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This program is captioned live. Tonight, engaged in combat - to free Mimbai's hostages. a full-scale military assault

to free Mumbai's hostages. Some finally walk free. send their messages to the world. Others, desperate to escape, half a bottle of water, We are stuck here no food, no communications with the outside world except for my BlackBerry. as the horrific toll rises - Two Sydney men confirmed dead a family man from Turramurra... 49-year-old Brett Taylor,

It's a shock loss. deeply The family's obviously grieving Doug Markell ..and 71-year-old grandfather from Darling Point, in Sydney's east. Good evening. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. who lost his life in Afghanistan. Also, the Australian soldier And the deceit is finally over - convicted of murdering his parents Sydney man Jeffrey Gilham 15 years ago. in Mumbai. But first to the terrifying stand-off fierce battles are still raging 36 hours on, in a desperate bid to free hostages. rampage continues to rise. The death toll from the terrorists' the 130 confirmed dead. Several Australians are among

this story contains graphic images. And we must stress - Getting out any way they can, make a desperate dash for freedom. some of those caught in the siege As gun battles continued to rage, barricaded inside their rooms up to 400 others remained at the Taj Mahal and Trident hotels. pleas for help on their windows All they could do was write desperate for the gunmen. while police scoured room by room so we are all stuck here - The fire escapes are all locked no food, half a bottle of water, world except for my BlackBerry. no communication with the outside businessman Garrick Harvison. Among those holed up, Australian Just staring at pictures of my family that I've got on my phone

I've got on my phone, and video clips just trying to keep sane. (GUNSHOT) were able to escape. Overnight, dozens of victims

of what some had endured. There was no hiding the brutality lucky enough to survive, Even for those was already taking its toll. the weight of this tragedy Across town, at a Jewish centre, more

walking out. WOMAN: We are seeing some foreigners That is everybody out. after their ordeal began. Finally free, a harrowing 30 hours MAN: They were so shocked and dazed. As the siege entered its second day, moved in on the centre. helicopter gunships

were now flexing their full muscle - Mumbai's special forces

to tackle the terrorists head-on. commandos storming the building a tragedy is playing out. But for every survivor, his American father is missing. A toddler is rescued - as an attack on Westerners What started indiscriminate carnage. has resulted in this busy train station, By the time they reached randomly, the terrorists were shooting who were mostly locals. killing men, women and children Ali Donaldson, Ten News. that up to four Australians It's feared the deaths of two Sydney businessmen, So far authorities have confirmed

stunned. leaving their families and friends a trade delegation to Mumbai. Brett Taylor was part of and that's where he was shot. He was staying at the Trident Hotel, It's a shock loss. deeply The family's obviously grieving and a huge loss to the family. and it's a huge loss to the business The 49-year-old father of two in Sydney's west. helped run a family-owned timber firm stunned staff worked as usual - Today,

colleague and friend. a tribute to a respected boss, about this business He was passionate continue on and prosper and he would have wanted to see it and continue. and, to do that, we need to be here to everyone involved Obviously it's a big shock the best way we can. but we're dealing with it Also killed in Mumbai,

and businessman Doug Markell. 71-year-old grandfather who was injured in the attack. He was with his wife, to be with their mother Their two sons flew out today home. and to bring their father's body his stationery business next year. Mr Markell was due to retire from It was the hardest thing. and other members here - Tears - everybody and myself and the girls were just distraught.

Described as charming and generous, was well known the former deputy mayor in business and community circles.

He'd served with Rotary for 40 years. Service before self. way before he'd look after himself. He would look after other people

He was a mentor to so many people. returned home today in Mumbai was cancelled. after the Twenty20 Champions League been caught up in that A day either side and we could have and who knows? seeing the pictures on TV. It was shocking, the people of Mumbai. You really feel for

a couple of months ago To think we were in that hotel make a desperate dash for freedom. some of those caught in the siege Getting out any way they can,

As gun battles continued to rage,

a couple of months ago To think we were in that hotel celebrating our victory at the IPL. Yeah, it's a tragedy. of the Queensland Premier, Joe Bligh, the son but is now heading home. was studying film in Mumbai when I couldn't contact him Certainly, and I didn't know whether it was very frightening, or in a railway station, to hear his voice yesterday. and very, very relieved caught up in the terror attacks Up to 70 Australians may have been in one way or another. Many have begun returning home. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. counselling and cash payments The Federal Government has offered of the Mumbai terror attacks. to the Australian survivors to defend criticism The PM has been forced of Canberra's response to the crisis.

has tested the Rudd Government. The reign of terror in Mumbai for a very difficult day ahead. We are getting ready

Some survivors, like film editor David Gross, who is the partner of actor Brooke Satchwell, have felt let down by the Australian response. In our group there's a lot of people wondering, "When are we going to get a bit of guidance?" I mean, we ended up taking advice from the British.

When I was speaking to the High Commissioner yesterday on the telephone, he was physically outside the Taj Mahal Hotel, directing the Australian effort. The Rudd Government's own warnings weeks before the terror attacks have now proven to be incredibly accurate. Its travel advice on October 31 revealed unconfirmed information suggesting that:

Our travel advisory for India for some time has drawn attention to the potential risk of terrorist attacks. The Foreign Minister has been phoning the families of Australian victims,

including the parents of Katie Anstee, who was shot in the leg. They're getting outstanding support, not only from the Government but also from their insurance company, and their daughter, Katie, is being medivacced out as quickly as possible. The Federal Government has activated emergency assistance measures, the same ones used following the Bali and London bombings. Financial support and counselling are being offered to those affected by the attacks, and an emergency response team is heading to Singapore to help survivors. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. A Sydney man who for 15 years fooled people into thinking his brother had murdered their parents has today himself been found guilty Jeffrey Gilham sat stoney-faced as a jury found he stabbed his parents to death for no known reason. The evil eyes of a cold-blooded killer. This photo was taken just hours after Jeffrey Gilham slaughtered his family.

In August 1993 he stabbed his mother, Helen, father, Steven and brother, Christopher, to death in their Woronora home. He then set the house on fire. Tony Gilham always believed his nephew was the killer. He hassled police to reinvestigate. He committed such a premeditated, disgusting act. To even stab his own mother 17 times in the back - and that's what's kept me going. Gilham always maintained he did not kill his parents. He said he walked in on his brother committing the crime and, in a rage, stabbed him to death. Initially a court believed his story and he was given a 5-year good behaviour bond,

but today the truth came out. Reaching the verdict was obviously difficult for the jury. They spent eight days deliberating they looked exhausted. Two female jurors were even crying. There were tears, also, from Gilham's wife. Inside court she disobeyed guards and reached over to comfort her husband.

She will raise their children alone as he does time for double murder.

I don't feel sorry for his wife, who I told a number of times that he is guilty of a heinous crime. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. The digger killed in yesterday's roadside bomb attack in Afghanistan has been identified as a 25-year-old unmarried man from country New South Wales. Lieutenant Michael Fussell is the seventh Australian soldier

Lieutenant Michael Fussell was with his special operations group unit pursuing Taliban insurgents when the roadside bomb exploded. It was the young commando's first tour in Afghanistan,

and his high school principal says it's where his former student wanted to be. A young man of integrity, strong character, generosity of spirit and someone that we are just very, very proud of. The 25-year-old enlisted straight from school and served in East Timor before joining Sydney's 4th Battalion this year. The unmarried soldier is remembered as keen sportsman who gave his all to his community. A lot of pride in the young man's contribution but there'll also be an immense sadness across the community to lose one of our own. Lieutenant Fussell is the seventh digger to be killed in Afghanistan. Two others were wounded in the attack but have returned to duty. The Government has ruled out increasing troop numbers in the region after calls from the US for greater involvement from its allies. and we will see a greater commitment from some of those European nations. Arrangements are being made to return Michael Fussell to Australia. Brad Hodson, Ten News. A look at sport now with Brad McEwan, and an eventful day for Australian spinner Nathan Hauritz. He got the nod to replace an injured Jason Krejza in Adelaide and has already grabbed two New Zealand wickets, but then the spinner's curse struck. Like Krejza earlier in the week, Hauritz rolled an ankle while fielding and immediately left the ground.

We'll have the latest on Hauritz and the day one highlights shortly. And a Masters blaster - John Daly cranks up one of the most famous swings in world golf in a desperate bid to make the cut in Melbourne. Plus. we're there Sydney Spirit basketball team as players from the embattled are told to take a 50% pay cut to survive. Still to come - May's deadly Harbour boat crash. bail for the man accused of causing Plus, police make a shocking discovery during a series of drug raids across Sydney. And it's time to move - teenagers who've called the Children's Hospital home move to adult care. (CICADAS CHIRRUP, FROG CROAKS) (SIGHS) Hey, Gibbo. Yeah? What are you doing? Nothing. What are you doing? Nothing. What's Barry doing? I don't know.

Barry? Bazza? (CROWD CHEERS, COMMENTATOR SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) VOICEOVER: If your network's letting you down, try the network that works better in more places - Telstra Next G. This program is captioned live. The man charged over a deadly boat collision on Sydney Harbour has been granted bail. 24-year-old Percy Small appeared in a city court after being extradited from Queensland. He faces six charges of dangerous navigation occasioning death and one of driving a vessel under the influence of alcohol. It's alleged Small was at the helm of the overcrowded runabout when it collided with a fishing trawler in May, killing six people. He's accused of having consumed a cocktail of alcohol and drugs at the time of the crash. A Sydney schoolboy who stabbed an autistic man to death in a public toilet has been jailed for seven years.

The 18-year-old, who can't be named for legal reasons, said he stabbed Gerald Fleming in the heart to protect himself after the victim grabbed him in a bear hug. The pair had been drinking together while sheltering in toilets at Narrabeen during a storm last June.

The teenager will be eligible for parole in 3.5 years. A disabled Sydney teenager in a nursing home for three years has been left languishing because of State Government red tape. Despite having $80 million to move hundreds of young patients out of aged care, hardly a cent has been spent. That's it. Physiotherapy for patients like Daniel Suwitra is essential for his recovery. He acquired a brain injury in a motorbike accident when he was 16. But treatment like this is rare because instead of being cared for in a rehabilitation centre, the 19-year-old is in a nursing home. No young person should be in an aged care facility. There should be places. Places in rehab - and his mum says he's going backwards. The North Ryde aged home he's in is good but just can't provide the constant treatment Daniel needs to progress. He can go forward, but he's not going to. Unless, they say, the State Government moves more quickly to provide proper rehabilitation for young people who need long-term care. I think they've been cast aside, forgotten and just been left to fend for themselves. There are 2,500 people in nursing homes intensive rehabilitation. that should be in the money is there to do it, What's worse, is that but just four people have been relocated for proper treatment. Two years ago, an $80 million Commonwealth-State program was intended to provide ways for disabled youth to avoid languishing in nursing homes. The Minister has stated publicly it's not good enough. I mean, he needs to roll his sleeves up. We're falling through the cracks and things need to be done. The Government says it's working to accommodate patients but it's taking time because different families have different needs. Time, though, is not on everyone's side.

Josh Murphy, Ten News. A major undercover operation has smashed two big drug rings in Sydney's south-west. Police raids around Campbelltown netted a million dollars worth of drugs as well as guns, cash and stolen cars. Police say the syndicates had the potential to supply up to 10,000 deals of amphetamine and ecstasy every fortnight. 13 people have been arrested and charged

after the 5-month covert operation. Eight young patients, who've spent most of their childhoods in hospital, graduated to adulthood today.

After a lifetime of treatment, the teenagers have had to say goodbye to their carers. It's a graduation ceremony with a difference, the Captain Starlights and fairies the giveaway. Today marks the end of paediatric care for eight patients who've been in and out of hospital for most of their lives. Pretty much since I was born, which was nigh on 19 years ago. MAN: 19 years ago! I was diagnosed with Crohn's when I was nine so I've been here for nine years now. Most think of staff as their second family

and lifelong bonds are formed...

You know all their warts and all their joys over that time. and all their heartaches I can be a massive pain in the... the neck sometimes. leaving that comfort zone is bittersweet. Quite sad to leave the hospital. But family and friends help by celebrating the milestone. It's just so good to see how far he's come and how good he looks now. Makes us realise what human beings are capable of, ..not to mention their achievements. was painstakingly created This artwork over many months by Natalie as she lay on her back. Now it's a farewell gift. And so the transition begins for another eight patients, today at least giving them a chance to say thank you and goodbye to the place that's been their second home. But it probably won't be long before most sneak back for a visit. Amber Muir, Ten News.

Under and lightning very

frightening. Right across the radar.

AC of colours, ladies and gentlemen.

The yellow and black is moderate to

heavy rainfall so what are

precipitation in the east. Quite a

lot of electrical strikes as well

and you can see its strictures call

it the way across the Sydney-based

them. It will be funder and

lightning for the next two hours.

Some good rain in this as well.

When you wake up tomorrow most of

it will be over and done with. Fine

and sunny on Saturday it and 25 degrees. The ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock is next. Also, the fatal level crossing crash that has outraged train drivers. And it's mean and green - the sporty supercar that could help save the planet. FLY ON TWO-WAY RADIO: I can see lots of green natural-looking stuff, Louie. You beauty! That's gotta mean no fly spray. Let's get 'em, boys. There's a fly spray that controls flies with a powerful plant-based active ingredient. (FLIES SCREAM) Mortein NaturGard! So you can protect your family from pests in a more natural way with Mortein NaturGard, now also available as an Automatic Insect Control System. This program is captioned live. Seven people, including five New Zealanders,

are feared dead in a plane crash off the coast of France. The Air New Zealand A320 Airbus was on a test flight when it plunged into the Mediterranean. It had only just undergone maintenance. The aircraft is in water.

and one body has been retrieved.

Two German pilots, four Air New Zealand employees and a Civil Aviation Authority representative were on board. Angry shareholders have lashed out at the Qantas board over what they've called 'obscene' executive salaries.

Retiring chief Geoff Dixon got $12 million last financial year while the company cut jobs. Shareholders heard some good results at the annual general meeting -

profits are up 46%... Profit after tax came in at $970 million. ..but Qantas warned next year they may be down by as much as the global financial crisis hits travellers harder. Then things became heated when cameras were excluded. It was claimed outgoing CEO Geoff Dixon was paid $12 million last year. It's the employees making the company move. Our members work incredibly hard and they've been dealt endless low blows this year. 500,000 shareholders voted against new remuneration packages. We're looking at very high salaries, but for shareholders and others

their financial securities change very quickly. The Qantas chairman said bonuses are reviewed. We are going to reflect upon the points raised and we are always trying to improve it. The airline conceded it suffered major air mishaps this year, but claimed a string of other incidents were media beat-ups. The shareholders were told the Qantas turn-back rate - the number of times aircraft return to an airport because of a maintenance problem - was about a third of the industry standard. The company has announced 1,500 job cuts but doesn't see the need for more yet. And we think that we've done enough to meet the circumstances. That's the plan that we're implementing. If we believed that things were worse we would have implemented a more aggressive plan. That's reviewable too. Now to the ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock. Jacqui, all the betting seems to be on a pretty significant rate cut next week? Ron, of 18 leading economists surveyed, 11 are betting on the RBA slashing rates by a further 0.75%

when it meets on Tuesday, although a handful believe an even larger cut is possible. The predictions come as figures show

investors remain firmly on the sidelines of the housing market, with housing credit slumping Local shares traded firmer throughout the day, despite the absence of a lead from Wall Street, which was closed for Thanksgiving. Resource stocks were again the standout performers. The All Ords added 144 points to be up 320 points from last Friday's close. Shares in agribusiness ABB soared 17% on news of friendly merger talks with AWB. Westpac was the best-performing bank. And that's finance for this week. Authorities are denying claims that faulty warning lights caused a deadly level crossing crash in Far North Queensland. Two drivers died when their tilt train collided with a semitrailer and skidded from the tracks. It was like an explosion when the truck actually came up the side of the vehicle. Had these three enormous bang! bang! bang! kind of sounds and I just thought it was actually going to just come straight into the train. 11 passengers were injured in the crash. eco-car award winner proves Australia's latest

you don't have to sacrifice speed or style to save the planet. It's one of a new generation of vehicles combining prestige with lean, green power. It may not sound like it but this turbo diesel by prestige car-maker Audi

is a planet-friendly piece of machinery. The thing about the Audi is it's a very, very economical car.

It's also a pretty conventional car

and it shows what can be done with a fair bit of fine-tuning of what is basically just a diesel engine concept. The A3 1.9 TDIe has been named Best Green Car of the Year by CarsGuide, for its fuel efficiency. on just one tank of diesel. It's more than Sydney to Melbourne on one tank of fuel. It also uses 4.5 litres per 100km, which is a light number.

..just one litre more than the Prius, and going green no longer means sacrificing grunt. is the Fisker Karma in action, set to become the first plug-in hybrid-electric on US roads next year, beating General Motors' Volt to the flag. The vision is to do a high-performance, luxurious, sexy-looking car which gets better miles per gallon than the Toyota Prius. The Karma can get 80km on an electric charge before a petrol engine kicks in to power the battery. Designer Henrik Fisker worked on Aston Martins and BMWs before starting his own company. We don't have the overhead that plagues and we can move extremely fast. But Fisker's had some help - a $90 million investment

from the oil-rich Persian Gulf nation of Qatar. Emily Rice, Ten News. Still to come -

powerful, confronting new images from the Mumbai terror attacks. Also the work that earned Glenn McGrath a prestigious new award. And a taste of the Schools Spectacular! Keep the whole family happy with KFC's Super Variety Bucket - six pieces of juicy Original Recipe, six Crispy Strips, a Maxi Popcorn Chicken, six Kentucky Nuggets and plenty of your favourite sides.

KFC's Super Variety Bucket.

This program is captioned live. Tonight's major story - the death toll from the coordinated terrorist attack in Mumbai has risen to 130. 49-year-old Brett Taylor, a family man from Turramurra, 71-year-old grandfather Doug Markell from Darling Point. Military operations are still under way to flush out the remaining gunmen from two luxury hotels and free hostages who've been held captive for up to 30 hours. The PM has expressed his concern for the dozens of Australians still unaccounted for.

Speaking a short time ago, Kevin Rudd said his Government is doing everything it can to track down those known to have been in the city at the time of the attack. The Australian Government has established that there have been some 70-odd Australian in the area at the time.

What we're seeking to do is to work our way through that list and to confirm the whereabouts of those individuals. We are still seeking to confirm contact with some 36 people

and we are working our way through that.

It is a difficult situation, it is very fluid. We, through our consular staff, however, are doing everything possible. Very little is known, even in India, about the terrorist group which has claimed responsibility for the attacks. It's been suggested Deccan Mujahadeen may be an offshoot of a larger group wanting to make a name for itself by attracting worldwide attention to its campaign against the Indian Government. These remarkable images show a terrorist in mid-attack, well armed, almost casual, as he causes carnage in the main railway station, but take away the assault rifle and he looks like a middle-class university student - relatively well dressed, Western looking. From inside one of the international hotels attacked, that picture became clearer. These are young men. We heard from someone claiming to be a hostage-taker, speaking to Delhi-based India TV. The man says he's in his 20s, his name is Sahadullah and one of his group has worked for a multinational company.

He then says: The Deccan Mujahadeen was previously unknown to Western intelligence. Deccan is a large area in the south of India. The group may have links to two organisations - of India the Students Islamic Movement is believed to be responsible for That group is an offshoot of the Indian Mujahadeen, a Muslim militant group fighting against what they say are 60 years of persecution and US support. There is also a clue in the phone calls made by the hostage-takers - mention of Babri Masjid, an important mosque 16 years ago destroyed by Hindu hardliners which lead to sectarian rioting and is obviously still a motive for terror attacks today. This time the attack is different in its nature and in its scope. It's not just about targeting India or Indians - Westerners are the primary aim for this particular terrorist attack. There are some suggestions that the terrorists used these boats to come in by sea from Karachi in Pakistan. India's neighbour and rival will undoubtedly come under some suspicion as state support for terrorism has been proved in the past. At this stage the usual suspects are in the frame, but as these striking images emerge, a picture is building of a highly motivated small army of young, educated men carrying out an al-Qaeda-inspired operation. where hundreds of Australian tourists have been stranded since Wednesday. The country's PM has given police the power to clear seized airports, but the anti-government protesters are defiant. Military bases may now be used to fly tourists out of Thailand's blockaded capital within 48 hours.

People with urgent needs will be given priority.

N Forster shoulder from the storm.

Right across the Sydney basin.

Havel will look at this. It is impressive with and a spectacular

array of colours. The blue is

serious rainfall and the lowest and Black

Black is a lightning strikes and

heavy rain. It goes always up to

Newcastle. At 10 worth it they have

75 millimetres in one hour. There

are threats are flooding up their

act and worth. It will be an

unsettled night. Tomorrow we unsettled night. Tomorrow we will

get rid of it all and it will get rid of it all and it will be fine and sunny. More kids than ever will perform in this year's School Spectacular. But after a quarter of a century, tomorrow's show will mark the end of an era. This is the biggest youth show of its kind anywhere in the world and everyone's just a little on edge. Nerves took hold as the students went through their paces one last time because when the curtain comes down on the 2008 Schools Spectacular,

it'll draw to a close the remarkable career of the director who began it all, Mary Lopez. This is the last one. Look, I've done 25 years of it. a generation. That's nearly a lifetime, These kids weren't even born when I started. 3,000 students from across the State will take to the stage during a 3-hour show. We've got kids from all sorts of cultural backgrounds, like, this is Australia, the School Spectacular is Australia. There's an 80-piece orchestra, a 1,000-member choir and twice as many dancers. (ALL SING) # Just justa justa I wanna take you away. # Since its inception a quarter of a century ago, the show has been what the organisers proudly refer to as "the incubator" for some of Australia's brightest talent. Among those who've risen to stardom -

Paulini, the McClymonts, Emma Pask and Nathan Foley. The show closes tomorrow night. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Former Test cricketer Glenn McGrath has been named NSW Australian of the Year. The father of two has been recognised for his contribution on the field and as a breast cancer campaigner. We've come a long in such a short time

but we've still got a long way to go and I'd like to thank everyone in that respect. The retired cricketer and his late wife, Jane, founded the McGrath Foundation in 2002. He's now a finalist for Australian of the Year. Sport with Brad,

and the Kiwis let a good start go in the cricket. chipped in. Yes, all the Aussie bowlers NSW spinner Nathan Hauritz has made the most of his return. He's been hammered and injured, but has snared a couple of wickets.

COMMENTATOR: What a catch! And missing the cut -

John Daly's desperate bid to stay in the Masters. Hey! (WHISTLES) Like the flame-grilled flavour of a Bacon Deluxe with double beef, double cheese and bacon. It's more than a real handful. The burgers are better at Hungry Jack's. This program is captioned live. It's been an eventful Test cricket return for New South Wales spinner Nathan Hauritz. He won a recall in the second Test against New Zealand, copped a hammering, then led Australia's fightback, with a rolled ankle. only to limp off the field Australia was lead out by Matthew Hayden in his 100th Test. COMMENTATOR: No man prouder today. ..except maybe Nathan Hauritz, recalled after Jason Krejza failed a morning fitness assessment. straight across the front of my foot. His replacement spent most of the morning chasing leather after New Zealand won the toss and tucked in. Very good. The Adelaide, surface as ever... Oh, good shot. ..consistent and predictable. Would have been ugly. That was the only obstacle until Mitchell Johnson was introduced. Edged - that'll be the wicket! Hauritz was given a Kiwi welcome back to Test cricket,

17 taken from his first over. Now there's no plans to let Nathan Hauritz bowl, none at all. A half-century before lunch for Aaron Redmond as the visitors dined out on the off-spinner. He had better luck after the break. A first Test wicket on Australian soil for Hauritz. They should have had Ross Taylor, too, caught off a no-ball. Ponting should have worn shin pads. Ooh, look at the size of it. Redmond kept taking on Hauritz. Eventually the bowler won out. Symonds - what a good catch. And almost a third. And gone - oh, he's put it down! Peter Fulton rode his luck as well. Taking it on. But he, too, went down swinging. Oh, he's got him - Symonds has done the trick. Clark trapped Taylor for 44 straight after tea before Hauritz was struck down by the spinner's curse. There - you can see it roll. Oh, he's clean bowled him! Another tough with the bat for the tourists. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. Australian rugby league coach Ricky Stuart has apologised to officials for his outburst the morning after the World Cup final loss to NZ. Stuart reportedly called English referee Ashley Klein a cheat and physically intimidated other officials in a Brisbane hotel lobby. The Kangaroos coach has written a letter of apology to those involved, saying his behaviour was inappropriate and offensive. Wallabies back rower Hugh McMeniman says the side will be desperate for victory against Wales on Sunday to finish the year on a high. The side is unbeaten on its spring tour following wins over Italy, England and France, and they're now aiming to complete a clean sweep, against the six nations champions. with victory The weekend's a good chance to continue our run and continue that into a good summer holidays. You don't want to be going home with a loss on your back and carrying that into the next season. A spot of sightseeing for Al Baxter and Benn Robinson at Cardiff Castle

ahead of the clash. The battling Sydney Spirit the rest of the NBL season will survive the rest of the NBL season after a rescue package from the League was accepted by players this afternoon, but they've had to agree to a massive wage cut. When the Sydney Spirit trained this morning last training session ever - they knew it could be the club's and Chuck Harmisson arrived basketball bosses Scott Derwin just before midday with a deal they hoped the players would accept

and see them through to the season's end. Behind closed doors they made their pitch, emotions running high as players asked how things had become so bad so quickly. The meeting has now been going on for over an hour. On the table is a rescue package but it will mean a 50% pay cut. We've agreed to play the game Saturday night against the Dragons. The players are going to sacrifice a lot to see this through. I think it was the right decision but it was a very hard decision. but none for team owner Greg Evans, High praise for the players who is yet to front them after announcing receivership by email last weekend. Oh, absolutely disgusting. The Spirit play Brian Goorjian's league leaders South Dragons at Olympic Park tomorrow night. Neil Cordy, Ten News. John Daly's dismal record down-under has continued, missing the cut at the Australian Masters. Ironically, Stuart Appleby, ho described Daly as a walking train wreck, Ironically, Stuart Appleby, who described Daly as a also missed out. South African Tim Clark is joint leader with West Australian Michael Sim. Yesterday's storm may have caused havoc for the afternoon bunch but it proved a blessing for players out first thing this morning. The softened greens paved the way for aggressive golf and low scoring. Outright favourite Robert Allenby showed why, shooting a 6-under 66. COMMENTATOR: Just sneaks it in the left edge. South Africa's Tim Clark followed his 67 with a 2-under round to head into the weekend -7.

He's one shot ahead of Anthony Summers after the 39-year-old from Watanobbi in country NSW fired a blistering 4-under 68. ..and he's got it. Tournament drawcard John Daly began ever so slowly, parring his first five holes. I wonder if that youngster has been watching Craig and John Daly.

..but on the 6th he unleashed a trademark monster approach to the par 5, the 260m shot helping him set up his first birdie of the day. Unfortunately for the big-hitting American, he gave it right back on the very next hole. The course threw up plenty on day two from blue tongues to red faces. Oh, jeez! as Peter O'Malley showed him how it's done, nailing this long birdie putt on the 4th. Look out! After battling for two days, Craig Parry finally made a birdie. These two birdies just battled each other, but any fight Daly had soon fizzled out as he again failed to make the weekend down-under. Luke Schneider, Ten News. To the tips, and Michael Sullivan's selections for Randwick tomorrow.

Later in Sports Tonight, the Miracle Mile at Harold Park, the highlights of tonight's A-League match between Sydney FC and Queensland Roar. Stay with us. Tim Bailey's all-important weekend forecast is next.

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Time for the weather details now.

It might be worth your while to It might be worth your while to get

a good seat in front of the TV

because the weather is not much

chop. It is awful. You have not

minster words and a Carry On what a

silly sausage. It's the big butcher's

butcher's barbecue tomorrow. It's

about the tragic news that the

husband and boys went fishing and

no-one came home. David head came

up with the idea that every butcher

in NSW should have a sausage sizzle

tomorrow. It has been absolutely

phenomenal. I have been on the

phone for four days to towns all-

rounder Stater. I could not tell

you how big this has become. I want

to thank all the local butchers for

their hard work and let's tomorrow

make this a very special bidet with lots

lots of money. You will see

hundreds of Butcher's set up

outside the front of their shops are having a sausage are having a sausage sizzle. Every

cent will go to the family appeal.

We will help that Gill and the

future and get this moving. Thank

you, butchers. Who would you, butchers. Who would have

thought that inside that head if

such a good idea it could emerge?

In inside and get really In inside and get really behind

this. Thank you very much to all this. Thank you very much to all

the butchers. Most books as a kind

and loving people and than a heart

and soul of a lot of country towns.

We'll get off now before we start

crying. 200 butchers cannot be

wrong. Storms across the Sydney-

based. You saw how much electrical

activity is happening and how much

rain is falling. It will move right

across Sydney for the next two

hours. When you wake up tomorrow

there will be an no rain.

Saint-Cloud over at the top bend and the eastern part of the Continent is causing and the eastern part of the Continent is causing widespread

rain and thunderstorms. Widespread

thunderstorms across police in NSW.

Showers and storms thunderstorms across police in NSW. Showers and storms will contract

north-east. Happy birthday to Paul north-east. Happy birthday to Paul

who was 35. We could not do without you.

Big butcher's barbecue. That brings you up to date on the News at 5:00.

I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. I'll have updates throughout the evening and be back with the Late News with Sports Tonight at 11:10. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.