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Tonight, grounded! The swine flu

crisis leaves a NSW family

quarantined at home. Crying poor -

the NSW councils set to slug

ratepayers hard. We don't want our

roads to crumble. And Mel Gibson finally confronts those baby

have a child. rumours. It is true, I am going to

Also tonight, the former Telstra

Chief accuses Australians of being

racist. And a van driver finds the

worst parking spot in Sydney.

We begin with the rapid spread of

swine flu. Just two weeks after the

virus arrived on our shores, 32

people have been struck down - 9 of

them here in New South Wales. Among the confirmed carriers are

passengers who arrived in Sydney

aboard the cruise ship, the

Princess Dawn. 2,000 others were

let-off the ship without so much as

a warning. Qantas is frantically

trying to track down travellers who

shared a flight from LA to Sydney

with five people, who have since

tested positive. This was not the

will come home this family was

expecting after cruising the South

Pacific boat at -- Island. We had

nine days on the ship which was a

lot of fun. Seven days inside the

house will be different. This

family is among 2000 other holidays

housebound for one week. 175

passengers on board this ship fell

ill. Two 5-year-old boys and an

employee have all tested positive

for human swine flu. 84 others are

suspected carriers. We did not know

anything was wrong when we got off

the boat. It was not until we got

home that night that we heard it home that night that we heard it

from quarantine it was potential

swine flu. Neither did this woman.

Her mother became violently ill but

still clear quarantine and

travelled home to Melbourne. We

came home on a flight, how many

other people have been affected?

There is no proof that this is what

it is. None of the crew or

passengers has recently visited a

swine flu affected country. This

makes it out first recorded swine flu affected country. This makes it out first recorded


community transmission. If there is

no plausible connection to a

common.... The boat was reloaded

and set sail last night for the

whit Sunday Islands. We have not

been anywhere where there is one

float and I'm not going to those

locations. All of the crew have taken precautions.

taken precautions. -- went there is

swine flu. Five people were

detected with the virus on a flight

from Los Angeles to Sydney. One man

from camera held a welcome home

party end now his entire guest list

is in isolation. Critics claim one

of the key measures to stop swine

flu at the border is failing to

recognise the disease. Machines

that checked the body temperatures

of passengers have been deemed

ineffective. They are supposed to

measure significant changes in body

temperature and indicate the

possible presence of swine flu. One

academic believes they are a waste

of time. They are guaranteed to be

virtually ineffective. During the

outbreak of stars 125 million

people were tested with the devices

an the 26 suspected cases what

effect -- detected. -- were

detected. The greatest number of

lives are saved by friends and

family members and neighbours, but

by armies and expensive

technologies. -- SARS.

technologies. -- SARS. A hotline

has been set up to help people.

Health authorities are warning

about a new poster campaign. It

warns people if they are in a swine

flu affected area. Authorities say

is simply not true. This is not a

disease that means other than by

person or animal. You cannot say

you have the disease in a certain

grim or area. More than 12,000

people have the virus and many of

them are children, with poor

hygiene and a lack immunity to

strains that have circulated over

time. Rate rises of up to 300 %

could be needed to stop some

councils from going under. Experts

warn that Sydney councils are in a shocking financial state and it

could lead to a tragic accident.

Canada bait cover some of the

wealthiest real-estate but the

council is not so well off. It is

currently $43 million behind on

infrastructure spending. It wants

nine per 5% from taxpayers. We do

not want our roads to crumble and

the dangers. -- 9.5%. This is one

of many other councils found to

have an unsustainable budget. Many

have abandoned spending on

construction and maintenance. $4.6

billion of infrastructure of unsafe

conditions... Councils do not have the money to fix it.

They need to lift rates over 10

years. North Sydney wants to

increase fees by 14.6 %. They are

highly start at the inflation rate

of 3.5%. It is great politics but a

very poor for communities. Councils supply local infrastructure and

services that make communities

viable. Councils want to set their

own rates. The government policy is

simply bad rate pegging is here, it

is our view that communities is

protected. Without federal funding

researchers fear a tragedy like the

Pacific Highway wrote collapse may be repeated.

be repeated. -- Road collapse.

Moves to legalise gay adoption in

NSW could be abandoned. Premier

Nathan Rees is believed to have

done a deal with conservative MP

Fred Nile, that would rule out any

changes to the law. This couple

have been together for eight years

and have raised a 13-year-old

daughter. Both consider themselves

mothers. For us it would be a very

strong message that we are an

everyday family. We face the same

issues as any other family. Our

daughter will have the right to

have two legally recognised parents

like most children do. The proposed

changes are now in doubt after

years of campaigning. There is

speculation that Nathan raises will

shun the move after it making a

deal with Fred Nile. -- Nathan

raises. Let us hope that Premier

Nathan raises has not been so

fullish that he has got into bed

with Fred Nile. Gay rights groups

are not impressed. The other thing

that does stand the 20 quality is

the backbone of Nathan raises. The

premier Office said they would not

comment. Phone at -- read -- Fred

Nile would not return our calls.

What is in the best interest of the

child is to be raised in a

heterosexual family. Critics and

activists have made bequests to a

Parliamentary inquiry that will

come to a decision later this year.

In sport, both the Queensland and

New South Wales Origin sides

assemble in Melbourne. Together for

the first time, but not all the

Blues we able to take part in their

side's first training session. Ian

Cohen is in Melbourne, and Ian New

South Wales with some early injury

concerns. It was a fairly light

session this afternoon but some

other players are standing by to

have a look. Some have just flown

in on the plane and they got under

way at the training grounds fairly

quickly. They were into the pacers quickly. They were into the pacers

early. With so many fresh faces it

was the first chance to get a touch

of the ball. A couple names that

instead on the sideline include

Paul Gallen. The skipper has a

problem with his knee. There are

injury concerns for next week but

they will all be tested, nearly

half of the team is made up of

debutants. None of the teams have -

- team members have any fear of

playing their first game here in

Melbourne. It would be great to

play in front of your home crowd in

Sydney. But at the same time its

probably better than playing the

game in Queensland where you're

going to get harassed and abused.

Everyone is looking forward to the

game down here it should be a good

match. They are staying here in

this beautiful mansion, a five-star

accommodation and massive area for

the players to walk around. It is

30 minutes south-west of Melbourne.

They should enjoy the next couple

of days before they play the game

on Wednesday. Ticket sales have

been excellent, there has already

been 47,000 tickets sold. More

details later in sport. And after a

troubled year off the field for the

NRL, finally a positive. Penrith's

"pink panthers" are out to raise

money for Breast Cancer. Today the

side posed for photos with women

who volunteer in rugby league,

donning the uniform they will wear

in the upcoming Women in League

round. Also ahead, A couple of

Aussie winners at the French Open,

Ricky Ponting with some interesting

comments about Andrew Symonds, and

a bit of push and shove involving

Sonny Bill Williams. I will not say

it was staged, I will let the

viewers make up their mind. Still

to come, uproar over Sol Trujillo's

parting shot at Australia.

Plus, the millionaires row that

shrank during Queensland's storms.

And a van driver leaves his vehicle

in Sydney's worst parking spot.

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This program is captioned live.

Australians are a bunch of backward racists, according to former

Telstra boss Sol Trujillo. His

comments overseas have caused

outrage here, with fears it could

harm our international reputation. harm our international reputation.

After a turbulent four years as

Telstra CEO, Sol Trujillo left

Australia earlier than expected. He

and successive Federal Governments

clashed frequently over regulation,

competition and broadband policy.

Ahead of Mr Trujillo's departure

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd had just

one thing to say - adios. Was that one thing to say - adios. Was that

racism? I think by definition -

there were even columnists who

wrote stories that said it was.

Some in the Opposition believe Mr

Rudd should apologise. I thought

his remark was entirely

inappropriate for an Australian

Prime Minister - it was rude,

sneering and contemptuous. That's sneering and contemptuous. That's

not racist - it's a comment made by

any Australian. I think it's

something that, you know, anybody

could say to anybody and just taken

out of context. Mr Trujillo, an

Hispanic-American, was branded an

'amigo' when he arrived here, and

was mocked in cartoons which would

have caused outrage in the United

States. Now he's suggested that

we're a bunch of backward racists.

Well, I would say that Australia

definitely is different than the US.

You know, in many ways it's like

stepping back in time. I think he

was quick to take offense - but I

think he was justified in being

annoyed about those very hackneyed

Mexican jokes. I don't think he is Mexican jokes. I don't think h Mexican jokes. I don't think he is

saying this is a racist country,

but there is no doubt while he was

here a variety of commentators made

a series of unfortunate and ill-

timed remarks about his background.

The Rudd Government believes Mr

Trujillo's comments are ridiculous

and disappointing, but there's no

doubt they're also highly damaging

to Australia's reputation. I don't

accept those comments at all.

A man has been shot and robbed in a

planned heist in Sydney's south.

The 35-year-old driver was stopped

at a red light when his car was

rammed from behind by a four- wheel

drive just after midnight. Two men

approached the victim to exchange

details then opened fire, wounding

him in the thigh and making off

with a bag of cash. They fled in another car.

This van almost vanished in

Rockdale this morning, with a burst

water main causing heavy erosion

and a hole lot of trouble in Bestic

Street. Luckily, there was no man

in the van - but there will be a

compensation claim with Sydney Water.

The trigger is set for an federal

election over climate change. It follows the Opposition rejecting Kevin Rudd's carbon pollution scheme.

In a show of Coalition unity,

Malcolm Turnbull, flanked by the

Nationals leader, came to bury Kevin Rudd's carbon emissions

trading scheme. We will vote to

defer it until after Copenhagen.

The Greens saw it for what it is,

the end for the scheme. This

Government's legislation is now

dead. Delay is death in this

parliament. The Opposition leader

backs the Government's targets of

5% or 25% emissions cuts and says

that should be a good enough

message for the Prime Minister to

take to the Copenhagen World

Climate Change conference in December.

December. The entire Parliament, or

at least the Government and the

Opposition, support the targets he

is taking there. That's news to the

Nationals. In accepting the targets,

this is something we have to look

at. We're not signing ourselves up

to anything. We will not vote for

anything that looks like, smells

like, barks like Kevin Rudd's CPRS

scheme. For some Liberals, it's a

vindication of the stand taken by

deposed Liberal leader Brendan

Nelson. It was indicated initially

by Brendan Nelson, and certainly it

has carried through. The leader of

the opposition was rolled in the

party room - rolled in the joint

party room - by the climate change

sceptics. Under section 57n of the

constitution, the senate delay of a

bill is a rejection, that's why the

Nationals were happy to support

Malcolm Turnbull's strategy. If, as Malcolm Turnbull's strategy. If, as

now looks certain, the bills are

delayed twice in coming months,

Kevin Rudd will have a double

dissolution election trigger.

Beachfront mansions are under

threat because of storm erosion on

the Queensland Gold Coast. Huge

seas, big tides and storms have

combined to eat away at the

coastline. Millionaires' Row in

Palm Beach is one of the worst hit

areas. It's quiet frightening, that

just disappeared and we weren't too

far from that when it disappeared

so you got to be careful, probably

taking a bit of a punt standing

this close. Residents haven't seen

it this bad since Cyclone Wanda hit

in 1974. They're bracing for

another high tide tonight.

Scammers are taking advantage of

the North Coast flood crisis,

claiming to be collecting money for

victims. Police are investigating

the bogus phone calls, and warn

there are no current appeals for

donations. 20,000 people remain

isolated or homeless and the

Pacific Highway remains cut at

Grafton. The insurance bill has now

reached $39 million. Next, Tim

Bailey will showcase the first of

our home viewer photographers. We

had an amazing response to the

launch of our weather photo

competition last night. - here is

our first to win. He has captured a

week of drama at Lismore.

Keep those photographs coming. We Keep those photographs coming. Keep those photographs coming. We

had 150 in 20 minutes. We love your

work. It was spectacular weather

today - at 23 degrees across Sydney.

Our warmest day in three weeks'. A

little bit of rain across the

Western NSW. Tomorrow - showers and

20 degrees. Tonight - live - from a

vivid Festival it is going to be

festival. A light show you have

never seen before live up from the rocks.

Next, the military response to

North Korea's nuclear test.

Also, boxing's Mike Tyson rushes to

his daughter's side after a tragic accident.

And radio's star-maker explains how

he found some of Sydney's biggest celebrities.

VOICEOVER: When it's a life or death situation, every minute matters. Supporters like Capital Chemist help keep the SouthCare helicopter flying so people get the help they need fast. WOMAN: Capital Chemist is proud to support the Snowy Hydro SouthCare helicopter. It's another way we give something back to the community. Without them, a lot of people like Jase here mightn't be around. At your Capital Chemist we know what matters. VOICEOVER: Were women suffragists troublemakers or visionaries?

Was this PM's dismissal unfair or the right decision? And did these people affect government policy? You decide at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House.

This program is captioned live.

Checking the traffic news now, M4

at Greystanes is causing trouble.

They are trying to clear the lanes

so that traffic can pass. It goes

as far down as North Stratfield.

Traffic is barely moving for

westbound motorists heading home

tonight. Best of the traffic is

stationery. People will be delayed

at prospect and Penrith to much.

More of an update surely -- shortly.

The truck driver accused of causing

the Kerang Rail Disaster which

killed eleven people, has gone on

trial in Victoria. 49 year old

Christiaan Scholl has pleaded not

guilty to 19 charges, including 11

counts of culpable driving causing

death. His lawyer told the court

the fatally flawed level crossing

in the remote region of North West

Victoria is to blame for the crash.

The trial is expected to last

several weeks.

Now it is time for the finance

report. The future of one of the

biggest credit crisis victims is

now decide it. The failed grip is placed injured liquidation after

collapsing under $1 billion in debt

last year. They are planning an

asset Det -- sale to pay off their

creditors. Insolvency experts now

have the powers to pursue legal

action against the directors of the

company. The air is far more

certainty about processes and

avenues that we can look at to

improve value for creditors. But

only from those asset categories

but from other claims we have. --

and there is far more certainty.

China unveiled a new stimulus plan.

One week from today we will

discover if General Motors is able

to reinvent itself or if it will be

the victim of the biggest

bankruptcy in US history. There is

breaking news over North Korea's

nuclear bomb test. There are new

reports the rogue state test fired

two more missiles just a short time

ago. They took their fear to the

streets as news spread of North

Korea's largest underground nuclear

test. In a North Korea at the

propaganda machine went into

overdrive. The state broadcaster

claimed the test was purely for

self-defence. The test set off a

seismic shudder, equivalent to a

4.7 earthquake. Russia claims it

was a similar strength to the bombs

dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The secretive state also says it

will restart one nuclear reactor

that it had promised to dismantle.

That has escalated fears that the

Communist regime is moving closer

to developing nuclear weapons.

North Korea will not fight security

and respect through threats and

illegal weapons. We will work with

affects -- friends and allies to

stand up to this behaviour. We are

not asserting that North Korea has

a nuclear weapons capability, but

it is in progression along this

path, which is the cause of great

concern to Australia and the

international community. The UN

Security Council promised to move

quickly with tough action. We

believe there ought to be a strong

resolution with appropriately

strong content. South Korea has

already taken action and has

increased troop presence along its

border. The world debates what it

will take to stop North Korea. Mike

Tyson's four year old daughter is

fighting for her life after a

tragic accident at home. The former

heavy weight champion rushed to the

little girl's bedside at a hospital

in Arizona, where she's on life

support. The girl - called Exodus -

somehow got tangled in the cord of

a treadmill. Police say it was

hanging off the machine like a

noose. Doctors say the child is in

an extremely critical condition.

There were celebrations today for a

Sydney radio legend. John Brennan

has clocked up 60-years in the

business, along the way discovering

Jones. everyone from Ray Hadley to Alan

He is not called the kingmaker for

nothing. He has launched some of

the biggest names in astray and

radio. I call them the good guys, I

brought Mike Walsh up from

Melbourne. That was at the station

where he started working as a DJ in

the 1950s. By 1963 he was running

the station and took it to the top.

Then he took this station took 50

station wins. Just to think what

could have happened... How did you

know that Alan Jones would make a know that Alan Jones would make a

great broadcaster? His background

was business, politics, education,

sports, theatre... How could you

miss? Another discovery was the

late shock-jock stands and Marmite.

I found the confrontation at night

time was the Berry - a very big

thing in America at the time.

thing in America at the time. --

thing in America at the time.

Stan Zemanek. To work continuously

for 60 years in any Chiari is

remarkable, but to do it in the cut-throat world of commercial

radio is nothing short of amaz radio is nothing short of amazing.

radio is nothing short of amazing.

-- in any career. Now he is with

two G B, which has been the number

one voted station in the Australia

for as long as he has been involved.

Next, NSW Health updates us on the

swine flu crisis. --2GB. Also, Mel

Gibson confirms the baby rumours.

Is true, I am going to have a child.

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This program is captioned live. Tonight's major story, Port

Macquarie's Cherry family among two

thousand holiday makers quarantined

for a week, after passengers fell

ill on a P & O ship. They only

flu after learned of the potential for swine

flu after leaving the vessel. learned of the potential for swine

Nationally 40 cases have been

confirmed in Australia. Eight have

been confirmed in the last hour

alone just in Victoria. New South

Wales' Health Director of

more. Communicable Diseases joins us with

more. There are nine cases in NSW.

Is it too late to stop this virus

spreading? It is a battle and we

are seeing cases in many parts of

Australia. We are bringing in the

appropriate resources to deal with

it. Many reported from this cruise

ship have been a concern. People

are infected when makeup -- travel

into countries but the US and have

been diagnosed once they return.

There is concern over the increase

in cases but we are still trying to

contain this. 2,000 passengers were

let off a cruise ship in Sydney

unchecked - and without warning.

There was controversy about this,

what do you make of it? We will

make sure to give them advice about

who we think is at risk of swine

flu. Clearly no-one on the boat had flu. Clearly no-one on the boat

any evidence of travel to one of

the affected countries. And the

ship itself had not travelled to

any of the countries. We will bring

out the quarantine at it and apply

it to the appropriate areas. --

quarantine act. Week but

information out of them and have

all we will follow it things up...

It has turned out that they had

swine flu, both people with bad

without symptoms. Thanks for the

update. Qantas international

passengers could be charged up to

$160 extra for the privilege of

sitting in an exit row. While other

airlines already have similar fees,

travellers are outraged and say it

amounts to discrimination. This

barrister knows what it is like to

be discriminated against because of

height. I had eight centimetres to

my height a couple years ago. She

believes charging more for an exit

row seat is corporate thuggery and

corporate greed at its worst. What

next? Will they slug pregnant

mothers? This woman and her netball

team-mates are all taught than 180

centimetres and it is imperative

they get exit rows. It is a

priority as part of a recovery and

safe travel. She says extra cost

will put an extra strain on players.

We will have to pay the fee because

it is a high priority to try and

get those rows. The Consumers'

Association says the move is

discrimination. Passengers agree. I

do not think it is very good. It is

not really affordable for everybody.

It is excess money you have to pay.

Passengers to sit in exit rows are

considered to be part of the crew.

They must be able to open the door

if there is a -- an emergency. What

happens if someone pays for that

seat and is unable to do that?

Qantas says it gives passengers

more choice. The urgent and pacific

blue already have eggs at wrote

fees. The cost could be passed on

to Qantas travellers as early as

next month. Mel Gibson has

confirmed rumours he is to be a dad

again. The 53 year old - who is in

the middle of a messy divorce -

says his Russian girlfriend is

pregnant with his eighth child. The

Tonight Show is friendly turf for

Mel Gibson, which is why he chose

it to start rebuilding the public

image that has taken a battering.

It is unfortunate and sad but she

is an admirable woman and we have

children to raise together. He was

quick to lay the blame. I did a

pretty good hatchet job on my

marriage myself when it is all said

and done. Then he spoke about his

new girlfriend. An amazing artist,

I heard her voice... Is she 17 or

18? LAUGHTER. She will kill me for

this, but she is almost 40. Now

I'll have to make women wanting my

head on a plate. You were attracted

to her voice? Did you hear Susan

Boyle? Is it true that you are

having a charge? This is true, I am

going to have a child. -- having a

child. This will make 29 for you

yes? LAUGHTER. The new chart looks

set to be borne out of wedlock. The

strict Catholic his crowning

getting a divorce and seems to have

had enough of March and May. Will

you ever get married again? --

enough of matrimony. RSPCA workers

have spent 2 hours trying to rescue

a 4 week old kitten stuck in a

storm water drain. The frightened

feline was too small to climb out

of the underground pipe. Rescuers

tried calling it, pushing it out,

and even used a leaf blower to try

and scare it out. Finally a gush of

water flushed the trouble maker to

freedom. Definitely with one little

cat like that on his own in that

drainage system he would have more

than likely perished. The kitten will undergo health checks to

determine if he can be put up for adoption.

adoption. Now we have the sport

next, the Blues have an experienced

origin squad. Up next we will catch

up with both teams in Melbourne.

The lucrative goal that earned Burnley a The lucrative goal that earned Burnley a spot in the premier

league. And Sonny Bill Williams'

opponent for his boxing debut

tomorrow night is out to prove he's

going to put up a fight. That'll do

ya, that'll do going to put up a fight. That'll do ya, that'll do


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This program is captioned live.

New South Wales Origin selectors

are backing their inexperienced are backing their inexperienced

squad for game one in Melbourne,

saying they're more concerned about

picking a team that could upset Queensland. Queensland.

Trying to avoid four straight

series defeats, this was day one of series defeats, this was day one of

a new direction for New South Wales.

a new direction for New South Wales.

They're not quite the baby blues,

But with eight debutantes, there's But with eight debutantes, there's

plenty of new faces in camp. Just

looking forward to experiencing

what Origin footy's all about. It's

young in age, light in experience,

but brimming with talent. Selectors

insist their only guide Was form.

We've got a lot of points in the

team which will make for an

exciting game of footy. The veteran

in the pack - Craig Wing - recalled

after a 3-year Origin absence. I'm

just as excited, maybe a little

more excited than my first Origin

jumper. As expected, Kurt Gidley

takes over as skipper, despite an

injury scare in Newcastle's loss to

North Queensland overnight. It gave

me a bit of a fright but it's

pulled up pretty good this morning.

Of greater concern, Paul Gallen's

injured shoulder If there's not too

much improvement by Friday, we'll

be making a change there. And in

Glen Stewart's date with the Glen Stewart's date with the

judiciary tomorrow night, he's

contesting a dangerous throw charge

and will miss the game if found

guilty. I'm not overly confident.

The unlikeliest debutante Will be

winger James McManus. It's

definitely a dream come true to be

able to play for the team I

supported as a kid. He was born in

Scotland and raised in the Northern

Territory. It's rugby league that Territory. It's rugby league that

he loved once he started playing it.

Robbie Farah won the hotly Robbie Farah won the hotly

contested battle for the hooker's

jersey. I think the last month,

I've taken my game to a new level

and hopefully I can replicate that

form in Origin. If not, the man he

beat, Michael Ennis, is waiting in

the wings. Just the one player

missing from Bulldogs training this

morning - prop Ben Hannant will be

the only Bulldog featuring in

Origin 1, even though his club side sits

sits on top of the table. There's

probably two or three of our blokes

who are a little bit unlucky.

Queensland have called up enforcer

Michael Crocker. I'm quite certain

the NSW players don't like playing

against him. Just two games into

his NRL return. Paul Cochrane, Ten News.

In two weeks, the NRL will dedicate

its entire round of football to

celebrate the role women play in

the game. This year Penrith is

taking it one step further -

they're going entirely pink!

After a tumultuous few weeks,

finally a good story. The Penrith

Panthers using the NRL's women in

league round, not only to thank

their many female volunteers but to their many female volunteers but to

also raise money and awareness for

breast cancer. Losing someone so

close to you - my grandma was my

best friend - you didn't know what

to do or where to turn. Jarryd

Sammat's work already an

inspiration for cancer survivor Bev

Fink - a volunteer at the Panthers

now for 25 years. She says her love

for the game got her through. I'm

fine - I saw my doctor yesterday.

He's happy, I'm happy. And it's not

just one round of football - the

Panthers have been growing beards Panthers have been growing beards

all season to help raise awareness.

Just one of the League's many

positives which are often

overshadowed by poor behaviour.

There is some amazing things that

happen in league every day, and

Jarryd is a good example of that

and we should remind people of that.

The round kicks off on June 12 when

the Panthers will become the first

team to ever run out entirely in

pink - the Dragons will wear a pink

V and all games will be played with a pink ball.

a pink ball. After the matches,

everything down to the players'

socks will be signed and auctioned

off for the cause. Victoria Murphy, Ten News.

Captain Ricky Ponting believes

Andrew Symonds will play for

Australia again, despite his

omission from the Ashes series. The

Australian squad has been in camp

on the Sunshine Coast before flying

out tomorrow for England. Ponting

believes Symonds will be back, but

there's no certainty it will be at

Test level. Right now he is not in

our Test squad. He will be around

for the 20 20s and the one day is

at the end of the Ashes. Australia

will contest the Twenty20 World Cup

before the first Test begins in

Cardiff on July 8.

Anthony Mundine says he hasn't lost

any of his power despite shedding

four kilos to fight as a

middleweight. Mundine and IBO world

title holder Daniel Geale faced off

today ahead of tomorrow night's

fight. The Man shrugging off

criticism he's lost his punching

power. It's all about timing so I

think that once I get my timing

together he's going to feel how I

can punch. Once again, Sonny Bill

Williams's opponent Gary Gurr tried

to steal the spotlight today as the

two heavyweights faced off before their undercard bout.

There's already been some upset

wins at the French Open, with Australian's Olivia Rogowska and

Jarmila Groth both advancing to the Jarmila Groth both advancing t

second round. Rogowska, a 17-year-

old wildcard entry shocked Russian

glamour girl Maria Kirilenko, 6-4,

6-4. While Groth beat Kinnie Laisne

in straight sets. The top seeded

woman - Dinara Safina and former

world number one Maria Sharapova

also advanced. While in the Men's

Draw, Rafael Nadal won a record

29th straight match at Roland

Garros. Roger Federer also advanced,

cruising past Spain's Alberto Martin.

More than 80,000 have turned out

for English football's most

lucrative clash, with Burnley

taking on Sheffield United for a

place in the Premier League. In an

emotion-charged contest, Burnley

victory. needed just one goal to snatch

Promotion to the Premier League for

the first time in 33 years, will

boost the Clarets' income by around

$120 million. The Denver Nuggets

have levelled the Eastern Confernce

series against the LA Lakers at 2-2,

after a 120-101 win in Denver.

after a 120-101 win in Denver. Vic

Lorusso is in the traffic

helicopter. Traffic is trying to

keep the West on the M4 after the

smash we mentioned earlier. Take a

look at the delays - all the way

across the import into north

straight field and Parramatta Road.

Motorists are going to struggle

going out to the western suburbs

this evening. Tim Bailey's next with all the weather details.

The vivid festival is coming to

Sydney very soon. Here is Tim

Bailey. The festival starts tonight

at 6pm. We will get a sneak preview.

A great public festival all over

the city. We will concentrate on

this brilliant light show. It is

called a smart white, Sydney. I am

at the Rocks. Allende in a big arch

of sandstone. Have a look at the

light show. This is part of sh --

smart light Sydney. You can go on a

walk through the observatory down

through the rocks, come then down

to six remote key where Brian ENO

has got his moving and brilliant

artwork lighting up the sales of

the opera house. Tonight, we think

this is a great place to start.

Smart white Sydney. The interesting

-- in is this uses less power than

Sydney are normally would thanks to

a deal with the Council of

Australia turning off a lot of

their bikes so we can get his

creativity happening across the

festival. It is all three. It was a

brilliant day. It was a brilliant,

windless day. 23 degrees - four

degrees above average. Will it

last? Tomorrow - a few showers

your backyard. coming your way. At the moment, in

There is patchy cloud and Victoria

and NSW. Showers will come to

western Tasmania tomorrow. Call

southerly wind mac will bring

showers to Tasmania and SA. There

will be isolated showers and NSW.

Isolated thundery showers across

northern NSW, showers in southern

NSW. Smart light Sydney this is a

terrific spot to start. It is all

free and it is on until 14th June.

Vivid Sydney .com is we get all the

details. Have a lovely evening. We

will now. That's Ten News for now,

I'm Sandra Sully. I'm Bill Woods.

Thanks for your company. We'll have

updates throughout the evening

before the Late News with Sports Tonight at Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia