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Tonight - commuter chaos. Thousands

left strafpbded as Sydney bus left strafpbded as Sydney bus

drivers walk off the job. Everyone

had to start walking. I was late

for school. Corruption exposed -

the security scam that allowed guards to buy accreditation.

And a dark day for Australian cricket.

England celebrates its Ashes win at

the Oval. Should have maybe done a

bit better but that's cricket, mate. That's cricket.

Good evening. I'm Bill Woods. Also

tonight - what's behind Sydney's

extreme weather changes. Australia!

And Miss Australia misses out but

is still on top of the world. I

can't explain to you how I feel.

Fourth! In the world!

But we begin tonight with the snap

bus strike that left commuters in

western Sydney fuming. Among those

stranded were thousands of

schoolchildren, some of them HSC

exams. The Industrial Relations students who missed their trial

Commission has stepped in,

describing the action as industrial

thuggery of the worst kind.

Designed for maximum impact, the

snap strike was called at 3am,

catching everyone by surprise. You

know there's a bus strike. Oh, no!

Really? Do you know about the

strike? Yeah. What are you going to

do? I'm in a hurry. What are they

trying to prove? Like what are they

trying to prove? I don't know. trying to prove? I don't know.

Everyone had to start walking. I

was late for school now. Drivers

are angry about a new timetable

they say gives them inadequate

breaks and an impossible schedule

to keep to, even though it doesn't

start for two months drivers in

black down, castle hill and mount

druet this morning decided to

strike. Too bad tour everyone else?

I wouldn't use those words. Drivers

have expressed that they're

disappointed it's come to that.

Busways apologised for the inconvenience which they believe

affected up to 15,000 commuters.

Schools which could arranged their

own transport. They didn't even let

us know. I have an exam in about an

hour. About 30 Year 12 students at

Mitchell high school had a trial

HSC pain tore sit. There was simply

no way to avoid that extra headache

for trial HSC students this morning,

schools simplery deciding to give

them extra time to complete their

exam. Some will have to resit

another day. We'll be stressing too

much about getting to school and

forget most of your stuff and it

reflects badly on your result. It

was a bonus for cabbies. I was very

busy, actually. There was no

announcement at all. Talks between

drivers and the company are under

way. If there is another strike,

there is one plea from pass

skpwrers. A heads-up next time.

-- from passengers.

Well, it was a day we'd rather

forget in sport. Brad joins us now.

Brad, our cricket team is no longer

number one in the world.

No, that is unfortunately right,

Bill. Our Ashes defeat has sent

them plummeting to number four in

the official Test rankings. That is

still, however, one above England.

But it's the English who are

celebrating and gloating after

their overnight win at the Oval. Breaking Australian hearts

everywhere, there was an English

(CHEERING) eruption at the oval.

It was a fitting finale for five

Tests of twists and turns. The two-

one series win England's second

Ashes triumph if 22 years. Worse

still, rickety Ponting is now the

first Australian captain to lose

two series in England in more than two series in England in more than

a century. I don't think you can

get more disappointed than I am

right now. The skipper tried to

keep his team alive in an inspiring

partnership with Mike Hussey. He

clocked up what could be a career-

saving century. Huge personal

relief for Michael Hussey and

something of a personal triumph. We

needed a moment of inspiration and needed a moment of inspiration and

we weren't quite sure where it

would come from. It came from

Freddie Flintoff.

Yes! It is tight.

The retiring all-rounder ran out

Ricky Ponting to cap off his own

Test career with a fairytale finish.

Despite the optimism of thousands

of Aussie fans glued to screens

across the capital... We own the

Ashes. It's ours. I still think

we're in with a chance for sure. It

wasn't to be. Catch! Yeah! Gutted

absolutely. I win some. You lose

some. My heart really bleeds. I'm

not looking forward to going back

to work tomorrow. Or to any local pub after the game.

The Aussies may want to put the

Ashes behind them but England will

want to make this moment last as

long as they can and will celebrate

for some time yet.

And the finger-pointing has begun

in the wake of this morning's 197-

run loss to the old enemy and the

heat is well and truly on the

Australian selectors. Catch! Yes!

Gone! That's it. Michael Hussey

last wicket to go! Mr Cricket.

Euphoria for England and agony for

Australia. After looking like the

winners several times this series,

the soul-searching has been left to

the Aussies. Ricky Ponting right in

the firing line as just the second

captain in 119 years to lose two

Test series in England. No doubt

I'll have a few questions to answer

when I get back. Unfortunately, he

will be remembered for that but

he's our greatest leader and, you

know, our greatest batsman. He

needs to be captaining the side.

While Ponting's hold on the

captaincy looks safe for now,

questions over selection have

brought the greatest criticism, in

particularly the absence of spinner

Nathan Hauritz. Someone will have

to take the wrap for that. I'm not

sure who. Obviously horribly wrong

not to pick a genuine spinner in

that situation. It's inexcusable

really. Former Test spinner Gavin

Robertson believes we're trying too

hard to find a Shane Warne

replacement. You know, the ball

spinning and turning on day one and

two and we thought oh, no. Our Test

ranking now fourth behind Sri Lanka,

South Africa and India. I don't South Africa and India. I don't

think Cricket Australia is under

any illusions. We're in a

rebuilding phase after losing

some.of the best players to ever

play cricket for Australia.

And later in sport we'll cross live

to London to see how the English

have been celebrating. Plus Eels

fullback Jarryd Hayne talks about

the lifestyle changes that have

helped him transform into an NRL

superstar. That's all coming up,

Thank you, Brad. Bill. I'll see you a little later.

She was one of the hot favourites

but Rachael Finch has missed out on

the title of Miss universe. A

Venezuelan won it for the second

year running. The Queensland model

is set to cash in because she made

the top five.

Beaming live across the world,

Rachael Finch began as the early

favourite for the crown. Let's hear

it for Australia! By the end of the

night, she left... Ever so close.

The third runner-up is... Australia.

The winner brought a competition

first - Miss Universe is Miss

Venezuela again. Back-to-back wins

for Venezuela with a reigning Queen

delighted to hand over her crown.

There were some odd and cumbersome

choices for national costume.

Rachel's represented sunset over the Opera House.

A more classic ensemble saw her

glide into the top five.

This look was even more popular.

But it became the topic of the

hardest section. Next - Australia.

Question Time. In some countries,

women are not allowed to wear a

swim suit, so how does that make

you feel? Um, I believe wearing a

swim suit, especially a part of a

buejy pageant is a beautiful thing.

It gives every one of us the chance

to show our figures and our toned

bodies and what we've worked hard

for. She might not have won the for. She might not have won the

crown but friends and families were

still celebrating in Townsville. I

can't plain how I feel. Fourth! In

the world! Fourth place could earn

the girl from North Queensland a

cool $10 million in contracts.

Still ahead - the furious residents

desperately trying to hold on to our heritage.

Also tonight - introducing children

to alcohol.

Hey dad. Can I have a drink too?

The new campaign telling parents of the dangers.

And Sydney's hot August night. The

reasons behind our extreme weather.

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You're watching Ten News.

Well, cool one day, steaming hot

the next. I don't have to tell you

that. There's no denying the

weather is going through an

identity crisis at the moment and

today the State's north recorded

its warm errs August day, while

gusty conditions caused havoc across the city.

The powerful weather put

construction workers in a dangerous

predicament. A crane cable became

tangled in power lines at Dee Why

after gusts up to 80km/h whipped

around the State. There was another

close call in the south-west when

winds brought down a tree at a

childcare centre and a 24-year-old

woman suffered leg injuries when

she was hit by a falling awning at

Kogarah. Everything was flying

everywhere. The howling winds

followed a hot August night. The

temperature hovered around 21

degrees until midnight before it

peaked at 23 degrees at 2am, 11 above average.

But that's cool in comparison to

the record set in the north. At

Evans Head near Lismore it hit 36.8

degrees this afternoon, the hottest

August temperature ever recorded in

the State. Back in Sydney, winter

was not about to give in so soon.

We did a rescue of a girl on a

bored getting blown out to sea. Now

it's settled and started to rain.

It's four seasons in one day. We

have to put up with the wild

weather for a little longer. The

temperature is forecast to drop and

the wind will strengthen in the

next few days. Then get ready to

switch wardrobes again. It's been a

warm winter for Sydney,

temperatures above average. We're

expecting that to continue through

the spring and summer.

Well, Tim Bailey joins us now for

more details. I want to ask you for

your global warming theory but a

bit more specific on what will

happen in the next week or so. We

can put the heat down. That story

is incredible. Evans Head today

36.8 degrees. That's a scorching

day in the extremes of summer. To

get it in August is unfathomable.

What's happening is there's a lot

of hot air over the interior of

Australia at the moment. Put that

down to one of the warmest Augusts

ever at Alice Springs. They've had

heatwave conditions. We're getting

rocketing west-north-west winds.

Away comes all the heat and it hit

us today. Brisbane 35.4 degrees,

their warmest August day ever.

Canberra had a minimum in August of

12 degrees last night, the warmest

August night in 70 years. The city

at the moment in Sydney - what have

we got? Damaging winds still on the

radar and we've got a few showers

falling across the basin at the

moment, about one or two

millimetres have gone into the dams.

Tomorrow when you awaken, gusty

westerly winds, fine and sunny, 20

degrees. The weekend is going to be

warm and in form too. See you again

later. Parents are being urged not

to introduce alcohol to their

teenagers even if their intention

is to teach safe drinking practices.

The latest research shows small

amounts can cause permanent damage to a developing brain.

For years, the dangers of alcohol

and the foetus and children have

been widely publicised. But now

comes advice teenagers are just as vulnerable.

The earlier you use alcohol, the

more likely you are to have alcohol

problems, even if you're using only

low levels of alcohol. That's

because the teenage brain is not

fully developed. In males,

matration may not occur until the

early 20s. The brain and mind

research institute says that makes

a young person's brain far more

susceptible to damage, leading to

cognitive and behavioural problems,

even mental health issues. Don't

drink at all before 18 and from

there on, particularly in young men,

delay alcohol use for as long as

possible. Do you reckon I can have

a drink too? It's hoped this new ad

targeting parents will shift old

attitudes but introducing -- that

introducing alcohol at home

promotes safe drinking practices.

We like the idea but the science is

the opsies. It's made DrinkWise

ambassador Susie O'Neill think

about how she'll approach it when

her children are older. I was

really shobgtd. You can't see the

brain so you contribute see what

damage drinking alcohol early is

doing to your brain. Doctors have

notice a marked increase in the

number of patients as young as 11

admitted drunk and with secondary

health problems. Girls have often

been sexually assaulted and the

boys have physical injuries. The

campaign has been backed by the

Australian Hotels Association,

which sees benefits to delaying alcohol exposure.

Security guards at the Holsworthy

army base may have received their

accreditation by buying test

answers from their trainers. The

men accused of running the scam

have been caught on tape as part of

a major corruption inquiry.

It's been named the target of an

alleged terror plot. Now it appears

many of the many of the guards

charged with protecting the base

may have used bribery to get their

qualifications. Thousands of guards

who attended the training academy

were allegedly given cheat sheets

to their tests, thank a tripper

allegedly caught on tape telling

them where to find the answers.

Students paid the academy up tole

$500. Hyland kept half.

The commission told Roger issued

more than 11,000 certificates in

just two years. The guards employed

to protect army bases, airports, hotels and concerts.

It's claimed the academy also

turned a blind eye to students who

couldn't speak English and if they

didn't have the required first aid certificate, staff there would

simply print them one for a fee.

The academy's boss allegedly earned

$1.3 million from the scam. It's

likely he'll give evidence later in

the week.

Nine homeless men facing eviction

from the Bondi beach pavilion have

been given a six-week reprieve. The

men shelter at the pavilion every

winter but Waverley council claims

they're a security risk. Today,

council lawyers asked the property

to postpone legal action until

after the mayoral election in September.

The cost that residents and

ratepayers are putting up, we could

have been housed with the money

they're spending on this. The

council recently apologised for

illegally confiscating the men's bedding.

Hundreds of Sydney's oldest homes

are facing demolition to make way

for much-needed units. The State

Government made the rezoned

historic suburbs as a way of coping with the housing crisis.

It's been called the developer

destruction of Sydney's oldest suburbs.

100-year-old homes are being

bulldozed to make way for 18,000

new units by 2031. These homes are

disappearing very fast. Dozens have

gone and 700 more could follow

under Newtown centre plans signed

off, not by young yie council, but

a State Government-appointed

planning panel, which quickly descended into chaos.

Could I ask for you to cease Could I ask for you to cease filming please.

No! No! It's heartbreaking. I'm

seeing lovely family homes turned

into this. It's Legoland. Among the

properties facing rezoning - the

former homes of National Trust

funder and right across the road,

Sydney Harbour Bridge designer John

Brad field. It's a distressing

prospect for neighbour of 30 years,

jued IT Andrews. I think it's

terrible. I think it's criminal.

The State Government says the

planning panel will improve the

efficiency and transparency of Ku-

ring-gai's planning policy

insisting just because houses can

be demolished doesn't mean they

will be. Final approval rests with

the planning minister who is

considering 1,800 resident objections.

Outrage at plans to build a

nightclub on the Bali bombing site.

That's still ahead.

Also - thousands forced to flee

their home as wildfires rage towards Athens.

A pilot's bumpy freeway ride forced

to land his light plane in the

middle of traffic.

Now, more than ever, Which is why we joined new Apia. It's always a real person. So you can find out everthing you need to know. Oh, and they're never in a rush to get you off the phone, which is fantastic, 'cause you can talk for as long as you want. (SIGHS) A bit like now, you mean? Yeah! VOICEOVER: If you're over 50, then your experience deserves to be rewarded. WOMAN: Each balloon represents 50g of carbon pollution. Switching computers off when you're not using them will lower power bills and reduce our impact on the environment. VOICEOVER: 2,500 years ago, the Mayans were not so different from us... ..although cacao beans were used as currency because the smooth, rich dark chocolate they produced was so highly valued. smooth, rich dark chocolate worth its weight in gold.

Vic joins us now with the latest on

traffic. A collision at cone cored

causing problems? Big problems

after a Parramatta rode smash. The

RTA have done a great job to clear

it. We're at Strathfield and it. We're at Strathfield and Homebush. Look at the traffic

heading west. The headlights are

traffic heading west and it's far

back on to Parramatta rode and

through to Leichhardt. We're

getting plenty of calls that deep

back into Leichhardt there are

delays but just to show you how bad

the M4 is, usually not quite back

far Homebush Bay Drive but these

motorists have been standing still

for 25 minutes. With wind gusts

tonight, there's plenty of debris,

with tree branches on the M5 at

Campbelltown and the F3 at Berowra.

We'll fly there and bring you an update.

There are calls for a federal

inquiry into the oil slick off the

WA coast which threatens to become

an environmental disaster. Millions

of litres of gas and oil are

expected to pour from the rig in

the two months that it could take

to plug the leak. There's a

mishmash of professionalism about

dealing with this oil spill and

it's not good enough. The region is

a vital marine corridor for turtles

and whales.

Finance now with Amber. Raising

generation Y. Where do I start?

Let's start with finance. They're

the most expensive in history?

Certainly are, Bill. A survey has

found one in three is still living

at home in their late 20s, costing

mum and dad about $6,000 a year on

top of the $200,000 it would have

cost to raise each of them from

birth. While two out of three don't

contribute a cent to household

bills, many are proving to be good

savers. While mum and dad may

grumble about still having their

kids around, most wouldn't have it any other way.

Despite the fact that two-thirds of

them think that kids don't pull

their weight around the house. On

one hand, they don't think they're

doing enough around the home but on

the other hand, they love them

being there. It's thought baby

boomer parents may feel they can

relive their 20s through their


The share market followed international markets into higher territory today.

That's the day in finance.

Thank you, Amber.

Raging bushfires have reached the

outskirts of athns, sending

thousands of people fleeing from

their homes but some have decided

to stay and fight the flames.

For almost two days, the wildfires

have burned, gaining in strength

and reach. The flames are lapping

at the outskirts of Athens.

Thousands of people have been

evacuated from their homes in the

northern suburbs but some remain,

hoping to save their properties,

using all they can to fight back

the flames. Buckets, hoses, even

branches to try to stamp out the

fire. The emergency services are

stretched and can't reach everyone.

The fire passed the street and is

coming towards us and we've not

seen one fire engine says this man.

"We have no help at all. I'm asking

myself what kind of country are we

living in." The Greek Army has been

drafted in to help fire crews and

the government has looked to Europe

for help. Italy and France are

thought to be sending aircraft

which can firefight from the sky.

The fire has spread fast, covering

more than 35 miles in as many hours.

Strong winds constantly hampering

efforts to bring it under control.

In its wake as it burns through

parched olive groves and pine

forests, people have lost

everything. This family had a lucky

escape. They barely had time to get

in their car to flee. "It came from

all around us," he says, "and this

is what it left behind -

catastrophe. As you can see, total

catastrophe." As yet, there have

been no deaths but as the wildfires

encroach upon Athens, that threat

looms ever larger.

A light plane has made an emergency

landing on a Californian highway, colliding with cars.

Three drivers were unable to avoid

the aircraft as it landed on the

highway at Santa Barbara, but the

impact was not at high speed and

none of the people involved was

hurt. Puzzled locals stood by as

authorities worked to re-open the

road, which is normally very busy.

The pilot was only a few kilometres

from the airport when he ran out of fuel.

There's outrage over a plan to

build a bar and restaurant on the

site of the 2002 Bali bombings that

killed 88 Australians. The stiet on

the Kuta tourist strip has been

vacant since the attack and the

owner is determined to develop it.

But families of the victims say it

would be like dancing on people's

graves. There had been plans to

build a garden and place of

remembrance there but there wasn't enough funding.

A second man charged over the

stabbing death of a Sydney teenager.

Details next.

Also - the new technology to stop

robbers getting away with the cash.

robbers getting away with the cash.

Not only does it stain the money,

Not only does it stain the money,

it stains them and gives evidence

for the police. And behind the

scenes with the new idol judge.

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Tonight - Australia's Rachael Finch

has missed out on being crowned

Miss Universe. She made it to the

title. top five but a Venezuelan took the

The Industrial Relations Commission

has described a snap strike by bus

drivers as industrial thuggery. The

strike left thousands of angry

Sydney. commuters stranded across western

And the corruption watchdog has

exposed a security scam that

allowed some Sydney guards to buy

the answers they needed for

accreditation. The men accused of

running the scam were caught

discussing the details on tape. As

the inquiry proceeds, the security

industry has backed a Federal

Government plan to crack down on

organised crime groups infiltrated

security companies. The Government

is considering a licensing system

in a bid to stop criminals becoming guards.

An investigation by the Australian

Crime Commission has revealed

organised crime groups have

infiltrated some security companies.

With its access to firearms,

licensed premises, major events and

a range of public and private

assets, providing both an incentive

and an opportunity for organised crime.

crime. At a security conference,

the industry backed the

Government's push to drive out

corruption. It basically supports

the push for the security industry

and more effective compliance and

enforcement. We support that move.

Also on show at the conference -

the latest security technology,

like this biometric scanner that

uses infra-red light to track

facial features in three dimensions.

It can even check someone's

identity in the tark. Cash dye has

developed a smoke and dye bomb

being trialled by banks to protect

ATMs from ram-raiders. We stain the

note, deny the prize from the

criminal. They work all day for

nothing. Forget iris recognition.

This checks the pattern of blood

vessels on the back of the hand.

Everyone's is different. It checks

the temperature of the hand, build

the blood is flowing and it's a

true liveness test. It's the latest

scan technology for high security,

finance and defence sites.

Another man has been arrested over

the 1995 stabbing death of a Sydney

teenager. 16-year-old Peter skaf

savage was returning from football

training when he was stabbed and

robbed of his wallet at Lidcombe.

Last week, his alleged killer was

arrested. Today, a second man was

charged with being an accessory.

week. The 58-year-old faces court next

'Australian Idol' has a new judge

and his name is Jaydee Springbett.

He's a mild-mannered record company

become superjudge by night. executive by day but hopes to

Life has just turned upside down

for Jaydee Springbett. These been

thrust into the spotlight as the

new 'Idol' judge. It's proving to

be a wild ride. The first thing

written about you in the paper was

about the size of your trousers.

Was that a great introduction? I

loved it. I'm not a size 40. I'm

half Jamaican so we're built bigger,

I believe. 24-year-old father of

two replaces Kyle Sandilands but is

not planning on becoming the so-

called nasty judge. I'm not here to

put people down. It's about trying

to get people to a stage that when

they're out of 'Idol' we've

prepared them for the world and

they'll have a career. And he's not

giving up his day job, which is

director of A&R for Sony music. He

worked on Jessica Malboy's hit

album and rejects criticism that

'Idol' artists have an easy ride

through the business. There's

sometimes a bad name because they

haven't been deemed to kind of go

and do the hard yards but I've been

on this show about two minutes and

I'm telling you it's hard yards.

Fellow judge Dicko trod a similar

path from behind the scenes to

scene-stealer. With the new trio in

place from tonight, the only thing

this year's finalists be hearing is

an Australian accent. Your TV debut

is live. That's jumping in the deep

end. There's no other way to live

life. Talk to me tomorrow morning.

Brad's back with sport now and if

we must talk about cricket, can we

talk about the next Ashes series?

It's not too far away. The good

news is Australia's chance for

redemption is 14 months away. We

cross live to London next.

It's an unwanted piece of cricket

history as Ricky Ponting reflects

on the series that slipped away.

Plus league's Mr Excitement opens

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at McDonald's. Come in and enjoy some family time

Good evening.

While England celebrates its Ashes

victory, Australia has already

begun the post mortgagium. Not even

Michael Hussey's first century in

10 months could save Australia as

the tourists fell 197 runs short

what would have been a world record chase.

The Oval already held the

nightmares of four years ago for

Ricky Ponting and he won't sleep

any easier now. Catch! Yes! Gone!

That's it. Michael Hussey last

wicket to go. With everything I've

done in my career and the amount of

games I've played, it would be nice

to have some good memories from

this ground. Michael Hussey's

century might have saved his career

but couldn't save Australia from

the indignity of another Ashes

defeat. It's hard to swallow, for

me as the leader of the side and

the captain and most experienced

player, it's difficult for me to

accept. For England, jubilation as

the nation celebrates the return of

cricket's most treasured trophy.

It's a special moment. It hasn't

sunk in but it's a special moment

for us! After two quick wickets to

start day four, Hussey and Ponting

gave the tourists hope. For a brief

period, amazingly, Australia looked

in control. And then this.

Could be tight.

Yes t is tight.

Flintoff is the man.

It was that man Flintoff who turned

the match. His run out of Ponting

broke a century stand and Australia's spirit. That's the

value of being a great all-rounder

is that you can do it in so many

different ways, the bat, the ball,

a great catch or, in this instance,

a fantastic runnout. As Australia

begins some serious soul searching,

England celebrates a remarkable

triumph and the end of a remarkable

career. Flintoff to bow out of Test

cricket on the ultimate high.

As you would expect, England is

waking after a night of

celebrations. Ten's Danielle Isdale

joins us from London. Dani, what's

next for the Aussie team? Well, a

fairly brutal debrief, you would

think. There is, luckily, a bit of

distraction with the full schedule

of one-dayers beginning almost

immediately. The Australian team

will get on a train to Scotland

first thing tomorrow morning. Ricky

Ponting won't be on that train.

He's being rested for the one-

dayers. He'll head back to

Australia to face the music. And,

Dani, has the English media been

gracious in victory? I bet they

haven't. I think they're trying

their best. To be fair, they've

focused more on how England won

than how Australia lost but of

course every front page has the

victory photograph, the Ashes

coming home and the Sun, rather

more colourfully, "We kicked their

ashes". So they have bragging

rights and rightfully. They deserve

them. It's been a tremendous series,

a roller-coaster ride. The fans had

a huge party last night and I think

they'll party for some time to come.

I imagine they will. Thanks very

much to Danielle Isdale in London.

Breaking news now involving Lote

Tuqiri's unfair dismissal case

against the Australian rugby union.

The ARU has released a statement saying following mediation

discussions between the parties, an

agreed settlement has been reached

and Mr Tuqiri has agreed to

discontinue his proceedings against

the ARU and NSW rugby union.

Manly may be about to welcome back

Brett Stewart but they've lost

Jamie Lyon for a week with a

shoulder injury. Shane Rodney's

season could be over because of a

broken thumb. And Parramatta flier

Jarryd Hayne says anything is

possible for the Eels this season.

Their stunning run of form

coincides with Hayne's decision to coincides with Hayne's decision to

end his partying lifestyle.

While Jarryd Hayne was playing a

quarterback, some cheeky team-mates

re-enacted Friday night's win over

Benji! the Tigers.

Hayne playing another dominant role

in his side's sixth consecutive win.

In the past, that would have led to

a night of post-match celebrations.

Everyone thought I'd be out

partying and running amok. I stayed

home. I think the latest I went out

for was for dinner on Saturday

night. That's something that two

years ago probably wouldn't have

been me. Hayne's stint with Fiji's

humble World Cup team making him

realise he was wasting his talent.

Then there's the influence-his dad,

former South Sydney player Manoa

Thompson. He lived it up and look

at him now. He's got to drive a

truck around for work early in the

morning because he didn't take

advantage of what rugby league can

give you. Hayne's awakening bad

news for Penrith ahead of Friday

night's western Sydney showdown for

Parramatta, the loser to drop out

of the finals race. After playing

in front of 34,000 fans last Friday

night, these players are primed for

another huge turnout this Friday.

Already, this morning's ticket

sales were unprecedented for a

Monday. This stadium sure to be sold out.

I think, you know, anything is

possible. We have to keep our heads

straight and focus on the next week

and keep going in with the same

attitude and confidence. Luke Burt

is the only doubtful starter for

Parramatta. He's got a huge bruise

on his backside not far from his

kidneys. Bryce Gibbs charged with

making dangerous contact with his

knee. He faces a two-week to three- week suspension.

Another medal for Australia at the

World Athletics Championships with

our men's 4x400m relay team taking

bronze. John Steffensen led the way

as the Aussies finished third

behind the star-studded United States and Britain.

They've battled hard for the silver

but Rooney is holding on for Great

Britain. Rooney brings Britain home

in second place. Australia take

third. Olympic Champion Kenenisa

Bekele won a thrilling final in the

5000m, adding the title to his

10,000 m crown.

Roger Federer has firmed as

favourite for the upcoming US Open

after winning the since Nazi

Masters. Federer won the final

against Novak Djokovic 6-1, 7-5.

-- Cincinnati Masters.

The win gives Federer his third

Cincinnati title. It's also his

16th Masters crown.

Brazilian veteran Rubens

Barrichello has claimed his 10th

Formula One victory taking out the

European Grand Prix. He finished

ahead of Lewis Hamilton and Kimi ahead of Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonnen.

He has now! For the first time in He has now! For the first time in

five years, Rubens Barrichello is a

winner in Formula One.

Aussie Mark Webber finished a

disappointing ninth but still sits

third in the championship standings. Chelsea and Tottenham have

maintained their perfect start to

the English Premier League season.

They both notched up away wins

while newly promoted Burnley jumped

to seventh with an impressive win

against Everton. Chelsea cruised to

victory against Fulham with goals either side of half-time.

Drogba. Great ball. Anelka is on to

it. Must be. And is.

Tottenham had to come back from a

goal down against West Ham. First

Jermaine Defoe found the net after

a dreadful defensive error. Then a

late strike from Aaron Lennon gave

the Spurs their best start to a

season in almost 50 years. They will

will be happy in North London and

London full stop today.

In sports tonight on One highlights

of the matches between the Roosters

and the Bulldogs. Bring on the

footy finals. Cricket isn't fun any

more. The Bulldogs can go equal top

tonight but they'll be a long way

away on goal difference. You sound

like a fan. Possibly. But we'd have

to win by about 2hufpb hundred to

take first place completely. Big

problems to North Ryde, a couple of

cars involved in an accident

earlier. The traffic heading to the

Beecroft tunnel completely stopped

out of the tolls and I'll zoom the

cameras back to North Ryde. Barely

moving all the way back to Epping rode.

After the break - Tim Bailey with all the weather details. Right now, Subway restaurants are giving you the chance to win an exclusive invite to their Daydream Island escape on January 7-10. With an escape for two to be won every day, you and a friend could be enjoying three nights accommodation, massages, yoga classes and beach barbecues. Simply buy any sub and Coca-Cola drink before September 27, get your scratch card and enter at: ('I FEEL GOOD' PLAYS) SONG: # Hey! #

I don't know what to talk about.

Do we talk about the wind? Do we

talk about 36.8 degrees in Evans

Head. Do we look at the Australian

Alps where there is a vigorous cold

front about to give that a nice

touch-up? We're thinking 20 to 40

centimetres of snow in blizzard and

gale-force winds over the next 48

hours? Do we go down to Canberra

with 12 degrees last night as a

minimum. That was their warmest

night in August in 70 years. I had

a bit to do today, mate. But I

never, ever take the focus off the

viewer and the viewer photograph competition.

With thanks to Harvey Norman and

Panasonic, I'm going to make someone's day.

Look at the feeling in those storm

clouds. A good old-fashioned winter

storm puts you in the running to

win the camera.

We give that away on Friday night.

If you'd like to be involved, we

want your snaps on the television.

Things will settle down weatherwise

but the bureau are still saying

those winds will be damaging at times.

They'll be strong again tomorrow.

They'll ease in the afternoon. A

cooler day tomorrow, around about

20 degrees in the west and on the coast.

Fine and sunny and fine and sunny

conditions with temperatures a bit

more around the average right

through the working week.

Two models for your weekend at this

stage. One says showers. The other

says fine and sunny and quite warm up around 25 degrees.

OK, let's get into your backyard.

Masses of cloud surge across

southern SA, Tassie and Victoria

with a cold pool of air bringing

blustery showers. The map tomorrow

- very warm northerly winds in

southern Queensland, north-east NSW

before a trough brings a cooler

change. Rain fall - shores and

Alpine snow over the southern NSW

ranges, heaviest over western

slopes. Showers over south-east SA,

Victoria and Tasmania. Happy

birthday - a big fat happy birthday

to 93-year-old John Andrews. His

family did a wonderful thing for

him. They took him to all the

places that helped shape his life.

He went to the CYC, then to

Elizabeth bay House and even back

to his primary school house,

Elizabeth Bay primary school where

he attended about 86 years ago.

Good on you, John. Thanks for watching.

As I said, it was a wild one today

and Brisbane, what about them?

Their warmest August day ever, 35.4

degrees. You can believe we are

still doing winter with

temperatures like that?

I've earned my money for once.

Those numbers are amazing. That's

Ten News for now. I'm Bill Woods.

We'll have updates through the

evening and late news at 10:45. Good night.