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(generated from captions) OK. Why don't we give away a car? you need to remember again Here's the all-important numbers for your chance to win the sporty Volvo convertible. And a year's supply of petrol. So, to enter, simply quote who had the $25 on tonight's Fame Game Board. It's so simple. And it was Brooke Satchwell. Made it even easier. Just want to help you out there. night. We'll tempt you again. See you the same time tomorrow 'Bye. Goodnight. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. The dramatic moment - learners are taught to drive. which may radically change the way Tollway robbery - (beep) companies how the Government and motorway are profiting from your money. Safe at last - Mumbai massacre returns home. the young Sydney woman shot in the Australia wraps up the second Test. And Ponting's classic catch as Good evening. that shocked Sydney last year It was a fatal crash and it caused shock again today. a coroner's court as footage showed There were gasps of horror inside was killed and 11 others injured how fashion student Emma Hansen into a crowded bus stop in Kogarah. when a learner driver crashed The inquest might lead to new rules teach their children to drive. restricting how parents captured by a security camera. This is the carnage a group of people on the footpath. A learner driver's car ploughs into Eleven were injured - one killed . fashion designer. 20-year-old Emma Hansen - a budding she would have graduated last week We miss her because and was going to head off from her fashion course have done that for sure. to Turkey or Milan and she would She was a great girl.

on the first day of an inquest The shocking footage was shown into Ms Hansen's death . who was being taught by a friend, The learner driver, had charges against her dropped under the Mental Health Act. for the court her distress Police today described at realising what she'd done.

provisions should be introduced The inquest will look at whether charges under the Mental Health Act. to disqualify drivers who've avoided

who teach beginners how to drive - It will also consider whether those need specific training. and that includes mums and dads - licence drivers getting in the car Usually, it's just normal black and teaching their kids and, yeah, recommendations about that. I think there should be more Jessica Rich, Nine News. what looks like a massive rip off - Sydney has suddenly woken up to the $100 million we've coughed up on electronic tollway tags. for deposit fees Government and private operators Motoring groups say the State should ditch the charges immediately. tags in NSW - There are 1.6 million electronic each of them requiring a $40 deposit will never see again. which most drivers everything, taxes you name it. NSW - we're getting slugged with a month so it's expensive. It just keeps costing me 200 are earning interest The RTA and private operators in deposits on about $100 million of your money you need on your card as well as the minimum balance so the account can operate. life which you then get back $40 dollars for your entire driving is not unreasonable. at the end when you return your tag potentially pay Drivers in north western Sydney as much as $85 a week in tolls. should be free. The NRMA says the tag itself of driving on roads We're paying $40 for the privilege we've already paid a fortune for. There is a loop hole. driver from getting a free tag There's nothing stopping a Sydney in Queensland or Victoria. They work the same way. for the interstate unit You'll still pay $40 and you'll get it back but that money's used as credit at the toll booth. each time the tag buzzes can do it, why can't NSW? But if Queensland and Victoria Because - according to the roads minister, and keep records on who has them. the money's used to buy the tags the NSW State Government If people are willing to believe they're willing to believe anything. and a story they spin, I suspect John Kerrison, Nine News. to the safety of Sydney ferries The State Government's commitment is again being questioned.

black box recorders, Three years after first promising have had them fitted. less than half the fleet lost his daughter Morgan A year and half ago Robert Innes

with the private vessel she was on, when a Sydney ferry collided near the Harbour Bridge. that night. Three others also lost their lives for improved safety measures. Ever since, he's been campaigning I'm satisfied the harbour is safer. I'll continue to do that until by Sydney Ferries shows The latest annual report only 13 ferries have black boxes. that out the fleet of 31 - the new annual report reveals It's concerning are actually operational. that not all black boxes installed that has three years to implement This is a State Government recommendation this important public safety and they have failed to do so. But the Minister says is picking up pace. the installation program I have been the Minister In the short period technology needs to be installed, driving Sydney ferries to say this please get on with it. that by the end of the month The Government remains confident

will be fitted with black boxes the entire fleet by the end of the year. need to be done - As of today nine more last financial year, but given that only five were done it's a big ask. it's taken far too long. But for Robert Innes, have really gotta be made Some of these changes

to make the harbour safer. Kevin Wilde for Nine News. was shot in the leg A young Australian woman who is due back in Sydney about now. during the Mumbai terrorist attack a Qantas flight. arriving a short time ago on board in a Qantas jet Kate Anstee is on a stretcher attention - here at home. and she now faces further medical To Damian Ryan now in Mumbai for Kate and her family and Damo their relief here among the Indian people. but rising anger there Exactly, Mark. On top of the suspicion that neighbouring Pakistan

was somehow involved in this atrocity, the people here believe the government has failed to give them full and proper protection. At least for Kate Anstee, this vulnerable place is now far behind. Under escort by her mother and a special medical evacuation team

24-year-old Kate Anstee was brought out of Bombay Hospital, smiling and chatting despite her injury. Katie was shot in the thigh, and the bullet broke her femur. An ambulance took her to the airport and boyfriend David Coker followed in another car. The couple was at Cafe Leopold. Coker showed extreme bravery by carrying his girlfriend away in the middle of the attack. The Leopold was back in business last night, the owner in a defiant mood. By pulling those shutters up, we are the winners, not them. As cameras recorded more of the devastation inside the Taj Hotel furious locals were marching nearby criticising the state of the city's security. The intelligence has failed completely. The Minister in charge of security has resigned, and the Prime Minister has promised an overhaul in his country's homeland protection. Along the waterfront, the terrorists came ashore in this harbour, there are no defences against militants in small rubber boats.

It was a simple walk to their chosen targets.

The man who took the photo of the only surviving terrorist

has gone back to the train station where he snapped pictures while dodging the gunmen. I got my first frame of the terrorist, I kept shooting a couple of frames. The terrorist, a 21-year-old named Ajmal has told interrogators that he's part of a Pakistani militant group named Lashkar-e-Toiba. and they were hoping to kill 5,000 people. The Pakistan connection has some Indians calling for war, but Pakistan is appealing for calm, saying conflict is just what the fanatics want. Meantime, the people of Mumbai turned out in force last night mourning the dead and wondering why they were left so poorly protected. In Mumbai, Damian Ryan, Nine News.

Damian, some grainy home video catches an extreme moment in this tragedy. Mark, the 'London Sun' is showing the moment when they caught that sole surviving terrorist in a getaway car.

Police had just shot and killed his sidekick. So they're lashing him with wooden staves, then passers-by join in, and they're trying to kill the terrorist. An officer stepped in to save him - for now. After interogation, he'll be on death row, Mark. A planeload of Australians will be flown out of Thailand later tonight after days stranded in Bangkok by civil unrest. The international airport has been closed by protesters since last Tuesday. Many tourists have been bussed out to an overstretched military airport while hundreds of Australians are making the 14-hour trek to Phuket for a special Qantas relief flight. Qantas says it will send in a second plane tomorrow. This group of Year 12 students from Esperance found another way home - they spent $3,500 hiring a bus to drive them 30 hours from Bangkok to Singapore. Australian soldiers held a special ceremony in Afghanistan today for their comrade who was killed last week. Lieutenant Michael Fussell died when he was struck by a roadside bomb.

Today in a sombre ceremony, his casket was slowly taken aboard a transport plane bound for home. There was a nasty hint today about which centres remain most at risk as receivers continue to pick through the wreckage of the ABC Learning empire. The childcare union claims centres that look after the youngest of children - from babies to 2-year-olds - are more likely to fold. The union took to the streets today collecting signatures in support of workers and parents caught up in the worsening crisis. Support ABC childcare workers. It's angry, saying many of the 386 centres facing possible closure have a 100% occupancy rate and they're being unfairly discriminated against. Those areas of greatest need - the 0- to 2-year-old care - may well disappear from out childcare environment because of the cost structures that the receiver has considered. The union says centres providing care for babies and toddlers are being targeted simply because

they require more staff and are more expensive. We believe we need more funding on the table Fay Warren was keen to lend a hand today. Her two young grandchildren go to a centre under threat. I cannot understand - it is wonderful, there is nothing I can criticise. It just seems so successful - why wouldn't it continue? Meanwhile, private childcare providers have criticised the Federal Government for prolonging the mess by failing to facilitate an orderly handover of existing ABC Learning centres to new operators. John Owens owns three centres on Sydney's North Shore. He says he's willing to buy some ABC outlets but is frustrated because he's got to deal with the receiver. This is all about the banks trying to get their money back and I say that has no place where the service is childcare. Lauren Harte, Nine News. Life was supposed to be getting better, especially for the modern woman. So what went wrong?

The simple answer, according to new research, is more time at work, more work at home but no more help from hubby. I want you to draw Mummy a picture while I do some work, OK? With two jobs, two kids and one husband... Yeah, you want to hold it for me. ..Belinda Robinson is short on time and sleep. That's a three zero - oh, that's cute.

And her juggling act is repeated across the country. Everyone is doing more paid work but mothers don't seem to be able to drop anything else they've got on their plates so it's loading up to a long working week. The nationwide survey presented to a conference in Sydney reveals our mums are burning out. Sometimes it's really overwhelming and you don't get a lot of time for yourself. More paid work but more housework and with less help. Men without children and fathers are all doing less housework. You have to train them. How do you do that? Once they're trained it's OK - you have to cut off their fringe benefits. So if you're a working mum and you've got your hands full, it's no wonder. On average, you'll do 68 hours a week more unpaid work than a woman without children. Extra work hours are at the expense of leisure and sleep, which makes many of us irritable. Take you finger out and learn to change a nappy. But the one thing researchers agree on - we're all trying. The guys are cooking - takeaway. Which counts, right? Definitely. Friday is takeaway night. Denham Hitchcock for Nine News. Things were a little tense today between the two most powerful women in Australian politics. It began when Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard took a verbal swipe at Julie Bishop. I know ratio's a confusing concept for the Shadow Treasurer, she might get someone to explain it to her. Ms Bishop responded with a cat-like swipe of her own. All this as the Shadow Treasurer denies claims in a weekend newspaper that her colleagues want her to step down. In the news ahead - the surprise bargain suburbs for Sydney property. Sydney's ATM bombers caught on camera and is Britney back from the brink? Dramatic new video has emerged of Sydney's ATM robbers in action.

The images show two thieves carrying gas cylinders to the machine then pumping gas through the card slot using hoses before retreating to a detonator. When the explosion fails they use a sledgehammer to get into the bank. It is not known how much money was stolen. There have been 10 such blasts over the past four months. With interest rates expected to fall again tomorrow

and home prices at their cheapest in years, it seems to be a great time to get into the housing market or to upgrade. But where should you be looking? Finance reporter Joanna Townsend's been investigating where to get the bargains when it comes to Sydney's hot property. When it came to choosing a home, it all came down to cost and convenience for Julie Rush and her family. That's why they zeroed in on Lidcombe, and they picked well, Lidcombe's the best suburb to buy and avoid stamp duty

because there are plenty of houses below the $500,000 stamp duty threshold. The way money is these days, if you can get into the market then it is the way to do it. So what's the best-valued Sydney suburb? According to researchers RP Data, the one that's still at a good price. One suburb that ticks all the boxes is Granville. The median house price at Granville is just $350,000. It is a very strategic suburb to be buying into. It's luring those people that like that inner-city feel, but with an outer-west price. If you're after a seriously low-priced unit, the best bet is Carramar in Sydney's south-west. It's the biggest bargain suburb, with unit costs on average just $140,000, just don't expect growth. There are no prizes for guessing where Sydney's richest suburbs are - Point Piper and Darling Point right here on Sydney's Harbour. But if the average $4 million price tag makes your eyes water you're going to have to go a lot further up the coast to get cheaper waterfront. Charmhaven, on the Central Coast, has the best cheap waterfront. You can actually buy into the suburbs that are surrounding the lake frontage for a median price of around $250,000. So if you're prepared to travel, waterfront living doesn't have to cost the earth. Jo Townsend, Nine news. More on Sydney's hot property tomorrow

when we investigate what the future holds if you're buying or investing. We'll also let you know what you can or can't afford to spend when the Reserve Bank announces its decision on interest rates. That's live on Nine at 2:30 tomorrow.

Bad weather has added an extra $2 million And what a difference a year makes. this is Britney Spears posing for the cover of 'Rolling Stone' magazine. Last February, the same magazine featured an article about Britney with the headline, 'Inside an American Tragedy'. The photo shoot came as the star made a super-confident appearance at a German awards ceremony. Apparently channelling her good mate Madonna, Britney collected the Bambi award for best international pop star. Ken with sport next - and Australia cleans up New Zealand inside four days.

Once again they were far too good. While Brett Lee steamed into form with a five-wicket haul.

And this is one way to see the Harbour, but you will get wet. Once again Australia has imposed its cricketing dominance on New Zealand winning the second Test in Adelaide

by an innings and 62 runs with more then a day to spare. The Kiwis were all out for 203 - Brendon McCullum by far the Best of the batsman - Brett Lee, the pick of our bowlers. Starting day four still 230 runs behind, the Kiwis were in immediate trouble, Redmond fell to the second ball of play. He's got him. His badly-timed cut flew straight to Michael Clarke and Ryder offered little more trying to push the score. In the air, yes, once again caught in the outfield. In a volatile spell Lee also had Taylor's measure and it was no surprise to see him go cheaply. That's out. That's gone. How also didn't survive the first session, Lee picked up his fourth wicket but it was Ponting who deserved all the praise. Ricky Ponting, he was flying to his right. Lee would have had five before lunch but Haddin dropped Flynn. It didn't matter, the end was near for the Kiwis. The only batsman to offer any resistance was McCullum. That is a big six as well. His stand was full of courage

but it was all over when Martin went for a duck. And he's bowled him. Australia's next challenge is South Africa later this month. They are a very, very good side, we know that. And we know we've got a great challenge ahead of us

and, you know, all we can keep doing, I guess, is trying to improve it. Clinton Fletcher, Nine News. To rugby league now and Wayne Bennett has refused to stick the knife into Ricky Stuart, saying he sympathises with the plight

of the embattled Australian coach. Bennett has his own concerns now that he's taken over the Dragons - including toughening up a side labelled as under-achievers. All eyes were on the tall, skinny bloke in the hat - after 21 years in Bronco's colours, even Wayne Bennett said the new get-up took some getting used to. Had a look at myself in the mirror, which I normally don't do, and thought, "That looks OK - let's get going." And the only place the Dragons want to go is to the top. It will be a bit of a journey. It will take us a some time to get where we want to go but I'm confident we'll get there. It just won't happen overnight. While Bennett hasn't promised a premiership -

be he will change the culture at the club. There's a perception that St. George have not been tough. Well, I guarantee they'll be tough next year. Wendell Sailor has been coached by Bennett at the Broncos - he lifted the lid on some of the Bennett mystique. He told me he wants me to lose my big **** and he just said he needs my experience here. That's about all he said to me in true Wayne style. After helping guide the Kiwis to the World Cup, Bennett says he feels for Australian coach Ricky Stuart. If you lose a State of Origin game, that hurts enormously but Queensland coaches have lost Origin games before. Test series and World Cups, Australian coaches haven't lost any of them. And Benji Marshall meets with his management tonight to try and sort out his future. Japanese rugby teams are now interested in Marshall but if he leaves the Tigers, it is more likely he will go to Europe. Danny Weidler, Nine News. The Crusty Demons Australian tour began with a splash, when Aussie stuntman Cam Sinclair performed a double back flip into Sydney Harbour. Sinclair gave the crowd a scare when it looked like the motorbike landed on top of him, but he emerged from the water without a scratch. The bike also survived the nearly 6-storey fall, fished out almost an hour after the stunt.

In finance - The All Ordinaries fell 53 points - but Fortescue Metals jumped 21% on speculation BHP Billiton might try to take it over.

After the break - Jaynie will have all the weather details. Coming up on WIN News... A Canberra woman has died following a two vehicle smash in Kingston, The ACT - the most affordable location to buy a home? And a possible shake up for the local TAB. (CHRISTMAS BELLS RING) VOICEOVER: To find the best Australian ingredients for your Christmas meal, you'd have to travel north for the best wild prawns, and south for the finest salmon. You'd search throughout Australia for ham and across it for turkey. You'd swap recipes with the locals, and you could only settle for real butter mince pies. But you'd have to try one just to be sure. Then you'd follow the sun to the best orchards in the country to pick the perfect peak season cherries. Well, this year at Coles, that's exactly what we've done. So to be confident you'll have the best quality produce for your Christmas meal, come to Coles. We have all the best for Christmas. VOICEOVER: At Specsavers, you can get two pairs of glasses for one low price. And for a limited time, you can have one pair of prescription sunglasses and a second pair of glasses from $199. Specsavers. Changing the face of optometry. Now here's Jaynie, with the weather, and Jaynie you're out at Cronulla.. Mark, here at the beach, first day of summer. And although many people commented on a cooler spring. It was in fact slightly warmer than average.

A very cloudy month. And we had 16 days of rain or drizzle. With 240mm of rain, which is 10mm above the average. Our hottest day since late October. 31 in the city and at Cronulla. High cloud about, but no rain expected this evening. Rain across the country has been confined to the south-east from a front and the tropics. And a similar pattern tomorrow. For NSW, possible storms in the north-east. Tamworth may get storms later in the week. Follwing their wettest November on record with a total of 283mm. More showers for Melbourne and Hobart tomorrow. Late showers for Perth. Sydney - more sunshine than today.

Freshening northerlies for the afternoon. So out early surfers to catch the best waves. Today, though, fairly clean but small waves here at Cronulla. There should be a seabreeze tomorrow so coastal suburbs 26. Hot in the west 29. Temperatures staying up for the rest of the week. Just a few showers about from about Friday. Katoomba North public school are our weather cadets tonight. And we are told you enjoyed looking for changes in the weather patterns each hour. Well done! And Mark, the question on everyone;s lips will it be a hot summer? Computer models indicate average temperatures. Meaning mid to high-20s. So nothing too extreme at this stage That's Nine News for this Monday. We'll leave you with pictures of this very festive home in Hurstville. John Kovasavick has spent the last two months

getting into the Christmas spirit using 100,000 light globes. And it wouldn't be complete without Santa and his reindeer parked in the driveway. I'm Mark Ferguson, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Tonight ... An eighty million dollar funding injection for the Territory's public health system. A thirty-four year old charged with the stabbing death of a Canberra man. And.. is the nation's capital the most affordable place to buy a home? Good evening, first tonight, an elderly Canberra woman has died following a two vehicle crash in Kingston this afternoon. the Wentworth Avenue, Mildura Street intersection just after