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(generated from captions) One of the best things ever. thing I've seen in many programmes. It's made our day. This is the best Absolutely wonderful. filling the roads for miles around the art of queuing. Cars have been Today has been a testament to on a very hot day. to queue up all over again and coming here disgorging people but gained in other ways of course. I think we've lost an ounce or two, our website is always there. To check on any of the items, of Cressing Temple in Essex, with us, and from the ancient barns Meantime, thank you for being and goodbye from him. it's goodbye from me, E-mail us at a major highway near Newcastle, A bridge collapses on but miraculously, no-one is killed. Pakistan terror attack home, Aussie umpires caught in the at their lack of security. but angry You tell me why no-one was caught? The rush is on again

the clock on petrol prices. as a Sydney servo winds back into going to see their doctor. The new figures to shock men any aches or pains, If you don't feel seeing a doctor. you don't worry about Good evening, is still blocked at Maitland The New England Highway hit a pedestrian bridge, after a truck across four lanes of traffic. bringing it down who saw the accident say Police and those it's amazing no-one was killed. in Maitland. Here's Denham Hitchcock You have hit that right on the nose, broken the fall as you can see two trucks have of a 40 tonne footbridge. scraped underneath. This 4-wheel drive here is literally Incredibly, everyone has walked away. This is the reason in less than a second, all three went from 80km/h to zero by a concrete and steel footbridge. stopped in their tracks the moments after the crash. A passing driver recorded was John Gould. The man trapped in the cabin minding my own business. Driving along and the bridge was in the air All of the sudden I just looked up just coming down. was knocked off its mounts The footbridge of a tabletop semi. by a crane on the back in the steel bridge. It even left an imprint on the phone to his boss. This is the driver took the full weight. The two trucks passing underneath I was standing on the break pedal, on the brake pedal actually standing do me no good, I could see it was going to and just took it. so I just sat down in the seat I'm gone. Mate, I just thought that's it that in the air. When you see something as big as

George Liolio. The luckiest driver in all of this, that squeezed underneath. He was in the 4-wheel drive

tyre and tore chunks off the roof. The downward force blew the front looked up and the bridge We were just driving along and was coming down. straight through it. we did our best and just drove the New England Highway. The footbridge spans and normally it's in constant use. It divides the busy town of Maitland the crushed vehicles My fears were for the worse seeing

I knew that there was a school

swimming carnival going on nearby. Heavy cranes are hard at work

newest tourist attraction. to clear Maitland's at the hospital, But when John is done

he's heading to the newagent. Powerball, the whole lot. Mate, Lotto ticket, was eventually moved to one side, Late today the footbridge allowing traffic to flow. that caused all the damage The driver of the truck and checking his insurance. is being interviewed by police Nine News, Maitland. Denham Hitchcock, who survived Tuesday's terror attack The Australian cricket umpires in Pakistan, have arrived home, that put them in so much danger. angry about security lapses they were left as sitting ducks The men say when the terrorists opened fire had inside knowledge of the raid. and they claim officials how he survived, Still at a loss to understand from the nightmare of Lahore, Simon Taufel today a world away and wife Helen. back with his children Were there a few tears? Yes. Yep, we're relieved, Ally. It's little wonder. Steve Davis, Simon and fellow Australian umpire who also returned home today, police convoy when gunfire broke out. were among those travelling in the has left them feeling numb. What happened next match officials, was abandoned They say their minibus carrying if it was an inside job. and they're now questioning You tell me why no-one was caught.

armed commandos were in our convoy You tell me why supposedly 25 again we were left on our own. and when the team bus got going

without any security in our van We were certainly left

when we were being fired upon. with the Sri Lankan bus The security obviously went when they managed to get away, and no-one came back for us. but we were left there was travelling with the Australians, Match referee Chris Broad, who out of the bus. had to kick a Pakistani policeman to hide from the bullets, He'd been trying instead of protecting the group. an umpire shot in the chest - Broad saw their driver executed - thinking he was next. the white van we were in. You can see quite clearly our van, sometimes into the van With terrorists shooting past of a policeman anywhere. and not a sign They had clearly gone, and left us to be sitting ducks. left the scene so isolated and helpless. Steve Davies says he's never felt I saw a uniform with a pistol who's just come to do us away. and I thought this is an insider I thought we were all gone. I thought I was gone then. that another police officer It was then courageously jumped behind the wheel of the stadium. and drove them to the safety But they were refused entry, umpire lay bleeding. even as the critically injured He's covered in blood, his waist and neck. he's got blood between that I couldn't see any more white. He was wearing a white shirt

whose lives were almost lost It's difficult for those cricket officials not to suspect Pakistani than they're letting on. knew more about the attack The first two days, both team buses left at the same time. On the third day, the Pakistan team bus leaves five minutes after Why did that happen? Allison Langdon, Nine News. The suspicions about a conspiracy in Lahore aren't helped by new video showing some of the terrorists soon after the attack.

They're in no hurry and there's no sign of active pursuit by Pakistan's security forces. If the attack was a breeze, just look at the getaway. 30 minutes after they raked the team bus and umpires' van with gunfire, the terrorists are captured by a security camera in a nearby street. No sign of panic. They appear almost casual. One is still holding his assault rifle. They ride away on motorbikes, unchallenged, not a policeman in sight. It's not only the umpires who are questioning the lack of security. So are ordinary Pakistanis. The junior officers have done their best, but where were the senior officials? Why not the bulletproof cars were given to the Sri Lankans? Pakistani police are on the defensive. They were given the proper security. Our men, they retaliated and during crossfire they sustained injuries and they died and they sacrificed their lives. Pakistani authorities have proudly been showing off the rifles and bullets that were left at the scene.

The best way to defeat terrorism is to bring the perpetrators to justice. But first you have to catch them and given the ease with which the gunmen fled, arrests seem a long way off. If the security operation was a tragic failure, at least Pakistanis can be proud of the driver of the Sri Lankan team bus. Under fire, he drove them to safety. In the thick of the gunfire, an ambulance next to the umpires' van. The ambulance officer was hit in the arms, but dodged another eight bullets. TRANSLATION: I ducked down seconds before these two bullets hit and I was looking at them all hitting everywhere around me. I don't know how I survived. It's a miracle. Mark Burrows, Nine News. Cheap petrol attracted big crowds to Blacktown this morning, as independent operator Marie El Khoury dropped her price below 50 cents a litre. It's part of her ongoing campaign against the big oil companies. 7:30am, the sign went up - 49 cents a litre. but just for an hour. Queues for hundreds of metres, but worth it. Not a bad price, is it mate? Not bad, not bad at all. Should be more of it actually. This apprentice shopfitter made the most of it. Even filling jerry cans. Getting paid not the best of money any deal like this is good for me. It's again the work of this independent servo operator, who's had enough of big oil's influence and says she'll go broke if the Government doesn't help out. We are small businesses. We are the ones who keep the economy going, so they should look after us. Marie wants independents to be able to buy wholesale petrol for less and wants the oil companies to stop bullying the smaller traders. Today, at least some people from Canberra were listening. Why doesn't the Government bring forward powers That give these people a fair break in their own country. We need to change the law and make the law fairer so that the small independent operators get a fair go and consumers get a fair go. Either way, customers were happy with today's fair go. Hubby gave me $70 today to fill up the tank, here's my change! And of course, it can't last forever, It's 8:30am and the promotion is over

and there are going to be hundreds of disappointed motorists. You're upset that you're gonna miss out?

Of course I'm going to miss out. Some though, were more than happy to pay full price. I didn't just come here for the saving. It is also to protest and to be supportive of the local businesses because they are really suffering. Chris Urquhart, Nine News. Former treasurer Peter Costello has gone on the attack again over the Federal Government's handling of the economic crisis. He says Australia's already in recession and he's offered Mr Rudd some advice about how to get out of it. Kevin Rudd just waffles when asked if we're in recession. Treasurer Wayne Swan won't use the word either,

despite the economy shrinking by 0.5% in the December quarter. RADIO HOST: Does this feel like a recession to you? Well, certainly, it feels like a huge challenge. Malcolm Turnbull talks about the need to wait for March quarter figures. But Peter Costello showed no such reluctance this morning, asserting bluntly that the economy is in recession already and giving this advice to the Government. It has to reconsider its proposals in relation to industrial relations,

which might have been OK in times of good growth, but will affect jobs in a downturn.

The Liberals are going to go back to the past to Mr Costello and WorkChoices - that's what's happening. The stimulus package in December failed as an economic stimulus

because the vast bulk of the money was saved. The Rudd counter-claim now is that the strategy adopted by the Government will save up to 100,000 jobs over the next financial year. Meanwhile, a Melbourne importer is set to cash in by branding a Chinese-made 37-inch TV set 'Kevin 37' and selling it for $900 - the exact amount millions of Australians will soon receive in one-off payments under stimulus package number two. Buyers will also get a Kevin 37 T-shirt. On the back is says "High Definition Stimulus." Laurie Oakes, Nine News. Some frightening figures are being used in a new campaign to make men take more notice of their health.

Doctors say five Australian men die every hour from diseases which could be prevented and they're hoping it will spur them into going to their GP for a life-saving check up. Unfortunately, it's a sight that's all too rare - Australian men voluntarily having their health checked, weight, height, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. But most men simply ignore their health and dodge check-ups and it's killing them.

It's an absolute tragedy what's going on in terms of men's health, in terms of preventable death. The big killers - cancer of all types, heart disease, lung disease. On average, men live five years less than women and men are notoriously reluctant to visit their GP. If you don't feel any aches or pains then you don't really worry about seeing a doctor. All of which adds up to one shocking fact. Statistically, five men dying every hour from preventable diseases is very accurate. Singer Jon Stevens almost became one of those statistics, saved by alert doctors. Three of my arteries were 80% blocked and I'd been running on 20% blood flow and I just was in shock and actually, THEY were in shock. Avoiding those shocks is what this new national men's health campaign is all about. For what it's worth, a few years ago I had a quadruple bypass. If I'd have had regular check-ups maybe that would have been unnecessary. Peter Harvey, Nine News. Police have seized 2,000 ecstasy tablets One-ime vandals are going into our schools to teach children the difference between graffiti and legitimate street art.

It's all part of a State-wide program to cut down on the plague of graffiti crime. At Engadine High School this morning, an art lesson with a difference. Who would be the most people who do graffiti? Anyone? Hands up. Yeah? Teenagers? So, young people. A police officer playing the role as teacher... Even just using chalk and drawing on a footpath and things like that, you could find yourself being fined for. They're taking the battle against graffiti to the classroom. The plan, to visit every high school in the State. We want to educate them on the effects of graffiti on themselves and on their community before they get involved in this illegal activity. At Engadine today, students heard from a one-time vandal turned professional graffiti artist. All your tags and stuff, they don't impress anyone who's got any skill in the art form. The students all seemed surprised at the range of penalties for graffiti. Even carrying a marker pen can attract a $400 fine and most had heard about the recent case of a woman given three months jail for graffiti. While that sentence yesterday was overturned by a judge, police are convinced it had the desired effect. Knowing all the consequences, I definitely wouldn't do it now. Damian Ryan, Nine News. In the news ahead - astounding pictures as a man survives a collision

between a train and a truck. The woman who phoned 911 because McDonalds ran out of McNuggets. The first radio ratings of the year are out and while 2GB remains on top overall in Sydney, the big mover is ABC's 702, which climbed up 2.5% to claim second spot over 2DAY FM. Alan Jones continues to dominate the airwaves in the breakfast slot, with almost 18% of the audience. He's followed by the ABC's Adam Spencer, with 13% of Sydney's listeners tuning into his show. An American woman has landed in a pickle after deciding a minor drama was a major crisis. She called the police emergency number, when the local McDonald's ran out of McNuggets. Even today, Latreasa Goodman sees no shame in dialling 911, but nearly everyone else thinks she went over the top.

That manager claimed she was not allowed to give a refund. When the nuggets ran out, she offered other food of similar value. So that's why I was yelling at her. She wouldn't give me my money back. Now, Latreasa is facing a fine for misuse of an emergency number, but she's still on a slow burn about fast food. They doesn't have what I want and I felt I had a right to call the police.

But there's a nugget of comfort for Miss Goodman. McDonald's says it was a mistake. She'll get a refund and a free meal. Peter Stefanovic, Nine News. From Turkey, a terrifying incident and remarkable luck. Cem Tokac was working in a freight yard. A security camera shows disaster looming but Cem has no idea. Pushed by the train, the truck hits him and he's swept beneath the trailer. But no train and truck could finish off Cem. He was unconscious and battered, but alive.

He calls it his new birthday and keeps the tape as a reminder. He says, that "life is beautiful." And, welcome back Britney. It was the opening night of her 'Circus' tour but she seemed to be conserving energy by lip-synching some of her songs. It was plodding more than polished but this was her home State of Louisiana, and she could do no wrong by this packed house. Ken with sport is next - and despite winning the first Test our rookie bowlers appear worse for wear ahead of the second. A couple have injury worries. Also, Johnathon Thurston from Centrepoint, kick starts a new league season. And Aussie, Jacqui Cooper, upside down and inside out at the World Championships. Don't worry. You'll be fine. Alright. Would you like a Hot & Spicy Fillet? Hmm! Oh, this is my brother. (Breathes in sharply) What's it like? KFC's Mixed Fillets Meal - Hot & Spicy Fillets for a full-on flavour hit, plus Original Recipe Fillets and your favourite sides. What's it like? Bring back dinner with KFC's Mixed Fillets Meal. so well in the first cricket Test Australia's rookie attack that did is now causing real concern. against South Africa in Durban, On the eve of the second Test has a foot injury pace bowler Peter Siddle is suffering a back problem. while Ben Hilfenhaus

flanked by guns, Blokes who wield bats and balls

at Australia's training session. plenty of security guards and police No increase in numbers.

have been replaced Instead, regular police in bullet-proof vests by heavily armed officers and pistols. carrying submachine guns to terms with the terrorist attack The Australians still coming on their Sri Lankan counterparts in Pakistan. and the future for cricket what happened It is obviously a tragedy going to be massive concerns now. and there is, obviously, has arrived as cover. Tasmanian bowler Brett Geeves is suffering a back strain, Johannesburg debutant Ben Hilfenhaus a foot injury. Fellow quick Peter Siddle of no real concern. Morale, like the lightly wounded, good in the Australian cricket team. The spirit's always been pretty they now have the game plans The South Africans reckon Ben Hilfenhaus and Marcus North, to shut down rookies Phillip Hughes,

repeat his first Test century. their coach determined North won't a little bit wide to him We think we were probably in the first innings. that can undermine Marcus North. We think we've got strategies

Nine News, in Durban. Andrew McKinlay, to make a surprise comeback Willie Mason says he's ready season opener against Souths. for the Roosters in their to keep him out of action His knee surgery was expected

until round three. of Willie Mason, This is the other side live up to its name helping the Smile Foundation who suffer from rare illnesses. by meeting two young boys has always idolised Mason. 15-year-old Jacob Who's your hero? You. least I've got some fans out there. Thanks, mate. Appreciate it - at ripping his knee to bits last year Mason is moving well again after in a week's time. and he says he could be back Are you a chance of one or not? next week and if I pull up right Of course - if I get through I'm ready to go, I'll be right. and knock on Freddie's door and say to my body and my knee But if not, I just got to listen and it's a long year - grand final I've gotta be back for. it's not like it's a semifinal or a since Mason injured his knee. It's been six months to make his comeback He got the all-clear from a specialist yesterday. pressuring him to hurry back. But coach Brad Fittler won't be Wayne Bennett has announced At the Dragons, his halfback and skipper. Ben Hornby will be to Darren Lockyer He's got a similar type personality the coach. Last night, Johnathan Thurston from high above the city, kicked off the NRL's 2009 season the League's new theme song. while Wes Carr belted out Danny Weidler, Nine News. And at 36 years of age, she can still soar with the best. Australia's Jacqui Cooper has shown At the World Freestyle Championships, scoring individual jump of the day, Cooper pulled off the highest to third place overall. taking her from fifth

on coming to a rest. Luckily she wasn't judged China's Li Nina won the event. While Cooper's jump was spectacular, In finance news - a rare finish in the black. our market enjoyed gaining 22 points The All Ords in banks and mining stocks. spurred by gains with all the weather details. After the break, Jaynie Seal

6:30. n z Coming up on WIN News... 6:30. n z Coming up on WIN News... A

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vehicle roll over, Star power at vehicle roll over, Star power at the

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Runners prepare for the Barbarians.

All the details next. n z like the New South Wales outback, There's no place like Broken Hill. and there's no place With its rich mining heritage and colourful arts community, and invigorated. you'll leave feeling inspired now available, And with some great deals a better time to visit. there's never been Call: Or go to: The weather now - for rain over the catchments. and Jaynie, not a good week across all catchments. Not at all Peter, next to no rain 5mm at Shoalhaven. The best result was now dropped to 59.5% Total levels have We woke up with a chill in the air. real taste of Autumn. Today was our first A low of 11 for many inland suburbs. thanks to southerly winds. Drier air, and cooler temperatures A top today of 25 in the city. Dry skies under the large high. Southerly winds affecting NSW, and ranges. stronger on the south coast

across the south-east of the country. Today, some light showers their best rain since mid December. Melbourne 5mm - for Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart. Tomorrow some more isolated showers Dry for eastern capitals. More hot, sunny weather in Perth. in blue sky. Sydney will also be bathed 27 in Penrith and Campbelltown way. for the city and beach suburbs. South-east winds and a cooler 24 22 degrees in the water. A sunny Saturday, 25 in the city. Sunday also 25 as winds turn more easterly. the chance of a few showers Becoming a little more humid. Western suburbs 29 Saturday. under clear skies. Staying cool at night Showers possible on Sunday, 27. And next week, more wet weather. will make it to our dams. Peter hoping this rain for this Thursday 5th of March. And that's Nine News I'm Peter Overton, goodnight. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext captions by four degrees. Tonight ... It' s

official - the A-C-T' s economy official - the A-C-T' s economy four degrees. Tonight ... It' s

slides into recession. A lucky slides into recession. A lucky

escape for two men after their escape for two men after their car

rolled on the Belconnen Way, rolled on the Belconnen Way, And the

game plan to upgrade our game plan to upgrade our premier

sporting grounds. Good evening, sporting grounds. Good evening, The

A-C-T Opposition has issued a call A-C-T Opposition has issued a call

to arms, with news the Territory' s to arms, with news the Territory' s

economy has slipped into

economy has slipped into recession

and business confidence has and business confidence has more

than halved. The Canberra than halved. The Canberra Liberals