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(generated from captions) in the Light Brigade - to a man who charged with the 17th and a group as important as this between ?5,000 to ?7,000. Thank you for bringing them. Very nice! More than I thought! Very interesting, thank you. from the grand to the grotesque. Another fine selection, taxidermy, go to our website... If you want to know more about Now at the end of a long, hot day, breweries are doing a good job. it's time to check that Burton's Until the next time, goodbye. BBC Broadcast 2003 Subtitles by Emma Biggins This program is captioned live. Sacked workers' fury to bosses at Pacific Brands. over fat cat pay rises she gets a raise, we get the sack. I have to say it sucks - to swimming pools across Sydney. 200 sick with a gastro bug linked it's resistant to chlorine. It's a parasite, it's very hardy, closed for another four days Safety first - Castlereagh Street after that scaffolding collapse. for Phillip Hughes. Out for a duck - a short-lived debut What a way to start! COMMENTATOR: Oh, no!

Good evening.

has turned to fury Anger over job cuts for the boss of Pacific Brands. over a massive pay rise to $1.8 million Her salary nearly trebled to sack 2,000 workers, even as she prepared blaming the slowdown in the economy. Devastated at losing their jobs, they are now sickened Pacific Brands workers say $1.2 million pay rise last year their CEO scored a staggering as she drew up plans to sack them. I'm gonna say the word 'sucks', That, actually, and we got the sack. right, 'cause they got the raise It stinks. is just only change from her pay. What we earn The salary of CEO Sue Morphett to more than $1.8 million. jumped from $685,000 the share price plummeted 45%. At the same time are doing so well To see that a privileged few are being retrenched at a time when thousands of workers is frankly sickening. It's just obscene taking that kind of salary that you would have someone to sack workers knowing that they were going than the minimum wage. who earn barely more 13 other Pacific Brands executives of up to 170% last year. scored pay rises

the highest-paid CEO in the country Of course, Sue Morphet isn't cannot be worse. but the timing of her pay rise

now facing a struggle With these employees in a tightening jobs market. to find work

now the backlash. 2,000 sacked workers - and Michael Clarke Sarah Murdoch, Pat Rafter The ACTU says those celebrities,

and Michael Clarke

all ties with the company. who endorsed Bonds should sever

The Transport Workers Union says

Pacific Brand machinery overseas. it will block any attempts to move

was funded by government grants. Equipment, the union says, of every taxpayer in this country. This is spitting in the face her pay rise. Sue Morphet declined to defend

in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn. All was quiet at her home It's on the market for $3.2 million.

This afternoon at a minister met

with executives, they did not talk

about salaries but asked if there

was anything they could do to

maintain operating in Australia.

The company says it will get back

to the Government, may be a glimmer of hope there. on the jobs front today, There was some good news with retail giant Woolworths positions before June, set to create 7,000 full-time of $983 million. after posting a profit 9,000 jobs this financial year, The company says it's already added with the opening of 122 new stores. generates at least another $2 Every dollar spent at Woolworths

and maybe $3, wonderful flow-on effect for jobs. but most importantly, there's a Treasurer Wayne Swan says the news in the Australian economy. is a vote of confidence been hit by a parasite infection More than 200 Sydney people have from public swimming pools. and they may have caught it are young children More than half the victims Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. Allison Langdon is at How many pools are involved?

have now been inspected Peter, 19 pools across NSW counting this one here. by the health department, 12 in the Sydney area. there's a direct link Authorities aren's saying but they're taking no chances. in 10 years, It's the worst outbreak we've seen of the danger. yet today, parents were unaware That's a bit scary, isn't it, in there swimming. 'cause I've got my grand-daughter very frightening. That's very frightening, 3-year-old daughter Vanessa Belinda Harvey's

picked up the bug at her local pool. things like that, yeah. Just temperatures, gastric, the public warning. NSW Health has been quick to issue cryptosporidiosis after 44 new cases of

That's 201 for this month so far,

and just 45 in December. compared to 106 in January,

it's resistant to chlorine. It's a parasite, it's very hardy, Most victims are children under five pool water. because they tend to swallow diarrhoea, fever and vomiting. It can cause severe stomach cramping, from whatever cause If you've got diarrhoea now or you had it in the last two weeks you don't go swimming. it's important as devastating as the 1998 bug, Authorities are hoping it won't be

Sydney's water supply, which contaminated before drinking. and meant all water had to be boiled are the only link. So far, swimming pools as having been super-chlorinated Those named by the Health Department and 4 in the Blue Mountains. include 12 in Sydney have caused the illness, We don't know these pools

we're being cautious.

Once super-chlorinated,

While many pools have been treated,

because the moment has somebody

with the cryptosporidiosis goes swimming they infected the water.

That's why it pools are like this

one here at Homebush a testing every four hours. in cold, hard cash, If you've never seen $1 million take a look at this.

in crisp, clean $50 and $100 notes. It's $1.3 million to be precise, the alleged proceeds of cocaine. But it's very dirty money, counted and catalogued by police. The cash is being meticulously Richard Buttrose, the nephew of Ita Buttrose, is one of two men arrested over the haul, which included nearly 8kg of drugs. The town at the centre of the new 'Underbelly' series is back in the news. Griffith was the base for crime boss Robert Trimbole's drug trade in the 1970s. Now police have raided an orchard in the area finding marijuana growing between orange trees. 90 mature plants were dug up. Police also say they discovered a sophisticated system for irrigating and drying the cannabis. The haul was later destroyed in a controlled burnoff. It had an estimated street value of $200,000. Two men have been arrested. Four teenage boys have been sent to jail over a sex attack on a 13-year-old girl. They'll serve up to three years behind bars for the offences,

which took place in the Bankstown area in 2007. They degraded and demeaned a 13-year-old girl and today, a District Court judge delivered his punishment - jail. Their families were visibly shattered the four teenage boys taken into custody immediately. Some sobbed as they were taken down into the cells. The 13-year-old girl was violated by the boys In two public toilet blocks and on a rooftop building at Bankstown nearly two years ago. As each took turns with her in the the cubicles some called out to one another to "hurry up" because it was their turn. Another told her to - "smile" like she was enjoying it. The court has heard the girl felt so threatened and intimidated by the situation, she felt she couldn't leave. Later, she discovered one of the teenagers had taped the sex acts on his mobile phone before sending it to his friends. Three out of four of the boys were jailed for 2 years and 3 months for having aggravated sexual intercourse with a child. The forth was sentenced to 3 years. The judge ordered all media out of the court before he gave his reasons for imposing the sentence. He said he did that to protect the interests of the offenders who were all under the age of 18 at the time. The boys will be eligible for parole next year. Jessica Rich, Nine News. Former judge Marcus Einfeld will have a nervous few weeks awaiting sentencing on charges of perjury over his speeding fine, back in 2006. The 69-year-old has been given strict bail conditions until his hearing next month. Einfeld has to surrender his passport, agree to stay away from the airport and will have to report to a police station every week. Traffic problems are set to continue in the CBD with confirmation that Castlereagh Street will be closed for another four days because of yesterday's scaffolding collapse. A specialist team has so far stabilised part of the structure and will spend the weekend trying to make the area safe for workers and the public. Construction crews worked through the night

to try to stabilise the buckled scaffolding.

By morning, it had been propped up by several steel girders. Castlereagh Street remained closed for two city blocks around the accident. It created problems for traffic and workers.

Extremely inconvenient, I can't see why they just can't walk us down there. It's only about 50 or 60 metres. Finally, just after 9:30, police opened a section of the street, but just for pedestrians. For us, our key time is probably 7:00 to 9:30, so we've lost that today. For many businesses here, it appears there are more losses ahead. We're keeping Castlereagh Street closed to traffic probably between four to five days. A team of construction workers will now begin the painstaking task of removing and replacing seven levels of scaffolding before the street can be re-opened. WorkCover has confirmed it served the construction company Built with a prohibition notice about the site last year. Our inspectors and engineers will be looking very closely

at the work practices that have been in place leading up to yesterday's events. In a statement, the company today apologised for any inconvenience to the public and nearby businesses. Lauren Harte, Nine News A paraglider spent five hours hanging from a tree after crash landing in a North Coast National Park last night. he 47-year-old was setting up to take off when a sudden gust of wind lifted him up and then dropped him into the trees below. Rescuers used a crane to reach the man. He escaped the ordeal un-injured.

It's well known that diabetes is on the rise with more than four million people expected to have the disease within the next four years. But now, there's a disturbing new trend - an increasing number will have double diabetes - type 1 and type 2. Jenny Nekic has lived with Type 1 diabetes most of her life. But before she became pregnant with her son Liam, her diagnosis took another turn. It was surprising to think, OK, I'm Type 1 and Type 2. How do you explain that to people sometimes? It's increasing in younger people in children, in teenagers and also in young adults.

The cause of Type 1 is unknown. The pancreas stops producing insulin and regular injections are needed to lower sugar levels in the blood. Type 2 is when insulin isn't working effectively

but the problem can be managed through diet and exercise. Endocrinologist, Dr Neville Howard says the rise in double diabetes in linked to childhood obesity. It's a huge worry because it means that these young people have a double whammy of diabetes. With it, comes a wider range of complications

such as eye and kidney disease, heart attacks

and circulation problems.

The phenomenon is not widely known in the community, even among GP's, which makes the problem difficult to diagnose and treat. Jenny resorts to sweet treats for those unexpected swings. She needs five injections a day as well as oral medication to treat Type 2.

She's also doing her best to lose weight. My goal is to be healthy for my son. Gabriella Rogers, Nine News. In the news ahead, the woman who wants to wind-surf across Bass Strait and Stevie Wonder's fans at the White House. (Sings) # Isn't she wonderful... # Oh! Blocked in, darl? Yeah. Oh, here are the Bennetts. They'll help out. They've just finished the All-Bran Challenge. What's that? It's just one serve of All-Bran every day for two weeks! You guys look fabulous! How're you feeling? Cleansed, Julia, inside and out. And it was really easy to do. Well, I have to get moving. Doing some stand-up? No. Some sit-down, actually. (ALL LAUGH) (LAUGHS) Oh, honey! VOICEOVER: Take the Kellogg's All-Bran Challenge and see if you feel the difference. Mr Rudd is going to Washington. The Prime Minister will meet US President Barack Obama late next month. The main items on the agenda - a co-ordinated international response to the economic crisis

and dealing with the conflict in Afghanistan. Mr Rudd says they'll also discuss the challenges of climate change and nuclear disarmament.

They'll meet on the 24th of March. The child stars of 'Slumdog Millionaire' have returned to find a different world. They've been welcomed as heroes by overjoyed neighbours in their Mumbai slum. But it's a place they're about to escape. The Government has purchased homes for their families and the movie producers have put them in schools for a formal education. In Britain, the death of one of the country's favourite TV actors - Wendy Richard. For 22 years, she played Pauline Fowler in 'Eastenders' Early success came in the 'Carry On' movies, while many remember her fondly from 'Are You Being Served'. What about obscuring it? Alright then, lend us your knickers. No! Don't you start. And anyway, they wouldn't obscure anything. Wendy Richard was 65. She had been fighting breast cancer for the last 15 years. A magic evening for the Obamas, when their favourite artist called by at the White House. (Sings) # Isn't she lovely? # Isn't she wonderful? # But it was no simple social call.

Stevie Wonder was there to receive America's highest honour in popular music, the Gershwin Prize. By happy coincidence, Stevie's songs were the soundtrack of the Obama courtship. So the fact that we agreed on Stevie was part of the essence of our courtship and I'm not alone.

The Obamas played Wonder's ' You and I' as their wedding song, a time back in 1992

when they never imagined such a remarkable night at the White House. A 27-year-old woman from Hornsby is about to set off on a remarkable world record attempt. She's preparing to take on the dangerous and often deadly seas of Bass Strait, and she'll do it on a windsurfer. Spending a day with Allison Shreeve is exhausting. WOMAN: I'm going to jibe now. She's almost impossible to follow, and when we lost her... ..she didn't care. because this is where she wants to be - a place for yachts and tankers and an endless sea. Allison holds four world titles

and a world speed record set at 70km/hour. But the next attempt is far more dangerous, crossing from Tasmania to Victoria. At night time I go to sleep I and start imagining

what it's gonna be like not to see land for a long period of time. Bass Straight can be unforgiving. It can go from calm seas to really rough in a very short space of time as the Sydney to Hobart guys found out. As long as she can take the battering, Allison is aiming to cross in just seven hours. I'm pulling on the back hand and I'm pushing on the front hand, so it's like a pull-up, push-up the whole way. Alison's been training now for about six months. She could do the crossing tomorrow. The only thing stopping her - she can't find a boat to keep up with her. What she needs is a boat that's at least 40 foot long and it's got very powerful engines. Because out here, not everything goes to plan. Denham Hitchcock, Nine News. Andrew Voss with sport is next - and the first Test in Johannesburg is delicately balanced. Peter, the first session today will be crucial

after Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke put Australia back into the Test overnight. And Tiger's comeback derailed in Arizona. A duck on debut for Phil Hughes, but Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke rescued Australia from a disastrous start to the first Test against South Africa in Johannesburg. The tourists totalled 5/254. Ponting peerless - on a tough pitch, for 83. Clarke made 68 after the top order failed. Filling Matthew Hayden's boots was always going to take time, Phil Hughes's first knock lasting four balls. COMMENTATOR: Oh, no, what a way to start! On 3, Simon Katich was snared by a screamer. Oh, brilliant! What a catch! Two down slid to 3/38, when Mike Hussey fell for only 4. Stopping the rot, Ricky Ponting began pulling his team out of trouble, with help from his counterpart - Graeme Smith grassing Ponting on 40. The captain and Michael Clarke drove the recovery, producing a 113-run partnership. Ponting survived the game's first video referral -

South Africa's challenge to this not-out decision turned down by the third umpire. On 83, no replay needed. He's bowled him, it swung back hugely. Look at that late inswing. Marcus North was welcomed to Test cricket by Dale Steyn. The same bowler conjured Clarke's exit for 68. Brad Haddin went hard to 37 not out. North's unbeaten 47 proving he belongs at this level. Fingers crossed, hopefully he can go on tomorrow and make a Test hundred on debut. He looks really comfortable. Bad light stopped play, before rain put paid to any resumption. Australia 5/254. Andrew McKinlay, Nine News. Johannesburg. To Rugby League now - and on the eve of the Charity Shield South Sydney captain Roy Asotasi says he's determined to re-claim his position as the game's number-one prop. He admits he lost some of his passion for league last year, but warns, the fire is back.

Tomorrow night's Charity Shield is the unofficial start to the league season and after missing the Kiwis' World Cup win with a torn chest muscle, Roy Asotasi can't wait for the kick-off. And that's a marked change to his attitude last year.

I was just comfortable with where I'm at, I felt like I achieved a lot and then just took a back seat. Now he wants to grab the wheel with both hands. Do you want to reclaim your place as the game's number one prop? Definitely like to get back up there, I've got a lot to prove. Souths have a secret admirer in the Dragons camp - Wayne Bennett's son Justin takes great delight in cheering for any team other than his dad's. Wayne told us all about that, Justin likes to dress up in the other team's colours just to give his dad a bit of stick.

It's all in good fun. And after re-signing with the Knights until the end of 2010,

coach Brian Smith refused to take a swipe at his critics who wanted him axed. I think the message has been delivered already. Good news for the Cowboys -

Matt Bowen is expected to make his comeback on Saturday night, nine months after knee surgery. Danny Weidler, Nine News.

Tiger Wood's comeback from knee surgery hasn't gone as smoothly as he would like. The World number one beaten by South African Tim Clark

in the second round of the World Golf Championships, Match Play.

The best action was on the back nine - Woods chipped in on the 14th to stay in the fight but three straight birdies by Clark gave him a four and two victory. Australia's Geoff Ogilvy advanced to the third round beating Shingo Katayama on the first extra hole. And on surfing's night of nights the world's best gave up the wax for a bit of gel at a black tie affair on the Gold Coast. They gathered to crown their world champions: 37-year-old Kelly Slater accepting his unprecedented ninth title while Australia's Stepanie Gilmour has only just begun her crusade - with title number two. The new season starts tomorrow. To finance now - a steady day on the market although Woolworths shares were lower after a weaker than expected profit result. After the break, Jaynie Seal with all the weekend weather details.

6:30. n z Coming up on WIN News... 6:30. n z Coming up on WIN News... A

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Inn fire, Why local wineries Inn fire, Why local wineries have

their sights set on a premier

harvest. And, the Brumbies have a harvest. And, the Brumbies have a

final run before lining up final run before lining up against

the Force. All the details next.

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To Ulladulla by late Saturday afternoon and Sydney around Midnight Saturday. Behind the change - southern Victoria low 20s. Low 30s for parts of the north. Sydney - a hot & muggy end to summer in the west. Mid 30s with those possible storms. Great beach weather - the seabreeze keeping you a little cooler. Sunday - 24 degrees with a few showers about and southerly winds. Just the odd splash for the first half of next week. Western suburbs - a hot 35 tomorrow. Cloud and southerly winds Sunday 30, CLEAN UP AUSTRALIA DAY - a few showers possible. So Peter, that's it for summer. Enjoy the last of it. And that's Nine News for this Friday, 27 February. We'll leave you with some beautiful images of the 'Queen Mary 2' setting sail from Garden Island just after 1:00am. Next stop for the luxury superliner - Japan. I'm Peter Overton, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Business welcomes the Territory' s Business welcomes the Territory' s

capital works package, And, the capital works package, And, the 80th

Royal Canberra Show spins into

action. Good evening, Six months action. Good evening, Six months

after it was officially opened, it' after it was officially opened, it'

s been revealed that as recently as

November, there were still some

twelve hundred defects at the Territory' s first jail.While most Territory' s first jail.While most