tonight. And that's Seven News to now

but we'll have updates on the fires during the evening. I'm Chris Bath. Thanks for your company. Goodnight.

Hello. I'm Samantha Armytage. Tonight - the law of attraction. Scientists isolate a gene that allows women to pick and choose the man of their dreams and the shape of your face is the sign whether you have it or not. All bets are off - who's behind the Australian of the Year betting scandal? Home renovations. Don't shudder - the experts tonight show how to spend as little as $4,000 to your home, right now. to add at least $50,000 the property downslide. Simple secrets on how you can defy They lived in a world of luxury. flash cars, Expensive diamonds and jewellery, first-class overseas business trips and only the best restaurants. visiting exclusive boutiques a former dress shop assistant, Eddy Groves and his girlfriend, even when he was married. lived like that for years Today, they got married at $60,000 annually. at a resort whose fees begin the wreckage Even as the Government surveys collapse of his ABC Learning Centres' and debts of more than $1 billion. with some of the many, Gavin Alder mingled who didn't make the guest list. It is a question and employees are asking. a lot of ABC Learning investors to my family, my children - It is detrimental that was their education fund. It is all gone. would be left with nothing The shareholders our shares are worthless. at the moment, to be set to a different soundtrack. But Eddy Groves's life seems to Eddy, dug deep Today, Eddy, or someone close for a lavish wedding here at the villa on the Gold Coast. exclusive club, Perhaps Queensland's most fees start at $60,000 a year. there are only 80 members, on in. Hi, welcome to the villa, come a pre-Eddy wedding tour We were given

set amongst 42 hectares of the grand villa, golf course. of gloriously manicured Gold Coast the wedding will be held This is the Panorama room where the best of everything. and up to 200 people can enjoy we can go alfresco dining as well. All these glass doors stack back so for cocktail-style receptions, be it That is great

a wedding or event. and we can flow out Up to about 200 events maybe a jazz band on to the lawn which are superb, inside. over here or we can do a band on canapes, grain Angus eye fillet Eddy's guests will dine and Morton Bay bugs. They will sip on French champagne.