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(generated from captions) Look, I gotta go. I love you. Where is my son?


This program is captioned live. Tonight,

Tonight, lucky to be alive, the

police officer shot during Sydney's

hotel stand-off. The bullet went in hotel stand-off. The bullet went in

here. It has gone through my

shoulder. Home at last. Pacific

Dawn passengers arrive in Sydney

after their swine flu scare. A

wonderful. What a way to spend

for the family isolation! Band a belated apology

for the family grieving over a

deadly hospital bungle. Good evening.

Also, more than a dozen arrests

over a shocking child porn video.

And the workplace you might have

been looking for. Google's

revolutionary office in Sydney.

First, Sydney's hero policeman First, Sydney's hero policeman who

dragged two hostages to freedom

after being shot in a siege. The

veteran officer has spoken publicly

about the ordeal for the first time.

Sergeant Stephen de Lorenzo is sore

and shaken but in good spirits as

he reveals the gunshot wound that

almost claimed his life. The bullet

went here. It has gone in, and it

fleshy has gone through my shoulder, the

fleshy part, and come out the back.

It wasn't pleasant. The gun battle

occurred when he responded to an

alleged armed robbery which quickly

became a siege at the Lakes Hotel

in Roseberry early yesterday.

Stephen de Lorenzo was shot in the Stephen de Lorenzo was shot in the

shoulder and as many as five people

were taken as hostages, including a

hotel's manager and security guard. We

We are well trained to cope with

most situations, and it showed most situations, and it showed

today that we were trained to do

through the right thing. But you

don't expect this to happen.

Amazingly, despite his wound, the Amazingly, despite his wound, the

53-year-old father of two crack at

least one of our hostages to safety.

I didn't have any second thoughts. I didn't have any second thoughts.

We respond to the needs of the

do. After community and we do what we have to

do. After four-and-a-half hours, do. After four-and-a-half hours,

the siege ended. The other hostages

also walked away unharmed. Stephen

de Lorenzo's remarkable act of

bravery may well have saved their

lives. I'm no hero. I'm just an

ordinary member of the NSW Police.

Relieved to be alive and happy to

be at home with his wife and two

daughters. They are happy to have daughters. They are happy to have

any here. My daughter is 13. any here. My daughter is 13. She

last night. made me a lovely chocolate cake

Passenger us who were trapped on

the Pacific Dawn are finally back

on land, allowed to go home after

being cleared of swine flu. James

Boyce joins us from Sydney Harbour.

A lot of happy faces coming off

that ship. The amazingly, it seems

some passengers were even

disappointed they were allowed off.

All 1,900 passengers

All 1,900 passengers and crew were

able to disembark at 10am after

health officials declared that

nobody on board had swine flu.

Passengers finally walked off the Passengers finally walked off the

ship which had become their prison ship which had become their prison

for seven days. Fears of a swine

flu outbreak meant the Pacific Dawn

never made it to the barrier Reef,

but most on board were far from

to spend isolation! disappointed. Wonderful. What a way

to spend isolation! We made the

most of it really. It was fantastic.

The crew and staff, everybody was

fantastic. The ship's 1,900

passengers were forced to stay at

sea car for three crew members came

down with swine flu last week. The

staff were kept in isolation. 25

nurses boarded the ship in Brisbane

to see if the virus had spread. We

they took their temperatures and then

they would have a short interview

with the nurse to talk about if

they had any signs or symptoms of

cold or flu. Only 11 passengers had

to be swabbed and medical staff are

confident no-one slipped through

the net. We had 25 nurses basically the net. We had 25 nurses basically

a eyeballing every single person on

the ship. P&O says passengers will

get a 75% refund and a discount

every family will be voucher for the next cruise but not

every family will be coming back.

I'd like a full refund because I

would be going on another trip. 306

swine Australians have now contracted

swine flu, 64 of those in NSW. We

now can see that the majority of

cases we have had are quite mild. A

51 people contracted the virus on

board the previous Pacific Dawn

cruise but P&O says it has not hurt cruise but P&O says it has not hurt

its sales yet. Our cruises are

booked. We haven't had any

cancellations. Some passengers are

even coming back for more. We have

booked another one. We love silent!

The Pacific Dawn is set to sail

again later this week. What has

been done to make sure this is not

repeated? The Pacific Dawn sets

sail again at 4pm

sail again at 4pm on Thursday. P&O

says what they have done is to put

in place thermal imaging machines,

which have become synonymous with

our airports, while health

officials will be put in place to

question every passenger and crew

member before they are let on board.

That could take some time for

passengers. Also, the three crew

members that did contract swine flu

that were on board, they have been

those symptoms. They told they no longer have any of

those symptoms. They will spend the

night on board it will be able to night on board it will be able night on board it will be able to

get off tomorrow morning.

The Health Department has finally

apologised two years after a woman

died having given birth in hospital.

The coroner has been told have a

series of mistakes turned a common

problem into a tragedy.

29-year-old Rebecca Murray should

three passed away just never have died. The mother of

three passed away just hours after

giving birth to her third child,

Grace, and the Bathurst Hospital in

June 2007. No thing can bring their

mother back and my wife back but,

as I said, if this helps, and

another person, a crash victim or

another mother, if I can just say

thank you. Mr Murray bled heavily

after giving birth by Caesarean. after giving birth by Caesarean.

Today the Health Department said:

That could have come two years ago. Also: The

The coroner was told that the type

of haemorrhage Miss Murray suffered

is well known and happens to is well known and happens to

patients at hospitals across

western Sydney every week. It means

medical staff and nurses should be

familiar with the life-threatening

condition. Baby Grace is now almost

two. She is very good, running

around, a bit like her older sister. She looks a

She looks a lot like her mum. She

will never know how a mum of course.

16 Australians have been charged as

part of an international child in

Bruce investigation. The men are

being accused of downloading a

videotape of an idea of girl being

raped. -- abuse.

Federal Police seize hard drives

and computers as part and computers as part of an

international operation triggered

by one video file. The 18-minute

movie was identified by German

police last year, showing an 8-

year-old Russian girl being abused.

File sharing with these individuals

having gone into this particular

website. It is not something you

can stumble across. More than 9,000

people are being investigated. In

Australia, 16 men have so far been charged.

Our law-enforcement colleagues

throughout the world are continuing

to arrest the people involved in

this kind of vile crime. Police say

it is difficult to profile the

offenders. Those in this case are

aged between 21 and 49 and includes

students, IT workers and small

businessmen. More arrests businessmen. More arrests are

expected. Police still have about

10 search warrants to execute. Then

There are the thousands of hours of

videos and pictures confiscated

still to be examined for more child

abuse, a task made slower by off-

the-shelf encryption software. In

one instance, officers spent six

hours hacking into just one

computer. Possessing child abuse

material carries a maximum 10-year material carries a maximum 10-year

jail term with further penalties

for sharing it over the internet.

If people continue to be involved

in this kind of activity, the AFP,

with our state and territory

colleagues, will bring people to

justice. Disability groups are

outraged. Senator Barnaby Joyce has

labelled the Prime Minister a

psycho chook who had a spack-attack.

The claim follows a poll showing

many Australians think many Australians think Kevin Rudd

has a nasty streak.

Kevin Rudd has a mean streak,

according to a new galaxy poll.

Fuelled by reports the abused a

flight attendant and by a question

that prompted 43% to believe he can

turn nasty. The guy is a psycho

chook. Who get onto a plane and,

because he does not get the right

coloured seed, has a coloured seed, has a spack-attack

and tears a lady in uniform apart?

Disability organisations do not

think it is funny at all. That is

really disappointing language for a

senior politician in 2009 to be

using. We have progressed well

beyond using terms like spack-

attack which are very degrading to

people with disabilities. Less

offensive, Tony Abbott. People

Bruno him have always thought that the

the Milky Bar Kid in it was a be

contacted. Labour MPs tried to look

for a bright side. They want

someone who is going to act

decisively and strongly in the face

of the greatest global recession we

have had and 75 years. Of some

consolation to the Prime Minister,

the same poll shows Labor holds a

commanding lead over the Coalition

and back Kevin Rudd is the best

choice in the current economic

climate. It

climate. It is that perception the

opposition is targeting with its

attack on debt and deficit. What is

the Leonard? We are responding to

the worst global recession in 75

years. Our strategy will be

implemented. And, he says, a record

$19 billion spent in shops in a

pool is prove the strategy is


The sport headlines now. It is The sport headlines now. It is not

long to go now till the State of Origin opener.

The series kicks off on Wednesday

night at Melbourne's Etihad Stadium.

Other Victorians embracing State of

Origin? My taxi-driver thought it

was on next week. Everyone keeps

calling it rugby union, so that

gives you some idea. It will be

close to a sell-out but on the close to a sell-out but on the

street it is pretty subdued. This

is their last public appearance,

both teams, at Federation Square.

It looks like family and friends

only, not something these guys are

used to in their home states, but

the blues do not care. They are not

fast as long as they get a big

crowd on Wednesday night. As long

as they get to the game, there are

probably 54,000 people probably 54,000 people there, and

49,000 probably know the rules of

the game. A surprise element for

them, but they love their sport

down here. Coming up, we will show

you how those sneaky Queenslanders you how those sneaky Queenslanders

are trying to win support with the

Victorians for Wednesday's game.

Paris may be the city of love, but

one person might disagree with that.

at the wrong A cameraman was in the wrong place

at the wrong time after Raphael

Nadal lost his first ever match at

Roland Garros. After winning the

last four French Opens, he could be

excused for being a little cranky.

We will show you how the match

unfolded later in sport.

Also, Sonny Gill ming -- Sonny Bill

Williams links up with the Barbarians. The details yet

The details yet to come out, I

suspect. A people have Ben Cousins

a little later.

So will become, a suspected car

break-in ends with a brutal attack.

Details after the break.

Plus, the new protection for

tenants when landlords go broke. I

had to move out. And the premiere

a declares a new wilderness area just

a stone's throw away from Sydney. I have this crazy day at work, so I run outside. I get on, I get home, I get in my slippers,

All good. VOICEOVER: You can't get everything you want in life, but with The Laughing Cow Cheese you can get everything you want in a snack. You CAN have it all with The Laughing Cow Cheese. Laughing is good for you.

To help save lives this June long weekend, double demerit points are being enforced across New South Wales. So if you're caught speeding, you could be well on your way

to losing your licence. Or if you and just one of your passengers are caught not wearing a seatbelt, your licence will be gone. So remember - double demerit points this June long weekend.

This program is captioned live.

In a crime that has sickened police, In a crime that has sickened police,

a teenager has been gutted with a

samurai sword in a park at

Merrylands overnight. The 17 year-

old is in a critical condition

after being stabbed then sliced

open with the metre-long weapon. He

did have a friend with him and the

two of them managed to get help

straightaway. It is understood the

attacker thought the teenager had

broken into his car. Police have recovered the recovered the sword and have

identified a suspect but are still

looking for him.

And to 300,000 State Public

servants had been warned they could

miss out on a pay rises. But there

was a good news on the environment.

It may just have been the perfect

place for a Premier to take his mind off

mind off money. Nathan Rees and his

deputy Carmel Tebbutt were in the

heart of the Yengo National Park

which today was declared the

state's newest wilderness area. A

wilderness area to preserve in it's

pristine form - this extraordinary

landscape behind us. It's been

labelled the completion of a green

chain around Sydney. 120 thousand

hectares of natural bushland which

will receive the highest level of

protection. Yengo, along with

Wollemi, is often described as the

green lungs of Sydney. And the government's taking a few government's taking a few deep

breaths of its own. Earmarked today

- that public servants could have

to sacrifice pay increases in a bid

to save the state budget. Discussions have already taken

place with unions. The global

recession is impacting on everyone,

and the union movement as well

understand more than ever we need

all shoulders to the wheel. What

the ACTU says is no worker should

face a reduction in real wages. The

wage freeze would last until next

financial year, affecting the

state's 300,000 public sector

workers. The public in NSW continue

to pay for the incompetence of this

State Government. A public sector

wage freeze could save state

coffers up to $200 million, but

there'll be no definite figure

until an agreement is reached with

unions. Whatever the dollar figure, unions. Whatever the dollar figure,

every cent will count.

Tenants are to be given greater

protection from being addicted if

their landlord go it broke. A

minimum of notice period and

quicker access to Rental Bonds is

suggested. Shane and Pamela prove suggested. Shane and Pamela prove

it doesn't matter where you live -

a mortgagee sale can force anyone

from their home.They've both always

kicked paid their rent on time, but were

kicked out when the bank foreclosed

on their landlords. It is shocking

to be treated like a criminal. He

was given just 2 days notice to

move from his Campbelltown home.

Pamela lost her Bellevue Hill unit.

We wanted a home to leaving, we

wanted to feel secure are. In the

almost 400 orders first three months of this year

almost 400 orders were issued

forcing renters out. So the

Government's introducing a new law

to protect tenants, granting them a

minimum 30 days notice before

eviction. To help with savings eviction. To help with savings

tenants wont have to pay rent for

that last month and their bond will

be released sooner.Ten News first

revealed their plight when they

were locked out of their home. It

is a compassionate thing to do. 12

months ago. Among them, this couple.

Ten News first to rebuild their Ten News first to rebuild their

plight. The couple has finally

found relief, but only through a

friend - two days ago they moved friend - two days ago they moved

into a granny flat.The changes into a granny flat.The changes

could become law within weeks.

It is a day one of a winter. What

does it feel like Samuel Dumoulin

day two of winter is going to fill

exactly the same.

Around 17 degrees with South wins.

It has brought some rain fall too much

much needed areas of NSW. Namely -

the West. A 3-month high for

Ivanhoe. 10 to 20 millimetres in

the west of the state expected in

the next 24 hours. Most in the

north. A great day tomorrow for

Sydney, maybe a thunderstorm.

Sydney, maybe a thunderstorm.

Stay with us - the last survivor

from the Titanic has passed away. from the Titanic has passed away.

We will tell you her story.

The challenge that changed Prince

Harry's live. I do not think anyone

can describe it. The device

breaking down barriers breaking down barriers for people with hearing problems. brings out the driver in you. Mazda6 really

diesel engine an advanced, turbo-charged and torque. with class-leading power Introducing the all-new Mazda6 diesel. Great handling and performance with great economy too. Mazda6 petrol and now the all-new diesel.

This program is captioned live.

Checking the traffic now, Vic

Lorusso. Sort of good news. You are

above an accident at North

Stratfield but it is city down.

That this stage it looks like it is

impacting traffic from Parramatta

to the city. Where the brake lights

are, that is the city Ground flow.

The opposite direction is peak-hour traffic.

traffic. At this stage, it is not traffic. At this stage, it is not

affected, but you can see how

affected it is going to North staff

feel. If you have to pick someone

up from the airport, give yourself

an extra 15 minutes. We will have

another cheque or the traffic shortly.

Repair work has started on Sydney's

cars swallowing crater but it might

not be finished until next year.

Authorities say the job might take

nine months. That could mean parts

of Bellevue Hill will be closed

until March and upsetting parents

from local schools. I think there

are 500 students at this school and

there are 20 to 30 parking spot. It

will make a big mess. They burst

water pipe has been blamed for

causing the ground to give way,

causing a landslide that swept away

two cars, a light pole and a

section of the footpath and road.

Time for the ING Direct finance

report today. Investors showed more

confidence in Australian shares

today, especially the miners. today, especially the miners. A

jump in base metal prices in New

York, especially copper and oil,

gave the mining sector a boost.

Local economic data kept it

positive. There was a $19 billion

spending spree in April, great news

for retailers but less so for

manufacturers who face their

sharpest decline in a month. sharpest decline in a month. And

crunch time for General Motors who

are due to file for bankruptcy

tonight. It was once the world's

biggest company. A B share market

got off to a slow start but ended

almost 2% higher.

That is the day and finance.

Tomorrow, all eyes will be on the

Reserve Bank's decision on interest

rates with economists predicting

rates will stay unchanged. rates will stay unchanged.

A doctor who performed late-term

abortions has been shot dead in the

United States. Dr George Tiller was

gunned down while attending a

church service in Kansas. Over the

years, he had been repeatedly

threatened and started driving an

armoured car because he feared for

his life. He was a Christian, good

man. To have that happen in a place

that he loved, a place that he that he loved, a place that he

protected, a place that he

worshipped in is beyond... What is

our society coming to? We ruin ours,

the police have arrested a 51-year-

old man.

The last survivor of the Titanic

disaster has died. Millvina Dean

was nine weeks old when the

supposedly unsinkable ship hit an

iceberg on its maiden voyage in

1912. Her father

1912. Her father was one of the

1,500 people who died when the ship

went down. Last year she was forced

to auction some of her momentos to

pay her nursing home fees. She was 97.

Prince Harry has charmed the people

of New York on his first official

overseas trip. On his last day, the

24-year-old played a game of polo

to raise money for his African

charity. He was also asked about

living with his brother, Willie and,

for the first time since they were

at school. He does most of the

cooking. I just laze around. He

doesn't have to work as hard as

any! You do the washing up, though?

How did you know that? The Prince

also revealed his training to be a

pilot was harder than he thought

because he is that maths.

An Australian invention is helping

deaf people communicate. The

software program runs on an i-pod

and helps to explain sign language.

A trip to the zoo for this mother

and daughter is trickier than most.

Lauren Gallagher is deft and uses

sign language to communicate. --

deaf. That means her mother has to learn to keep up learn to keep up with her

daughter's growing vocabulary. She

is saying, why did the giraffes

have spots? Because, when they are

in the bush, where a camouflaged.

She reaches for her software that

runs on an i-pod and demonstrates

how to sign any use a word in

context. It is helpful because you

can carry it around, you have got

it there all the time. The irony

thing I had before was a big

dictionary. It is a world first

technology and breaking down

communication barriers at the touch

of a finger. But for those in need

of a little more instruction this

satellite classroom does the trick.

Are you ready to start today? A

Cathy MacDonald is beaming into

Robinson river, west of Catherine

in the NT. There, this nine-year- old and her

old and her mum are learning how to

make fruit salad following sign

instructions. Number one is what?

Banana. Her teachers say the

lessons have opened up a whole new

world for her. It was once a life

of gestures without permission to

the rest of her community. Now... I

was asking her issue light counting

and reading. If she liked colouring.

-- if she liked. She said yes to

all those. Who would have thought

speaking different languages could

be so easy? The new technology is

proving so popular it is attracting

interest in the non deaf community

as well, great news for sign

language speakers who are more than

happy to share their language with

as many people as possible.

A still to come: Fears that

Australia is harbouring some of the

world's most wanted criminals.

Also, Susan Boyle suffers an emotional breakdown.

And it is the workplace you might

have been searching for. Google's

revolutionary office in Sydney.


# You are passing me by too # Yeah, snap # Snap, little dragon, snap # Sprinkler making rainbow Tiny little rainbows for you. # SONG: # How can it be that we can

# Say so much without words?

# It must be love Love, love. #


This program is captioned live.

Our top stories: 16 Australians

have been arrested in a shocking

child pornography case. They are

accused of downloading a depraved

video of a girl being raped. She

was just eight years old. was just eight years old.

Hundreds of passengers have arrived

in Sydney on board P&O's Pacific

Dawn after a cruise mark by a swine

flu scare. The virus was confined to three passengers. Most passengers praised the way they were treated.

And a brave police officer has

scoffed at suggestions he is a hero.

Stephen de Lorenzo was shot and

wounded during the weekend see Jack

Rosebery. He insists he was Rosebery. He insists he was just doing his job.

A 16 of the world's most wanted

criminals might be in Australia

with police warning the public to

be on the lookout. Crimestoppers

Australia has joined an

international program to hunt down

these fugitives, including the

alleged paedophiles and murderers.

The global campaign to track 100 of

the world's Most Wanted has already

been successful. At 8:30am

yesterday Crimestoppers in yesterday Crimestoppers in Europe

got an anonymous call giving the

location of a person working in a children's playground. He was

behind bars before lunch. Anyone

with information should call with information should call Crimestoppers:

A damning national report into

school bullying has found that one

in four students is regularly being

attacked. Teachers often powerless

to help out. to help out.

It is brutal and confronting as one

student films and other repeatedly

kicks and punches the young victim.

The images may shock, but a

national report has found more

students than ever before are being

bullied. They can fear they are

going to be physically hurt. They

can be bullied online or through a

mobile phone. They can mobile phone. They can not want to

go to school, and that can affect

their academic results. One in four

children claim they are regularly

taunted. The attacks are described

as crawl, ostracising and

intimidating. Victims don't believe

teachers can protect them. It is

making them more covert and, when

the physical violence drops off,

cyber-bullying increases. We need to

to understand what is causing one

student a bully another, and then

we need to work out a way of making

sure of the bullying stopped. And

ways to stop students filming the

attacks. This 17-year-old appeared

in court on the Gold Coast today

over her alleged involvement in

this dashing. Do you have anything

to say? She is accused of seriously

injuring a fellow-student during the

the recorded fight. 300 students

will help the Federal Government

for ways to combat the epidemic.

Overnight singing sensation Susan

Boyle has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital. She is

suffering from exhaustion. B48

year-old was taken to the Priory year-old was taken to the Priory

Clinic in London after staff at her

hotel noticed her behaving

strangely. The church volunteer lost out

lost out to a hip-hop dance troupe

in the final of Britain's Got

Talent at the weekend. The Scottish

singer became an internet sensation

after her first performance on the

show and is expected to sign a $60

million record deal.

It could be the work place you have

been searching for. Internet search

company brutal has just been voted

the best place in the country to the best place in the country to

work -- Google. After seeing this,

we think you will understand we think you will understand why.

This is the reward for paying

attention during maths at school,

the chance to work at Google. I

don't know anybody in the world who

wouldn't like this to be there

workstation! Quentin Bryce workstation! Quentin Bryce officially opened the internet

company's new Australian

headquarters today and met many of

the 350 very happy employees. Want

to have a

to have a couple of parcel items on to have a couple of parcel items on

your desk? No problem. Feeling

peckish? Enjoy your free meal at

the Cafe or else a help-yourself

from the lolly jars. People talk

about the brutal 15pounds. I'm not

sure if that is accurate but people

tend to go crazy when eating the

food. Believe it on not, this is

considered working for a living.

Part of the import and Part of the import and nurturing of

the creative process. Juggling is

also part of the daily grind as his also part of the daily grind as his

Guitar Hero. And, when it gets too

stressful, kick back in a massage

chair. Everybody has got a job to

do but you have the freedom to do do but you have the freedom to do

it in the way that suits you best.

Each year, more than 20,000

hopefuls apply for a job here so

only the best of the best get the

chance to have meetings in the chance to have meetings in the down

under room, or anything over the

ducks. Google Maps was created in

Australia by a group of engineers

who was still with us. A right now who was still with us. A right now

they are working on their next big they are working on their next big

thing, and Google Way. As well as

fidgeting more than 100 years of

newspapers, scanning them page by

page. -- digitalising. But in this environment almost

environment almost anything can seem fun.

Not that! That is what we are

missing here, a hummock!

If Darren Lockyer gets his way, NSW

will be taking on two estate in the

big game. He is hopeful they will

beat the blues, and the Victorians

will make life difficult for the

blues from the grandstands. All blues from the grandstands. All of

the state of origins news is next.

Banned from boxing to the

Barbarians, Sonny Bill Williams

says he won't be punching above his

weight against the wallabies.

And Casey Stoner is the man, ending

Valentino Rossi's 7-year

stranglehold on the Italian MotoGP.

VOICEOVER: Were women suffragists troublemakers or visionaries? Was this PM's dismissal unfair or the right decision? And did these people affect government policy? You decide at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House.

This program is captioned live.

The Blues inexperienced State of

Origin squad is planning a surprise Origin squad is planning a surprise

attack in the State of Origin

opener. It is the men to be a

surprise, but we know about it?

The boys are planning an ambush.

They have blown it. The new savoir

of rookies plane to catch the Queenslanders off guard.

Who could blame the Queenslanders

for being a little cocky. They have developed developed the blues three years

running. But the boys reckon they

are what's needed to wipe the smile

of the Queenslanders. Their side

has not changed much. With seven

debit card, they will not know what

to expect. There is an element of

surprise. Everyone is really

excited to get out there. One excited to get out there. One thing

in our favour is they have not seen

us play together before. The Merode

are busy showing a support from big

Torrens despite a less than bomb

but turnout at the last public

event. I cannot see any blue

jerseys coming down the street.

Hopefully that is the same coming Wednesday night.

Wednesday night. If people were

undecided, everyone else is game

for Queensland. A jump on board.

The Blues have bonded. Every day we

have got better and better. Over

the last couple of days we have

been jailed. Some news been jailed. Some news on Paul Gallen?

Up the Sharks captain Mel at the

end of rock and accepted the 10,000

dollar fine ball racially abusing a

player. He has apologised and

insists he is not a racist. Bradd

fiddler has brought us the beats

and on to the staff.

and on to the staff. - but Arthur beaten.

The Sonny Bill Williams show rolled

into Sydney today as he prepares for Saturday nights Barbarians appearance against the Wallabies.

The 23 year-old says he wants to

prove the critics wrong.

Sonny Bill loving life back in

Sydney. Surprisingly it's been

really good. Walking the streets

people have been coming up to me and giving me their and giving me their best wishes at

that. Set to play outside centre

for the famed barbarians against

Australia, Williams is intent on

proving the doubters wrong. You are

always going to have your critics.

Maybe it plain that rugby, they

will be at me again. I will try to

have a stronger game. One of the have a stronger game. One of the

most intriguing talking points is

whether Sonny Bill can rise to test

rugby standards? It will be

interesting to see how he goes.

Putting him in an environment with

so many players around him. The

Wallabies today hit the training

paddock and kicked off gold week at

the Sydney Childrens Hospital.

Winger Lote Tuqiri says Williams

rugby knowledge is coming along

rapidly. We

rapidly. We spoke about, at length,

about it and he was not looking to

going back to lead. He is firmly

implanted into the game. I still

have a soft spot for the leak, even

though they do not have a soft spot

for me. LAUGHTER.. Williams

recently signed a 1 year contract

extension with Toulon.

extension with Toulon.

Ben Cousins says his offensive

gesture was a joke directed at a

friend who was a cameraman. One of

the cameraman who was free dancing

than particular day is a mate of

mine who has worked on mine who has worked on a

documentary. -- a mate of mine. He

is facing a fine from the AFL.

Terry Wallace has announced it will

step down after Friday night's match.

Tennis upsets don't come much

bigger than this morning's shock

result at the French Open - World

Number 1 Rafael Nadal knocked out

in the fourth round by Sweden's

Robin Soderling. Nadal went down in

four sets. In other matches Ana Ivanovic

Ivanovic also made a surprise exit,

while Andy Murray and Maria Sharapova advanced.

It was a moment few thought might

have never come. After 5 years and

31 straight wins, World Number 1

Rafael Nadal finally lost at Roland

Garros. Nadal's attempt Garros. Nadal's attempt at a record

5th straight French title hit a

hurdle in the first set with

Sweden's Robin Soderling racing to a 6-2 advantage.

Nadal showed why he's the claycourt

king - fighting back to take the

second set in a tie-breaker.

But from there Soderling went on But from there Soderling went on

the attack, unleashing to win the

next two sets and become the first

person to beat Nadal at the French

Open.In the women's draw, Maria

Sharapova was made to work for her

win, advancing in a tough 3 setter.

I tried to make

I tried to make him move. I played

at exactly how I wanted to play it. at exactly how I wanted to play it.

I did not play my tennis. It is the

reason I lost. Maria Sharapova was

made to work for her win. She

advanced in a tough three-set up.

While glamour girl Ana Ivanovic was

knocked out by Victoria Azarenko in straight sets.

straight sets.

Casey Stoner has taking the Moto GP

lead after victory at the Italian

GP. He showed plenty of composure

to keep up right in wet conditions.

He finished to win against Lorenzo.

Valentino Rossi finished third. It

Valentino Rossi finished third. It

ends his 7-year reign. Surprise

Socceroo selection Rhys Williams is

hoping to secure a starting spot

with the National team after

committing to play for Australia.

The Middlesbrough defender trained

in sweltering conditions with his

fellow Socceroos ahead Sundays

world cup qualifier against Qatar

in Doha. He played 17 games on loan

for Premier League bound Burnley

and had the option of playing for

Wales. I'm not Welsh, never been

Welsh. Wales was the easy Welsh. Wales was the easy option,

now I'm happy to be with Australia

and I feel like I belong here.

Australia needs just a draw against

Qatar to qualify for next years

World Cup in South Africa. World Cup in South Africa.

In the Sport tonight, eight top-

five finish for an Aussie golfer

and a dramatic final day at the and a dramatic final day at the Italian cycling tour.

Traffic update. You are over the

Cumberland a highway?

There was a breakdown right at the

intersection where the Hume Highway

meets the Cumberland highway. As

you can see, the traffic remains as you can see, the traffic remains as

low as you head towards Liverpool tonight.

tonight. Problems towards North

Strathfield. The accident we showed

Julia has wrapped dark. -- wrapped up.

The weather is next.

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This program is captioned live.

Cold and wet? 16.8 degrees.

16.8 degrees. It will struggle to

get to 17 degrees. The first week

of winter, we will not see any blue

sky until this time next week.

Pencil in Monday if you were

looking for 19 degrees and sunny.

The west of the state getting some

rainfall. Six months and a 3-month highs.

highs. Please keep the photographs coming.

The best bump count rather high.

White spared -- widespread cloud

causing humidity. Humoured on shore wind

wind and showers persisting on the

East Coast and ranges. -- humoured.

Light rain on the Coast and ranges

of a new sound files. 10 to 20

millimetres in western NSW,

heaviest in the north. Showers on

the Queensland coast, SA. Today through to

through to 7th June, MS awareness

Week. If you can check out the

website. I want to say a big hello

to the staff at the hospital. Interstate him:

Day one of winter, it is living up to its reputation. to its reputation.

Great, I think. That's Ten News for

now, I'm Sandra Sully.

I'm Bill Woods - Thanks for your

company. We'll have updates

throughout the evening before the

Late news with sports tonight at

10.30. Goodnight.? Captions by Red Bee Media

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia ( BELL RINGING ) D-OHH!