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(generated from captions) week, gootd bye. This program is captioned live. near Narooma deals with an Today on State Focus, Wallaga Lake dancer Charlie Bartley a step closer unthinkable asbestos issue. Dubbo rock and roll, from Wagga to his big dream, and education in issues. big mouths on a couple of local to Wollongong we catch up with two I'm Peta Burton. Hello and welcome to State Focus, first today, Those stories a little later, but people taking photos of themselves to the issue of Sex-ting. Young going very public. on their mobile phones and it all explicit pics end up on the net Well, what happens when those Joining us in the hot seat now is showcased for the world to see? safety, Susan Mclean. Australia's foremost expert in cyber motivation behind this? First of all Susan, what is the Peta, and what we've seen over the There's a variety of motivations motivation for these photos. years is a really change in the started working in cyberspace and If I go back many years to when I young girl being betrayed. cyber safety, it was really the without her knowledge behind her So the photos were often taken back or she was coerced. emerging where young girls in What we're seeing now is a trend and the thing to do, to send naked particular believe it's exceptable boyfriend. images of themselves to their with Radford College and Canberra Now you've actually done some work few months ago. What did students, Grammar on Cyberspace safety only a those workshops with you? teachers, parents even get out of those different audiences is to Well my aim when I speak to all technology. empower people to understand I think it's great. I'm not anti-technology. I love it. skill and ability that far But what kids have is technical development so they can basically outweighs their cognitive do whatever they want online. development to actually understand They don't have the brain consequences, so I hope through my the risks and understand the sure that when children are online presentations to be able to make risky as perhaps they were in the they are doing so that is not as to understand technology from an past. And for parents and teachers adolenscents point of view. something like this? Okay, what is the fallout of gets into the wrong hands or it's on What happens when it all goes wrong, confidence, self esteem, the net, you know what about you know even the emotional... Well... impact? Sorry, the emotional psychological Catastrophic. forever, and even if it might go Once it's on the net it's there or regularly circulated, that young away temporarily or it's not put up knowledge that it is there forever. person live, has to live with the used to conduct further bullying, So we know that those images can be they can be used against the person. apply for jobs if they would like And we now know that when people digital histories are taken of to go to university internationally, that will actually look at your them. There are companies out there cyberspace about you, and if there digital footprint, see what is in taken when you were 14, 15, or 16 are naked photos, even if they were that employer they are going to be presented to you are. as evidence of what sort of person and 15, Susan you have 3 children, 21, 18, that. you said you've been there and done out there today and parents? What is your advice to young kids embraced the technology but use it In relation to young people it's be others online, safety. Most kids will pretend to facebook and myspace happening. they will put fake ages to get online, Just understand how to be safe and the real dangers and risks. old persons going to talk to them Not thinking that they know if an know it all, and that's with you know young people believe they they fully understand the dangers everything, so making sure that out there and use technology safely. not be afraid and never ever And for parents, be empowered, do from a young person because if you threaten to take technology away problem and you are the first do they will not come to you with a person that they really need. for joining us this morning. Thanks Susan for your time. Thanks Thanks Peta. very worried mums and dads in Now, at the moment there are some the south coast. Wallaga Lake, a town near Narooma on around in playgrounds where asbestos Their children have been running demolition of homes in the area has been left littered, after the now is Bega MP Andrew Constance. years ago. And on the line with us this morning. Andrew thanks so much for your time situation? Look, what is the latest on the community in the state's south east. Wallaga Lake is really a forgotten besetting Wallaga Lake are similar In fact many of the problems have hers is the fact that to that in the top end, but what we since 2007 that children and local Government agencies have known playing in and around broken down residents have been living and since the airing of this story asbestos. Little has been done from the State Government. we're now starting to see action people hear as we know, there's been Alright, well look, when will these people have been affected? exposure. When will we hear if confirmation of that? How soon will these people have hygienist was to go in last Monday Well I understand that the publicly. and the results should be released the impact of asbestos given that The community is very nervous about playing in it in the case of the they have been living in and children since 1995. in the community about the levels So there is some very real concerns spread and extensive the problem of exposure and also how wide has been within the community. challenges, particularly in terms The community which has many and it's key that we do see the of the provision of health services Wales work hand in hand with dust diseases board in New South make sure that those in the Kuntungal Aboriginal Services to these degree community who are fearful about of exposure are able to get tested. speak to any of the families or even Look, have you had a chance to the parents Andrew. I mean, community at the moment? what is the sense among the They're really, really nervous. playing in asbestos dump, building The fact is that we've had children asbestos. cubby houses out of broken down community full of asbestos and We've seen house demolished in the taken out of the community, homes instead of that asbestos being down asbestos and it's just have been rebuilt over that broken and to that end, people have been littered throughout the community very, very nervous about the degree of exposure. Hopefully no one has been affected in terms of any asbestos related diseases, but we just don't know at this point in time. So people are very, very nervous. Quite scared about the implications of this and there is a possibility of course that some residents are gonna have to be relocated as authorities remove the asbestos from the community. Look I've just had some photographs come off. I've seen the children play in the area. I feel ill looking at those photographs. This is just unthinkable. What are your thoughts? I just think it's outrageous that the State Government has known since 2007 and they certainly didn't secure the contaminated area in term of the dump. They didn't bring in hygienist at that time to assess the extent of the problem and as a result they did fail to launch an investigation into the causes in terms of who put the asbestos there and how it came to be there. There's also been of course the failure in terms of the clean up and the failure in terms of protecting people's health and that is the first priority that the Government should be looking at in terms of currently removing the asbestos and making sure that people's health care needs are being rectified as part of that is making sure that people have available to them the necessary testing given the concern for the community does have. Absolutely. I can't thank you enough for your time this morning. Keep our fingers crossed for some good news. Thanks Andrew take care. Good morning. And, while we're on the subject of asbestos, there's been some concern about the presence of the lethal material at Telopea Park Primary School in Canberra, as the ACT Department of Education and Training begins refurbishing the school. An anonymous letter sent to us, raised concerns about students possibly being exposed to asbestos, during the refurbishment. The Education department has officially responded to that letter. Appropriate ministers and concerned members of the community and tells us that the hazardous materials survey and management plan for the school identified the existence and location of asbestos containing materials. And during the April school holidays, asbestos on pipe work was completely removed and the area considered safe for students. And, we'll keep you posted on any developments there. Okay, coming up, Dubbo dancer Charlie Bartley joins us next on State Focus.

Welcome back to State Focus. Well, most of us now know Charlie Bartley can do more than shake his booty. The Dubbo dancer won millions of hearts during Channel Ten's So You Think You Can Dance competition, after shasaying his way across that studio stage for 13 weeks as part of the final top 20, making it to runner up, and he joins us now. Good morning! Hey how's it going! How are you going? How's your feet? Yeah my feet are well. They did survive the trip of so you think you can dance. So they're all good. They're all good. Good to hear. Now can you believe that we had you on the show about 6 months ago. Can you believe that you were all excited then about making the top 100 and now the whole country knows you! Six months ago! Wow. Oh my gosh, yeah that's a long time. I look back and it feels like 3 years went by in that 3 months and that I actually did the show. It was an amazing journey you know. You can go from really really sad to over the the top happy and that's one hour of the day. (LAUGHS) Gosh. So yeah the whole thing was just an absolute roller coaster. Look have you been back to Dubbo? I mean what do the locals think? You been home to mum and dad. No I haven't been home yet. I'm going home in about a week now, so I'm really looking forward to it, I just can't wait to wait you know go around to everyone and say hi and shake everyone's hand and give all the friends and family a big hug because I'm just etching to get back basically. Your Dubbo ballet teacher is gonna go crazy when she sees you. Yeah, I know. I think she wants me to pop into the studio. I might teach a class while I'm back too. I think the kids will love that. Listen, I wanted to say to you, how, do you remember the day that you said to your family, guys I'm not gonna do law because law was happening for your brothers, for your father, what did you say? What did you folks say when you said, look, I wanna dance. Yeah I remember the day exactly. I said to mum and I was like - I really want to go do a full time performing arts course at Brent Street next year and she was like - okay, alright, cos she thought I was going to go off to law. So did I, but actually dad was the best one at it. I came home and went dad I kinda want to go dance and he went - sure let's find you somewhere to live. Good on him. And I thought - that easy? And he was like - sure, if it's in your heart, then you've got to go for it. So who do you get the moves from? Oh my gosh. Definitely not my dad. Definitely not my mum. So I don't know. I think YouTube is probably my parental advisor of dance. Well you certainly can shake. I can not believe that you get your body into some of the positions that you do. Do you surprise yourself that amazing footage that we've got of you during Biance's single ladies. It just drives me crazy, every time I see that I just want to get up and move and my partner says, no babe, sit down. (LAUGHS) (LAUGHS) Yeah that was crazy. It was the first routine, expected nothing from the competition, so all you want to do is get out there and just not stack it on stage and so you know, but when the crowd erupted, and I got back stage and everyone was like - wow that was fantastic, I couldn't get the smile off my face. It was an absolute thrill @ off my f So look... Especially because it kept that way for the entire routine. The entire series and didn't really fall below you know that standard. It was absolutely fantastic. Well a lot of people, I've got to say Charlie, just thought you might have just grabbed it. Cos you are such a likeable guy. You are such a lovely bloke. Oh you know. It's all good in the end. It was all good. There as a little bit of disappointment right at the end because you know, and the winner is... you are praying, praying that it's your name, but even though it's not, you know, I kind of feel like it's a little bit of a blessing in disguise you know, who wants to peak at 19? You know, I still want to be working hard for things that I've got the goals that I've got. I want to get into musical theatre next. So I've got to get my singing voice on. Don't ask me to sing right now. You know me! (LAUGHS) But yeah that's The next big thing, so I want to keep working hard for that. Good on you. Well the world is your oyster. We'll see you on Broadway one of these days. So you think you can dance tour, you've got your dancing shoes back on for rehearsal which are starting very soon. Can't wait to have you right across the country, from July. Look after those precious legs, get them insured. Alright, alright, I'll get them definitely insured. Good on you mate, take care. Thank you very much. (WOOSH) Okay, now many of us have been caught doing a bit of lip-synching in front of the mirror with the hair brush or air guitar once in a while. But what does it take to make it to the top of the Aussie rock industry? someone who knows, and earlier we caught up with him before his crew hits the road from Wagga to Wollongong. (WOOSH) Do you remember your air guitar days? Do you know, I think it's more just shower singing rather than air guitar, but yes indeed I do remember them. The reverb in the shower was fantastic @ The Good on you. What experience, hands on expertise from people like yourself, Pete Garrett, what reaction are you getting from the kids? The kids have been amazing. The reaction is phenomenal, not just from the students who see the concert but also from all the students who participate in the workshops and come and help us load gear, attend the workshops and somewhat understudy to the crew and band @ somewhat u Okay, listen, how actually do the kids get involved, cos there's a number of jobs, this is not just about rockstars, we're talking about the roadies of the future as well. Look that's right, that's a fundamental part of the tour, so show that there are so many components of putting on a live performance. We have kids who will help as roadies, we have kids who help me tour We have people who help stage manage. We have kids at every level of the performance and the band also show's what it's like to actually put on a performance. They see them sound check and every component is covered and the kids can see that it's not simply about being a rockstar can s It's not simply about being a band manager, there are so many different avenues in live performances dif So what does it take? I mean you have done it all, what does it take to make it in the Aussie rock industry? I think enthusiasm and commitment. It is so much based on perspiration. There would not be a person, if they show enough enthusiasm and commitment, there are avenues for you in the music industry. It's highly competitive. There are so many people who want to be part of it but the honest truth is, that if you work and perspire hard, there is so many avenues for you. (WHOOSH) And to find out more about the Boost Mobile Rock the Schools Tour, jump on the website, rock the Okay, coming up, a couple of radio big mouths join us next on State Focus.

Beep! (GRUNTS WITH EXERTION) Beep! Kit Kat now has extra-creamy chocolate and extra-crispy wafers for an even better break. Have a break. Have a Kit Kat. Great to have you watching State Focus. Well, time to let the Big Mouths loose from the local airwaves to get their thoughts and retorts on a couple of hot topics. So joining us now from Wollongong, one third of the breakie team from 96.5 Wave FM, Dave Gorr, and from Melbourne, one half of the Benchwarmers, heard on daily on Star FMs from Wagga to Dubbo, Ant Simpson. Good morning gorgeous guys. Good morning. Ahh Good morning, gorgeous Peta. Now Dave, I'm going to start with you first. 3 topics, 1 buzzer, 2 lovely men. Here we go, according to a recent health survey, the health and happiness which look sat key areas, food, body, emotions, home, social life, Canberrans are enjoying more of the body side of things if you know what I mean, more than anyone else in the country. Uhuh. So what do you think will get more people in the mood in Wollongong, or way out west? Dave take it away. Well number one not living in Canberra. I mean let's face it, the only thing that Canberrans have to do in Canberra is that! An it also gets very cold in Canberra at night, so what happens is the people in Canberra snuggle really really close together and they actually mistake that for having relationships (LAUGHS) If you know what I mean. So in places like Wollongong we're on the coast, we can just enjoy each others company, we don't have to get that close to really have a great time. Just one other thing about Canberra too is that Canberra has one really big erection. You know what I'm talking about, (LAUGHS) You know what I'm talking about, the big Telstra tower. And maybe that just puts everybodies... (BUZZER) ...mind onto one sort of track if you know what I mean. (LAUGHS) There we go, there's the buzzer. Saved by the buzzer. Ant? Can I just say I'm glad I wasn't the first person to use the word erection in this segment. (LAUGHS) Slightly disappointed. Now I was looking at it trying to figure out why people in Canberra are getting so much of it and, I know you hail from there, so first of all well done Peta. Careful. (LAUGHS) I'm actually from there, I was born in Canberra and there's not much to do so I'm aloud to say there's not much going on, but there is the largest number of adult shops and fireworks stores in the country. They have Fyschwick. So maybe that has something to do with it. Yeah. (BUZZER) Okay let's move on. Well there we go, next buzzer. Did I get an early buzzer? I think I got an early buzzer. I think nothing beats some good food to get you all warm and fuzzy. Anyway topic 2, the Bald Archies. The Bald Archies are on in Wagga over the next 3 weeks. Now they're a parody of the Archibald prize and they usually make fun at great or famous Aussie celebrities judged by Maude the cockatoo. Now Kevin Rudd and Hugh Jackman are 2 of the 47 faces at this years exhibit. But what is it about Kevin Rudd that drives you absolutely crazy, I mean he's doing well in the opinion polls... (BUZZER) But how (LAUGHS)... I haven't got the question out yet. How would you rate him as a bloke? Ant? Okay well I think Kevin Rudd is the kid who was bullied at school, he had no friends, and suddenly he's become more powerful, he's like developed this technology to become an evil superman alright? I'm scared of Kevin Rudd, I love him, but he just annoys me. He's the kid who wasn't popular but now he has all these celebrity friends, I mean Hugh Jackman's his mate, he twitters Kate Blanchett about the baby, and it just annoys me alright. I like Kevin Rudd but I want, he should just be honest with us okay. Just be the real Kevin Rudd stop being this too goody two shoes of nerd boy, you're a bad boy, you throw sandwiches at young girls, just be yourself K Rudd. That's all I want. (BUZZER) That doesn't make sense. Dave? Nothing I said made sense. There's the buzzer, Dave take it away. Okay, well what was the question again @ Okay, w (LAUGHS) Okay, now how do I rate Kevin Rudd as a bloke. Well I think that Kevin Rudd number one, he looks like a character off South Park, I'm not sure which character it is but if he just moved his jaw up and down on a photograph you could put him into an episode of South Park without a problem. The great thing about Kevin is that he's not afraid to speak his mind. Now let's just use the word allegedly here, because apparently, allegedly there was a incident on the ahh what's it, his jet... Airforce Kev I think, Airforce Kev. ...Airforce Kev, yeah thanks for that Ant. Yeah so where he's also served his proper vegetarian meal, and he absolutely spat chips or something vegetarian anyway. And then there was another alleged incident where he was sin Afganistan on a surprise visit and there was a quick, I've got time for a quick photoshoot but where's mu hair dryer. And apparently he let somebody have it because there wasn't a hair dryer close by within arms reach. Now for mine, any bloke that is willing to let someone know exactly how he feels about A) not having a hair dryer and B) not having the vegetarian meal he's alright with me. Good on you Kev. (BUZZER) Let it go. Listen on the hair though, I just want to mess his hair up, don't you ever feel that you just want to get there, get your fingers in and just mess it up. (LAUGHS) Well I don't know what's going on there Peta, but hmm. You're a sick person. Okay topic 3. While we're talking about Kevin Rudd, stimulus buck, Ruddy money. How have you boys been stimulating the local economy? How do you spend your 900 dollars whether you're in Wollongong, whether you are in Orange or Dubbo or Wagga? So you can take it away Ant. Alright, well we actually on our show about a week ago decided to stimulate the nation by driving up the whole east coast using the 900 dollars to buy the worst car we could and we bough an 88 Ford Laser, drove it all up the coast with no money for fuel and people donated as we went along, we stimulated using the 900 bucks and we made it all the way to Cairns. Well done (CLAPS) So we stimulated the nation. the number one suggestion we had though if we weren't going to do that, one person said we should buy a whole lot of fish and chips and feed it to seagulls. And I think that is a great idea. But um yeah no so we wasted the money by doing a road trip @ (LAUGHS) Okay, there you go. Dave to finish us off for this morning. Okay, just with the 900 dollars stimulus package, who paid for the 900 dollar stimulus package? You, me, all of us. We all paid to get our own money back okay? So if we went and bought something like petrol or a plasma TV, we're paying GST on that, so the government again is getting another bite of that same money that we've already given them. So my suggestion is to go and buy something that you don't pay GST on like fresh fruit and vege and at least then the farmer gets the whole cut instead of everybody paying GST on the money that you've already paid in tax. How many bites of the cherry can K Rudd get? (BUZZER) I don't know. Keep chewing Kev. Or go to Canberra, or go to Canberra and buy, go to the adult store and buy some fireworks as well, and then we're all happy about that aswell. Come to Canberra and get warm and fuzzy. Thanks guys. (LAUGHS) Yeah no worries. Bye. Alright, just before we sign off today, a quick look at our Top 5. Starting with a night of music in Wollongong at Waves night club with Boom Crash Opera, Taxiride and Sean Kelly. The RSPCA Million Paws Walk is happening right across the region, but in Canberra take your furry friend to Commonwealth Park for some sunshine today. In Wagga comedian Anh Do is ready for a fun night at the Civic Theatre on Saturday. And, tomorrow is the very last day of the Dubbo Show, so grab the kids or your better half for some fun at the local showground And, finally as we mentioned with Terry Campese earlier, the Green Machine face the Warriors on Sunday at 2. Well it's time to go. It's been great having your company. Look after yourselves during the week and we'll see you for more State Focus next Sunday. Bye for now. Live captions by Southern Cross Ten, Canberra.