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This program is captioned live. Tonight - three days of Mumbai terror over. and Australian hostages rescued. Gunmen shot dead I thought that I was going to die. and left messages saying goodbye. I rang up each of my children back home in Sydney Actress Brooke Satchwell after her terrifying ordeal. Flash flooding in the State's north turns to muddy water. as drought-ravaged land Sydney discovery And the groundbreaking helping save premature babies. with Chris Reason. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. is over. The terrorist siege in Mumbai in their hotel rooms are free. Australians trapped for two days militants and Indian commandos Fierce gun battles between of the city have ended the killers' control and confusion. but there is still chaos Adrian Brown is in Mumbai. Adrian, is it safe again?

I think it is probably too soon to

say that the area is safe, they

could be up to 40 gunmen dead. Most

have now been killed but there is a

possibility that some of them are

hiding out, even remaining inside

the hotel. Earlier this morning,

police reclaimed their hotel -

remember, it has been a symbol of

the three-day siege, and that the three-day siege, and that

followed an intense gun battle

overnight which lasted until early

in the morning. Boab operation,

three terrorists were killed but at

least to hotel staff were rescued. A third night of terror. (GUN BATTLE) Indian security forces The battle between and the militants intensifying into the Taj Hotel. as stun grenades were thrown (EXPLOSION) Whoa. The hotel was now besieged still inside with a handful of gunmen

and returning fire. watching the fire fight Dozens of journalists were forced back. they're all moving. REPORTER: You can see

was finally freed Australian businessman David Jacobs in the nearby Oberoi Hotel. after being trapped about the moment Today, telling Seven News and not gunmen outside his door. he knew it was soldiers I waited because I was concerned and blow the door in the troops might try if I went to the door. and I'd be injured rang the doorbell And they very courteously

would you mind opening the door?" and said "Police here,

were not going to blow the door. At that point, I felt confident they looked through the peephole I advanced to the door, security troops. and saw that they were clearly And then I opened the door for them. he was about to die, And then the moment he believed would be the last time. calling home for what he believed after it started, Maybe three or four hours a very, very significant fire there was and I thought I was going to die - to such an extent and left messages saying goodbye. that I rang each of my children Today, the siege continued, from the landmark building. smoke pouring are now intensifying Well, Indian forces at the Taj Hotel. their operations here floor by floor, room by room, They have been fighting and flush out the terrorists. in their attempt to try how many gunmen are in there. The problems is they just don't know After a sustained gun battle, into the gutted structure... police finally moved Done? REPORTER: Finished? No, no, no. may have been booby trapped. ..fearing the hotel The battle is over but the operation continues. three terrorist bodies, So we have got

three terrorists so far. the entire hotel, We're going through through the rooms, each and every room, until we're able to check

that my operation is over. I will not say of recovering more bodies. Ahead, the grim task Earlier, inside the Oberoi Hotel,

a scene of horror - security forces found

36 bodies. of a Jewish Centre It took them hours to take control but when they did, his wife and children. they found the bodies of a rabbi, This child is now an orphan. and killing the terrorists The commandos who've been hunting elite national security guard are India's known as the Black Cats. 'one shot, one kill'. They work under the motto strewn here and there. The bodies were lying, There was blood all over. of the civilians, And trying to avoid the casualty with our fire. we had to be that much more careful there now? Adrian, what's the situation like

that the battle is over but the Police then a mopping-up, based say

operations will continue. As for a

number of people confirmed dead, but

number of people confirmed dead, but

stands at 153, eight of whom are

foreigners, to Australians. They

were also grave concerns over to

others. 78 Australians who in the

others. 78 Australians who in the

area at the time of the attacks have

now been accounted for. Adrian

Brown, thankyou feel time. have arrived home in Sydney Survivors of the terrorist attacks

is due to touch down shortly. and a plane from Mumbai Paul Kadak is at the airport. was among those who flew in today, Paul, actress Brooke Satchwell how is she?

As a good book and her boyfriend

shortly after they

shortly after they landed here this

shortly after they landed here this

afternoon. Bareboat pretty shaken up

by what happened but like other

Australians who arrived here today,

Home, safe - they're very grateful to be home .

the ordeal was finally over for Brooke Satchwell and David Gross of David's family. arriving to the hugs It's a great relief. I'm sort of new to the family so it's pretty good. The adrenaline is still pumping. They didn't sleep for two days. David's parents weren't getting much either.

It's been a terrible 48 hours, really bad. The couple was at the Taj Hotel when the terrorists stormed in. Brooke hid in a bathroom cupboard while gunmen hunted for westerners. How lucky do you think you guys are? Really bloody lucky. She was so lucky. It was a matter of seconds she was in that bathroom. We'd all spent time in that lobby in that last five minutes. They've escaped Mumbai but not the memories. Even 24 hours out, we were still hearing gunfire and explosions from the Taj. It wasn't safe on the streets. We were moving into different hotel rooms to stay safe.

They've been critical of the Australian government's response, the lack of help getting out - they have friends who still haven't. We're just hoping everyone else who was inside is out as safely as possible. Stories of lucky escapes shared by Sydney travellers Simon and Alisse. We missed the bombings at the station by a couple of minutes. It was pretty bad. Two girls at our hostel got shot in the arm, in the leg.

For those with family still in Mumbai, there is fear and frustration. It makes me sick in my stomach when I watch on the television and I feel so helpless that I can't do anything. And an update on that Qantas flight from Mumbai - we're expecting it to land here any minute. The airline sent up a bigger jet than normal, a 300 seater, to get as many Australians back as possible. Chris. The Australian Government says anyone returning from Mumbai can contact their hotline for help. The number is 1800 146 713. Victims can access counselling or emergency services. To the rest of the day's news and Tamworth in the State's north has been declared a natural disaster zone. After years of drought, severe flooding has caused widespread damage and left much of the city underwater. Rain thundered down, up to 170 millimetres fell in just 24 hours. People were trapped by flash flooding, stranded in cars and causeways. Oh, I just hit this and bloody lost the whole bloody lot. Police and the SES were disappointed so many drivers ignored road-blocks and closures. In some cases, people have driven into flooded causeways and put their safety and those of the rescuers at risk. The swollen Peel River peaked at 6 metres by 8am, almost cutting Tamworth in two. The SES had hundreds of calls for help and armed with 10,000 sandbags,

volunteers scrambled to hold the floodwaters back. Around 130 properties were damaged. In the nearby village of Bendemeer, Christopher Fermor has lost everything. This is the worst that I've ever seen and I've been here 30 years. I just have to wait till the rain, flood goes down, clean up and save what I can. The waters are now receding but flood warnings remain down-river in Gunnedah and Manilla. Despite the disaster, Premier Nathan Rees managed to see the bright side. 150ml of rain over the last 24 hours in an area that's been drought-stricken for some time. Sydney real estate agents had one of their busiest days of the year today with over 500 properties going under the hammer. Only 4 in 10 were sold, though, but experts believe the market has turned a corner. Johanna and Simon Haggitt know it's not the best time

to sell their 5-bedroom Marrickville home. Little bit nervous but still hopeful. But they're confident - it's not the worst. Better than two or three months ago. I think interest rates have hopefully helped. There were only two bidders. They only needed one willing to pay $941,000. Going, going, going - gone. Once it cranked up and got going, we got a bit more confident. Happy with it in the end. The real estate industry is also celebrating some good news at last. In the past two months, Sydney property prices have recorded a modest 0.5% growth.

We're probably through the worst of any downturn in the market. Analysts say an increase in the number of homes going to auction is a sign sellers are testing the market rather than trying to offload properties. And they say there's more interest from buyers. It just hasn't translated into real buying behaviour just yet. The Reserve Bank is expected to cut the official interest rate by 0.75% on Tuesday. the real estate industry is hoping that's enough to get home hunters buying rather than just looking.

That's going to underpin the property market and we will see increases taking place in prices, no doubt about it. But most agree the market will remain relatively flat for at least another six months. Kevin Rudd has handed the States more than $15 billion to improve schools and hospitals in a deal, he says, will create 130,000 new jobs. But the Prime Minister says today's agreement with the Premiers won't put the budget into deficit. Premiers lined up this morning to persuade the Prime Minister to unchain his billions. A breakfast at The Lodge gave them the stomach for a day of negotiations. Good morning Premier, how was breakfast? Nice one? Nice start to the day? Good start to the day, yeah. Inside the meeting, Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swan opened their coffers. $15.1 billion, 131,000 jobs through this package and solid reforms in hospitals and schools. Poor schools will receive an extra $1.1 billion. There's $550 million to pay better teachers better but schools will have to report their performance. There's $4.8 billion extra for public hospitals, more than $1 billion for training medicos, a $750 million injection for emergency departments and $500 million for acute hospital beds. An agreement that stops the backward slide A package that is both responsible for the times as has been pointed out, but also responsive to our needs. The Prime Minister says all that extra money is affordable without his budget going into deficit. But Kevin Rudd hopes it will buy him an end to what he calls 'the blame game' between the Commonwealth and the States. I don't see people in this gathering wanting to just play sort of cute politics about this stuff - they actually want good outcomes. Sydney doctors have made a breakthrough

that's expected to save the lives of hundreds of premature babies every year. They've found a way of identifying mothers at risk of giving birth early, allowing them to get help before it's too late. The Priest triplets were born six weeks premature. She's awake. While baby Airlie rests with Mum, Lara and Clare sleep in humidicribs. They're doing well but many newborns aren't so lucky.

Christian Bosnic was born 12 weeks premature, weighing less than a kilogram. Severe respiratory distress at birth and so it was touch and go there for a while.

Due to a blood-clotting disorder, his mum Vivian had already suffered a premature birth. That baby didn't make it. It was stressful for everybody, for us and the family, but we're very happy that Kristian's born. Scientists at Royal North Shore Hospital have discovered a protein, called angiopoietin-2, that could help them prevent similar deaths.

Those women that have low levels of this protein are destined to have pregnancies that end with babies being born very small, poorly nourished. A test could identify mums at risk so they could receive preventative treatment. Each year in New South Wales, close to 1,000 babies are born at risk, more than 10 weeks premature. Doctors are hoping this latest breakthrough will drastically cut that figure. Potentially, this discovery has very wide implications for the future health of future Australians. Still to come - how Baz Lurhmann's Australia is doing at the US box office. Also, a shopping sales rush turns deadly. And Britney Spears makes her performance comeback. MALE TOOTHBRUSH: Look - Colgate 360 Deep Clean, with long SlimTip bristles. FEMALE TOOTHBRUSH: So? Her blue tips are super-thin. She gives a deeper, whole-mouth clean. VOICEOVER: New Colgate 360. It cleans bacteria from teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue for a deeper, whole-mouth clean. Oh, those SlimTips! Oh, stop! Colgate 360 DeepClean - for a: Now there's a mouthwash that's gentle and effective - Colgate Plax Gentle Care. 12-hour protection from bacterial plaque. Every year, almost 400,000 Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer. You could say it's our national cancer. Tanya's 22 and thought that treating melanoma meant simply removing a mole. But don't be fooled - skin cancer can kill. Outdoors, you can't just rely on sunscreen. Protect yourself in five ways with a hat, clothing, shade, sunglasses and sunscreen. Do that out there to avoid ending up in here. Your garden hose can chew through 20 litres of water per minute. So think twice, even if it's your turn to water. Try to keep it to once a week, and if it rains, don't water at all. Thinking gardeners: A man's had surgery after being shot while sitting in a car in Seven Hills, north-west Sydney, overnight. The 25-year-old man was shot in the head while sitting in the car's front passenger seat. He was taken to Westmead Hospital in a critical condition.

a burnt out Commodore Police later found a burnt-out Commodore they believe was the car in question. Six people have faced court after police smashed a major Sydney drug syndicate. Five men and a 17-year-old boy have been arrested in raids across the city. Police seized thousands of ecstasy tablets, steroids and a large amount of cash. It's alleged the group was offering to supply more than 30,000 ecstasy pills worth around $1.5 million. Bargain-hunters have trampled a retail worker to death in an out-of-control rush at a US department store.

Thousands of shoppers stampeded the Wal-Mart store in New York, crushing the man as he opened the doors. It's the biggest shopping day of the year in the US. But the Black Friday sales went horribly wrong at a New York Wal-Mart store

when a frenzied crowd rushed the doors, trampling an employee to death. When the store opened up at 5am, as employees were attempting to unlock the entrance doors, the crowd surged forward. The crowd pushed so forcefully, that they crashed the doors down.

Even police were pushed around as they tried to help the 34-year-old victim. Witnesses say there wasn't enough security for the thousands of shoppers waiting to get into the store. Shoving, it was mayhem, it was mayhem. It was a real mob, it was a real mob. In Southern California, two men shot and killed each other at a toy store. The men had been arguing when they pulled out handguns and began firing. I just told her to hide, just keep hiding

and she hid in the back under a clothes rack and she could hear people and she said "someone's coming" and I lost her and I didn't hear from her again until just a moment ago. Britney Spears has staged a career comeback performance, wowing audiences at a German awards show. The 26-year-old pop star is trying to put a disastrous year behind her to reclaim her reputation as a live singer. # Look at you, getting more than just a re-up # Baby you, got all the puppets with the strings up. # Spears releases her sixth album, titled 'Circus' on her 27th birthday next week.

Baz Luhrmann's 'Australia' has flopped on its opening day at the US box office. The movie, starring Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman, took only $3 million. It cost almost $200 million to make. The World War II epic was ranked seventh, well behind teen vampire movie 'Twilight' and the latest James Bond. But fortunately, there's no problems for Australia in the cricket, Ben Damon. They've got the upper hand in the second Test but there's been some bad feeling between the teams. Coming up - tensions boil over as Ricky Ponting cops a send off from the Kiwis.

And Robert Allenby shoots down an albatross at the Australian Masters. COMMENTATOR: Look at this, look at this, goodness. Yes. Hello.

A little local knowledge goes a long way. That's why ActewAGL's award-winning contact centre is staffed entirely by people who live right here in our region so that we can do our very best to help you power ahead. Australian captain Ricky Ponting has clashed with New Zealand players on a tense second day in the second Test in Adelaide. Ponting was angered by a fiery send-off from the Kiwis when he was out for 79. Australia is still in the box seat to win the series 2-0. A scattering of fans wanted a quick kill, so they could watch Matthew Hayden bat in his 100th Test.

The Aussie bowlers did it. COMMENTATOR: Oh, well bowled and that's out. Brad Haddin answered his critics with two sharp catches

and Brett Lee went past 50 wickets for the year. That's it, that is that. The Kiwis lost their last 4 for 8. Hayden was out first ball in his last innings. This time, he started with a boundary. The intimidating brute was back. Beautiful ground and that's a beautiful shot. Hayden rocketed to 24. A 31st century seemed a sure thing until a horrible mix-up with Simon Katich. This'll be run out by miles, by miles.

He had a cup of tea to calm down and didn't have to wait long to discuss his issues with Katich. Yes, he's got him, he's got him. Both openers would have been kicking themselves watching Ricky Ponting. He's rarely made batting look easier in 208 previous Test innings. Well, there's a beautiful way to go to 50. No wonder Pointing was angry when he threw it away on 79. One or two of them might have given him a send off. Appreciating Mike Hussey's knock took plenty of patience. The most outstanding sweep stroke. His 50 took 146 balls, a dour but crucial steadying innings. Acknowledging the applause. Hussey and Michael Clarke gradually pushed Australia towards a first innings lead.

The last thing the Kiwis need is more fielding like this from their skipper. He's limping a little bit there. We need to push on and make a really big first inning total

so the responsibility really does rest with those guys. Robert Allenby and Michael Sim share the lead after thee rounds of the Australian Masters at Huntingdale. The pair are at 10 under par with Ashley Hall two shots back at 8 under. Rod Pampling heads a group of three players at 7 under. They call it moving day and that's exactly what the third round of the Masters provided - although it was mostly downhill for overnight leader Tim Clark while little known Aussie Anthony Summers continued his charge up the leaderboard. Michael Sim started the day at 6-under but found the going tough playing alongside Robert Allenby. COMMENTATOR: Magnificent tee shot.

It should've been 3, but he got 4. A birdie on the 5th

and summers found himself in largely unfamiliar territory.

He goes to 7-under, that's the outright lead. But Allenby wasn't far behind, setting up birdie on 6 and a remarkable albatross on 7. Allenby's form seemed to inspire playing partner Sim who reeled off 3 consecutive birdies before this eagle on 14.

The 23-year-old West Australia is in

the lead on his own, nine-under-par. The pair went head-to-head through the back 9 and in the process, book their place in tomorrow's final group. Sydney FC continue to slide down the A-League table, dropping to sixth after last night's draw with Queensland. The visitors grabbed an early lead in the 12th minute. when Matthew McKay slotted home

Captain Steve Corica with a vital strike just after the hour. COMMENTATOR: That is a better centre and ghosting in at the far post was Steve Corica, equaliser for Sydney FC. Sydney take on Newcastle next Sunday. The Wallabies believe

tonight's Test against Wales will be the hardest so far on their European tour. This year, being Six Nations champions, they've got a lot to play for so we go into this match knowing full well it will probably be our toughest Test match.

Matt Giteau is trying to stay focused despite reports he's been offered $10 million a season to play for French side Bayonne.

That could be a little bit

destruction , which Carl which

Holycopter is going to buy ?

Holycopter is going to buy Holycopter is going to buy? A severe thunderstorm warning has just been issued for Sydney, I'll have the forecast, next in Seven News. You don't have to go looking for the lowest prices. We've got them. We don't need sales and gimmicks. Because we make sure that we have the lowest prices. 4-burner hooded barbecue - $399. Ozito circular saw - $49. only $4.96 each. Don't miss our family Christmas night, Thursday, 4 December. Lowest prices are just the beginning. A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for Sydney in the past 30 minutes. Hail and strong winds are moving in. It was a mixed day. It was warmer in the west. Before tonight's rain, the suburbs had up to 20mm.

Katoomba scored the highest rainfall with 30mm. Around the country tomorrow - late showers for Melbourne and Adelaide. and Brisbane. Fine in Perth, Canberra On the waters - So, after tonight's storms, for a fine, mostly sunny day. it should dry out

Looking further ahead - the good news is over coming days fine and warm weather will develop but that will end on Thursday for Friday. with a brief shower or two

but I'll be back later with updates. And that's Seven News to now thanks for your company. I'm Chris Reason, Goodnight. by Red Bee Media Australia Supertext captions Last day of school. WOMAN: Mitchie! Up! 'WHO WILL I BE?' PLAYS) (DEMI LOVATO'S # Whoah # Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Who to be # How to choose There's so many choices now # Well, let's see Be a movie star # Play guitar # In my head a voice says # Why not try everything?

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