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(generated from captions) next year with her school - she's going to China put in for that, so... so I said I'd down to the local Chinese shop Or you could just take her keep the rest for yourself. and buy dinner and then No. Yeah. And the middle grandaughter was... we're taking to Disneyland No, the youngest grandaughter help out on that and, um... in November, so that'll Keep some for yourself. Don't blow it all on the grandkids. I'm a big race fan. I'll put some on the horses. Have a go at the horses. OK, that's alright. Haven't had any yet! Ray, get in a bit of that action.

Rosemary Hare just won $10,000. It was as simple as that. in the Millionaire's Hot Seat. See you next time Goodnight. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned lve. Damaging new claims about Kevin Rudd a Queensland car dealer. and his relationship with a fiery debate over childcare. A 2-year-old's tears ignites senator's selfishness, The biggest loser out of this her failure to make arrangements, and distressed. was the baby, who was traumatised

stop digging! When you're in trouble, to the bottom of the harbour. The council backhoe heading at each other's expense. William and Harry have a good laugh Good evening. what may be his biggest threat Kevin Rudd is tonight facing since he became Prime Minister, that he tried to help a car with new claims dealer who'd once helped him. of misleading Parliament He's now being accused is also under fire but the Opposition Leader for his behaviour on the same issue. has now turned poisonous The case of this Brisbane car dealer for the Prime Minister. his near neighbour Kevin Rudd John Grant is infamous for supplying with a ute for campaigning. a short email from the PMO to me My recollection is that there was to the case of John Grant. which very simply alerted me That stunning revelation Godwin Grech from veteran public servant Prime Minister Rudd gave Parliament. runs directly counter to assurances

Mr Rudd twice insisted

on John Grant's behalf for access his office never lobbied car dealership bailout, OzCar. to the Government's $2 billion of any representations being made I am unaware on behalf of this individual. for 10 minutes Government senators battled

answering the question. to prevent Mr Grech That's all it is. This is a fishing expedition. Parliament's swanky Mid Winter Ball. Trouble too for the Opposition from member of the Prime Minister. Mr Turnbull threatened a staff Andrew Charlton, Mr Rudd's economic policy adviser, has signed a file note with Mr Turnbull, quoting a conversation in this picture. the exchange captured and the Treasurer Tonight, the Prime Minister are standing by their accounts. the PM's assurances to Parliament, They have little choice given ever turned up, if that mysterious email politically deadly. it could likely be Tim Lester, Nine News.

A national debate erupted today a female politician's young child sparked by the removal of from the Senate chamber. There are plenty of strong opinions should be allowed about whether working parents to take their children to work. who sparked the drama in her arms, With the tiny person arrived home in Adelaide, Sarah Hanson-Young still reeling.

the weekend with the family. I'm looking forward to spending Late yesterday, the Greens senator into the chamber, for a vote. took 2-year-old Kora the child to leave, When the president ordered became extremely upset. both mother and daughter trying to take her out of my arms. The problem was when people were Parliament more child-friendly Natasha Stott-Despoja pushed to make was kicked out for breastfeeding. after Kirstie Marshall knows how difficult it is The mother of two with being a mum. to balance a political career Why are people so upset about that? and angry with her? Why are people so confronted as to call it an act. Barnaby Joyce went so far As soon as the Greens do something, because of their form, the first question you must ask,

is "is this a stunt?" Was it right or was it wrong? all day That's been the talking point

at the playground and in the office. And while opinion is divided, don't seem to support her. most people arrangements with her staff She should have made some to look after her for five minutes.

and talkback radio It dominated morning television from other high-profile mums. and sparked comment that decision - You really have to make or am I here to be a mum? am I here to work have to separate them. And you really do

out of this senator's selfishness, The biggest loser her failure to make arrangements, who was traumatised and distressed. was the baby, Allison Langdon, Nine News. at Rose Bay this afternoon There were red faces all round badly out of its depth. with a back hoe the bizarre drama Peter Harvey witnessed for Woollahra Council. and Peter, not a good look Certainly isn't, Peter. more than 100m out from shore, Somewhere behind me, of council machinery there's a huge piece sinking beneath the rising tide. And there's one poor council worker exactly what happened. trying to explain in a place like this? What's a 10-tonne backhoe doing Pretty badly, actually. I'm glad I'm not the driver. at the moment, I think. I'd feel pretty silly For the record, he does. get-the-backhoe-back got under way, And not surprisingly, as operation he didn't want to talk about it. His day had begun well enough. until this afternoon, Working on what, only disaster. was Woollahra Council's Bellevue Hill end of Cooper Park. The giant hole at the were sent to Rose Bay Then he and his machine storm water outlets. to clear sand away from They got stuck, and ignored the first rule of holes. When in one, stop digging. The sand was too soft and he dug himself further in. Everyone turned up to help. The council, the cops, and, of course, the locals, who couldn't believe their luck. I didn't know you could have so much fun. I only just went out for a stroll. The backhoe cavalry tried everything. But so good. And, of course, just when they thought things couldn't possibly get any more difficult, Murphy's Law came into operation - and the tide began to come in. But tides also go out. Operation get-the-backhoe-back resumes tomorrow. Peter Harvey, Nine News. A man who endured humiliation and bullying during his high school years in Tamworth

has been awarded compensation from the State Government. Kevin Wilde was at court for the judgement.

Kevin what are the details? Peter, 30-year-old David Gregory has won almost $469,000 in damages after suffering severe bullying and bashing from older boys while attending Farrer High in Tamworth. He was seeking upwards of $2 million but once ongoing medical costs and legal fees are paid, the final amount may get close to $1 million. David spoke briefly outside court. I just need to have some time, let this settle in and then I can start thinking and start going from there. Are you relieved that it's all over? I am relieved it's all over, thank you. In her 112-page judgement, Justice Elizabeth Fullerton described what happened to David as "sustained mistreatment, overt and insidious emotional brutality "which he had no defence". The State Government accepts and regrets what happened to David and says senior students no longer have any role in disciplining younger students. David now works as a barista at his family's cafe on the South Coast. This judgement will no doubt set a precedent for potentially many more bullying cases, Peter. A sophisticated gang of Romanian thieves is cleaning out bank accounts across Sydney. So far, they've netted at least $3 million by using a skimming device attached to an ATM. It's as easy as following instructions. Pressing a few buttons and walking away with the cash.

The problem is, it's been just as simple for thieves - the card details captured by a skimming device, a camera records the pin number. In this case the information is sent to Romania, and the bank account is drained. They'd taken $500 here and $500 there all from Romania and it was about $2,200. They'd cleaned everything out. The gang targets up to 40 ATMs at a time and it's a lucrative business. Their estimated haul - $3 million and counting. We're talking of substantial amounts of money. A skimming device on this ATM was undetected for more than a month. It's a St George ATM, It's not of those little weird ones you find in the convenience stores so I thought it was trustworthy, but clearly not. The Fraud Squad has set up a task force. Seven Romanians have already been arrested. The devices are very sophisticated, they're made particularly for particular models of ATM. So what can you do to make sure you're not giving a statement to the Fraud Squad? First of all, make sure there is no skimming device where you put your card in. Check there is no camera up the top pointing to the keypad. Always cover your hand when you put in your PIN number. Most important of all, check your statements. Denham Hitchcock, Nine News. Police have arrested the mother of the man at the centre of the Cronulla Sharks fraud scandal. Lesley Elford has been charged with money laundering. Her son, Clint, is accused of a $500,000 life insurance scam, in which he gave money to organisations including Oxfam and the Sharks. A man in his 70s has survived three of the coldest nights this year, lost in the bush north of Wollongong. He was found this morning alive but suffering badly from his ordeal. The man had been missing since Tuesday. The search was getting desperate and involved the dog squad, choppers, 50 workers with the SES. But this was the moment he was found by two trail bike riders. Just riding through the bush, going for a trail ride and we saw the gentleman lying face-down in the mud like he spent the night, and pretty cold. 71-year-old Bruce Ludbrook was conscious

but was suffering badly from hypothermia. A paramedic was dropped from a chopper to assess his condition. Mr Ludbrook had spent three nights in the bush.

Temperature was around seven degrees and he didn't have warm clothes. Have you got any pain anywhere?

Only in the legs at the moment. He'd gone for a walk near the escarpment north of Wollongong, and had got lost. He doesn't really remember where he's been or how he's gotten to where he is. Certainly those conditions would have been horrendous for anyone. Mr Ludbrook was bundled up and carried a short distance to an ambulance. He's recovering in hospital but police say another night and he would have been lucky to survive. Mark Burrows, Nine News. And in breaking news, Australia has had it's first reported case of a death from swine flu. The victim is a 26-year-old West Australian man.

He was transferred from Alice Springs to the Royal Adelaide Hospital on Monday. He was diagnosed with the virus yesterday but his condition deteriorated overnight.

Princes William and Harry have been having a good laugh at each other. The royal ribbing came as they spoke about the serious business of flying military helicopters and William's apparent desire to serve on the front line. Their aim is to truly become brothers in arms.

Prince Harry had his war experience in Afghanistan

and Prince William, a RAF helicopter rescue pilot,

believes that's now opened the door for him to do the same. In my eyes, if Harry can do it, then I can do it. I don't really separate us as that much different. I think as the future head of the armed forces, it's really important that I at least get the opportunity to be credible and to do the job that I signed up for. 24-year-old Harry, who's in the army, is following big brother and is just about to go solo for the first time in a chopper. I'm really enjoying it and, as everyone knows, it is my easiest way of getting back onto the front line and maybe safer, maybe not safer, I don't know. But stick two matey brothers together and it's not long before the serious stuff of piloting

gets lost amongst the "I'm better than you are" and yes, even the bald jokes. He's definitely got more brains than me, I think we've established that from school, but when it comes to all that, I'm much better hands-on.

I've got more brains and looks as well. And baldness. REPORTER: Did you just have a dig at his baldness? At his what, sorry? His baldness! His baldness? It's pretty rich coming from a ginger so I'm quite happy to take that on, it's fine. He's a good looking ginger, it's alright. Back at home at the palace, washing up is always someone else's job. But here, where they're sharing a flat -

He does do a bit of the washing up, but he leaves most of it in the sink

and then it comes back in the morning and I have to wash it up.

Oh, the lies. He snores a lot as well, keeps me up all night long.

Robert Penfold, Nine News. In the news ahead - how the mobile phone is keeping teenagers awake at night. And, would you want to know if your pilot had died mid-flight? Hey, we don't choose the dreams, but with Lotto's massive $20 million Superdraw,

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They have 80% less fat than fried 2-minute noodles. Does this work for you? OK. Let's move on to 80% less fat, but it's in a circle. OK. 80% less fat and extra delicious. Three quarters of Australian teenagers are not getting enough sleep on school nights. The experts are blaming it on modern technology such as mobile phones. Like many teenagers, 15-year-old Madeleine Dawes has experienced terrible bouts of insomnia. I would try to get to bed at 10:30 at night, but would stay awake for hours. She would fall asleep in maths. 316 teenagers were involved in a survey by the University of South Australia. Three-quarters of them reported not having enough sleep during school nights, and the use of electronic devices in the bedroom was largely to blame. The worst are mobile phones. The research shows huge percentages of kids are texting well after midnight on weeknights. Computers are also a problem. They emit blue light which suppresses a sleep hormone called melatonin. Older teenagers need as much sleep as children who are several years younger. Losing as little as half an hour of sleep each night

can affect their mood and even their IQ. For kids that are failing academically and cognitively at school, sleep for them becomes critically important. Teenagers being treated for insomnia are told not to use the devices in their bedroom and even an hour before going to sleep. Other measures saved Madeleine from broken slumber. I have hot milk at night. A hot bath. Gabriella Rogers, Nine News. A Continental Airlines jet has landed safely after the Captain died of a heart attack midway through a trans-Atlantic flight from Belgium. A doctor travelling in the First Class cabin was unable to save the 60-year-old pilot. The tragedy was kept secret from economy passengers. It's probably better. I think a lot of people would have panicked. I think it would have been a really rough flight if we had known. The co-pilot brought the Boeing 777 home safely, assisted by a relief pilot, who travels on all long-haul journeys.

A frightening scene from the American Midwest, as tornadoes went on a rampage. 23 separate twisters struck the region in one day, but thankfully, no serious casualties. The spread of damage included a freight train which was hurled off the tracks. The weather front also produced ferocious hail storms, which forced people to flee for shelter. This woman's account of life as a refugee has moved Angelina Jolie to shed a tear.

The actress works for the UN in refugee support, and admits she's often overcome by the tragic stories of displaced people. So today, on World Refugee day, I thank them, for letting me into their lives and I thank you for coming. Jolie says refugees should not be seen as a burden, rather, as new contributors to countries which give them shelter. Stephanie Brantz is next with sport and it's the Bulldogs versus the Panthers, in Friday Night Footy. We'll speak live to Penrith coach Matt Elliott, after the break. Also, another injury scare for the Blues, five days out from Origin II. And a victory for the ages as Egypt downs World Champions Italy. At Holden, we're helping everyone realise the dream of buying a new car with the Holden Owner's Grant. So the Colorado manual LX 4x4 crew cab with 3-tonne towing capacity and dual airbags is now just $36,390 driveaway thanks to the grant. And if you're a small business, could save you even more. If you've dreamed of owning the keys to a new Holden, make it happen with the Holden Owner's Grant. Friday night football is at ANZ Stadium tonight, for the clash between the Bulldogs and the Panthers. When they last met in Round 2, neither side picked up any competition points after the Bulldogs were stripped of the match for fielding 14 men.

Nine commentator Peter Sterling is on the sideline and with him is Penrith coach Matt Elliott.

Controversial in round two but that

is ancient history for Matt Elliott.

Tonight you up against the Bulldogs

who made the competition. No

Civoniciva, Jennings and flowers.

Is that if they sign of the task

tonight? It is a big task but a big

opportunity for guys to have been

on the fringe of the team so I am

excited. A lot of experienced

players in the side. We need to

maintain our calm and confidence

during this period. Losing Petero

and Jennings, it gives the

opportunity for guys to step up to

the mark. We know we have a great

finish in us. What are the

instructions tonight? And jury the

14th and if we play conservatively

we will not win. ABG game here

tonight. A loss for the Panthers

and they may well be out of the

eight come Sunday night. More drama for Manly tonight testing positive to Clenbuterol with under 20s player Shane Gray Reni Maitua a 2-year ban. the same drug which landed preparation for Origin II Meanwhile, the Blues disjointed continued today - field, with a twinge in his back. Trent Barrett was forced from the troubles even before training today. Trent Barrett's back was giving him

to turn off our cameras It was after we were told that he felt tightness in the area told him to leave the training field. and team physio Tony Ayoub than anything, Danny. It was more a precaution strain on his lower back. Just did not want to put any more

on Wednesday night Barrett is carrying the Blues' hopes he'll be right to play. and Ayoub says Come game time, he'll be 100% be 100% on Monday. and he'll be more than likely The positive for the Blues - ribs should be fine by game time Robbie Farah was able to train, his allow him to run full-bore tomorrow and Craig Wing's hamstring should

showed no signs of discomfort. and Paul Gallen No problems for the Queenslanders

the smoothest of preparations. who have enjoyed They don't care about the Blues woes. NSW are doing and who's injured. We don't want to worry about what

Richard Fisk as their new CEO, The Sharks have announced behind them for good. hoping to put the Tony Zappia drama our fans, not just the Shire Win back the trust of not just but the rugby league community. That's the challenge in front of us. Danny Weidler, Nine News. his Wimbledon build up Lleyton Hewitt has completed

over Rafael Nadal. with a moral-boosting win While Nadal continued to struggle which has hampered his preparation, with the knee tendinitis on his way to 6-4, 6-3 victory. Hewitt was moving just fine The loss cast doubt over his Wimbledon title, whether Nadal will defend

decision later tonight. he's expected to make a final

a handful of holes being played Heavy rain has prevented all but in the first round of the US Open. Tiger Woods was wayward off the tee and is 1 over par after 6 holes, also 1 over, and 2 off the lead. Aussies Geoff Ogilvy and Michael Sim

With more rain forecast, well into next week. the tournament may continue one of soccer's greatest ever upsets Egypt has pulled off at the Confederations Cup defeating world champions Italy

in South Africa. came in the 40th minute, The only goal

to the Egyptian keeper but most of the credit must go of Italian attacks. who repelled a string onto the streets in Cairo, Celebrations spilled semi-finals at Italy's expense. Egypt now favoured to advance to the

Italy face Brazil in their last

group match. Jaynie's next, with the weather, wet this weekend for Sydney? and Jaynie, Yes Peter, a bit of a showery one. for your weekend weather. Stay with us

Coming up on WIN News... The Coming up on WIN News... The

Opposition accuses the

putting lives at risk. And the Opposition accuses the Government of

Bushrangers size up the Warriors in Bushrangers size up the Warriors in

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A wet weekend in Sydney. during both days. The showers will be coming and going But the sun made an appearance today.

a top of 18 for most suburbs. The clearer skies gave us is north of Sydney tonight. The bulk of the wet weather by onshore winds, Those showers driven in along with a few storms as well. Barely a drop for Sydney today. 24mm, though, in the last 24 hours. Port Macquarie picked up 90. lately at the snow, Temperatures have dipped to minus 12 the snow guns allowing them to fire up including here at Perisher. Blue Cow set to open tomorrow. about over the weekend, There may be just a few showers more snow forecast next week. crossing the Perth region today. We have an extremely powerful front but weakening. Heading to Adelaide tomorrow, Windy for Melbourne. Mild tonight for this time of year. 11 at Katoomba. 9-18 for Penrith, with fresh northeasterly winds. The city 12-18 Showers will be on and off all day. may pay a visit. Sunday, storms off the coast, But do expect showers, 19 the top. Fog in the west tomorrow morning. With showers forecast all weekend. Not as heavy as the coast. They don't last long! Have a great weekend, Peter.

for 'A Current Affair'. Stay with Nine Nine's Late Night News. Our next major bulletin is a good evening and weekend. I'm Peter Overton, hope you have by Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions her former lover. And.. a dozen her former lover. And.. a dozen in

the running for two seats on the running for two seats on

Goulburn- Mulwaree Council. evening, I' m Lachlan Kennedy. Goulburn- Mulwaree Council. Good

evening, I' m Lachlan Kennedy. The Avening, I' m Lachlan Kennedy. The

A-C-T Auditor-General has issued a

scathing report on the delivery of

ambulance services in the capital.

While the audit recognised the