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Tonight, the new rugby league

scandal - Storm star Greg Inglis

charged with assaulting his

girlfriend. Individuals have to be

accountable if they find themselves

in the headlines for the wrong

reasons. Death mystery - more human

remains found in bushland south-

west of Sydney. The remains are

about two or three days old. And

bikie arrests - more murder charges

to be laid over the airport killing.

Good evening. I'm Deborah Knight.

And I'm Bill Woods.

Also, huge cash bonuses for Kyle and Jackie O.

And he's hanging on to the board -

east. a hair-raising rescue in Sydney's

But we begin with the latest

scandal to rock rugby league - the

Storm's poster boy, Greg Inglis,

has been stood down after being

charged with assaulting his

girlfriend, leaving her with two

black eyes. It's left his team in

turmoil just weeks out from the

finals, and the league battling to

restore the already battered

reputation of the game.

Melbourne Storm coaching staff went

to Greg Inglis's home to collect a

suit for him to wear to court.

Inglis, who is one of rugby

league's best players, faces

charges of recklessly causing

injury and unlawful assault

following an alleged attack on

girlfriend Sally Robinson that left

her with two black eyes. Sally's in

good spirits. She's doing as well

as possible for what is obviously a

very testing time for her. Inglis

is an acknowledged match winner who

starred in an NRL ad campaign. Even

though the finals are looming, the

Storm was quick to suspend him

indefinitely once police laid

charges. Any situation that brings

into question the safety and

wellbeing of women is something

that greatly concerns us. His

future will be depend on the

outcome of the court case. The club

is hoping Inglis can play again,

but they're also prepared to sack

him. From time to time we are going

to have young men make mistakes.

This is certainly a big one, but

it's important that it's dealt with

appropriately. That's what we'll be

Discrimination Commissioner measured on. Australia's Sex

described the alleged attack as

deplorable. One in three women here

intimate relationship characterised in Australia will live in an

by violence. It's a major social

issue that we need to address. This

latest incident caps an appalling

year for rugby league where the year for rugby league where the

poor behaviour of players has been

bigger news that the action on the

field. Inglis is the sixth player

charged with assaulting a woman in

the past year - among them, Manly's

Brett Stewart, accused of sexual

assault, and the Sharks' Greg Bird,

who is appealing a 16-month jail

sentence. Inglis appears in court

tomorrow. John Hill, Ten News.

There are fears for eight

that's gone Australians on a charter flight

Australians on a charter flight

that's gone missing on the way to

the Kokoda Track. The twin-engined

plane left Port Moresby this

morning with 13 people aboard as

part of an Adventure Kokoda tour. morning with 13 people aboard as part of an

We are, of course, concerned for

all of the passengers and crew. But,

Mr Speaker, given the destination,

our fear is that Australians may

have been on board. The charter was

due to land at Kokoda airport this

morning after flying through the

rugged Owen Stanley Ranges. An

extensive search was launched when

it failed to land. Weather in the

region is said to be poor.

A third discovery of human remains

this afternoon in Sydney's south-

west. Homicide detectives have

joined the investigation into the

grisly, case which involves bones

past few days. believed to have been dumped in the

Police rescue teams found the body

parts in thick scrub far below the

Pheasants Nest Bridge at about

lunchtime today. It followed an

intensive 48-hour search of the

area using dogs and members of the

riot squad. We think the remains riot squad. We think the remains

are about two or three days old,

and that was at Sunday. That's when

the hunt began. A local called

police after his dog appeared from

the bush carrying human remains.

Their dogs, which roam around a bit,

brought back a body part to them -

a leg. The next thing the place was

covered with police. Officers found

more human tissue on the property,

but say today's find, about a

kilometre away, is the most

significant. Definitely suspicious

circumstances, and that's why we

have an investigation by the

Homicide squad. Locals suspect the

victim may have been murdered,

dismembered and dumped off the

bridge. It doesn't drop into water,

it drops onto rock. There's been a

couple of bodies diposed with over

the years. Police haven't

discovered jewellery or personal

items. They won't comment on the

age or sex of the victim, but have

been asking residents about

children who live in the area. It's

disturbing, because I live around

the corner. It's like Sydney's

dumping ground out there. Investigators say their search

isn't over, and there may be more

body parts they still need to find. Daniel Sutton, Ten News.

And human remains have also been

found at Balmoral, on Sydney's

lower North Shore. Excavators made

the find as they started work on a

beachside restaurant renovation. I

was just digging away, mate, making

a hole, and up come all these bones

- half a skull and a bit of a leg.

Forensic police believe the bones

have been there for some time and

have called in an archaeologist.

Police have begun rounding up more

suspects in the bikie airport

killing. It's five months since

Anthony Zervas, the brother of

Hells Angel bikie Peter Zervas, was

beaten to death at the domestic

terminal, and the investigation is

now coming to a head. Ten reporter

Gabi Boyle has been following

developments. Gabi, we're hearing

that more men are about to be charged?

Disaster then I spoke to the lawyer

for the Comanchero. She says that

this morning she received a message from the Director of Public Prosecutions saying the police

intend to charge at the 11 men with

murder. This relates to the

incident at Sydney airport in March

involving the Comanchero is an the

Hell's Angels, in which a man was

killed. As I have indicated, it is

a complex investigation. The public

expects the police investigate

things thoroughly. We put people

before the court when we believe

there is sufficient evidence to do

so. Five men have been charged with

murder so fast talk --. It could be

up to 11. The investigation is

proceedings could take years. taking some time. The court

The Kyle and Jackie O lie detector

stunt has sparked a major review of

live radio practices. The inquiry

was announced today, as the latest

ratings showed the much-maligned

hosts still rule the roost.

It's nice work if you can get it.

Kyle and Jackie O reportedly earned themselves a $100,000 bonus today themselves a $100,000 bonus today themselves a $100,000 bonus tod

because they won the FM breakfast

survey, even though they're not on

air. I don't know about their

financial arrangements. This did

not take into the most recent

period. If there was to be a

backlash, it will come in the next

survey. 2GB once again won the

ratings overall, with both Ray

Hadley and Alan Jones miles in

front, even though Alan has himself

been off air for part of the survey

through illness. But come next

Monday, Jones and Kyle and Jackie O

should be back on air, just in time

for a new investigation from the

media watchdog, ACMA. We're going

to conduct a broad investigation

into live commercial radio, pranks, into live commercial radio, pranks,

competitions, challenge us. Where

there is humiliation, exploitation,

where a minor is put in an unsafe

situation, that is not satisfactory.

ACMA has received 137 complaints

about Kyle and Jackie O's lie

detector incident, but won't be investigating that one specifically

- yet. Only one program is under

investigation. The company says

that the internal review is not yet

finished. They did not say when

Kyle and Jackie O will return to

the program. They will want that

sooner rather than later. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Malcolm Turnbull has survived a

party room dressing-down over his

leadership. The Opposition Leader

has failed to win support for his own climate change plan, amid widespread confusion within

Coalition ranks.

A lightning strike plunged

Parliament into darkness,

disrupting the Prime Miister in

full flight. There's more light in

this chamber than has been brought

on climate change for the parties

opposite. Despite Malcolm Turnbull

going on YouTube singing the

praises of a new plan to combat

emissions, the party room did not

endorse it. Veteran Liberal Wilson

Tuckey delivered his assessment of Mr Turnbull's leadership outside

and inside the meeting. A portrait

into categories - inexperience and

arrogance. I will tell him that.

That infuriated other Liberals. I

haven't been listening to Uncle

Arthur for a long time. Front-

bencher Bob Baldwin launched a

scathing rebuttal of Mr Tuckey in

the party room to the applause of

many. Some Liberals are confused

over the direction the party is now

taking. Mr Turnbull is demanding

the Government accept his hybrid

emissions trading scheme even

though he is yet to persuade his

own side to adopt it. It's a game

of political football that has left

key Independent Steve Fielding

fuming at Mr Turnbull's vacillation. fuming at Mr Turnbull's vacillation.

It's absolutely ridiculous. He's

playing politics. This issue is too

big to play politics. While the

protesters were calling for action,

the other key Independent was

promising further delay. If the

Government's scheme were a dog, the

best thing to do would be to put it

down. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

A dramatic rescue today of a surfer

who was close to drowning at a

Sydney beach. The surfer had been

clinging to rocks when he was

plucked from the water by the

Westpac Helicopter, but the rescue

Westpac Helicopter, but the rescue

was sent into a terrifying spin as

the surfer tried in vain to hold

onto his board. Despite the

uncontrollable twirling, the

rescuers were eventually able to

get the exhausted surfer onto land. rescuers were eventually able to get the exhausted surfer onto land.

And if you witness a breaking story

and would like to see your pictures

on Ten News, send them to us. We're

interested in both photos and video.

Brad McEwan with sport headlines,

and Brett Stewart's comeback for

Manly is a lot closer.

Yes, he took part in his first

ballwork session today after a

ballwork session today after a major lay-off through injury.

major lay-off through injury. That

shortly. Plus, it was the incident

that turned heads at Brookvale Oval,

as the skipper and his best forward

had an on-field feud. Today they

kissed and made up.

And a wild spin-out stops a major

NASCAR race in the US, but Aussie

driver Marcos Ambrose managed to

result. avoid the mayhem for his best-ever

Plus, Casey Stoner set to take a

break from MotoGP. And the

Australian cricketer picked to play

one year. for two different countries in the

Still to come, a Sydney father

faces court over the abduction of

his toddler.

Plus, the outspoken leader China

didn't want you to hear. Uighur,

Uighur, Uighur!

And consumers stockpile traditional

ban. light globes ahead of the national

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This program is captioned live.

The father accused of kidnapping

his own son and bashing the child's

mother has faced court. The 33-

year-old briefly appeared in court

today charged with assault and

breaching an apprehended violence

order, after allegedly taking the

23-month-old boy from his mother's

arms at Kingsford on Sunday night.

The relieved but emotional mother

was reunited with her son 23 hours

later, after her former partner

surrendered the child to police at

Bondi. He's been granted bail and

year. will face court again later this

And a man is fighting for life

after a driver fleeing police

clipped his vehicle and sent it

crashing into a tree. Police had only moments earlier stopped

chasing the silver Ford Falcon

after it collided with other two

vehicles. The driver believed

responsible took off on foot and is

still at large.

China has again tried to silence

dissent in Australia, demanding the

National Press Club cancel an

address by an outspoken minority

leader. The demand was rejected,

but the incident has further tested the diplomatic relationship.

Rebiya Kadeer has the Chinese

Government so concerned it wanted

her banned from addressing the

National Press Club. We were fully

aware of their attitude and the

background, as the Uighur people

see it, and the board had made a

Chinese diplomat approached decision to invite her to speak. A

management last week objecting to:

China views Ms Kadeer as a criminal

for her leadership of minority

Uighurs, who are demanding

independence. TRANSLATOR: I deeply

appreciate the support of the

Chinese Government in raising my

profile. Ms Kadeer is the subject

of a documentary screened at

Melbourne's International Film

Festival which also outraged the

Chinese. They withdrew their films

and launched a cyber-attack on the

festival website. She is a

separatist trying to split the

Chinese territory, so they should

not be allowed to come here. There

are no plans for either the Prime

Minister or the Foreign Minister to

meet with Rebiya Kadeer during her

visit. Such a meeting would further

complicate the diplomatic dance

being done around Australian Stern

Hu's detention in China. But Ms

Kadeer believes it's time Australia

stood up to China. In their

rhetoric they talk very tough talk,

but in fact when you also stand up

using your trade leverage, they

will come back to you - for sure.

Consumers are starting to hoard

incandescent light bulbs, ahead of

a nation-wide ban in three months.

It's claimed the energy-efficient

alternatives will put Australia

back into the dark ages. Interior designer Camilla Molders

is refusing to make the switch to

energy-efficient light globes. She

is stockpiling old-style

incandescent bulbs as they

disappear off the shop shelves

ahead of a November sales ban. It's

the colour of the white light and

even though there are warm white

globes available, it doesn't have

same feel or look of an

incandescent. Consumers in Europe

and the US are also dissatisfied

with the luminosity of energy

efficient globes and are bulk

buying. I've got a few here to last

me quite a few years. In addition to aesthetic complaints, some

people claim the eco-globes cause

migraines. But disposal is no

longer a headache. This new state- of-the-art recycling technology now

crushes and separates every element

of the bulbs - including toxic

mercury. They can be confident that

it's going to be dealt with in a

responsible manner and with minimum

harm to the environment. But the

Lighting Council says the concerns

over energy-efficient globes have

been blown out of proportion. They

are now available in a variety of

colors and levels of brightness, colors and levels of brightness,

and if you want your light to last,

buy quality. For those refusing to

give up the incandescent glow,

halogens are the way to go. You'll

notice that the internal

componentry is different, otherwise

they are the same warm white color.

Seems changing a light bulb is now

a serious matter.

This week marks the 50th birthday

of one of the world's greatest

inventions. In 1959, Volvo engineer

Nyles Bowlen used a series of

living, breathing crash-test

dummies to perfect the device the

world now knows as the seatbelt.

Half a century later, the simple

safety feature is estimated to have

saved more than a million lives, as

the world learned to "click-clack front-and-back". It doesn't matter

which car you drive, by putting on

your seatbelt every morning, there

is a little bit of Volvo in every

car - whether you like it or not.

Victoria was the first State in the

world to make seatbelts compulsory in 1970.

Now the weather. We had to break

out the winter woollies today. A

change from what we are used to. A

wet tropical at Sydney and bought

our first rain in two weeks. There

was not a lot of rain - 2

millimetres. The rain was

widespread throughout the State.

There was some thunder across the

Australian High Country, lightning

strikes and the left so where on

hold. The temperatures drop across

the Australian Alps, four or five

degrees. Snower is now falling.

wonderful photograph competition. Across the State you can enter our

This is tonight's winner.

The week trough has moved on, blue-

sky for the next seven days.

Temperatures you will not believe. Temperatures you will not believe. Next, earthquakes and floods cause misery in Asia.

Also, the questions that infuriated Hillary Clinton!

Wait, you want me to tell you what

my husband thinks? My husband is

not Secretary of State, I am!

And a wild ride - roller-coaster

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The This program is captioned live.

Time now for a check of the traffic

with Vic Lorusso. Some rain is

making the roads slippery. There

are still problems. There was a bad

accident on the Woodville Road.

This is going to the south-west. In

the last 30 seconds, the road has

been reopened going towards the

Lord. There is a pedestrian

involved in this accident. There is

an investigation continuing. This

is going towards Parramatta. This

is the traffic going towards

Fairfield. It is back to Parramatta

it because of the severity of this

excellent. -- accident.

Queensland Health authorities have

apologised for its handling of a

Hendra virus outbreak at a

Rockhampton horse stud. Staff who

nursed a dying horse had been told

to go and see their local GP for

testing. The furious owner of the

quarantined stud is refusing to

leave the property, demanding he be

tested there. They won't take their

gloves off or their masks off to

talk to you or shake your hands,

but we're expected to sit in a

doctor's surgery and a have a blood

test. If tests on horses at the

stud are positive, the animals will

be put down before the weekend.

Now to the ING Direct finance

report with Jacqueline Maddock.

Jacqui, figures out show big

business is feeling more confident

than it has in the two years.

We've had three sets of surveys

released today and they each paint

the same picture - that the

corporate sector sees light at the

end of the tunnel. According to NAB's monthly survey, confidence

surged in July to its highest level

since mid-2007. Businesses do still

expect modest growth and employment

pressures to continue. Reporting

season rolled on today, with a

stunning result from retailer JB

Hi-Fi. Despite tough trading

conditions, annual profit leapt 45%,

beating market estimates. Wall beating market estimates. Wall Street snapped its 4-week winning

streak ovenight. But strong Chinese

production figures sparked a late

afternoon rally on our market. production figures sparked a late afternoon rally on our market.

Shares in travel agent Flight

Centre surged on a positive profit outlook, although the China outlook, although the China

catastrophe weighed on Rio shares

for a second day.

And that's finance for now. Ahead

tomorrow, we're expecting to see

significant annual profit falls

from both BHP Billiton and the Commonwealth Bank.

Parts of Asia have been rattled by Parts of Asia have been rattled by two earthquakes.

Parts of Asia have been rattled by two earthquakes. The first,

measuring 7.6, hit the Andaman

Islands, between India and Myanmar.

Minutes later, another quake struck

off the coast of Japan. The 6.5 magnitude earthquake shook

buildings and injured dozens in the capital.

Rooftop cameras caught the moment

the powerful quake rocked central

Japan. The tremor lasted less than

a minute but wreaked significant

damage. The public broadcaster was

caught in the centre of the action,

as more than 60 people were injured

by falling debris. Bullet trains

were halted as a precaution and two

nuclear reactors were forced to

shut down amid safety fears. A

large landslide damaged a major

highway, causing long traffic jams.

The quake came as Japan was bracing

itself for a typhoon, like the one

that's torn apart China and Taiwan.

All this family could do was watch

as their home was swept away by the

torrent that is Typhoon Morakot.

The army came to the rescue for

those living in isolated villages.

Bridges are down and roads cut off

as rivers continue to swamp whole

towns. Up to 600 villagers are

feared dead buried under a mudslide.

For the people who've made it to

safety, there's still an anxious

wait to hear about missing family

members. Emily Groves, Ten News.

US Secretary of State Hillary

Clinton has lost her cool, snapping

at an African student who asked a at an African student who asked a

question about her husband. Her

temper flared when asked what Bill Clinton thought about the

involvement of China in local

affairs. Wait, you want me to tell

affairs. Wait, you want me to tell

you what my husband thinks? My

husband is not the Secretary of

State. I am. So you want to ask me

a question, you ask me a question,

but I'm not going to be channelling

my husband. Bill Clinton recently

made world headlines after securing

the release of two American

journalists jailed in North Korea.

Thrill-seekers on a roller-coaster

in California got more of a fright

than they bargained for when it

became stuck high in the air. A

mechanical failure meant the

Invertigo ride at the Great America

theme park came to a halt, leaving

two dozen riders stranded. Fire

crews brought in a special ladder

for a dramatic high-rise rescue. for a dramatic high-rise rescue.

They had to bring the people down

one by one. No-one was injured.

stay calm. Rescuers say everyone managed to

Still to come, further news on the

prospects of Malcolm Turnbull.

Also, are we staying in more?

Australia's baby boom defies the

recession. We also found there's an

increase in marriages.

And the first glimpse of Heath Ledger's final film. (THUD) (LOUD RUMBLE) HOT SPOTS, WARM SPOTS... YOU BELIEVE IN GHOSTS?

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This program is captioned live.

Top stories this news hour - all 11

members of the Comanchero bikie

gang involved in the fatal brawl at

Sydney Airport earlier this year

are expected to be charged with

murder. Three more suspects were

taken into custody today in raids taken into custody today in raids

across the city.

A third discovery of human remains

today at Pheasants Nest, to the

south-west of Sydney. Police

believe all of the remains were

dumped in the area in the past few

days. A major homicide

investigation is underway.

And Melbourne Storm star Greg Inglis has been suspended indefinitely after being charged

with assaulting his girlfriend. He

is due to face court tomorrow

accused of recklessly causing

injury and unlawful assault.

More now on Malcolm Turnbull

surviving a party room dressing-

down over his leadership. Ten's

political editor, Paul Bongiorno,

joins us now from Canberra. Paul,

how did Mr Turnbull go when he how did Mr Turnbull go when he

faced his critics today?

It was described to me as an anti-

climax. Wilson Tuckey was true to

his word and he did deliver a

dressing down to his leader about

being inexperienced and arrogant.

One description was it was more

like a razor than a brand. There

was a much heating it. He did go on

a bit. Another Liberal got up and

gave him both barrels. He let Mr

Tadic know it was not appreciated

that he was attacking the leader in

the public. They got down to

business as usual, when the

National Party joined the Liberal

Party and they talked about

emissions trading. Malcolm Turnbull

certainly knows what Wilson Tuckey

thinks and that is about it. Today

is the first time that Parliament

has that sense the Eos Carte

scandal erupted. The government

kept away from the email in

question time. The attacks from the

opposition were about climate

change. The Government Senate

leader moved a reference to the

privileges committee. Stephen

Fielding once the privileges

committee to look into this affair.

There will be as those on that

tomorrow. The opposition will vote

the independence. against it. It will come down to

Australia is bucking the trend when

it comes to having babies in the

middle of economic gloom. While the

US has recorded its biggest fall in

births this century, we've decided

there's no better time to breed.

Nicky Stiassny has just boosted

Australia's population by two, and

she's so overjoyed the economy is

the last thing on her mind. It's

definitely something we thought

about and planned. We didn't

necessarily plan for two. She's not

alone - more Aussies than ever are

deciding there's no better time to

expand their family. Every State

and Territory except Victoria has

recorded a significant increase for

2008, with NSW leading the way. In

the last 12 months, it's jumped up

again by 10% and topped 100,000 for

the first time. That's a striking

contrast to other Western countries

since the global recession hit. I

think it's to do with the fact in

the US the downturn has been

stronger and hit earlier. In 2007,

America broke a 50-year record for

births set during the baby boom.

But that came to a grinding halt

last year, with baby numbers

declining by 2%. Australia, on the

other hand, has gone from strength

to strength, jumping 3.3% to its

highest number of births ever.

Sociologists say the baby bonus may

have helped. Others believe when

the time's right, it's right. It's

not all about money. Romance

perhaps, then? Official records

show our burgeoning birth rates

have followed another rite of

passage. We also found a big jump

in marriages in the last 12 months

too. For better or worse. Amber Muir, Ten News.

A trailer for Heath Ledger's final

film has hit the internet. 'The

Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus' is

a fantasy tale about a travelling

show and the doctor who guides the

imagination of others.

Ledger died before filming was

finished, but the film's director

pushed on, casting Johnny Depp,

Jude Law and Colin Farrell to play

Ledger's character, Tony. The movie

opens in October.

Brad with sport, and the Storm are

prepared to make the tough decision

on Greg Inglis.

Yes - up next, they won't rule out

sacking arguably the game's best

player. And with his future in

doubt, what are the Storm's chances

of a fourth straight grand final?

Plus, Aussie driver Marcos Ambrose

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This program is captioned live.

In a story earlier tonight, we

inadvertently showed an image of

Chase Stanley in connection with

the NRL turmoil. Ten News would

like to clarify that Mr Stanley is

not implicated and has not been charged with any offence.

Pressure is building on the Storm

to terminate Greg Inglis's contract,

as he prepares to face court on two

charges of assaulting his

girlfriend. Club boss Brian Waldron

today apologising to fans and

sponsors because of the scandal.

Storm coach Craig Bellamy perhaps

pondering life without his match-

winner. While the club says Greg

Inglis does have a future in rugby

league, many believe it might not

be in Melbourne. Sometimes people

make mistakes and they pay heavily

for it. People need to understand

the decision we take on this type

of issue is not a football decision,

it is a club decision, there will

consider all stakeholders. Inglis

remains stood down indefinitely. In

our view this would go beyond a 1-

week suspension, but at the moment

that's indefinite and we're

comfortable with that. This year's

other face of rugby league, Brett

Stewart, was handed a 4-match ban

by the NRL for misconduct - the

Eagles are watching Inglis's case

closely. The Melbourne club has

made a stand, if the NRL chooses to,

we ask it to follow consistency.

After yet another loss last night,

the Sharks were left to lament the

players they've had to sack,

including Greg Bird for assaulting

his girlfriend. All those blokes

who put the club into a position

this year, the position and

predicament these blokes are in.

The Storm's first match without

Inglis will be next Monday against

the Knights. Inglis's removal from

the Melbourne team could mean

they'll really blow out if Inglis

remains sidelined. Greg Inglis has

been a major impact between their

last three Grand Final appearances.

If he is out, Melbourne Storm are gone.

Manly captain Matt Orford says his

team needs to get back to basics to

arrest the run of losses that looks

like costing the Sea Eagles a top-

four spot. The skipper laughing off

his on-field clash with team-mate Anthony Watmough.

A lot of love at Manly training -

Matt Orford and Anthony Watmough

had already kissed and made up

before today's affection. The cause

of their on-field tiff, a very

different kind of passion. Mate,

it's the heat of the battle and

we're both very passionate about

what we do and we both wanted the

boys to get where we were telling

them to go." I'd rather him get

that frustration out. I was just

telling him, "Next tackle - make

sure you rip in". We're all mates,

and what happens out there is good

for the game. The Sea Eagles much

more concerned with the two

straight losses that have left them

in the logjam at the bottom of the

eight. And they've been on the

wrong end of the penalty counts. We

were doing things that we've been

doing for two years and now, all of

a sudden, they're cracking down on

it. I think it showed on the it. I think it showed on the

weekend - our discipline - and just

dropping some balls in crucial

times of the game has let us down times of the game has let us down

and we need to get back to basics.

Giant winger Tony Williams bearing

the brunt of Saturday's loss to

Souths - he's been dropped for this

Roosters. weekend's match against the

Swans coach Paul Roos believes if

Adam Goodes can make the successful

transition to key forward, he will

go down as one of the AFL's best

ever. Goodes will already make a

slice of Aussie rules history on

Saturday night against Geelong when he becomes the second-fastest

player to reach the 250-game

milestone. He's rucked, he's played

in the mid-field, if he were to go

forward and kick a significant

number of goals over the next few

years his legacy would grow even

further, no doubt. The Swans would

give their finals hopes a massive

boost if they were to upset the

Cats at ANZ Stadium.

33-year-old Victorian paceman Dirk

Nannes has been picked to play for

Australia, just two months after he

played for the Netherlands.

Nannes has been selected in a 13-

man squad for Australia's two

Twenty20 matches in England. A 15-

man, one-day squad has also been

announced. Six New South Wales

players have been chosen - they are Michael Clarke, Haddin, Hauritz,

Shane Watson. Lee, Warner, and Blues recruit

Australia's embarrassing recent run Australia's embarrassing recent run

in cricket's shorter games has

forced the hand of selectors. For

the first time, separate Twenty20

and one-day squads - both with an

eye on the future. Experimentation

the key word for Twenty20. There

are very few opportunities to look

at international players at this

point of the game. Ricky Ponting

will head home post-Ashes - missing

the Twenty20's and half of the one- day series. Michael Clarke will

captain the sides in Ponting's pre-

arranged absence. He has a very

full period of cricket coming up

with the ICC championship and the

Indian summer. Victorian Dirk

Nannes will create history. His

selection in the Twenty20 team

makes him the first player to

represent two nations in the one represent two nations in the one

calendar year - after lining up for

the Netherlands in June's world championship. Mitchell Johnson has

been picked in both squads -

following his return to form in the

fourth Test victory. He says he can

now cope with the pressure of

expectation. Good news for England

ahead of the must-win fifth Test.

In you. Andrew Flintoff has been

given the all clear to play a

farewell Test. Former 500cc Motorcycle world

champion Wayne Gardner fears MotoGP

ace Casey Stoner could be burnt out

after it was announced that Stoner

has pulled out of the next three

races. The 2007 champion has been

battling a mystery virus all season

and it's worn him out during races.

I've never seen it before. Take a

break in the middle of the season,

apart from having a serious injury.

So I think there's possibly more to

the story. And it's not really time

to have a break. I mean, Ducati and

the manufacturer must be very disappointed. Stoner's family is

confident the extended break will

health. see the 23-year-old return to full

Marcos Ambrose has recorded his

best career finish in Nascar's

premier Sprint Cup category. But

the race will be best remembered

for an almighty prang that caused

the race to be red flagged.

This is the view from Jeff Gordon's

car. Thankfully, all drivers

involved were able to walk away

from the wreck. Surviving the

carnage the best was American

veteran Tony Stewart. He took the

win, but was closely followed by

Ambrose in second place.

More world records in swimming,

this time at the Aussie Short

Course Championships. Libby

Trickett beat her own time in the

100m freestyle, a record that had

stood for three years. Whilst

Christian Sprenger broke the world

record for the 200m breaststroke,

coming home to top American swimmer

Ed Moses's mark. Another world

record - long or short, it doesn't

matter. Completing the hat tricks

of world marks was Emily Seebohm,

in the 100m individual medley.

In Sports Tonight, Michael

Schumacher of, Michael Schumacher

has been forced to call off his

comeback because of injuries

sustained during a motorcycle crash.

details after the break. Tim Bailey has all the weather

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We have an update for you now out

of Papua New Guinea. And it's been

confirmed that 26 Australians

trekking in PNG have been found

safe. The group was travelling to

the Kokoda airfield from Port

Morseby on two aircraft - which

have now both been accounted for -

however a third Airlines PNG twin

engine plane is missing. The

airline has confirmed 11 passengers

and 2 crew were onboard but won't

reveal how many of them were

Australian. There are still a few

storms about causing chaos. But

they will not be much more rain?

They may just storm sell is across

the ACT at the moment. There were

some across the Australian High

country. It got quite unsettled.

Can there has had 10 to 13

millimetres of rain, the best balls

since April. There have been a few

lightning strikes to the north of

Sydney in the last half-hour. It is

going to be fine and sunny until

next Monday. There is the chance of

a shower on Sunday. Quite

incredible temperatures - 23 to 25

until Saturday. degrees. Clear and sunny conditions

Cloud over the south-east is

generating light rain and thunder

over Victoria and Eastern NSW. A

front will bring rain to the high

country. There will be rain over

eastern Tasmania but only cause

light showers in Victoria. Isolated

light showers in southern a NSW and

Victoria, isolated showers and Victoria, isolated showers and

storms in north-eastern NSW and

South-East Queensland, mainly in

the afternoon. Showers Paul Weston

WA. We will broadcast from Thredbo

on Thursday and Friday. Good news

that there, temperatures are

vomiting, they will be fresh snow.

It will be a bluebird weekend.

That's Ten News for now.Updates throughout the evening before the

10:30. Goodnight. Late News with Sports Tonight at

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