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Australia has bowled out for 222 in

48 overs at the Australian Adelaide Oval Hewitt today. This program is captioned live. Sydneysiders embrace Australia Day on the Harbour, in the city celebrating what's great and throughout the suburbs. Happy Australia Day. today to officially become an Aussie. The tens of thousands who chose to the quiet achievers, And from the names you know who made the honours list. the Australians Yeah! Heath Ledger a posthumous winner Also tonight, that's an Oscars form guide. at the awards show and welcome to Nine News Good evening celebration of this Australia Day. as we cover Sydney and the nation's comprehensive coverage tonight We have on our calendar of this important day with Denham Hitchcock, with live coverage from the water

on the harbour. who's braving the rain for celebrations there. And Jaynie Seal is in Sydney's west Denham and Jaynie shortly,

the celebrations in the city. but first, crammed vantage points to celebrate Organisers say 500,000 Sydneysiders there was just so much to see and do. and little wonder - Under a cloudy Sydney sky - by the first Australians... a traditional 'Welcome to Country' were introduced to all things Aussie. ..while those newer to our shores, On a busy Sydney Harbour, their true colours. even the boats showed a little down on previous years, As crowds, lucky country's best assets. made the most of one of the When you travel, to a great society. you really appreciate coming back I love my ex-country The place where I used to live, and poverty, etc, etc - but it was terrorism riddled, this is paradise. We're just a lucky country to have what we have enjoy, and we're just so fortunate thank you. a love of competition - The nation with dressed up four old girls of the harbour were in the traditional ferry race. to do battle around Shark Island Full throttle - from Fort Denison and back to the Bridge. disguised as a giant duck. The 'Sirius', was first across the line. The tall ships at a slower pace, and the First Fleet. took us back to 1788 a tribute to our national footwear, Over at Bondi, as more than 500 people floated out blow-up thongs, on giant green and gold the world record. in an attempt to break This year the record was safe. At noon, a 21-gun salute - the federation of Australia... commemorated showed its military might, ..before the airforce, across the harbour sky. with a Hawk and Hercules streaking was where it was all at today. Well, the water Reporter Denham Hitchcock to soak up the atmosphere on a boat, was one of those lucky enough to all the action. and got a front-row seat was busy, If you thought the Harbour Bridge there wasn't a lane free - underneath it it was on the harbour. if it could float,

This is a handbag Australia Day dog. the kids were happy with the boats, On the foreshore not so much with the 21-gun salute. She doesn't like the guns! (BOOMS) for the ferry race There were more smiles but on board it was serious. We got sponsored by ANZ - and that way I'll win it for them. hopefully they drop interest rates At last count, 1,500 boats - from the small and friendly... it's how it floats. It's not the size of the boat, the large and serious. permission to film 'La Masquerade'. We were officially refused on 'La Masquarade' - Well, they wouldn't let us of serving champagne - I think they were in the middle but I'd rather be on this one anyway. (ALL CHEER) Like most, they had a barbie. a couple of kangaroo arms, mate - Chicken on the barbie, mate, with that's the way. like this. But there was only one skipper I got this made by me lovely mum especially for Australia Day who knocked it up to look like Bob Hawke. because I wanted The day awash with a certain flag, that comes with it. and the unmistakable tune let us sing... # (SINGS) # In joyful strains then # Advance Australia fair. # (ALL SING) the heart of the celebrations today While Sydney Harbour was the suburbs. the heart and soul of Sydney is the metropolitan area And right across of ceremony and fun. there was a wonderful blend A flotilla of hot-air balloons - in Parramatta's morning sky. the jewels For those not big on early rises was the place to be. the park at lunchtime Happy Australia Day! Woo! Rides for the kids, sausages for the famished to clothe an army. and enough Aussie paraphernalia You've got your T-shirts - $10.

for the weird and wonderful There's always time and Parramatta was no exception - along with blokes in leotards. oversized kangaroos a hit It rocks. across Sydney's suburbs, hundreds of separate events local councils putting on

most attracting record crowds. not to join in - And there was no excuse hundreds of separate events local councils putting on across Sydney's suburbs, most attracting record crowds.

At Campbelltown down to a fine art... people had lamington-making Into the coconut!

a fun run for the McGrath Foundation. ..while Cronulla kicked off with wearing the Southern Cross... You didn't fit in if you weren't Happy Australia Day! ..or wielding a cricket bat. just wanted to hang out with mates Most people for a public holiday snooze. and enjoy their hard-earned right Alright. I want to go home. Jessica Rich, Nine News. There's no better day to sign up for Australian citizenship and 13,000 took the the oath today right across the country. From Canberra to Campbelltown, communities opened their arms to everyone from refugees to a '70s pop legend. They recited simple but profound words, pledging loyalty to Australia, Whose democratic beliefs I share. ALL: Whose democratic beliefs I share. Then, of course, our national war cry. ALL: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi! The shade of gums by Lake Burley Griffin was a laid-back setting for Canberra's formal ceremony. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming these, our new citizens of Australia. Most new Australians beamed when the Prime Minister handed them a citizenship certificate. For the pop legend Leo Sayer it made him feel like dancing. At ceremonies like this everywhere today, the new Australians come from more than 200 countries - although about one-fifth are from the UK. Today they committed to becoming true blue Australians, although in reality they're helping define what that means. I love lamingtons, but vegemite is a bit - very Australian. Maja Hilcisin left Bosnia during the civil war. I feel I come here and there's a sense of peace here and that's how I see Australia. It feels great, great to finally be a part of it. So many stories - now sharing one goal.

John Kerrison, Nine News. Australia Day is the chance to recognise those who have gone above and beyond in making the country a better place. This year's honours list includes some familiar names - Kim Beazley, Marcia Heinz and Brian Henderson but also many who have put in just as much hard work away from the public eye. Faith Bandler spent her life fighting for Indigenous rights,

He made minutes of accepting that

awards. They are the people Hall I

think reconciliation has recently

taken a different cause and they

will wonder about these. The indigenous community rallies in

Dobson's dispense those that I

would like it to be changed in this

area. It is when the of lunch was

invaded. It will be a good date to

where we can celebrate together. PM Kevin Rudd emphatically ruled out the idea, saying the Government will not change the date. Let me say a simple, respectful, but straightforward, 'no'. But attending this Australia Day function, PM Kevin Rudd emphatically ruled out the idea,

Daniel Street, Nine News. Back to the celebrations now - Australia Day is the chance to recognise those who have gone above and beyond in making the country a better place. This year's honours list includes some familiar names - Kim Beazley, Marcia Heinz and Brian Henderson but also many who have put in just as much hard work away from the public eye. Faith Bandler spent her life fighting for Indigenous rights,

playing a leading role in the landmark 1967 referendum

which formally recognised Aborigines as Australian citizens. I feel there are many others in the community who also deserve acknowledgement.

The top honour in politics eluded Kim Beazley, but he's received the highest accolade in this year's Australia Day honours list.

To be in politics was an honour in itself, and to get this on top of it is terrific. For four decades he told us the way it was. Good evening. Also tonight... And today, Brian Henderson was one of 115 Australians made a member of the Order of Australia. To have it happen after I've been retired for six years is a very pleasant surprise. Marcia Hines came to Australia in 1970 and has been entertaining us ever since. Something that I adore doing and hopefully, as long as people want to see me do it, I'll do it. For 30 years Deborah and Cedric Lee have been foster parents, often caring for babies left drug-dependant by their mothers. You know that they're with you, that they're not your babies, they're not your children, and you just do the best you can with them

for the time you've got them.

Among our sporting stars honoured -

former Australian netball captain Liz Ellis.

I guess it's a nice recognition for what you do through the course of your life. 22 Olympians are on this year's list, including swimmer Stephanie Rice. To be recognised with something such in a big scale as something like that is unbelievable. Commentating at 12 Olympic Games Norman May has also dedicated his life to raising money for our athletes. MAY: Gold, gold for Australia! I regard my fundraising as a very small repayment for my good luck. Jodie Noyce, Nine News. Wasn't it great to see Brian Henderson among those honoured? From all of us - well done, Hendo. Back to the celebrations now - and among those enjoying Australia Day in our west is Jaynie Seal. Jaynie, you're at Rooty Hill. What have the celebrations been like there? Well, Pete, there is great buzz here. Awesome band, rides, delicious food stalls.

The crowd is going off and it is

having a great time. You can see

the wind in my hair. All the people

here are expecting around 25,000

people. They will be celebrating.

It will be so fantastic and there

will be a few light flashes. There

were few showers later tonight that

we will have some details later in the bulletin. The rest of the day's news after the break, including Heath Ledger's award at the Screen Actors Guild. .And the latest solution to the traffic snarls at The Spit. From today, Aussies everywhere can enjoy guaranteed wholegrain in every Uncle Tobys cereal, from Vita Brits to Plus Antioxidant Lift. From Oatbrits... Uncle Tobys Oats... .and Oat Crisp to Plus Fibre Lift. Uncle Tobys now have guaranteed wholegrain in all their cereals, every box, every time. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. (READS) "What does January 26 mean to Australians?" "Everyone gets a day off to watch cricket." I see. Next time maybe you should mention the tennis as well. (GUITAR MUSIC)

Backpacker serial killer Ivan Milat is in Goulburn Base hospital tonight after chopping off his little finger and placing it in an envelope to send to the High Court. Milat calmly handed it to a prison officer during lockup. It's not clear whether the severed finger can be re-attached. The people of Sydney's northern beaches have learnt to live with the hollow words of government. Broken promises on health care and roads. Now, though, there's new vision

for one of the city's great bottlenecks - Spit Bridge. Not only is it a new bridge, but a tunnel as well. The $1 billion Macquarie Bank project would end this frustration. Every time the Spit Bridge opens an extra 10 or 15 minutes is added to journey times.

The tunnel would begin at Ernest Street at Cammeray and will connect with a new bridge at the Spit. It would be high enough that even the tallest boat could pass underneath. The toll would be $4. Yeah, I'd pay a $4 toll instead of sitting around, not a problem. I wouldn't pay anything, I would avoid the road at all costs. The RTA is assessing the project but it's a long way from being approved.

It is a little bit light on detail. We are requesting more information, It also does have some ambitious traffic forecasts. But a solution to the traffic chaos needs to be found. Like everything with this government, we are sceptical that any plan would ever be delivered,

but we certainly call on them to look at this proposal. Even if the Government signed off on this proposal tomorrow it could take three, or maybe four years before a higher bridge would actually be here. What will happen tomorrow is

the start of the controversial city congestion tax. In morning and evening peak periods it will cost $4 to travel across the Harbour Bridge and Tunnel. Kevin Wilde, Nine News. Women are being warned tonight they need to act quickly or they could miss out on subsidised injections against cervical cancer. Up to a third of females between 18 and 26 haven't had their first vaccinations with the assistance program to end in June. If they don't have their first dose by June this year, then the cost of the full 3-dose course is approximately $450. Olympic swimmer Libby Trickett will spearhead a new campaign to raise awareness. The late actor Heath Ledger seems certain to win a posthumous Academy Award now that his fellow film and TV actors have joined the procession to honour his work as the Joker. They've formally applauded his role with a trophy during awards night for the Screen Actors' Guild. Hollywood's leading ladies were simply stunning on the red carpet. They dazzled with a variety of colours and styles. Kate Winslet in blue, Amy Adams in purple before the cameras turned to power couple Brad and Angelina. What really makes this a prestigious award for those involved is that it's actors voting for actors. Unlike the Oscars, where everyone in the business gets a say. Throughout this award season, the Best Supporting Actor category has belonged to one man. Today was no different. Heath Ledger. Ledger's co-star in 'The Dark Knight' - an emotional Gary Oldman accepted his award to a standing ovation. On behalf of Heath, his family and his family on 'Dark Knight', I thank you, Heath. Adding to her two Golden Globes, Kate Winslet won Best Supporting Actor for 'The Reader'. While Best Actress winner, Meryl Streep, was so surprised she ran to the stage. Well I didn't even buy a dress. Sean Penn was named Best Actor for his portrayal of American gay activist Harvey Milk. Something happened to me during the making of this movie. I notice it tonight, where I noticed the two statues have rather healthy packages.

The Cinderella story continues for 'Slumdog Millionaire'. Tonight it was given the top SAG Award of Best Cast - its version of best film. Peter Stefanovic, Nine News, Los Angeles. Stephanie Brantz joins us now for sport - and a big job ahead for Australia's bowlers in the cricket? The batsmen did it tough in Adelaide, Peter. And the Aussies can't afford to lose this one, trailing 2-1 in the series. And the pain and the pleasure as Jelena Dokic makes it into the Open quarterfinals. Your garden hose can chew through 20 litres of water per minute. So think twice, even if it's your turn to water. Try to keep it to once a week, and if it rains, don't water at all. Thinking gardeners: Australia looks headed for a series defeat in the one-dayers, after our batsmen failed to fire against South Africa at the Adelaide Oval. After winning the toss

the Australians were bowled out for 222, Ricky Ponting top-scoring with 63. Dale Steyn and Makhaya Ntini each took three wickets. The coin again fell for Australia, but this time Warner couldn't cash in,

holing out to Morne Morkel for one. Marsh made the same fieldsmen work much harder, but the result was the same.

COMMENTATOR: He's got him! What a catch! 2/17, Ponting set out to restore Australian pride on our national day, a boundary blitz to all parts of the Adelaide Oval. It wasn't going to be long. A lucky moment for the skipper when an outside edge went undetected. He has edged that, that is out. Ponting reached 50 from 46 balls, a free hit following a no-ball giving Mike Hussey the chance to join the run feast. But just as the Australians looked comfortable, it all started to crumble - Hussey and Ponting departing minutes apart. Then Haddin threw his wicket away and the South Africans were back on top. This could well be out, the fieldsman is under it... David Hussey and Cameron White both got starts... Oh, it's a biggie. ..but failed to go on.

That is out! Some heavy hitting from James Hopes took the Australian total past 200.

Now he is slashing them away to the offside. But on 42 he became Steyn's third victim. That's a good shot, oh, he didn't get hold of it, I thought it was over the infield. Hilfenhaus the final wicket to fall. A 223-run target unlikely to be enough on a perfect batting strip. Chris Hodgkinson, Nine News. Jelena Dokic has ruled out reconciling with her father, Damir, who wants to see her at the Australian Open. In today's action Rafael Nadal made the quarter finals, but Andy Murray is in a battle to get there. Serena Williams's opponent nearly passed out because of illness, while last night Dokic rolled an ankle during her 3-set win. She's made the sporting comeback of the summer, but things nearly took a bad turn for Jelena Dokic last night. COMMENTATOR: Ah, Oooh, now that is a big twist. With an unusual technique, and massive ground strokes. Alisa Kleybanova also put her all into the contest. Again fabulous shot from Kleybanova on the run. But Dokic has been through so much, and mental toughness is something she learnt at a young age. She does it! I'm just really determined and fighting and sometimes that's what keeps you going. Dokic is once again the darling of centre court and unlike 2001 - these were tears of joy. Eight years ago she was booed off after electing to play for Yugoslavia uon the advice of estranged father Damir. Who's now keen to reconcile. Knowing him, I don't see any possibilities. I mean, we are really different and really disagree on pretty much everything. This time it's support coming from Jelena's corner, and not distractions. Another player on the rise, Victoria Azarenka took the first set against Serena Williams but then wilted in the heat... She's distressed, she's struggling to stand. ..and had no choice but to give in. This is sad.

Very distressed, she's broken down. Rafael Nadal took on Fernando Gonzalez and even smashed back some smashes. Oh boy. Unlike the women's draw - the men's top seeds are thriving, and the world number one is in great form. Bence Hamerli, Nine News.

After the break -

Jaynie Seal joins us from the west with all the back-to-work weather details. t lls for a new r tegfor vustralia tye ejected. tetivists march sptoeCanberra for tdigenous human s,ghts. t dcoixty new vetizens in the ACT ovll Australia home. . in me for all the rttails lext. . od evening ... Well Pete, not all of Sydney wants to be water babies. Back out to Rooty Hill now and here's Jaynie with all the weather details.

Here at Rooty Hill, the heartland, it's all systems go. Another warm night under the cloud. Humid, especially along the coast. Southerly winds and temperatures just above average. The north-east is being hammered by storms again - severe in some areas - up to 100mm in the last 24 hours.

Dry for the rest of us. And Tropical Cyclone Dominic formed about thre hours ago - a category 1. Tuesday around the country we'll have rain and a few storms in the north, much of Queensland and the west. Adelaide in the low 40s for the next 3 days. Back to us - and there may be a morning shower about. Surfers, most beaches will have waves below waist high. We expect to reach a top of 30 in the west. Coastal regions a cooler 25, thanks to the seabreeze. The more intense heat will move for the end of the week especially for western regions - Up to 38 and staying that way all week. No sign of any decent rain. But tonight, here have been scattered showers across many suburbs this afternoon likely to continue tonight. But most of it will be reasonably light. So, very hot especially for the west this week. And that's Nine News for this Monday, 26th January, Australia Day. I'm Peter Overton. Stay with us as we go straight back to the cricket. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. edlls for a new arte for Australia I y rejected. henberrans usnoured for their er ntribution to raciety. pad activists walk str Indigenous veman rights. inod evening, se Prime Minster y ys he won' t be nved on s anging the date he Australia Day, dnspite calls for a otional debate. . vin Rudd used a remony to lcome the tion's newest