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(generated from captions) supply of petrol every night, And you could also win a year's who had the $25 so to enter simply quote Steve Jacobs. on tonight's Fame Game Board - you same time tomorrow night. Well done. Alright, we'll see

'Bye. We'll tempt you again. 'Bye. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Kerryn McCann Marathon gold medallist loses her battle against cancer. charged over the shooting death A Sydney mother forgives the boy of her son. to come around here. He needs to know it's OK up their act The City restaurants forced to clean by food inspectors. after Nine News joined raids

as Kangaroos coach And Ricky Stuart quits at the World Cup ref. over his angry spray Good evening. for Australia racing in the marathon Kerryn McCann won two gold medals most dangerous foe - breast cancer. but she could not beat her Kerryn died early today, her friends her loss mourned by her family, great sporting courage. and everyone who respected of Melbourne's Commonwealth Games. It was 'the' moment What a roar - head-to-head.

with a sprint to the finish. An epic marathon This is something to savour, for the rest of your life. something to remember the family hug and the tears. We all remember the triumph, on a high I really wanted to finish and I've done that today. And today, courageous victory - at the scene of Kerryn McCann's of a terrible loss. more emotion with news as she was in her running. Kerryn was as brave in life And the way she has dealt... A champion athlete and mother of three children. but more importantly a wife began a year ago Kerryn's battle with breast cancer while pregnant with her third child. to have the baby. She put off her treatment husband and my new-born child, Just thinking about my kids and my it's hard not to think the worst. by a secondary liver cancer Struck down Kerryn passed away last night which then spread to her brain, aged 11, 5 and 14 months by her side. with her husband and children

this morning When I spoke to Greg her husband, Lyn, she was such a fighter." he said, "She fought so hard, She wanted to win. north of Wollongong. The McCanns live in Coledale, training ground. The streets were Kerryn's Today, the community is in shock. a young family, so sad. She's about my age and she's got will miss her very much. I think Coledale

at two Olympics, The 41-year-old competed won two Commonwealth gold medals she wanted more. and even after that race for one more marathon. I might have to stick it out only cancer could beat her. But in the end, Damian Ryan, Nine News. From somewhere inside herself an amazing forgiveness Rosemary Cruikshank has found even as she grieves for her son. shot dead by his best friend 14-year-old Josef was allegedly understands it was an accident but Rosemary today told how she the murder charge dropped. and she wants at Josef Cruickshank's home. Candles burn her angel. His mother will never forget her son's killer. But she's already forgiven She says it was an accident. and yell and blame and carry on I can jump up and down and scream to change anything. file law suits but it's not going a larrikin and free spirit. Her boy was adored, his best friend since preschool, On Saturday night, footy team, a team-mate from his Tigers while playing at a sleepover. shot him dead a rural property - Several guns were in the house, - how the boys got hold of them. but it's still not known were doing what they do. I think the boys seeing how things work playing around with things,

this is the result. and unfortunately, and then tried CPR. The best mate called 000 in his mouth and in his eyes. He had Josef's blood The teen's charged with murder, be welcome in her home but Rosemary says he'll always to him. and she desperately wants to speak

I don't want there to be a record. I don't want him charged. I don't want anything. today at Camden High School The flags are flying at half-mast here in Year 8. in memory of Josef was a student at the school today Counsellors are also deal with their grief. to help staff and students of the school He was an integral part upset by the tragedy. and the children are understandably He's not gone. he's relocated to a better address. We joke about this all the time - Chris Urqhart, Nine News. has recommended criminal charges The corruption watchdog against police officers, breath test results for friends. after they admitted fixing random Constable Mark Christie This video shows Orange-based Senior of a fellow police officer's son processing an alcohol reading last year. to blowing into the tube himself. Senior Constable Christie admitted investigated for similar actions Two other officers have also been in Moree. When you pay to eat out putting your life at risk you don't expect to be have lifted the lid but raids on Sydney restaurants some of them prepare their food. on the potentially dangerous way have been caught out 12 dirty restaurants they'll be named and shamed. and unless they clean up their act Six weeks ago, Emperor's Garden uncovered - this is what a raid on Chinatown's cockroaches, even a mouse. dirty, disgusting conditions, it's a much cleaner kitchen Five inspections later,

unhealthy practices. but there are still Pig trotters detected at 15 degrees at under 5. when they should be stored out of the fridge. But they wasn't the only meat left were also in place. Dangerous pest control efforts They are not safe around food. 1You shouldn't be using these. And it didn't stop there - chipped plywood trays used to store cakes. Also attracting germs, this ancient sticky tape. staff quickly getting rid of it once the problem was pointed out. It was bad - there was a large amount of unused equipment, a lot of issues with storage. So a large amount of work has been done.

It needs to do a few more things and this place should comply. At least now the workers here have no excuse for not knowing food safety rules. Since the first inspection here in the Emperor's Garden in the middle of October,

a lot has been thrown out - in fact, four truck-loads

of old stock, broken equipment and general rubbish. The cost of the clean-up so far for owner Stanley Yee, $20,000. We got to do it because food hygiene is most important in the food industry. Another nearby restaurant, the Superbowl, also has lifted its game.

Food is no longer stored close to rubbish. The blitz in the Sydney CBD was designed to achieve an upgrading of any premises that weren't doing the right thing with food safety. I think it's achieved it. Kevin Wilde, Nine News. It's Sydney's ghost train - the cancelled North West Metro that's still haunting Premier Nathan Rees. There are new claims he ignored expert advice to push on with the project, but Mr Rees argues he had no choice because the State just doesn't have the cash. It was train users in Sydney's south who had the Premier's attention this morning... Oh too good, thanks buddy, too good. he promised them a new commuter car park. But it was his disregard for the long-suffering people of the city's north west that he was forced to defend after a leaked cabinet report showed the $12 billion metro was affordable and should not have been dumped. That was the finding of independent experts after they visited five metro systems around the world.

The Premier denies he simply ignored the advice. If we'd done the North West Rail Link we simply would not have been able to do anything else. In it's September report the panel said -

And it's now been revealed the cost of the planned metro line to Rozelle has blown out even before construction has begun. When the mini-Budget was announced less than a month ago it was $4 billion - now it's $4.8 billion.

This is Monopoly money for Nathan Rees and Joe Tripodi, they don't care about the consequences for the State's taxpayers. Allison Langdon, Nine News. To pay off debts or to lash out and blow the lot? That's the big question being debated in thousands of Sydney homes tonight as the Government's $10 billion Christmas bonus is being sent out.

Kevin Rudd definitely wants the money spent but many families are likely to be more cautious.

Ellen Meaden struggles to survive on the aged pension, she's learnt to live on just two meals a day and plans to spend her $1,400 payment on some early Christmas presents. Some clothes because I need a cardigan and maybe another slacks. I've sort of been using up all the clothes I've got. Yagoona mother of seven, Rosalyn Futcher will receive $7,000. She's concerned about her husband's job prospects, so she'll save half and spend the rest on outstanding bills. I would like us to have a new plasma, but no. It will pretty much stay in savings until we really need it. The Government hopes the package will stimulate the economy and help keep us out of recession. But 49% of people who responded to a ninemsn poll said

they were going to save the money rather than spend it. Disappointing news for struggling retailers, hoping the package will boost their dwindling sales figures. Follow Mr Rudd's advice spend - money for Christmas. We certainly hope that they will be coming to spend their money in our shop, There's also concern the big one-off payment won't be spent responsibly.

We're worried that their addictions may increase maybe alcohol increase over this time. We're really unsure how it's going to be but we are a little bit concerned about that. Jodie Noyce, Nine News. Convicted murderer Bassam Hamzy has appeared in Goulburn court by video link, with police revealing more details about the drug syndicate he was allegedly running from his jail cell. Hamzy's accused of organising the distribution of almost 4kg of the drug ice, along with cannabis, during May and June. He also allegedly arranged airfares and the collection of more than $230,000 in cash. Police say he did all this using a mobile phone from inside his maximum security jail cell, making more than 19,000 calls. Hamzy did not apply for bail and will reappear in court in February. Ricky Stuart has quit as Australia's rugby league coach standing down today

after admitting to verbally and physically abusing match officials following Australia's World Cup loss to New Zealand. To league reporter Danny Weidler. Stuart's paid a heavy price for his actions, Danny. Yes, Michael, he's suffering enormous public humiliation over the last two weeks, and Stuart was also fined $20,000, After a 2.5-hour meeting -

Ricky Stuart couldn't escape the ARL headquarters quickly enough. Straight after full-time in the World Cup Stuart had words with an ARL official about the refereeing and after seeing how distraught his players were

his emotions spilled the next day. Stuart calling English referee Ashley Klein a cheat. ARL boss Colin Love insists he wasn't sacked. He wasn't pushed, it was Ricky's decision. But it's doubtful Stuart would have survived tomorrow's board meeting. What happened was inexcusable and it is conduct we can't condone. Stuart issued a statement where he said -

He also said this was the only decision he could make and those closest to him say Stuart's regret could not be any deeper. He felt that this was the appropriate and decent action for him to take today for the game, for the Australian Rugby League team and for himself. Significantly, the door was left open for Stuart to return one day. I'd hate to think of this as a life suspension because I think that would be over the top. Michael, the next step will be to find Ricky's replacement. The early favourite for the job is Queensland coach Mal Meninga. Danny Weidler at ARL headquarters - thanks. In the news ahead - a man wounded in a drive-by shooting at Carlingford And angry youths in a rampage on the streets of Greece. There were three drive-by shootings in Sydney last night. In the worst, a man in his 40s was taken by ambulance to Westmead Hospital after being shot in the stomach at Carlingford at about 10:00. He's since been discharged. Witnesses say the shooter was a passenger in a white Commodore. Several hours later, a house was fired at in Kings Langley. And shortly after that, another house at Seven Hills was attacked. No-one was hurt in either of those incidents. It's no fun standing on the footpath at midnight with your hand stuck in the air... ..but for many people, that's the frustrating reality

of trying to hail a cab in Sydney's summer party season. There are plenty of ideas for fixing the shortage but the Government isn't convinced the problem's that bad.

Sydney's summer cab shortage seems worse than ever. Just ask the people left struggling to find a way home on Saturday night. Saturday night, I waited an hour for one. We waited half an hour and we stood on a corner and someone ran in front of us and got the cab. Nah, I'm sure there's a solution somewhere.

The Cab drivers say the solution is to double the number of taxis with some cabs only licensed to operate at night. So suddenly on the Friday night before Christmas, you have twice the number of available cabs and that would solve a lot of the problem. The association claims more cabs means more shifts for Sydney's 12,000 drivers. In London, private cab operators such as shuttle busses take up the slack but the State Government has all but ruled that out. I plan to have discussions with the industry about how we get more licences into the market. Drivers say the one way to increase the number of cabs

is to make the cars and ranks much safer. Some drivers are just too frightened to take passengers at night. To my knowledge, there are three ladies who drive cabs at night. There'll be no quick fix for the night time cab shortage - the Government advising revellers to have a back-up transport plan. People have to take responsibility for their own actions.

John Kerrison, Nine News. Greece has been hit by a second night of civil unrest, as rioters protest over the killing of a 15-year-old boy by police. Buildings have been looted and burned in the capital and other Greek cities, with demonstrators claiming

the boy's death is another case of police brutality. The two officers involved in the shooting have been arrested. The government's appealing for calm. Pakistani militants have destroyed more than 100 trucks, fully loaded with military supplies, which were bound for the Western forces fighting in Afghanistan. The region's cross-border highway is the major supply route for the Coalition fighters and this could mark a new tactic for the Pakistani militants who support the Taliban in Afghanistan. The yearly Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca has reached its peak with more than two million people gathering around Mount Arafat. Muslims revere the mountain site as the place where Mohammed gave his last sermon. So far, there have been none of the stampedes which have killed hundreds of pilgrims in years past. But next, Stephanie Brantz with sport. And Aussie cricket selectors name their squad for the first Test against South Africa. Watson and Krezja are back, while there's been an injury scare for the tourists. Also, first pictures of a terrifying crash that left a young driver with serious spinal injuries. And the big-wave surfers getting pounded at Pipeline. Right, class, so picking up on yesterday's exercises with the addition and subtraction of fractions. 6/9... (Voice becomes muffled) VOICEOVER: When kids don't have breakfast in the morning, things can get a bit fuzzy in the classroom. But research shows that a nutritious breakfast like great-tasting Sultana Bran with filling fibre and wholegrains can help kids stay focused. We add or subtract... Kellogg's Sultana Bran:

South Africa's great pace hope, Dale Steyn, has a hamstring injury

and will miss the team's first match in Australia. It isn't considered serious, though, and he should be fit for the opening Test in Perth next week. As his team-mates blew away the effects of their long flight, Steyn cut a lonely figure. He hardly stretched out at today's first run

but there's no panic in the camp. Yeh, he just picked up a little hamstring niggle in the Bangladesh series - we're just building him up into the first Test. Steyn is the world's leading fast bowler and so much rests on him.

The biggest thing about Dale is he has a big heart and keeps coming.

For the Aussies, spinner Jason Krejza and all-rounder Shane Watson have been recalled to a 12-man squad. Smith is convinced the home team will play Krejza in Perth. Look, I think it's a brave move not to play a spinner in any game. And in the wake of the Mumbai terrorist attacks, the England cricket team has voted to return to India to play two Tests. The Poms abandoned the one-day series and fled home when 172 people lost their lives.

With a change of venues and expert security advice, England believes it's safe to return to the subcontinent - they leave tomorrow. It's been difficult for the players to come to that conclusion but they all have. Clinton Fletcher for Nine News. Sydney FC has moved to third on the A-League ladder after a last-minute win against Newcastle last night. With the scores locked at 1-1, Brendon Gan secured the victory that has left the Jets in last place. COMMENTATOR: Here's Corica, took a touch and a shot from Brendon Gan.

Gan's winner came from only his second game in the League. Young racing driver Lucas Dumbrell remains in hospital following his horrifying crash at Oran Park on Friday. Nine News has obtained pictures of the incident and, as you can see, the 19-year-old was very lucky to survive.

The younger brother of V8 Supercar driver Paul Dumbrell, Lucas suffered spinal injuries. The full extent of his injuries are still to be determined. Australian golf star Stuart Appleby says local tournament organisers would be better off chasing players such as Sergio Garcia, rather than spending the millions of dollars needed to lure Tiger Woods to our shores. Appleby, good mate Robert Allenby and their families spent the afternoon at Taronga Zoo. 7-week-old Max Appleby not quite sure what to make of a quokka, but sister Ella showed no fear when she came face-to-face with a diamond python. Appleby and Allenby are here for the Australian Open starting on Thursday. If you've ever wondered

how Hawaii's famous surf spot 'Pipeline' got its name, then have a look at this. The Pipeline Masters is about to get under way and a bunch of brave surfers got the chance to test their skills in brutal 4-5 metre barrels. Just staying upright was a challenge and there were plenty who didn't.

And this is all just the entree with the contest beginning tomorrow as long as the surf's still up.

In finance - The new Qantas CEO Alan Joyce warned there is a reasonable chance the company's proposed $8 billion merger with British Airways may not go ahead because of significant hurdles. After the break, Jaynie Seal with all the weather details. Tonight's viewer photo is from Greg McAleer, showing a Sans Souci sunset. WIN News at 6:30. Coming up on WIN News... Danny Ralph's accused murderer expected to apply for bail, House prices drop as rentals remain strong, And the Capitals back on top

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There are eight services to choose from and the bigger your bundle, the higher the savings - up to a fantastic 25% off your total ActewAGL electricity or TransACT account, plus a Privileges Card when you bundle five or more services. Call us today on 13 12 93 and save a bundle. Weather now and Jaynie, have we seen the last of these storms? Michael, the worst of it is over.

Just a few rumbles expected along with showers. Some heavy dumps of rain this afternoon. 10mm falling in 10 minutes. Bankstown had 25mm in less than an hour. The rain moved to the coast fairly quickly. Now we are left with a few showers near Richmond. And heading north-east towards Wyong. Some big temperature drops with these storms as well. Especially in the west. The trough in the north-east is the cause of the storms. For the Hunter Valley 48mm recorded in Tocal in 40 minutes.

And some large hail over at Raymond Terrace. The high will dominate the State tomorrow.

Northerly winds bringing in some very warm weather. With late storms in the far south-west corner. Rain moving into Melbourne and Hobart. A few showers for Perth and Brisbane. Sydney, showers and storms should all clear for tomorrow. Mostly sunshine. A small swell for surfers watch for freshening northerlies in the afternoon.

Then storms Wednesday, possibly in the morning. Cooling right down Thursday and Friday jumping up about 10 degrees on Saturday. St Brendan's Catholic School, Lake Munmorah are tonight's weather cadets. This is year 5, thanks very much for you accurate weather information. And if you are keen for your weather photo to be on the tele - We are also wanting shots of people's Christmas lights,

getting festive! And that's Nine News for now. I'm Michael Usher thanks for your company, see you tomorrow. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Summernats' organiser revs up, halting calls for more festival funding. Local pensioners defy the

Federal Government's plea to spend their Christmas bonus,

And, Canberra house prices take a hit, as rentals remain strong. Good evening, The Chief Minister has apologised to Summernats organiser, Chic Henry, for accidentally leaking confidential Treasury information to the media.