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Yes. Really? Come on! Alright, to make it $6,000 a head. Show me 50 grand, Martine! Yeah! (ALL CHEER) Beautiful work! Look at that. Four grand there. 18 grand in the kit bag all up. Thank you. Well, you are one plump sultana. Let's see the money. Well done to you. shout you that coffee? So, she still got to Really? (LAUGHS) Certainly is. it's $5,997, Martine. Alright, for you Thanks, Andrew. Well done, Kate. Well done, Martine. Good stuff, girls. a helluva trip. Oh, and Daylesford. Watch out, Europe. This is gonna be Coming your way for a wedding soon. ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for being with us, See you next time here in the Drome. Bye now.

This program is captioned live. Tonight - erupt in flames at a Sydney marina. people hurt as five boats across the city Swine flu closes playgroups as trials of a vaccine begin. over the murder of an Epping family. Police investigate a university link July temperature And Penrith hits a record as winter feels more like summer.

with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. on Sydney's northern beaches An inferno at a marina at Newport one seriously has injured three people, and destroyed five luxury cruisers. Reporter Lee Jeloscek is there. Lee, how did this happen? Ian, investigators say on one luxury cruiser it's most likely a workman sparked the blaze. engulfing four others It quickly spread,

at 2:30 this afternoon. on one luxury cruiser. The fire broke out Then an explosion. Ohh! side by side, almost touching, The boats were lined up allowing the fire to spread quickly. The other boat's gonna go up soon.

captured the drama unfolding. Amateur cameraman Tim Onions The third boat's on fire already. rushing onto the third boat Incredibly, some people are seen black smoke roared towards them as fierce flames and thick from the other side. Within seconds it's clear that to stay onboard it's far too dangerous and they have to jump to safety.

are well alight. By now the first and second boats too long - A man in a black t-shirt stays

and falling debris. he has to duck flames of metres over the northern beaches Black smoke spread hundreds as flames engulfed the boats. It was pretty scary. a lot of panicking going on. There was a lot of shouting, giving their opinion And there was a lot of people on what was best to be done. the three vessels already on fire Nothing could be done for mooring lines and dragged them away so emergency crews cut their from the same fate. to save other boats two more boats caught alight. But in the strong winds, but there was nothing they could do The police were here pretty early out because they couldn't get the boats so they just cut 'em loose. One of them hit a house's wharf and caught that on fire. and stopped there The other two went down. Police boat caught one with a rope. a sixth was damaged. In all, five were destroyed; that's gone as well. They can't do anything, man - That's another one gone.

fighting the flames from the water. Fire crews did what they could, In a matter of minutes, had transformed Newport's Anchorage Marina craft to a scene of destruction. from an exclusive dock for luxury You couldn't see much from here. It was black as sin. The smoke was very black. makes a filthy smell. Burning fibreglass with 50-odd foot of burning boat. And it was just masses of smoke

Locals rushed down to have a look. had been working on the first boat It's believed an electrician when the fire broke out. of electrical fault. There may have been some type A fire has started in one boat the adjoining boats. and then quickly spread to one seriously. Three people were injured, Royal North Shore Hospital He was taken to at the scene for smoke inhalation. while the other two were treated Very sad for these boat owners.

I just hope they're insured. is estimated at up to $5 million. The damage to the boats at the marina, Tonight fire crews are still here that leaked into the water. mopping up and containing fuel highest swine flu death toll New South Wales now has the nation's succumbing to the illness, with three more people taking the total to 17. is at St Vincent's Hospital. Reporter Sean Berry likely to be ready? Sean, when's a vaccine

vaccine started in Adelaide today Ian, a human trial of a swine flu for general use by late September - and it's hoped it could be approved as the toll rises. much-needed protection It's swine flu versus Australia's scientists in a life-and-death race.

trialling a locally-made vaccine Hundreds of volunteers have begun will beat the spreading killer. authorities hope We have a specific vaccine to protect millions of people. that we believe will be able within weeks, Early results are expected of 21 million doses is months off. but mass production It could be too late. We are expecting the peak in August, some difficult time to come. so there is still in intensive care with the disease. Almost 100 Australians are 41 people have died. and people are dying from it It's such a big deal so I'm happy to help out. have brought in special equipment New South Wales hospitals to deal with the pandemic. It's getting a workout. Three more people have died, bringing the State total to 17 - Australia's worst. Our most vulnerable,

and those with young children pregnant women are in a panic. Many afraid to attend playgroup. Some groups are considering the school holidays next week, that when they start back after for a week or two perhaps they won't meet that everybody is not infectious. until they're sure Childcare centres have vowed to remain open. I'd go so far as to say that probably children are safer in childcare centres than anywhere else because of our stringent practices.

Ian, health authorities have confirmed

they've started distributing anti-flu drugs from the national stockpile to GPs in a bid to slow the spread of swine flu. The investigation into the murder of a North Epping family has turned its focus to Macquarie University for possible leads. One of the five victims, Irene Lin, studied there and detectives hope fellow students can help track down the killer. Behind closed doors last night, a community brought together by an appalling act of violence telling of their shock and grief and now their fear. Kids are scared, wanting to sleep with the lights on, sleep with hammers under their pillows. In a local bank, they're trying to put devastation into words - messages in sympathy boxes,

including from young friends of murdered brothers Henry and Terry Lin. Yeah, it really upsets me, his friends, everyone. Support too for Brenda, the sister left behind. Donations for an appeal. Show my sympathy for the family and the poor kids Day five of the investigation of the murders of newsagent Min Lin, his wife Lilly and their two sons focused on the fifth victim in the home, Mrs Lin's sister Irene. Police went to Macquarie University, where the 39-year-old was studying business. Specifically what we're looking for is anyone who had social contact with the family, who were friends to any extent. Everyone up there in that faculty if they can assist in any way I know they will be more than happy to put up their hand. Police were able to allay some community fears today. They're convinced this attack was not racially motivated -

targeted, yes, but not because of the family's Chinese origin. But police say still no identified suspect. Premier Nathan Rees admits his government will be booted out at the next State election unless he can improve public transport. Seven News can reveal his first plan of attack - more EFTPOS machines at train stations to cut ticket waiting times. As Nathan Rees negotiated the rail network this morning, no-one had a bad word for him. Hi. Nice to meet you. I think you're doing a great job. Thank you for that. You're doing a pretty good job. Oh, thank you for that. Yeah, you're really trying under difficult circumstances.

But the Premier tells Seven News these platforms and trains will be his battleground between now and the next election. We recognise that there is nothing more important for people who travel each day than a reliable train service. It will be transport that makes or breaks him in 2011. It will certainly be one of the things that is front and centre when they go to vote in March 2011. I accept that. We're well and truly aware of that and that's why we're putting so much emphasis on it. He's today revealed that after a trial at stations including Central and Penrith, EFTPOS ticket machines will be rolled out to 50 key stations

by next June. And new, faster ticket window EFTPOS machines will be installed in 200 stations by this December, shaving eight seconds off each customer transaction. With literally hundreds of transactions every morning, that eight second saving at the ticket window adds up. March 2011 may seem like a long way off, but Nathan Rees is already counting down the days.

20 months to make the transport system good enough to convince voters a 16-year-old government should be kept in for 20. The Premier also has some work to do satisfying police. A group of officers in uniform marched on his Western Sydney electorate office this morning.

They want a meeting with Nathan Rees to discuss pay negotiations. In particular, his Government's push to slash wages for injured police.

This is not acceptable for police out on the street getting kicked from pillar to post just to keep the Government in the news with a reduction of crime. They warn some officers will quit if the Government doesn't look after them. Malcolm Turnbull is staring down critics within his own party, after an email attacking his leadership on climate change was made public.

Political editor Mark Riley joins us. Mark, how troubling is this for the Liberal Leader? Ian, it's big trouble on a big issue. Malcolm Turnbull is facing a showdown after renegade backbencher Wilson Tuckey branded him arrogant and inexperienced. But Mr Turnbull's determined to push ahead, desperately wanting to avoid an election fought on climate change.

Kevin Rudd was king of the kids in this Queensland schoolyard today.

KID: I saw you on the TV. Did you?

Guess what? We'll probably see you on TV now. Also on our TVs, Liberal backbencher Wilson Tuckey attacking his own leader, Malcolm Turnbull, over climate change. Arrogance occurs when you defy your own party room

who has put its trust in you as leader. Mr Tuckey's lashing out after Mr Turnbull suggested he might support the Government's Emissions Trading Scheme

with amendments.

Some back the West Australian maverick. The National Party does not support an ETS. Others don't.

We've all got an uncle who goes a little wild at the family wedding. The Liberals should stop tackling each other and instead, start tackling climate change. That's what Malcolm Turnbull is doing. He's privately warned Coalition MPs that if they oppose an emissions trading scheme and force a double dissolution election, they'll lose 20 seats. Mr Turnbull plans to vote against the bill in the Senate next month but forge a compromise before it reappears in November to dodge a double dissolution. Does Malcolm Turnbull believe he can go hand-in-hand to the next election with Kevin Rudd and win?

Perhaps not. But he does believe opposing him on climate change

would see the Coalition wiped out. And one of the seats most at risk is Malcolm Turnbull's seat of Wentworth - and voters didn't think twice about throwing out a prime minister at the last election, Ian. A further interest rate cut looks unlikely with Australia's inflation rate falling to a 10-year low. Falling fruit and vegetable prices helped keep the cost of living rise to just 0.5%

for the past three months. But experts say the Reserve Bank will be worried about rising prices for clothes, household items and petrol. That really doesn't provide any scope for cutting interest rates. However, I don't think we're going to see any interest rate increases

for a long time to come because the numbers were low and are on track for the Reserve Bank's forecasts.

Treasurer Wayne Swan credits the result

to family stimulus payments. Sydney felt like summer today as warm winds and sunny skies sent temperatures soaring 10 degrees above average. Sara Groen joins us. Sara, just how warm did it get? Ian, it's raining now, but earlier our skies were blue and Penrith got to 26.7 degrees - its hottest July temperature on record. The city had its warmest July night and day in 19 years. On the beaches, certainly warm enough for an early morning dip, approaching 20 degrees by 8am. At midday, most of Sydney was hovering in the mid 20s, creating a perfect day in the sun. To get 24 degrees in July, we're really only expecting to see that once every 20 or 25 years so it really is a rare event. So do these showers spell the end of our warm weather? Yes, Ian, a cloudy change started pushing through Sydney a few hours ago moving ahead of a cold front that today brought snow over the southern NSW alps. Temperatures here will slowly drop off tonight,

becoming closer to average tomorrow. I'll have full details in about 20 minutes, Ian. Still to come -

a driver jailed over a Sydney police chase caught on camera. Also, the total solar eclipse that plunged morning into darkness. And a daredevil's attempt at a roller skating record.

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A man punched and kicked by police during an arrest in Sydney's north-west is behind bars after dropping plans to appeal against his jail term. Sione Peaua pleaded guilty to three traffic offences committed during a high-speed pursuit last May which led to his violent arrest. He originally lodged an appeal against his 4-month sentence. He will now serve the original sentence that was imposed as a jail sentence. Two separate investigations into the officers' conduct are continuing. An Australian amateur astronomer has upstaged the world's best scientists by discovering a rare deep space collision. Using a home-made telescope near Canberra, Anthony Wesley captured the moment a piece of space debris slammed into Jupiter creating a hole the size of Earth. I really couldn't believe that it had happened and that I was the person in the right place to see it. After photographing the collision on Monday the IT specialist alerted NASA

which immediately trained its own telescopes on the planet. Large parts of Asia were plunged into darkness this morning during the longest solar eclipse that will happen this century. Adrian Brown is in Hong Kong. Adrian, it was a remarkable sight. Indeed, Ian, this morning daylight turned to darkness for almost seven minutes along a path from India to China. Here in Hong Kong, some cloud obscured our view of the eclipse

but it was spectacular further north in Shanghai. It was a celestial spectacle which captivated Asia.

(CHEERING) Superstitions forced some indoors. Others took a more spiritual approach. Most headed for the best vantage point for an event broadcast live around the world. From first light in eastern India, the moon passed between the sun and earth. It held that position for 6 minutes and 39 seconds - the longest eclipse this century. It was a scene repeated across India, Nepal, Burma, Bangladesh, Bhutan and China before moving over the Pacific Ocean. Thousands of stargazers made the trip to Asia. We've got people from Australia, from Japan, from New York,

from Europe. They weren't disappointed, although cloud spoilt the view for some in South-East China. It's good enough considering it's been raining for the past three days. Special glasses were handed out so people could see it happen - safely. We won't see something like this for another 123 years in 2132.

German adrenaline junkie Dirk Auer has taken on his most challenging stunt yet - roller-skating down a roller-coaster. The 36-year-old is believed to be the first person to ever attempt it. He reached speeds of 150km/h during the 1km ride on the Mammoth at Trips Drill Theme Park in Stuttgart. It took two months to plan, but just a minute to complete.

There was a whole lot of monkey business at an English wildlife park, when the resident baboons were let loose on a car. It was a set-up to show visitors the damage the apes can do especially to luggage strapped to a car roof. The bright baboons have worked out how to break open suitcase locks and rummage through clothes.

Their favourite item tends to be underwear. Time for sport with Alex Cullen

and the Wallabies have lost a player to rugby league. Ian, after intense negotiations he's heading back to his former NRL club. We'll tell you who next. Also tonight, victory and defeat at the World Swimming Championships in Rome. And the veteran knocked unconscious at the Tour de France.

Parramatta have entered the race to sign Test half Johnathan Thurston for 2011 with the Cowboys' captain to open negotiations in the off-season. The Eels today swooped to bring disgruntled Waratah Timana Tahu back to the club even though his union deal had two years to go.

Timana Tahu didn't turn up to a Wallabies training camp and won't be back after agreeing to a 3-year contract to return to Parramatta. While he has a get-out clause in his $2 million 4-year rugby deal the walkout has shocked the Waratahs

after they went on the attack when he denied the rumours earlier this year.

He's indicated a strong commitment to rugby and the Waratahs

and, mate, so I take him on his word in that regard. Comeback captain Anthony Minichiello's rejected a move to rugby union to re-sign with the Roosters. There was options that I could go down that path but I still had unfinished business at the club and I love the club, The Dogs won't have to look far for a fill-in

if youngster Jamal Idris needs a day off with Dallas Maverick Nathan Jawai back from the NBA

to see his favourite side. Yeah, he's a big boy. Be nice to have him and Jamal in your team! They ask me what is it like, 'cause I told 'em I used to play a little bit of rugby and I said, "We don't have no pads and it hurts when you get hit hard." Ben Hannant's back from injury not the knee, but it was the kids, that slowed him down today. for training. Oh, mate, he's always late He runs his own race all the time. So it's whatever suits Ben goes.

It's a family club these days from here on in. and that's how it's gonna be into the third Ashes Test Brett Lee won't be rushed from his side strain. if he hasn't fully recovered

the team to know by tomorrow Coach Tim Nielsen expects in a tour match starting Friday. if Lee can play some part injuries and you do them again History shows if you have those before you come right it tends to be kinda 6, 8, 10 weeks if you actually re-tear the side, with him. so we just have to be really careful will play against Northamptonshire, Fellow paceman Mitchell Johnson from a niggling knee injury. so will Shane Watson returning has botched his chance Diver Matthew Mitcham gold medal in Rome. to win a World Championship had this dive to win The Olympic champion but slipped to fourth Thomas Daley. handing gold to British 15-year-old

is Melissa Gorman And somewhere in there who won the 5km open water title Larisa Ilchenko. over Russian superstar Gorman has got there first. COMMENTATOR: And Gorman, One last desperate effort. world championship since 1994. No Aussie woman's won an open water he has no chance of a podium finish Cadel Evans has conceded at the Tour de France. He slipped to 17th overall after stage 16. nearly 7.5 minutes off the pace for Jens Voigt It could spell the end of the race knocked unconscious after this fall. sitting in the back. COMMENTATOR: It was actually Ooh, that's nasty. won the stage Spain's Mikel Astarloza wears the yellow jersey. and Alberto Contador

Evans. He has been run up twice, but I am heartbroken about Caddell

that is cycling. Checking finance now - longest winning streak in 4.5 years. and the share market is on its for a seventh consecutive day. The ASX 200 closed up since December 2004. That hasn't happened $3 billion sent a shudder NAB's attempt to raise almost

through banking stocks. Westpac fell 2%. on the weather Sara's back with more of the warm winter winds, Sara? and have we felt the last temperatures are on the way down. Yes, Ian, I'm afraid our after the break. I'll have the details

an absolute cracker of a day Sydney enjoyed this afternoon. before the cloud set in Sunny and summery up to 10 degrees above average. with tops a 1 in 20 year event. as we told you earlier, close to 16 degrees last night, The city stayed peaking at 25 degrees at 1:30. for its hottest July day, Penrith set a record reaching 26.7 degrees. wasn't far behind, The rest of Sydney with tops of 24 or 25 and 17 at Katoomba. from the north-west, The warm winds are streaming in ahead of a trough and cold front and snow over the alps. generating patchy rain tonight, That front will move through NSW pushing the heat into Queensland. will bring showers to Victoria Cooler southerly winds in its wake and southern NSW, falling as snow above 1400m. in Melbourne. Cold with a few showers and Adelaide. Clearing in Hobart, Canberra Warm and sunny in Brisbane. Sydney's waters will be choppy, of 15 to 25 knots as south-westerly winds

reach 30 knots offshore with a strong wind warning. clearing for a mostly fine day Cloudy with light rain tonight during the afternoon before cloud builds more likely on the coast. with a possible shower or two, overnight temperatures That cloud should keep close to 10 degrees, followed by tops of 18 or 19, still a few degrees above normal. On Friday, we should see a return to average winter temperatures. For western suburbs, dropping off to a showery 16 on Friday. Fine and 18 on Saturday.

A possible shower on Sunday, 17. And that's Seven News to now.

for your company. Goodnight. I'm Ian Ross, thanks

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