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Tonight, Sydney gets soaked -

record rainfall causes chaos across

the city. The water came in within

30 seconds. It was really bad, we

couldn't even stop it. Asbestos

victims left in the lurch - with

little money now left for new

sufferers. You just don't need this

other hassle hanging over your head

Cycle rage - Police hunt a rogue

rider who bashed a bus driver. And

a deadly day in Iraq as a suicide

attack leaves hundreds dead. Good

evening, I'm Deborah Knight, and

I'm Bill Woods. Also, Australian

men urged to play a role in the

fight against breast cancer. And

back to school for a special little back to school for a special little

boy, who can only eat ice.

But first, Sydney has copped a

soaking with some suburbs recording

their highest rainfall figures in

more than a decade. The 24-hour

drenching caused flash flooding,

chaos on our roads, and loss of

power to thousands of homes. The

rising waters caught a group of

students on a school camp by

surprise and they were rescued in

the nick of time. Need plenty seven

students and their teachers were

hiking in the world National Park

when the storm clouds rolled in.

The clouds washed away their tents

and force them to spend the night

in a toilet block. Cruise help them

to safety and no-one was injured. -

- rescue crews. A fatal accident in

the Sydney City's North-West. Flash

flooding occurred right across

Sydney. Torrent of water spilled

into many businesses. It was very

bad, we could not given stoppered.

This is the best October drenching

since 1964 French as Forest. 1960

for Frenches Forest. They have not

seen this much rainfall in 24 hours

let alone years. Our umbrellas were

buckling in high winds. Most of the buckling in high winds. Most of the

rain cascaded into the sea, where

this ship was on to a rough start

as it began its appointment to the

Middle East. While we may complain

about it has actually been a

godsend for our farmers. It has

been seven or eight years since we

had a fall of that scale. It has

bucketed down and we have not seen

that for quite a long time. The

rain was sporadic and some did miss

out. He can't say he didn't warn us.

You did tell us to expect a soaking. You did tell us to expect a soaking.

As you have just heard this was the

wettest Sauber anywhere in New

South while in the last 24 hours. I

lived just one kilometre from here

and it was torrential. 114

millimetres worth. There were

strong breezes and gales that

knocked over fences. All this rain

did stay coastal and on the city

fringe. Just 19 millimetres fell at

Penrith. 38 millimetres fell at

prospect. Today it moved to the

mid- north coast. There was a

deluge at coughs harbour. 41

millimetres fell in just 20 minutes

today. -- Coffs Harbour. Wellington

got around 15 millimetres. The

forecast for next 24 hours, we will

say wind and showers eased. For the

next five days there will be fine

and sunny conditions. He would a

pure is saying there is a 60% pure is saying there is a 60%

chance of the next three months

being drier than usual. 140

millimetres right here, it was a

coast. deluge but it is now heading up the deluge but it is now heading up the

Police have released surveillance

vision of a Sydney cyclist wanted

over the bashing of a bus driver.

It's the latest in a series of

attacks on drivers, who are now demanding self-defence classes.

Captured on security cameras, an

enraged cyclist takes out his

aggression on a 60 for your bus

driver. He fired up after the bus

overtook him on the highway. He

pushed a passenger and punched the

driver. He smashed the rear-view

mirror. If the video it is ever

released you'll see that the fellow

intended to hurt him. It is very

distressing and people were in fear

when they saw this incident on the

bus. It could have been worse if

the veteran driver was not trained

in self-defence. They have been

increasingly violent attacks on

drivers by road users. It has

prompted all drivers to begin basic

training to defend themselves. We

have to stop these assaults and

make sure no-one is killed. Just

because it is labelled a bust line

doesn't mean it is only for buses.

Some can be used by motorcycles and

bicycles. The cyclists involved in

the attack has not been found but

faces a $220 fine for illegally

using a T way and could also face

criminal charges. If the person

does come forward they will be

prosecuted. 350 drivers met this

morning all concerned that one of

them could be the next victim. A

compensation fund for asbestos

victims could soon be out of money.

The Federal Government is being

called on to help out, with dying

sufferers left in limbo. In her

battle with the disease, she is

hopeful. She is well now but hopeful. She is well now but

doctors warned the statistics are

not good. Paris certain it will

come back. When it does that will

be it for me. The fund set up to

help people like her is almost at

of cash. It may be days or weeks

but any minute now they will get to

a position where liabilities will

outstrip their assets. Under a

legal agreement could be 5% of

cashflow is capped. With losses in

the housing slump it has only made

one payment in three years. Victims

may miss out on lump sums they are

owed and receive instalments

instead. People who suffer from

this, they only get 155 days to

live after diagnosis. They don't

need this extra worry. If this

one's health deteriorates she won't

be able to care for her children. I

need to know that if something

happens to May by family will be happens to May by family will be

taken care of. She contracted the

disease as a child when she played

with asbestos sheeting are her

father renovated a home. The first

waves of diseases occurred when

people work with asbestos and the

next wave is their families. This

fund is critical because it will be

needed by new victims for another

40 years. Advocates won the Federal

Government to top up the fund. It

says the company must honour its

obligations. Twin suicide bombings

have rocked Baghdad, killing at

least 147 people - the deadliest

attack in two years. There are

fears of more to come as the nation

prepares for next year's election.

The second of two past rocked

Baghdad, just minutes apart.

Suicide bombers detonate a truck

and then a car park at the and then a car park at the

government offices of the supposedly heavily-fortified

Green's own. Fire crews searched

for a tramp and the dead. -- Green

zone. -- the trapped.

zone. -- the trapped. Elections zone. -- the trapped. Elections

will occur at six months after the

class barriers were Baghdad. The

attacks shattered the government

message that stability is returning.

They will continue to be outbreaks

of this sectarian violence. It is

extremists trying to ignite

sectarian violence. Barack Obama

has labelled the attacks outrageous.

Iraqis are warned they will be more

violence before polling day. Voters

in the electorates of Higgins and

Bradfield will go to the polls on

December 5. The by-elections were

brought about by the resignations

of Peter Costello and Brendan

Nelson. Election rolls close on

November 9. A boatload of Sri

Lankan asylum seekers are to be

taken off an Australian customs

vessel, out of sight of the world's

media. The Government forced to

defend claims refugees are being

beaten in an Indonesian camp. As he

returned from this summer to the

opposition suspects Kevin Rudd

colluded with the Indonesian

President on the political

management of the 78 asylum seekers

on this ship. It is consistent with

conventions going back a long time.

It is a matter of confidentiality

and will remain so.

It is a matter of confidentiality

and will remain so. The ship is

being kept away from the eyes of

the world. It is 10 nautical miles from this island. the world. It is 10 nautical miles

from this island. An Indonesian

boat is nearby, apparently ready

for the transfer of the Sri Lankans,

who include 10 women and children.

As Smith and orderly transfer of

first asylum seekers -- a smooth

and orderly. They will be put

behind a detention centre where it

people claim to have been beaten by

guards. I welcome the fact that

police are investigating those

manners. -- those matters. I have

been disappointed in the attitude

of Kevin Rudd. The Greens say this

human CIA they should have been

brought to Australia. These are

people asking for a help, not

criminals. It is an illegal to seek

asylum. It is one week after Kevin

Rudd it won the agreement to save

this should Lankans stranded in the

Australian waters. It is going to

be hard to stop the boats in future.

-- Sri Lankan. Still to come,

Police forced to defend their

increasing use of tasers. Also

tonight, the new theory behind the

murder of the Lin family. I think

it was very much a planned killing,

targeted. And thinking pink - how

men can help in the fight against

breast cancer. Nag the ones you

love to go and have that wonderful test.

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(ALL SHOUT IN FEAR) Pretty conclusive, really.

A taser gun is being drawn at least once

Day by New South Wales police.

A private ceremony has been held at

two recognise the depth of the

length''s family -- the death of

the leaner' family. It is 100 days

since five members of his family

were brutally killed. It must be

paid back in my opinion, for

perhaps ignoring it tends to exhort

-- at tensed to exhort money from

them. He looks at their photos

daily. TRANSLATION: my son is a

very calm person, I still do not

understand what happened. One month

before his murder, Mr Lin saw a

robbery to a Chubb security van. It

would have to be in my opinion, a

crime group. They must have been a

period of friction between Lin, or

one of the other adult family

members to cause such a vicious and

violent killing of the whole family.

The police are yet to make an

arrest. They are doing a very

thorough investigation and we are

confident. They are appealing for

more information. AK- is a gun is

being drawn up at least once a day

by NSW Police. They say it proves

that the non-lethal weapons are

necessary, but not everyone is

convinced. They are the weapon of

choice for police. It is the first

year that NSW police have carried

tasers. No half of the tasers that

have been drawn this year were

fired. 60% of the time, the drawing of the

of the taser has has meant the

victim has given him. It was a

state-wide $10 million up roll-out.

It is a choice between putting a

jolt of electricity or a 9

millimetres round through someone's

body. The manufacture are warned

that they should avoid shooting

someone in the Test because there

are risks such as heart attack. The

weapons will be carried by 2000

officers by the end of next year.

Australian men are being called on

to play a bigger role in the fight

against breast cancer. They are

being asked to a nagging their

loved ones to have tests. Law

things pink are celebrated in the

name of breast cancer awareness.

The fight against the disease is

anything but pretty. Mammograms are

very uncomfortable. All the same,

they are recognised for saving

lives through early detection. I

encourage you all to nag at the

ones you love to go and have that

wonderful Test along with their pap

smears. Along with the advice came

some advice for men as well. Men

should have prostate cancer tests

as well. 35 women are diagnosed

each day with the disease. This man

cannot forget the distress when his

wife came home from her first came

I. She was vomiting. When she

pulled Peru, it was a great success.

She came home and said she was

pregnant. I nearly fell over

backwards. This year, research has

found that survival rates have

jumped this century. The number of

cases is on the rise. It has

doubled in the last 25 years due to

the ageing population. The Blues

are back with the cash. They came

back from the Twenty20 with a

trophy and $7 million. A thrilling

match between Australia and India.

It may gain decided on the last

ball. What it looked like on the

inside - the luckiest escape of the

rally season. The Swans unveil the

boy from Banyo up and he is a very

big boy from buying up. Andrew

Lloyd Webber and diagnosed with

cancer. We will have the details

next. Four terror suspects to stand trial trial.

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This program is captioned live. Let

us have a look at the traffic

around Sydney. A wet afternoon

usually means terrible traffic but

it is alright at the moment. We

have not spotted any accidents or

breakdowns. There is one small spot

of traffic. It is on the Kabul and

highway. -- Cumberland Highway.

highway. -- Cumberland Highway. Let

us hope it continues the -- this

way for the drive home this

afternoon. An inquest has heard

teachers never knew a teenage boy

was a long-running bullying victim,

until days after his death. Alex

Wildman had talked of self harm,

but his school counsellor said that

was wrong! wasn't necessarily a sign something

was wrong! A young wife cut

tragically short. The victim of

repeated and brutal bullying in the

schoolyard and online. Alex Wildman

committed suicide in July last year.

The 14-year-old had been bashed

twice just weeks before for

allegedly pressed in derogatory

comments about another boy's mum

online. Witnesses to the brutal

attacks said he never fought back.

It seemed no-one saw the warning

signs. The school counsellor today

told an inquest into his death she

was never shown case notes from his

previous schools that showed he had

harm. been bullied and attempted to self-

She said if she had known about his

history she may have arranged to

meet up with him but she often left

it to students to approach her

because they can be a lot of stigma

attached to seeing a school

counsellor. Welfare teacher said

the first she knew of his torment

was two days after he died. She

said she felt truly sorry for his


The victim's mother hopes the

inquest will prevent any other

parents then during this campaign.

-- enduring the same pain. -- enduring the same pain. Four of

the five men accused of plotting an

attack on an Australian army base

will face a judge and jury. Family

and friends packed the court for

today's brief appearance. The men's

not guilty pleas come amid new

evidence one of the accused

rejoiced in the deadly Black

Saturday bushfires It is alleged

the group hoped to infiltrate

Sydney's Holsworthy military base

and shoot until they were killed.

The court was told the men had

enough ammunition to take out ten

soldiers in 20 minutes. A fifth man

year. will face a committal hearing next

The army is mourning the death of

one its elite recruits - Nova the

bomb detecting dog. She had to be

put down after being badly injured

by a vehicle in a training accident

in Afghanistan. Nova was given full

military honours, as she was

farewelled from the Australia base

at Oruzgan province in the south of the country.

He finance report now, customers

have come up with another reason to

be unhappy with the banks. Now it

is not over fees or interest rates.

It is about the transfer of It is about the transfer of

personal information overseas for

processing. It is a cost-cutting

measure for big banks. 90% of

customers don't want their detail

cent of Schalke due to so -- and cent of Schalke due to so -- and

sense of security and identity

theft. -- don't want their details theft. -- don't want their details

sent overseas. It is costing 5,500

jobs. The Banstead and have sent overseas. It is costing 5,500

jobs. The Banstead and have a good

day on the share market either. day on the share market either. --

the banks did not have a good day.

Detectives in Scotland are re-

launching their investigation into

the Lockerbie bombing. They'll

examine evidence from the attack,

after Abdelbaset al Megrahi - the

only man convicted of the atrocity

- dropped his appeal. The case

against him won't be re-opened, but

it could reveal if anyone else was

involved. I believe that they're a

dedicated, committed group of

people who also want to get to the

bottom of what happened at

Lockerbie. And they know as well as

we do that this is an unresolved

matter. 270 people were killed in

bombing more than 20 years ago.

A woman in the United States has

reacted badly to a seasonal flu

shot. Desiree Jennings was once a

healthy cheerleader, but ten days healthy cheerleader, but ten days

after having the vaccine her body

went into decline. Walking forwards

is a struggle, but going backwards

is fine. She can run, but can't

stop without help. The 25-year-old

has been diagnosed with Dystonia -

a rare neurological disease - and

she believes her seasonal flu shot

triggered it. Nothing else explains

such fast and damaging neurological

problems. Health officials deny the

flu shot was to blame.

World renowned composer Sir Andrew

Lloyd Webber has been diagnosed

with prostate cancer. A spokesman

says he's been admitted to hospital

for treatment, with the condition

caught in its early stages. The 61-

year-old is expected to return to

work before the end of the year.

Earlier this month, he announced

plans for a sequel to 'Phantom of

the Opera', which is due to open in

London's West End in March.

Up next, Sydney's wild weather -

how long will it last?

Also, back to school for the little

boy who's unable to eat anything,

except ice. except ice.

And another tribute to Bart

Cummings as Melbourne gets ready to

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This program is captioned live.

Tonight's top stories - police have

released surveillance vision of a

Sydney cyclist wanted over the

bashing of a bus driver. It's the

latest in a series of attacks on

drivers, who are now demanding

self-defence classes. Asbestos

victims are angry that a

compensation fund set up to help

them could soon be out of money.

The Federal Government is being

called on to help out, with dying

sufferers left in limbo. And Sydney

has copped a soaking with some of

the heaviest rainfall in more than

a decade. The 24-hour drenching

caused flash flooding and chaos on

our roads. There has been a lot of

carnage from this weather. Where I

am cocked 140 millimetres. --

cocked -- copped. Driving

conditions were the worst ever,

drivers could not say one car in

front of them. The last day this

word was in October 1960. It is the

best October rainfall in 23 years.

Enough grey in our day, let us go

somewhere else. Look at this

photograph. It makes us all want to

go on holidays. That is a brilliant shot. go on holidays. That is a brilliant

shot. If you have a picture from

the past 24 hours please send it shot. If you have a picture from the past 24 hours please send it to

us. All of the day's details and a

flattering forecast at 5:55pm. A

little boy allergic to food has

returned to school after weeks of

treatment in hospital. Doctors hope

an interstate visit may take them a

step closer to a cure. In back at

school and already setting an

example. What is the first thing

you are going to do? Listen to my

teacher. Today was catch-up time.

They don't wrap him up and cotton

wool but they understand his

special situation. He suffers from

a rare condition that makes him

allergic to all foods except water

and one brand of lemonade. He is

fed nutrients through a tube. We

don't know yet if it is a process

from mouth to stomach. It is an

unknown. During the testing he was

monitored as fears were injected

directly into his stomach. Results

should be ready by the end of the

week. For as a mother you can't see

light at the end of the tunnel and

you don't know what else to do for

your son. It is leading a son in

the hands he has received treatment

at the Women's and Children's

Hospital. Now in Melbourne a world-

renowned specialist may shed some

light on his condition. I am trying

not to have too many expectations

and it hoping we'll have some

information to help us in the

future. Anyone who wants to help

with his treatment expenses can see

his website for details.

Police fear global crime gangs

could strike at the Melbourne Cup

Carnival. Race-goers are being

urged to be vigilant at the four

day festival. As a northern swings

into the racing spirit place one of

a serious side. An international

crime syndicate is tipped to target

racegoers. There are sophisticated

and professional. The gangs work

together to distract their victims

and then pounce. Police say most

travel from Europe and South

America on false passports and have

local connections. He is something

we take seriously and the police

will work together. The event is

lodged with trademark style and

colour. -- launched. Regrettably,

many will have to defer the

realisation of their dreams for at

least another year. It is a dream

that this man realised on this

horse in 1992. I am so proud of my

son. I hope he wins. There are

fashion hits and misses. There is

nothing worse than seeing a girl

carrying their shoes at the end of

the day. For most it is all about

the Melbourne Cup. The legend of

the race, Bart Cummings. There is a

big chance to make it a baker's

dozen that he spoke of last year.

You will never say never with him.

Don't worry about robbing me as all

my money will be with the book-

keepers. Brad's back with Sport,

and what a weekend for Brett Lee.

After winning the Twenty 20 series

with NSW he's stayed behind for a

winning start in the One Day

Internationals. But despite an

Aussie batting onslaught India

still went close.

That is massive, it is big and

Essex. -- a six. Plus out of

control in the final round of the

World Rally Championships.

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Australia's thrilling one day win

against India has Australia's thrilling one day win

against India has come with a high cost.

It was a bit close for comfort.

India needing 9 to win off the last

over. Peter Siddle needing to hold

his nerve. India could win with a

six off the final ball, but Siddle

held firm. COMMENTATOR: It's a

single and Australia win. Australia

single and Australia win. Australia

was always ahead in the game.

Sehwag was soon followed by

Tendulkar. Australia received a

scare when Mitchell Johnson rolled

his ankle, but he worked through it.

James Hopes wasn't as fortunate, James Hopes wasn't as fortunate,

forced off with a hamstring worry.

Gambhir continued his fondness for

Australian bowling. And with Dhoni, Australian bowling. And with Dhoni,

built a good chase. But Mitch

Johnson got rid of the dangerous

leftie. And from there, the Aussies

worked there way into a powerful

position when the Indian captain

holed out to Brett Lee, it looked a forgone conclusion. But Harbajhan

Singh and Kumar had other ideas and

almost clubbed india to victory.

With two overs left, needing 30,

they belted 21 off Watson in the

49th. Siddle cleaned up the mess.

Game two is Wednesday at Nagpur.

New South Wales has arrived home

$2.7 million richer after winning

$2.7 million richer after winning the inaugural Champions League

title in India. The Blues reuniting

with family at Sydney airport following some lengthy celebrations

in Hyderabad and welcoming the tag

as the greatest provincial side on

earth. When I first got into the

side, Mick Whitney and Greg

Matthews said this is the greatest

state province county in the world,

and 2 nights it was probably

justified - yeah, we are, we beat

all comers. The Blues play WA in a

one-dayer at North Sydney oval on

sunday. The Wallabies are embracing

Japanese culture as they prepare

for their historic Bledisloe Cup

Test against the All-Blacks in

Tokyo. It was shoes off as some

Wallabies were treated to a little

local hospitality. But big front

rower Ben Alexander seemed more

interested in the giant goldfish

outside.. Eat? You eat them? No, no,

no. One thing they do agree on, is

it's time they ended a 6-game

losing streak against the All-

Blacks. Rumours of the Sydney Swans

demise could be premature. The

recruitment of Brisbane star Daniel

Bradshaw topping off a stunning

trade period for Sydney who also

claimed the best young ruckman in

the League. Shane Mumford is a big

raw talent. He's a country boy so

green, he doesn't even know how to

say Sydney's attractions, let alone

find them.. I know how to get to

Coogee and back. But he does know

his way around a football ground

and he's a man Paul Roos and the

Swans are extremely happy to have

on their list after snaring him

from Premiers, Geelong, who did

everything in their power to keep

him. There are some at Geelong who

think the Big Ruckman from Bunyip

in Victoria went for the money. It

defintely wasn't the money which

got me up here and the security of

the 4-year deal. The swans

recruiting purple patch has been

topped off by signing of Brisbane

Lions Premiership star Daniel

Bradford, who agreed to terms with

the Swans at the weekend. In terms

of the club, it was a fantastic

effort for the club to come out of

the trade week and revamp our list.

One of the more amazing things

about this trade period for the

swans is they still have picks 6

and 14 in the national draft. Paul

Roos is reconsidering passing on

the reins. I haven't told Horse yet

I'm staying on - just keep that

quiet. Casey Stoner has taken out

the Malaysian MotorCycle Grand Prix

in a race which saw Valentino Rossi

clinch the World Title. In wet

conditions in Sepang, the slippery

surface took its toll with

conditions in Sepang, the slippery surface took its toll with Honda

rider Randy de Puniet crashing out rider Randy de Puniet crashing out

early on. Stoner was amazing,

taking out his second chequered

flag in a row. Catch me if you can,

wins the Malaysian Moto Grand Prix.

But the biggest wheelie was saved

for Rossi. His third place finish

behind Dani Pedrosa, sealing his

seventh championship in the premier

class. And a wild exit in the final class. And a wild exit in the final

round of the world rally

championship in Wales for Sebastien Ogier and co-driver Julien Ingrassia in their Citroen.

Incredibly, both men were able to

walk away from the wreckage.

walk away from the wreckage. But

Mikko Hirvionen's title bid was

blown when the bonnet of his Ford

inexplicably opened. It ensured an

unprecedented sixth world

championship for Citroen's Sebastien Loeb.

Liverpool has beaten Manchester

United 2-0 to halt the club's worst

losing streak in 22 years. United 2-0 to halt the club's worst losing streak in 22 years.

Liverpool fans still showed a sense

of humour despite last week's

infamous beach ball goal flooding

the pitch pre-match. Once the issue

was dealt with, it was the Reds

inflating their season, ending a 4-

inflating their season, ending a 4-

match losing run. Meanwhile, in the

Scottish Premier League, Socceroo

Scott McDonald found the back of

the net again for Celtic in their 2-1 win against Hamilton.

Owner Lloyd Williams has denied

there is a problem with his

Melbourne Cup Favourite Efficient,

despite a report claiming it has a

leg injury. Meantime, another Cup

contender Changing-of-the-guard is

recovering well from a foot abscess, recovering well from a foot abscess,

completing his first serious piece

of trackwork of the Spring this

morning. Within a couple of rents,

his breathing is going back to

normal, he seems very relaxed. That

is a good sign. It shows he has

very good fitness. A decision on very good fitness. A decision on

whether he'll run in the Cup has

been delayed until Wednesday. We

will be looking at poker in our old

Sports Tonight. We talked about the

smoked traffic. We have not jinxed

it? There are no accidents or

breakdowns. There is plenty of rain

on the roads. This is the approach

into Western Sydney. It is not as

bad as we would normally see in

peak-hour. Tim Bailey's next with

all the wet weather details. And

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190 and 14 millimetres at French as

Forest. 114 millimetres at French

as Forest. One month of millimetres

here in the backyard, but missing

the dams. The dam and late-cut 16

millimetres. There may be a slight

rise in the dam at for the first

time in three months. It was a

deluge every way you look. Today,

the need to -- the need not coast

cocked 14 millimetres of rain in 20

minutes. Dubbo got a significant

rainfall as well. What have we got

fear in the next 24 hours? An

easing in conditions - easing in

the South South Dales. Fine and

sunny conditions Wednesday it

through to Sunday. The temperatures

will be 30 degrees. The bureau has

pulled out a statement saying there

is a 60% chance of drier than

normal conditions for November

December and January.

Pick massive cloud over WA. It will

be generating heavy storms.

Tomorrow's map - lingering in the

east and that will bring about

storms in Queensland. Rain

contracts north over NSW with some

potentially heavy falls along the

northern coast. Some areas will get

18 up to 80 millimetres.

northern coast. Some areas will get 18 up to 80 millimetres. That rain

will ease tomorrow and we will have

fine and sunny conditions

stretching right through to this stretching right through to this

time next week. We are in for a dry

November, December and January.

That is your weather report. It was

a wet one, see you tomorrow.

Finally tonight, the countdown is

on to this year's Schools

Spectacular. Some of the State's

most talented performers shimmied

their way around the Entertainment

Centre this afternoon, giving us a

taste of what to expect when the

event kicks off next month. Those

who couldn't make today's rehearsal

didn't miss out, staying in sync

with the others via video link.

More than 3,000 students will take

part in the epic public school

production, a fixture for more than

25 years. That is the news. Thank

you for your company. The late news

will be at 1120.

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