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(generated from captions) we haven't found him yet! But don't worry - If we can't... If we can't, only be worth about ?50,000. then I'm afraid it would it's fantastic. I had no idea. Either way, makes them officially an antique, the public for 100 years, which Wisley gardens have been open to and a treasured one at that. have come to close up the shutters. whereas we, I'm afraid, They're open all through the year goodbye. But for now, until the next time, This program is captioned live. two plumbers injured Penthouse explosion - wrecks a Bondi apartment. as a gas blast shooting of a senior Hell's Angel. The bikie war escalates, with the bang, bang, bang. There was six shots - by another drinking scandal, The NRL rocked stood down by their club. with two Roosters the new technique Back from the dead - from brain damage. to save drowning victims When they took the tube out 'Mummy' and 'Daddy', we just cried. and she looked at us and said Good evening. has an exclusive interview, Also tonight, Danny Weidler about his terrifying injury. as Trent Barrett talks I thought my career was over. But first, in breaking news tonight, across wide areas of Sydney. there's a massive power failure and the Eastern Suburbs are affected. Parts of the CBD, the inner-west we go straight to Lauren Harte For more on this, over the city. who's in the helicopter Lauren, what can you tell us? massive disruption to a huge area. Peter, we know that it's caused A quarter of the CBD has blacked out. with traffic lights out It's caused chaos on the roads, scores of people remain trapped. and more concerning, stuck in lifts. As many as 30 in high-rise buildings are on the ground, Police rescue and ambulance teams trying to help them. It's not just in the city - from Rose Bay to Coogee parts of the Eastern Suburbs, in the inner-west and numerous suburbs down at around 4:30 this afternoon. are also without power, which shut

cables powering crucial substations EnergyAustralia says four major for some mysterious reason. switched off They don't know why. it will take to fix the problem. We also don't know how long they have back-up generators. Hospitals are OK, it's going to be a long night But for tens of thousands of people, for those trying to get home. and a difficult one

when an explosion today Two workmen were badly burned high-rise building in Bondi Junction. tore through the top floor of a is outside the apartment block Reporter Mark Burrows

and caused widespread panic? and Mark, the blast was devastating the evacuation of hundreds of people Yes, Peter, the emergency forced that rocked, then stopped a suburb. It was the explosion

apartment complex, 29 floors up, High on the top of the Eastgate of the building's equipment room. what's left pieces of metal showered down below, A wall blown out, bricks, glass, onto an empty tennis court. some of it flying out, smoke coming out. It was like silver confetti and it shook the whole street. We called 000

Our door ripped off the wall There was a massive explosion. of the apartment. and flew into the centre in the explosion, Two men suffered serious burns which was triggered by a gas leak.

were working in the plant room It's believed the men

when it blew up. through the whole building The vibration and that lifted me off the floor. the building's sprinkler system. The blast was so great it activated It was like bloody Katoomba Falls, the water coming down. the waterfall, just how many elderly people The problem for fire officers was were trapped inside the building. With more than 100 units up there, every one of them. they have had to search Some residents became rescuers, of elderly neighbours. coming to the aid was gonna explode. I thought the whole building

Incredible, incredible. needed medical attention This 91-year-old man down the stairwell. after being helped and you've come to lend a hand? This gentleman's your neighbour Get him down 19 floors. Not walking? Yeah. You're kidding. last one out. That's how we had to get out - evacuated from shops and apartments. At one stage, 1,000 people were a clearer idea of what happened. Within an hour, investigators had We understand working on a hot water system. there may have been some plumbers Mark Burrows, Nine News. that Sydney's bikie war There are fears is about to escalate still further, was shot eight times after a member of the Hells Angels in an ambush outside his family home. is at St George Hospital Crime reporter Simon Bouda where the victim is being treated. And Simon, many people by surprise. the identity of this victim caught brother of the man bashed to death Yes, Peter, the victim was the last week at Sydney Airport. The bikie world was expecting

the Hell's Angels over that killing, a revenge attack from to have struck first, have struck first, but it appears their rivals family and his Hells Angels brothers This afternoon, Peter Zervas's gathered around his hospital bed. Early this morning, for at least eight gunshot wounds, as he was operated on and the police chopper hovered. the Riot Squad set up a cordon his family's Lakemba unit block Zervas was gunned down outside his mother screaming in anguish. just before midnight, Six shots - bang, bang, bang. Police were there within minutes. I was afraid, I was stiff. I didn't move because The gunman was waiting for Zervas. into the driveway, he opened fire. When the 32-year-old pulled for the garage door to open, As the Hells Angel bikie was waiting spraying Zervas's car with bullets. the gunman took aim,

hip and foot. He was hit in the chest,

It's believed the would-be assassin, with collar-length dark hair, described as muscly a car just missed knocking him over. then ran across Punchbowl Road - of the white motor vehicle Police are seeking that driver to please come forward. Zervas's younger brother, Anthony, during the vicious airport brawl was bashed to death

between the Comancheros and the Hells Angels eight days ago. Seen here with his mother, Peter was among a large number of Hells Angels who buried 29-year-old Anthony on Friday. Police feared Anthony's death would be avenged. It's suspected bikie rivals, including the Comancheros, might have got in first.

It is an extraordinary level of violence for someone to be shot in their driveway, in their car, yes. Friends and family rushed to support Zervas's mother.

The family is very good. The mother, she's suffering at this time and I don't know what we're gonna...

Neighbours are horrified.

You hear about things all the time, but on your doorstep, it's just absolutely shocking. Police are looking for the weapon,

which is believed to be a small-calibre pistol. Simon Bouda, Nine News.

Thousands of airline passengers had their travel plans disrupted today, because of a mass protest by airport workers. They walked off the job over airport security,

claiming Qantas outsourcing policies were adding to the risks. It was a protest aimed at causing maximum chaos...

..striking airport workers blockading one of the main roads into the international terminal. Workers united will never be defeated. Drivers left stranded as the traffic stopped. A mother and her baby among those forced to sit it out. In my case, I just have to go through. Tempers quickly flared. We're the ones that... We all are, aren't we? We all are! Come and join us. The pain wasn't being felt just outside the terminal. With baggage handlers joining the walk-out, passengers' luggage piled up as dozens of departing aircraft were delayed. Meanwhile, at the domestic terminal incoming passengers were forced to leave their baggage behind. Just turned up from Canberra and our luggage isn't here. The focus of today's stop work was meant to be on airport security, but with Qantas constantly at war with the unions over employment it quickly became a demonstration about job security. They're putting national security at risk, by outsourcing the work force's jobs. All he is doing is cynically exploiting a tragedy that occurred in the T3 terminal last weekend. The workers were back on the job after a 4-hour strike, but by that time, many thousands of passengers right round the country had been inconvenienced. Damian Ryan, Nine News. The NRL is coping with the fall-out The NRL is coping with the fallout from yet another incident involving alcohol Today, the Roosters stood down two of their star players, Willie Mason and Nate Myles, for breaking the club's rules on drinking. Willie Mason was upbeat at training this morning, giving no hint of the drama to follow. By this afternoon, he and team-mate Nate Myles had been punted from the team for a week for breaking the club's strict alcohol policy, which prohibits players drinking on the day before training. We have a code of conduct for a reason. We think alcohol is an issue in rugby league and society. Given the recent publicity

surrounding poorly behaved footballers, the Roosters were at pains to point out neither player was involved in an incident. It was only a couple of drinks. It was in their own home. Both players will run on for feeder club Newtown at the weekend. After that, Fittler is happy to have them back. The players will come back. They'll bounce back if they want to be here,

which I know they both do. Ironically, the drama with Myles and Mason was unfolding as Jake Friend continued his rehabilitation after being stood down for drink-driving. He learnt some hard facts from Australian wheelchair rugby coach Brad Dubberley. We've got about 40% of our guys in our team are from drink-driving -

doing it themselves or someone else doing it or another car drink-driving, so it's a relatively high stat. It could have been me, or worse, it could have been someone else.

Friend returns to the field on Friday night and has taken responsibility for his mistake. My name's been tarnished with this, so hopefully the next article is about my footy going good, not something like this. Danny Weidler, Nine News. Two 15-year-old boys will spend at least 18 months in jail for an armed rampage at Trinity Catholic College, in Auburn earlier this month. The court heard one of the teenagers threatened to use the axe on anyone who got in his way as they smashed 20 windows, damaged cars and stole from the canteen. A third youth will be sentenced later this week. The death toll from the Victorian bushfires has been drastically reduced from 210 to 173. Officials say the adjustment is the result of investigators sorting through the confusion of human and animal remains. Sydney doctors are using a radical technique,

giving hope to children who survive near-drowning accidents. It involves chilling the brain - the low temperatures cutting the risk of long-term disability. Health reporter Gabriella Rogers has this exclusive report. 2-year-old Annabelle Lee was out of her parent's sight for only a few minutes when she fell into the backyard pool last month. Her parents performed CPR before calling 000.

You go into shock. You can't explain the amount of shock you go into. Annabelle was flown to the Children's Hospital at Westmead,

where she was placed in an induced coma. The lack of oxygen meant she was at risk of brain damage. The tissue that's most needing of oxygen is the brain. So, very quickly, the brain - within minutes - can have severe and sometimes permanent damage. Doctors deliberately lowered her body's temperature

to induce hypothermia. It's an approach that's been used on newborns and stroke or heart attack victims.

Cooling is thought to slow the brain's metabolism, giving it time to heal. They placed her on a mat, they chilled her body down to 33 degrees Celsius. They held her there for 72 hours. Cooling is the latest technique in this. We've tried some chemicals in the past, we've tried giving lower CO2s, we've tried many things and they've not worked. The full benefits of the technique won't be known until large trials are carried out. Doctors say in Annabelle's case, knowledge of CPR made a real difference. When they'd taken the tube out and she just looked at us and said 'Mummy' and 'Daddy' we just cried. Gabriella Rogers, Nine News. In the news ahead, Madonna on a mission in Malawi. And how Hugh Jackman met his match.

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killing at least 10 people at a police training centre. Four weeks ago, militants ambushed the Sri Lankan cricket team, This time, 14 gunmen are involved in the attack, apparently disguising themselves as policemen. REPORTER: Clearly, they were quite well armed. They had assault rifles and they were using hand grenades.

The emergency continues tonight, with fanatics possibly holding dozens of hostages, all part of a terrorist campaign to undermine Pakistan's democracy.

In Malawi to adopt another child, Madonna has been inspecting plans for a new school. 12-year-old Lourdes is supporting her mum, as Madonna applies for custody of a 4-year-old girl. Three years ago, the singer caused controversy when she allegedly dodged regulations to adopt David Banda. Madonna also runs her own charity in Malawi. There's been an attack of the green slime at the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards. The show has a history of slime assaults, but Hugh Jackman and Sandra Bullock were fearless, as they announced the award for favourite book.

And the Kids' Choice favourite is...

'Twilight' series actor Taylor Lautner collected the trophy on behalf of author Stephenie Meyer, being very careful to avoid any group hugs with those slimy presenters. Ken with sport is next and Trent Barrett talks about his worst moment in football? When he feared for his family and that he would never play football again. Also Tiger's comeback hits the jackpot.

Sharks star Trent Barrett has told Nine News he feared his career was over after he injured his neck in a tackle during yesterday's game against the Saints. But in a remarkable show of courage, he's already talking about playing this weekend. He spoke exclusively to Danny Weidler. Here's a sight that will delight Sharks fans - Trent Barrett up and walking. After this tackle yesterday Barrett was rushed to St George Hospital. Scans last night cleared him of any serious injury. Today the Sharks star said he feared he'd played his last game of rugby league. Probably thinking what I was going to do for a job

if I couldn't play again, but I'm glad it just didn't turn out like that 'cause I'm certainly not ready to finish yet. Barrett said he panicked as soon as the tackle happened. I knew straight away, because my neck cracked and I just lost feeling in my arm. Even with all that on his mind his thoughts were with his wife. I knew she'd be watching at home on the telly so you want to get on the phone and let them know that you're OK before they start panicking. Barrett spent most of today resting at his South Coast home. The tip is Ricky Stuart will name him to play the Bulldogs this week and if he plays that'd be some kind of comeback. If I'm right, I'd definitely love to play, but at this stage I'll have to go and see someone, see another specialist before the end of the week. Danny Weidler, Ten News. Danny Weidler, Nine News. Australia has lost the Twenty20 series against South Africa, beaten in both games.

Despite rookie quick Shane Harwood taking 2/21, the tourists made hard work of batting - Warner made just 20. Ponting's ordinary form continued, out for one run...

COMMENTATOR: Oh, you ripper! What about that! ..while Clarke was cleaned up for 27, as was Hussey. The five one-day internationals begin on Thursday. If it was anyone else, we might have been surprised, but Tiger Woods has come from well behind to win for the first time since returning from knee surgery. Woods edged out Sean O'Hair by one shot to win the Arnold Palmer Invitational for a sixth time. Sean O'Hair had a 5-shot lead heading into the final round, but no golfer is safe with Tiger on their tail. The world number one stalked O'Hair until the 15th hole, when a birdie brought him level at 5 under par. After both dropped shots,

they were still level they were still tied arriving at the final hole and that's when Tiger made the decisive move. A 5-metre putt, daunting for most, but Tiger's done it all before.

It feels really good to be back in contention again, to feel the rush. Once the world's dominant female golfer, Karrie Webb admitted after two win-less years on the LPGA Tour she feared victory may never come her way again. Today, those demons were put to rest. A 2-shot win at the Phoenix International, the sense of relief overwhelming. Welcome back to the winner's circle. Thank you. I played like Karrie Webb this week. I'm very happy. Chris Hodgkinson, Nine News. To finance now - and the market's given back some of last week's gains. After the break, Jaynie Seal with all the weather details. Plus an update on the citywide power blackout. And a boost for the Raiders after And a boost for the Raiders after

that controversial loss to the that controversial loss to the Eels.

Join me for all the details next. Join me for all the details next. n z

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It's not much better in the Eastern Suburbs, houses blacked out and traffic lights all off. We'll keep you updated thoughout the night. To the weather now. Jaynie, showers are moving into Sydney? They are, Peter, and could be heavy over the next couple of days. The biggest falls have been in the north of NSW. Lismore, 63mm in the last 24 hours, their heaviest rain in three years. Not as much as we move down the coast. Sydney - in the last hour, a few suburbs getting up to 3mm, but the rain will increase during the night. The main reason for this rain? A trough off the coast and moist onshore winds. Dry for western NSW under the large high. Across the country, early fog for Melbourne. Light showers for Hobart, clearing for Brisbane. Mild overnight under the cloud. Fresh south-easterly winds. A top of 24 in the west and for the city, you should reach 23, with showers for most of us. Rain on Wednesday, 23 degrees again. a good chance of this rain A good chance of this rain reaching the catchments.

Wakehurst Public school, our cadets for this week, who spent the day learning about cloud cover, wind, temperature and cold fronts. Thanks, team. Tonight, of course, extra care out there with blackouts and those showers. Stay with Nine for more news and A Current Affair.

But from me, Peter Overton, hope you have a great evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Territory' s gaol accepts its first

prisoners, And, the driver of a

vehicle which struck Brumby vehicle which struck Brumby Shawn

MacKay, questioned by police. MacKay, questioned by police. Good

evening, More than three membing, More than three hundred evening, More than three hundred members of the Rebels clubers of the Rebels motorcycle members of the Rebels motorcycle

club have attended the club have attended the Canberra

funeral of slain bikie Richard John

Roberts. The fifty-seven year old Roberts. The fifty-seven year old

was shot dead outside a house in was shot dead outside a house in Chisholm last week. His funeral