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(generated from captions) will vote against this package The Opposition in the House and in the Senate. about popular meal-replacement diets. And a consumer warning Good evening, I'm Bill Woods. And I'm Deborah Knight. set to cause a crime boom. Also, the economic downturn And supermodel Miranda Kerr

But heading the news at 5:00, there are fears of an all-out bikie war

clubhouse in Sydney's inner west. after the bombing of a Hells Angels The bikies are furious, things will only get worse. and are warning The explosion rocked Petersham - it was heard several blocks away. a bomb blast so powerful shook the whole building. Massive, mate, buildings, everything. Windows blown out of cars,

Debris everywhere. Hells Angels clubhouse The target was the heavily fortified on Crystal Street. was shattered, A layer of tinted bulletproof glass withstood the force. a double brick wall behind it I felt it alright, don't worry. but I mean, I'll get over it. I'm still bit of shakes now, I've never seen nothing like it. from a service station. The blast was just metres it could have caused a spark - Otherwise it could have happened anything, with the petrol that's all. but luckily God saved me, Customers at the service station leave a device outside the clubhouse, saw a car-load of hooded men the number plate details. giving the attendant I was about taking the numbers a big noise. and suddenly I heard bang, of just how strong the blast was, To give you an idea witnesses say driving along Parramatta Road. there were actually two cars The shockwaves were so great, actually forced them to the other side of the road.

If somebody had of walked past or driven past, it would have killed them. four shots were fired Minutes before the explosion, of a nearby tattoo parlour. into the front window if they're linked. Police are checking several hours this morning Detectives waited for a crime scene warrant their investigation. so nothing could interrupt of tit-for-tat attacks across Sydney, The attack follows a string and members shot . with clubhouses bombed as the local area commander I'm horrified

has occurred in this area, that this type of act

is absolutley real. and the potential for loss of life is in Petersham. Ten reporter Evan Batten the bombing and a police raid today Evan, are there any links between on the Central Coast? involving bikies

That ride looks at road. - that

rape was a step. Police have been

taking a tough approach on a moped

motorcycle gear and it. -- outdoor

motorcycle gangs. Read these are

lot of cash and property, they

arrested four people, two senior rebel members. at Petersham. Thanks. Reporter Evan Batten is now in doubt. The Government's big cash pay-out

to millions of Australians is on hold Billions of dollars due to be sent Rudd's economic stimulus package. with the Opposition fighting Kevin Back to school for Kevin Rudd for the nation to sell his recession-proofing plans and its 7,000 primary schools. just to do that. Maybe we've got the funds those funds will not be flowing. But if the Opposition has its way, Our judgement is that $42 billion right now. is more than is appropriate the package, The Coalition will not support including its $950 cash bonuses wage and salary earners. to farmers, parents, students, for the taxpayers of Australia Somebody has to stand up staggering levels of debt and ensuring we do not impose on future generations. with mums' and dads' basic needs This Liberal Party is out of touch right across the country. provide some vindication And the latest retail trade figures pre-Christmas cash splash - for the Government's

sales up by a billion dollars. and to interest rate cuts. we can attribute to the bonus Now, that's a great outcome. since August 2000. That's the biggest monthly increase sales in the US and Britain slumped. Without a similar stimulus package, is playing with political fire, Malcolm Turnbull and he knows it. his stand would not be popular. He told Parliament The stock market fell this morning of the package. on news of his rejection in the Senate But the Greens and minor parties look like coming to the rescue. we are not in obstruction mood. Unlike Malcolm Turnbull, to the Government's package I'm sympathetic to households. in terms of giving assistance Family First too is sympathetic.

next week to vote on the bills The Senate will specially sit after a brief inquiry. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. for the massive cash hand-out A key reason was to help secure thousands of jobs. Small businesses of unemployment and those already feeling the crunch say the money could be a lifeline. labourer Trevor Carr is out of work For the first time,

and looking for a job. On holidays last month, to say he'd been made redundant. his boss called yeah, I was quite shocked by it all. It was a bit of a shock actually, and three kids and a missus. I've got a house as well are quite expensive too and that. Mortgage repayments as well, Luckily my partner's working too get us through. which is helping too - The couple admits would help to pay bills and buy food. the proposed federal handout with Woolworths as she can, Louise is taking as many extra shifts fearing the alternative. our house'd be on the market It'd be to the point where just to... we'd have to sell at least a car just to pay the mortgage. because it's tough now, with my wage graphic designer Gavin Skeels Along with five colleagues, is another victim of the jobs crunch. wake-up call to a lot of people, I think it's been a pretty big their position was fairly secure, even people who thought like I did. of small to medium businesses A survey conducted just this week, for the year ahead. paints a bleak job picture 36% say they will cut staff. up to a fifth of their workforce 40% say they'll lose and half of those surveyed expect to lose 1 in 10 of their workers. Small business groups applaud the $42 billion scheme, but say they need more targeted help. Some are cutting their own incomes just to retain staff. Big business like to impress their shareholders and look lean and mean by sacking as many people as they can,

and that's not a traditional small business behaviour. We try and hang in there. Construction workers and the Master Builders are calling for the increased first home owners grants

to be extended past June to prevent further job losses in their industry. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. All the major banks have now passed on the latest interest rate cut, making some new mortgages cheaper than renting. And while there's been a surge in new home buyers, the banks have been cracking down on borrowers. Living the great Australian dream, Murray Opat soaks up the view from his new 2-bedroom apartment. The first-home buyer took the plunge after years of paying rent.

I'm 41 and I seriously thought I'd probably never do it. But with a progressive cut in interest rates and the $24,000 first-home owners grant, owning his own home suddenly saved him up to $70 a week. than I would be renting. I'm probably paying less mortgage He's not alone. Sydney developers have seen an 8-fold increase in interest from first-home buyers sick of paying dead rent money. Everybody should be getting into it. If they've got a reasonable income with some deposit - they need 5% to 10% deposit - it's the best time for them to get into the first-home buyer market now. And that's the catch. to get into the property market, While it might make financial sense some banks are no longer willing to lend borrowers the full amount, or even 95% of the loan. There could be a smaller pool of lenders for them to choose from, and therefore a smaller pool of loan products for them to choose from. It really is a matter of them doing their research. And capitalising on the interest rate plunge and expected rush from home buyers, a new 840-lot residential development in the city's north-west was launched today, complete with its very own Greg Norman-designed golf course. is in hot demand. Stonecutters Ridge at Colebee Sites are selling unseen in what's fast becoming Sydney's new boom town.

Belinda Heggen, Ten News. Fallen AFL star Wayne Carey has been convicted of assaulting and resisting police, after pleading guilty to two charges.

The 37-year-old apologising to police and the public, over the ruckus at his Melbourne apartment in January last year. so that will lead to a constructive future, hopefully, and I can put all this behind me. The former Kangaroos captain was fined $2,000. Carey has pleaded guilty to assaulting police before, at a Miami hotel in 2007, brawling with officers

after he allegedly smashed a wine glass in his girlfriend's face. Brad McEwan with sport, and a nervous wait for a young NSW cricketer? He's had a terrific summer, but will young boom Blues batsman Philip Hughes tomorrow be named in the Test squad to tour South Africa? He's certainly won some high-level endorsements today. Plus - a daring fashion statement at the Allan Border Medal - the see-through dress that grabbed as much of the limelight from our star cricketers when the wives and girlfriends made their entrance. And back in the green and gold - Jelena Dokic helps Australia to an unbeatable lead in the Fed Cup against Korea. Also, the sheriff who's after Michael Phelps, claiming the swim star's drugs apology isn't enough. Plus - the Aussie athlete who was knocked over in the race up the Empire State Building, but still won. caught breaking a child protection order. Plus, the development motorists using the M5 have been desperately waiting for.

And pharmacies reject warnings about their meal replacement diet plans. It's not possible to buy our program off the shelf, we do not allow that to happen. What's the square root of pi, divided by three? All in a right-at-home environment. With LOADS of variety to retain my interest.

And I know I'm going to get noticed results.

This program is captioned live.

The State's Catholic teachers have called off tomorrow's stop work meetings. They were due to walk off the job for two hours over salary and conditions, but an agreement was reached late today. Australia's leading baseball agent has been caught out breaching a child protection order. He's been running a talent scout agency, despite being ordered not to following a scandal over child porn. He's known as the Jerry Maguire of Australian baseball. For years, Trevor Jarrett has owned and run a company called BJS Player Management,

signing Australian boys to lucrative baseball contracts in the US. But in 2005 he was banned from any such activity after being convicted of possessing child porn. He was placed on the child protection register. But he broke the rules, acknowledging today in court he'd continued to scout for talent. Tendered in court were letters Jarrett wrote to young players and their families offering his services. They read: In the letters, Jarrett boasts to have almost 50 clients.

He discovered Australia's Grant Balfour, who's now on a multimillion-dollar contract in the US, and last year pitched in the World Series.

Wants the police contacted us to

help with it and the garage and we give me quickly to ensure that at

individual did not any pictures at the at a tour was He'll be back in court to be sentenced next month. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. Drivers using Sydney's most polluted tunnel they could be breathing easier by the end of the year. The State Government has re-announced plans for an air filtration plant on the M5 East tunnel,

but it's only a trial, and might not work. It's been labelled one of the worst tunnels in the world for air quality. Last year experts warned the smog in the M5 could cause asthma, lung infections and even cancer. So it's little wonder Premier Nathan Rees was breathing easy about work starting on a multimillion-dollar filtration system. Better air quality in the tunnel, an improvement for the residents nearby and jobs, jobs, jobs for NSW. It will create jobs - 500 in total - but how well it actually clears the fumes is another question. The $65 million air filtration plant is just a trial. A 280m tunnel will suck air out, clean it, and pipe it back in. But it's only ever been done before in Japan and Spain. If it doesn't work, it'll be shut down. We are confident that it'll have a marked effect on air quality in the tunnel, but we'll wait and see. Those living nearby and those who drive through it have complained for years. when it first announced the filtration trial in June 2006. with which Nathan Rees If that's the sort of speed with which Nathan Rees is going to start infrastructure projects in NSW, this State is in for a difficult time. Work on the filtration, in the westbound tunnel only, should be finished by the end of the year. Josh Murphy, Ten News. New Rees Government minister John Robertson has failed to front the cameras

in his first test as Corrective Services Minister. in protest over the plan to privatise Parklea and Cessnock correctional facilities.

We are the professionals, we are at the front line, and we will not be the butt of their mistakes any more. Thank you. (CHEERING) The Government insists reform is needed to stem significant blow-outs in prison guards' overtime. Quick-fix diet plans sold in pharmacies are under attack. An undercover investigation has found many staff are selling the weight loss programs

without proper training. Self-styled weight loss guru Tony Ferguson was out spruiking his diet products today, showing off the huge results and revelling in the positive feedback. My girlfriend joined up and had lost three kilos in a week, and it was really easy for her. So I thought, "Oh, I'll give it a go after holidays." Three months down the track I'd lost all my weight. His diet program is just one of many sold in pharmacies across the country. But consumer groups say, "buyer beware". What you don't know as a consumer is how little training the so-called experts or consultants are actually giving you. An undercover investigation found that consultants had received only basic training in weight loss plans and didn't take into account customers' medical or family history. You really can't just have a one-size-fits-all. To actually be on a weight-loss program you have to register with us, you have to sit down and you cannot self-select that product. You have to tell us about your history. Pharmacists back the diet programs and say staff should be recommending them. These programs do work, and last year alone 20 million kilos of weight were lost these meal replacement programs. Nutritionists say many of the diet plans simply set people up to fail. Meal replacements may help you lose weight quickly, but they don't work in the long term. It's so far from reality that there's no transition phase for people to transfer from the meal replacements to actual food and nutrition. Consumer groups are calling for a national accreditation system to ensure minimum standards of training. Meredith Marks, Ten News.

Who are we going to use stop the Who are we going to use stop the

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looking at what is coming right

across news and Wales and into his

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all of that a pop or Greek. - or to

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it off with barbed agreed in

Penrith. 44 to 41 degrees in Penrith. Also - disastrous floods completely isolate a Queensland community. And snowstorms bring the UK grinding to a halt. Thanks heaps. You're welcome. VOICEOVER: At only $1.95, you won't need to dip into your savings for the new Seared Chicken Mini Snack Wrap from McDonald's.

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Trouble on its London a week are?

Motorists stuck in the Gatwick are

not hurting anyone. There are

delays around here. There has been

raised manager. The traffic going back

back into home board. Problems at

Petersham overnight. The police

operation is built on going It's feared two cyclones are forming off north Queensland. The region is still reeling from floods which have caused more than a $100 million damage. Two-thirds of Queensland is already disaster declared and now the north is under siege again with ex-cyclone Ellie threatening to re-form in the Gulf and a new low is swirling off Cairns even more destructive rain. threatening to bring Pouring water over a wet towel. It's the worst wet season in more than three decades In Ingham,

they've had a staggering 700mm in three days.

The floods have cut major highways between Townsville and Cairns and with supply trucks stranded - major supermarkets are running out of groceries. These Chinese tourists, who we found stranded on the highway yesterday, foolishly decided to try to find a way around the floodwaters last night.

They and their van ended 1.5m under water - washed off a flooded bridge.

The water had reached to above the dash level of the vehicle so there was a lot of water in the car. The family, who can't swim, owe their lives to a lone policeman

who winched them and their van to safety. They were too scared to get out of the vehicle because of the water pressure and fear of crocodiles. Crocodiles are being seen in flooded towns across north Queensland and the Gulf. The ING Direct finance report now, with Amber Muir, clearly biting some iconic companies? and Amber, the global crisis is It certainly is, Bill. and the Flying Kangaroo Australia's biggest company, BHP, each reported big falls in interim profits, while David Jones announced a collapse in sales of more than 6%. The retailer said it was hardest hit in the big-ticket electricals, furniture and homewares. Qantas blamed lower demand and high fuel prices for its profit slump of more than 68%. As for BHP, its net profit halved to US$2.6 billion due to weaker commodity prices, but the CEO says the company is weathering the storm well.

We did not forsee the speed of deterioration that we've now witnessed. It's unlike anything I've seen before and unlike, I think, what most people have seen. The Big Australian still paid higher dividends. At the closing bell, the All Ords was down almost 2%.

And that's the day in finance. It's day two of Britain's biggest white out in decades.

Most of the snow has stopped falling and airports are operating again, but thousands of schools remain closed. There's plenty of snow and plenty of people pleased with another day to play in it. From the air, much of Britain is still clearly snowed under. And although the buses and trains were back online,

8,000 schools across the country remained shut. Our advice was to schools they didn't open. about people getting to and from school, because not only were we not able to grit all of the roads,

but also concern about people falling over on pavements. as the UK ground to a halt. The world was watching Now there are fears the country's infrastructure has become an international laughing stock, frozen solid by few inches of snow. If the UK is seen to be a place that can't be open for business, then it's not going to put the UK in a good place for where internationally mobile companies

are making investment decisions. Most airports reopened to clear the backlog of traffic. Snow is still falling in Wales and across England's south-west, forcing snow ploughs on and motorists off the slippery, iced-over roads. In inner-city London, where the snow so rarely settles this deeply, slowly.

and by nightfall, much of the white blanket had turned to a dirty sludge. A fresh coat will be laid soon enough - forecasters are predicting further heavy falls from Thursday, meaning more delays and disruptions and, quite possibly, days off. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. for Barack Obama. The honeymoon is over The US president admitting he's screwed up The President and the First Lady left the White House to read books at a Washington primary school, but the big story of the day was his choice for Health Secretary, Tom Daschle quitting over unpaid taxes. You know, I think this was a mistake. and we're going to make sure we fix it, so it doesn't happen again. President Obama is also under attack from Republican senators. stimulus package They say if the President's was converted into $100 bills, they'd stretch around the earth 39 times. Iran has launched its first satellite into orbit, raising fears about its nuclear intentions. Iran will use the technology The US, the UK and France are worried that could strike Israel and Europe. We are undergoing a comprehensive review of how best to approach Iran and how to influence its behaviour going forward. The satellite launch with the 30th anniversary of Iran's Islamic revolution. An American soldier has survived his first skydive despite his instructor dying mid-air. Daniel Pharr was strapped to the instructor for the tandem jump. The man had a heart attack after releasing the parachute, but the soldier knew from watching TV he had to use the toggles to steer. My path was such that I was going towards a house, so I just pulled on the toggle and turned right and then I was going for some trees, so I turned right again and landed in a field. The 25-year-old tried to resuscitate the instructor when they reached the ground. The tandem jump was a Christmas gift from Pharr's girlfriend. Still to come - fears Sydney's bikie war will escalate sharply. amid the economic gloom.

Also, one industry booms We're expecting property crime levels to increase. And, strike a pose - Miranda Kerr finds a new playmate. by Ford. voice control and bluetooth, driver and front passenger airbags and dynamic stability control. It's where design and technology come together with style - all from $15,750. This is now. This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - former AFL star Wayne Carey is promising to stay out of trouble after another humiliating appearance He pleaded guilty today to assaulting police who were called to his Melbourne apartment. Carey was fined $2,000. Government handouts worth $42 billion are in doubt. The Federal Opposition has decided to vote against the Rudd stimulus package in both houses of Parliament. Leader Malcolm Turnbull claims the plan is too generous. And there are fears of revenge attacks following the bombing of a Hells Angels clubhouse in Sydney's inner west. ripped the building apart, A device planted by four men in a car while jolting hundreds of people from their sleep.

Let's go back to reporter Evan Batten who's at the scene of the blast in Petersham. Evan, do police know who's behind the attack? Thanks, Evan Batten in Petersham. And the economic downturn has led to a spike in violent robberies in Europe and America. As the recession tightens its grip

there are fears more people here will turn to crime. First our jobs aren't safe, now our homes. So when we came in here, There was two computers there. As thousands of Australians lose their jobs, Marie Sigg lost $20,000 in valuables and family heirlooms. that things you work hard for someone can just come and take. It hurts. can expect to share, It's a pain more and more families a predicted crime boom. as the economic gloom brings As these tougher times take hold levels to increase. we're expecting property crime

in the '90s, During our last recession basic theft jumped 14% and personal and family debt spirals to the bad old days, we could see a return of property crime. to engage in a life Clearly, some families are crockery and clothing Here they plunder sheets, toys, all donations to charity. are waning. People's consciences, I guess, That's disappointing, but not surprising,

economic times. given these difficult a spike in violent knife crime, UK police have already reported officers are investigating and in America, connected to the subprime crisis. if a string of bank robberies are But experts warn here in Australia the biggest problem we'll face in fraud and identity theft. is a rise are earning little sympathy. But so-called broke crims

they try and dress it up I don't care how It's theft.

or how they justify it. They're stealing stuff Brett Mason, Ten News. have flown to Las Vegas, Four unknown Australian performers round of auditions The local lads survived a gruelling and his group, the Four Seasons, to play Frankie

in Australia. in a musical about to hit the stage get to meet a legend. Four Aussie unknowns Scott Johnson, Glaston Toft and and Bobby Fox plays Frankie Valli 'Jersey Boys'. in the true story of their lives, we don't see anyone portraying us. A little unusual. I mean, usually

I've finally gotten used to it. you know what I mean, And it's a lot of fun, and it's very exciting. They had 71 hits - 'Walk like a Man', 'Oh What a Night'. 'Big Girls Don't Cry', about their private lives, But we didn't know

and even some jail time. which included mix-ups with the mob It was part of growing up, might hurt our careers, and something that we always feared so we were kind of an undertone. and a whole lot of interviews We didn't do a whole lot of press kind of swept under the carpet. and tried to keep our past playing the Jersey boys The Aussie boys of rehearsal to get these parts, went through eight long months very much down to Frankie himself. with the final word of approval I just can't wait - to meet him. it was absolutely amazing The show opens in Melbourne on 4 July before touring nationally, for the big night. and Frankie will be there that I love them. Tell everyone in Australia Love all you guys out there. Tell them yourself! Angela Bishop, Ten News. has a new man in her life. Supermodel Miranda Kerr But Orlando Bloom needn't worry - who's in Sydney he's LA-based model Didier, to spruik clothing label Industrie fashion ambassador. with the David Jones a little better The pair got to know each other at their first photo shoot today. for the next week, Kerr will be in Sydney

fashion launch next Wednesday. preparing for DJ's autumn/winter She then heads to Melbourne, with her actor boyfriend, missing Valentines Day who's shooting a film in the US. Sport is next with Brad facing some tough decisions. and Australia's cricket selectors are Yes, among them, Phillip Hughes, at last night's Allan Border medal? who was among the winners But it was the shoes and frocks, upstaged on the red carpet. that ensured the players were

up the Empire State Building And the gutsy Aussie who was first from a ground-floor stack. after recovering # I've been everywhere, man ALL: (SING) VOICEOVER: BigPond, wireless broadband coverage Australia's greatest downloads for a capped cost. is now available with uncapped Pay just $44.97 per month for the first 12 months on a 36-month plan. on a wireless device. Plus get a $299 rebate I've had my share, man # I've travelled or visit now. Buy in store, Heidelberg, # I've been to Bundaberg, what's the matter? # # Coolangatta, new Stunner Choices. Take a look at Hungry Jack's with fries, coke and a sundae. Try a Chicken Wrap Stunner Deal, a Whopper Junior Stunner Deal, Or choose from just $4.95 at Hungry Jack's. The burgers are better This program is captioned live. Ricky Ponting Australian cricket captain behind NSW batsman Phillip Hughes has thrown his support for the tour to South Africa. Phil Jaques and Chris Rogers The boom rookie is tipped to edge out for the vacant opener's spot. weren't exactly euphoric this morning The master and his apprentice greatest honour. despite sharing Australian cricket's And the Allan Border Medal

the pair has in common. isn't the only thing to rehabilitate and return, Both have backed Andrew Symonds of South Africa with the upcoming tour against New Zealand. than the current one-day series

There's been a lot of planning

for me not to play that's gone into the decision the next couple of games, my timing's not great. and as we saw the other night, South African summer over there. But we've got to look ahead to the against the Kiwis. Some big cricket coming up and take some of that confidence Hopefully we can get some wins there on the South African tour with us. of the touring squad The final make-up won't be known until tomorrow, but if Ponting has his way, in his power He's done absolutely everything to give himself the best chance to be picked. in the last couple of years His record for NSW has been outstanding. Victorian spinner Bryce McGain at the ready. should also have his passport

I'm pretty sure the selectors to take to South Africa, of being one of them. and he's obviously a good chance and while the Aussies are 1-0 down, of a series loss to the Kiwis. don't mention the possibility I think it's unthinkable. At this stage, New Zealand skipper Daniel Vettori trained with team-mates this afternoon after revelations he sent an apologetic text message to Brad Haddin in the wake of cheating allegations. And in what may be a sign of things to come, will head to South Africa for promotional purposes. The winner of next month's series to take hold of the coveted trophy. Luke Schneider, Ten News. Jelena Dokic has cruised through her first match since the Australian Open, a straight-sets win at the Fed Cup in Perth. Dokic made light work of her Korean oponent Lee Jin-a to claim Australia's opening rubber 6-0, 6-3 in less than an hour. And Dokic says she was nervous playing such a little-known opponent. It's a little bit difficult for us to even have a game plan going into the matches - we didn't even know she's a lefthander this morning. So considering all that, I think I did well. Sam Stosur sewing up the tie for Australia with a straight-sets win in the second singles rubber. And generation next for Australian Tennis. Tomorrow night on Ten News - the tiny Aussie toddler who trains up to three times a day at her US. base. But her dad insists US police are looking to charge Olympic swim champ Michael Phelps for smoking marijuana at a college party. While Phelps was spotted at a Baltimore swimming centre, police in South Carolina confirmed the matter was far from over. I just don't think you can have something like this done and publicise and say, "I'm sorry" and then we're supposed to forget about it. He broke the law. So far, major sponsors And despite a weekend comeback, Aussie NBA star Andrew Bogut has undergone more scans. There are fears his back spasms could be season-ending. He missed Milwaukee's game today. Meanwhile, his Boomers team-mate and US college star Patrick Mills had wrist surgery today. He's facing four weeks out. Australia's Suzy Walsham has won the women's race up the Empire State Building for the third year in a row. Her time a little over 13 minutes,

despite being slammed face-first into a ground floor wall. I think I'm in a bit of shock as well. I'm shaking a little bit and I can still feel - I'm a bit concerned about my knee. So I guess I haven't really enjoyed this win as much as the others. Walsham was an 800m semifinalist in Melbourne. Shock frocks were the name of the game at last night's Allan Border Medal. The red carpet offered some flashes of high fashion brilliance. There was also a flash - Mitchell Johnson's partner gone with the wind. Probably is a bit daring, but I think what she's done with it is just beautiful, But Jessica Bratich took the wardrobe malfunction in her stride,

continuing her somewhat graceful walk along the red carpet. In Sports Tonight - another footballer suspended by his club. And the soccer legend packing his bags for Townsville.

Taking a look at the traffic. We were reporting about the blast in

Petersham, it is causing traffic?

We cannot get over there. The lame

way westbound is blocked. Motorists

should be avoiding - avoiding

Parramatta Road. The traffic after

an accident is all the way through to home Bausch. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's weather is next. (QUIRKY MUSIC) Looking for a home loan takes so much time it's exhausting. Mortgage Choice does the legwork for you and our service is free.

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Sydney is going to find out what it

is like to reach 40.

Higher up on Sydney Heads, where

else are you going to get a better

look at what is going to happen in

the next few days. Heat is on the

way. Tomorrow 29 degrees and up way. Tomorrow 29 degrees and up to

40 degrees at Penrith. We will know soon how Melbourne and Adelaide

have felt. It will not continue on

Friday, 27 to 33 degrees. Friday, 27 to 33 degrees. Some respite. Saturday back-up. degrees respite. Saturday back-up. 40

degrees are - at Penrith. Most

suburbs in western Sydney nudging

40. Sunday looks plain horrible. 44

degrees forecast for Penrith on

Sunday. The heat wave moving across.

Most suburbs 40 to 44 degrees. We could

could even see 45. As far as a

relief, the good news comes with

the bed. - the bad. The southerly

change will come on Sunday evening. Dropping temperatures on a Monday

to 23 degrees. A 20 to 23 degrees. A 20 degree

difference in 24 hours. Right now,:

The cloud of bringing potentially severe thunderstorms. An active

monsoon and generating heavy rain.

For tomorrow: Hot easterly is

persisting across south as Joe,

Victoria and WA. - across SA.

Stores across the tropics. --

storms across the tropics. Extreme - it

The way tomorrow. That's Ten News for now. I'm Bill Woods. I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening

before the Late News with Sports Tonight at 11. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.