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The mortgage market takeover home owners thousands. that could save

And making history -

the first woman to lead the State. Carmel Tebbutt becomes and the buck stops with me. It's a very important role Good evening. I'm Bill Woods. Mohammed Haneef Also tonight - cleared terror suspect fights for compensation. And the revolutionary treatment a new lease on life. giving man's best friend it's fantastic. They've given me back my dog - But heading the news at 5:00 - for Christmas shopping the mad last-minute rush lights up the faces of struggling business owners.

the thick of it in Pitt Street Mall. Ten reporter Amelia Adams is in ringing loudly right across Sydney? Amelia, the cash registers have been

And he if some great news before

Christmas retailers. A ahead in a

bumper Christmas. It has been a

very tough year in the recent

months with the slowdown and we have seen people become more

have seen people become more

cautious about their spending, but

despite that Christmas is alive and

well and people have been out and

about spending up big in the lead-

up to tomorrow. Nowhere is it more

evident than in the city, it is

evident than in the city, it is

less than an hour to go from when

shops will close the doors. It has

been absolutely hectic all day -

with huge crowds madly rushing

about crowding in the air just taken a sneaky break from work, We don't get much time so I've but don't tell anyone.

Very stressful, yeah. has delighted retailers - The pre-Christmas spending binge

in sales over the past two weeks. they've reported a sudden surge December period was at $23.4 billion. Last Christmas, spending over the this year, an increase of about 3%. It's tipped to exceed $24 billion While it's up a little bit, of how flat things have been it's still a reflection for the last 12 months a little bit cautious and the fact people are just putting their hand in their pocket about next year. with the prospect of unemployment have put up their sale signs early Many stores to lure budget-conscious shoppers. Different budget, yes, of thinking about other people. but that shouldn't get in the way a little bit more mindful. Yes, we've been taken care of... With the Christmas stockings a couple of other bits and pieces, Two rocket launchers, it's all there. are now looking to the sales ..retailers for what's been a very slow year. to help make up is going to be a real teller The sale period in terms of consumer confidence because it will be the time those big ticket items. when people think about buying Items that may become more expensive against foreign currencies. if the Australian dollar remains weak

Go the doors are closed orate day

then it is on for young and old on

Boxing Day? Just a couple of hours

ago David Jones cleared away a

couple of its decorations for

Christmas and are putting the sales

signs up. People who have pulled

back on Christmas spending are

waiting to grab a bargain on those

Christmas sales. It is a $5 billion

spree predicted from Boxing Day and

a further $9 million in sales over

the first few weeks of the new year.

On Boxing Day Mayer and the city

will open at 5am to midnight. They

will be open from 6am until

midnight most stores. So, bill we

can expect to see many more scenes

days. of shopping mayhem in the coming

have just closed their doors The Sydney Fish Markets after a hectic 36 hours of trading. has been snapped up, Tonnes of seafood across the city. destined for Christmas get-togethers right through the night - When you're selling seafood too many prawns is never enough! $26.99! Large cooked Queensland tigers - 100,000 customers today - The fish market served nearly for a crustacean Christmas. keen to shell out and the smoked salmon. Some prawns, now oysters, a big feed tomorrow. We're really going to have at the counters. At times they were four deep to be served! Took me about half an hour Absolutely chaotic. MAN: Is it worth it? It's worth it. to keep up with demand. Staff struggled many lost track of time. With the market open for 36 hours - About 40, 30, 30-something. I dunno. MAN: How are you feeling? The traffic was stuffed too - Pretty stuffed - pretty stuffed.

made it easier to bear. but police and extra parking Absolute mahem! Good fun, though. isn't it? It's Christmas. I mean that's what it's about, MAN: What did you escape with today?

that's it for the moment. Ah, a kilo of prawns - but it's $90 bucks a kilo! I was going to go for some tuna, and have your seafood, But once you're in, is trying to get out. the next big battle are so hungry for prawns, The people here the retailers expect to do over 170 tonnes by the end of today.

Enough to convert even the biggest lovers of turkey and ham! The lobsters and prawns! Cracking stuff! Beautiful. Better than the cold English winter, you know. And they voted with their wallets - the ATMs were emptied several times. The fish market drained of seafood in time for the only day each year it closes. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. A major shake-up in the mortgage market, with Aussie Home Loans It means an unexpected bonus for tens of thousands of home owners, who could now see their interest rates slashed. Wizard has been losing market share since the world financial crisis hit and its parent company, GE Money, the world's largest credit provider, is strapped for cash. Now Aussie will take over the business and is promising to review Wizard loans and offer customers a better deal. It wouldn't surprise me if people came out with an interest rate of 0.5%, 0.75%, maybe 1% better off. The lure of 160 Wizard branches nationwide made sense to Aussie's founder John Symond, who intends moving the merged business into credit cards, insurance, personal loans and car loans. We can go and buy

and negotiate better products, better pricing and have more clout. The Commonwealth Bank will take up to $4 billion worth of Wizard's loan book, leaving Aussie to rewrite the remaining $7 billion worth. The deal's a positive for all the players. GE money gets out of home loans, Aussie doubles the size of its business, and the Commonwealth takes a step towards reclaiming its position as number one in home lending. Market watchers were surprised by Aussie's move, expecting Wizard to be swallowed by the National Australia bank. I think we're in the type of environment where it's eat or be eaten and John has gone the right way if he does want to compete in this type of environment by buying growth. John Symond says the transaction will make his company Australia's largest non-bank financial services provider. John Hill, Ten News. Mohammed Haneef's bungled arrest could make him a very rich man. Legal experts say he could earn up to a million dollars in compensation. It's been a long road to vindication for Mohamed Haneef. The former Gold Coast doctor now works in the Middle East, to the country which banished him. but hasn't ruled out a return to talk about the long-term plans. It's far too early Well, it might be an option later on. First, there's the matter of compensation. I would have thought he would get at least $1 million. Dr Haneef's lawyers say the claim will be based on malicious prosecution, false imprisonment and defamation. What we know is it will be substantial - this is a man whose life was turned upside down. The Clarke Inquiry cleared Mohamed Haneef of any involvement in last year's failed London terror attacks. But despite Justice Clarke criticising the Federal Police's handling of the case and questioning former immigration minister Kevin Andrews's decision to cancel the doctor's visa, the Government isn't forthcoming with an apology. In representing the Commonwealth and the taxpayers of Australia, it is not be appropriate for me to make any admissions. And after the expensive inquiry, there are doubts any compensation claim will reach the courts. The Government's got to pay - it's going to cost a lot of money. There's no point in spending millions of dollars in legal fees when they can't win it.

The Government is saying new guidelines should prevent a similar situation from ever happening again. And it's already foreshadowed changes to the terror laws which halve the time a suspect can be kept without court approval from 14 days to 7. Brad Hodson, Ten News. A milestone in State politics with Carmel Tebbutt today becoming the first woman to run New South Wales. She's taking over the top job for a few weeks, while Nathan Rees gets married. As Carmel Tebbutt toured the RTA's Traffic Management Centre,

her main message was to drivers heading off on holidays. Slow down, take a break. But she won't be, today becoming Acting Premier, by a woman in this State. a position never before held from friends and colleagues, I had a few text messages and it is an important first. It's also belated. NSW follows well behind other States - Anna Bligh has the permanent top job in Queensland. Miss Tebbutt's rise - albeit a short one - even has grudging bi-partisan support. I think she's a competent minister, Member of Parliament.

She could probably do better than some of the others around her. She's replacing Nathan Rees for two weeks - as he prepares to marry his highschool sweetheart under a cloud of secrecy - possibly in America. When the Government imploded just over a hundred days ago, Labor colleagues wanted Miss Tebbutt as Premier. It's a job she still doesn't want. Very glad to hand back responsibility

in a couple of weeks time. While today is a first for Carmel Tebbutt, her step up will provide another first tomorrow when an entire government chain of command will be female - from Governor-General Quentin Bryce,

to Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard, right down to Sydney's Lord Mayor Clover Moore. We have a good crop of women in politics, on all sides of politics, and I think you'll find the State goes along quite nicely, thank you. The Prime Minister has been upstaged by a Kevin Rudd Christmas angel while reading Christmas stories to young children. The angels with faces of Mr Rudd and his wife were created as decorations by children at a childcare centre visited by the Prime Minister. ALL SING 'JINGLE BELLS'

Who's this over here? CHILDREN: Santa! While Mr Rudd was entertaining children, Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull and his family helped those who are struggling this Christmas by packing hampers and preparing meals

at Sydney's Wayside Chapel. We'll have that next.

A man falls to his death at a Sydney pub. We'll have that next. Also tonight - stuck fast - the ferris wheel ride Aussie tourists would rather forget. making pets pain-free. And the revolutionary treatment it's fantastic. They've given me back my dog - This program is captioned live. road toll has jumped to seven. The State's Christmas holiday she was a passenger in A woman died when the car ran off the Pacific Highway near Port Macquarie and crashed into trees just after 5:00 this morning. Two others were injured. is being investigated, The cause of the crash was not a factor. but police say speed stands at 25. The national holiday road toll A man in his 60s has died at a pub in The Rocks. after falling down a flight of stairs with friends last night He was leaving the Harbour View Hotel severe head injuries. when he fell and suffered but died a short time later. He was rushed to hospital, as an accident. Police are treating the death Scores of people have been rescued tallest observation wheel. from the world's after a short circuit, The Singapore flyer lost power for six hours. leaving tourists stranded Trapped, terrified and angry.

165 metres above Singapore's skyline. The tourists had paid to dangle But not for so long. Everybody was nervous, angry, for the first two hours, only just "technical problem". because no answer at all, lost power last night, The world's largest observation wheel trapping more than 170 people.

food and water to the sightseers Emergency crews were able to get but conditions were squalid. We not even want to drink to go to pee and to the toilet. because we are afraid

including some Australians, Passengers, say they were given no information, working on the wheel. but could see engineers in hardhats to the ground in harnesses. Rescuers lowered some passengers


all the tourists were freed. Six hours after the short circuit, by paramedics. Many were treated at the scene was complaining of dizziness One person who was vomiting. and there was a boy has had mechanical problems before, The Flyer were only up to an hour long. but the outages ever had anything of this nature, where people were hospitalised. remains closed. The major tourist attraction Chloe Baker, Ten News. A revolutionary new treatment the crippling effects of arthritis. is helping pets overcome Vets are using stem cells they enjoyed when they were pups. to give dogs back the mobility If you could understand William, he'd tell you how great he feels. his owner's pretty certain We have our beautiful puppy back thing we hardly recognised whom we'd seen degenerate into a sad and they've given me back my dog. joint disease in his elbows and hips. The Labrador was once crippled by of a new stem cell treatment But after just one course his mobility returned. they're more comfortable, These animals are happier, their pain is less, their range of motion is better, they're on less medication quality of life is improved. and overall their of around 80% with the procedure. Dr Angus Ross has had a success rate from a dog's fat It involves removing stem cells into the problem joint. and injecting them anti-inflammatory effect The stem cells have an and help the joint regenerate. relatively quickly Most of the animals seem to improve that improvement over time. and sustain Few owners were more grateful for that than Liam Stilana to carry out tasks for him. who relies on his therapy dog Hero the spring was back in his step. Within days of therapy,

and a big smile on his face. A lot more agile

I needed to see for my son. And that's something it isn't cheap. At $6,000 a treatment, will tell you, but as any arthritis sufferer is worth it. the option of living pain-free have asked about it too. so much so, that plenty of pet owners of people who say, We have a long list "Can you do me at the same time?" it's slightly illegal. but being a veterinary surgeon, they're working on it. But biotechnicians promise Amber Muir, Ten News.

I am concerned that there are many

citizens out there who have a

vested interest in your report.

They are concerned that Santa has

good weather for his important

deliveries. I can reveal

exclusively he has popped in for exclusively he has popped in for a

visit on Channel 10 use, and we can

provide him some decent weather. We

appear with some of the children

from Channel 10, Merry Christmas

from our families to your families.

At the moment we have 20 degrees -

as warm as it got in the city today.

Three below average and it only got

to 19 in the Richmond also a very

cool Christmas Eve. But Santa, that

is OK when you are wearing a big

red suit? The weather tomorrow for

our celebrations it - at this stage

fine and sunny, 25 degrees. The

on. full details and more centre later

charged with rape. A State Government minister The details next. Also, risky rescues as a water main bursts in the US.

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, you may have heard earlier in the

bulletin there has been a mad

scramble at the stores. How is that

translating into traffic? All day

we have seen congestion around we have seen congestion around

local shops. We are alive at the

end of five out of Campbeltown - a

brilliant run the home. The best it

is take it nice and easy. There are

lots of police on the roads. Big

delays in to Gosford out of poor

run there. Centre should be fine

getting into Sydney tonight. A Victorian Government minister with raping a woman 10 years ago. has been charged Theo Theophanous denies the claims, but has stood down from cabinet. With his wife at his side, the 60-year-old said he would fight the charge. I can only speculate as to why this woman has made such an untrue and malicious allegation against me. His accuser lives in Greece and gave a statement to police earlier this year. Mr Theophanous will remain a member of Parliament. Victorian Premier John Brumby says he's entitled to the presumption of innocence. Now to the ING direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock, and Jacqui, And Virgin Blue has wiping the fuel surcharge on local fares? It has Bill, completely eliminated the current $19 charge in a move designed to fill seats in what is shaping up to be a tough year for the airlines. The company says it's only fair to pass on the saving, has plummeted since July. as the price of jet fuel International fuel levies still apply, but have been reduced.

Well, despite a negative lead from the US, local stocks have ended on a high ahead of the Christmas Day trading break. And that's the day in finance. Pope Benedict has angered human rights groups with comments about homosexuality.

In his end of year speech, the Pontiff suggested that homosexuality was a threat to the survival of the human race, warning that gender theory blurred the distinction between male and female. Gay rights campaigners have labelled the Pontiff homophobic, saying his remarks encourage attacks on gay people. A burst water main has turned a suburban road into a torrent of ice-cold water, leading to several dangerous rescues. It was the height of the morning rush - a 4-foot wall of water turned a busy commuter route into raging torrent. It was going over my car - it was on top of my car. A water main break just north of Washington DC sent millions of gallons of water surging through this street

that connects this city with its Maryland suburbs. I actually for a minute thought I was dreaming because it was just like I was in the middle in of a river - a muddy river. Rescue crews saved more than a dozen people who were trapped. Among them a child, who clung to the sides of the basket as he was hoisted away from the flood by a state police helicopter. On the ground, local police and fire departments helped others to safety. This probably ranks up in the top couple of, I'd say, most perilous rescues that I've been involved with. The people who were rescued from that water were treated for hypothermia - the temperature was well below freezing when that pipe burst. One of the firemen helping with that rescue effort had to be rescued himself. Lieutenant Patrick Mitchell

had taken two women to safety in a boat. After they reached dry land, that boat filled with water. He was rescued by a helicopter. Everyone's safe and no-one's hurt,

and there's no better feeling than that. Once the water started going down, engineers took a look at the damage the flood had left behind. They say they expect the repairs to take several days. In Cabin, Drew Levinson, Ten News. America's Midwest has been hit by another winter blast. Snow and sleet are causing chaos on the roads on one of the busiest travel days of the year. Dozens of cars are sliding off icy highways and flipping over, causing frustrating traffic jams. The nasty weather is also causing major delays at airports. grounded over the past few days.

Barack Obama is proving he's definitely fit for office. The US President-elect has been photographed on holiday in Hawaii looking toned and trim. He muscled his way into the White House, and now he's showing the world exactly how fit for office he really is.

Taut and toned in his trunks on a family holiday in Hawaii, the 47-year-old President-elect has caused quite a stir - the paparazzi pictures making front pages around the world. It's not the first time Barack's body has been a talking point. So was it this comment from California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger during the presidential campaign that made him beef up? He needs to do something about those skinny legs. (CROWD CHEERS) We're going to make him do some squats. (CROWD CHEERS) And then we're going to go and give him some biceps curls to beef up the scrawny little arms. Obama's unlikely to be the butt of Arnie's jokes now. And when you compare to those of Vladimir Putin, Tony Blair, and David Cameron, it's not too hard to see who's the vote-winner. As well as the gym, the president-to-be hones his body on the golf course, and he's a huge basketball fan, who is believed to be planning to install a court in the White House. Will there be sunshine for Christmas? Angela Bishop has the answer next. Also - the top selling gifts filling Christmas stockings this season. And making his list and checking it twice - Santa ready to fire up the reindeers. As much as I love what I do... ..I never want to lose sight of what's really important. MOBILE PHONE BEEPS So when there's a chance for all of us to catch up,

I don't need a headache bringing me down. That's why I keep Panadol Rapid handy.

It's absorbed twice as fast as regular Panadol tablets. Because I'd rather spend time with friends than with a headache. Panadol - it's my choice. This program is captioned live. Top stories on Ten - Carmel Tebutt has made NSW political history. She's become the first woman to lead the State, assuming the top job while Premier Nathan Rees marries his childhood sweetheart. She'll be in the chair for a fortnight. A surprise mortgage takeover could provide surprise savings for homeowners. Aussie Home loans says it will assess all of Wizard's mortgages once the sale goes through, promising rates cuts of up to 1%.

The Commonwealth Bank will also acquire some of Wizard's loans. And business owners are rubbing their hands together as Christmas draws near. Australians have spent more than $37 billion this festive season -

on merchandise and food. And the Christmas crush looks set to continue right up until 6:00 as shoppers rush to find last-minute gifts. While most big-ticket items have sold out, there are still plenty of bargains to be found.

As mums and dads sifted through what's left of this year's Christmas stock Santa faced some tough questions from the kids. How do you get around the world so fast? So fast? I fly with my reindeer. Yes, they fly. They're magic! Heading this year's wish list - digital cameras, Nintendo Wiis, Apple iPods, castor boards for the kids, and iPhones for the grown-ups. MAN: What's the worst gift you ever got at Christmas? A towel. From my dad. And he got my brother Oakley sunnies. Not good? Nup. Mums and dads, resist the urge and steer clear of the socks and undies isle. Both head this year's Christmas shockers list, with dressing gowns, photo frames, bath gels and kitchen appliances. Ho, ho, ho! And what do you want for Christmas, son? A dragon egg. A dragon egg? For last-minute stocking stuffers try Lego for the boys and Barbies for the girls. Mums can't get enough of Chanel's new No.5, while dads are chasing GPS navigators. WOMAN'S VOICE: Turn right, Darling Street. And for the impossible-to-buy-for aunt or uncle, try a DVD box set or universal remote. Last-minute shoppers have just under an hour to grab a bargain before stores close ahead of what is expected to be our biggest Boxing Day sales ever. And while the discounts will be huge, we're being warned not to overdo it. Two million shoppers are expected to splash the cash, Santa reminding little ones to get a good night's sleep. Brett Mason, Ten News. Christmas cheer has come early for the city's homeless. 20 women and children today enjoyed a festive lunch with all the trimmings, thanks to the goodwill of local businesses. A visit from Santa brought the smiles to childrens' faces, but the local community demonstrated the true spirit of Christmas. The situation people are in - going to somewhere like this and having dinner with people makes you very happy for Christmas. Businesses from Sydney's Strathfield have banded together to put on a special Christmas celebration for 200 women and children from homeless shelters across Sydney. Having nowhere to live is a very big problem, especially at Christmas time. These are families doing it tough. Financially difficult backgrounds, domestic violence had been a contributing factor to some of their situations, which puts them into our women's refuges.

The event provides not just a meal and gifts for the kids, it forges a network of support for Mums getting back on their feet. Not having family around, which would have been a bit hard, but it helped - they're our family. These local businesses are determined to continue the event for years to come. It gives us an opportunity to give a little back, and we feel that's the most important thing that we can do. Wishing you a Merry Christmas! Jackie Maddox, Ten News. Now to the some breaking news - Santa Claus is set to leave the North Pole, on his special journey around the world. for the big trip, He's been busy getting ready finishing off reading the millions of letters from children and wrapping presents. Luckily he's had all his elves around to help him. Getting there. All packed and ready, like it should be. Because now is the time! With the reindeer fed, and the sleigh packed - he is finally ready for the long journey. He's due to arrive in Australia later tonight, delivering presents right across the country.

Yes, that's right, Bill.

The 101-Test veteran is refusing to rule out ending his career Andrew Symonds is in doubt with a knee injury ahead of the second Test against South Africa. Plus - the Sydney to Hobart fleet prepare for one of the fastest starts in the race's history.

Imagine being able to hold the world's best party. Champagne flowing... (PARTY FAVOUR HOOTS) ..Cirque du Soleil artists performing everywhere. (BLOWS PARTY FAVOUR) (MAN LAUGHS) VOICEOVER: Hey, we don't choose the dreams, but with Lotto's massive $30 million New Year Superdraw, we can make plenty come true. That's right - $30 million. So get your entry in by Saturday, January 3, and you could: As much as I love what I do... ..I never want to lose sight of what's really important. MOBILE PHONE BEEPS So when there's a chance for all of us to catch up, I don't need a headache bringing me down. That's why I keep Panadol Rapid handy. It's absorbed twice as fast as regular Panadol tablets. Because I'd rather spend time with friends than with a headache. Panadol - it's my choice. If you're caught speeding or not wearing your seatbelt these Christmas-New Year holidays, you'll lose at least half your licence. And if just one of your passengers isn't wearing theirs, that's your licence gone. Remember, double demerits for seatbelt and speeding offences. Australia's hopes of levelling the test series with South Africa have suffered a setback, with all-rounder Andrew Symonds in serious doubt for the Boxing Day Test. And in a further blow for the Aussies, Symonds' likely replacement Shane Watson is also under an injury cloud. He strolled out to training like he didn't have a care in the world. Hi, Roy. How are you going? Good, mate. But it didn't take long to work out things weren't quite right. Andrew Symonds caught in deep conversation with the coach and then a selector before barely breaking into a jog during a series of training drills. The Aussies confirming their star all-rounder is struggling. He has got a sore knee - calm down over the next few days. but they're urging that things will Well, that's what he's hoping, anyway. Symonds's obvious replacement, Shane Watson, is also far from 100% fit - the injury-prone Queenslander is battling a stiff back. Matthew Hayden continues to battle poor form - so much so, the veteran opener hasn't ruled out retiring after next week's Sydney Test. I'm not looking to South Africa or England at this stage - I'm looking for these next two Test matches, the two most exciting Test matches of the summer. Cricket has arrived at these matches and I want to be part of it. The 37-year-old has scored six centuries in his past seven Boxing Day Tests, in three matches this summer and admits he's weighing up his playing future. It's the great challenge that I really enjoy and the day where it comes where I can sit here and face you guys and say I don't want to play cricket any more for Australia - if that's a forced decision then that's a forced decision, but for my mind, I'm still enjoying it. And while the Proteas believe the home side is panicking, Hayden says the Australians are relishing the challenge. They haven't won from 1-0 down in a 3-Test series in 40 years. From my point of view it's awesome to be involved in a series coming from behind. where we are now Kelli Underwood, Ten News. There's still two Tests remaining, but the South Africans are already eyeing off a history-making series win. Captain Graeme Smith today declaring his men have plenty more in the tank as they set their sights on securing a 2-0 lead. Full of confidence after the heroics in Perth, Graeme Smith can't help but imagine what a series win would mean for his team and his country. We drew in India, we won in England and if we can really close off the series in Australia I think it will be an incredible achievement for this team. our most successful season ever Probably in the history of South African cricket, you know. There were smiles all round as the Proteas went through their paces this afternoon, the skipper showing no signs of his elbow injury during a casual game of soccer. But the problem refuses to go away

and could yet force him out of the one-day series. Suggestions of injections of blood into him and stuff like that,

which sounds a bit gory, but I guess, with these things, if it doesn't work it probably will end having to have surgery at some stage. The South Africans are likely to field an unchanged team on Boxing Day. Middle order batsman Ashwell Prince is yet to recover from a fractured thumb. I think it's only seven days since the injury

which I think is on borderline so we'll see how he goes the next three days but if he's experiencing pain, we wouldn't risk him in this game. Fast bowler Dale Steyn continues to improve his fitness after struggling with hamstring problems in the first Test, Smith warning the Australians that Steyn and his team-mates have plenty of improvement left. We obviously need to be a bit more ruthless. More stamina in finishing them off. New South Wales has scored a 5- wicket win in its rain affected day nighter against Western Australia. The Blues chased down their revised target of 137 off 29 overs - with 13 balls to spare, helped largely by a half century from Phillip Hughes and some late big hitting from Daniel Smith. COMMENTATOR: Oh, that's gone a long way back into the Victor Trumper stand! The keeper finished with 5 fours and a six for an unbeaten 29. The start of this year's Sydney to Hobart yacht race is looming as one of the fastest of all time. And if favourable northerly conditions persist, the race record could be in real danger. It's less than 48 hours until the cannons fire for the start of the 64th Sydney to Hobart. And for the boys on board handicap contender 'Quantum Racing', there's only time enough for fine tuning. The wind gods are smiling on me and I might have a chance of pulling off a victory this year. The crews gathered at the Cruising Yacht Club this morning for their official race briefing. And if predictions are accurate, they're in for a fast one. The fleet will start in a fresh north-easterly and that wind will strengthen as the boats head down the NSW coast,

so that overnight on Boxing Day,

there'll be a 20- or 30-knot northerly behind the fleet at that time. and there'll be very fast racing That means the big maxis like 'Wild Oats XI' and 'Skandia' should blow out to quite a substantial lead. But it doesn't look they'll have it all their own way. If, as expected, a light and variable change hits late on Saturday, some of the 50-footers are expected to shoot back into contention for handicap honours and 'Quantum Racing' could well be one of them. As long as the breeze holds out for the first 24 to 30 hours,

then we're going to be really pushing all the big boats as well across Bass Strait. the crews know better than to rule out a repeat of 1998, when freak weather conditions conspired to create a perfect storm that claimed six lives. Look, you never know. If you get two weather systems that collide, that's a possibility. Nobody expected those sorts of conditions when they prevailed in the 1998 race. The 10-year anniversary will be marked by a minute's silence before the race begins. Andrew Blow, Ten News. Between recovering from back surgery and deciding where he'll play past next season, West Tigers hooker Robbie Farah is a busy man.

But with a bit of assistance from his mates

he's found time to help some of those doing it tough this Christmas. Robbie Farah earns his keep as one of the Wests Tigers' marquee players

but when the opportunity came to turn an annual game of golf with some mates into into a chance to make the holiday season a little easier on those who need it most, the hooker jumped at the chance. We thought, "Let's do something good for the less fortunate to people who need it more than us." "and give some Christmas cheer Farah and his friends created the Mates On A Mission golf day.

The inaugural event in 2002 raised $800 for Youth Off The Streets. Last year, that figure was in excess of $10,000. We know there's a lot of kids that are less fortunate than ourselves, who have had some hard knocks in their time, so we thought that was a good charity, you know, buy some Christmas presents and hopefully put some smiles on some kids' faces, yeah. It's a very difficult time for charities and Youth Off The Streets certainly is one of those charities. And we're somebody that really needs help this time of year so to have something like this on Christmas Eve is absolutely amazing. Farah's Tiger team-mates Dene Halatau and Chris Lawrence came down to support the day - even if some shots did go astray. I don't really consider this as giving back - I mean, I'm playing a game of golf -

but if that helps them out, I'm more than happy to keep doing it. The tournament host with an early tip...

Chris Lawrence will definitely hit 'em so my money's on him. Either very hot or very, very cold and I think today might be very cold.

..While some were prepared to write themselves off. I love the game, I spend a lot of money on it, but I'm no good at it. So, I'll keep trying until I get better. And though many a ball ended up in the drink, most importantly, the Mates On A Mission raised $20,000 for Youth Off The Streets. Adam Thompson, Ten News. No Sports Tonight on this evening - it will return on Friday with a comprehensive wrap of day one of the second Test at the MCG. Bill, Merry Christmas.

It may have been a bad day for

shopping today but it was a good

day on the roads. A lot of traffic

starting to wait - - made its way

away from the shops. There is a lot

of build up through cuts who will.

The great news is there had been no

accidents or breakdowns on the

major roads. Slowdown, but jet down

on the radar for the approach of

Santa to the city. a very festive Angela Bishop As much as I love what I do... ..I never want to lose sight of what's really important. MOBILE PHONE BEEPS

So when there's a chance for all of us to catch up, I don't need a headache bringing me down. That's why I keep Panadol Rapid handy. It's absorbed twice as fast as regular Panadol tablets. Because I'd rather spend time with friends than with a headache. Panadol - it's my choice.

Tanning is skin cells in trauma trying to protect themselves from cancer. But one damaged cell can start a melanoma growing. And just one millimetre deep, it can get into your bloodstream and spread. So even if a melanoma is cut out, the cancer can reappear months or years later, often in your lung, liver or brain. And you haven't even started to burn yet. A special Christmas present has arrived in Taiwan. Two giant pandas have made their groundbreaking trip from China. The 4-year-olds, Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan, are a goodwill gesture from Beijing and symbolise improved relations between the two countries. They're busy getting used to their new home and will be kept in quarantine for a month before going on show at Taipei city zoo.

Is it going to be good whether to

open Christmas presents in the

morning? I can promise you good

weather in the morning to open presence weather in the morning to open

presence by. We had Asante and some

of his helpers - say hello. Now

Santa has taken some time out of

his a busy schedule to come and see

us. Can I ask, pay if - first of

all have you all put in all have you all put in your

requests for presents from the

Santa. Santer, have you been able

to fulfil their wishes. Kids, have

you been a naughty or a nice AIG

Santa, do you believe them? Yes. you been a naughty or a nice AIG Santa, do you believe them? Yes. It

is at 21 in Wollongong 21 in Dubbo.

Newcastle 22, began in 19 and

Canberra 20. On the satellite -

cloud over WA with the Cyclone

belief causing damage and are

flooding rain. Cloud over SA is

causing showers and thunderous. Patchy

Patchy cloud over NSW is triggering

a thunderstorms. Tomorrow a trough

in the east will generate showers

and storms across Queensland and in

eastern NSW. A second trough will

cause shells for central Australia.

Cyclone Billy will take gales off

the shore. I will ask some of these

kids who are all members of the

Channel 10 at family, we have

people coming into work on the news

to save merry Christmas to all of

you. What have you asked for for

Christmas? And a mobile phone and

dead wants to hit a 29 at golf I

want a remote control. I forgot

what I want. Or I asked for a what I want. Or I asked for a CD

player. Tell me, how do you fit it

all in? You are just a very busy

Santa. Fantastic. Now leads look at

the all-important Temperatures for tomorrow.

A bit closer to home,:

As soon as the presence are ripped

open common everything will come

out looking fine.

Friday the all-important start of the

the Sydney to Hobart yacht race will

25. We wish you all the merriest of

Christmases from the family at

Channel 10 used to yours, a merry Christmas. He comes from Santa's rather chilly neck of the woods and today got right into the festive spirit. 5-year-old Sea World star Hudson awoke to find a giant Christmas tree full of presents. He was suspicious at first but before long, was tearing in to see what Santa had delivered. Hudson received toys, fish and meat,

but favourite treats caught his attention - some watermelon and sweet biscuits. That's it for now. I'm Bill Woods. From all of us here in the Ten newsroom, merry Christmas. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.