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(generated from captions) of the whole thing since 1896, of the wettest runs in the history 60 miles from London, and after one and all the other drivers. Congratulations to you Genevieve nears the finishing line. the era of grace and charm. to have driven in The machines show what it's like the celebrations now. Cheerio. From Brighton - there's only E-mail us at This program is captioned live. Roads to nowhere - in the city's south-east as separate accidents bring traffic to a standstill for hours. Choking fears over drink bottles to pre-schoolers. supplied by the Government

doing homework is a waste of time. The expert who says tired brains can't think. Tired brains don't learn, And hey, 'True Blue' - to the night-time spectacular a very Aussie flavour at this year's Easter Show.

Good evening. on the roads south of Sydney, It's been a bad day to be with two major traffic dramas and Southern Cross drive. along the Eastern Distributor Mark Burrows is out there, well and truly tested? and Mark, drivers had their patience Peter, on any given weekday, is a challenge, the road to the airport it was just about impossible. but today, the Distributor had to be closed It started when serious damage to overhead equipment. because a truck caused Then, just hours later, caused even more delays. a crash further south 8.30am this morning into the Eastern Distributor. heading north and the news, all bad. The view is grim

VOICEOVER: City-bound lanes closed. entered the tunnel, As a tip truck full of scrap metal

it smashed into lighting part of the sprinkler system. and ripped out but in its wake - The truck kept going, all over the road. glass wiring and broken pipes They tried to divert traffic thousands praying but the delays still left their bosses would understand.

from the airport. Yeah, for about an hour

Well, it will be two hours soon. for four hours. The tunnel stayed closed police went after the truckie - In that time, so did the Roads Minister. he should ensure it can't. I don't care if the load shifted, reopening, another accident. Within minutes of the tunnel under the airport runway. A three-car smash in the tunnel going nowhere. This time it was south-bound traffic a solid block, The line of cars and trucks into the city. stretching for kilometres It's ridiculous. but there was no turning back. They argued with police, 1.5 hours stuck in traffic. forget about it. Appointments, lunch dates, We're stuck. What do you do? and the accident was cleared. Just over an hour, most important roadways, One of the city's

The people were trapped but they

still must declare it in one hour.

could. They were working as hard as they

cursed twice in one day. Mark Burrows, Nine News. affecting our motorways today, They weren't the only problems delaying plans to build extra lanes with the State Government on the M2 and M5. the economic crisis, The Premier blames for yet another broken promise. but the Opposition says that's code The morning shuffle to work - and speed limits that seem laughable. banks of brake lights The traffic report was on the money. wherever I look. VOICEOVER: It's not a good morning But the news was even worse. parts of the M5 and M2 motorways VOICEOVER: A plan to widen in Sydney's west have been shelved. on both motorways An announcement to put an extra lane was made back in July. and get out there, We have to work harder like today's announcement. delivering announcements hasn't progressed any further. But the $800 million upgrade to issue credit and finance. Part of the issue is the capacity it's been scrapped, but... Which doesn't mean for the taxpayers of NSW, If I can get a good deal we'll widen them, absolutely. track record Of course the Government does have a for dumping large transport projects, do you trust them? so the question is - each day, Well, if you take the M5 to work

plenty of time to think about it. at least you've got this is normal traffic every day. This is ridiculous - for upgrading the Opera House The Opposition wants the $1 billion to widen the motorways instead. don't give a toss The people of western Sydney at the Opera House whether the acoustics are up to par or not. when peak hour meant exactly that. He is backed by those who remember Opera House or M5? it would be the M5, for sure. I never go to the Opera House, Denham Hitchcock, Nine News. is urgently recalling The Health Department

to preschool children, drink bottles it issued because of fears about choking. contacting parents concerned. The Department is a State Government program The bottles were part of to promote a healthy diet. This is the water bottle Health Department's urgent recall. at the centre of the can become loose and choke a child. The white valve inside the lid if a child unscrews the lid It poses a risk from the bottle. and tries to drink the water to preschools More than 2,500 bottles were sent on the Northern Beaches, and Central Coast regions. the Illawarra called 'Munch and Move' It was part of a State-wide program to tackle obesity in young kids. about a faulty bottle The Department received a complaint from a parent last week.

no reports of choking. Fortunately, there've been every area health service Later today we contacted to alert them about the issue. on the government The Opposition has pounced about the bottles for not properly informing parents in the first place. which should not have gone out

young children Any person who looks after would've said this is a risk. to young children They would never give that

it's plainly absurd. only knew of the risks The Opposition claims parents when this alert was posted on preschool noticeboards.

A mum or dad picking up their child could miss this. We understand that Area Health Services have rung, emailed and provided flyers to every preschool. Gabriella Rogers, Nine News. Rogue elements in the Defence Department are being blamed for compiling and then leaking

a dirt file on their own minister, Joel Fitzgibbon.

Defence chiefs have ordered an investigation,

while Mr Fitzgibbon has defended his friendship with a businesswoman who has links with Chinese companies. If there were genuine security concerns about Joel Fitzgibbon, ASIO would investigate and a report would be on the PM's desk quick smart. But in this case it seems that discontented Defence officials conducted their own covert investigation into the Defence Minister, and then leaked their findings to sections of the media. I'm glad I'm not in a room with him this morning. I reckon he might be a bit angry. With reason. The dirt file concerns Mr Fitzgibbon's 16-year friendship with a Sydney-based Chinese-born businesswoman, Helen Liu, and her family. The Lius have financial links with Beijing. No-one has ever raised any concern with me about that relationship. According to Fairfax newspapers, the officials found that the Liu and Fitzgibbon families sometimes exchanged gifts. Small gifts. For example, birthdays etc. Also, Mr Fitzgibbon rents his Canberra residence from the Liu family. The most serious aspect of the affair is the claim that an officer of the Defence Signals Directorate - the top secret electronic spy agency - tapped into the IT system in Mr Fitzgibbon's ministerial office and accessed his computer records. For someone in DSD to do that would be a crime, pure and simple. As a Canberra Defence expert said earlier today, this has 'rogue' written all over it. The Opposition alleges Mr Fitzgibbon is at war with his department and should be sacked. But Defence Department head Nick Warner says there is no tension. He has ordered an inquiry into the allegations of a secret intelligence operation against the minister. Could that ever happen legitimately? No.

In Washington, Kevin Rudd held talks with US Defence officials at the Pentagon, but the allegations about officials back in Australia dominated his news conference. Let's see what other facts emerge. Laurie Oakes, Nine News.

There's been a cool reception to a ceasefire plan

put forward yesterday by one of Australia's most powerful bikie gangs. The Comancheros are suggesting peace talks with rival gangs but few believe the idea will work.

Police hold little confidence calls for peace talks will end the bikie violence. Comancheros leader Mick Hawi wants a sit down with rivals, but detectives say the calls change nothing. While they welcome any effort to protect the community, they say there is only one way to bring peace - break the bikies' code of silence.

Ex cop and bikie expert Duncan McNab also holds little faith in proposed peace talks.

I've been around too long to think these calls for peace will work. That said, anything that takes some of the violence that the public are now party to off the table - you gotta look at it. He believes greed and territory domination will prevent a ceasefire. The real problem is of they'd all like to get out of organised crime - where they are making so much money - then maybe the problem might resolve. But Hawi's lawyer says he has already contacted rival leaders. They have a similar attitude, however, they have not spoken up.

I'm not going to allow the safety of the public

to be predicated on them coming together. And any chance of peace will be tested tomorrow when a funeral is held for Tony Zervas. He's the man who was murdered in last weekend's brawl at Sydney Airport and the brother of a senior Hells Angel. Simon Bouda, Nine News. Police hunting the killer of alleged crime boss Abdul Qadir Darwiche raided a house in Northmead last night. Heavily-armed officers staked out the property for several hours before moving in. The dog squad went first. WOMAN WITH LOUD HAILER: Police are at the front door and they have a dog with them. As it turned out, the house was empty. Darwiche was shot dead at Bass Hill nearly two weeks ago. School children have been saying it for years, and now an expert agrees - homework is a waste of time. An education specialist says students would be better off using their home time to relax or play. 11-year-old Keana and her 9-year-old brother Dane spend at least 1.5 hours each night doing homework. I think it's a good because you get to learn more. But former high school teacher Maggie Dent says there's no evidence homework improves a child's education. They're really tired when they get home well, tired brains don't learn, tired brains can't think. She's concerned the amount of homework children are doing is increasing when they should be out playing or spending time with family, even when they're in high school. Use the school day, make that six hours full of learning and when they're learning they're meant to have a childhood in order to well enjoy life. It's a view supported by many parents. I'm a great believer in kids having down time when they come home. Some kids have two hours of homework and I think that's ridiculous that's a bit extreme. In NSW it's up to individual schools to set the amount of homework a student does each night. Teachers say it's vital in reinforcing the lessons taught during the day. Some children take longer than others to learn particular activities or gain particular knowledge with a bit of reinforcement at home that can certainly make it easier. And the Department of Education agrees. We're certainly looking at not changing that in the short term.

Jodie Noyce, Nine News. This year's Royal Easter Show will have a very Australian theme

for its main arena attraction when it gets under way a fortnight from today. It's based on John Williamson's Aussie anthem 'True Blue' and involves mateship, a cattle dog and a struggle against the elements. It's all here - stockmen with Australian flags, a cattle drove and farm bikes. Today was just a rehearsal, the final production will run every night of the show. John Williamson will sing on the first three nights. # John Williamson sings 'True Blue' # But Williamson is well aware this cattle dog named True Blue just might upstage him. Well, that always happens, and I don't mind at all, and it's a beautiful dog. The show tells the story of Blue's journey back to his owners after being separated by a house fire. Blue's got a big job.

This breed of dog is good to train because they love learning. What are the tricks? I'm not allowed to give away the script of the show. There will be dogs, of course, sheep, and more than 40 horses. The show's writers say the bush themes are a tribute to farming families struggling after drought, floods and bushfires. The story will be narrated by another country favourite - Shannon Noll. John Kerrison, Nine News. It was quite a storm we saw last night

coming in from the west and putting on a spectacular lightning show. But that was just the start of it. The front produced heavy rain and hail along with strong winds, especially in the Blue Mountains. Trees came down, knocking out power at the foot of the Mountains as well as parts of Penrith. In the news ahead - the Swedish countess who can't live on less than a $150 million. And the model railway that's become a world of its own. After three shark attacks in Sydney so far this year, a Government review has recommended putting up warning signs telling of the safest times to swim. It also says shark nets should be checed every 72 hours, instead of 96 as they are now. I don't think there's any Gvernment in the world

that can put measures in place that fully protect you once you've entered the ocean. The Government says it will consider putting in more shark nets if there's community demand. The State Govenment is to employ more nurses, one of a number of measures to speed up waiting times in emergency departments. State Political reporter Kevin Wilde joins us from Westmead Hospital with the details. Peter, the running of emergency departments such as this one here at Westmead, will change and hopefully improve in the future. 30 new positions will be created, with the nurses able to take pressure of other specialists by organising X-rays and prescribing drugs. This additional 30 at the cost of just under $15 million will make a big contribution to increasing the efficiency for patient care and reduce waiting times in emergency departments. The Health Minister also says treating more people at home, so they don't end up here, is important as well.

To help that, the fleet of mini-ambulances and senior paramedics who make home visits, will grow.

We can also reveal - there will be a new program offering specialised treatment for more people over 65 with conditions such as diabetes and with conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Full details of the government's new plan for the health system will be announced on Monday, Peter. An American divorce case is providing some grim entertainment in the middle of the financial crash. 36-year-old Marie David was back in court today, demanding more money from her 66-year-old former husband George, a business magnate. The pre-nup allowed her $50 million, but Marie wants $150 million. She explains that her life has become very expensive, and moans about weekly costs of more than $70,000. Now for the world's biggest train set - 700 trains, on 10 km of track spread over 1,000 square metres. From Scandinavia, over Germany, Austria, Switzerland, right to the distant America. Brothers Gerrit and Frederik Braun have spent $20 million creating this miniature world which includes cars and trucks, even unmarked police patrols with speed cameras. as the trains roll through There's a full scale control room, day, and night. LEDs in the exhibit At nightfall, over 300,00 small

create a miraculous atmosphere. The project is still growing - with completion planned by 2014. an airport is next, Sport next with Andrew Voss -

wants one for the road? and Wendell Sailor

play another season at the top level. Yes Peter, Big 'Del thinks he can Also, the Tigers' hard-sell their turf. to make the Sydney Football Stadium And scarlet fever hits Melbourne - ahead of the Grand Prix. Ferrari fans out in force Despite the recent alcohol dramas, creating an independent commission the NRL has decided against to deal with drink-related problems. Wendell Sailor, Meanwhile, the game's oldest back, another season says he wants to play and Nine News understands Dragons management to make it happen. he's already held talks with his 200th NRL game Wendell Sailor plays this weekend. when his team meets the Sharks he's still young at heart. The 34-year-old showing Check baby check baby, yeah one two. sparkle has gone, he's still got it Sailor has shown while some of for the road. and he wants one more season

I missed two years of football. I'd say so.

My body is pretty good. competitive nature's still there. Lost a little bit of speed, but my Many though the dual international from his drugs suspension. wouldn't come back

for their faith. Now he'd like to repay the Dragons gave me that lifeline Dragons supported me, kicking me when I was down. when a lot of people were tried to downplay reports Meanwhile the Roosters

bad boy Todd Carney that former Raiders with the club. had agreed to a four year deal Carney will likely be a Rooster The truth is, the next couple of months. if he can keep his nose clean over the Tigers, are using You Tube The Roosters opponents,

at the Sydney Football Stadium. to promote their first home game Oh, it's gonna be a massive night. have dancing, entertainment, We're gonna have DJs, we're gonna biggest screen of all time, it's gonna be footy on the you should see this thing. So, this is our house. They're renting! Craig Wing makes his return After three off-season operations he did it tough without football. against the Knights, saying I was a little bit depressing.

that's what I do, I'm a footballer, you sort of, ah, it does get tough. when you can't do your job, made an appearance at training On the Gold Coast, Scott Prince kick-off against the Dogs and he'll be given until just before to prove he's fit. Danny Weidler, Nine News. in South Africa, Home from making history to get some early experience Phillip Hughes is off to England ahead of the Ashes. centuries in each innings of a Test, The youngest player to score was at Liverpool today 20-year-old Hughes with Cricket Australia. promoting indoor cricket's union at the home of cricket. In England, Hughes will be based so that's where I'm going. Obviously, Ashes coming up, for six weeks. I'm going to Middlesex and home ground, Lords. A Six weeks stint there,

for the opening Grand Prix Melbourne's starting to gear up of the Formula One season. Ferrari fans were out in force, Prancing Horse heroes hundreds mobbing Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen. it's a fantastic place for me Great to be back in Melbourne, season and a great start. looking forward to having a great much faster than this replica, Hoping his car moves his eighth home GP, Mark Webber will contest Shane Warne while self-confessed petrolhead to his sport, with plenty of success. converted World Champ Lewis Hamilton of courage by cyclist Anna Meares, Another incredible display in the 500m time trial this time claiming a silver medal at the world track championships. The early pace-setter, by Lithuanian Simona Kurpeckaite, Meares was pipped for gold the Australian's world record. who also broke

in the next couple of years That's just extra incentive for me and try to claim it back. to really knuckle down Beijing Olympics just 15 months ago, Meares also won silver at the almost a quadriplegic. after a bad crash left her

In business news, liquidators have been appointed Storm Financial. to failed investment company more than $70 million in debt. It collapsed two months ago, After the break - with all the weather details. Jaynie Seal

Coming up on WIN News... The Flynn

community gives up its school

closure legal fight,The Capital Works Bill passes the assembly, And Works Bill passes the assembly,

the Raiders look to toughen up in the Raiders look to toughen up in

the engine room. All the details

next. n z of anything else. Bunnings. I can't think barbecuing, leisure - whatever. Gardening, plumbing, painting, at the lowest prices. Everything you need only $7.34. 30-litre potting mix, Tripod work light, $38.50. 450-watt hedge trimmer, $49.90.

73-piece tool set, $24.89. Paint roller kit, just $4.37. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse. # You name it and we've got it. are just the beginning. Lowest prices and more storms for Sydney tonight, To the weather now, for the dams last night? but Jaynie, did we get a top-up

widespread light rain of about 7mm. We did Peter, Warragamba was from last night. In fact most of the weeks rain over The levels dipped slightly since November 2007. and we are still at our lowest and around Sydney tonight. A couple of storm cells in No severe warnings for now. Sydney and the Hunter. A few around Canberra, so rainfall totals have been light - They are fairly fast moving storms, nothing under 4mm so far. in close to a month. our warmest morning Today we hit a top of 33 in the SW. due to the seabreeze. Only 27 for the city,

wih the trough The storms are associated due to hit Sydney overnight. With that southerly change will move towards NE NSW. Most of the rain tomorrow for SE corner from a high. Clearing up quite quickly Melbourne a cooler 20. Tomorrow a much milder. winds will be fresh near the coast. And tomorrow a few showers. Saturday becoming fine 23. And blue skies all Sunday a gorgeous 27 in the city. And nights will be reasonably mild. Western suburbs 24 on Saturday. 27 Sunday. Cool nights with clearer skies. And for the first half of next week, some light showers about. So to wrap up the month, we need at least 6mm to have the wettest March in 4 years. Stay with Nine for more news and A Current Affair.

But from me, Peter Overton, hope you have a great evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

Twelve to twenty five. Tonight ... Twelve to twenty five. Tonight ... A

G-P taskforce to investigate a

series of recent clinic closures in

the capital, The Flynn community

forced to give up its legal fight

against its closed school, And, the

Territory' s kangaroo population overrides horses on overrides horses on government-owned

paddocks. Good evening, Just days paddocks. Good evening, Just days

after the closure of another after the closure of another medical

clinic, the A-C-T Government has

announced a taskforce to announced a taskforce to address the

issues currently facing general

practice in the capital. The practice in the capital. The