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(generated from captions) LAUGHTER ?10,000. Yes, yes. Happy? Yes.

Thank you for your kind words. It's a beautiful piece. Thank you. So what caught your eye today? seeing them again on our website. the tie pins? You can be sure of The Majolica cockerel or on the shores of Llyn Tegid. That's all from Bala a spot of white water rafting! for a trip round the lake and Before we go home we've got time

tea and a nice cake. On the other hand, perhaps a cup of time, from North Wales, goodbye. Until the next BBC Broadcast 2003 Subtitles by Subtitling Unit

This program is captioned live. as scaffolding buckles Workers run for their lives in Castlereagh Street. and threatens to collapse A Sydney schoolboy dies in a brutal and secret fight club. after taking part believe could help you lose weight. The cup of tea that scientists I've lost around three kilos. the 'Queen Mary 2' And we're live on board lightning visit to Sydney. for the majestic cruise ship's Good evening. right now, There's an emergency in the city evacuated and streets blocked off where office workers have been gave way. after a section of scaffolding is in Castlereagh Street, Lauren Harte had to run for their lives. where construction workers Lauren, what's the latest? Peter, as you can imagine this evening. it's traffic chaos here in the CBD At this stage, Street will remain closed all night it looks as though Castlereagh for a couple of days yet. and it could stay that way close call for workers on the site. All this after an incredibly Around 2:00 this afternoon, down Castlereagh Street. a loud crash echoed more than 100 construction workers. It was a lucky escape for

it was like a car crash You heard the noise - the construction workers say, and everyone came and you heard

"Get out! Get out of there." When emergency teams arrived, from the side of the building. tonnes of twisted metal was hanging Nearby businesses were evacuated. The construction union says working on the scaffolding it's been concerned that people

haven't been properly trained with the developer only days ago. and discussed those issues and there's going to be There are short cuts being taken, of lives being put at risk. a continuation The scaffolding is still unstable, and chains. hanging by just shade cloths some 100 metres either side. The debris would go However, the majority of that of the building. would go in major confines

the Department of Commerce Engineers from are now inspecting the worksite. until an investigation is complete. The union has imposed bans on it for a couple of days yet. and it could stay that way has been killed in a fight A 13-year-old Sydney schoolboy by his friends staged and videotaped for distribution on the Internet.

taking part in the fight - It is claimed he was willingly and deadly new trend. the victim of a dangerous Stephen Luu shouldn't have died. after a punch to the head The 13-year-old was killed during a so-called 'fight club'. posted on the Internet. similar to these badly bruised, face swollen. He came home from school one day, and then vomited and then fainted. death of the Ashcroft High student. A blood disorder contributed to the

They were only playing. I know it wasn't deliberate. like sparring They didn't throw hard punches he had the bleeding disorder. and they didn't know of brawls in or out of school hours, The fight, part of a growing trend videoed and posted on YouTube. They always record it. a video recording of it. There's always be with these kids 24 hours a day Neither teachers or parents will they're at their most vulnerable. and that's when had such harrowing consequences. Until now, the online fights haven't What a tragic loss of a young life described as a ludicrous behaviour. involved in what can be only be is complicated, The police investigation to speak to Stephen's family. because an interpreter is needed is also being prepared A pathologist's report by the Coroner. and the case will be reviewed There are claims these fight clubs

by the film of the same name. are inspired at Fight Club. This is your first night You have to fight. have gone a step further - In the US, teen fight clubs boxing gloves and all. that defies logic or reason. It's an activity some sort of explanation. If your child dies, you'd just like Unfortunately, there isn't one. Chris Urqhart, Nine News. for a new Telstra boss The search is on

chief Sol Trujillo confirmed after the company's controversial he's stepping down in June. with a payout of $3 million. He'll head back to America It would have been much more hadn't crashed if Telstra's share price during his four years in the job. of the constant focus It's been tough, with a lot and the personal issues. on the personality side

Mr Trujillo leaves behind with the Federal Government a fractured relationship national broadband network. over the roll-out of the is not upset to see him go. The Prime Minister, apparently,

Um...adios. are about to lose their jobs, More Australian workers announcing with property developer Lend Lease some of them in Sydney. the axing of hundreds of positions, Federal Government minister warns It comes as a senior no-one's job is safe. among insulation batts Kevin Rudd posed program he says will create jobs. to plug an energy-efficient homes Is this the batt cave, is it? the deluge of bad news But even Batt-man can't stop on the employment front,

property developer, Lend Lease, with the nation's largest 1,700 jobs worldwide, today announcing it will axe 340 of them in Australia. before they get better. Things will get worse television images The Treasurer said last night's axed by textile firm Pacific Brands of some of the 1,850 workers being more determined than ever made the Government of the global recession. to fight the impact But in the most alarmist Government statement so far, Industry Minister Kim Carr admitted

he couldn't say that any Australian's job was safe. We're doing our best to see that this country moves through this storm as quickly as possible. Following President Barack Obama's promise to Congress America would rebuild its economy and emerge stronger than ever, the Prime Minister tried for a similarly hopeful note. We will see Australia through the crisis and we will be a more resilient economy and country as a result.

At a jobs summit in Sydney, one of the nation's most-respected business leaders, former Woolworth's chief and Reserve Bank board member Roger Corbett, criticised the Liberals for opposing and delaying the Government's $42 billion stimulus package. Economic theory, practising, sensible theory, is that a package is needed. Laurie Oakes, Nine News. A man's been arrested in Queensland over the mystery murder of a man at his North Ryde home last month.

Father-of-two Minghai Jiang was bashed to death with a hammer and a description of a suspect was circulated around Australia. An anonymous tip-off led to yesterday's arrest at a truck stop near Townsville. A 46-year-old man will be extradited to Sydney, where he'll be formally charged with murder. In finance, the sharemarket has recovered from a 4-day slump. The All Ords rose 15 points or 0.5% But Telstra shares dropped almost 2.5% after the company reported a slight fall in first-half profit and downgraded its annual profit forecast. Dumped Olympian Nick D'Arcy will find out in a month whether he'll be jailed for his attack on fellow swimmer Simon Cowley.

The 21-year-old's lawyers say their client has already suffered too much,

thrown out of the Olympic swimming team after the early morning fight which left his fellow swimmer with shocking facial injuries. The court was told again how sorry D'Arcy was for lashing out and that he'd admitted having a drinking problem

which he was seeking treatment for. But prosecutors questioned D'Arcy's remorse,

referring back to an incident at Bondi last month where he told a security guard that "one hit is all it takes". The Crown says D'Arcy's comment, just nine months after he hit Cowley, showed a complete lack of insight. Prosecutors want D'Arcy jailed and banned from drinking alcohol upon his release. The magistrate said he didn't think that was fair.

Meanwhile, the sentence hearing continues for Markus Einfeld. Today the Supreme Court heard how the disgraced judge, who's pleaded guilty to lying to avoid a traffic fine, is still pocketing his annual $200,000 pension. In arguing against a jail term, his lawyer said that society owes Mr Einfeld a debt

Jessica Rich, Nine News.

The McDonald's company has come under fire over claims that it's planning to raise prices in poorer areas where demand for fast food is highest. It's like highway robbery. I think it's bloody ridiculous. This is an area where people can't afford it. McDonald's declined to be interviewed

instead releasing a recorded statement by its Chief Executive. From time to time, we are forced to review our prices in view of price pressures and we do think our customers will understand. McDonald's denies the increases are based on locality. There's a remarkable claim tonight that a simple cup of tea could hold the key to weight loss. It comes from the University of Queensland,

where researchers made the discovery by accident while they were testing a local brew in the laboratory. It just might turn out to be everybody's cup of tea. This is potentially one of the major advances in the control of cardiovascular disease and cancers in this country.

High praise from usually ultra-cautious university researchers, but after a 3-year program, the result of tests on laboratory rats is nothing short of astounding.

One group fed junk food, their blood pressure and weight increasing to alarming levels, then given the tea while continuing the junk diet. After two months, the rats' blood pressure and weight was back to normal. Next, research to see what it could do for human obesity. This man has been drinking the tea for three weeks and says it's already working. I've lost around three kilos. I've gone from 99kg to 96kg. It seems simple enough. A green tea base... We add the oil of the spearmint to the product, we add the olive leaf, we add the antioxidants from a single glass of red wine. Expert nutritionists say it's got a lot going for it, but weight loss?

This is not going to harm anyone.

It's calorie free, it's low-fat, plenty of plant nutritionals. But is it the answer to your weight woes? I don't think so. Well, that's her opinion - but if tea drinkers say they're losing about a kilo a week, what have I got to lose? Cheers.

Peter Harvey, Nine News. There's more alarming news on the State's health budget. It'd be no surprise if the tide was a little higher than normal in Sydney Harbour tonight, given the size of the latest visitor now dominating our skyline. As you can see live from our Nine News helicopter,

the 'Queen Mary 2' is a magnificent sight, docked at Garden Island Naval Base. It's just way too big to go anywhere else - 151,000 tonnes, the largest cruise ship in the world - and pure luxury from bow to stern.

Reporter Mark Burrows has had a day of living the high life. I wish, Peter, I wish. but it has been a real eye opener being onboard. It's only when you walk the decks, see the bars, that you get some feel for the opulence and scale of this magnificent liner.

It looked like a city block was on the move. The 'Queen Mary 2' moments before sunrise

giving its passengers a Harbour Bridge view. ( HORN SOUNDS ) The world's biggest liner then spun around with the ease of a 3-point turn and headed for her berth at Garden Island. She's one of the only ships in the world that can make our harbour look small. Among those at Mrs Macs, this welcome party. Hi, nan and poppy. She edged into Woolloomooloo, squeezing past apartments. Locals woke to see a new suburb, 17 decks high. Once tied up, it was reunion time for Sydney grandparents Alan and Rhonda Sloper.

They joined the ship at Los Angeles.

Alan loved the stage shows and casino Rhonda, the meals, the silver service, the world's biggest ocean-going library.

And the bars were great. I did everything you can possibly do. I lost all the big ones. That's the only one I have left. The captain warns - don't call her a boat, even a ship. She's a liner, offering a new, golden age of travel. Outside, there may be a global financial crisis but on board the 'Queen Mary 2' it's a different world. This is the Grand Suite. A 90-day cruise for two people will set you back just over $500,000.

At least they do throw in your very own butler. The Cunard Line now has the 'Queen Mary 2' and the 'Queen Victoria'. In two years time, the new 'Queen Elizabeth' as well. Once we have three ships, who knows? If you have the facility, it would be wonderful to bring all three ships in together. It was a polite dig at Sydney's lack of dedicated docking facilities for super-liners. Mark Burrows, Nine News. If you're up late tonight, you might get a glimpse of the 'Queen Mary 2' leaving the harbour. She sails at 1am. But if you haven't had your fix of superliners, on Sunday, no fewer than four of them will be in the harbour.

In the news ahead - how did they get out of this? Amazing survivals as a jet crashes and breaks into pieces. And concerns over the growing number of children with high cholesterol.

You can lease them, buy them outright or finance them.

It's all up to you. Talk to your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer today. The inquest into the Beaconsfield mine disaster has failed to blame anyone for the collapse which killed miner, Larry Knight. But the coroner concluded that the operator's safety procedures were inadequate and said - it should have taken further precautions after an earlier rock fall. Mr Knight died on Anzac Day 2006 in a collapse which left miners Todd Russell and Brant Webb trapped for a fortnight. A surge in the number of children with high cholesterol Another remarkable case of people surviving an air crash, after a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 came down near Amsterdam's Schipol Airport. Rescuers found people in the fields quietly moving away from the wreckage as others received emergency treatment. Not all got out alive - 9 of the 135 people on board were killed in the crash which happened on the plane's final landing approach.

25 of the survivors are listed as serious, while the remainder have minor injuries or aren't hurt at all.

Ken with sport is next - and it's take two A surge in the number of children with high cholesterol has had a troubling knock-on effect,

with youngsters receiving medication which may not be appropriate. Cholesterol experts say the first line of attack should be better diets and more exercise, and they're worried about the number of children who are given drugs instead. He's only nine, but age is no barrier to high cholesterol.

It's too early to know whether William van Dyke has inherited the problem. He's not on medication, but he needs constant monitoring. To me the sad part - that he's only nine and this is going to affect him unless we get right on top of it.

I have blood test every six months.

The problem can be triggered by a genetic defect, but it's the obesity epidemic that's driving the increase in cases. Figures obtained through Medicare reveal several thousand prescriptions of cholesterol-lowering drugs are made out to children under 14 each year, one of them not even recommended for kids. I'm not surprised, because people want an easy option. Paediatric dietitian Eve Reed says lifestyle changes should be the first line of treatment. There's plenty of guidelines about healthy lifestyle

and I think if we follow them we'll have a lot less children with high cholesterol. I think it's often justified to use cholesterol-lowering medications in a very select group of children who have an inherited disorder. Experts say Australia's approach to managing high cholesterol among children is conservative compared to the United States. I don't believe those type of drugs are good for a growing body.

Gabriella Rogers, Nine News. Another remarkable case of people surviving an air crash, Ken with sport is next - and it's take two Australia and South Africa meet tonight in the first Test. The weather is good for the 'Joburg showdown while Ricky Ponting is yet to reveal the 12th man. Tiger Woods is back playing like he has never been away.

Huh? (CHILDREN LAUGH) VOICEOVER: Until Wednesday at Target, With offers like these, everyone will want some.

It's all go in Johannesburg for the first cricket Test between Australia and South Africa, beginning in just under an hour's time. Doug Bollinger has just been named 12th man. So all three rookies - Hughes, North and Hilfenhaus - are in. They've never been out of Australia before, but the Hughes family have travelled halfway round the world to see Phillip play his first Test. All those miles have been worthwhile now. It's very exciting to be here for his first Test. A look at the wicket and recent bowling records at the Wanderers ground, convinced Australia's captain he didn't need a specialist spinner. If you look back through the last 7-8 years of Test cricket here, spin bowlers haven't got a very good record. It's been all the fast bowlers and particularly the swing bowlers that have done very well at this particular venue. That earnt paceman Ben Hilfenhaus a place in the XII. Marcus North, tipped to bat at six and provide part-time off-spin. Opener Phil Hughes, the first rookie guaranteed a baggy green. Back from a break wrestling crocodiles, South African spearhead Dale Steyn will hurl everything at the 20-year-old. He's going to be nervous. It's our job to create as much pressure on him as possible. No hiccups for Australia in their final preparations, but there was a bit of a scare in the South African camp. The hand he broke in Australia plus a chronic elbow injury

is still hampering Smith, but after his heroics in Sydney,

there's no way he'd miss his home Test. I get a general discomfort here and there from being in a cast for five or six weeks in the hand, but nothing serious. Andrew McKinlay, Nine News, Johannesburg. As if there was any doubt, Tiger Woods has made a succesful comeback to defeat Australia's Brendan Jones

in golf's World Match Play championship. Despite eight months out following knee surgery, Woods more than confirmed his number-one ranking, winning by three, with two holes remaining, Deep in the Arizona desert pockmarked by a golf course, Tiger walked out like he owned the joint, shook hands with Brendan Jones and began with a birdie and eagle on the first two holes. Jones was obviously nervous.

While not everything came off for Tiger, the occasional indiscretion didn't wound him. There was not a sign of self-doubt or nerves in Tiger's game. It felt like I hadn't been gone. It was business as usual. Jones's game wasn't completely cactus, The Aussie kept his chin up, playing catch-up to get within one shot.

Hello, everyone back home. Tiger had a good stretch before completing a very satisfying round of golf. Jones didn't see the result as doom and gloom. 3 and 2 to Tiger Woods - I'm pretty happy with that.

And for that matter, so was Tiger. AFL's two bad boys say they've put the past to rest. Ben Cousins makes his comeback tonight against Collingwood

while Barry Hall returns for the Swans this weekend. Hall says he's over last year's issues when he was suspended for punching West Coast's Brent Staker. I got to be careful about saying I'm glad it happened, but I'm glad it happened for different reasons.

I've learnt a lot from it. The Swans play Melbourne in a trial match on Saturday. Pole vault gold medallist Steve Hooker says

In finance - the sharemarket has recovered from a four-day slump. The All Ords rose 15 points. Telstra dropped almost 2.5% After the break, Jaynie Seal with all the weather details.

To the weather now, a mostly fine and warm end to summer? That's right Peter, only drizzle tomorrow morning. Not enough to top up our dams which only received a small amount in the last week. 7mm for Warragamba total catchments right on 60%. Drizzle about this morning didn't amount to much either. A couple of mm's at most, the majority of the day remained fine. A milder 25 -26 degrees. On the synoptic chart, the high in the SE has dominated weather conditions, meaning mostly dry skies. Very hot in SA today thanks to northerly winds they have been gusting to over 80km/hour. Nullabour had a high of 43 degrees. This weather is moving towards Victoria and tomorrow total fire bans are in force for the whole state. Humidity levels down to 6%, temperatures and gusty northerly winds ahead of the change due to arrive in Melboure tomorrow evening. Before that tho a top of 36 degrees. Sydney - apart from some morning drizzle, a fine Friday,

clouds clearing for the afternoon. Winds turning east-north-easterly for the afternoon. 29 for the west. 25 for the city tomorrow. Saturday heating up to 29 degrees.

Sunday, our first day of autumn, cooler with a couple of showers, the city 24. And western suburbs 30 on Sunday. Showers more likely Sunday afternoon. Temperatures in the high 20s for most of the week. So Peter, the weekend looking mostly fine. And that's Nine News for this Thursday 26 February. I'm Peter Overton, goodnight.

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