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(generated from captions) OK. Well, it wasn't C.

And it wasn't A. Oh, good. But it wasn't D. Good. It was B, Fritz Lang. was going out the door there. Lang! I thought big money Lauren, you've got $1,000. to your parents for... You're gonna give that Well done. Yes, maybe. (APPLAUSE) Malcolm, you were next up. Just before we go, Did you know the answer? You missed by one.

You did? Yes. Yep. That's bad luck. Oooh! We don't like that. Lauren, well done. You won $1,000.

Congratulations. Simple as that. Thank you. Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. See you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tightening the net - bikie addresses across Sydney. hundreds of police raid The bureaucratic bungle

of drivers their licence. which could cost thousands Treasurer's warning - in Australian history. we're facing the biggest debt snacks are worse than fast food. Parents beware - how some toddler

Good evening. operations in NSW history, In one of the biggest police dozens of properties across Sydney. hundreds of officers have raided It was a major show of force, from Hells Angels strongholds. police seizing drugs and weapons They went in hard and fast, 250 police hitting 31 addresses. simultaneous raids, more than was specifically targeted Today's action Hells Angels outlaw motorcycle gang. at members and associates of the was a key target. Their Petersham headquarters the heavily fortified clubhouse, While a gang member unlocked inside the compound. police had to sledgehammer a door

building was bombed in the bikie war. Four months ago, the Crystal Street and Gangs Squad detectives The Australian Crime Commission

led this morning's operation. linked to the Hells Angels A number of private addresses were also searched.

targeting documents, records While the raids were primarily criminal activity by the bikie gangs, any paper trails that might indicate here at the Hells Angels clubhouse, a Harley-Davidson motorbike. police also seized fatal bikie brawl at Sydney airport A car believed to be linked to the was confiscated. Two arrests were made. investigation into the Hells Angels It's the culmination of a 6-month in assets seized and 36 arrests. which has seen a million dollars they represent a high threat. The intelligence suggests announced new laws The raids came as the Government

on bikie gang recruitment. cracking down of youth gangs are being used Police tell us that a number outlaw motorcycle gangs. as feeder gangs into such as the Parra Boyz. They include street gangs, of five years jail. Recruiting now carries a penalty

A some bad news today for the leader of the Comancheros bikie

gang. He was charged with affray

over the brawl at Sydney airport

and has lost his bid for bail. For

the future, he will remain behind

appeal the decision. bars, his lawyer says they will

for long-promised changes Drivers are still waiting demerit points system. to the controversial But while they wait, investigation can reveal a Nine News freedom of information the extraordinary number of people to losing their licence. who are very close by a thread. Tony Hertz's licence hangs 12 demerit points. He's just racked up overhaul of penalties for speeding But if the Government's promised had been fast-tracked, announced in March wouldn't be worrying. then the 61-year-old courier it's just bloody unfair. Mate, it's damn annoying, He's not alone. investigation revealed Our freedom of information

almost 58,500 drivers that two years ago, from losing their licence. were just one offence away doubled - close to 111,000. Now that figure has virtually at Cleveland Street, Moore Park, Last November, this speed camera in a 50km/h. clocked Tony doing 62km/h the future only one will be lost. It cost him three points but in in this day and age. It's far too long and it can be one point. They can press a few buttons, mate, the changes should take effect today. Tony's lawyer Dennis Miralis says for Government to indicate It is very rare and yet do absolutely nothing. that current legislation is unfair

on that option. But the Government has shut the door retrospective. I will not be making the system Drivers need to take care for the way they drive. and take personal responsibility The delay is being blamed government computer systems. on the need to change four different that should be finished by August, With a bit of luck, not September as first planned.

Kevin Wilde, Nine News. rates on hold for the moment, The Reserve Bank has kept interest for further cuts but says it's left the way open if the situation worsens. with news out of Canberra tonight That's a distinct possibility, that next week's Budget deficit in Australia's history - will be the biggest a debt of close to $60 billion. in the economic sunshine - This was Wayne Swan's brief moment

came with a thumping surplus. the Federal Budget last May Now, the Treasurer's second Budget. Hammered by the global storm, a horror deficit. Mr Swan will have to sell will be longer The temporary deficit downgrades imposed on this country as a consequence of revenue by the rest of the world. have told Nine News In fact, Government sources to last six years. Treasury expects the deficit Next Tuesday's Budget will forecast

back into surplus in 2015-16. the ledger finally tipping there's anything temporary There doesn't sound as though about this deficit. But it will be big - our biggest-ever deficit the sources say around $60 billion, before easing. and staying high for two years than $48 billion on Tuesday night, If the budget deficit is bigger in modern Australian history it will be the biggest deficit and there's no excuse for that.

Why so much debt? Nine News has been told the Budget will forecast above the $200 billion figure a 4-year loss of Government revenue Premiers were apparently given last week. What we are completely focused on is the national economic interest in the face of a brutal global recession. The Treasurer no doubt is also trying to put the best possible spin on a very ugly set of numbers. Expect more bad news to leak out so that the message next Tuesday on Budget night can at least be mildly positive. Tim Lester, Nine News. A jury's been told the parents of a 9-month-old girl who died from chronic eczema were more concerned about holidaying in India with friends than getting proper medical treatment for her. Thomas and Manju Sam are on trial for the manslaughter of Gloria Thomas, who died in May 2002. Today, the Supreme Court heard a pediatrician pleaded with the couple not to take their child to India, but they ignored the advice because they had a hectic social schedule planned. Panthers player Masada Iosefa has pleaded not guilty to charges resulting from a pub brawl at Rouse Hill last month. It's alleged Iosefa became violent towards staff at the Mean Fiddler Hotel as he was asked to leave. His lawyer is confident he'll be acquitted. There've been yet more lengthy delays city-bound on the F3,

after a 2-car smash early this morning. A broken-down 4-wheel drive towing a boat was hit from behind by a van at Mount Colah. The impact crushed the front of the van and the boat crashed through the rear of the 4-wheel drive. Two people were taken to hospital with serious injuries. Jetstar has become the first Australian airline to be fined for breaching the curfew at Sydney airport.

The airline was slugged almost $150,000 - music to the ears of local residents. For a discount airline it was full price - $148,500. It's a pretty hefty fine for a cut-price airline,. Very much so. No wonder they're feeling the pinch out there. Very much so. No wonder they're feeling the pinch out there. It was December and 70 passengers were already on edge. They'd been delayed 7.5 hours and there was no accommodation. It was past the 11pm curfew, so the control tower denied permission for take-off...twice. But it was ignored. Yeah, it would be unusual for the pilot on their own to make that decision to break curfew. The magistrate said the breach was clearly deliberate and for those whose windows rattle on every take off... was music to the ears. That's why we at Rockdale are over the moon. They've finally got a conviction, prosection and a hefty fine which we welcome. Unusual, sure, but it's not without precedent. In the past, three international airlines have been fined for breaching the curfew, but the average amount was just $10,000. Jetstar has 28 days to pay the fine. Can we expect Jetstar airline tickets to rise? They couldn't get much lower. Denham Hitchcock, Nine News. Another boat load of asylum seekers has been detained off the Australian coast. 50 people were on board the vessel which was stopped approximately 680km north-west of Broome. They're now being taken to Christmas Island. It's hard to believe, but a new study has found that toddler foods could be worse for your child than eating fast food or chocolate biscuits. Heinz is said to be one of the worst offenders. Erin Fitzhenry believes few things are as important as making sure her children eat well. What you feed them when they're young is going to be the precedent for growing into healthy young adults. Many foods marketed for toddlers are advertised as healthy, but the amount of saturated fat, sugar and salt in some is alarming. Clearly, they're not something you'd want your kids eating a lot of every day. Take, for example, Heinz Little Kids Bikkies and the amount of saturated fat per 100 grams, compared to a McDonald's quarterpounder with cheese - it's almost double. I'm very surprised because all kids love bikkies. Now that's shocking. Neither of them you'd want to buy, knowing that information.

Heinz muesli fingers were also found to contain much higher levels of saturated fat than Be Natural trail bars for adults and they had more than double the sugar. Heinz has defended its range of Little Kids products, saying a toddler would have to consume an entire box of its muesli bars or biscuits to compare to the same amount of saturated fat in a hamburger. Parents, though, believe clearer labelling is needed.

This is definitely very misleading. Maybe we'll be buying more quarterpounders? No. Allison Langdon, Nine News. A movie scene has gone wrong in New York, where a Ferrari has crashed during filming on Broadway. Jesus Christ! I got this this on tape!

The cars were part of the staging for the movie,

but not the passers-by. One woman was clipped by the car and a man was hit by a light pole which toppled over. Both have minor injuries. Film-makers were shooting a scene for a new Nicolas Cage movie, 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice.' In the news ahead, preparing to move the diggers of Fromelles to their final resting place. And Britney and the fan who got a little close for comfort.

CHEERFUL MUSIC With more space, a stylish new look and Subaru's renowned symmetrical all-wheel drive... ..the new Subaru Forester - a beautiful drive. If you knew, you'd be in a Subaru. There's been a shocking mass murder in Turkey, where gunmen have killed at least 44 guests at a village wedding. Grief-stricken relatives gathered outside the hospital, where the bodies were taken. The attack was apparently the result of a local feud. Work will begin later tonight

to exhume the remains of Australia's World War I diggers killed in the worst 24 hours of fighting in our wartime history. 191 Australian soldiers were buried by the Germans in a mass grave near the French town of Fromelles. Within a year, it's hoped, they'll be identified and laid to rest again -

this time in a new cemetery. For 93 years, the lost diggers of Fromelles have laid buried in this field. In a few hours, archeologists will carefully dig down to recover their remains. They'll be looking for Australian artifacts such as Rising Sun badges. But also they'll be looking very carefully at the uniforms. Test digging has already revealed remnants of uniforms. Not necessarily all these tools will be used during the excavation but it is important to be prepared for different types of soil conditions and for different conditions of the bones themselves. Inside this portable laboratory, DNA specialists will try to extract genetic material to help identify the soldiers. They have names and photos. 21-year-old private Giffen Holst. Henry Willis from Victoria. Sam Wilson, buried in the grave with his brother.

I suppose if these soldiers could be asked their wishes, they'd like to be beside their comrades in arms. The soldiers will be re-buried in a new cemetery close to the mass grave. If we have been able to identify individuals, families will have the opportunity to be on-site for the opening of the cemetery in 2010.

Exhuming the remains will go a long way to recognising the battle of Fromelles. The toll there equivalent to the total Australian casualties in the Boer, Korean and Vietnam wars combined. Mark Burrows, Nine News. A new breakthrough is giving hope to thousands of Australians who suffer from the genetic disease cystic fibrosis. Patients usually develop life-threatening lung infections, but the help of a new drug may change all that. This is the new treatment that's helping protect Georgia Jones from permanent lung damage. It takes two, three minutes. The 11-year-old Rouse Hill student has cystic fibrosis,

a disease that can be inherited if both parents carry the faulty gene. One in 25 Australians are carriers. Cystic fibrosis is a disease in which lung function doesn't generally improve. It just deteriorates over a young person's life. Because there's no cure, patients don't usually survive beyond their late 30s. The build-up of mucus in the lungs is hard to clear, causing infection and damaging delicate tissue. The clearer she keeps her lungs, the better the lung function. Georgia took the drug, called Bronchitol, as part of a worldwide trial. The powder is inhaled twice a day. It targets the airways by hydrating the surface. It works by improving the amount of water in the airways and making the mucus less sticky. It's the biggest advance for patients in 10 years and while Georgia's finished the trial, she's continued the treatment. I noticed I'm not getting sick as much. Georgia has developed fewer infections and there's less need for strong antibiotics. It's a fantastic outcome. Gabriella Rogers, Nine News. Also in medicine, a remarkable tool with an unglamorous name. They're calling this the 'brain bucket', a new scanner being developed in America. This is an old MRI scan and this is the view with the 'bucket'.

It's like we went from a cell phone camera to a 10-megapixel digital camera. The machine is formally known as a multichannel phased ray coil, so we're betting the medicos will stick with the brain bucket tag. Two years after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal, her parents have appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show. Kate McCann told how she visits her daughter's room every day. I tend to open and close the curtains morning and evening and just say hello, really. Tell her we're still going to do everything we can to find her. Kate and Gerry say can never give up on finding their girl. A young man who jumped onto a stage with Britney Spears has been charged with breaching the peace. Spears looked stunned after the man was ushered off the stage. 20-year-old Kyle King looked as though he was trying to dance with Spears but his little mad moment

is likely to cost him a fine of several hundred dollars. Ken with sport is next and Billy Slater desperately wants world cup redemption. Last time he had a shocker against the Kiwis. Also, John Hopoate takes a beating, even before his big fight. And fielding that would have Richie Benaud in tears... ..of laughter. For quite a while now, the First Home Owners Grant has been helping Australians realise

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So? Her blue tips are superthin! She gives a deeper whole-mouth clean! It cleans bacteria from teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue, for a deeper, whole-mouth clean. Oh, those SlimTips... Oh, stop! For a: There's breaking league news tonight. We can reveal the struggling Cronulla Sharks have held a meeting with the NRL today to discuss playing five games on the Central Coast next season, a clear sign their future in the shire is under serious threat. In Brisbane, Australian fullback Billy Slater sent a scare through the Kangaroo camp late today when he rolled his ankle at training, but team officials say he'll be fit to play the Kiwis on Friday night. A slip at training means Billy Slater

will go into Friday's Test with a disrupted preparation. Team physio Tony Ayoub says the fullback will be fit. If it blows up in the morning then we've got a bit more of an issue,

but at the moment, it looks pretty good. Slater wants the chance to be remembered for more than this mistake, which gave New Zealand its World Cup win.

There was a try scored off my mistake and there was a fair few other tries scored in that game, so you can't put yourself down or kick cans too long. Slater is used to life in the spotlight and knows what he does next is important. It's you come back from them is probably how you're seen.

The Australian selectors have stuck solid

with the team that lost the World Cup to give the players some sort of shot at redemption and the players are desperate to right their World Cup wrong. Not so much a reunion. A reunion's when you've finished playing and you haven't got anything else to do. We're here to do a job and we'll be pretty professional about it. Issac Luke will defend his striking charge tomorrow night in a bid to play. Don't be surprised if this incident, which didn't result in a charge, is used as a comparison. The player Luke is alleged to have struck, Anthony LaFranchi, hasn't been asked to give evidence, but says it was a nothing incident. It wasn't a penalty or he wasn't placed on report during the game. Danny Weidler, Nine News, Brisbane. Lote Tuqiri remains a 50/50 chance of playing in this weekend's crunch game against the Sharks in Durban. The Test winger suffered a minor knee dislocation in the win over the Cheetahs. And Timana Tahu is pushing for another starting position after starring in the centres.

With two rounds remaining before the finals, the Waratahs sit in fifth place, three points behind the Sharks. Australia has named a 15-man squad for the Twenty20 World Championships in England.

The tournament will be Brett Lee's last chance to bowl at international level before the Ashes. Big hitters Andrew Symonds and David Warner are also included. In the IPL, how's this for a premier mix-up - Chennai had the Deccan Chargers on the ropes, but it wasn't through their great fielding. COMMENTATOR: What is happening here? He needs to pull the stump out. This is a comedy of errors. The commentators were cruel, claiming even if you watched it 100 times you wouldn't stop laughing. John Hopoate believes his boxing career is ready to take off. On Sunday, he heads to Las Vegas for a fight against 44-year-old former world champ Oliver McCall. To make sure he's ready, Hoppa has been doing some extreme training.

Hoppa has copped plenty of stick in his time, but nothing quite like this. The league bad boy turned boxer ready to endure whatever torture is dished up in his quest to become a world champion. That's the goal - to try and get the big belts against the big-time fighters. He may say he doesn't like it, but he never complains to me. If he complains he gets the stick more. Ringside, mum Melesisi,

who admits she questioned whether Hoppa could make the transition from footbrawler to professional boxer.

Come on, you don't know how to fight. That's on the football field, you fight like a girl. As Australian heavyweight champion, no-one in the camp doubts him anymore. He's unbelievably tough, unbelievably tough. Now he's out to convince the rest of the world. Chris Hodgkinson, Nine News. Just in time for Mother's Day, a treat for the bushfire-ravaged town of Whittlesea. Jennifer Hawkins joined other models

holding a fashion show to entertain the kids, while the mothers got a pampering. No doubt who the star of the show was, though. At one stage, Jen was swamped by a sea of enthusiastic fans. I got kissed by Jennifer Hawkins. And how was that? Cool! To the finance figures now, After the break- Jaynie Seal with all the weather details. at 6:30. n z Coming up on WIN

News... The Opposition claims the News... The Opposition claims the ACT Budget lacks vision,A new

ACT Budget lacks vision,A new

library for Canberra' s inner library for Canberra' s inner south,

And, Trevor Thurling speaks abo, Trevor Thurling speaks out And, Trevor Thurling speaks out

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Now to the weather. for Sydney tonight? Jaynie, will there be many showers just a few showers on the radar. Not a great deal, Peter, along the coastline, They should be mostly at the moment mainly over the southern suburbs a little further north tonight. and could spread showers around 8am for the coast, This morning a quick burst of right on average. where we hit a top of 21, this evening. Western suburbs will stay dry No rain for inland NSW today, which has been extremely slow moving. thanks to the large high, over parts of our coastline. Showers have fallen a few areas receiving heavy falls. Around Newcastle,

From this afternoon, only 1mm-5mm and over southern Queensland. for the far northern coast tonight and tomorrow. Brisbane, the chance of showers the south-east later in the day, A weak front is going to cross with evening showers for Melbourne. should all be gone by tomorrow Sydney, the rain

to moderate northerlies. and winds will be light Sun up at about 6:30. It should be a beautiful day. Low 20s across Sydney. A top of 16 in the mountains.

a carbon copy for the city, 22. Thursday will virtually be Friday, we have a low in the Tasman. fresh southerlies and a few showers this should bring our coastline some for surfers, and could be some good news the weekend and early next week. with the swell building over A sunny one Thursday, 22. Western suburbs 11-23 tomorrow. on Friday and Sunday. Maybe a light splash nothing for our catchments, But Peter, for our gardens. just a little sip of water for 'A Current Affair'. I'm Peter Overton. Stay with Nine with more news. I'll be back a little later late-night news at 11:30pm. And don't miss our new a good evening. For now, hope you have by Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions

Peaking at eighteen degrees.Tonight

... The A-C-T to face a razor gang

... The A-C-T to face a razor gang

to restore Budget surpluses, to restore Budget surpluses, The

Greens hail the budget - a

sustainable step forward, sustainable step forward, And,

crucial support lacking for crucial support lacking for the

Federal Government' s Federal Government' s emissions tradral Government' s emissions

trading scheme. The Federal

battle to attract Senate backing Government' s facing an uphill Government' s facing an uphil trading scheme. The Federal

battle to attract Senate backing for