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Tonight - Pedr filed Dennis

Ferguson at the siege as community

anger grows. I have made him a Pyne

box, we are ready they in to leave.

Kyle Sandilands arrives home but to

face the music. Keeping your job is

safe? Yes, I do. Communication

chaos - the severed cables that

will affect homes and businesses

are for up to a week. Also, the

Sydney man accused of faking his

own desk -- death. And the

treatment tackling peanut allergies.

A decision on whether a notorious

paedophile will stay or go from a

Sydney suburb appears to be close.

This follows a 3-day stand-off

between Dennis Ferguson, the State Government and angry residents.

Evan Batten is in ride. What is the

hold up? In the last half hour

things had moved a lot more quickly.

Police are keeping guard outside

the house in commissioned complex.

Only residents are allowed inside

and this may give Denis Ferguson

have room to nerve. Or we

understand a agreement has been

reached. What to do with Dennis

Ferguson in the long-term still

proves to be a problem.

proves to be a problem. When it

residents heard the only way Denis

Ferguson would go is in a pine box,

they wasted no time putting one

together for him. We are a very

caring community, I have major one.

He met housing department

bureaucrats for two hours this

afternoon. We look forward to a

solution that works for the solution that works for the general

community here. It came after

Ferguson spoke out, vowing to stay.

I am not moving. The only way a

will merge is in a pine box. Tensions

Tensions in ride reached a worrying

high last night, police were called

when a suspicious device, or

believe to be a lot of believe to be a lot of cop Delf,

was banned and the Housing Unit.

The protest against Ferguson

staying in the neighbourhood will

only be in his full needs. This is

and a non- vigilante way of dealing

with it. Police exercise calmness.

These situation has become such a

headache for the race government,

they were forced to hold crisis

meetings with senior meetings with senior officials from

six government departments to try

and work out what legally they are

able to do. Diabetes Australia has

confirmed reports that Ferguson was

selling toys and other charity

items. He had registered under his

middle name, it rave. There is no

way we knew he was there. We are as

carefully as we can. Resident will

hold a rally tomorrow night, that

neighbourhood. is if Ferguson is still in the

Kyle Sandilands has blown back into

Sydney confident that his job is

safe. Despite plunging ratings and

loss sponsors, he has brushed aside

the latest scandal and insist he

will be back on again next week.

Two weeks in the state can be

raised a lot of bad memories. Do

you think your job is safe? Higher

pretty sure it is. A your back for

crisis talks? I am back to go on

air. He flew back oblivious to the

outrage he's but when he suggested

that Magda Szubanski could lose

more weight if she was in a

concentration camp. A lot of people

had been offended by your comments.

Not that I am aware of.

Not that I am aware of. Heat Exocet

through the emergency door into his

own professional crisis. Brian

McFadden gave him a ride home and

there was beefy security on hand.

It was just a day after he copped a

battering on the latest radio

ratings. He lost almost one in five

listeners. Despite the backlash,

his radio bosses insisted they will not prejudge him not prejudge him before the meeting.

A bit the show will be a bit boring

without him. I don't listen to him

at all. He headed straight for his

mansion, and unlike last time, when

a waiting media were not Matt

Welcome, this time his wife,

tomorrow, came out to offer a sweet

enough. Even Richard like one. The

no thanks. I did not no thanks. I did not poison them.

Kyle Sandilands must be hoping his

bosses will be a little more forgiving.

Huge numbers of homes and

businesses will be cut off from

phone, mobile and internet services

for up to a week because of a

drilling accident in the city.

Energy Australia says it had the

appropriate a clearance before

assenting its contractors to begin assenting its contractors to begin

digging through a 30 centimetres

slab of concrete. Unfortunately, as

they did it, they carried into

10,000 copper wires and fibre-optic

cables. Back-up services around the

CBD. It is yet to be fairly fixed,

but holsters repair crews had been

working frantically since 9am working frantically since 9am this

morning. They admitted could take

all week for the services to be

restored. We expect customers to be

back on in the next 24 rows. There

will be a slow restoration of the

other 10,000. Ultimately, it could

take a week. We have been down to

the site this morning, and we have

conducted a thorough investigation.

We have already conducted tests on

the debt than they did, and we will

be looking at all where work

procedures. We will interview the

contractors. It has affected the

major banks around the wing in

station district - mainly the ATMs.

A number of small businesses and a

boutique hotel have lost some of

their air force and phone

facilities. How much business do facilities. How much business do

you think you have lost? $700 worth.

That is a lot of customers. Energy

Australia has apologised for the

mistake, perhaps they can expect

some calls from irate customers,

who may be wanting it has a who may be wanting it has a

discount on the next power belt.

On the first anniversary of his On the first anniversary of his

leadership, Malcolm Turnbull faces

open divides on climate change.

Brendan Nelson is using his final

days in Parliament to lead the

revolt. One year ago Malcolm

Turnbull seized on Brendan Nelson's

Climate Change Election boost to

take the leadership. I'm not there

to give myself a mark of any kind.

The Government is not so reticent.

These sceptics have gained ground

and the evidence is the Coalition

is splitting on this. Dr Nelson is

taking his party room criticism to

the airways - affair will present

to his successor. It does not make

sense to pass legislation when we

are 1.4% of legislation.

are 1.4% of legislation. I think are 1.4% of legislation. I think

there is an almost absolute

majority that do not believe that majority that do not believe that

negotiating this dodgy deal. The

Liberals and Senate leader even

joined the public defiance,

contradicting the in Mr Turnell on

the need to come up with amendments.

The onus is on the Government to

draft amendments. Were had proposed

changes to the emissions trading

scheme, and we will engage with the scheme, and we will engage with the

Government to seek them. Tony

Abbott has no criticism of his

leader. But is this a backhander?

Kevin Rudd is a Prime Minister in

an unparalleled position of

strength. He's totally unchallenged

within his own party. The public

wanting to put - make succeed.

Turnbull's problems is not confined

to climate change. There are splits

about the governments plans to

break up Telstra. Telstra

shareholders what a reprieve. The

share price gained all that sleep

yesterday's losses. Sports had

lined with red McEwan. Jason Taylor

has fronted the ragged toes board.

Taylor was granted his wish.

It is not Wimbledon or Roland

Garros, but Darwin is the

destination for Alicia Molik sake

come back to world tennis.

Ricky Ponting this century in

Nottingham. The Sydney man accused

of faking his own dead. A prominent

actor faces court charged with

assaulting his ex-wife. And a

stinking hot ordeal for hundreds of

Jetstar passengers. I am

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This program is captioned live.

Acid the men has been locked up

being accused of faking his death

to cash in on life insurance. His

mother has been charged over the

scam. If you believe the paper

trial, he has been dead for more

than two years. The 28 year-old

looked very

looked very much alive in the court

today charged with fade so and

death. According to police, he left

Australia for Ecuador in 2006. Nine months later Australia for Ecuador in 2006. Nine

months later he was reported

drowned. Authorities issued a death

certificate. He then used a false

name to apply for an Ecuadorian

passport. He returned to Australia

as Gabriel Sanchez Cedeno, and his

mother applied for Care Super for

239,000 life insurance. mother applied for Care Super for

239,000 life insurance. His death

was reported in Ecuador on April

Fool's Day in 2007 but

investigators were no fools but,

they called in they called in the police and

arrested him and his mother. In

court today he waved to a friend who

who supported him from the public

gallery. No comment, no comment. DC

pleading innocent? No comment. He

was granted bail until his next

court appearance on Friday. Steve

Bisley has appeared in court

accused of assaulting his wife,

Sally Burleigh. He allegedly

assaulted her in their home last

week. He pleaded not guilty coupe

to common assault. He is best-known

for his role in Water Rats, police

rescue, and the movie Mad Max.

rescue, and the movie Mad Max. A CD

mother shop twice is planning to

sue. The police officer has been

cleared. Susan Bandera has bullet

fragments near her spine. The

incident was at her Parramatta home

last year. Police were called after

an argument. She lunged at them

with a fork. She said she was biting off a male attacker.

biting off a male attacker. I am

mortified. Just because they have a

bad show they can get away with

shooting someone and not entering

to it. The lawyer is launching a

civil action. Jetstar has been

slammed by angry passengers over a

four-hour delay in Bangkok. The

hold up was caused by a mechanical

fault. Steamed up passengers said

their frustration was frustrated by

it rude cabin crew. Fresh air and

home soil were a welcome

combination. They ate drawn-out

Jenny began in a hot and humid

conditions in Bangkok. We sat there,

it was very hot on the plane we ask

questions but no one answered. A sick passenger

sick passenger caused the delay and

then they discovered a 40 hydraulic

pump. The air conditioner it was

not working properly. The cabin

crew offered food for sale before

providing passengers with free

drinks. It is very uncomfortable

and we appreciated that. Arguments

erupted between passengers and erupted between passengers and

flight attendants. It was hot, it

was claustrophobic and I wanted to

get off. The atmosphere became more

stifling as panic set in with some

passengers. I think it was 4.5

hours. If they had have waited any

further I think they would have

been real problems. Someone tried

to smash a window. The airline said

they will issue an airline apology

and a travel voucher. The service

was non-existent. But in case

should have been stuck on a

stranded plane, Tim Bailey joins us.

A cool

A cool changes on the way. Sydney

experienced a little bit of that

today. It was out cold estate in

about 10 days. The good news is

some rain, 5-10 mm, on the south of

New South Wales and in the West,

Sydney will get hot. Sunny Sydney will get hot. Sunny in the

morning and then it cloudy. We

expect maximums of 30, 232 out in

the West. Cooler on Friday. Cooler

on the weekend. 30 degrees on

Sunday. 31 on Tuesday. He comes a

mini heatwave. A big range of

temperatures happened in Forbes.

temperatures happened in Forbes. It

reached 29, nine above average. We

like your photographs. We go to St

Mary's. This is a great shot of an impending storm. We

We launched October fest. See you

later. Fears that the Californian

child killing suspect is linked to

more abductions. Also a final long

lunch for superstar chef Keith

Floyd. Bus passengers flee a highway inferno.

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And This program is captioned live.

Let's take a look at Let's take a look at the traffic.

Some problems around the James

Roose strive? It is a hazy one.

Heavy traffic, we are the rest meet

at the moment. All the traffic is

coming off Pennant Hills Road

making its way through the

Cumberland highway. It is a slow it

Jany and there is not a lot you can Jany and there is not a lot you can do about it.

There ed up Sydney commuters were

joined this morning by the man who

helped UN clock up one of the

busiest cities in the world.

London's former Lord Mayer

describing the system as

unbelievably bad. He is the man

That Got London's commuters moving

again and he is here to help unlock

Sydney's gridlock. Ken Livingstone

had plundered the city's pavement

as he road-tested our public

transport. From the T-Card system,

we were first promised before the

Olympics but never got to use. That

is just bizarre. It should be in a

museum. So some of the busiest of

pedestrian crossings in the world. pedestrian crossings in the world.

A cabin to cities all over the

world, I cannot think of one where

I've had to wait this long to cross

the road. The man that made the

Oyster Card and bendy buses famous,

says the first step is integrated

ticketing. Circular Quay, ferries,

trains and buses are all within 20

metres of each other's. Passengers

need to buy a different to get that

from a different window to buy each one.

one. It is a joke. On holiday from

Britain, the Smiths are a big fan

of the oystercatcher but are not of

London's expense of congestion card.

Lord Mayer Clover Moore things we

can, in using the London experience

to help turn George Street from

this into these. By think they are

sick of the talk and being shown

plans, and then sitting on the

shell and gathering dust. Malcolm

Turnbull has spoken of his

harrowing experience of losing an

unborn child. He joined other

prominent Australians today to

appeal for greater understanding of

the 70,000 Brisbane sees that end in miscarriage as in miscarriage as or stillbirth

every year. A happy ending, Emma

Kate Williams was born yesterday to

Anna and grey. We are so lucky. One

in for a straight in pregnancies

end in the death of a child. Some

prominent Australians today it

appealed for a deeper conversation

about the loss. It is a gut- about the loss. It is a gut-

wrenching experience for parents at

the time. He now has - they

experience two miscarriages. For

Deborah Thomas, it was the pain of

a son who lived for less than one

hour. We scattered the ashes at my

sister's farm. For all the wonders

of medical science, these stories

are increasingly common. Australia

is in the middle of a baby boom,

about 280,000 children being born about 280,000 children being born a

year, that is the greatest number

in our country's history. It also

means an increasing number of

parents grappling with the loss of

a child. The tense Lexi Hamilton-

Smith, says she can only now has

talk of the pain from IVF loss. I

phoned him one day and told the

producer I had a stomach ache. Steve Jones

Steve Jones talks of his son that

was born at 24 weeks. When Maggie

was first born his organs were

still falling and his skin was like

tissue paper. Matthew lived, and

his father appealed for 25,000 for

research into retinopathy, the

major cause of blindness for

premature children. It was

immediately pledged by Malcolm Turnbull.

To the IMG direct Finance report.

Jacqui, Wall Street had good reason

to celebrate overnight? That's for

sure - US markets surged to their

highest point of the year last

night after the Federal Reserve

Chairman signalled an end to the

recession. Here's Ben Bernanke.

From a technical perspective - the

recession is very likely over at

this point. It's still going to

feel like a very weak economy feel like a very weak economy for

some time, and a lot of people are

still, for a long time, going to

feel that their job status and

employment status is not what they

wish it was. Even though he

maintained the view for a slow

economic recovery, his comments led

to huge gains for the local market,

with the banking and resource majors the biggest winners.

And that's finance news for now.

Tomorrow's RBA bulletin is set to

show just how much Australians have

been charging on their credit cards.

There has been a grim development

in the case sub J C de garde, and

the girl was kept as a sex slave

for 18 years. A piece of home was

found has had her abductors former

home. Police think they know who it

is. Teams of police at return to

the Garrido as California compound.

In the backyard, where it is

alleged they held alleged they held and abused Jaycee

Dugard for 18 years, there again

searching through the ravage and

the shades for more victims. People

who commit these offences tend to

be predatory and had multiple

victims. Please expect a bone

fragment found on this site could

be one of two other missing girls.

13-year-old Mark Ilene Misheloff

went missing in

went missing in 1989. 9-year-old

Michaela Garecht was dragged into a

car a year earlier. This was a few

years before Jaycee Dugard. If

Jaycee Dugard can be found delight

after 18 years, then my daughter

can be found alive. Both girls were

smashed in broad daylight. Micaela

was abducted and Lee months after

Garrido was released from jail.

Garrido was released from jail.

Police say the similarities to JC

his case but startling. The

similarities between the

descriptions of the vehicles. descriptions of the vehicles.

Previous visitors to the Garrido

home had failed to uncover JC and

her daughters. If we find anything

to believe that we need to tear

down the house, then we will do that.

A bus ride in China has come to a

spectacular end. The blazing wreck

was caught on camera rolling out of

control down a highway. It was

empty when the driver let of

passengers after spotting flames.

It took up again after the break

sped out. The policeman was injured

crashing into it to stop it. One of

television's most famous chefs has

died in the UK. Keith Floyd was at

the height of his fame in the 1980s.

He was known for using alcohol that

in his recipes and been partial to

sit on the side. That one is quite

nice. The chain-smoking star had

just been given the all-clear from

cancer and was celebrating with an extravagant extravagant lunch of champagne and

oysters. A few hours later, he died

of a heart attack on his girl

friend's couch. He was 65. Prince

Harry has just received a multi-

million-dollar gift for his 25th

birthday. He will begin to receive

instalments of what is believed to

be a 17 million dollar inheritance

led by his late mother. If Princess

Diana's estate was split between

her two sons after she died. Like

William, it is understood that

Harry will not receive the full

entitlement until he is 30. Still

to come - Brendan Nelson farewells

and Federal Parliament.

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peanut allergies in children. And

peanut allergies in children. And

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This program is captioned live.

Headlines - communications chaos in

the North Eastern CBD. the North Eastern CBD. A contract

or accidentally cut internet and

phone cables this morning. Services

could be disrupted for up to a week.

Kyle Sandilands has flown back from

the U S, a committee will keep his

job. He intends to return to the

airwaves on Monday. It appears a

compromise has been reached over

the housing arrangement for

Ferguson. convicted paedophile Dennis

alternative short-term Ferguson. He is being offered

accommodation until a viable long-

term solution is found. Research

shows potentially lethal nut

children allergies can be cured by giving

children nuts. Some parents fear

any trials could be dangerous. 12

months ago, this would have sent

David de Haas's parents into

hysterics. Now he not only eats

peanuts - he enjoys them. What do peanuts - he enjoys them. What do

they taste like? They taste

fantastic. David's allergy was

clear from nine months of age. He

had an egg on his head, his stomach

went hard as a rock, his eyes

swelled shut and he vomited. David

shares a life-threatening condition

with 2% of Australian children.

Paediatrician Dr Billy Tao he may

hold the cure. From the safety of

his surgery, he tested 47 patients

over 12 months, encouraging them to

eat non-allergic nuts. Baldly challenging the conservative

medical theory that all nuts were

bad. It is definitely encouraging

and the results are definitely

better than we expected. What Dr

Tao found is a quarter also showed

a tolerance to the very nut they

were allergic to. And then I

started eating them and I was like,

"Wow, I'm eating peanuts." But the

test comes with the strongest of

warnings - do not try this without

the strict supervision of an

allergist. Dr Tao stresses even

some GPs don't have the expertise

to conduct the trial. The anaphylactic community is

cautiously optimistic. Parents say

it's not the first time they've

been given hope. As a parent of a

19-year-old, I've been told about a

cure since he was 3. Dr Tao now

wants to broaden his trial,

comparing his results to a group

that follow the traditional methods.

It's only then I can say we've

discovered something. Brett Clappis, Ten

Is now delivering his final speech

in Parliament. A packed house for

the former opposition leader? Not

exactly packed, but a lot exactly packed, but a lot of

important people. The Government

has given Dr Nelson and limited

time to beat his farewells. He

struggled to come maintain his

composure. He thanked his family

and former Prime Minister John

Howard and treasurer Peter Costello.

The hardest job he had, was not

been Opposition Leader, but been Opposition Leader, but being

defence minister. He choked up as

he named those who'd had died in

Australia's uniform while he was

defence minister. He also laid out

that he is opposed to the emissions

trading scheme Andy had this

message for both Malcolm Turnbull

and the Prime Minister. The

interest of every day Australia is

that what action on climate change,

but are ignorant of the cost that

will be imposed on him, by we will

do know what the costs are up, must

surely be placed ahead of political

advantage on both sides of politics.

A by-election for Brad felt, that

is held by Dr Nash Nelson, is to be

held in October. C any women are

Melbourne sisters apparently more sensible than their

Melbourne sisters when it comes to

buying fashion. According to a new

survey, ladies across the board

plan to rein in their spending.

Spring is sprung, and so are Sydney

shoppers. Despite the tech --

downturn, fashionistas had not

given up buying shoes. Buying

shares was filling the confidence

stepped up that. Over the past year, they had

stepped up their footwear spend and

had no intention of stopping. Any

intention of pulling back on the

issues Ben? Depends on how much

room I have in my closet. It

according to a nationwide survey,

they are colonising on accessory.

Sydney women are much more sensible

than those in Melbourne. Women In

Melbourne spent more money on

designer labels, shoes and

jewellery, and risk

jewellery, and risk -- expects a

vacancy why? The racing carnival

has a strong hold on the fashion

buying. There is not much else to

do went Melbourne. But in both

states, ladies are still splurging

on formals and weddings. It has

been a growth area over the last 12

months. The racing is on for

retailers. We know with high price

items, with the recession, or Lady

still want to treat themselves to

make themselves feel better. Retail

therapy always in Stael. The

fashion-conscious bread UN joins us.

Alicia Molik inspired by her Kim

Clijsters. Hellish of Col -- Moller

made her return today.

Jamie soured cops a friendly

ribbing as the Dragons tried to

prove their case is not caught.

Plus, or Ricky Ponting hits England

for six.

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This program is captioned live. And

battled South Sydney Coach Jason

Taylor will find out tomorrow if he still has a

still has a job. He fronted the

board to explain why he had an

altercation between himself and a

forward in a Surry Hills park. A

decision on his future was expected

to day, but in a state ment Shane

Richardson said it was a matter the

board is taking seriously and won't

be rushed into a decision. St

George Illawarra is refusing George Illawarra is refusing to

take the bait from Ivan Henjak

about the possibility of losing the

sudden-death semi-final. They are

telling everyone that they are a

tight unit. We note that Jamie

Soward is the use of the week.

That's about all they were giving

away. How are they dealing with the sudden death?

sudden death? We are a tight knit

bunch of blokes and we stick

together and we all working hard

for each other. What about

yesterday's deep from Brisbane?

About them first minor premieres

that make crash out in week two of

the finals? We have not spoken

about it. We are a good bunch about it. We are a good bunch of

mates, and we enjoyed training

together. The few need to know more,

just asked the Broncos. The footy

has not been great. We have seen

what they are capable. That Broncos

admit they have a bogey, they have

never won a final at Suncorp

Stadium. He too hard for both teams,

we play at home,

we play at home, and the record

puts pressure on us to try and

change that. A potential changing

of the card in the Kangaroos, with

Petro Civoniceva no guarantee. No

Petro Civoniceva and certainly no

price. We will reinvent that

position. It's a position. It's a big chance for all

the props in the game. Bill West

Tigers have stood down Daine Laurie

and he has been charged with

assault. The wooden spoon awaits

the loser of the Tri-Nations match

between the Wallabies and the All

Blacks. The Wallabies arrived in

Wellington today. The young team will work

will work to their advantage. One

thing you get with a young group is

that they are not burdened by the

past. They are aware of that. The

Wallabies are hoping to break an

eight year losing streak. Australia

is buying off the series in England.

They lead five meal with two games still play.

Ricky Ponting led the way. Ricky

Ponting smashed 126 off 29

deliveries. Michael Clark chipped

in with 52. Mitchell Johnson hit a

six. Kim Clijsters pulled off the

comeback in the US Open. Alicia

Molik is trying to follow suit. The

former world No. 8 has returned to

the court. This time last year

Alicia Molik had had enough of

tennis. She had a three-year run it

with injury. She decided to call it

quits. She gave it another try in Darwin.

Darwin. I have gone full circle. I

reached almost the pinnacle and now

I am back playing again. 12 years

ago she won the 16 year-old

national title. She kept her

perfect record intact. She had a

win today. Kim Clijsters's efforts

spurred her on. She certainly

inspired me. Slightly slower, a

different pathway. Olivia Rogowska

or pushed the world No. 1 all the

way at the US Open. She had a good

effort at Flushing Meadow. It gave

me the belief that I can play good

tennis. She is now ranked 164. She

has risen 200 places. She is the No.

1 seed for the Northern Territory

International. I'm really happy

with how things have been going.

The Australian Open is the next major challenge.

major challenge. The world's most

expensive footballer, Christiano

Ronaldo has justified his transfer

fee to Real Madrid. He scored twice.

They beat FC Zurich. Thanks to

Christian Ronaldo's double. It was

a different kind of a different kind of strike from

Christiano Ronaldo. Real Madrid are

in front. His second strike

provided a headache for FC Zurich's

keeper. It was a good morning for

Chelsea and former side Manchester

United. They both had victories. At

Sports Tonight,

Sports Tonight, Joel Parkinson had

a disappointing day. We also go

one-on-one. Cristiano Ronaldo needs

a few more goals. He is on the way.

Let's check with Dave Wright in the

traffic helicopter. This is the

definition of frustration.

definition of frustration. Look at

all their headlights. This is the

outbound traffic from Sydney

heading towards Campbeltown. It is

a slow journey. There is nothing

you can do. It is all thanks to

roadworks. Expect to be home late.

Stay with us, the weather is next.

(ACOUSTIC GUITAR MUSIC) MAN: (SINGS) # From little things WOMAN: # From little things Big things grow... # VOICEOVER: Nearly half of all Australian workers have joined something run only to benefit her interests,

his interests, and their interests.

Something that could mean tens of thousands of dollars more for their retirement. # From little things big things grow... # Industry SuperFunds - run only to benefit members.

Get a load of Macca's new Mighty Angus, a big juicy slab of genuine Aussie Angus, two slices of cheese, some you beaut bacon and...relish. McDonald's new Mighty Angus.

It's mighty tasty, and a little bit fancy.

It should be welcome back. We are

giving you a taste of Germany. By

Tim Bailey has a preview of

Oktoberfest. It's starts on

Saturday. At noon they will cut a Saturday. At noon they will cut a

big cake. It is going to sound a bit like this.

Oktoberfest. The crowd goes wild.

Because Oktoberfest this year has a

big heart. We are raising money for

big heart. We are raising money for

care flight. And the Starlight

Foundation. That would take place

Foundation. That would take place

at the entertainment quarter on

at the entertainment quarter on

22nd October. We want to raise

money, and his mob raised $200,000

for the Starlight Foundation and

for care flight. That is a good

effort. It's not much of it asked.

Get involved. It is one of the most atmospheric months in Sydney,

October test. It will be thirsty

work tomorrow, 30 degrees tomorrow.

The temperatures go up to 32 in the

West. Friday will be cooler. Sunday

the heat will come back. Up to 29

degrees. Saturday and Sunday and degrees. Saturday and Sunday and

Monday will be up to around 30 or above. Monday will be up to around 30 or above.

By widespread cloud over the south.

Patchy rain over the interior.

Clout is reaching for Victoria and

Tasmania. For tomorrow, warm wind

will affect NSW bringing thunder and acolyte change.

Good news, rainfall explains it.

Western NSW is expecting five to 10

mm. Showers in West Australia and

on the Queensland coast. If you

want all the details of Oktoberfest,

have a look at the website. Do you

think this song rings a bell?

You thought I was ridiculous. Let's

give it to these guys. The latest

in a foot wear. As we go interstate.

Brisbane will be sunny. Can grab

will have a late shower. Sunny in ,.

October is raising money, thanks

for having us. If you thought that

was crazy, this seems like needless

extravagance but this businessman

paid putti $1,000 for a box of

mangoes, he knew what he was doing.

It is a tradition for charity. A

dozen mangos what optioned and

Peter Quattroville has bid amounted

to $2,000 for each piece of fruit.

The money raised goes to the

Westmead Children's Hospital and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

That is the news, thanks for your

company. More up dates throughout

the evening. We leave you with

pictures from the Hurley Pro

surfing competition from California.

Live captions by Red Bee Media.

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia